Adam Lambert and ‘For Your Entertainment’: Opera experts review debut album

San Diego News Network has once again directed their operatic expertise at  local hometown hero, Adam Lambert. This is a follow-up to their article during the Idol season, where a group of  experts all weighed-in with their learned impressions of Adam’s singing talents and future potential. Journey with them as the same experts voice in on the album.   


San Diego‘s homegrown musical hero featured on 14 tracks

By Valerie Scher, SDNN

 Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” was the most eagerly anticipated debut album by an “American Idol” contestant.

Now it has arrived, much to the delight of Glamberts everywhere. In honor of the occasion, SDNN has brought back the panel of opera experts that rated San Diego’s homegrown musical hero back in May.

This time, the experts are reviewing his new album. The idea is to get some insights into what makes Adam special and see if “Entertainment” really delivers.

Here’s what they think. See if you agree.

Nicolas Reveles, Geisel Director of Education and Outreach at San Diego Opera

Overall impression: One of the joys (and heartaches) of watching “American Idol” is to sense the struggle, anxiety and hard-earned sweat that goes into the performances by young singers. Year after year, they hope and pray that the judges and the audience will give them a pass to instant celebrity, a recording contract and the assurance of a future in music.

This year, especially for those of us who live in Adam’s home town of San Diego, we hoped that those rewards would go to Adam, despite his second-place finish.  He’s a good-looking, talented, stage savvy, risky performer. I still hope that he will be the one we’re talking about ten, twenty years from now.

To judge by his first solo album, however, I’d say he has a long way to go.  To be fair, I don’t think the disappointment I feel in hearing “For Your Entertainment” is all Adam’s fault. But his face is on the album, it’s his solo debut, and he was the one making the choices (or maybe not). If so, he’s got to choose to surround himself with people who will let him shine.  The biggest problem with this album is that it’s way over-produced and obviously compromised within an inch of it’s digital life in order to appeal to the widest audience possible.  His wonderful personality, that stunning voice…everything is buried in layer upon layer of synthesized sounds, voices and percussion.

He’s not even given a chance to let ‘er rip like he did in the live performances on “Idol.” That’s where Adam shines, riding the wave of a live audience, letting us see him sweat, taking us in as he scaled the vocal and emotional heights that were so impressive when we witnessed them last season. That’s what I miss in this album. To use an operatic analogy, it’s like the difference between a canned, studio-produced opera recording and a live recording where you can smell the danger of performing in real time in front of real people. “For Your Entertainment” is canned, slick and forgettable, all flattened out and with no dimensionality or real color, things that I think Adam has in spades but is not allowed to fully release in this album.

Adam’s Singing: I love Adam’s singing, but it’s hard to separate the voice from the layers of production that this album presents.  Again, it all sort of sounds the same, the voice is unable to really “let loose” or ever separate itself from all those layers.  It’s his voice and its presence that we are all clamoring to hear and for me that unique voice is missing.

Favorite track: Stand-outs for me are ”Strut,” “Fever” and “Broken Open.” “Broken Open,” the 13th out of 14 tracks, shows us Adam’s soulful side.  ”Strut” is probably my favorite if I have one, but all three of these tracks show us a little bit more of the Adam we came to love on “Idol.”  The rest of it is just so much of the same ol’ thing, a sound that we can get from countless other pop singers.

Rating: 2 (out of four)

Leon Natker, General Director of Lyric Opera San Diego

Overall impression: The album is clearly the biography of a relationship.  The style is aimed at the club scene with the intention of being able to dance to many of the tracks.  It is also very androgynous so that it can appeal to both the straight and gay club scene.  For my taste it is overly engineered and does not give Adam the chance to really shine like he can.  Many of the tracks are derivative of ’80s and ’90s MTV-style videos but are not clearly trying to be retro in their styling.  Adam is still in my opinion a very talented singer with great range and possibility.  I wanted to hear more Adam and less of the engineering.

Adam’s singing:
His voice sounds clear and healthy.  He is obviously doing his own back-up tracks.  I think he is capable of singing anything from Broadway legit to pop-rock, which makes him a very rare bird.  I don’t believe this album lets him find his own personal voice yet.  And I do say “yet.” I think there is a large future for him.  He needs to find the producer who is going to trust Adam’s talent and let him shine without all the recording industry gimmicks.

Favorite track: My favorite track is “Aftermath” because you can really hear Adam’s voice and the instruments backing him up without a lot of sonic clutter.  The second-best track is “Time for Miracles,” for the same reason.

Rating: 3 for Adam;  2 & 1/2 for the album.

Valerie Scher, SDNN Arts & Entertainment editor and a San Diego correspondent for London-based Opera magazine

Overall impression: “For Your Entertainment” is so loaded with recording studio effects that a more accurate title would be “That’s Synthertainment!” As enjoyable as the album often is, it made me yearn for more Adam and fewer add-ons.  A singer this talented doesn’t need material to be gussied up to such an extreme. The focus should be on the singing, as in the best opera productions. The greatest challenge for San Diego’s homegrown musical hero is to find material that’s worthy of him. And though the album includes contributions  from such big names as Pink, Lady Gaga and Muse, I hope his next album does even more to showcase his remarkable abilities.

Adam’s singing: Terrific, at least what I can hear of it amid the special effects. In “Aftermath,” for instance, he flaunts his showmanship in soaring high notes and message-laden lyrics that emphasize the importance of being true to yourself. During “Soaked,”  he combines a sweet, creamy tone with a command of phrasing, diction and breath control that reflect his local musical theater training. Even in “Sure Fire Winners,” which is hardly an example of blazing inspiration, Adam displays a precision and melodic agility that an opera singer might envy.

Favorite track: Though I like Adam’s husky-voiced rendition of Lady Gaga’s funky “Fever,” and his power balladeering in “Time for Miracles,” from the movie “2012,” the top treat is “Broken Open,” which Adam co-wrote. Nowhere on the album is his voice more beguiling than in this dreamy, melancholy song. It’s as close as he gets to an opera aria and I’m crazy about it.

Rating: 3

Are you in agreement with this? Let us know!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)



    CAN’T WAIT TO ALBUM #2 !!!!

  2. Twisted Sister says:

    Well, they are opera experts and they are expressing their opinions base on their knowledge. I know that Adam’s vocals are what makes the songs on the album shine but if you are going to make commercial music this kind of production is almost inevitable. This is Adam’s debut album and it was made in a short time, so in my opinion is a pretty good album given the short time it was made. I do agree about Broken Open, is the best song on the album.

  3. It’s fascinating how the favorites of everyone from the experts, to the the critics, to the fans are different—indicating to me they are all fantastic.

  4. I do not think that Adam had opera experts on his mind when he developed this album. The album has variety, spirit, soul, and most important a connection with fans that love this guy. Please let Adam be Adam and do not make him into a Pavoratti.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hi Bruce! For me, I think Celine Dion, Pavoratti , & our special guy ADAM LAMBERT, are the most beautiful voices in the whole wide world! But it is only ADAM’s voice that can literally make me cry, because he sings with every ounce of himself, heart,mind,& soul. His voice is MAGICAL! I feel emotionally & physically connected to him. I don’t know how else to describe it. You know when you get goosebumps after seeing or feeling or hearing something or someone in it’s almost perfect form? ADAM literally makes my heart throb w/ pain but it’s good pain. It’s the adrennaline he pumps into me with excitement & happiness & love.
      Don’t mind me, I’m just trippin’, on my love drug, ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!
      I love these words from the article from the experts?,
      “……. a very rare bird…”, yes indeed, he is.
      “…hometown musical hero…”, he is definitely my musical hero ever & forever.
      “….displays a precision and melodic agility that an opera singer might envy.”, ADAM knows exactly what he’s doing, & I say this to the experts. He is young, this is his life, & he wants to have fun w/ his “goods”, because he has worked hard enough for the most part of his childhood, teen, & young adult life. So, now’s the time to do what he wants to do , what he loves to do, & that’s to entertain. And I say this to the experts.
      “….voice is beguiling….as close as he gets to an opera aria…” I’m not so sure how to take this but it’s all good & to me his voice has an operatic/rock/soulful sound that is music to my ears.
      Never heard anything like his voice & will never hear anything like it. So why is subo catching the world’s attention , as if some other old lady down the street could probably sound the same as her as I have heard in churches? She does not affect people like ADAM does, are her fans as passionate as we are? If they are, then so be it. I know where the magic lies in this world and it’s all in ADAM’s VOICE!

  5. I’m confused. They’re opera experts and not one of them picked Soaked as a fav track???? Am I missing something? I mean, Broken Open is a great song, but there’s not a lot of vocal range in it. Soaked is absolutely beautiful, and not over-produced. I don’t get it.

    • In my opinion, Soaked is a beautiful song and Adam sounds awesome. But in technical stand point, the instrumental beginning and the middle is over the top drama. His voice is pure and clear but pretty one dimensional and he doesn’t go too much outside of middle range of his incredible range. The song doesn’t call for it, yet I think he could have pushed it. Where it showcases his ability better is Pick U Up, with incredible register switches, breath control, and bravado on the bridge of the song. I really like Soaked, and as I said, this is just my opinion.

  6. Growing up in operatic household, I agree with most of what’s been said by the reviewers. Only difference is that I love this album. It’s got funk, fun, catchy tunes along with some soulful ballads, and Adam sings beautifully, but there isn’t one stand out song that will put Adam on the map. There are few songs only Adam can sing, but most of them can be sung by many current artists. Pop music have become much more synthetic and by trying to stay current, you sometimes lose what’s pure.

    Adam obviously can do anything, but not everything he does can be duplicated by other artists. As one of the reviewer has mentioned, he needs to find that producer who can help him stay current without heavy synthetic, but much more pure where his strength can shine and make him unique. My favorite is TFM for his emotional sensitive lower register and his powerful, soul stirring highly trained unbelievable high octaves. Broken Open showcases excellent voice control with incredible raw emotion, much like his Mad World rendition.

    • Slick I do agree with what you have said. True, the reviewers are coming from an operatic perspective, but I agree with the one main theme, that the album does not showcase his voice enough, in the attempt to make it a ‘popular’ sound. Personally, being an oldie, I do not care for that synthesized ‘hollow, tunnel’ sound that is masking the vocals of today’s pop singers, and yes, it DOES tend to make them sound alike. Adam’s voice is unique and he needs to make sure on album #2 that this aspect is the focus. Taylor Swift has cleaned up commercially and among her peers and she sings using her real pure voice so it’s not necessary to jump on the synth bandwagon to sell albums.

      However, as mentioned ,each reviewer has a few favourites as we all do, and that stands this album in good stead for future sales as it gets more play time. Many of the songs could be a hit and I do hope a few do! I love Fever for its dancy gutsy growly vocals, and Broken Open for the silky ethereal sound of Adam’s voice. There are no ‘loser’ tunes on this album!

      • glamb# 442 Paula says:

        the album is extremely fun and will get adam selling to all types of people.i do miss hearing his love clearly above the music.i look forward to his tour as the live versions of the song and watching him sing will bring it all together for me.when you watch him sing with passion in his face it is the most amazing feeling in the world.keep going adam you will continue to win over more people every time you perform! i love you and never listen to anyone but you since your first downloads on itunes. no one comes close to the complete package you are and he is such a sweet heart to boot.

    • Well said Slick. I love the album too, but I have to admit that I miss the clear, pure tones of his AI days. When I first heard the single FYE I was disappointed b/c I thought it was overproduced, and Adam’s voice didn’t sound the same as on the AI tracks I had seared onto my brain. However, now that the album has found its rightful place on my brain I’m used to, and enjoy, his overproduced voice. As long as I don’t listen to the old stuff back-to-back with the new stuff I’m good. I’m looking forward to his tour so that I can experience his FYE songs live. I love watching the TV performances for that reason.

      • I agree with all you said , felt exactly the same way! Now I am listening to FYE everyday several times a day. Especially I love turning up the volume on it in my car!
        Great to dance to and cry to (that is what “Aftermath” does to me)!!

    • Hi Slick. I am still just getting into the album and will listen over and over again while cruising in my car. The only track that gives me “chills” is TFM and I love your commentary on it. FYE makes me want to sign along to the chorus and dance and it’s fun. There are a lot of great hooks in the album such as “you make me want to listen to the music again” and “if I had you”, not to mention “time for miracles”. It’s a very good album in many respects. There is no question that Adam is one unbelievably talented and fantastic singer. I, too, wish his raw talent hadn’t been so submerged by the obvious over-engineering and heavy “delays” put on his vocals. But the bottom line is for $10, I will get enormous pleasure out of this album…and I can’t wait to see Adam perform live on tour.

  7. I agree with this critique. The album doesn’t really showcase adam’s real vocal range and power, which made me miss his old songs like Crawl Thru Fire and Crazy. But nonetheless, I still love the album coz it showed a different aspect of Adam’s persona. Can’t wait for his next album. I hope he’d do something of the likes of Crawl Thru Fire. Or he can make a revival. Whatever. I’m looking forward for his next album, that’s for sure!

  8. Btw, my most fave are Broken Open and Strut too. Strut got the funky, sexy beat without too much synthesizing. And Broken Open got that soulful melody and showcased Adam’s emotional side of his singing. I wonder how it’d sound like if he sings these songs in acoustics. Adam, can you read this??? Hint! Hint! LOL

  9. Milliann Johnson says:

    I agree with the opera critics in that I WANT to HEAR HIS Voice and don’t like alot of the synth. but to be fair I have to admit I am a FYE song addict. I love the video and he is so sexy it is smoldering I listen to it a least 30 times a day an d more when I can get away with it.

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    THESE CRITIQUES ARE exactly my personal opinion as I posted when his CD came out and when I first heard FYT. Overproduced, too electrical, too synthetic. But, Adam’s voice is alw ays the highlight as these people agree. He is envied by many solo opera singers, I agree. I also think that all the inputs of all the different people in this album does not help Adam. Adam, I think, felt so appreciative of the ‘wanting to help him’ of the producers, songwriters, and the rest, persuaded Adam to ‘give them’ a ‘thank you’ by letting them take part in his first album. They were all so gracious in wanting to give Adam a ‘hand’ in his first album, and he could not say anything but, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ and therefore his first album is less about him and more about them. But, I have no doubt that Adam w ill come back again and again to do an album more representative of his own music prowess. Adam is the best there is in the world. There can be no doubt about that. He is a phenomenom. An icon. A legend in his own time.

    • I agree completely! What was he supposed to say to his idols — “no thanks Lady Gaga” or
      “sorry Muse – I’d like to write my own songs on my debut album”? While the songs are each great standing alone, they don’t represent a real signature sound for Adam. I have no doubt that will emerge on his next album. Looking forward to seeing the focus on his creative genius and his clear, beautiful vocals.
      Meanwhile, I’m enjoying FYE to the max — driving around blasting it as loud as my ears can take it.
      It’s our awesome Adam and he is most definitely the most incredible talent of our lifetime. It’s so exciting watching as his career takes off — and I plan to be along for the ride, supporting him every step of the way!

      Glambert #2397

      • cheryl 334 says:

        I DID BLOW OUT ONE SPEAKER LISTENING TO HIS IDOL performances before I got the new album! I HAVE to hear him blasting as loud as possible. That is the only way to listen to his music!

        He sure is the most incredible performer/singer to come around in our lifetime. I’d have to say, in anyone’s lifetime. He is stunningly unbelievable. What a voice. What a face and body. He is perfect in every way. Can’t wait to see him live! After seeing him the first time, I will feel like we’re old friends! hahaha!!!!! I have said to all my family and friends, now I can die in peace, knowing that I have experienced Adam, the greatest singer the world will ever know.

  11. I love his album with a passion. My daughter and I sing the songs over and over and we can dance for hours listening to his faster songs, like FYE and If I had you, etc. Basically, this is a fun album. I think the songs are outstanding and catchy. I am always singing them in my head! I think his vocals are amazing. I can’t get enough of him or his music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I agree with the critics. Even though I love this album – there is just something about Adam’s voice that is so compelling when you hear it without all the digital hoopla. I think that quality is what has made so many of us truly yearn for the emotionally stiring music that we know Adam can deliver. I think Adam needed to make this type of album for his debut though. I am sure that in many of the dance clubs that he goes to with friends they are playing plenty of the songs from FYE and he can see that people are having fun dancing to his songs. I am pretty sure he will be savvy enough in the future to give us some very Adam unique songs to keep us hooked for years to come. My faves from FYE are Loaded Smile and Broken Open, however, I have most of the other ones stuck in my head like ear worms. I don’t know about anyone else but I loved the studio version of A Change is Gonna Come (played it over and over) and surely wished they would have recorded an acoustic version of Starlight like he sang on GMA.

    • KO's smiling says:

      Oh my GOD!!! I completely agree. I can’t believe you just said what I was thinking, Reta! We seem to have the exact same taste in Adam’s music, so I have a suggestion for you: try blasting Strut if you’re nervous about something or If I Had You to gear up for a party.

  13. I love the album, but the critics have a point , the CD didn’t put much emphasis on Adam’s vocal prowess . He does not need that much instruments which only distracts the overall performance. His voice and depth is his instrument. I still enjoy listening to all the tracks. Love it! Looking forward to his next CD which i hope would reflect his own style with a lot of heart. Congratulations Adam! I hope you stay grounded despite of all the influences that comes with success. Your being kind and always polite are a rare traits nowadays. Stay NICE.

  14. I agree with the reviews. I want to really hear Adam’s beautiful voice.

  15. I just want to say that I love everything that Adam sings and FYE album is perfect, perfect, perfect.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Yvonne,
      I love the album too!!!! There is a couple of songs (Aftermath and Music Again) that are OK for me… Others are fantastic!!! Strut, Soaked, Sleepwalker, Fever, WWFM are my favs! No, I love also If I had you, Pick you up, TFM, Broken open… OK, all of them…..

      • Gala….Yes!, Yes!, Yes! …. and if I may add, as far as I’m concerned, everytrack showcases his amazing voice.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  16. The more I listen, the more I love. With this album, I find myself constantly singing one song or another in my head. There is something for every possible mood. My husband laughs because every day, I pick a different song as “my favorite.” I think that will serve well in the long run. To have such a variety of sounds should translate into longevity. I also am predicting that Adam’s 2nd release may be more of a rock sound. I think he will eventually find his place, where he is comfortable and can really shine. I look forward to the journey knowing that I can sing and dance all along the way. I have settled on Broken Open as my for absolute favorite. It is such a sweet melody and shows the pureness of Adam’s voice that touches that certain place in your heart as well as in you soul.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I think ADAM’s music will mature as he does get older. It’s like you didn’t like onions when you were a kid but now that you’re an adult & your tastebuds have changed, you love onions!!!

  17. I found that his voice can be brought out more dominantly by turning the treble and bass knobs down to minimum and turning up the mid range. That helps keep the synthesizing and engineering from drowning him out as badly. I still love the album, but some friends don’t find it to be so great. Maybe we fans have particular preferences that Adam seems to satisfy as no other.

    I love Susan Boyle’s new album. Her beautiful voice predominates in every track.

    • I do too. It is beautiful, her voice shines and often she’s sans accompaniment. A little tempo variation would be nice, but she is also #1 on Billboard 2 weeks running. Not that Adam should sing that style, of course. But there’s the proof that the eternal is the voice.

      • Here’s a thought – Adam could take every song on Susan Boyle’s album and sing the H out of it and knock your socks off. But, could SB sing FYE and sound anything but ridiculous? And, Adam does it all while looking so gorgeous and hot and yummy and the eye sex and stunning fashion statements …………. I have to admit my obsession, he sounds great but looking at him is way more than 50% of the pleasure. Can you imagine how his CD would have sold if he had put a more realistic picture on the cover? We have to remember that he belongs to his generation of 20 something. We are along for the ride but the kids own their own. What we saw on AI was for general talent and no one has ever done it better. I keep remembering what Simon said at the auditions – “you are theatrical and therefore not current!” Well, Adam did what he had to do on AI but now he is so current he is DEFINING the future and challenging even current artists. I think they are all nervous and would love it if he placated us oldies and went back to a warbly, retro album but for now, he wants a place in the ROCK market place and it is synthey, throbbing, and complicated, not so much focused on voice quality. I think that Sleepwalker is one of the best pieces of hard rock music I have heard in a long time – I could hear Chris Daughtery singing it BUT… can LOOK as good as Adam and, god, doesn’t your heart just stop when you get to hear him AND see him. ( I truly don’t think I will survive the first time I SEE him perform Broken Open).

        • I agree he is a hearthrob to look at. I just don’t understand any need to point out how he could sing the he** out of songs from Susan Boyle’s album, but she couldn’t do the same with FYE. I guess i don’t see it as a competition of any kind between a young, handsome stud with sterling pipes and a shy, retiring Scottish lady come out of the woodwork, also with sterling pipes. I think the world is big enough to be impressed by both of them, and happy for both of them.

  18. Lorraine seney says:

    I’m afraid I have to agree

  19. Ha – the two songs that they thought were so great are NOT favs of mine – Time for Miracles and Aftermath. Guess I’m not much for opera. We knew Adam could sing and cause chills like no one on Earth. FYE was his FIRST chance to get in the studio and create with Synth and voice overlays and varied moods and instrumentation and contributions from people he admires. He seemed to just love it and be so proud of it. We will get enough of him standing on a stage and just belting out some familiar song like no one else. (i.e. National Anthem the other night). This is an impressive first effort and will reverberate in exactly the places that Adam hoped it would – in clubs and car radios and anywhere people need a dance beat. I still wish AI would release a CD of his Season 8 studio versions – they would make big bucks and the warbly fans would have what they want. Personally, I want to DANCE…. Thanks Adam (for about the millionth time).

  20. they all agree the songs Adam wrote or co wrote are the best…. Good For Adam. That should make him very happy

  21. I agree with everything they said!
    The more I hear the album, the more I love it… but there’s something missing, the energy in Adam’s voice is missing!
    When he sang ‘One’, ‘Born To Be Wild’, ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’, etc etc etc, what did we love best? ADAM’S VOICE!!!
    Well, in this album, Adam’s voice is not the priority. It’s overly produced, and hidden…
    I agree with the critics about ‘Broken Open’ being the best track! It has that Mad World feeling, that give me those *goosebumps* 😛

  22. A producer who will let him be who he is? Adam….go Find JOE BOYD. LKA-London, may split time b/t NYC and London.

  23. I love the album. But they are right. What I love is ADAM’S VOICE and there is a fair amount of overproduction here. But, it’s his first album, so no worries.

  24. I love this album. It is like it has song for every mood and his singing is beyond belied. Soaked is masterpiece. What I like about his singing is that he fits his singing to song like every artist should. Listened album two weeks now all the time, any other music is meh for me now.

  25. Love this album, so does my 30 year old son! I think that says something about Adam’s range of fans. It has the variety that appeals to all ages. I’m even starting to love the songs I didn’t even like at first. It’s still Adam’s beautiful voice in there among all the synthesizing. Can’t wait to hear him perform more of the songs in person!

  26. I absolutely love this CD. I love all the songs, but “Fever” is my favorite….I cannot sit still in my car when I listen to it! It just makes me want to dance.

    ADAM could make any kind of CD, and it would be successful. He could do a “standards” kind of CD, Romantic music CD, rock CD…..they would appeal to every music lover’s taste and people would love that! As an ADAM fan, I would definitely buy and love each and every one of those CD’s.
    ADAM can sing ANY kind of music and sound magical.

    • Judy,
      I start my day with FEVER!! I put it on when I get into the car and start dancing (in the car…)
      It charges my batteries….
      We all ask to much from Adam… Everybody wants something from him…. He cannot please everybody… He sings what he wants… Though I am missing something like Change is Gonna Come or Feeling Good, I enjoy the album anyway!
      Love you, Adam!

  27. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    As an opera lover I’d love to hear Adam sing in Verdi’s Don Carlos. If Linda Ronstadt can do “The Pirates of Penzanze” why not?

  28. This was a very interesting article to read. I am not musically talented and I can´t sing ,so it is interesting to read abougt all the tecnics involved. I either like something or not. And I like Adam´s singing, it´s a pleasure to my ears. At first I, too, didn´t like all that “overproduction”, but now I am used to it and I think that many of the songs would sound too “mild” without it. (English is not my native language, sometimes I just don´t find the right words). I have understood that Adam likes pop and dance music, that is what he wanted to do. After listening to the album countles times I still find something new every time. And I like the “new” features of his voice that I don´t remember from AI.

    It is hard to pick a favorite from the album, it changes all the time. Now I like Strut, Fever and Soaked, and Broken Open is starting to open to me. I think the album is great, there are songs that are great on radio and dance clubs and songs that need concentrating and perhaps earphones.

    Slick, I liked your comment(s).

  29. I agree with these guys.
    This was my first impression of FYE. I couldn’t find Adam’s voice as I remembered it from idol.
    Now, after listening to the tracks many times & got used to the songs, I like most of them, but still miss THAT Adam.
    I hope his next album will be more about his voice & interpretation, and less about sound effects.

    I’m sure Adam made the choice to go for a comercial pop album.
    Let’s wait & see how he surprises us next time 🙂

  30. To ne the album is amazing. No matter why mood I’m in I can always listen to his songs. And you guys are right about broken open. I do agree with the one expert I love aftermath. Aftermath an sleepwalker I could listen to all day. Try are my aboites vause they really speak to me. Reminds me of my life and it’s amazing. But everytime I listen to it I put my iPod on shuffle so each time I get a different Ederle of awesomeness. Album number two is goin to be rem better. I can’t wait for it. An who knows maybe he is the Elvis of this generation. And just think people didn’t truely appretate him till after he died. I’m just crossing my fingers Adam gets that same reconiztion before then. I love it an ld anyone else who says otherwise well they are missing out

  31. Album sales have been dissapointing so far. If you are being truthful, the public has the same reservations that these reviewers had. He will just be an average performer if he continues down this path.

    Adam’s few live performance on the View and CBS have sounded twice as good as the album because the overproduction is gone and his voice is the focus.

    I just hope that he recognizes this.

    • I agree with you in many ways, I think his AMA performance has hurt his album sales. Although in a long run, I think that drama is actually going to help his career, but the immediate situation isn’t in his favor. Especially that happened before his first album came out. However, I do think this is a very good pop album for today’s standard, not in Adam’s ability standard, but, what’s in demand in the music industry now. There are many hits here, but I really think he missed the mark when he picked the first single to be “FYE”. I find that song to be one of the weakest, it’s not the best song for Adam to sing live. His comfort zone in live performance lies somewhere in the middle range to the max, but this song is mostly in lower key. And of course, the lyric gave him the fiasco. Had he picked much catchier tune like “Fever”, “If I had you”, it would have been an instant hit, in my opinion.

      As more singles get released, there’ll be more hits and the sales will go up again, I hope! And if his songs catch a fever as it should, I think this could be an album of the year, at least I see the massive potential. Let’s hope WWFM(not the strongest song on the album, but it’s very appropriate under the circumstances.) gets some milage out of it first.

  32. AdamManFan says:

    Opinions are like anus’ everyone has one 🙂

    At least he didn’t use any auto tuning to his vocals like so many effing pop/rap artists do these days! Ugh enough with the auto tunes already!

  33. I think Adam made an album with songs he enjoys listening to. After having watched so many of his interviews commenting on the singers/groups he enjoys (many of which I enjoy as well, since I am into a lot of “electronica” without the autotune. It’s funny how so many people like “Broken Open” & the first time I heard it I said…awww, Adam, you do love Goldfrapp, doncha. Broken open is pure Goldfrapp sound & even the lyrics to some extent,and he had a hand in writing the melody/lyrics. FYE has the feel of the “Thumpa, thumpa” of a gay club, which I became very familiar when watching Queer as Folk, which was on the Showtime channel & now on Logo. All the other songs, outside of TFM, are artists that he enjoys listening to. When he was on AI, he had to sing songs from a list that was given to him. He did great but to expect him to sing them again wouldn’t be fair to Adam. And altho he is quite capable of singing opera or a bunch of covers like Susan Boyle, that’s not what he’s all about. (And, I do agree that Adam could make a better album with the SB songs but SB could never make an album like Adam did.) I think he wants to change the music scene & hopefully he will get that chance. I think he did great in a very short time to record a lot of different sounds that incorporated different styles. I think Adam is a complex, thoughtful person who will always surprise us, disappoint some & for his fans, will always give us joy using great vocals & great tunes. He doesn’t use autotune & all the backups are his own vocals. And, he looks gorgeous & sexy while doing it!!! As far as album sales, the drop from the first week is normal for most AI performers. He has sold almost 3x the albums than the winner of AI8…just sayin.

  34. Adam’s FYE was for the new generation – I am the old generation and he can fill that void to. Adam is learning and we are here for his journey. We we will hearing about him in the years to come. Adam will continue to please his fans young and old.
    Adam is our new found talent. He is so loved.

  35. Bill Mitchell says:

    And “opera experts” know WHAT exactly about good pop music? I think that most pop fans would rather have not needles stuck in our eyes than listen to an opera album.

  36. Bill Mitchell says:

    “Album sales have been disappointing so far”.

    Really? The #1 pop album the first week ahead of even Lady Gaga and Rihanna is “disappointing”? He only got beat out by SuBo and a Christmas Album by the beloved Andrea Bocelli for all albums sold in all genres.

    That is “disappointing”?

    Face it, Adam’s problem is not the music (which is great), its personal. Teenage boys are not gonna run to buy the album of someone who is openly gay. Just not. Adam needs to realize that while most straights don’t really care what his sexual preference is, we don’t want it shoved in our faces either. He can probably do without kissing men on stage. I don’t know anyone, except maybe other gay men, that find that sexy. Find me a hetero porn with men kissing. Nope. Find me a hetero porn with women kissing. Yep. That’s the point. It is not a double standard. Straight people just don’t think men kissing is appealing.

    I think Adam gets this. FYE will easily go gold.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Well, there you go Bill, I guess there’s an exception to everything. I found Adam kissing the guy very sexy and very HOT and I’m straight! Go figure! LOL

    • Straight *men* maybe don’t think men kissing is appealing, since that’s generally the market for the example you gave. The female fanbase for things such as Queer as Folk, Brokeback Mountain, Torchwood etc would certainly suggest that at least some straight women find men kissing quite appealing indeed.

      • You are absolutely right. It is hard for most guys to see other guys kissing. Not that I have a problem but more of a gut instinct that probably goes back million of years. I do like gay people in general (they are friendly/easy going/artistic) but I just haven’t been able to ‘stomach’ watching Brokeback Mountain.

  37. omg get him in concert, on tour he has to be seen as well as heard, what a gift from GOD for our entertainment

  38. Helen/Canada says:

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. The more I listen to the cd, the more I love it. I change my mind every day as to which is my favourite song! As soon as a song starts playing, I say oh, this is my favourite, then the next song comes on, and I think, no this is my favourite.
    Do I love Adam’s voice—YES!! Is this a little too overproduced for my liking? I thought so at first because I wanted to hear his amazing voice, but I’m used to it now. If I had a say in it, yes, a little less production, but this is Adam’s cd and this is what Adam likes and wanted to produce. He had a difficult job in making this album appeal to everyone. His fan base is so varied in ages and he did want to have something for everyone, so I give him credit for that. Wanted to please his fans, yet wanted to stay true to his vision also.
    This has been a great thread. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. There are a lot of varied opinions, but basically, people like the cd. That’s good. There are also obviously some people on this thread who know something about music, so that is very interesting, to hear their perspectives. I don’t know squat about music, I just know what I like, and I like this cd.
    What’s an autotune? LOL!

  39. First off, everybody go buy 5 cd’s and give them as stocking stuffers or small gifts.

    FYE is – just my opinion – absolutely brilliant. To me, if the instrumentals are intricate and textural and interesting enough to get my attention; then I’ll take the time to listen to the lyrics. I know every word to every song on this cd, except Soaked and Loaded Smile, which I don’t like. Like most people, I like a variety of styles, and this cd has it all — rock, pop, classic, modern, dance….. I LOVE the electronics and don’t think anything is overproduced. Adam is 27! This is exactly what this ‘rare bird’ should be doing. How many people can sing AND perform like Adam Lambert? And he’s only going to get better and better.

    If he gets the chance. He needs sales! Buy, buy, buy! And keep requesting radio time from your local stations.

    P.S. Music Again, SF Winners, and Aftermath are killer; Broken Open and Sleepwalker take you to another dimension; WWFM, is just plain good; and FYE, Strut, and Fever are so much fun.

  40. I do wish the album showed cased his voice more but I still love it, especially ‘Fever’…I adore that song! Have been dancing to it ever since I got it.

  41. lourdes stone says:

    although i am enjoying adam’s debut album because it is his first recording but i totally agree with the obove critics. adam’s vocal is very strong and versatile, this adds on audio processings are all unnecessary. i hope in his next album people who will get involve will be more choosy and let adam shines using his natural talent and less collaborators from the pop artists and song writers. adam needs good composers who know what adam could do to prove his talent as a true singer/artist and stretch him to the limit.

  42. elaine casale says: