Adam Lambert At Paper Magazine’s Beautiful People Event

Adam was seen at Paper Magazine’s 13th Annual Beautiful People Issue event at The Standard Hollywood in Los Angeles last night. I have included the pictures below for you to see.
I can only imagine how tired he must have been after his all night video shoot, but he looks beautiful regardless…











Here are some pearly whites!!



  1. He is so beautiful, but looks very tired-I would be dead at that point. Love the toned down eye makeup-makes the blue pop so much more. Like the hair too-I like it down the best, but like it spiky when he wears it up.

    • buffy522 says:

      I agree Lisa, but on that British X-factor interview , he said he hates to be told to “tone it down”… so…
      I just am drawn to the less eye and face make-up and see a hint of stubble and those beautiful eyes. Precious and for sure younger.

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t tell him to tone it down-he looks incredible no matter what he does. But I think his eyes pop more with a little less makeup

  2. Those freckled lips are so……..kissable!!!
    I truly have deep admiration and such repsect for Adam for his focus and his dediaction to his Art.
    Really this party boy, staying out late, drinking and we can only imagine what else and also being on an evening schedule when he was in Wicked, has so stepped up to the plate. Without complaints and always acknowleding that this is what he wanted. But he also wants a nap every once in a while I remember him saying in an interview one time.

  3. He must be tired! Not one picture showing his pearly whites!

    • Saw some additional pics from the event on 24/7, showing those beautiful pearly whites , big smile and looking fabulous. The info from the brief description in the article calls him a “hunk” and he really does look every bit of that here! VERY nice……

      • Preview of IIHY video alert! Just Jared has pictures from the video shoot….As well as AL24/7

        OH MY!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart…..

        • Mary, thanks for the tip about just jared.. I just spent half an hour looking at those pics while listening to Adam’s CD.

      • where can we go to see those?

  4. KO's smiling says:

    Is he wearing a gun?

  5. beaglewoman says:

    There must be some significance to the bars cut into his temples – anyone know? One bar on the left and 2 on the right….I don’t have a clue. I know that they are new though – didn’t see them in any of his pics from Europe.

    Glam #611

  6. oh shit ! he is terribly hot.somebody tells me , what is he exactly gonna do with his fans?! i cant handle this much sexappeal !

    • i have to say i agree with you 150% he is so damn hot and sexy… I cant get enough of that man…

  7. margaret says:

    He looks great! I’m sure he is dead tired I couldn’t tell by looking at the picture. I guess this is when that whole make up comes handy. His schedule is so exhausting, I hope he will be able to take some vacation before this Glamnation tour, otherwise it’s gonna be a torture for him.

  8. Adamisamazing says:

    He looks gorgeous regardless. But, I hope he grows back the hair that is cut out on the sides because he has such beautiful hair, and “more is more” as he says himself. Either way, I love him no matter what, but his hair is one of his best features, so I don’t want any of it cut off/cut out. 🙂

  9. grandjag says:

    I think he looks great in these pictures. I don’t think he looks tired. Only fabulous, as always.

  10. Beautiful man..

  11. You have to figure he’s tired, but never a word or a wince of complaint. His work ethic is astounding. I remember reading the AI music director’s flattering description of Adam. He was always prepared, never late, always had ideas or some such. He’s an extraordinary human, let’s face it. As for all the talk about his look in this photo or that, I’m always torn between what I like and what he likes. I prefer the emo look as do many others, but what I really want is for Adam to be happy. He doesn’t like being told what to do or not to do, as we know, so I try to go with the flow. I’m guessing the sides were shaved for the IIHY shoot because we know he didn’t have that in Europe. Has sort of an Indian look, so I’m guessing it had to do with the forest theme. Since his hair grows rapidly, I think it’s safe to say it will be grown in by the time he tours. I’m hoping. . . Love our super human, love our Adam.

  12. Oh, what is left to say?????? Nevertheless, I don’t care how he wears his hair, how much eye makeup, etc. Bring it on\, Adam. We are ready for your Glam Nation Tour!!
    And, I’m glad it’s going to be theatrical with all the bells and whistles , although I think the whistles will be from your fans. You’ve come a long way from this time last year. .
    You’ve done well, laddie!!!

  13. Sarah, I think even Sarah Dioguardi, can’t also handle Adam’s sex appeal that she got married after the 8th AI season. But before that, she got to strip on stage on the AI Finals, and had those mouth-hanging and mouth-watering experiences during the weekly contests. Since she can’t bite and ravage Adam…..GGGRRRRrrr, she sublimated and had a husband. Good for her. Paula? Well, I guess she’s menopausal and motherly to Adam, while Kara is just ripe and in her “nesting period”. Not that many menopausals, haven’t had their 2nd “ripening” when subjected to Adam( Amen to that GLAMBS?), but maybe Paula have had enough of her fill or was just objective and too blown away by Adam’s talent. He-he-he!

    • Just wait until you see the stills from the If I Had You video shoot I mentioned above, seriously thinking those menopausal, motherly thoughts will be flying out the window, ……not that I would know anything about that……… 🙂 And haven’t even seen the video yet! Two words: White pants!

      • buffy522 says:

        with the bulge! He said he gained weight in Europe, but I don’t see it. The hair and shirt in the video pics were great, but you’re right, those pants!

    • And oh yes, AMEN!!!

  14. libraglam says:

    OMGOSHHHH he is awsome

    Vey unique hairstyle…cool !
    clean but wild.

    I don’t think that portion of hair is cut. I zoomed in and still see lots “hair roots”
    (the whole string of hair)….they must pull that portion up and glue with lots of hairspray
    ….zoom in and tell me what do you think….?

    • adamisamazing says:

      I think you may be right after I zoomed in. Thank you for making that observation. I just love his hair and of course everything else about him!

  15. Glamitup says:


  16. what’s up friend ur looking good there wish i was there with u 1 love from my heart 2 urs

  17. Glamitup says:

    I think I spy a new piercing at the top of his ear!!!

  18. Glamitup says:

    OK my daughter taped the Twilight cast on Oprah and when they came out, they were all screaming and I said “If you were there would you be screaming like that?” She replied “If Adam was there would YOU be screaming like that ?” And I said heck YES and she said “OK, enough said! lol a classic! And totally true!

  19. OMFG…truly the most BEAUTIFUL human on the planet…Yikes !!!

  20. patricia Pearce says:

    Totally agree that his spectacular, unique God given blue eyes stand out so much more when he uses only eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes the lids and brow are so heavily made up that his eyes don’t stand out nearly as much. He is trying to emphasize his glamourous eyes but in this case too much really does de-emphasize his sapphire/aqua combo unique jewels.

  21. He is SO hot!! He does look tired. He can come here and take a nap…I’ll be more than happy to give him a nice long bath after the nap!! 🙂 I would love to see him do a video like Shakira’s “La Tortora”…DEAR GOD!! The both of them together, redoing that video, I think I would have to die….That is, after I wash the body paint off of both of them. I know Shakira’s not gay, but she’s still HOT!!

    Lots of Love Adam!!

    Mistress Lambert…(I wish) 🙂

  22. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    On the gossip front, does anyone know who that guy is Adam has been seen with recently–the one with the shiny blond hair. They seem really chummy. Are they an item?

  23. Adam, You are fabulous in all your artistic expressions–Voice, Looks , Personality, Outlook on Life, Intelligence and Consideration for others. You are a gift to the world . And to think you were growing up here- just a few minutes away from Escondido- I feel so proud of you . Lorraine

  24. buffy522 says:

    At first wasn’t crazy about the pants for this event, but on closer look, the “bulge”, which I am watching too closely lately, is nice, with lots of seaming and scrubbing around key areas. And I notice his belt is on the last notch. He’s either lost weight or it was a bit large. Either way, he’s keeping the figure!! I don’t examine my own image one tenth this much!

  25. Adam Lambert is the most beautifull/handsome men I have ever seen. He has that “IT”factor that no other man posseses today as far as I am concern. He is a beautifull soul,his inner beauty shines through that makes him irresistable, I am addicted to Adam Lambert since last year. I want to see the new video so freaking bad. LOVE HIM TO PIECES.

  26. Really Adorable;0) So Handsome but he still looks really tired:0) He is giving the same look every pose;) POOR BABY HE NEEDS SOME REST BEFORE THIS TOUR:0)

  27. Love the pictures, with less make up we can see more of his beautiful face, he has such a great body, he is so fit. I love the hair up, and I love the little cut by the sides. He looks great even though he was up all night shooting the video, and he is always smiling, what a lovely man, a Rock God with a fantastic attitude, a great role model for all youngsters.

  28. thank you ladies for your sweet replyings

  29. Wow! I must say that I absolutely LOVE this look! The natural beauty of Adam’s eyes really pops out with a little less make up. Love the liner….not crazy about heavy eye shadow or eyebrows. I LOVE Adam’s hair like this too! What a physically and spiritually beautiful person you are, Adam. We love you. Please come back to western Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. …love these pix! But then, I love every single pic I have every seen of Adam!!! If I could, I would have a huge wall in my house covered with pix of him, and it still wouldn’t be enough …

  31. Deb #606 says:

    Just discovered a song written by J Scott G featuring Adam Lambert…Live the Life. Check out I’ve never heard it before – wonder if it can be downloaded.

  32. OOOPPPSSSsss, I mean KARA DIOGUARDI, not Sarah Dioguardi. Yyyayy, I agree Mary H, just looking at his smile, takes my breath away, and I’m like committing adultery mentally. Is it a sin? Well, he could just be the appetizer and the main course is my husband. Oh, bring back the LUST !

  33. DEE #458 says:


  34. k. morgan says:

    He looks great and love the hair here and at Wango Tango with the cool art beside his eye…was neat…he is so creative.