Adam Lambert: America’s Rock God Answer to Pearl Harbor!

Now that Adam’s in Tokyo, he’s giving the Japanese audiences another side of himself that we Americans can only hope to see in the future. The screaming from the Japanese are a sure sign that he’s going to be part of the international community for a long time. And if this is anime, I’m getting controllers from my son and joining in!

Adam’s living another one of his dreams when he takes to the stage with dancers, reminiscent of his days on the Zodiac Stage. Love it when he joins in with the choreography! While his concert performance at Fantasy Springs a few weeks ago was absolutely epic and mind blowing, it wasn’t quite like this! Here we see another layer of the rock god that we hope will come to our stages too. Message to Adam and his team, “Adam, the paying audiences in America can and want to handle this too!”

~ Carol Glamb #7 ~

Adam arriving at Narita Airport in Japan.

Adam being interviewed before his For Your Entertainment performance.

Adam performing FYE for the Japanese audience.

Adam performing Fever: incomplete, but the only video I could find!

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Carolina says:

    im in love with a guy who i don’t even know!!! wow!!

    • Hi guys! I put English subtitles on Adam’s TV appearance from Yesterday and it’s up on Youtube. He will be on again today and I will upload as soon as I put subtitles on it.

    • glamb# 442 Paula says:

      I KNOW THE FEELING! my husband is totally prepared for me to leave him for adam he knows i love him gay or not.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work, taking us on Adams Tour with him, we really appreciate it. Yes the world loves Adam, hopefully when he gets back home everyone who doubted him his talent and appeal, will realize wat we here have already always known, Heis a national treasure, and treat him as such.

  3. I too love seeing Adam with dancers (and tights). I’m so happy that he is getting the appreciation he deserves; he’s doing what he loves to do and I love seeing him do it. I tweeted him and asked him to bring dancers and tights to Vancouver, so I’m sure he will. HA! Wishful thinking.

  4. WOW! love the outfit, so fierce!!! Awesome dancers! Indeed, Japan loves Adam Lambert, who woudn’t!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Ahhhhhh so beautiful. Those are the pants the Australian dj gave him. Hot choice…. His talent is just amazing. I’m impatiently waiting for him to come back to NYC.

  6. im very angry at comment about his outfit,on said hes have fake ladygaga persona,and bill kaulitz wannabe.seriesly,first adam has hes own style,second bill only wears black eyeshadow,and leather jacket like other rocker wears,even ladygaga wears it.
    2:adam always change his makeup from black,brown,green,blue,and gllitter as well,he use small stone under his eyes and in his forhead.not bill or other male artist isee doing that.

    • Please don’t blame the comment on MJ (sbigblog) Mary LOVES Adam and would never say anything like that about him. That was a comment left by a reader. Mary has always been VERY supportive of Adam! just sayin’

  7. some said hes ridicilous,and people,media attacking him.why all this hate.he didnt do anything.why they dont attack other artist than adam to attack.i love him

    by the way adam fye album in canada gone platinium(80,000:platinuim).

    • I just read about his album going platinum in Canada!! Way to go Canada!! Hopefully the U.S. is not too far behind. I didn’t realize his numbers weren’t a total worldwide. Each country has it’s own numbers? Anyway the AP just sent out a congrats to Adam. Ditto…..I’m so happy for him!

  8. hes wwfm unplugged come no.1 in vh1.some people scared that they dont talk about hes music,talent and his voice.all they talk about is his clothe.

  9. renogirl says:


  10. Libraglam says:

    That’s right Thank you Carol for taking me the tour with ADAM !! Love his wild outfit and it was so nice to hear all the screaming and seeing people dancing along. This answer all !!! LOVE ADAM !

  11. If you haven’t seen the Adam Lambert Parody the link is below. LMAO!!

    • buffy522 says:

      Thanks so much for the link. I can always count on this site (and MJ) for great links. I think it was the height of flattery and appropriate. The guy is not bad looking and I got a great morning laugh!

    • CelticMairin says:

      Thank you, jnellie, for the link.

      I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. The lyrics, the actions, the facial expressions are hilarious.

      Somehow, someway, Adam has to see this; he will love it.

      • No worries, Adam will have seen this b/c I got the link from a tweet his brother @negativeneil sent out.

  12. Yeah, it seems that Japan has the loudest and wildest cheers for Adam. First time that an airport had been jammed that way. I can’t recall of any celebrity lately who had been greeted that way at any airport. Nope! His is an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR status, that seemed to be unequaled or unrivaled at the moment, when it comes to fans’ reception at an airport. I can’t even think of anyone who comes close, but maybe just Manny Pacquiao when he arrives in the Philippines after winning a fight. My gosh, the pot is just starting to boil. It’s so exciting to follow Adam’s career. There are a lot of surprises. We’re in for a lot of exhilaration. I’m glad I’m a fan and can relish the many thrill, as Adam take me with him, through this internet, to foreign lands and to other dimensions. Thank you Sue, thank you Carol, and to the other fans who make this possible.

  13. ADAM LOOKS SENSATIONAL! Totally bloody amazing!!!!!! He is THE MASTER……A GENIUS ENTERTAINER! Our hearts are so full and tears come to our eyes over him each and every single day now as he transforms and conquers the whole entire planet!…….It was only a matter of time
    before it all happened……but it is breathtaking to watch ADAM become the Superstar….Megastar in the moment! (a title only ever reserved for those of greatness!) …….He is a superb performer
    who is so magical and magnificent and he totally takes your breath away with his brilliance of
    stage presence! I guess you realize how passionate we all are for our ADAM….and will fly to planet
    Fierce and back if we have to for him! The Land Of Oz adores this guy along with all the other wonderful countries he has visited…and wait until the U.K. and Europe experience ADAM!!!!!! OMG he will take off like a rocket!!!! ……..It’s no hold barred for ADAM! Sky is the limit!
    ……..and after the incredible week of promo’s here in Oz and the mind blowing performance at the
    Sydney Mardi Gras which totally rocked off this planet,( it was a blast!.)….our continent will never be the same again! ….but then neither will the world!!!!!! ……’s Positivity all the way for our Glitter
    Prince! We love you ADAM but you already know that! (At least ADAM had warm and comfy hoofers
    in his ugg boots….!!!!!!!!!.. YOU ROCK ADAM….ha!

    • Hi ! Glamaus…ADAM sure did rock OZ and he will soon ROCK THE WORLD !!!!! He is everything you said. Also…… Adam looks fantastic in his Aussie ugg boots. I love them !!!!

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  14. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    glamous u said it so well, Im so inlove with him, never have I been so obsessed with a star, and I am 55 yr old grandmother, I am enjoying this ride he is taking us all on sooooo much! Rock on Adam, our shining star!!!!!!

    • Hi Debbie, ADAM surely is a ‘SHINNING STAR’……..all the way from Planet Fierce!

    • Me too, Debbie!! I’m also 55 yrs old and so in love with him and never been so obsessed with a star. It’s so crazy!! But I love it! Who knew back when we first saw Adam on Idol that we would all be on this long and wonderful journey with him (and each other!) He’s a part of our lives each and every day and I know we all love him.

  15. I’m concerned about the venue here…Is he in a high school auditorium…or in a serious theatre…? It feels like it’s amateur night by looking at the stage…Adam, as usual, is FABULOUS…but I hope he is getting BIG crowds…is he…?????

    • I knid of thought the same thing. But I also read K. morgan’s response below and it makes sense if it had to be small because it was short notice and the band wasn’t available. I was wondering where the band was…….

      Anyway, where ever it was, it looked packed and the audience loved him, he looked stunning and I loved when he joined in with the dancers a bit here and there. Can’t wait to see that full throttle!!

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        We have to remember this is a promo tour and not a regular tour so most all of the places he’s going are probably going to be small.

        I thought it was strange that Monte tweeted that he was home when Adam was heading to Tokyo. Too bad the band wasn’t there too!

  16. k. morgan says:

    maradam – are you kidding? did you see how many people were at airport in Japan…his concert in Singapore…packed….He had to do small venue in Japan because the band guys had to return home so he is performing without band and without a lot of notice…does not matter really…he packs the house where ever and with performances like this and past ones live…he will be huge…

  17. Thank you so much for getting us all these tidbits. Everytime I hear him sing it brings me back to Fantasy Springs! Wish I had loads of money to blow…I swear I would be a groupie and follow him everywhere!

  18. go adam!

  19. thankl you everyone for kleeping me up on Adam’s. progress. He is amazing.

  20. IDOLeyes says:

    yes this is all promo stuff- probably didnt even charge the fans to get to see him.
    He will be back if his records sell !!!…. THEN can you immagine the frenzy!!!!!!
    so what if it WAS a school- children love him too abroad !!!!!
    and he gives money and hope to poor schools setting up a band.

    Love is Good
    War & Hate is evil

  21. jm7sandiego says:

    To – Debbie Glam #2473

    Glad to see there are other grandparents out there, that can fully appreciate such a unique super talented entertainer! My daughter and I are hugely crazy over this rising superstar! We were fortunate enough to see him in concert in Indio, California. Who’d have ever thought and entertainer could bring a parent and child together, in harmonious admiration for their talent. It was a great father daughter moment!

    Adam is the brightest star to hit the entertainment industry in light years! His stage experience combined with his amazing vocal skills, makes him the most complete entertainer, I have ever seen in their beginning/infancy. Elvis is the only solo entertainer to have this kind of immediate impact and I believe Adam will be even bigger, if that is possible!

    Its actually embarrassing to admit, that a 56 year old VERY completely heterosexual male can be obsessed with Adam’s journey to stardom. But, talent has no sexual boundry and Adam stands alone in HIS world of glam & glitter. So as you say, why not enjoy the RIDE he provides! Lets hope he continues to grow and entertain for years to come.

    • jm7….Thanks for your very honest and candid comments about ADAM! I think it’s wonderful that you can enjoy ADAM and spread the positive about him!

    • Hey jm7, I wish more men would come out in the light and admit they are Adam supporters! I know there are plenty out there. Your daughter is a lucky girl to have such an open and honest dad to share this admiration with. You Rock! Thanks for helping spread the ADAM LOVE!!

  22. I absolutely love this look on Adam. He’s singing well, moving well, he looks healthy & happy. I can hardly wait for his solo tour in the US – it’s going to be phenomenal. GO ADAM GLAM GLITTER ROCK GOD FOREVER!! P.S. Media People are just plain stupid. Both Lady Gaga & Adam have tapped into something that people want to see. It’s a beautiful thing.

  23. Carol – Glamb #7 You said it perfectly!! The only thing I have a problem with is that the more popular Adam becomes the more out of reach (so to speak) he’ll get, BUT he deserves a complete rise to the top and I want to see him loved like this by all nations! Adam is our Glam Rock god from the Planet Fierce! He amazes me more & more each and I wonder how that is even possible but he does.

  24. Hey guys! Lets try to find out when Adam is arriving in Vancouver and we’ll give him the same warm welcome he got in Japan!!!! Pass any information through this website…His performances just keep getting better and better…..his dance moves are AWESOME!!

  25. Adam is wonderful, but hte dancers made his performance sleezy not sexy -to me- because maybe I grew up in too strick a household. i also think he looks handsome w less stage makeup, clownish with more, but the bottom line is that no one else is of any interest to me in comparison with Adam. I think he is terrific, as an artist and as the wonderful person he is. Adam is the most exciting artist I have ever seen or heard in my entire life, and I like a lot, it is just that I have never ever been obsessed with anyone else like I am with Adam. There is a difference.

  26. Hi guys! I put English subtitles on Adam’s TV appearance from Yesterday and it’s up on Youtube. He will be on again today and I will upload as soon as I put subtitles on it.

  27. It’s so great to see Adam welcomed warmly by Japan– a nation that I dearly love for its culture, language, and people. I love that he can let his style go wild too! Japanese pop and rock music is all about crazy, androgynous styles, so Adam is at home there. Love. It. That’s what REAL rock stars look like.

    By the way, don’t take this the wrong way, but I find the title of this post racially insensitive and slightly offensive with its reference to Pearl Harbor. It would be nice if you could remove that reference, seeing as how we’ve all moved way past that kind of mentality, and relations between Japan and the US have been on good terms for a long time now.

    • I totally agree,

      I totally agree, Sean. They need to change the title on this post. It came across the same way to me, and I’m sure many others. That being said, I’m sooo HAPPY to see that Japan loves Adam!!!

  28. Carol, you mentioned anime in your posting, do you know about Yaoi and its popularity in Japan? This may be part of the reason Adam is so embraced there. Yaoi, aka male/male romance is a popular element of anime, especially among female fans. One of my favorite authors is Morgan Hawke at and she has a good explanation of yaoi on her web site that explains what the Japanese word means. Jet Mykles is also another of my favorites She also uses a lot of yaoi elements in her books. Her Heaven Sent series is all about a rock band. (warning if gay romance turns you off don’t look at the Heave Sent series lol.) Jet also has done a computer generated art piece that was inspired by Adam. (She’s a fan of his too now *grins innocently*) The reason i mention these types of books is that they are very popular in Japan as is live action type anime. Adam looks like he could have stepped right out of an anime movie or book. His sexual orientation only enhances his appeal to most anime fans. I’m glad he has such a following in Japan and I’m sure his popularity will keep growing there. You can really tell from the vids that his Japanese fans really appreciate his vocal skills too. Thanks for posting this!

  29. The security in Japan is very tight and he hasn’t had much contact w/fans outside of his venue. Where ever the fans gathering, he’s rushed to the car and don’t even have a chance to sign autographs. All the presents are collected by the security, too. (However, I’ve been told they are displayed where he can see it later) I hope he’s not taken by the approach of Japanese media.

    But I think he’s enjoying Japan and its culture. After he trended #Glamajuku (he made a new word combining Glam+Harajuku – trendy shopping district in Japan) and it trended world wide right after!

    Next stop is UK, more excitement continues…..

    • love2adams says:

      Please, Miichan, tell us more about Adam in beautiful and vibrant Japan. How are the crowds different from other places? Is it not possible for him to have an autograph session like he did in Singapore?
      Just wondering……… is great when fans from other countries like you and Yvonne (Australia) give details about the local “Adam” events…………thank you all !!

      • Actually I live in US, so all my info is via my Twitter friends in Japan. But I’ve been following his move pretty closely.

        I was really surprised to find out so many fans gathered at the airport to welcome him. He arrived in Tokyo at 6:45AM! AI is boradcasted via Fox Japan and Adam had many followers since last year. AI8 was on re-run several times after the season ended, so it gained more fans through that.

        His FYE album was realeased on 3/10, and it debut No.1 on Oricon (Japanese music chart) in Japan. I heard many radio station were putting on FYE on the spin before his arrival to gain more attention.

        He enjoyed shopping in Harajuku and purchased a stack silver rings there. (Glamajuku)

        Heard that he really likes this grated ginger paste and was putting on his toast to eat it. (^^)

        Many fans who gathered at the airport took a great length to preapare banners and posters and such to welcome him, but he came through so fast, I’m not sure if he really had a chance to see more than the crowd. Felt really bad for those who only got to see a glimpse of Adam there. Some traveled from far places just to see him.

        There was only one live event and it was by invitations only. I heard that over 10,000 sent in postcards to have a chance to win one of 200 tickets. Luckly many of my Twitter friends got to go to this venue to see Adam in person. But again, all the presents were collected by the security and there was no meet and greet session.

        I think Japanese promoter is focusing on exposure of Adam while in Japan rather than pleasing the existing fans. I know it’s a marketing stragedy but I think Adam feels bit sad that he doesn’t get to stop and talked to his fans or sign autograph while in transit. It looks like he’s been told to refrain any contact with fans at all.

        BTW, did you see my vid of Adam’s appearance on Japanese TV? I put English subtitles. If you follow my channel, I will be uploading more w/Eng. subtitles.

        Here’s the link to the video.

        If I get more news, I will post them here.

        • WOW!!! Fabulous post! So much great information and observations! Thank you so much, Miichan!

      • love2adams….thank you for your kind mention.

        Delighted to read in an OZ magazine that Adam’s CD is…… “ALBUM OF THE WEEK”

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  30. mmagiemay says:


  31. mmagiemay says:

    LOL I’m nuts! I love Adam whatever he does. Thank you for this web page so we can be there in spirit and keep up with where he is and what he does. Dailly Dose of Adam is helpful to get through the day.

    • I’m right there with you, mmagiemay! Think we’re all in the same boat….the Adam Viking Ship! lol We all need our daily Adam fix! Thank God for this website and all the hard work by everyone who contributes to it. It’s simply the best to go to for all things Adam!!

  32. Link correction! Morgan’s web site is not .com. Sometimes my brain goes haywire. There is also an explanation of the Japanese word Yaoi on wikipedia I am so sorry for the screw up with the link before. I’m just so glad Japan has embraced our Adam the way that they have.

  33. Ima Ramorah says:

    a SUPER STAR with international creds…there’s our boy

  34. cheryl 334 says:

    The fact that Adam would go so far as to try to give the Japanese fans a mini show without his ban, and with a few dancers who tried to help out says a lot for Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will always try to ‘give’ his fans something, no matter the cost to himself. He is so generous like that. WONDERFUL to see that. All love to Adam who deserves it! Rock-On Adam, you hot hunk of burnin’ love and sensuality! We, your fans here in the US love all you do! peace-love-light-truth-fun 2 Adam.

  35. Wow… Adam and Japan(ese), my two favorite things, in the same place. By the way, in the second video, when Adam turned around and they started taking pictures of his (admittedly wonderful) ass, the lady on the right was talking about fan service (pleasing the fans with either a romantic entanglement between two characters or a particular action that makes the fans very happy… like allowing them to take pictures of your ass). GO ADAM!

    • Yeah, Adam was so obliging for the fans. Gave us a nice backside view, too. Made MY day! lol

  36. Adam is so giving and patient with his fans. Totally willing to be himself, covered in gorgeous glitter and posing while every one gets their pics of a lifetime. What a guy.

  37. ADAM has surpassed a National Treasure…….he is now a World Treasure!……AI remember was seen worldwide and many were already familiar with ADAM too….and have been waiting for the
    promo tour! … and those who have’nt now have gone crazy and become huge fans! ….. ADAM IS
    CONQUERING THE WHOLE PLANET NOW!!!….day by day, country by country people are just
    falling in love with this spectacular Glitter Prince who is covering the world with glitter! ADAM is
    one intelligent guy with oodles charisma, intelligence and spectacular talent that blows everyone
    away! … He is a SUPERSTAR…..MEGASTAR! This promo tour is huge……ADAM now belongs to the entire world!!!!!!!