Adam Lambert and Interview

Here is a video of Adam in an interview with They are pulling these vidoes off quickly so I hope it is still there for you to watch. In this clip, he starts out explaining that he isn’t going to kiss EVERYONE just because he kissed Tommy on the A.M.A.s and that was before the interview even started!! Bummer for the rest of us I guess. Watch it now before it goes away…ENJOY:



  1. Adam is always a pleasure to listen to, articulate,honest and fun ! Great interview !

  2. Glenda #1946 says:

    Thanks soooo much Sue!! got to see the video before they pulled it. You guys do an AMAZING job covering Adam for us!!!! Keep up the good work, which I know you will because you love him like we do..

  3. Adam may be in Aussie but this week on vh1 he went to #3 and I vote every day….Need to get him back to 1…

    • buffy522 says:

      I agree. Just cause he’s out of the country doesn’t mean we can let up. Of course, VH1 had the Script on the show, so ironically? they were no.1, but still vote!!
      Thanks for the post and the warning about being taken off. I keep downloading asap!

  4. glamitup says:

    Adam a slut!?! LOL I so want to be his friend! Love, Love , Love him! GO ADAM

  5. Libraglam says:

    Thank you so much SUE for feeding us all the updates. You are great fan! I really enjoy this. Good teo see ADAM and listen to him “EVERYTIME” !! “-)

  6. adamfan says:

    The first part of this interview – the collar adjustment at :25 and that look
    of surprise at :27, laughed till I had tears rolling down my cheeks

  7. Good interview…ADAM looked relaxed and like he enjoyed it! Love the “pop out” from the interviewer! I thought ADAM was going to say something about it, but no time!

  8. I don’t mind asking Adam for a kiss, “a fan kiss” and I know he woudn’t mind at all 😉 Indeed, someone will be very lucky to win his heart! love how the cameraman (i guess) said “excellent”…it’s Adam Lambert how can it be not!

  9. glamasia says:

    Love the earring…. sooo sexy. He should come out with a line of his own. Also, I find Adam’s off camera banter so funny. Such a cutie ! Love you Adam ! Have a great time in Australia.

    Thank you Sue for posting this clip. Can never get enough of Adam.

  10. ianaleah says:

    Adam’s promotional tour will open eyes when middle usa sees the fact the UK, europe,Aussie and New Zealand, Japan are more open minded than lotsa americans.Hope he gets to meet robert Plant, Elton John, Bowie i and Brian Mays w Queen when in UK and the Muse in Ireland and Tokio Hotel in Gremany-he’s have so much fun.,