Adam Lambert Arrives In The UK

Now, I realize that there aren’t as many fans at his arrival here at Heathrow Airport, but this is SO much more pleasant to watch. There are people following him but it isn’t a crazy, frenzied scene, to which I am thankful for. I seem to get a little overprotective when the crazies are out and the “GET AWAY FROM HIM” vibe starts to kick in!! What can I say… It’s me… I’m a freak…


Adam arriving at Heathrow – video via: Starryeyed



  1. Razmatanian says:

    I’m sure that with the previous bombings at Heathrow, security would not allow many people to meet/greet a flight. I’m glad ’cause he’s a little safer for it. I notice too that I can’t find much information about where he is going or what his schedule is…probably all security reasons. I miss him!

  2. I know, I thought the UK fans were so excited about his coming. I expected so much more press by now! Patience!!

  3. Me too. Its funny at the end he says I love u and every body starts screaming. If he came too my airport while I was there I would follow him too.everyone will. Who can not follow that guy when he’s at ur airport?

  4. Annsuperfan Glamb #401 says:

    Thank you Sue for finding so many great and interesting posts for this site. Security is very tight and ‘up-tight’ around Adam when he is in an airport. They don’t tell anyone that he is coming. It was great to see the reception he got in Japan. He’s come a long way since his american idols days.

  5. I really liked this article which appeared in the London Times.
    Clearly, the Brits are very interested.

    • Ima Ramorah says:

      I love the UK interview AND that headshot..
      American media is so hung up on their prudishness and titilation that they never get a good interview.

  6. i hope they dont attack him the press and no scandle.i want to adam known as gentle super talent.

  7. please vote for adam on vh1.

    • buffy522 says:

      He slipped to no. 3. Just keep up daily votes! Just cause he’s not in country……

  8. With the times of arrival changed, those who had made plans to be at the first arrival probably could not be at the second. Also, there was the question of whether the fans should be at the airport to meet Adam. The Lambrits site had some discussion on what Adams official UK site was suggesting. I don’t think the number of people at the airport in any way show the number of fans Adam has in the UK.


  9. i was on mjsbigblog saying that the rca ask them not to come to airport .

  10. ianaleah says:

    Adam is intelligent, but sooooooo naive- he goes to the UK, and one of the first things he does is meet w Boy George- a gross criminal. and with Adam’s FYE song-it is a disaster waiting to happen. I think it would have been wonderful for him to meet Sir Elton John and recently knighted Sir Robert Plant and Adam’s fave, David Bowie. But music first, if that is how he wants to be know. Nope, he meets w gay George who was arrested for gross crime last year. I am very very close to giving up on Adam, he is too friggin careless or he gets bad advice to follow, but he should have been focused on his own music and his career and his publiv image in the firtst place. Actions speak louder than words- don’t say you want to be known as a ainger first and gay second, than make all actions gay focused before music.

    • I really think you should move on ianaleah. You spend lots of time being disappointed in Adam and just about to give up on him. I dont think he needs you or your critique of his actions.

      Boy George was good in his day as an openly gay singer (there I’ve said the words I hate using) and Adam has always liked him. Adam does not hold judgement over Boy George or anyone and takes them at face value. Wouldn’t you want to meet your idol even if in later years he did some not quite right stuff?

      Adam is intelligent, forgiving, lovable, friendly, gracious, emotional, tender, witty, and should I say forgiving again. You attitude is no better than the tabloids who tear him down at the very hint of something that challenges their bigoted minds.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Oh wow,ianeleah,you are very very close of giving up on Adam JUST because he meeting Boy George…what you call him….gross criminal?You obviously like Sir Elton John,so if Adam meet him one day,you gonna….very very close loving him back?You love Adam like that?Hmmm,very strange one,I think!And just wondering why you call George,”Gay George”?Why don’t just George?Do you call Adam Gay Adam too??Just saying! 0_o

        • ianaleah……I am with Lisai and Emili. Who are you to judge Adam and to say who he should meet !!!! Boy George has done his time in jail and has now moved on. He has a right to meet other musicians being that of the gracious, forgiving, friendly Adam as Lisai so eloquently put……just as Adam has the desire to meet other musos especially Boy George who was a huge icon during the 80’s with his band Culture Club.

          Well….. if you are so close on giving up on Adam…then maybe you should as I have noticed that this is not the first time that you have been ‘disappointed’ in Adam. Perhaps you are a bit homophobic judging by your post !!!! It sure looks like that to me.

          Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

          • glamasia says:

            Ianaleah, pls make up your mind. No fence sitting here. If you aren’t an open minded Adam fan, then this site isn’t for you. Enough said.

          • You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Yvonne awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!!! …….. That;s the Aussie spirit
            saying it as it is!!!!!!!!……Noone has ownership to ADAM….but ADAM!

          • Libraglam says:

            I am 100% with Lisai, Emili and Yvonne. You all speak for me. I am always proud of ADAM.

      • Ima Ramorah says:

        I’m with you Lisai & adamaddict.
        HE’S GAY get over it.
        Boy George WAS a fixture in music and even with his misdeeds has a lot of talent and Freddy Mercury (bless his skinny ass) had AIDS if he was alive Adam would be meeting with him too.

      • buffy522 says:

        Would you have denied him the chance to meet Michael Jackson? His press in past years was, uh, less than stellar. Enough said.

    • ‘Naive’ ADAM is not!!!!!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I think you should look into your heart and find out why you became an Adam fan in the first place, and if you still are. If you find it difficult to understand Adam, or you feel so frequently disappointed on him, or are so judgemental of him, or so negative towards him…maybe it’s really time for you to move on.

      Adam is not naive or careless, he is the owner of his actions, and surely not judgemental. Anyone who knows something about Adam, will surely know that he met with Boy George because he is a fan of his, in any way approving or judging him for any criminal action.

      People should really stop saying what Adam should or shouldn’t do. Adam is a grown man he knows better than anyone what he wants.


    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow, if there is one word I would ever attribute to Adam it is DEFINITELY NOT naive. Boy George has obviously done his time – a gross criminal – come on be realistic. He is out of prison and rebuilding his career, he was an icon of his era.

      You say that Adam is “too friggin careless” – you’ve got to be joking, right? Oh what the hell, I think you should go back under the rock you crawled out of. There is no way you can call yourself a fan of Adam, you obviously know nothing about Adam or you wouldn’t be making any of these statements.

      Nope I give up on you Ianaleah. I agree with everything Lisa and Yvonne and Silvana and all the others have said.

    • Don’t be so judgmental. Life is too short. Maybe you might want to reexamine your perception. Just because you don’t like BG doesn’t mean that you can decide who Adam wants to meet and who he doesn’t. Naive? Absolutely not. He is beyond his real age in maturity. He has worked very hard for 9 years to make it in the music business and to get to where he is right now. He is a brilliant man and makes good decisions. He is always himself and makes no apologies for that. Remember Jesus surrounded himself with criminals and they were forever changed. If BG wants to meet Adam fine. He is an ICON in the music industry and possibly share his own experiences and mistakes and help direct Adam’s path to stardom.

  11. Is Adam in the UK now?? I didn’t even know he was coming!! I would have been at Heathrow like a shot! And yes, security at the airport is an absolute nightmare…

  12. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Thank you very much Sue and the rest of the team behind this site! You give us updates that are up to the minute! You must have so many people in different countries that coordinate and follow Adam’s every move. Adam must be very exhausted! Dealing with flights and time zones, jet lags and still manage to look very good and very cordial to people. It reminds me of his schedule when he did the Idol tour, this is just more exhausting. I guess that’s what you invest into in exchange for fame and glory. I love you Adam and I hope you take a long vacation somewhere to recuperate from these exhausting tours. Just let me know, call me and I will prepare the guest room! LOL!

  13. YEAH, ADAM hits the U.K.!!!!!! Thankgoodness his feet are warm and comfy in those black
    ugg boots……….he will need them in that cold weather…..being the Californian he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you ADAM!!!!!!!!!! ……. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone thinks they have ownership of ADAM…..OMG he is NOT a little boy…….He is a MAN and a very beautifully brilliant creative one at that! It seems ADAM will always have those who bicker and want to give judgement wherever he
    goes……………….well, get over it.. I am so bloody tired of hearing about these homophobic remarks
    (that I can’t believe I’m even commenting on!) ……….ADAM IS GAY……..and proud!!!!!……Get a life
    people! …..and what the heck does this have to with whom ADAM hangs out with or where and
    what relation does this have towards his INCREDIBLE MUSIC!!!!!!!……..Is’nt it time to move on..!
    It seems some still have to look into their own hearts and make a change towards total positivity!
    AUSTRALIA is extememly passionate about OUR GLITTER PRINCE….if you have’nt already
    noticed!!!!!!!!!…..and so is the rest of the world!

    • AdamAddict says:

      U R right!For those who wrote bad remarks about him should GET A LIFE!! Do like me for instants,google Adam like 3 hours,then replying my emails with my Adam’s sisters about Adam like 3 hours,then spent an hour in twitter and think what should I twat to Adam that can make he saw my twat, then spent an hour chatting with Adam’s fans, then drooling at his hot photos that I downloaded in my computer for an hour.Checking what’s new in youtube like an hour…probably add another half…See??I have life,awesome ones!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      p/s:Glitter prince?Ooh,I love that one!

      • Libraglam says:

        AdamAddict !! Same here, Oh i am not the only one ! I did similart thing ! Spent my Saturday (yesteday) do nothing but browsing around the Web , twitted ADAM, went to all ADAM’ s new, listened/watched old and new YouTube ADAM’s interviews and performance and summarized the new things that i have learned about ADAM to my sister who are also a fan of ADAM….and we both giggled. ….ADAM brought happiness to many souls including mine !! Go Adam, rock UK, rock the World !!

  14. magsmagenta says:

    I’m usually at the Lambrits site, but I thought I would comment here on this, I would recommend anyone who wants to hear the full story on what happened at the airport, and/or would like to attempt to meet Adam while he is here in the to look at the Lambrits site for information as all but one of the 30ish people who were there were Lambrits. There are also multiple threads on his various appearances throughout the UK and who is going to try and meet him there.

  15. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    where is the glambrits site??? and what was boy george arrested for??? anyways he loved adam, was respectful of him, tweeted great stuff about him, and loves Adam so that now makes him one of us:) enough said!

    • magsmagenta says:

      It’s Lambrits, and I tried to post a link to the site earlier but I suppose it didn’t get past the mods so you’ll just have to google. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. whats this about security being a nightmare at Heathrow ?..
    getting on a ‘plane and offloading thru customs might be sometimes and rightly so- but there was no hinderance at Arrivals during our 2 day stake out!!

  17. Glamaus….love your post. Hits the spot perfectly. Yes!….let’s focus on the music and the wonderful innovative artist that is….. Adam.

    I am so looking forward to the news about his U.K. promo tour. He will love London, the cosmoplitan world capital which has led international trends in music and fashion.

    Glad he has taken a little bit of Australia with him….and I am talking about those gorgeous black Ugg boots.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  18. Jules UK says:

    Hi folks
    The people that love Adam here in the UK (he has a huge and loyal following here) will support him in our usual British way. On behalf of all the UK Adam fans, it’s a massive honour to have him visiting the UK. I personally can’t believe he’s actually here!!!! He’s even going to do an interview at a radio station in my home town!!!! This guy is an absolute breath of fresh air to the music and entertainment industry not to mention one of the most handsome blokes i’ve ever seen……

    I also have to comment on the Boy George thing. Boy George is a Brit legend and although he messed up in his private life and did his time, I would love to meet BG too as he is responsible for a whole generation of people growing up with a more tolerant and open minded attitude and some of THE best music of the 80’s….BG showed that it’s ok to be who you are and have fun at the same time.

    • Libraglam says:

      Oh Jules UK, just want to let you and everyone know that I WAS Boy George’s FAN in the 80s… I could not belive lately that my (our) ADAM is seeing BG !! I just cannot describe my feelings!! It brings back “old” good memories and mixed up with “new” awsome feelings = i have hard time to breath right now….too emotional to speak …..

      I have to upload BG and Adam ‘s picture together and print that picture out !

  19. So you all shredded me pretty well, but I am a big fan of Adam and to say that I am not or that I am homophobic is totally an error.. I’ve been defending him all year in every blog that comes up on google.But think whatever you want; it is waht it is.

  20. ianaleah…….You are like a “fair weather friend”. When things are good–you are a fan! When things are what YOU consider “bad”–you are considering “giving up” on ADAM! How is that being a fan….just when it suits you? I’ve read comments from you on other threads, and you have been very critical and negative toward ADAM many times. I know that everyone is entitled to their opinions and, free speech and all that, but this is an ADAM Lambert FANSITE. That means we all love ADAM, we respect ADAM, and we support ADAM. We don’t come here to pick him apart or say we’re thinking of giving up on ADAM!!!!

    So, ianaleah, don’t be surprised when you’re shredded here…..I’m sure that if you search different sites that you will find one that fits your need to shred ADAM!!!

    • ianaleah says:

      That is totally NOT true. It is me who has been defending Adam on multple blogs all year. Me, It is me who has been saing: Adam fans are obsessed .Adam’s foes are obsessed Helen Keller said:”Life is an adventure or nothing.”Adam is living his life and we are his spectators. Adam win. It is me who has said repeatedly. Adam is a whole person, not just his sexuality, kind vs cruel, smart vs stupid, etc. It has been me who said repeatedly, Adam is intrpeidly honest, personable, articulate ,intelligent, etc. Always.
      And I gave my opinion here and I get attacked , well, I stand by what I said, like it or not, and I am a hugh fan of Adam’s and I have a stong motherly instinct about him and that is where I am coming from. So I have a right to be here. sooooo ๐Ÿ™‚ love anyway, since you’re fans of Adam and it has been me who has said I love Adam’s fans defending you all and it is me who drove 5 hours with a sore right ankle just ot see Adam at fantasy springs-so stop doubting me because you don’t agree with me about something. So, remember, God is love,and love in your mind is God in your mind, so love is a win mode. How about a litlte love for all of us who see from different perspectives but still love Adam .But is you feel better disagreeing, go ahead, i trust my own gut reaction about BG, but I don’t want to be told I don’t like Adam and I never shredded him. Ever, so you’re comment is an outright deliberate lie.and I am sayhing so. Deal w it.

      • ianaleah……this site is for people who love Adam and when someone posts a comment such as yours which is unkind and unfair then they can expect to be ‘shredded’. If you think that we would not be upset at your comment and not rush to defend Adam…..then it is you who is being naive.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • AdamAddict says:

          Sorry if you get hurt somehow.If i hurt your feeling then I’m sorry. I’m glad you always defending Adam.But you must understand that I did the same thing now.And so do the rest who disagree with you.They defending Adam coz they dislike what you said.But let’s make one conclusion here,We all love Adam <3 <3 <3
          Emili ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. cheryl 334 says:

    So Adam went to see Boy, first? Well, personally, for me, I can’t stand that guy! Why should Adam see Elton, or Robt. Plant, or whoever first?? Personally, I would have liked it if he gave tshe honor to Elton. But, maybe Elton wasn’t ‘home’. Maybe he was in some other part of the world, maybe the timing just did not work out. However, I still hate Boy, for my own personal reasons.

    I see the little ‘bandits’ of this Adam’s fansite are still at it. One person does not like what IANALEAH posts, and ‘look-out’!!!!! Here come the ‘others’, as usual, following. Jumping on her without mercy b/c she had the ‘nerve’ to speak her mind. In case everyone missed it, the title of this posting site is, “SPEAK YOUR MIND”, but, that obviously only applies to those “special” people who think thy are the mind and soul of Adam – but sorry to advise then, “they ain’t”!

    As far as Heathrow goes, I think it is the largest airport in the world, or maybe the 2nd, I’m sure they have special ways of handling ‘high profile’ fliers, due to the terrorisst threats to our world! Japan, I know has one of the lowest crime rates of any country due to it’s ways of addressing crime, and they let just around a thousand people welcome Adam. Heathrow is more of a ‘country onto itself, so to say’ than Heathrow is. I’m just greatful to whatever any country lets people surround Adam and greet him with love and kindness and not the hate that some, ‘anon’ people here give his fans. IANALEAH is an Adam fan. That doesn’t mean she agrees with everyone here on THIS site, but that she loves Adam and his music. What a bunch of hypocrites these people are to go on an Adam site and verbaby beat up and gang up on a fan of Adam’s!!! It is utterly disgusting to say the least!

    love-PEACE-light-hope-happiness-fun 2 Adam and his fans.


    • Cheryl,
      I just had to reply. I agree with you about how disgusting some people are who say they are Adam fans then attack another fan for speaking their mind. I used to post on the official site until about a month ago. Remember Isabell? Well, I read a post about contributions for her to be able to see Adam in Palm Springs so I heard from the guy that had set up an acct for us to donate $$. He told me to set up a PP acct. and transfer my donation to the PP acct. for Isabell which I did but unfortunately it took several business days as I did not have a PP acct. yet. Well, some hateful person heard I was donating $400 and when another person heard that it hadn’t come through yet I was viciously attacked on that site by several others. I was accused of backing out and just trying to be a hero and other tasteless names. So a few of them decided to get me banned from the site. I was in shock. What did I do wrong? I wasn’t offensive to anyone. Sometimes some of the newer fans can be so hateful and think they own that site. No one acknowledge that my donation was received at all accept the person that set up the acct. and moonchild. I wsn’t looking for thanks but didn’t expect the reaction. I will never sign up again on that site. That is why I come here.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Sharon, I was speechless, I have my mouth wide open while I read your post,I have to push my jaw back up to it’s place. Wow! Pretty intense, huh!

      • I heard about the problems that happened at the time of the donations for Isabel. There were fans that even tore Sean apart for his dedication to raising money for her to get to Fantasy Springs. I supported him all the way through . I think I read about your donation too but didn’t pay much attention to it knowing that so much crap happens in peoples minds. I am sorry that that happened to you it should never have occurred.
        I do think however that people who are fans should think before writing that Adam is no longer worthy of being supported by themselves because he met with someone who has a past.
        The whole court system says that when someone has paid for a crime then it is over.
        As for Cheryl’s comments, the reason we dont collectively come here anymore is that nothing was being done on this site about her abusive tirades against the other members. You will soon see this when one of the current members makes a comment she doesn’t agree with. She was lucky not to get done for libel.
        The title of this post is Adam Lambert in the UK… speak your mind comes into the reply and I have spoken mine.
        Not one of us spoke anonymously either… we own what we say.
        That’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

  22. when he coming to N.Y??????????????????? i want to see himmmm

  23. Greetings fellow Adam Lovers! My 1st time posting, long time reader! I totally agree that Adam should be able to meet whomever he wants without getting flak about it. I would be cool if Sir Elton would see him though! Oh, please forgive me, but ADAMADDICT, you really must proof your posts! Go back and re-read what you said (I burst out laughing!). The wording you used (I’m sure you meant “tweet”), well, keep in mind that the American tabloids would probably grab that and scream “Just Pretending to be Gay to sell records!!” then use that “quote”. LOL. Seriously though, thanks to all of you for the posts, photos, updates. I wish, wish, WISH I didn’t live in a small town with only dial-up available (and affordable). I can’t get all those wonderful videos and interviews (sigh). Double thanks to Sue. You rock!

    • Victoria says:

      Dear Venus,
      It’s also my first posting…
      First of all, English is not a native language for AdamAddict… as for many other people on this site. That is why I don’t think it is nice to tell them to “proof” their posts. They do what they can and it is great because this site is Glambs International. To laugh at them is not nice even more!
      Second, the word “twat” she used is the word Adam uses all the time.. So she doesn’t need to correct it.
      And to tell the truth, though English is my native language, I have no idea what you were trying to say about this “tabloids” thing….. I have difficulty understanding you, the native speaker…. Sorry.
      (strangely enough, my e-mail includes your nickname – Venus…)

      • AdamAddict says:

        Awww,thank you,Victoria!You know english is not my native languange.I guess you know where I came from.But you guys better grateful,I write down and not speak.Whoah,if you have to listen me speaking,this …what I wrote now,that will take like half an hour to say will be like “Eerrr,awww,thank you,eeerrr,you know eerr hmmmm,what the word…eeerrr”Yup,believe it.LOL! XD

    • Dianne Hill says:

      AdamAddict was using the same expression that Adam uses. He is always saying he has sent someone a twat, or that they twat him. If you have been a reader on this site for a long time then you wil know our AdamAddict and she is the most gorgeous girl and we love her to bits. She really doesn’t need me to speak for her but thought I would let you know that it is all in fun, and you did what we all do when we read her posts and that is “burst out laughing”. She really is the best, aren’t you my friend.

      I am soooo sorry Venus that you live in a small town where you only have dial up. For ages I was determined I wasn’t going to get broadband (cable internet) but the company where I get my telephone and internet offered it to me free for a couple of months – well I wasn’t going to turn that down, but I was still determined I wouldn’t keep it, yeah, well they were famous last words, because after about two days I knew there would be no way that I could ever go back to dial up. I certainly hope something better comes along for you soon Venus.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Awww,thank you Dianne!You also the best friend,Dianne!~sniff,sniff~ Thank you ,thank you.I would like to say thank you to God who make my parents get married.Then I would like to thank you to my parents for having gorgeous genetic,thank you to all friends who keep saying that I’m gorgeous.I kinda almost believe it.I would put this imiganary trophy in my imaginary cabinet.LOL!
        BTW,where is Judy Lushman?She keep asking for me and I replied but a bit late so i don’t think she knows I replied.Judy??Can you see me?LOL(no,U won’t understand!who been long enuf here will 0_o, LOL)
        and yes,Venus,”Twat” come from Adam.It’s Adam who freaking funny ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi AA, love your speech, are you practicing your acceptance speech for the most original “Plucked” moment that may be posted.

          I have seen Judy Lushman on a few pages awhile ago, but haven’t seen her lately, maybe she is just lurking, waiting for the right moment LOL.

          One day I am going to have a face to face conversation with you AA and as I have said before we will understand each other perfectly because we will be speaking the universal language of ADAM.

          • Everyone, Please, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I was not aware that Adam uses the same term. I was NOT trying to be mean at all. I was not laughing AT anyone. I thought it was just a typo and was pretty funny. Oh, about the tabloid comment, I was making fun of the fact that they will take any little thing and use it as way to “make headlines” to sell papers. I guess I need a thesaurus on “Adam Speak” to get up to speed. Again, please forgive my ignorance. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I would NEVER do that to my fellow GlamFans. Oh, Venus is actually my real name! Weird, huh? Luv you all! V

  24. My understanding is that there was a limit on how many people allowed to be there upon Adam’s arrival. It was same for a couple of other airports also. I think it’s a great idea & hopefully he’ll be safer and his security can control the crowds.

  25. some people worry too much about adam because they love him.some have fear that adam getting lost in scandle and his hurting his career,and some support him no matter what because hes him self. i think its fair.
    first,his album cover upset some,and loved by some,because most adamm fan is girls,then his amas his upset many adam fan and lost many.i my self dissapoint at his cd,i expect new rock piece for our younger generation includes me and most mainstream hididng his powerful rock i began to love it.people respect adam for his class,not judgemental,sweet adam,now people think adam changed turning to badboy,and media trashing him,critisizing him,every move he do the paparazzi make it big scandle.

  26. his album salling slowly,i think people began to hate him or turn back on him because now his scandalist.they said if he continue doing this he will loose his career. i know adam after my friend show me adam in american idol tour and pic and videos.i loved him because he look very awsome,cool and interesting and modern with beauty hair and his jacket.i personaly think he should becareful,whats he doing because there are lots of wolfs around him try to tear him apart.

  27. Even watching him walk through an airport is special! If only I was in the UK. And it’s always great seeing Adam with fans, I don’t know why… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the vid!


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