Adam Lambert – Come Home (One Republic) at Upright Cabaret



  1. I listen to this song constantly and I’m completely pissed that I can’t find an MP3 for it because it’s one of the most heart felt songs I’ve ever heard. Outside of being a big fan of this guy, look at his face. I look like like that sometimes when I sing and I know what I’m feeling and that kind of sorrow is rare and real. I can tell when Adam’s acting and when he’s really feeling something and here he is. If anyone has an mp3 of this song or can make one somehow, please let me know because I’m in love with this song. He outdoes the OneRepublic version and that’s saying something. Please hook it up.

    • Lamberto says:

      Edison, I totally agree with you regarding the heartfelt output and the emotion in Adam’s face is incredible. Just a tip – if you have the video you can make your own mp3 of this – not difficult

    • KO's smiling says:

      Yeah, he killed it. Which is surprising since he looks so emotional – how can he be concentrating on his singing? It seems like Upright Cabaret was a place where he felt comfortable to be himself. And it stinks that he couldn’t visit there when the top Idols filmed at their hometowns. He’s so attractive here!

  2. if you need that song in mp3, let me know, cause i have it. ofc it’s not the best quality, it’s an mp3 anyway 🙂