Adam Lambert-Back In Berlin!! Woo Hoo!!

Berlin, the boy is back!! Here he is pushing his bags and looking cute.
I wish I looked as good after flying. Ok, I wish I looked that good when I look my best… some things in life just aren’t fair.


@adamlambert~Back in Berlin!!! Woohoo!!

Adam Lambert is pushing his bags through Berlin, Germany’s Tegel Airport








  1. bjrokson says:

    They’re just thumbnails? You can’t enlarge? Boooo

  2. bjrokson says:

    Nevermind, I found the originals : ]

  3. Adamisamazing says:

    It is great to see him in his natural state of gorgeousness. He looks great all the time. Thank you for posting the pics.

  4. Berlin!!!!
    Creative home of David Bowie in the 70’s. Awesome City.

  5. Here is a new excellent article about Adam.

  6. I’m happy for Adam that he can enjoy travelling, and is living his dream. Hope I can understand and speak the German language, so I can follow his interviews in their language. My, they speak so fast, but it seems that Adam understand German even if I haven’t heard him speak it. This place is memorable, this is where Adam started to dye his hair black when he performed their musicale HAIR for 6 months.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Dainty, You know, or maybe not, that Adam had an earphone in his ear during his German interviews and a translator was instantly translating everything that was said to him, and then the interviewer had an earphone where Adam’s English was being translated into German. Adam doesn’t know German THAT well. You’ve got to admire the Germans–they have the whole translate thing figured out b/c they are so darned smart, so smart, lots of people didn’t know, I guess!

      • Saw the earphone but assumed Adam understood some German because lapse time between German Q and his English answer was almost nil. Adam did Hair in Germany for a while. Has great memory and very keen ear for dialects. Uber impressed by him, once again.
        Ellie, Glam #492

        • Elizabeth says:

          trust me, it was all technology. I studied German and even I couldn’t get it that quickly.

  7. ADAM brilliantly in command even in Deutschland!….But, heck where is Bill?…ADAM has already said he wanted to shop!