Adam Lambert is a Triple Threat: Sing, Dance and Act

Here’s Adam and the other contestant doing their thing and showing off their moves. Adam likes to krump while Danny Gokey dances salsa. Anoop Desai does thriller and Kris Allen loves the chicken dance. Watch below:



That’s right, Adam is a potential triple threat (dance, sing, act). Clip of Adam Lambert performing the role of Fiyero in Wicked. Start watching at 0:37… Adam can certainly dance:


More KRUMP from Adam !! 🙂



  1. I agree! adam you are incredible!

  2. My daughter and I saw Adam as Fiyero in LA last summer….he was great. We’ve seen Wicked three times on Broadway and the one time in LA, and Adam surely held his own as Fiyero. He’s definitely our favorite contestant on AI this season, and he’ll be getting our votes! Can’t wait to see what he does tomorrow night! Break a leg, Adam!

  3. He Can Dance Verry Well

    😀 I Luv Him 4 Ever

    Sepcially When He Dances LOL

  4. Awesome(:

  5. vote vote vote for adam!

  6. adam is a great dancer.

  7. Hi! I totally agree. Adam is unbelievable. I just can’t get over the fact of how luck American Idol is that he wasn’t snatched up before he tried out. He has natural talent. I”ve got all my friends voting for him. Rock on, Adam!

  8. Adam is adorable!!!!!! he will sweep this competition….when he performs, the other contestants eat dust! He is incredible every single time…I look forward to seeing more incredible performances:)
    When you watch Adam, he shows you what excellence really means!

  9. Never seen him before American Idol but he is the greatest…..can’t wait till tonight to see what he sings from motown……Danny is good I guess but none can touch Adam and can’t wait for him to make a cd…I have all of Clay Aikens and will have Adams when he makes them…..

  10. This guy can do no wrong in my eyes. He is just amazing, talented, sexy, hot, awesome, funky, and yes, BRILLIANT! I LOVE YOU ADAM, YOU ARE THE BEST!

  11. Yes, he can dance…very well too. He was fantastic on Wednesday when he did the disco theme, choreographed by Paula. I heard her yell Adam!! Then she did all that clapping for all of them. When he bent down to kiss her after she received her flowers, she exclaimed “Yes”! She was very pleased, and so was I. He was perfect. So, loose, and on the money. He obviously has danced before. He is Awesome !! I can’t wait until he wins this contest. He is the best, and soooo marketable. People are getting on the band wagon now. The screams are getting louder, and longer for him. He’s my favorite Idol now. “Yes”!

  12. OMhe is so cute! i love when he says in first one ”what what!”

  13. i just absolutely LOVE this guy.. ADAM !!!