Adam Lambert As The Alpha Male= Perfection**UPDATED WITH VIDEO**

Adam represents a change in perception, he has pushed boundaries to the brink of what we believe, he has proven his claim that “sexy is sexy”. Adam is conquering the world with his powerful alpha personality, audacious masculine beauty, his openness, intelligence, whimsical charm and the most technically beautiful voice in the music industry today.

The paragraph you just read is actually the last paragaraph of this article. I LOVED the ending paragraph, so I put it first because I can…bahahaha.

Seriously though, re-read those words and tell me you didn’t get the chills as you finished it. Every word in that paragraph is exceptionally correct. Many thanks to the universe for creating this spectacular specimen of the ultimate alpha male. He is absolutely changing, pushing, and conquering, but ultimately he is living proof that “sexy is sexy”.

Now feel free to read this article by Kerry Kolsch in it’s entirety, it explains alot!!!


At 2:31 he starts screaming “get out” and then I think this is when he kicks the security guard blocking the fan and then he says the “take my picture bitch” comment at 2:47. What a true Alpha man, as the other delicious article says!!



  1. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    WOW!!! Thank you, Sue.

    • judi maine says:

      “Then Adam tweeted his album cover with pen drawn alterations and said it was dressing as David Navarro for Halloween. Adam has the ability to laugh at himself.”


  2. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    So THAT’s whats going on in my brain when I’m drooling over Adam! Great description, but the bottom line is love for Adam defies explanation; as for me, I will blissfully continue my obsession simply because Adam sure makes me FEEL GOOD!

  3. Loved it!! Couldn’t agree more! Thanks Sue. SEXY IS SEXY and SEXY is ADAM LAMBERT!

  4. Thank you Sue. Glad I got to see this before logging off. This comes very close to describing how we, females, feel about Adam. He definitely is an Alpha Male, no mistake!!! Most hetro men should have half his sex appeal. And boy, are we protective. If I read something mean about him, my claws come out, like the mother protecting her cub. How dare they? HA HA! I wish it was a joke, but…………………

  5. KO's smiling says:

    This makes me wish I could write. But thank goodness someone can express my feelings so eloquently! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much! Finally someone who writes much better than me explains why we all love Adam.

    • I read this somewhere ealier to-day and was real happy to find it pop up here so I could read it again, it is a grest article and makes sense of a lot of what we are all feeling.
      Yay, just read Adams International tour will include New Zealand, just what part we dont know yet, but its a great start.

  7. As far as i’m concerned ADAM LAMBERT is my darkest and deepest cure ever.Cause he brings to me the taste of harmony…..hhmhmmmmmmmmmmmmm he’s very delious love him.when I watch him he make me wanna do bad things but sadlly I can’t do nothing cause i’m very private and very smart I keep my treasure just for the one that I love.ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LAMMMMMMMMBERT.VIVA LOVE VIVA ADAM

  8. An amazing article! I have had trouble understanding my “obsession” with Adam. I’m a baby boomer and have grown up listening to and admiring artists and their talent. Nothing has come close to my love of AL. In fact, I’ve questioned my sanity at times.LOL! It’s fabulous to know I’m one of so many fans that just can’t get enough of playing his cd over and over and watching nearly every Glam Nation video or interview I come across. His message to all is empowering and makes people want to be better because of it.

  9. IDOLize says:

    i wish i had paid extra for the book- now- ! i only bought the eye of horus tatoos !

  10. Thanks Sue for this FABULOUS article!!! Beautifully written. I was saying, “check that off, Yes, mhhmm, great way to explain it…YUP, got that one, Yup, Yes & Yesss” on every point!
    Last paragraph sums it up perfectly. Once he’s in he owns our hearts indeed. Now I wanna see that ‘Rock Kick’

  11. Adamisamazing says:

    This article certainly explains it. I am going to buy the book “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert” to help me further understand this phenomenon I am feeling. I was just thinking how my world seems to revolve around this man. His attractiveness, confidence, boldness and sexiness has me mesmerized. I thank the universe every day for this man, and yes…I got chills reading it, Sue.

    • Wonder how many more books will be written about Adam over the years. Just a note. In college my daughter spent time doing an assignment with their Gay Club. She was surprised to find most of the men were very masculine, football players, etc. Also, have worked with many gay men and women, and find there are not that many sterotypes. Hollywood has given the world a rather slanted idea of what gay is. Know Adam doesn’t want to be a poster boy for anyone, and appreciate that. However, his stardom will probably take that option from him.


  12. Morgan LAMBERT X] says:

    HOLY EFFIN!!!!! XXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i always wondered why I WAS SOO ATTRACTED TO HIM <333
    AND IT IS SOO TRUE < 3333



  13. Everything that has Perplexed me for the last year and a half, ~WHY do I love Adam so much, How did this happen to me~ Why can’t I break these feelings~ I’m under his Spell! You put into almost clinical terms that expalain it all so perfectly. I know I love EVERYTHING ABOUT ADAM! I know I want HIM in every which way possible, and I know I don’t care what anyone thinks.. I just am IN LOVE..He represents the Perfect Man to ME! Adam is ALPHA PERFECT! Wheather it be VOODOO, a SPELL, or my SUBCONSCIOUS BRAIN, I’m forever HIS! Thank you for helping me understand this PHENOMENON taking over me and sweeping the world. Brilliant!

  14. I also read this, this morning on some site…and it is beautifully written….I don’t know how to get the book but would like to have it…..Great writing……it is so true..

    • JEANENE says:


  15. i love you adam enjoy friend

  16. SleepwalkerAries says:

    All I can say is yes, Yes, YES!

  17. danagram says:

    Thanks Sue for putting that up. I posted it last night and I am not sure if you used that or found it yourself. I thought it was just terrific. I think it really summed up how we all feel about the ‘mystical Adam”

  18. Those who denounce him and call him names. There’s nothing sexy about putting down homosexuals and their lifestyle. Those people are a turn off. You bet they wished they had all his attributes. They will never admit it to it.

    Adam Lambert has been blessed in many ways and we love everything about him.
    Kudos to Kerry Kolsch for telling it like it is!! He’s also correct about Adam’s fans. If I heard, or hear of anyone putting Adam down; if they are near me, I’ll rip them apart. If they are on television, they will be hearing from me. I’ll rip them apart in print!

    It’s hard for me to comprehend why others can be so mean. The guy is kind and likable. He’s intelligent, articulate, generous, loyal, oh, and don’t forget SEXY. To paraphrase another writer, Adam Lambert drips sexuality, just standing still and we would be so happy just to watch him.

    He has a great sense of humor and does not take himself too seriously. That’s another thing I like about him. He also gives great interviews and great face!. God, we could listen to him talk all night.

    The bottom line is, whether we are hetero or gay, we are fans of Adam, no matter what and
    we get him!!
    Thanks, Sue for posting this. This is one article I so enjoyed reading, and I’ll be back for more.


  19. Adam is a homosexual that turns on women. I’m turned on by him. He exudes sexiness like no other and I am from the Elvis era. Elvis was sexy for back then…..but Adam……….is sexy, sultry and totally divine. His voice, his eyes, his lips……..shall I go on?

  20. Opaluna says:

    WONDERFUL article – everything is ‘spot on’. Thank you for posting it!

  21. Adam has such an unbelievable effect on people (me, especially) ;). He is so comfortable with himself, his decisions and his life…that confidence is just part of his sex appeal. Intelligence is also sexy, and he has this in abundance. Adam is perfect to me…he has all the qualities a person should have. I fell in love with the “most technically beautiful voice in the music industry” on AI (his artistry, technique and style), but I am wholeheartedly in love with this man – his personality, honesty, kindness…There is definitely a chemical reaction. He has captured my heart forever.

  22. Adamisamazing This article was written by Kerry Kolsch and is from a chapter of her book. It is not from On the Meaning of Adam Lambert” which has different authors. If you go to Associated Content you will see that she has written other great articles and a book.

    • Adamisamazing says:

      I understand that that this was an article by someone else. But, the post also mentioned the book “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert” which is why I mentioned that I would buy that. I think you were trying to help, but I did understand. Thanks.

  23. Every word is perfection as is Adam !!! this wonderful man brought joy back into my life that had not been there in a long time !! He was an angel that arrived when i was at my lowest and needed him the most . Im so thankful everyday !! GLAMBS i need help can someone tell me which song/ venue was it when Tommy licked Adams arm then kissed his cheek ? I dont remember? THANKS!!! ALSO STILL IN SEARCH OF GLAMBS IN OR CLOSE TO RIVERSIDE CALIF PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU ARE OUT THERE

  24. This writer nailed it on the head. Adam = total package.

    Couple questions for you ladies that have already been to a concert. I’m going to both an indoor and an outdoor venue.
    Are there concession stands, cocktail stands, etc. inside or do you have to go in and out?
    If you have reserved seats, do you still need to go really early because it’s so crowded?
    How long are Allison and Orianthi’s sets?

    Also, anyone in S.F. know what the parking situation is for the Warfield. Like how hard is it to find a space and what’s the typical cost? Also is it in a bad area of town, cuz I’m going by myself?

    Thanks for all of you that can help with my questions.

    • Reese, I attended the June 22nd concert in NYC. Yes, you could buy drinks there. i think alcohol was obtainable. I don’t drink, so I couldn’t tell you for sure, but knowing NYC it probably was for sale.
      We had general admission tickets, but we got seats, as most fans were standing in the first half of the theater to be near Adam, naturally!! I’m too old to stand for four hours.
      As for reserved seats, I couldn’t tell you. I know that if there is a seat # on your ticket and it says general admission, it means first come, first served and you have to wait in line. If you have reservations and it doesn’t say general admission, then you’re probably fine. Maybe someone can tell you about reserved seats.

      Alison was not on that long. Orianthi joined her to sing the last song. Then, Orianthi came back on and played and sang for about an hour. There is also waiting time in between the artists. Adam came on stage about 10p.m. or thereabouts. I don’t know if that is the way all the venues are set up. It may vary. All the best in SF! No matter what, you are going to have the time of your life!!

  25. cheryl 334 says:

    ALPHA, ALPHA, ALPHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All this writer says is just so right-on, and how wonderful it is to see someone go into such depth abouot Adam as to explain in such psychological and physiological ways as to ‘why’ Adam is a ‘ONE OF A KIND’ never to be copied and never to be again!!!

    This article is the best written that is all about Adam, only, and his fans, and I , for one, appreciate it and value it as it should be! Yes, many of my own questions about my ow n feelings abouot Adam have beeen explained nicely from the feelings of protectiveness, sexuality, beauty, voice, and him seeming to me to be such a ‘man’ and nothing whimpy about him, that I am filled with excitement that I am not just another Glamb Nut Case!!!:))

    Adam IS all of lthese things, and yet,. more! As time goes on, we will understand more of the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ that IS Adam. I pray for his safety as he travels the country and the world as none of us will ever again know an ‘Alpha Male’ with all of Adam’s unbelievable attributes including his stunning operatic rock and roll vocals to which the world has never seen until now.

    Rock-On, Adam. Continue conquering the world. Have a blast doing it and knowing you are your own best friend, tho so many would like to take credit for being so. I have no doubt that you will never compromise to the degree that you are too uncomfortable with, and bless your soul for WHO you are.

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Intelligence-Happiness-Beauty-ICON…..that is Adam………………………………

  26. cheryl 334 says:

    SUE……………….. Thank you so much for printing this article. I did see part of it the other day, but I was so stunned to see it all here!!!!

    Since Adam started idol, I used to post these words on most of my posts: “Adam is PERFECTION”
    It just seemed the only word to encompass it all in one word. Now I see the author has used those words, a bit later, but it made me smile!

    Absolutely fantantastic article, I hope it makes it in more venues around the world, newspapers and internet, radio and print. Brilliantly written and absolutely true! We fans of Adam are more than ‘fans’. We have totally adopted him and vowed to protect him and his amazing self without anyone asking. He is who he is and we are who we are. He brought out something in us that had been pushed back into our subconcious, that we probable would never have experienced, and we ARE a gigantic force to be reconed with when it comes to Adam. He has our heart, support and love. We are more than fans!

  27. donna 293 says:

    This is perfect. The only thing I don’t understand is WHY doesn’t everyone see what is so obvious to us??!! Some of my close friends think I’ve LOST my mind – too many conversations turn to how something or other reminds me of Adam. He just dominates my thoughts. It really must be chemical and not everyone is so deliciously susceptible to his power. Hm-m-m…..

  28. REDSTAR040665 says:

    Adam has something that just keeps you totally obsessed. It is unexplainable and uncontrollable. He just makes me feel good all the time. Thank you Adam!

  29. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Amazing article. Wowza.

  30. thanks for posting.. I have to agree sexy is sexy… and ADAM is so SEXY..
    I am so happy to have joined and be apart of all the other adam fans out there…
    My family thinks i have lost it including my 19 yr old daughter , but i can listen to his music all day and read these posts and watch videos til the sun comes down.. I am so happy to hear there is a reason for all of this because i sure cant explain why he does what he does to me. But adam just has it all..He is perfect……..

  31. MaryLou says:

    Adamamazing article. What better way to sum it all up. Thanks Sue for all you and the other’s do. U are the best. Adam Lambert U are one GR8 looking Rock Glam GOD!!!! Keep rocking. Glambs #534 OhSweetOne

  32. I knew that I’d be back to read it again. That Kerry Kolsch is very intelligent and he also knows SEXY when he sees it. Does anyone know the names of the books, and where I can purchase them?
    I’d love them to be part of my library.
    If anyone knows, will you please contact me? Thank you!

  33. Adam Lambert is THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!!!!

    • Farzana says:

      Please don’t let the FDA find out that no one needs HRT! We just need daily “Therapy” with him and “everything” will work just fine! I personally rely heavily on AOU for my booster supplies of therapy! 🙂 Actually what Adam contributes is the elixir of life!

  34. Adam is hotter than hot…Prince must have had a premonition when he said something about being a sexy MO put it nicely! I just got a new tat the other day on the 29th, and got my next one priced. I’m getting a bracelet on my right wrist with tribal that goes half way around, and where the tribal stops, I’m getting the Eye of Horus…I’ve already got the colors picked out. Now I just have to save up for it. I’m getting some SUPER HOT pics of Adam blown up and laminated tomorrow, and they are going on the ceiling above the bed. My “boyfriend” just shakes his head at me. Oh well…I have to have something HOT to wake up to since the boyfriends not around too often. That’s ok though!! LOL!! 🙂 Can’t wait for Indy!! WOO-HOO!! 🙂

    Tina…aka…MISTRESS LAMBERT #654

  35. couldn’t agree moreB-)

  36. With his tremendous talent and personality, Adam is doing more than releasing all of our (and a lot of other folks’!) libidos—he’s freeing the nation from the bonds of homophobia that grip so much of Western culture.

    I was inspired tonight by Char’s thought-provoking comment about the Adommy debate:
    —-July 1, 2010 at 6:39 am
    Why is it called testing the boundaries for Adam to kiss Tommy??? Remember when it would have been testing the boundaries for a black on white kiss? Discrimination is discrimination. Period.—-

    This parallel with race is exactly what I’ve been thinking about our current society: gays are the new minority. They’re so cute and charming as entertainers, but God forbid they would want to have a full, real life, have sexual relationships or even, gasp, get married!

    This is a mirror of the 1920s and 30s, when black actors like Step’n Fetchit and Hattie McDaniel were limited to stereotyped roles due to their race, and no musical groups were integrated. Black folks were OK, the message went, but only as entertainers in predictable, sometimes demeaning roles—certainly NOT as friends or family! Fortunately, in the ensuing 70-odd years, we’ve made great strides regarding race. We still have a way to go (see Arizona), but look who’s in the White House: A black man of great intelligence and ability!

    How much oppression and violence has been done in the name of the tyranny of the gender binary? How many women have been repressed and oppressed by the patriarchy? How many men ruined trained to ignore their softer sides until only the brute aggression remains? How many little gay boys (and girls) rejected by their families, friends and clergy?

    I guess it took a new century to clear away these cobwebs. And it took that glittery alien from the Planet Fierce appeared to usher us into a freer, post-gender-binary future — and make us realize how normal and rich diversity is!

    Adam’s greatest power is his holistic nature: a complete combination of disarming candor and honesty as a person with the cosmic stage presence and supernatural talent. This makes him the comprehensive star, in the best sense of the word, a true cultural icon who transcends his genre—music—and becomes significant in the larger, philosophical/religious sense as an avatar, or evolved being who advances the culture to a healthier future.

  37. Maranda says:

    I am sure that the writer Kerry Kolsch is a women because I have read her articles before, They are some of the best for Lambert fans. What I love about this article is that a lot of writers have said that women are attracted to Adam but Kerry is the first one to tell us why. She absolutely gets how sexy he is and why we don’t care about his preference. I hope Adam reads this, I do not know how to twitter but someone should twitter this to him. Sometimes writers say mean things to be mean and this time I feel connected to the writer and thousands of women who feel like I do.

  38. Micki (Glamb #535) says:

    I loved this article! I thought she totally nailed it. But I had a thought as a result, which has sparked a question I think the man himself would appreciate as a result… I’ve noticed his female fans varying on the degree of both the momma-bear-claws-out-protecting-him & the sexual lust he inspires, but it does not seem determined by age… Some people seem to feel predominantly one or the other, some fairly balanced of the two, and I’m wondering if there might be an astrological connection to how strongly one feels which type of emotion… Like is someone with more earth signs (more motherly qualities, generally speaking) more likely to feel all protective more strongly than lusty for him? And I’m guessing more fire signs one has the stronger their lusty feelings? I have no idea how to find out on that, but I’d love to research it if I had the time & know-how!

    • I am a Cancer and like all Mother Earth people am very protective. I think you might be onto something Micki.

  39. JEANENE says:



  41. WOW! This article really nailed how Adam comes across to all of us Glamberts! He is the ultimate sexy being! Who cares if he’s gay–he still loves all his fans and we love him!

  42. Victoria says:

    The author of this article has my undying respect and adoration for her understanding and ability to explain the crazy state I’ve been in for the past year and a half! I will definitely be following her. Also, thanks Sue for posting this. It made my day!

  43. AllaboutAdam says:

    Alpha, Omega and EVERYTHING in between…. he is all of that and more. Chills??? I read it yesterday just before leaving work, and couldn’t drive… no joke! He’s in my brain, and all of my limbs go numb lately just thinking about him singing Soaked. as they are right nowwwwwww……

  44. Anonymous says:

    So I was listening to Los 40 Principales Espana, the most famous spanish radio station, and guess who I heard? ADAM!!!!

  45. Adam exudes sex appeal. I posted this before, but it’s like I told my cousin when she asked why I drooled all over Adam since I had the wrong equipment. I simply told her that I did, but he didn’t, so I can fantasize all I want.

  46. The ‘Adam Effect’ did wake me up. Definitely affected my libido. At this age I have money, time, and now passion. Going for my dreams!! If he can do it I can do it.

  47. AMEN!!!!!!!

  48. @Lefty

    I totally agree that “Adam is doing more than releasing all of our (and a lot of other folks’!) libidos—he’s freeing the nation from the bonds of homophobia that grip so much of Western culture. ” Adam is someone that so many people can relate to and feel an emotional connection to on so many levels that he makes people rethink why our government feels a need to put people into classes and then treat them in different ways. You are right in equating it to a black on white kiss and the real issue is not that Adam kissed a guy, but the rules of our government got involved. The FCC launched and investigation and put a chill on any network that would let Adam on their show with the fear that they would be fined. I watched the AMA’s and truth be told I was most offended by Eminem. I do not find rape and murder funny, but at the same time I don’t want my government to put the fear into networks so that they ban him. I, as an adult, should have the responsibility to exercise the power to regulate what the children that live in my house watch. It is really about personal responsibility and how much power you want to give government to make the choices for you and the big problem with government is that their choices tend to be years behind the wishes of the people.

    I have to admit I am a political wonk! I am also addicted to Adam, so I read as much about him as I can. I did buy Kerry’s book and was impressed with the content. She is an Adam fan and much of this article comes from her book. Most of it is cut and paste. That being said the book is so much more. It dose not bash on Kris, but just documents why he won and dose a great job at pointing out the social misconceptions that Adam lost because he was less popular because he was gay. Kris had a government sponsored, AT&T backed voting machine that no Idol contestant could beat. The book is also very heavy on charts and graphs and pages of footnotes. It is a mix of what the posters here seem to love with a bunch of cold hard facts that are not as sexy to read. The major part of the book is that Adam did not lose because our country is so closed minded that we could never have a fair popular vote in which a gay man won, but that the American Idol vote is not fair and that the government in Arkansas took advantage of the system and political ties to bring in a win for the local boy to promote the state.

    As for Kerry being a man, from all that I have researched she is not only a female but a lesbian. Slap that in the face of all the haters that question her motivation. Sorry, she may get it, but she is not after Adam’s man parts.

    I, on the other hand love how big of a man he is!


  49. Kathy, WOO HOO!!!!! You GO girl!!!! Fantastic commentary!!!

  50. LCJones says:

    Kathy, I couldn’t have said it better..You are exactly right in everything that you said, and what Kerry said.
    these articles are the ones that need to be circulated in every country and every newspaper and magazine. We get it..Adam gets it..his fiercely adoring, loyal fans get it..but for the ill-informed, the ignorant, and the homophobes, your article could shed some light on better understanding, open minds, and open hearts..Of course, everyone is not going to like every artist out there..but how could anyone deny that Adam is a Master Vocalist? A really nice, down to earth guy, just trying to have some fun and make a living like any other normal person. Well said.

  51. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    I love his eloquence and sexiness! Adam is all that the article states! What a pleasure to read it as it makes me feel that I’m not alone in my insane obsession with Adam the Bomb baby!!!

  52. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    Thank u thank u thank u to those who post Adam things that keep my thirst satisfied!!!

  53. Zanner17 says:

    Ditto everyone…
    …but I can’t tell that he kicked anyone… someone saw that close up? Wow I like that he took up for the fan! He is awesome…I was 2nd row general admission almost center stage, sort of to my left of the stage. He stared us in the eyes directly. oh yes he did…drool drool drool and made me feel like he valued me as his fan. It was intimate like the small venues. We all know he can play a lot bigger ones! I guess he meant “Bitch” in a tough/playful way because he was so pumped up?! I don’t think he was ill at her as I took it at first before reading the into about the video. I can’t see him insulting a fan. He had a lot of energy in this show…even more than what I saw at the Charlotte show! woahhhhhh

  54. Zanner17 says:

    PS I thank God for him and for giving Adam his talent. Enough of this “Universe” stuff. The Eye of Horus isn’t going to protect him either…God will. Ok its off my chest. You have your beliefs and I have mine. To each their own…I just know we have a definite creator and its no universe happenstance. We have no talent or purpose beyond what we were given as a gift of God. We all have free will…God is not a dictator. I love love love Adam. It breaks my heart to see him as much as it gives me joy. Only God can create a man like him. He’s more of a man than most straight men that I know! I wish he knew who really deserves the credit to his talent. That would be even more powerful. Adam is a good man…and I hope all the good things for him and all the blessings he can stand. He has been an inspiration to me…a wake up call, a jump start, ya know what I’m saying there. I feel like I had gone to sleep and now my eyes are open in excitement and I want to do more with my life! Thank you Adam. A mini purpose in you that you don’t even realize…