Adam Lambert and His Viking Dream

Here is a video interview with Adam, brought to my attention by my friend Ellen, that I actually learned something new in, if you can believe that. The beginning has to do with his dads side of their family roots, and this is where I learned a thing or two.
Then, there are some things we have heard again and again, but he still looks cute saying them!! My absolute favorite part comes at the very end where he says and I quote, “I will find my viking… he’ll ride in on a ship… I will find my love at the arctic circle… in the northern lights”. To me, they definitely saved the best for last…


video via:CrazyMegaFan



  1. cheryl 334 says:

    ON MY WAY TO THE ARCTIC CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Glenda #1946 says:

    In any language, in any country he still translates to FABULOUS & PERFECT!!!!

  3. HEY GUYS, WE ALL KNOW THAT ADAM IS LANDING IN LONDON TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Let’s keep in touch xxx Let’s hope we’ll get to meet the man! xxx


    • seaflea3 says:

      I think the Norwegian side must be on his Dad’s Mother’s side…because Lambert is not a Norwegian name…its French.

    • Libraglam says:

      Yeah…i agree….no wonder hah….he has lots of mixed blood ..mixed talents from these blood too !

  5. Adam Addict says:

    Well that explains the gorgeous blue eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a romantic he is!! Also we knew he came by his smarts honestly….

  7. I love lokking at Adam and listening to his beautiful speaking voice. He doesn’t mumble when he sings and I can feel the passion in all his words.Thank you, Adam

  8. Leilani aloha says:

    Adam is simply ADORABLE!!!

  9. Libraglam says:

    He looks awsome!
    Love to hear more about his background like this…!!

  10. k. morgan says:

    He is again fresh, honest and love the bit of family history….Adam is making others realize that it is ok to be honest and to be yourself. He is also making the haters and the gossip people look really stupid and petty…
    Have you guys noticed how “Glam” has become the new buzz word in entertainment and fashion? Now more and more entertainers are letting it go….doing whatever…dressing glam…magazines are full of articles about glam and glitter…wonder where that came from …. :-)….Go Adam!!!

    • seaflea3 says:

      Yes, Glam is the new buzz word…..and not only that sooo many celebs and wanna be’s are copying Adam’s style out there…its truly amazing !!

  11. Adam is a role model no matter if that is his intention. To be so comfortable with yourself and in every situation is something that every young person can look up to. Hiding nothing, yet never coming across as in-your-face. Just smart, beautiful, sincere. Gosh, I seem to start each day falling in love with Adam again. What fun!

  12. WOW. Adam is so fabulous……he just keeps getting better and better. His humility is so refreshing. I pray that he can continue to keep his two feet on the ground no matter what press or narrow-minded people say about him. It has to be tough at some point…..but he’s doing it!!! Love you Adam.

  13. KO's smiling says:

    I love how in every country he goes to, he makes some connection to their culture. There’s a brain in that beautiful body! 🙂

  14. Right you are, KO. The brains are in the genes…that’s for sure! And Adam is our Jewish Viking, conquering the world, one country at a time!!!

  15. wow!!! Viking King. The conqueror of the World Stage. The Dragon Slayer of the mundane and mediocre talents. Ha – ha !! MY Adam, my conqueror, hear me, free this damsel in distress from my bondage of monotony and boredom. For you, I wear no chastity belt. LOL

  16. adam is the most beautiful man i have ever seen …and i am a straight woman…but i love him

  17. So very cool interview as I didn’t know Adam’s heritage is part Norwegian. Mine is too, both his dad’s parents and my mom’s parents came from Norway. Adam, be my Viking!! Lol!

  18. hello Adam

    how are you,, do you have more projects to come
    I’m hoping that someday you will have a concert here in Philippines
    i love you song Whataya want from me i love it
    i love you Adam Lambert,,,,
    hope i will meet you soon, my dear

    me Allen Mark Baguilat

  19. And he did find his viking at the article circle on Nov. 6. 2010 and lived happily thereafter…..