Adam Lambert Confessionals During American Idol

Adam Lambert confessionals are weekly updated personal vlogs from Adam via the iPhone.

A lot of our confessionals got deleted… sorry. We keep posting and they keep deleting them. Please submit links on the comments so everyone can see them.

Confessional Top 5


Confessional During Top 8 Week: Reflecting on His Idol Audition.


Adam Lambert confessional during the Top 10 Week: Life Before Idol. Much more introspective this week, he talks about how he went through a depression and struggled right before American Idol.


Confessional During Top 11 Week: Musical Influences


Below is Adam Lambert’s very first confessional during Top 13 / Top 12 Week. He talks about how his dad was a DJ, how he liked to play dress up and started theater, joining the show, etc.



Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Kradam’s:
IPB Image

Kris Allen talks about Adam Lambert as his roommate:



  1. Adam, you deserve all the success that is coming to you! Can you believe you actually have about A MILLION FANS! Thats not even an over exageration, there are proabably a MILLION people out there cheering for you. So just always remember that for every 1 person out there that doesnt like your style, there are thousands of people who do. Rest assure that you have made it and your dreams are coming true, and if you can you should sing a journey song, Randy would love that and I think you could do wonders with a Journey song.

  2. I like these vlogs and appreciate the chance to get to know more about Adam. Thanks for taking the time…


    • NO JOKE!!!! I would love to hear a JOURNEY song from Adam!!!! Journey is one of my all time favs!!! Anything that Steve Perry sang alone would be fine too!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi – where can I view all of Adam’s confessionals? Only some are here and a few have been removed. I looked on and found 1 or 2 but again, not all of them. Thanks for any insight!

  5. Hi Adam! Love the chance to get to know you and how you think/feel about life, etc. You are such and incredible singer and performer, but, most importantly, you strike me as being a very well-grounded, considerate, thoughtful, intelligent, fun and soulful person. My entire family and all my friends, along with the millions of people who watch and love you appreciate your talent and creativity. You are a gift to us all! It was crazy that you were in the bottom 2 the 29th! My entire family actually gasped and I literally felt like I fell off a high swing set and had the wind knocked out of me. Everyone at my work, my kids and their friends, scads of people all over the world can’t wait until Tuesdays to hear/see you. You are almost an obsession (not in a wierd way lol) and I have given a lot of thought as to why you affect so many people’s souls. It is not that just that you have a good voice; that is just a part of it. I think that by being true to yourself, having good manners, a wonderful laugh, are secure enough to be who you are and follow your dreams and just being you, somehow it inspires us to be better people, to remember our dreams and follow them. In life it is so easy to get lost in the day to day grind, our youthful dreams are easily plundered by paying bills, mowing the grass and working. I am rambling …sorry. Your music sears my soul. Your many different looks and musical interpretations are somehow able to ignite so much hope and happiness in me and others. Like Paula said, you make me feel so much better than good. Your music instantly makes me feel alive and happy. I have not felt that way in forever (I am 53…yikes!) Thanks for the gift of your music. I can’t wait to buy your CD’s and support you in where ever life takes you. Just take us with you!! 🙂

  6. kortni says:

    Adam has managed to reduce me, a 24 year old, to a cheering, screaming fan girl. Not even when I was 12 years old did I go all mushy for ANYONE. He has my 50 year old Master’s Degree toting mother redialing his line for 2 hours straight every single Tuesday night.

    If this doesn’t constitute what an American Idol is, I don’t know what does! We love you Adam!

    • Ditto. Except I’m older than you. There have been many actors, never musicians, that I have been really into in the past – but this is something on a totally different level. But I don’t think it’s an age thing, because, like you, I was never like this even as a teenager. I’m actually considering spending my hard earned DOLLARS to go see him when they go on tour.
      Me! At an AI concert! Craziness!

  7. Adam,

    You are a true artist. You put so much of yourself into each performance, and you have the unique ability of touching everyone with your music. I know there are so many emotions that you must be feeling right now, and I hope that you are getting to enjoy the journey. Thank you for your music and thanks for being you! I cannot wait to see what is next!

  8. Robyn Leigh says:

    Wow. So many people have said so perfectly what I’ve been experiencing as I’ve watched Adam’s journey. After I saw Satisfaction I was dumbfounded at the perfection of his voice,interpretaion,and jaw-dropping stage presence. Current, cute, stylish, intuitive, and of course sexy are just a few….as mentioned, I especially love his genuiness, appreciativeness and good manners! He also seems so smart and articulate in everything he says! I think he would be a fun and interesting person to be around! Thanks for sharing your music and yourself with all of us. There are some tough times right now for many and you have lightened the load for many, including myself! I voted as many times as I could last night– and I’m way OLD for all this– I don’t even watch that much tv and would never considered voting till this year!!! You have us all in anticipation for what’s next… I too will be a t your first concert and buy your first cd. For mother’s day my daughter put all your AI performances on cd and I LOVE IT!!! Keep doing what you’re doing and surround yourself with great people… we all want the best for you! Congratulations, Adam! Your family must be so proud of their son!!

  9. Robyn Gregory says:

    I’m wondering if atsome point American Idol will release all of Adam’s performances for purchase, or would Adam’s people do it? They are ALL AMAZING and I can’t bear the thought that I can’t see them anymore… (I knew I should have recorded it all!!!!!!) (video performances)
    Any thoughts?

  10. That is very nice and interesting about the American idol is Kris and Adam,,they both are a good person,and roomates I was also think it before,that is very wonderful if they both are the winner of American Idol…but now is a real happend.Amazing,,they both of course have special a good relationship ,close each other and Iam happy to see that…they came to AI guest home,and stays at the same room,,and now they both are the champion…wish they both are very success with own great career and support,,help each with peaceful,,,,,God Bless…Fans Lambert