**UPDATED** Adam Lambert and Friends See Lady Gaga!


I’ve never been one to give the daily comings and goings of Adam, but it’s great to see him out with close friends enjoying himself. He attended last night’s Los Angeles Lady Gaga concert with Finnish pal, Sauli Koskinen and Terrance. We all knew that his dancers were his friends from before the tour, and it’s great to see those friendships survived 6 months on the road! Wonder if they got to share any of Gaga’s birthday cake with her? She turned 25 yesterday.

**UPDATE: I just learned from mirror.co.uk that Lady Gaga threw a birthday bash at LA’s La Cita Mexican Restaurant. “She invited along a bunch of celebrity pals – including Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, actress Kate Hudson, Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, supermodel Cindy Crawford – and, erm, her mother Cynthia.” Later in the story it says, “The Poker Face singer had hired out the whole bar and made sure it was stocked with Armand de Brignac champagne and extra supplies of Jack Daniel’s. My source adds: “Adam Lambert got a little over-excited while dancing and bashed his head on the ceiling.'”

**2ND UPDATE: Adam just tweeted: My hand still hurts. Lol
Maybe mirror.co.uk made a mistake and put head instead of hand??

I’m sure we’ll hear more about this one!! Read the full article on what else went on at the Monster Bash here.

Nice to see he’s still so generous with the fans!
adam lambert 290311

Thanks to Twitter, we knew he was going to be there!

Adam Lambert
Great day to be born! 🙂

Adam Lambert
So excited to watch @scissorsisters and @ladygaga work it out tonight!

Adam Lambert
Concert was amazing!! Gaga and the Scissor Sisters are a true treat!

Fortunately camera-equipped fans read the tweets and were on hand to keep us updated! I do not take any credit for these pictures and apologize because I can’t read the print at the bottom, to give proper credit.

Arriving at concert (thanks to ALIDOL2009)

Leaving the concert (thanks to PopCandiesTV)

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  1. Interesting week. And Sauli is back, which we have been waiting for. Nice BD present taking him to see GAGA, along with Terrance and Sauli, Co-host. What is her name? Anyone please. Adam looking very handsome in those shredded expensive pants. (Years ago, they would have gone in the trash can, now they cost a fortune). Read where they were wearing matching necklaces, but couldn’t see Sauli’s up close and personal. Know Adam wearing his favorite feather necklace. Wondering if he is still getting his sleeve done using the feather as a guide? Think it will be cool. I personally like tats, especially on rock stars.

    • earlzagurl4uAdam says:

      Those matching necklaces are the “Aftermath” necklaces..I want to get one so bad, but I’m broke. I think I’ll ask for one for Mother’s Day.. I bet Sauli didn’t have to pay for his.. 😛 IJLYA*

    • Sauli´s co-host´s name is Katri. Sauli and Katri are now making so called Tutka Roadshow in LA and NY. They once promised to show also one celebrity home, and of course we fans are expecting it to be Adam´s home. They didn´t say any names though. But, who knows? Their first Road Show is expected to air (only in internet) this week. Possibly about being in American Idol audience. Here´s the link to their last Tutka episode (in Finnish) “Byebye Helsinki, see you in Hollywood!” http://www.iltasanomat.fi/viihde/IS-Tutka%20Moikka%20Helsinki%20Hollywoodissa%20tavataan!/art-1288377318100.html .

      Of course as a Finnish fan I am very exited that Adam has found his love here. Hopefully it will last long, and Adam would come to meet Sauli´s parents. Who happen to live a couple of miles from where I live 😀 (But I don´t know them.) It really is a small world!

  2. so nice to see our adam out & about enjoying himself with his glamily! He so deserves it after all his hard work last year. love adam lambert & love, love the GNT dvd/cd!!!! it is a masterpiece.

  3. It’s so nice to see Adam out & about enjoying himself with close friends! He’s worked so hard this past year he deserves it so much. Love the GNLive CD/DVD – it’s amazing. Can’t wait to see what Adam has in store for us with his next album.

  4. Why would like to see Adam cover up his beautiful arms with tatoos? I’m all aghast! No, really, I am.

  5. It’s great seeing him out and about. And I am grateful he is not flaunting his relationship in front of everyone like he did with Drake. It’s nice he is keeping it on the down low……He looks wonderful!!!

  6. I am totally against Adam having his arms tatooed……He looks great the way he is…..

  7. im worry about adam,im happy hes have fun but im worry more about hes second album , i hope have diffrent sound ,unique and fresh and have a creative sound to it.

  8. i hope for hes second album to have more sale than firstone.

  9. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO STOP REFERRING TO ADAM AS “IDOL RUNNER UP”???????????? That is soooo yesterday!! How about “Grammy Nominated Adam Lambert? He is gorgeous as ALWAYS!! jUST stunningly beautiful!! I hope he has great success with his next album too, but he did great with his first!! Especially in other parts of the world!! Guy has to have some down time too! Can’t work on the album every second! Rock on Baby Boy!! I agree he’s being very low key with Sauli! Maybe because this is the REAL thing????? Time will tell!

    • Hi Beverly,
      I like your substitution for Idol Runner Up! Although I never say the former, I’ll start using Grammy Nominee!


  10. adam success the single and album by turning platinum and gold, my point is hes start with damage career and backup on hes feet again but can he make album sale like kelly,daughtry like 8 or 5 million dollar ?

    these days i see album sales are low like katy perry first week was 192,000$,only exception is gaga or bieber make it big.can adam make it big as he need to expand hes fanbase to sale more.

  11. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    LOVE this!

  12. Scootersmom says:

    Believe me, Zenos, Adam’s fan base becomes bigger all around the World every day. You just watch, his newest album will go like a lightning bolt!

  13. I love seeing Adam out having fun with his friends and going to see Gaga is a treat for him. He looks absolutely fabulous, he is so handsome! Sauli is cute, too and they make a cute couple.I hope they had great seats. I read someplace that they were in a special “box” but that is probably just a rumor.

    I expect his second album to sell much better than his first, now that he’s had a world tour. Can’t wait for his concert tour to promote it and hope he comes to Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri again so my hubby and I can go. I even hate to make vacation plans for this summer; I would die if we were out of town when/if he comes. Last summer we planned our vacation time around his concert dates and locations.

  14. ElianeBrasil GLAMB #577 says:

    Hi /Olá!
    I every day search for news about our ADAM and I have to thank you all for send this emails.
    Always they’re sweet and respecfull about him. That’s why I trust in your informations.
    I miss to see him every day but I hear his songs every single day.
    I miss hear his voice and just now his DVD came here in Brasil and I have wait until April to receive it.
    I don’t care because I follow him through you.
    By the way where’s Sue?
    Beijos para todos vocês/ Kiss for all of you
    (Sorry my English)

  15. These are great! Is Adam really getting sleeves? He would look great with them!

  16. Sorry to be ignorant about tats, but what are sleeves? Does this mean the tats are in a place where the shirt sleeves cover them up? I do not want Adam to get any gaudy tats like Tommy Joe and others have. I think the 2 he has are enough, and for tats they are tasteful, but that’s just my personal opinion. I’m just not into tats. He is beautiful enough without covering his skin in tatoos. In fact, he is THE most beautiful man I have ever seen…bar none.

    • Hi Sharron,
      I’m also not into the tattoos, but we’re not him. I’m also not thrilled with the holes in the ears, which he’s showing now. It’s a different generation. You may be disapointed to learn that “sleeves” mean covering the entire arm completely with tattoos. I’ll cringe also, if he does this, but will respect his freedom. I wish they could invent some type of design that would stay on the skin for a long period of time, say a year, then could be removed. The temporary wash off tattoos are great for this. Mine from Juneau and Xena (Eye of Horus and Infinity) stay on for at least a week without deterioration, then after another week are completely washed off. Perfect for the concerts.

      Thanks for writing!