Adam Lambert at the Arizona State Fair (Oct 17, 2012)

Sorry for the late post, but Adam performed another brilliant set on the 17th at the Arizona State Fair. I had to miss it because I was out of town with the family and Carol was out of town in Arizona! Thank you to everyone for the videos. This is the entire set in a playlist format:

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  1. It was a good concert. Short – 45 min – but worth it. I had a good time. He’s got a good voice, with or without music and he’s not bad looking…….

    • Rebecca, by my watch it was the usual 65-70 minutes. Yes, he took a long break after Pop That Lock that made me flash back to Fantasy Springs 2, leaving the”Jays” doing a barely adequate job trying to entertain the crowd. But before th, he was so happy to be on stage! The rumor was he must have been missing Sauli, who has been away. He seemed to many to be rather . . . uh, hum, randy!

  2. Thanks for including my video of Naked Love in your playlist – it was a phenominal show!

  3. Adam is getting worse, not better! First album was great, Trespass sucks! He needs outside help like the first album and less gayness!

  4. Adam is an AMAZING performer! The concert was awesome and I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it was to see him live again!

  5. You are all so lucky to have seen Adam…I’ve really enjoyed seeing these videos; thanks for posting them for us. Someone needs to let the “Powers That Be” know that the states below the Mason Dixon Line would like to have Adam visit us ! Think South Carolina !!!!

  6. I have been to two of Adams concerts and when there the time flys. I could listen and most definitely look at him forever! Every time I see a new video of Adam performing I just want to see him so bad live. I’m with Jane “needing” him to come south. I know Adam doesn’t see all these posts, but just for the record, I’m one of Adam’s Cougars and seeing him one more time is on my “bucket list”. Only Adam could have turned me into a cougar. I don’t think I could love him a bit more than I do!

  7. Oh, Jane, forgot to mention I’m a South Carolina girl too. Beaufort.

  8. I live in AZ and went to the concert. It was not 45 mins….It started around 7:15 and ended around 8:30. I am not sure why he disappeared early in the show and left his band singing “thank you for being my friend” or “we are family” — I forget which one — but that was a mystery to me…. he was gone for like what seemed to be 5 mins…I think he was also having sound problems….anyway he put on a GREAT show he seemed very down to earth and happy to be performing at a small venue. I love Adam !

  9. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, This is a great taste of the states tour when he starts it , next year we hope! He and the band are really gettin’ it on!!!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU ADAM & FAMILY!!!!!! 4-ever & a day, Rita Norton & Donna Levi

  10. Adam was spectacular as always. Wish I had been there. Thank you for sharing. Please help Adam by requesting his new release “Trespassing” on the radio. What a shame the DJ’s won’t promote his music.

  11. I so agree with Glamberr about the radio stations not playing Adam’s “Trespassing”. I finally got fed up with not hearing it yet and called our local radio station WIOG and asked the DJ if they were EVER going to play his new music and he said, “Um . . . probably not.” I was just flabergasted!! I said why not and he told me it isn’t up to the DJs, but the upper execs. That the music is all pre-selected for radio play and there isn’t much they can do about what’s played – even when it’s always requested! It totally makes no sense at all. If they would just listen to his music, but they just won’t give him a chance!! Oh, and this is the same station that I received a free CD of “Trespassing”. Very disappointed and so tired of people who think and act in such prejudicial ways. Luv Adam forever:)

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    you need made other album better than the firts or same pop rock, you need a new material and i accord and excuse that less material and issues that affect your career, you prefer eat and much oportunities or repeat the same gay issues and the people in the media and arts close the doors for you for your spachs, if romney win? i worried about you dear, the republicans are vengeful people and hurts you, please be most diplomatic

  15. Only Adam Lambert could have turned me into a “cougar.” I would never have thought I could be so crazy about a boy literally half my age. I grew up in the woodstock era so have always loved my rock. If I ever start liking Lawrence Welk and his bubble machine, take me out back and shoot me, please. I am. however, a tad bit worried being so Adam crazy. Is there something wrong with me?