Adam Lambert At The GLAAD Awards-4/17/2010/*Updated Video*

Here you go guys, beautiful Adam pics, interview, and performances. This is a work day for me so this is all I could get on here before having to leave :(… hope you like it!!


photos via:mj

Adam Lambert talked with The Dish Rag at the 2010 GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday (Apr. 17) about how things are changing for gays in show business:

And here is his performance of Music Again as well as a partial video of Fever…
video via:Libracats:



  1. OMG Sue!!! These are amazing!! How can any one man be so freaking g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s??? He is honestly a Greek God! You totally made my day!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Donna, if I knew how, I’d learn to clone him!! I am soo glad to make your day, as you have made mine!!


      • I also thought his plea for acknowlegement of diversity within the gay community was an excellent message. Did you catch his interview (about 17 and a half minutes) on Q was terrific. Good interviewer and Adam was as articulate as usual and got a serious moment to talk about his place on the platform regarding strengthening tolerance in his very rational and insightful way. He also talks about promting freedom of expression which was more prevelant in the 70s but reinvigorating it today with full responsibility. Terrific interview. If you cannot find it, perhaps I can find the link and send it to you. One of the best interviews in a long time. Cannot wait for the Glam Nation tour. I am just worried that I am being deployed for a work assignment in Nigeria and will be commuting all summer into fall. I hope I can find a concert date somewhere I can get to between trips. Love this guy!!!!!! What a gem.

        • lovemyadam says:

          Thank you e3fan, yep I did post that awhile back, and you are right it was a good one!! I think we are all going crazy waiting for those dates, but I hope you can fit one in. I hope you are doing something safe, thank you!!


      • He’s the type of man, I’d love to have as a male best friend ’cause I wouldn’t have to worry about him coming on to me.

    • I’m not new to this site, but I am new to donna w and whoever Sue is.
      I didn’t get to see Adam perform at GLAAD Awards and donna w…..your comments about Adam….I find him impossibly “drop-dead” gorgeous too and yes, the “Greek god” thing….he’s got that going in in spades.
      I have a video of him on my desktop where here’s shown singing “Mad, Mad World” and honestly, I choke up every time I listen to him and I LOVE…..his “Whataya Want From Me”!!
      Hes’ absolutely unbelievable. I adore him. When I saw him peform for the first time last seaon on AI, I joined Idol closer to the elimination process and wow, he took my breath away, still does! Can’t get enough of the man.

  2. 2:14 * Melts * lol



  4. Glambert2909 says:

    omg – Amazing as always!!! And so frigging beautiful!! I cannot wait for his concert tour this summer!!!!!!

  5. Sue, how do you get the time to do all this? YOU are amazing!!
    Adam absolutely stunning!

    • lovemyadam says:

      AWWW Thank you!! It is easy to find time doing the things you love!! I LOVE doing this!! Glad you love…


  6. Wow! What a star. The man is amazing!

  7. Man, the guy sure knows how to get the party started! Crowd sleeping to dancing
    in 0 to 3 min.! How can he sing those high notes at “eyes, baby eyes” – that is impossible ha ha.
    I love the forehead lock of hair at 5:38 -an Elvis look for a minute. What a honey!

    • lovemyadam says:

      If WE were there, there would have been NO sleeping!! I wish I could be at EVERY performance because they are always different, never duplicated!! I will continue to wish upon my lucky star…


  8. gran4adam says:

    Thank you Sue….so much work…just know it’s greatly appreciated. How gorgeous can he get! I can’t wait to see a full vid of Fever, my favorite.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Thank you gran4adam!! It isn’t work when you love it, and I LOVE IT!! Thank you for your kind words…


  9. Mmm.. Thanks for posting, what a nice thing to see on a lazy Sunday morning. 🙂

  10. Thanks Sue for posting theses pics and video! Love those close up shots! What a great entertainer, this is what he was born to do.

    Thanks AL for giving him the opportunity.

  11. Thanks as always. Pretty much the first with the news. I hope GLAAD puts up some better videos. Probably tried to ban cameras. But what better publicity? Did Adam win his category?

    Long time since I’ve seen him with no gloves. Nice touch. Such a cool classy Red Carpet look. But rockin’ those vintage glasses. Then transformation into glitter gloves and sparkle eyes. But still mega classy and respectful of the event. Oh, to be at that front table! or anywhere in the building!

    • lovemyadam says:

      As usual, you are welcome!! I can’t seem to find if he won or not… hmmm. The vintage glasses were smoking hot!!


  12. retrogrrrl says:

    Dang Glammit! Can the man get any foxier? HOT HOT HOT!
    Thanks again for posting, it’s so wonderful to wake up every morning to new Adam footage!

    • Hy friend , dang glammit!!!!! that is so funny!!!you made me laugh so hard!!!! really hope someone has all of fever the end is my fav when he grabs his yummy parts!!!!

    • OMG “Dang Glammit” is too funny! Love it…now I gotta use it. Thank you for the hardy laugh.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Isn’t it great to wake up every morning with Adam?? I think so…

      Dang glammit…

  13. Libraglam says:

    He looks Stunning !!! Electrifying !! Oh he is so cute hiding his eyes in the very stylish blue eyeglasses !! I can see he was hiding them for the performance ! Probably he wanted to surprise people with his new syle of eyeliner things….. Both his suits before and after the show were so nice / fashionable. I love his shiny shooes too ! This man has so great taste, good heart, great look along with god-given talents …..what else on earth he does not have ??? No wonder we love him so much !!

    This is more than enough i can enjoy for my weekend !!! :-)))

    • Libraglam says:

      Sue, how do you have time for doing all these? It’s 3 people’s jobs !! Did you make your husband and your daughter woke up all night long to do this with you ?? hahahaha Just kidding!!!!! ! Your husband must be a very sweet person to let you have all these time for us !! Thanks to you all.

      • lovemyadam says:

        Libraglam…my hubby and daughter would TOTALLY stay up and do this if I asked them!! He is the best. Jess would do it because she loves him just as much as I do, obviously as you saw on Oprah!! Hahaha. Thank you for the thanks…


    • lovemyadam says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE, SO GORGEOUS!! I am glad these will last you a little while!!



  15. Hi everyone

    Yep this is exactly the place that Adam probably should feel at home performing and yeah, I know it’s so wrong to say it but I just love that pic of Tommy and Adam. Am I imagining it or is Lambliff wearing matching lip stick. Really sexy! 😮

  16. This has nothing to do with the Glaad awards but I thought it was really cool. This is a comment on Adam from the ticketmaster site. This person has an amazing details in her post.

    “you must see him LIVE!
    Red Robinson Show Theatre @
    – Coquitlam @
    ,BC @
    – Thu, Apr 8, 2010 @
    Favorite moment: Dang it. That was truly something. I’m so glad I was there. @
    Posted 04/14/2010
    by SDagogo
    This Fan’s ReviewsThis Fan’s Reviews
    Location: san diego
    Top 1000 Contributor
    As the time nears for the show to begin, the crowd starts chanting:
    “Adam! Adam! Adam!”
    The house lights go down. Wild screams erupt. The stage lights are on as the band takes their places.
    (The band is the same except for a new girl with long black hair on the keyboard)
    The stage lights go down. More screaming.
    Adam enters from stage left and walks to the mic stand. The beat of ‘FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT’ begins. Lit in silhouette by the glow of green laser beams, Adam outstretches his arms to the side. He begins moving in staggered robotic motions.
    The spotlight hits him and he begins to sing.
    His voice is on and his moves are electric. He is feeding off of the crowd’s love and energy.
    Everyone is standing and singing along.
    “Do you like what you see?”
    Frenzied screams.
    The song is awesome and when it ends, rousing cheers
    Adam smiles. He bends his elbows, presses his palms together and bows his head in thanks. He takes a drink of bottled water.
    He grabs the mic stand.
    “You having fun?”
    Crowd screams.
    “Nice. Alright, guys. Here we GO!”
    ‘IF I HAD YOU’ starts up and everyone sings along. Adam notices this and it spurs him on.
    Voice, moves – awesome.
    Towards the end of the song, during the chorus, he scooches sideways, turning his feet inward then outward again and again until he is almost to the opposite side of the stage.
    He then rushes center stage and ends at the mic stand.
    The crowd cheers and he smiles.
    ‘WHATAYA WANT FROM ME’ begins. He gets into character and sings beautifully.
    (Just so you know, the crowd sings along with every single song. It was very cool.)
    The song ends and Adam walks to the drums for a drink.
    He drinks some water and asks,
    “Are you ready for this?”
    The crowd screams. Adam smiles. He moves the mic stand back to the drums and waits for the song to begin.
    ‘STRUT’ starts.
    He flicks his wrist up and down and moves the front center stage. He sings and swivels his hips. He walk to the front of the stage, passes the clamoring crowd and struts the enter perimeter of that stage.
    The song ends and screams erupt. Adam exhales a laugh.
    That was fun for EVERYONE, him included.
    Water break, back to the drums.
    Tommy is handed a new bass by a roadie.
    Adam takes this opportunity to chat with us.
    “So how many of you are actually FROM Vancouver?”
    Crowd screams.
    “And how many of you actually came here, from out of town?”
    Louder screams. Adam nods in approval and slight surprise.
    “Nice. Was it a good drive?”
    “Who drove?”
    “Who flew?”
    Deafening screams.
    Adam grins. He then puts his hand on his hip, sashays across the stage and faux-sneers,
    “Well, strut for me, bay-bayyyyy!”
    Wild screams.
    “Well, I flew here. And I wore the boots on the plane.”
    He kicks up a heel, referring to his fabulous Swarovski crystal encrusted boots.
    He then crosses his leg and rests it on top of other, pretending to be sitting on an airplane talking with a flight attendant,
    “Can I get a double screwdriver, please?”
    He rotates his ankle to make the shoe shimmer.
    He chuckles and walks center stage,
    “Alright, well, it’s hot in Vancouver.”
    He goes to the drum kit,
    “At least in this theater. I am sweating.”
    He grabs a small black towel and dabs his forehead. He puts the towel down and ‘SURE FIRE WINNERS’ begins.
    He brings the mic stand center stage and grooves to the intro. Giving a little shimmy on the drumbeat.
    When the song ends, Adam carefully removes his jacket and places it by the drums,
    “That’s a bit cooler.”
    ‘SOAKED’ begins. It’s wonderful.
    A roadie brings out a stool. Adam sits down,
    “This next one is kinda the same mood as the last one. We’ve actually never played it live before, so here we go.”
    The intro to ‘A LOADED SMILE’ begins.
    Crowd cheers.
    It’s beautiful. Very nice for it’s first time out.
    ‘MAD WORLD’ begins. Wonderful.
    Spotlights hit the giant disco ball, still tucked in the ceiling.
    ‘BROKEN OPEN’ starts. So gorgeous.
    Fractured pieces of light fill the room, giving it a dreamy sparkly feel to match the mood of the song.
    The song ends.
    ‘SLEEPWALKER’ begins.
    Adam goes to the mic stand. He grasps the top and middle of the stand and rocks to the beat.
    He sings it beautifully but with a more defiant tone then on the album.
    “I can’t turn this around…”
    He glares and pumps his fist high on the drumbeat.
    During Monte’s guitar solo, Adam stands near him.
    He watches Monte wail away and can hardly stand it. He narrows his eyes and shakes his head, overcome by his skill.
    Adam rushes to the front of the stage and launches powerfully back into the song,
    “I’m a sleepwalker, walker!”
    He perches his foot on a small speaker (Captain Morgan-style pose).
    He runs his hand down his inner thigh and then pounds on the top of his knee with his fist.
    Frenzied screams.
    The song ends.
    Next up is ‘MUSIC AGAIN’. It kicks a**!
    The crowd goes wild after it ends.
    ‘FEVER’ begins.
    Adam grabs the mic stand. He drags it with him as he runway-struts and sings.
    “Would you be m-mine?”
    He unhooks the mic and spots a male security guard. The guard is between the barricade and the stage, facing the crowd. A mischievous smile crosses Adam’s face.
    “We’ll never get too far…”
    Adam sings and creeps slowly toward the guard. He reaches down as if to touch the guard’s hair.
    He slowly crouches down as he sings, closer and closer to him. Adam grins impishly, slowly stands up and walks backwards to the mic stand.
    The guard finally turns to the stage to see why the girls in front of him are in such a tizzy. But, by now, Adam is singing and dancing a good ten feet away.
    The guard shrugs and turns back to his spot, completely unaware of the innocent fun that has just occurred.
    Pelvic thrusts and hip rotations prevalent through this song. Fabulous.
    As the songs ends; Adam turns on his heel, looks over his shoulder and flips his hair.
    Wild screams as he walks to the drum kit and drinks from the large mug.
    Longenu tosses his drumsticks into the audience.
    Adam toasts us with his large cup as he walks offstage. He is gone for a bit.
    Longenu then walks off but returns with new sticks. He raises his arms, indicating that the crowd should cheer. Cheers erupt and Adam walks back onstage.
    Adam flicks his tongue like a serpent as the intro to ‘DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE’ pulses.
    As he sings the song, he also dances.
    He breaks out the ‘Texas two-step’ and at one point he does this Native American move.
    (Think back to Michael Jackson’s BLACK OR WHITE music video, when Michael is dancing with a Native American tribe).
    The song ends but the band keep playing. Adam smiles,
    “Thank you! Alex on the keys! Monte on the guitar! Longenu on the drums! And Tommy on the bass! Thank you very much! Have a great night, Vancouver! We love you!”
    Giving a big wave and smile, Adam walks off the stage.
    House lights come on.
    Twelve original songs, one cover, no costume changes in one hour of awesomeness.
    Red Robinson Show Theatre @
    – Coquitlam @
    ,BC @
    – Thu, Apr 8, 2010 @
    Favorite moment: Dang it. That was truly something. I’m so glad I was there.”

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Erica you rock! I was there too, 2 ladies back from the right side barrier. WOW you really got all the details down! That was my first time seeing Adam LIVE & I know it won’t be the last. I can’t wait for eternal GlamNation! I’ll be glammed!!! Hell, I might as well paste my version of the show in here too, so here goes:

      APRIL 8th 2010
      “Stalking the Wild Glambert” – (a quite elusive, yet exquisite creature!)

      I’m sitting in my car in watchful alert for any “Glamberts” or tour buses – so far nothing. I even walked around the back of the Red Robinson Theatre to see if I could hear any sound-checking but did not see/hear anything. It is now a little after 4:00pm. Less than 4 hours till showtime. I don’t know if they’ll have a warm-up band (they did) but I did see Adam’s name on the Marquee inside the casino. I have exchanged half my USA dollars for Canadian money. I ate at the “Backstage Grill”, had a killer burger w/a salad & ice water. It’s very windy here but the sun is out & the drive here – other than getting lost after the border, was very scenic. Snow on the mountains – beautiful stretches of highway. I wonder if Adam is here yet.
      There are a lot of senior citizens & Asian folks, but so far I am the only glammed out girl here. My voice still sounds like crap but I’m not coughing as much at the moment, & I have caffeine (diet vanilla coke) to keep me alert. It’s a pretty big casino but I have no desire to gamble/risk losing my money. Looks like the casino is smoke free, seen lotta folks light up outside the doors. Wish I would spot some more fans, but it’s early & I’m crazy – but it’s sold out so I can’t be the only one! Stalking the wild Glambert, keep hoping I’ll see a tour bus, or a van with a spikey haired dude inside – you never know!
      Where are you Dang Dang? Will you be wearing “Judy Frog” pants tonight? I hope so! I need the healing powers of the Glambuldge! Hahaha! Somebody’s car alarm is going off – annoying. Augh! A flying ant just about flew into my car!
      Just spotted a rocker looking couple looking around the theatre. Also have seen several younger girls who might be “glammish”. Everyone smokes! Am tempted to take another stroll around the building. Just saw a girl walk over there with a sticker on her bag that looked like Adam’s eyes. MMMM, cute Asian emo boys! Think I will go for a walk again, need to lock my I-Pod in the trunk (NOTE: I listened to all Adam all the way to Canada & back!)
      OK Here’s what happened:
      Went in back & this time there was a big van thing w/personalized plates – something like ROCK 2 U or something like that, but did not see anyone in it. BUT I did see the warm up band Elias (pronounced Eh-lie-us) unloading there equipment from their cars. AND later I could hear the sound check of “A Loaded Smile” w/ a vocal so I knew Adam was in the building. I must’ve just missed his arrival by minutes in that big van! Finally I got up the nerve to ask one of the crew if Adam was in the bldg & he said “Yes” & I said “Could you tell him I have a very special gift for him?” & the guy said yes & went back in. A little later 2 guys came out & said “he’s busy sound-checking but we can get it to him for you” so I handed over the Bowie belt and an envelope with a letter for Adam that went with it. I hope & pray he got it! I was dying, hoping he’d come out, & not long after this my new gay boyfriend “Tom” showed up. Another die hard fan I could talk to! We hit it off right away & I told him the belt story. Well, long story short Adam didn’t come out – they were running short on time & he had interviews to do before getting ready for the show BUT a really nice big bald guy from the crew came out & asked Tom & I if we had anything we would like to have Adam autograph, & we had both brought our copy of the CD covers soooooo WE GOT ADAM’S AUTOGRAPH!!! Too bad there wasn’t more time for Adam to come out because besides Tom & I the only other “stalker” that showed up was this 58 yr old blonde chick (Kate) in a little red car from California,& not long after she left is when Tom & I got our CDs signed so who says patience doesn’t pay off?
      Anyway, I kinda ended up being Tom’s “fruit fly” for the rest of the evening, which he didn’t seem to mind, & we met up with a couple older Canadian gals who had a ticket for him, I think he said Coleen was from Ontario but Debbie lived just miles away from the Casino. We had dinner together (well, I just had a Johnny Walker Red Scotch & Diet Coke since I ate earlier) which I didn’t even get charged for because the waitress was having such difficulties finding change for a $20.00! The service was really slow but we all enjoyed each other’s company & had fun chatting about Adam & American Idol & other celebrities. I’m glad I hung out with them. Also the restaurant was filling up with Glamberts (finally!) Mostly women close to our age & a few gay boys sprinkled here & there, & women who dragged their hubbys along. Tom has a husband! He was legally married to his partner in Vancouver which is so cool. His partner has a Monday thru Friday business he runs so he couldn’t join Tom for the show, poor guy! Tom is also a big music freak & goes to lots of shows. He saw Mika also & had pics on his camera of Mika, Pat Benatar & “Reba” MacKintire! I got his email address & gave him mine so we can exchange pics from the show, he has a very nice camera with a zoom. He also says he wants to see Adam in Seattle if he hits there in the summer, so we might hook up & hang out again then!
      SO about the show: I had a third row seat to the right, which I was sitting in during the warm up band (they were OK, played about half an hour), but after I went down & asked an usher guy if it was OK if I joined the other Glamberts that were standing around the “pit” (there was a 3 to 4 ft barrier around the stage), and he said it was cool so I stood about 2 girls back from the barrier, right side, nice & close!
      After the warm up, we were treated to Billy Idol’s greatest hits on the monitors (Rebel Yell, White Wedding, Flesh For Fantasy, Eyes without a face, Mony Mony, Hot in the City etc…) While waiting for Adam you could feel the electricity in the air, and OH when those lights went down it was Lambertmania! Lots of screaming & cameras flashing (SO GLAD I brought one, the tickets said no cameras but EVERYBODY was taking pics & there is footage of almost the entire show on YouTube already, which I’ve already favorited & forwarded to my friends. Adam was STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL in a shiny (satin?) Black suit jacket, black & grey striped T shirt, black jean like suit pants (not super tight but you could still tell how “blessed” he is) and the COOLEST Glittery BOOTS I have ever seen blingin’! He had a big costume jewelry broche with a purple rhinestone in the middle of clear/white ones, glittery eye make-up, fingerless gloves, nails painted (black?) Hair all spiked up & shorter in the back. I was amazed how many times I was thinking he looked like a young hotter Elvis at his peak reincarnated – those LIPS…OMG.
      No Bowie belt but he had a glittery belt to match his glammy boots. Of course Tommy looked hot too, all blonde. No Adommy leans tonight though, wah!
      First song was FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT which they started, them started OVER because of technical difficulties. There were big green lazer beams shooting out from behind the drums, COOL. Adam apologized for the Technical difficulties but both versions sounded pretty damn good to me! Other songs: IF I HAD YOU (the next single) WHATAYA WANT FROM ME, (Oh yeah, somebody threw some granny panties – or were they tightie whities? on the stage & Adam cracked up & threw them back! He said it was HOT & was sweating a lot, STRUT was awesome live. Then he took off his jacket & cooled things down with an acoustic set that featured SOAKED (took a belt of booze), A LOADED SMILE (first time live I believe, another song about unrequited love, also the giant disco ball in the theatre effect was used, that was cool!), MAD WORLD and sat on a stool to do BROKEN OPEN, then he put his jacket back on & rocked the house with MUSIC AGAIN, SURE FIRE WINNERS, SLEEPWALKER (another song that really sounds awesome live & he really gets into) and my fave FEVER. When he said “You burn me up baby you’re mine. Miiiiiine, Miiiiine!” It was like he knew the audience was indeed his & he had total control, all of us jumping up & down & pumping our fists & getting into it. Cool moment.
      We got an encore of DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. I believe it was before this song I saw him do this thing with his tongue (flicking it in & out very fast) that was very suggestive & thinking damn he would be good at oral pleasure LOL! God, it seemed to go by so fast, but he played every song on the album except Pick U Up, Aftermath & Time For Miracles, instead subbing in Mad World & Down the Rabbit Hole, so probably played close to 1 hour.
      There were quite a few fans waiting around after the show to try & meet him, but Security was being super tight and would not let us go near the back where Tom & I were earlier in the day. We saw Adam get into the van from far away & drive out the opposite end so that was it, but at least Tom & I got autographs & hopefully I’ll see Adam sporting that Bowie belt someday. I think I’d shit myself with happiness, especially if he wore it on Idol or to some other major event. I wrote on the back of the belt itself “To Adam Lambert – The King of Glam with love from your devoted fan Melissa AKA so yeah, he’s got my email address too. I made a photocopy of the letter I put with it so I’ll scan it in case you wanna read it.
      Now I’ve got to use up the rest of my pics on my camera so I can develop those Adam pics & see if they turned out good. I still have a horrible cough & voice is still fucked, it’s nearly 5:00am as I’m writing this, I need to crash out. The drive home was rainy in spots. I was jazzed up on caffeine & found my way back to the border without getting lost this time. The border guy was cool. He said, where you from? I said “Tacoma Washington” He said Tacoma? What are you doing all the way up here? I said “I went to see Adam Lambert in concert” He’s like “Adam Lambert! Was it a good concert?” and I’m all “It was AWESOME” & he’s all, “Alright! Have a great night!” I think I passed the border close to midnight, passed the Space Needle around 2:00am & got back home about 2:30am. Called Mom as she had instructed me to do the minute I got home so she wouldn’t worry. Gave her a brief summary of the day & how I got the autograph & my new buddy Tom.
      Now time to sleep, dream of my Adam, who is playing in Richmond BC April 9th. Too bad I’m not healthy & wealthy. I’ll just have to check the websites later for more BC footage. ALSO Friday night 11pm Adam will be on VH1 Unplugged (filmed a few weeks ago) and is the next American Idol MENTOR on Tuesday and will perform Whataya Want From Me on Wednesday’s show. So lots of Adam stuff happening this week, I can’t wait!
      Spunky is passed out on the bed, so glad mommy is home. Goodnight Adam, thanks for being so fabulous. Love you XXX.

      So there’s my version, hope ya enjoyed it!

      • erica and my friend both great stories!! Thanks for sharing!!

        • buffy522 says:

          having seen so many parts of the performance I can picture it in my head. Your words really brought it to another dimension. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  17. Libraglam says:

    ADAM got 4 award nominations…..does anybody know anything about this? Did they announced ?

  18. Thank You Sue!!!!!!!!!!!! These pictures really show how handsome Adam really is, and of course so very talented!!! He deserves more and more awards! Truly an Entertainer for all ages!! Thanks Again


  20. Maria Parsan says:

    I love Adam. But I don’t like all the eyeshadow and too much makeup on him. It makes him look too gay and freaky. He looked best at the start of American Idol in “Satisfaction” with a lot less eye makeup and long hair in that boyish style. He looks as if he has aged so much since that day, ever since he started cutting his hair shorter and shorter and flaunting his too girlish makeup. In his video “Whataya want from me” with less makeup and hair down , he actually looked quite boyish and not freakish. Don’t you guys think he looks AMAZINGLY HANDSOME (AND NOT WOMANISH )the natural way? Don’t you guys prefer him to look like a GUY?

    • lovemyadam says:

      Honestly, I love him ANY way. To me, he is just gorgeous when he is being himself, make-up or no make-up. I don’t think it matters how he looks, when he has the voice of an angel and the heart of a saint. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though, and everyone has their own opinion as to how they like to see him!! I am just happy we get to see so much of him thanks to technology these days…


      • you`re upsulotly right he`s amazing whatever he do and i find him so beautiful even though my friends make fun of me when i talk about him but it doesn`t matter he`s the best and i adore him

    • buffy522 says:

      I do too believe that in make up for men or women, a little goes a long way. The eyeliner is a must, the nail polish dito. The pancake makeup is unnecessary to me most of the time. So what if skin isn’t perfect. Glitter, fun. He’s pretty much about the venue and songs. Look how low key at this GLAAD event. He does look younger to me without much makeup

    • Well he is Gay……and he is “freaky” but that is a compliment…….how can Adam be too gay? He is GAY and I know we ladies would like to forget that but …………..he is still Adam and freaking gorgeous!

      • Agree, Trish. And don’tcha know he wouldn’t be the Adam that we know and love if he were hetero!

      • Ima Ramorah says:

        freak-gay, WHO cares?
        close your eyes and just LISTEN.. I LOVE men in eye makeup.
        ….thinks Yul Brenner and Johnny Depp ____________________(flatlines)

        • I love Adam so much at this point that I really don’t care how much make-up or what clothes he wears.
          A Gay freak, well what that is what he considers himself and I love him for it. I have a tendancy to be attracted to the wild and the bizarre and Adam fulfills all that. I think we are all incredibly creatures and need to celebrate ourselves in wonderful wild ways.
          I think he looks absolutely breathtaking in these pictures, I really don’t understand that gay men are not throwing themselves at him.

    • I would prefer Adam with less makeup – he looks more boyish and younger that way. I especially like his bare look during the People’s Mag photo shoot featured in last Dec’s issue. I also like his look and makeup when he sang “Change is gonna come” during the finals. He really looked so handsome and boyish. Anyway, I think too much makeup will spoil your skin in the long run if you are not careful in totally removing them end of the day.


  22. lovemyadam says:

    XOXOXOXO… Yes he is!!



  24. SleepwalkerAries says:

    Thanks for compiling this – great job! Adam is so freakin hot in these photos. I will sleep (and dream) well tonight!!!

  25. Is that Rob Halford of Judas Priest he’s standing with in the one pic?

  26. OK, so after reading the review posted by Erica, I had to go find the “Fever” performance where it looked like Adam was pseudo-messing with the security guard’s hair. Here is the link, and it’s right at the very beginning. Awesome performance. And the security guard was none the wiser. haha 🙂

  27. Adam can sure work the red carpet……sharp dresser……


  28. ‘Smoke and mirrors’ again with the makeup comment……ADAM knows how apply it like a the true
    professional he is…..he is a showman, an entertainer and the very best there is!…..Love the makeup
    …it’s all about Glitter and glam… let it rain glitter!

  29. …OK… computer cut out and I ended up with that comment above!!!!!!!! Ha!!!! Must have been the thought of all that glitter…….or prehaps I need a course in grammar!!!!!!!!!?

  30. Ima Ramorah says:

    keerickey he makes those pants look good. 😯

  31. k. morgan says:

    He looked gorgeous…love the upswept hair with the blue streak down the center…so hot….Someone please post videos of the performance!!!!

  32. k. morgan says:

    Sorry about missing the video link…as far as Adam and makeup….Get a clue people…every Hollywood star…most musicians….have some sort of makeup on…..Adam just admits to it…He is so honest…that is one of the things I love about him….Performance was great as usual….love how he made the audience wake up….

  33. Jane Parker says:

    Thanks Sue!! These are great!!! He is so gorgeous!! And wonderful!! And soooo born with it!!!

  34. Gorgeous man (make-up or not 🙂 ) , fantastic talent, beautiful soul, all that matters.

    • I so agree Mary…..I love EVERY look Adam has……….No matter what he’s wearing on the outside his inner beauty ALWAYS shines through!!!! He is who he is and THANK GOD for it, I wouldn’t want him any other way. Planet Fierce has given us this beautiful SHINING STAR!!!! Relax and bask in the LIGHT!!!!

  35. OMG everybody! I’m so excited! Adam is gonna visit Holland next week! (I’m from Holland! ;)) Maybe I can see him in real life! That would be a dream come true! I just had to share this with you!

    BTW Sue thank you so very much for all the updates en nice articles! You’re doin a great job! Thanks!!

    • What the heck, tell me more!!!!
      I am from Holland originally and am excited to hear this news!

  36. I agree. I love the make-up, I love when he has little on, I love whatever he decides. He always looks HOT!!!! He is one beautiful creature inside and out. There is no-one like him. He can entertain, boy can he ENTERTAIN!!! He was soooo smart to name his album “FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT” even though in the beginning people didn’t know if it was right along with his album cover. IT”S ALL ADAM!!!!! He is the ultimate entertainer!!!! 🙂 And I love him so much!! Thanks Sue again for coming through for his fans!!

  37. Maria Parsan says:

    Thanks, LETICIA,
    Glad to know someone agrees with me. However, we still love Adam but just have our preferences with how he looks. He is THE greatest singer . I can’t get over his voice. Of course he is beautiful inside and out also, and very smart. Sometimes I feel bad for him you see, because of all the eyeshadow (not eyeliner) and other makeup to make him look more like a beautiful woman, along with the kind of suggestive dancing he does at some of his performances, he might never win over as much of the world as he could, unless he toned it down a bit. My wish is for him to be as great as Elvis or Michael Jackson. Sometimes I think people must laugh at his gay appearance and dancing, when he has so much more to offer, he sells himself short. What do you think?

    • You know, I do agree with you, some people do probably laugh at him, make fun of him, but over time I just decided that he is who he is, and just wants to be himself and he does like to “dress up”. I also recall that the make-up might have something to do with his insecurity about his appearance as a teen-ager, and he has come to enjoy changing his look to suit his performance. It does make his journey a lot more difficult in some ways, but for now it is the road he has chosen. He will most likely evolve his look over time. The AMA’s scared the C–P out of me, I worried for days (weeks ?) about what was going to happen after that. I know I want everyone to appreciate his huge talent, his great personality, his wonderful soul. I feel like one of his many “moms”! I always want people to adore him for who he is as much as I do. He is just unique and really rather special which doesn’t always translate well to mainstream at first. People thought Elvis was pretty out there and weird and scandalous when he first started performing, and we know Michael Jackson wasn’t exactly considered mainstream either but they sure had wonderful careers and were beloved by many. They also weren’t known to be “openly gay” (also tired of hearing THAT phrase!) which complicates the make-up thing. When I went to Fantasy Springs, we took some friends along, who were “IDOL Adam fans”, but not “hard core” followers of his career ( like my husband and I 🙂 ), and they were a little surprised by what he wore, his make up and some of his moves. He truly has lived in a bit of a loving bubble of acceptance the last 10 or so years in LA and is still learning that not everyone is as open to diversity as his friends, family and fans. I blame the media as well, they seem to always pick up on the things that are the most outlandish and negative (in their eyes), the worst pictures of him and just publish them over and over again (my little rant!) which doesn’t help. He will find his place as he goes along, as more people have the chance to see and hear him properly (prime time TV). I know I sure have preferences as to various “looks” of his and agree that Adam “unadorned” is wonderful in itself (I love his “look” at the end of the WWFM video) but I also enjoy seeing what he is going to come up with next. I just assume that somewhere along the way he will figure out for himself what works. I don’t think that for now he wants to please everyone (bit of a rebel, that boy!) What used to be considered “glam-rock” is now pretty much considered “gay” and I think that is where the biggest problem lies today. If more men wore make-up and called it “glam” I suppose it wouldn’t be such an issue! I understand your worries about him, we all do that at times, just because we care so much! I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more quality time “worrying” about Adam Lambert in the last year than I’ve spent worrying about anyone other than my own son,( and he has caused me more than a little (major) concern over his 29 years!) That’s a little crazy in itself, but its the effect he has on us, I guess. I’ve also spent considerable time figuring out ways of going to his concerts, some “out of town” and I’ve never in my life ever done that before, so he must be doing something right! Go figure!

      • And just to be clear, I love his rhinestones and glitter as well. He wouldn’t be Adam without them!

    • If he toned it down he wouldnt be Adam!!!!!

  38. Don’t agree Maria. I will date myself. I was seventeen when my Mother (who was a big Liberace fan) discovered Elvis on TV. Talked us into staying home on a Sat night to watch. Half the nation hated him–he sang rhythm & blues, rock and roll, his moves were shameful,’ he was corrupting America. Stations would not play his songs at first. He was too shocking so they only showed his upper torso. While I don’t go to concerts anymore, I was very bored with life–a lot of volunteering. Then I caught an Idol show last year, and have watched this gorgeous boy emerge into a man, bigger than life. It is fun to follow his career, remember Elvis’ rise and my Mother’s total enthusiasm for watching a young singer hit the heights. I am a mother of a gay son, but this is not why I think the make up, sparkle, over the top, uniqueness, and beauty of Adam should not shine. Liberace, Elvis, Michael–all bigger than life. Every once in a while a star really shines, so let his glitter and shine and light up the world. This sort of star does not come along too often!

  39. glaadmedia’s got the fever video up=)

  40. thanks again Sue, and also for my Glam number. I’m excited to have this. I love Adam, the man in whatever get-up with or without make-up. His beauty goes beyond what we see, and for me this is what matters most. I’m proud of him at the GLAAD awards. May he’ll have more awards to come. God bless you Adam !

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