Adam Lambert Concert Updates

I profusely apologize, I feel that I haven’t kept you up to date on this concert list!! I have included the link so that you can see the very latest that they have listed there…I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!



  1. Sue…no need to apologize! You are amazing and we all appreciate so much the time and effort you dedicate to this site. You are the glue. We are all capable of checking Adam’s official site for tour updates. I know I check it twice a day…just hoping and hoping he’ll come back to western Canada! River Rock rocked my world and I am dying to see Glamnation!

  2. Adamisamazing says:

    You are so cute! What would we do without you and all your wonderful posts? I checked for AZ, and it isn’t there, but there is still hope. I heard Adam say in an interview when asked about TX, that they are still working on getting confirmation back from the venues. So, there will be more. Thank you again for the posting of the tour dates to see this incredible man.

    • texasrose says:

      Please let us know the minute you suspect Adam may be coming to Texas. Please. I saw him in Dallas on the Idols tour and cant wait to see Glamnation!!!!
      Thanks. so much!!!!!!

      • Adamisamazing says:

        Sure will. I am from Dallas and have family there. I would be willing to fly to Dallas possibly and go to the concert in TX. I am living in Phoenix, AZ now, so I am still hoping to hear that there will be a concert somewhere in AZ! That would be a dream come true! So yes, texasrose, I will definitely let you know. You got it! I will write something in this post if I hear anything! If you hear anything about AZ, please let me know, too! I saw Adam in Indio, CA for his first solo concert, but I didn’t see the American Idol concert. Now, I just want to see him in the Glam Nation tour… probably more than anything else in the world right now!

    • LolaGlamb says:

      Hi Adamisamazing, I’m from Phoenix, too. I was at the Glendale AI tour, and also went to Indio! What a wonderful concert that was! I have some video of it that I play over and over, and I have the audio of WWL from there which is my favorite in the world!

      I’m going to Costa Mesa in August, both shows. I was so afraid he wasn’t coming to Phoenix, and I don’t know if the whole ‘boycott AZ’ mess will influence him. Anyway, I’ll be hoping right along with you that he’ll grace us with his beautiful presence. Nice to hear from a fellow Phoenix fan. Go Suns!

      • buffy522 says:

        surprised how many out of towners went to Indio! I wa growing weary of no TX and no southwest or even New Orleans. Tried in vain for San Fran. Now I know to go immediately to scalpers to get reasonable prices. Didn’t know it was such a widespread, illegal industry. Will be better preparred. But those louge seats are so close to the stage! I think somehow I will get to see this one

      • adamisamazing says:

        Hi LolaGlamb,
        I was so excited to go to Indio to see him! He sounded great. I have never seen him dressed like that before in any show. It was unique and his first solo! I will always have that at least. I was hoping for a meet and greet with him. I just wanted to touch him like he has touched my life. It was interesting to see his fan base. When you have that common bond, it is such a great time just talking about him with super fans like myself.
        Nice to hear from a fellow Phoenix fan, too. Can’t believe we lost the game when we were so close tonight in
        game 5.
        My husband came to the concert with me. Huge Led Zepplin fan, so he was enjoying WLL right alongside me and you.

        I hope the AZ immigration law isn’t the reason there are no AZ dates yet. I am still hoping he will come here. I was looking at CA just in case but of course I am too late now. Good for you on getting tickets for both shows. So, it may be Texas but really want AZ of course!
        Sorry I am late in responding. I have been heavily posting on the other stories.

        • Jeanne D says:

          Hey Adamisamazing and lolaglamb, I live in Tucson and just heard today about San Diego so plan on trying for tix. What about you? Indio was awesome, but really want to go to see him on this tour.

          • Adamisamazing says:

            Hi Jeanne D:
            Yes, I am going for the San Diego tix, too!
            Saw him for his first solo concert in Indio, but must
            see him on this tour and all concert tours in the future.
            If he can’t come to AZ, we’ll try to come to him!

  3. KO's smiling says:

    YAY! More New England dates that don’t conflict with my brother’s wedding! 🙂 Thanks, Sue!

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      Where in New ENgland are you? I’m New England too!! I have tickets to two shows!! Cape Cod Melody tent on 08/19 and Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on 08/21.

  4. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Yes, Sue, don’t worry. I know I check his official web site everyday and I’m sure many others do, too.
    You’re terrific. 🙂

  5. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Wow! I just checked your list and he IS coming to Atlanta (Duluth is outside of Atlanta) on July 31! It’s not on his official site yet. so THANK YOU! I’m happy as a lark at this moment. 🙂

    • fabulousfilly says:

      July 31st is Las Vegas, I already bought tickets. I’m pretty sure he can’t be in 2 places at once, although I live in Atlanta and am dying for him to come to Atlanta.

  6. Adam also sent a message on twitter saying he will start an INTERNATIONAL TOUR THIS FALL!!!

    This is so exciting, the world will be ablaze with LOVE, what the world needs now is Love Sweet Love and he is giving it away by the bushels just by being his beautiful talented self!

  7. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Unfortunately I was mistaken about Atlanta. The July 31 date was 2009 when he was here with the American Idol tour. I’m still hoping for Atlanta but am getting worried. I’ll see him somewhere though for sure.

  8. libraglam says:

    Thanks Sue, don’t worry, you did grrrreat job!!

    I am still holding on my Costa Mesa-OR tickets, could not get any tickets in the Northern CA – Bay Area. There are so much demand here. Looking at the crazy schedule….he has added about 10 more concerts…that is CRAZY! hmmm…ADAM is not like other artists who just hold on to the guitar and sing, he has to “perform” and never dissapointed his fans of giving his best energy and performance . I wonder how could he have more energy for international concert this fall…? THis is a good and busy year for ADAM (and his fans too!!! :-))

  9. Any word on what “international” means as far as Glamnation is concerned? Canada? Western Canada? Vancouver? Kelowna? Hopefully not just wishful thinking….

  10. debi cole says:

    COSTA MESA TICKETS! july 27,and 28..either or both!
    if someone wants to get a fairly pricey ticket in 1st 10 rows.. we need to buy them in pairs.. email me if interested.. we can meet or go separate..but need to buy the tickets as a pair..
    Debi – my mom lives nearby.. i will be visiting.. may be able to rent one of her rooms too..

  11. i know ur comming to my home town and i wish i can b there with u hopefuly i get to meet some where the line enjoy

  12. Hi Sue,

    The official Adam site shows him playing in Hamilton, Ontario on Friday, August 14th. The 14th of August falls on a Saturday. Is there any way to determine which date is correct?


  13. cheryl 334 says:

    SUE…………………. You should be beaten with a wet noodle!!!! Get with the program, kiddo!!!! Don’t be letting us down like this again!!!!!

    kidding:) You are fantastik!

  14. Judy L, I don’t see any Hamilton Ontario dates for Glamnation…in fact no Aug 14 listed for Glamnation on the official site at all. I wonder if you are looking at the date for the Idol tour last Aug 14 (2009)?

    Any word of Western Canada dates?

  15. JoAnne T. says:

    Sue, no need to apologize! Your hardwork is much appreciated and you do an empeccable job with this site! I love all the updates and fun stuff….kinda like Christmas presents in my email everyday!

    JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

  16. littlegreensnake says:

    Just heard that he will be playing at the Puyallup Fair on September 21st. wOOT!!!! I got tickets to see him in Boise in July, because I was going to be out of town for his Seattle show and Boise is right on our travel route. Now I can see him again close to home. Yay for me!

    • Love your user name…little green snake. a reference to the rolling stones cover? makes me smile!

  17. You’re right Char. I can’t go to Toronto on June 19th so I was hoping the Glam tour was scheduled somewhere else! I was so excited to see a tour date in Ontario besides Toronto that I didn’t check the whole date. Sniff, sniff.