Adam Lambert Chippendales Performance. Yep, you read it right!

This was posted by Cheryl (good job girl) but it went to our spam folder. Well, this is hillarious!

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  1. Now can we get a live rendition by Adam please? LoL

  2. wholelotta lambert says:

    The funny part is that Adam is sooooo much the better dancer than these guys…I definitely like Adams’ moves better.

  3. Cute! Thanks for sharing, but I agree that I would rather see the REAL Adam up there dancing, grinding his hips and shaking his booty. In fact, it makes we hungry to, once again, watch the videos of Whole Lotta Love, the Bowie Medley, and so many others. Think I’ll do that before heading off to work!

    Glamb #20

  4. AdamAddict says:

    Ok cool,now as strippers,please! 😛

  5. Cute video watching Adam’s face smiling. Oh yes would love to see him doing these moves for real
    w/o his shirt on. The pelvic thrusts would be unbelievable! Oh baby shake it.

  6. Erg leuk gedaan,maar ik zie liever Adam, he is so match better.

    Hy is so Sexy.

  7. Nice job..

    But Y Adam ever more match moor sexy.

    But thanks De Libel from Holland(Nederland)

  8. My cheeks hurt from my smiling start to finish. Delightful.

  9. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    That was soooo funny. I think I’d like to see him dancing in crazy instead though cause that was hotter….

  10. Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

    ADAM would NEVER stoop to that! He is too much of a gentleman! It is funny, but not our ADAM!

  11. i have tweeted this to my friends and to adam and his friends.. so baby boy love it.

  12. Agreed. Adam is classy and would never go stripping-in public i guess. So live it in your imagination 😀


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