Adam Lambert Born to be Wild HQ VIDEO and STUDIO MP3 Top 7 Week Performance

Below is the high quality video, MP3 is on the music player on the side (#18). Pictures of his performance below the video and full article above the pictures.

Indeed, Adam Lambert was borned to be wild. Another energetic rock performance with a late sixties rock classic by Steppenwolf, fronted by John Kay. Soundtrack of the celebrated Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson movie “Easy Rider.”




Born to Be Oh So Very Wild!

By LindaK (

As soon as I heard ‘Born To Be Wild’ was the song Adam was doing tonight, I had all these thoughts running around about how he was going to work this out. We all KNEW he was going to pull out all the stops on this one! After last week’s masterpiece, it was pretty much a given that he was going to go totally the opposite way and rock the house. And did he ever!!!

Immediately we see that he is back to his original look and I, for one, couldn’t be happier! I’m not thrilled that he is performing third, towards the beginning tonight; there is nothing to look forward to after this, but I guess in the name of fairness, it had to be done. I find it funny that Paula, of course, gets to judge Adam; she wouldn’t have it any other way! OKAY….. this is most definitely what Adam was born to do! The makeup, nail polish, eyeliner, and Zac Efron hair are20back and so are the signature Adam runs and electrifying voice that have stood out all season, And the ending! Typical amazing Adam! Paula is my alter ego as far as Adam is concerned. She just adores him and doesn’t hide it; kind of like my very biased journalism this season. Paula said Adam is shaking up the competition because he dares to dance in the power of greatness, and fortune rewards the brave. Simon sarcastically said he needs to learn how to express himself. He said vocally it was great but it was like the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ (which Adam said he loves; so do I; can’t count how many times I’ve seen that!) Simon didn’t think that this performance will be as popular as last week’s. Well duh, it was a totally different type of song, Simon, with a totally different goal! What kind of comment is that? Adam was not going for comparison. He was going for fun, originality, entertainment, and great vocals, and he banged the nail on the head on all counts. He set out what he attempted to do, what his fans expected, and what he needed to do at this point in the competition. Perfect!
Quentin loves him too; said he’s a rock star and can’t wait to see what he’ll do. I’m SO GLAD he is showing us his rocker side again. I can picture an Adam concert with 90% songs like this, and 10% of chill inducing songs like ‘Mad World’. Adam is one smart dude. He knows what he has to do each week, and he does it with perfection. He changes it up when he needs to, and keeps it the same when he needs to. He is consistently a brilliant vocalist and entertainer, and keeps us sitting here with ear to ear grins the entire time he is performing. I also have a feeling that Adam has a few more surprises in store for us before this competition is over. Just wait; you will see I am right as the weeks unfold!  Because I know that fan or not, most of America cannot wait to see what these surprises will be!!



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Songs choices from Top 7 Week Contestants:

Allison – “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith
Anoop – “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams
Adam – “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf
Matt – “To Really Love a Woman” by Bryan Adams
Danny – “Endless Love” by Diana Ross
Kris – “Falling Slowly”
Lil – “The Rose” by Bette Midler



  1. I don’t care what Simon said. Adam was fantastic!!!! The vocals were crazeeeee!

  2. He is just rediculous. So beyond any AI contestant ever…now a new song to be stuck in my head for a week…I’ve had a continuous soundtrack of Mad World running since last week. Everything Adam does seems to get stuck in my mind. I love Tuesdays!!!

  3. Words fail to describe how amazing he is!!!!

  4. His vocals are mad! Tuesdays are AAA (all about Adam)!

  5. Wow wow woooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. HOLY COW!!! Adam has already won American Idol in my books. He is my favorite of all the seasons.

  7. ok–again–freakin’ fantasic, over the top (just like i like it) and WILD. sooo, when do we get kinda slow and sexy

    • sarah talbi says:

      yap can t wait for the slow and sexy adam (:
      but next week is disco so i can t even think how his performance is gonna blow all of us again
      i think adam is just a legend being it slow or wild , Dirty or clean , sexy or hoooooooot !!!!!( lol)
      he is a world wide idol
      i believe i will tell my children one day proudly that i was his fan since his audition when he will be the next micheal jackson by his fame
      adam lambert you rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooock
      loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      I AM from morocco so i can t vote so i count on you guys to vote for the next word idol oki ????
      kEEP VOTING pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  8. LindaK,

    Awesome note! I thought I wrote it! I agree with all that you said. I have always said that Adam is VERY smart. With song choices and performances too. He knows what he wants to get across to us each and every week and he never fails to deliver. People say that it is TOO practiced. I call BS on that. A REAL entertainer is well re-hearsed and ready for everything. I call that skill and experience. I really hope that Adam WANTS to win this. Because I think he will. Adam < 3

    • Thanks, Danika! I’m pretty sure he wants this… his actions show that! I’m glad you enjoyed what I wrote; I love writing about this subject matter! 🙂

  9. LUV ADAM, luv most all he does. This was certainly a great PERFORMANCE and some shrilling /thrilling notes, but not a stand out as far as singing. I hope Adam does NOT do 90% like this and 10% of the Mad World, or I’m afraid he will loose a HUGE audience. Love his new softer hair, with the similar look.

    • Really? I thought his vocals were amazing!! His phrasing, the riffs, the range he showed?! It takes a lot of control and power to use you’re voice the way he did tonight. I mean I know you can hardly compair last week to this but I thought the quality of his vocals was much better tonight.

      • It’s not really the quality (yes he hits the notes, and can control it all). I just agree with Simon, as it’s a bit of a Rocky Horror show. Yea its fast paced and exciting, but I get bored with this kind of singing pretty easily. It is like vocal gymnastics, but not singing. I would never buy a cd with this stuff. I like all the other that Adam can do, including ROF, but this is just plain noise. I can get this plugging in my table saw. Sorry!

        • Niki, Your critique is the same as a lot of other non Adam fans, and that’s okay. I think it is a matter of personal taste. Even Adam’s critics admit that he can sing; that is not the issue. It comes down to the kind of music you like to listen to and appreciate. You get bored with this fast paced stuff; others find it exciting and stimulating. You call it vocal gymnastics, screeching, and not singing; others find the control of the incredible range amazing. You are entitled to your opinion, and you are not alone. I am on the side of those who find it amazing, but to each his own and all opinions are valid, so thank you for sharing yours!

        • Nikki…Nikki…..I guess you are blind when it comes a Great talents like Adam. I can smell that you are not Adam’s fan. However, the way you judge Adam is nonesense. He is the BEST Idol contestants in the history that can do anything. Adam give excitement to the Audience.. actually to the AMERICAN people millions of viewer watched him. People criticized Adam’s vocals are just plain Stupid and they don’t like Rock musik. He is extremely talented no doubt the whole world knows it. Since you are one of the Anti-Adam your opinion doesn’t matter at all. I just want to correct you. If you Open your eyes and Ears you probably see the Quality of Adam’s voice. He is one of a kind that I haven’t seen in Idol contestants until this year. Adam so far GOOD with the rest of the contestants.
          Millions of people Adore Adam… He rocks the National media and his popularity increases daily.. Adam will be the MOST popular IDOL history, everybody is talking about him NOW.. and they will keep talking. I bet including you Nikki! cuz you can NOT get Enuff of Adam’s Good looks and his angelic voice..
          I think u r jelous of Adam since he is getting the attentions u wish it was you.
          Adam is on his way to Stardom whether you like it or not Nikki. So beat it and stop whining… instead download all Adam’s musik and enjoy them while it last..

  10. sandyeggo says:

    I hoped Adam would either do Steppenwolf or Jim Morrison.

    John Kay would give Adam a standing O!

  11. There was actually a point, about 20 seconds in, when I melted off the couch and crawled to the TV. LOL. Adam has woken up my inner rock chic from the 80’s..she doesn’t get out much these days.

    What a performance! And loved the eye makeup 😉
    If anyone is confused as to what kind of artist he would be post Idol, I think the question has been answered. Rock on Adam!!

    • hahahaha
      me too!
      i had my face glued to my television screen

    • LOL Chica……Even at the ripe old age of 49 Adam can melt this gal! OH MY GOSH Adam is an addiction I don’t ever want to lose. I am excited every week to see what he will do.

      I also like a few of the other contestants but they are being out shined by Adam. Having said that it is nice to see Kris, Danny, and Allison still bringing up the their game even if it is to get 2nd or 3rd place. They are not as experienced in the variety and showmanship, but they are stepping up to the plate to bat.

      Meanwhile, Adam keeps making history and that includes making Simon smile and adore the audience response to Adam, and got Simon to give his very first standing ovation. He is the only one I can recall that uses the stage, band, and lighting to his personal taste. He is a showman.

  12. Okay, I actually threw my hands up in the air toward the end of Adam’s performance as if to say “Okay, I can’t take it anymore – I submit to you…” He is just so beyond incredible! He really gave me an ADAMGASM tonight with his performance. I didn’t know where I was, who I was, etc by the time he was done with me. He was beyond words!

    • JoeyLoveAdam says:

      It was ADAMAZING, it was EARGASMIC, it was ADAMGASMIC..

      It was everything I wanted, everything I needed, and them some..

      It was everything I had expected, but completely unexpected..

      It was just crazy. Beyond words..

      It was just crazy..

  13. Adam!!!! i love you !!!! Is he even from that planet we live in??? He is UNBELIVEBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. suebella says:

    what an excellent critique… wrote down the words I was thinking….and feeling!
    Adam has the potential to be a world-wide superstar………..the 2nd american who the rest of the world can and will “idolize” this year and who exemplify the “good side” of the usa………
    go Obama!!!
    go Adam!!!

  15. Thanks, Suebella and I agree with you! And Niki I wrote the percentages that way because of the following. I think tonight’s look and performance are more of the real Adam. The type of look he did for ‘Tears’ is a softer look, yes, and that did gain him some new fans. But the ‘Tears’ and “Mad World’ performances are just so special, so unique, so extraordinary, that they need to remain special and cannot be overdone. With only a few of those meaningful ones thrown in, they will remain extraordinary. That is just my opinoin… would love to hear how others feel….

  16. m0rrigan says:

    This time I liked how he moves on stage even more then his vocals – he’s just crazy.

  17. He just gets better and better.. OMG… I cannot stand it!!! He is just awesome!! Someone throw a bucket of cold water on me please!

  18. yee yes yes adam, fantastic, brilliant go Adammm¡¡¡¡¡¡

  19. GOD CREATED ADAM!!! and WOW what a performance, his looks, his voice, his body language all spells superstar in the making. We are watching a rock star God in the making, and someone who will be as big as Elvis and Michael Jackson, worldwide appeal. God Created Adam!

  20. gemini03doll says:

    I can SO hear this as the opening credits are rolling and the movie is starting. I think Adam is the only one that got the challenge! Perfect and spot on again as usual!

  21. He’s awesome!!!!!!! What a brilliant career he will have!!!

  22. Fantabulous! And I agree with you, Linda. It’s all about Adam. From the glint in his eye to that growl he does when he really digs into a song – I’m four-square on the Adam bandwagon. I even brought my own horn!

    You know – I can’t hardly wait until the contestants get to sing two songs per night. Imagine that – two performances…..twice the glam – twice the thrill.


    By the way – check out his brother Neil’s blog. Very funny in a dry, self-deprecating, ‘tickle your fancy’ kind of way. Lot’s of talent in that family. Their parents must be exceedingly proud.

  23. i’m so glad someone like adam had come along
    i mean there are good artists out there today
    but none with qualities that would consider them “legend-worthy”
    but then here comes adam with his unique style that drives everyone crazy (in the completely good way)
    i’m totally drawn to his voice and his gorgeous-ness. and he has a bit of sex appeal too (e.g. ring of fire and play that funky music 😉 )
    i’m so excited to be growing up, and witnessing adam join the great league of artists such as elvis, michael jackson, mick jagger, etc.
    i’m already waiting for his debut album 😀

  24. Wow!!! Whenever Adam rocks out I just end up laughing out loud because I’m having so much fun!!! Awesome, breathtaking talent. You don’t feel like you’re watching someone perform – it’s more like you’re sucked into this amazing good time, full of the joy and juice of life. I cannot wait until the day I get a chance to see Adam in concert.

  25. Adam isn’t on his way to becoming American Idol anymore. He’s on his way to becoming WORLD IDOL!

    • i totally agree with u silvia, Adam is not only american idol, he is the world idol, people from all around the world praise him and worship him.

      he is the reason i watch american idol, i could never bored read all his article, listen to his song, watch his performances, again and again and again ……

      and i wonder if you all pay attention to tonight performances, everyone seem like trying to copy adam stage performances or vocal on “mad world”

      Anoop = end his song with those sad, sorrow look which is to me look so amusingly ridiculous, i can’t stop gigling when i saw it 😀

      Danny = he try so hard to put emotion on his song, those no expression look and soften vocal which i really suggested him to go back to his own real voice, it just not him it makes him look boring, plain and ehm… a bit stupid (no offence danny fans, i actually like him also, i think he got a nice voice)

      Kris = he end his song just the same like adam end “mad world” song, those soft high notes and disapearing voice… it’s not bad, but don’t know i just feel it kinda funny, i love kris, i think he is cute and have a great voice and smile, but i love Adam best of ALL 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m writing from Switzerland and I haven’t been so excited about a new singer for at least 19 years, when I discovered Guns ‘n Roses. Adam is just amazing, has the whole package and I cannot wait to buy his records!!

  26. Thanks for the link Terri! Oh, Adam – yes you were dancing!!! And it was sex as all hell! 🙂 He has GOT TO BE the absolute cutest!! Btw, I physically CANNOT watch born to be wild without getting up and being as near the tv as possible! You’re right – whoever said it’s like being sucked into an alternate FANTASTIC world or dream when he’s performing. I too CANNOT wait until he’s doing two performance a week 🙂 GO ADAM!!!!

  27. P E R F E C T in every way, and in every performance. can’t stop replaying all videos,and all music. reading everything concerning him and crying uncontrollable tears all the while. what is going on? just the birth of a major star–SUPERNOVA! LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM

  28. I’m a 55 year old grandmother of 7, I’ve never commented on the computer about anything, but just felt strongly compelled to this time. I have always been an avid (obsessed) fan of Elvis Presley, and I never thought there could ever be another entertainer that could measure up to Elvis or make me feel what I did for him ( and still do feel). That is not until this year’s contestant Adam Lambert came on the scene. He not only has the looks, the talent, and the charisma ( which many do). But, more important for me he has humility, respectfulness, and love for his family that Elvis had. He’s the little boy and the wild man. Elvis had longevity because he had all these things, and so does Adam from what I can see and have read. I also, want to express that I’ve read many comments about him being gay, or not being gay (his brother Neil says Adam is straight), but why is this an issue? Look, I am Mormon so I’m sure you might think I would be predjudice about his sexual preference, I’m not. So that’s why I find it amusing when I read that there are both sides that are obsessed by this. Some Gays want him to be gay just to prove some point ( what? that gays can sing, who’s predjudice now?) and some non-gays want to discredit him because he might be gay ( what? because gays shouldn’t be able to sing?). What is the big deal!! All I see is a young man that has worked hard most of his life to be appreciated for his talents. That’s all! So people just enjoy him, stop trying to dissect him. There were many who had a love/hate relationship with Elvis too when he started out and still do to this day, but no one can ever discredit him in my eyes. Adam, stay strong and true to yourself. I enjoy listening and watching you. I hope all your dreams will come true and I appreciate the relationship you have with your family. Stay close to them they will be your foundation when times get tough. PS Has anyone but me noticed that sometimes when he sings his lip curls like Elvis’s did? Adam, you are killing me!! 🙂

    • Yeah, what she said! Exactly.

    • Ditto what Becky said agreeing with what Karen said. Great comment, Karen, and very insightful. Oh and yes, most fans HAVE noticed the lip curl LOL

    • Bravo, Karen. If only everyone believed in live and let live. And yes – I see a little Elvis in Adam – Elvis, and Bowie, with just a touch of Robert Plant’s delicious sexuality thrown in for flavor. 🙂

    • I’ve loved your comment, Karen, I’m also abroad (Switzerland) and HAD NEVER until I met Adam felt the need to write about anything on the web. However, I have signed in the AI website and write in the forums there, too. I just can’t get enough of his talent (not too mention his looks don’t hurt the eye, either).

    • hi karen
      im from israel and was so happy to read your comment its so true,ut dosent metter if he is gay or not,he is so amaizing and remind me ELVIS when he was young (im 50 years old)i have to tell you rhat many people wach adam in isarel and adores him,i cant stop of see and listen to his performens and very sad that we cant vote for him from israel.i pray and wish that he id the ONE.
      milion fo love from israel

  29. Saw Karen’s note – also a 50+ mother in Scotland . Can’t believe how good Adam is . Totally all round entertainer and seems really nice guy. We see show on Thursdays here but cannot wait that long to see what he’s thrilling us with each week – so now an ardent Adam Lambert surfer.
    His song choice does not disappoint – agree he is so like Elvis – but also the showmanship of Freddie Mercury.
    So what if he is gay – so many of the great from the past have been .
    Exceptional Talent in every way cannot think that others even the great have been this good in every field. The whole package
    Great clips on YouTube – But I find it so hard to believe that he has not come to attention earlier .

    Thanks Adam for brightening up our days

  30. That is the best performance on idol ever. UNSPEAKABLE HEARTQUAKE! Love it so so so much.
    Adam belongs to the people. We are longing for more beautiful and different music from unique adam. Ought to generously give this guy more liberal stage, because we can.

  31. Bballin-it says:

    This performance was so full of energy, I was out energy myself when it was over.

    And did anyone else feel as if the other six contestants were trying to go the way of Adam last week when he did a soulful, vulnerable performance. It felt as if everyone else was trying to recreate
    Adam’s performance last week. Adam was the ONLY ONE who did an even remotely up tempo song(Danny Gokey doesn’t count because he always growls and picks up the tempo for some reason. Also Lil doesn’t count cause it was gospel and sort of laid back.)

  32. ADAM!!!! after your performance i couldn’t even watch the rest of the show, because it was so boring. you are totally safe and no one will stop you from winning. you better want this cuz ur gettin it!!!!

  33. WOO! Go Adam! That was great! And for all the people saying it was just noise, not singing, that’s not true; sure, he shouts a lot but definitely not the whole time, and even that sounds great since he hits all the notes pretty much perfectly. Every week he just gets better and better.
    Yeah, it sucks he was so early in the show, he and Allison (they are my two favourite although Allison is starting to get a little boring, sounding and looking basically the same every week) but it’s true, he can’t go near the end all the time. Of course they will probably put him there most times, since a lot of people would stop watching once he sang; that’s the only reason most people watch is to see Adam. ;D Anyways that was amazing. There’s absolutely no doubt that he’s gonna win.

  34. Adam rocked the house like no other.
    Kelly rocked AFTER AI1.
    Daughtry and Cook “rocked out” standing stock still at their mics.

    NOBODY has ever owned that ENTIRE stage like Adam.

  35. If you google Adam now you can find hundreds of article talking about Adam left and right. People are making home pages for Adam, inlcuding myself.
    A lot of positive articles and there is always those communist people(anti Adam) that likes to say negative stuff. What matter is America only cares about Adam, the other contestatns are forgotten at this point.
    Just so you know I voted for Adam for 2 hours non-stop, My family voted for Adam as well, and we all agree that he is “the BEST”. I luv Adam’s Music, his characters, his greatnest as performer, he is SuperAdam, WonderAdam…soon he will be called KingAdam…perhaps PrinceAdam…. or HOt Idol ADam, he sizzles so he is definitely a HOTTIE!!… Yes Adam will be the NEXT American IDOL season 8. Keep voting for Adam America…don’t stop until the end of the hours. Adam you are soooooooooooo Gooooooooooodddddddd!!!!

    • hi jessika
      im so agree with you some people are so mean about ADAM and no reason…..he is AMAIZING and i wish i could join you and your family to vote to him but i live in israel so i cant…but pray that he will the WINNER,i cant stop waching his performer again and again and buy the way,on 2005 ADAM WAS SINGING IN HEBREW for tribute concert to slain prime minister YITAHAK RABIN,and i almost cryed when i wached it UTUBE;he is FANTASTIC
      good luch to him on tommorow night i cant wait

  36. Hey everybody. I’m a 39 yr old mom from Argentina…and as most of you can’t stop listening or watching to Adam’s performances!!!! Weeks seem to be longer each time till it comes to the next tuesday!!!
    He is sooo talented, but most of all he is so smart! Week after week he knows exactly what song to pick, and how to perform on the stage…he’s amazing!!!
    Go Adam you’re the best ever!!!!!

  37. What I love is that he looked so happy after the performance. He just seems to be gaining confidence and is realizing that this time is different, that WE get him. His eyes seem to get getting bigger and bigger and the light shining from them is getter brighter and brighter.

    His family must be so proud. I am probably a few years younger than his Mom, but the pride on her face during the performances is almost as moving to me as the performance itself. What a wonderful family with gems for sons.

    Way to go Mom and Dad, and thank you for supporting and bringing up such fabulous sons that enhance this world so much!!!

  38. that stage performance had me electrified!! What a performer. As much as I loved the live version, there are hardly words to describe how I feel about the studio version!
    OMG, this song is HAWWWT!!

    It’s more electronic/dance with a whole lot of rock. I can’t stop dancing!!! Put in your headphones, close your eyes and listen to what an adamgasm sounds like! LOL. This is the kind of music your going to hear from Adam Lambert and I can hardly wait. In his week 7 confessional he talks about fusing funk, electro, pop and lots of rock and that’s exacly what he did with this song. After watching the confessional and hearing this weeks songs, I’m more convinced than ever that this guy IS original, musically gifted (not just with his voice) and headed for some amazing things. You nailed it Adam and showed us who you are…and I LOVE it!!

  39. i love the diversity (?) in Adam’s fans. He is very appealing to everyone. That is important in starting a fan base and a career. He is so talented and very much the entertainer. I know people who tune in every week, just out of curiosity, to watch Adam. He commands the stage and is so confident, it’s scary! I love the way he moves. You can tell how “at ease” he is. I do wish they would show him “below the waist” more. haha. I noticed they cut to “above the waist” shots when he is “moving”. Elvis, anyone remember?

  40. Adam is a STAR. He pulls it off every week. I even felt ever-so-slightly skeptical about “Born to Be Wild,” but damn, he reinvented the song like only he can do! I downloaded the studio version today and this song is so cool with its electronic edge. I also have my 4 yo son hooked on his music. We fight over the ipod. 🙂

    • Mad World [Live] and [HQ Studio] solidified him IMHO as the singer/entertainer/performer he rightfully deserves. Yup, his “Born to be Wild” is superb but Mad World exposes in him what others will never, e v e r achieve, pure raw exceptional over the top talent. I NEVER had a chance to be in on the ground floor with a superstar and I’m not missing this one, nuh uh. I heard em all, ye i’m old and this kid already has what all the others needed to work up to, OMG. He simply owns whatever he sings, at will. He mentioned that when he watches back his performances he didn’t realize what he did, why he did that, how he did that….it just happens. Think about that for a moment….pure natural talent already tapped. I just had another thought; you know when people mention where’s the emotion at the end when the audience cheers the house down, when Simon gives you a standing ovation…welp, here’s my theory, it goes back to his own comment that he didn’t realize he did this, that and the other thing on stage, I think he doesn’t know he’s THAT GOOD. It freaks me out at what he can do once he realizes that he is THAT GOOD.

  41. AdamsLover.! says:

    Omg.! Adam Is Soooo FREAKING HOTT.! I Love Him He Is My Insperation.!
    He Is My American Idol.! Ily Adam Lambert.! <3

  42. ^Adam was so amazing in his Last performance and he’s always been amazing..I really like him..
    ^the way he dance and the way he smile make me melt..
    ^He’s voice is so amazing..
    ^Hope he will Won Because it’s a big lose if he won’t..
    ^And He super duper HOT!

  43. To think that we get to see his INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCES everyweek FOR FREE is just a RARE treat!

  44. Adam lambert is AMAZING.! He has a wonderful voice and i think he is the only one that has a chance to win. And he gorgeous. I wish i could meet him. When i saw this performance, i thought i was going to have an orgasm. I coulnt even talk. My jaw just dropped, it was unbelievable. <33.

  45. AdamAddict says:

    I love Adam so much and he is my favorite of all season! He just the best among the best. Every week I can’t wait to see him and hate it so much if he’s the last one to perform. I live in Malaysia,if I live in US, I’ll definitely will waste all my money voting for him. Love you Adam!!! Support you forever,I promise!

  46. mrslambert530 says:

    lets be honest we are all huge fans of adam however we do need to realize that he will not always be the best. i loved his performance however i think that allison or kris did the best last tuesday

  47. Adam you are so HOT!!! ???

  48. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  50. AdamAdmirer says:

    This blows every AI performance ever, out of the water – this is Adam’s wheelhouse!!!

  51. AdamAdmirer says:


  52. JoyousOne says:

    I’m not a big fan of American Idol but as luck would have it, it ran into the time-slot of my show “Fringe” on Fox, and I got to experience a really great performer in Adam Lambert. This young guy is going places and fast. He can sing anything and puts himself fully into every song – he’s a very versatile entertainer. I know there were other good performances on the show as stated by the judges and fans of the show but … I do believe Adam is in a league of his own. I’ve been going through the show’s videos online and he stands out as an ultimate performer.

  53. Sing AHHHHH says:

    My favourite performance by Adam so far. I love his moves, voice, singing, looks, everything. Like many others, this is my 10000000th time watching this, but it still impresses, excites me!!! Nobody can top that for me! It’s only ADAM for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. […] Adam Lambert gjorde en outstandning Born to Be Wild på American Idol i tisdags. Sjukt bra att jag vet inte vad jag ska skriva mer. Redan för flera veckor sedan trodde […]

  2. Diazepam. says: