Adam Lambert and the Hosts of the 7 PM Project

Here he is again, our very own Adam Lambert!!
He is definitely getting his share of air time down under. In this interview he appears to be happy, well rested, and even playful. It seems as though they all enjoy having him there with them. Plus as an added bonus, they even dared to touch base on the now infamous CODPIECE!!!! Great interview guys…




Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

In this part he comes in later in the clip…


  1. KO's smiling says:

    Summary as I see it: Some Australian chick was recently humiliated when a picture of her in the shower appeared on the internet. Adam comes in around 3:45.

    • KO the girl in question is an australian model, her boyfriend is in the Australian cricket team that is out her in NZ at the moment in our town actually, not that I care about cricket or Auzzie models but apparentlly he packed up and went home to “support her”which of course the criket world is up in arms about.

      Just wanted to add isnt it great hearing Adam talk odf all the things that have happened since the end
      of Idol and knowing exactly what he is saying as we have been with him every step of the way.

  2. Damn he is just so capable and cool and funny, everyone loves him, and he loves Oz , they are very like us down here in NZ very open and relaxed and liberal. We have openly gay MPs etc. They love him in Oz. I am so glad they made his stay so much fun and a success.

    • Jan…I wrote something of this nature in The “Eyeliner Anyone?” post.

      I agree…you Kiwi’s have similar attitudes to us Aussies. We admire those who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  3. Absolutely, Australia adores Adam Lambert!!! it’s just the beginning!!!

    • IJ… you are absolutely right !!!! Adam appeared everywhere …he was on every possible TV show and radio programme …..and it was all fun !!! The Aussies just love him.

      Love, Yvonne Australia

  4. I really loved this interview…..because it showcases the Aussie’s attitude to the silly and crazy hype that surrounds Adam and it also highlights the fact that Aussies don’t give a ‘pluck’ about him being gay.
    Also…..I thought that this was one of the funniest interviews I have heard with Adam…they were all having a ball.

    Love, yvonne (Australia)