Adam Lambert and Sky News Interview With Nat Murray

This just in, Sky News showbiz reporter Natalie Murray talks with American singer, songwriter, and actor Adam Lambert. So, since I cannot seem to get enough of him, here you go because I KNOW you can’t either……


video via:SkyNewsShowbiz



  1. Great interview but still the same ole. I agree with adam, I am so sick of hearing the loser of idol and of course gay.

  2. Libraglam says:

    I agree ! i am tired of hearing or asking same old things.
    But it is nice to see him in an interview , love his face expression and articulation!

  3. Still so polite and gracious after having talked about this countless times. Almost makes me wish he would do something outrageous to give them something else to talk about.

  4. It might be the same old same old when ot comes to the q’s, but the biggest change that I’ve observed over the last few weeks are the introduction lines! No more “AI runner up” or “openly gay”, but things like “Rising star” and “Singer, songwriter & actor”! We’re defnitely moving on people and about bloody time too!!!

  5. Just to look at him is so wonderful, don’t even care if it is the same thing over and over. How could anyone ever want to close their eyes, minds and hearts to someone so incredibly beautiful in every way? We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

  6. I have noticed that a lot of Adam talking to interviewers is more comfortable now and not so much loser of AI, which he was not and openly gay…I don’t care just let him sing his music and entertain us….Adam was not a loser, he just didn’t get the title and who cares.

  7. buffy522 says:

    So agree with everyone! He looked really good in this interview. And how on earth can he keep a straight face? “it’s just soy sauce”. Ha! When will American Idol reference be gone? It takes a while. But finalist or alum would be better. Openly gay will be around longer I’m afraid. But he is a good rep. Not an activist. Innocently just wants a career. Has the goods to do that. What a pro.

  8. They still do the AI winner Carrie Underwood thing …so I feel that will follow Adam BUT Oprah said the “openly gay” will transition…I’m waiting. My comment for the day…is he not beautiful?

  9. cookeejar says:

    Speaking of beautiful, have you seen the pictures posted on Huffington Post of Adam. There are 2 pictures of him performing in Tokoyo Japan and he has those tights on from the girl in Austraila.
    Wow in all his glitterized glory.
    A must see1
    I am not computer savy enough to put the link here. Sorry

  10. LolaGlamb says:

    Glad to be of service-our glittery alien reappears in all of his glory!

  11. I love Adam, I was shocked by the AMA, but then as I gave it actual thought, I ‘recovered’ my senses, but I never stopped loving him or – well- being obsessed with him. Adam is wonderful. He has a tremendous enlightened perspective on issues of life and I admire and respect him quite a lot.Adn he is pure pleasure to watch when he is performing and his singing is outstanding.


  13. You are amazing! Enough said! And love you more than a million stars! 😉

  14. glamitup says:

    There’s is something about a guy in a plain white t shirt and when the something in it is Adam, OMG! It’s just stinking amazing!!!! Love it!