Adam Lambert American Music Awards Performance (Updated Video)

Below is the video of Adam Lambert’s performance at the AMA:

Note that this video has gotten hard to get a hold off but we have updated it with a current higher quality one.


So did Adam fall and then roll over or was that in purpose?

Was the kiss (with a straight guy) a bit too much?

Adam Lambert

Matt Sayles/AP Photo

Adam told Rolling Stones “We’re in 2009; it’s time to take risks, be a little more brave, time to open people’s eyes and if it offends them, then maybe I’m not for them. My goal was not to piss people off, it was to promote freedom of expression and artistic freedom.”

He also mentioned that “he didn’t do anything female performers haven’t done on television already.”

Reports about the West Coast broadcast of the American Music Awards indicate that ABC kept the kiss with Lambert’s keyboardist, but cut away from the simulated oral sex with his male backup dancer.

Lambert Photo

What did YOU think of this performance?

Love it or hate it we know this much so far, EVERYONE is talking about the most shocking performance from Adam to date.



  1. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    I’m really disappointed 🙁 I wish Adam had concentrated more on the quality of his performance than the shock value. Hope he can do some damage control on his appearances this week.

    • I rarely ever comment, but I have to agree with Texas – too “way over the top” too soon! Didn’t like the arrangement. I wish he would have used the CD arrangement and made the performance more playful and not S & M!!! If someone hasn’t heard the CD arrangement, I doublt they will even bother now. Still love Adam but didn’t like this one bit.

      • uh. let me think back a minute. Zodiac Show. Watch that video again. This wasn’t much different than that performance. This is who Adam is. This is who Adam has always been. I don’t think he’s not going to do many “tracks of my tears” performances. It’s all about Bowie and Mercury, and now Adam styles. Over the top, shock, gay, you name it. Didn’t you see that coming on the youtube videos of the AI concerts? Or if you went to the AI concert? Whole lotta love? Totally sexual performance. A bit tamed down because it was AI. Totally expected something like this at the AMA’s. Adam is still Adam. He’s a beautiful soul… and he’s theatrical…. and he’s gay….. and over the top… and I admire his courage to be himself…. and unapologetic about it. GO Adam! 🙂

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Totally agree., this is Adam. Haven’t we seen enough of preidol performances, and Idol tour not to know that?
          GO Adam!!!! You rock!!!!!!!

        • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

          “itsme says”, I think there’s a difference between what Adam did on the AMA’s last night and one of his Zodiac Show performances. When a person pays for a provocative performance, that is their choicde. However, when the same type of performance shows up on national TV, that’s a whole different situation. However, you are assuming that my disappointment was based on the content of his performance. This is an incorrect assumption. My disappointment was based on the execution – not his best effort, which is all I wanted for him, and I’m mortified that he gave the audience the finger. BTW, I saw Adam at the AI concert in Dallas and watched YouTube of every one of his performances on the tour (at least once!). My favorite? The one from Arizona when he called the audience “bitches” and told them to get up and dance. I’m not a prude. I just have high expectations for Adam because he has set the bar so high!

        • agreed!! This is who Adam is,,, just look at performance on zodiac.” Which I love!!

          personally, I love the AMA performance, except for the pitchy notes, and of course
          his “ninja roll”. It might have been a little over the top for average joe smoe american.
          He could have gotten away with the ” man kiss” if not for crotch scene.
          No worries, I love him no matter what. He is just so talented!!

    • I agree. I was listening to his voice and well yeah the preformance was too much for me. I though I would be able to handle and enjoy anything he did but that was too much for me. I am really sad it went this way. sorry Adam

    • julesglambert says:

      I’ll respectfully disagree on Adam’s performance. I thought it was amazing. Shocking? Did you expect less? I’ve watched it all morning and I LOVE it. He is like Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant all rolled up into one gorgeous hunk of man. I saved the performance to my favorites so I can watch it anytime I want to. Now that I think about it the only other music video I have saved like that is Mr. Freddie Mercury doing Killer Queen. BRAVO ADAM

    • adam lamberts ‘performance’ was actually quite disgusting-more for a porno promo not a music awards program where young viewers could see that s&m act.

    • Completely agree….too over the top for national TV….love Adam but this made me ashamed of him for the fact that he didn’t respect his audience. Adam, this was not a selected audience for your Zodiac Show….it was done in very poor taste for the vast audience and it’s sad because you have such a gift to give but now you’re getting greedy, do it your way and your way only and the hell with your given audience…I lost a little respect for you….sad

  2. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Talk about hot….. still smokin”

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      Yeah… thank you Adam! I’m tired of the milk toast AI performances. BRING IT ON!!!

    • YEAH ADAM is a ROCKSTAR don’t expect him to be a sweety patootie, HE is just FINE and now people are talking about it. and that makes him a ROCSTAR!! GO ADAM GO

  3. Gina, Glamb #552 says:

    I’m reading all the twitters popping through….I think Adam wanted to shock and stick it to people and he achieved it!!!

  4. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    He definitely fell. I hope he’s ok.

    • I do think he fell. Hope he can recover from the performance.

      • I listened and watch what is going on here and have to think about past artist over the years and must point out one who did some of the same things as Adam Lambert and that artist would have been Prince when he started out he did some very shocling things back in the 80s and look how much he has gained and done in the field of music. It is all about entertainment and getting more to look listen and it isnt about worrying about how much they are selling. The more shocking a artist is the more people will watch listen and check them out. To point out another would be howard Stern the more outrageous the more people checked him out to see what he would do next or say next. This kid has a good sound and his look isnt any worse than any other musical bands out. That is what makes them ARTISTS. We as humans have to have different things and need even more things of different views.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Fell?I thought he doing some stunt or something.He always shocking people so I thought…awww,if he really fell,that was good fell.I didn’t even know he fell.he’s still new.This is his 1st time singing his own song.Nervous,expectation from all…we need give him some slack.I still love the intro.Very good then when he start ‘fell’,stairs,pulling/dragging people,kissing people,maybe it’s too much??!!Eh,whatever,my heart still beat so fast just watching him!<3 Adam!! 🙂

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Mine was beating fast too Emili. and it still is! I’m shaking!

        • But seems lots not so happy.I’m a bit worried now.Tomorrow,all news will be about him.You think we expect too much from him?I feel sorry for him now.Remember how hard he practice and happy he was.He did give his best but maybe it didn’t turn out like he wanted.OMG,what is he thinking now.We need to tweet him and support him.Just because we not so happy with this one performance doesn’t mean he’s not good.I mean…COME ON!!We know what he capable of,right?He super talented.His vocal is powerful amazing!!Yup,all we need to do is remember that.I’m sure we all still love him.I don’t think this will effect his album.His fans already know what he can do.Ok,I feel better now I’m going to sleep. 🙂

          • AdamAddict, I loved it, what a performance, he achieved what he set out to achieve, everynews station, every music magazine, everyone is talking about that performance, is anyone talking about the other performances as much, NO. He knew that all those well know artists would be appearing, he had to make an impact and oh boy did he make an impact, no one will forget that peformance, I won’t, amazing, my heart was racing all the the way through. He is a very clever guy, and if that kiss was not planned, what a suprise for that guy who is straight, he din’t seem to complain, he went along with it. We all know he can sing, we all know he has fantasstic vocals, we all know he can perform, if he just did an ordinary performance, hwo memorable would that be, would it have the same impact, no it would not. LOVED THE WHOLE THING, BRING IT ON ADAM, MORE, MORE, MORE.

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            Sorry to say if this is any indication of the direction he is going – it is down.

        • ME too, Helen! Won’t be able to sleep tonight anytime soon. Hope he’s OK.

      • AA, I wasnt quite sure if the fall was planned or an accident? He rolled it over well.

        Other than that, my mouth is still wide open???????? To much for his 1st performance on AMA’s.
        FYE was so different than CD version. Ryan looked a bit stunned after he was done singing.
        I’m totally flabergasted, not what I expected him to do. Dont think it will go over well with the mass majority.
        Still love ya,Adam!!!!!!!!!! We’ll see whats next on GMA and Letterman and Ellen………………………..

        • I hope you mouth is close now ,Mary C!LOL!What a jawdrop performance!haha!when he fell or do it purposely,we can hear the sound of the …falling!And the mic is still near his mouth and he still singing!!Hmm,still not sure what’s going on.But you are absolutely right,Mary C!We still love Adam and I can’t wait to see Letterman and GMA.He said he will sing different song in Letterman.I hope no dancers or whatsoever.This time just give him the f****** chair and mic,let him sing…sing SOAKED,ADAAAAAAM!! LOL!!This AMA performance didn’t effect me at all.I still can’t wait to see his other performance and I’m sure my heart still will beat so fast just waiting him for him to perform.Fever and Strut also awesome.Whataya Want from me also cool.But I wish he sing slow song in Letterman to promote different genre in his album. 🙂 LOVE ADAM! <3

          • AA, Monday evening and my mouth is closed now! LOL. OH Adam. WTF, I love him what a tease he is. Looking forward to Letterman Weds. and GMA’s for sure.
            Listening to CD right now and lovin itttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

    • I have to agree with you. I didn’t find the performance shocking. It’s pretty much what I expected. In fact, I had given my husband a checklist of everything I expect Adam to include in the performance – given all the hype there was surrounding this debut – and Adam pretty much went down my list.

      I agree that vocally it wasn’t stunning – that’s the part i was disappointed in actually – but visual I found it to be exactly on point with what Adam has said he wanted to be artistically.

    • HE FELL but good it was not as obvious as J-LO ha ha. It look like a stunt, he will be fine. AS FOR PERFORMANCE, just as expected from a ROCKSTAR!!!

  5. Adam looked really HOT , but didn’t get to HEAR enough of him, too much going on.

  6. AdamAddict says:

    Wow,that was quick!Already in youtube?I just left my comment in another post! 0_o

  7. Hmm…it was very…Adam. Dunno…I don’t find it as shocking as what everyone else is saying. I think he did well…he was certainly chanelling Lady Gaga, especially in the beginning…I enjoyed it though.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Good on you Peaches, me too. Loved it, okay there was a lot going on but heck it was one hell of a stage show. His performance and Lady Gaga’s were my favourites. Go Adam, love you heaps, Rock On.

    • Hey Peaches I agree – it was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think people must remember that Adam is theatre and his live performances are going to be theatre shows and not to be taken as factual but as fantasy. Just don’t take him too seriously. After this performance I love FYE so much more than I did. And if he did fall he must have used his theatrical experience to just keep on going enough for us to wonder “if”.

      The one disappointment I have with Adam is his live performances are way better than the recorded ones – his concerts are going to be rocking and since I’m in New Zealand I just can’t wait for his first live DVD!

      • i agree i loved it and he is theatre not just music like others are

        amanda im in australia..hopefully one day he will come over lol

        • Hi ! KELL74…..Yes! I loved Adam’s performance too. It’s just as you say.

          Which part of Australia are you from? I’m from Sydney. I have read somewhere that Adam wants to come to Australia.

          Good to hear from another Aussie !!!

          Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Hey cool Amanda, another Kiwi added to the mix. Have you joined us on the NZ Glambs site, Lisa would love to hear from you if you haven’t.

        I wholeheartedly agree with you. Adam’s performances in the Zodiac Club were all over the top, and I have read some of the posts that say he was angry, I didn’t see any anger, what I saw was him acting the aggressor in his S&M bondage club keeping them all in line, he is awesome, I loved it when I saw it and I love it more each time I watch it.

        I can’t wait for his first live DVD either and if he comes here or Australia I will be going to see him and he can do whatever he likes on stage, I will lap it all up.

        • Hi Dianne….once again I find myself agreeing with you. He puts ‘everything’ into all his performances….and that’s Adam….bless him.

          And, ditto to your last sentence.

          Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

  8. KO's smiling says:

    I think he tripped. And choked. It’s a lot of pressure. At least we know he’s still human (although I still see him as that glittery alien from planet fierce.)

  9. Adam's #1 fan says:

    I am a huge Adam fan!! I couldn’t wait for his performance tonight – but it only left me confused. He is such a huge talent and I didn’t think his performance showcased that. I’m all about “shock value” but I’m just disapointed…

  10. Very disaponted – too much focus on sex and not enough of adam.

    • I agree. I love this guy, but he’s really pushing the envelope when he doesn’t really need to. He’s made his point, now let’s get on with the music. Maybe show a little class for a change?

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Judy you are right, why so much of his sexual agenda? Is he promoting his “preference” over his great talent?? I think his head is not on straight when it comes to where he is going in the entertainment industry. He’s immature and that’s too bad. Nobody cares about an S&M performance, it’s so demeaning and low brow, and he is promoting violence, don’t like it, sorry if I offend anyone here but I will not support this freak show.

    • bruce, to much sex and not enough of his outstanding voice coming over. I love sex and getting horney over him, this was about sexuality, just what he always said he Didnt want to be a big deal.
      Should be about the music, kind of confused with him today.
      I do love him so, always will.

  11. well now my Husband thinks Im nuts and says he wouldn’t buy records from him if that is what he wants to do with his beautiful voice……. almost porn wasn’t it. Looks like he tripped

  12. Helen/Canada says:

    Well, my mind is reeling right now! I think I’m in shock. Have to absorb all of this and really think about it overnight.
    First, poor Adam, I’ve watched the clip many times and yes, he did fall. I think he recovered nicely, but you could tell it was a fall. I think that’s the least of his worries right now. Adam is the number one trending topic on twitter right now and we didn’t even try to trend it. Most of it is not good.
    He did something different with his voice tonight, it didn’t sound like Adam for the most part. Even the last notes, which he usually kills were scratchy. Could he have been really nervous?
    I was hoping that his performance tonight would open up a whole new fan base for him and give him a lot of exposure. What do you guys think, did Adam go too far? I know he likes to shock, but I don’t think this performance will help his popularity grow with mainstream, do you?
    They say that any publicity is good publicity, but really is it? Everybody is talking about it that’s for sure. Someone on twitter said that ABC execs didn’t know he was going to kiss that keyboard player. I think that was one of the tamer moments in the act, LOL! Oh my, as I said, I have to absorb all of this and sleep on it, I’m tired.
    I was so looking forward to this night for Adam. Right now I’m shocked and confused.

    • I have to admit that I agree with you, Helen. I also do not consider myself a prude but was rather taken aback with the simulated blow job, the fingering of the female dancer and the kissing of the guitar player. “Can you handle what I’m about to do?” is what the song asks. I always thought I could and can most of the time but this was not what I expected. It’s interesting because I think if this had been performed during one of Adam’s own concerts it would be fun, thrilling and totally ADAM but there is something about doing this on live TV that I am just not sure about. I do believe that he did trip and amazingly recovered very nicely, but then he sounded really breathless and definitely looked a bit stunned at the end.

      Lindsey Parker just tweeted a few minutes ago that Adam did not come out to see her after the show presumably as she had expected. Makes you wonder if he is trying to recover, regroup and figure out how best to play all this. As I have said all along, Adam always surprises us! And how!!

      Glamb #20

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        I’m just sad….this was, for the most part, a disaster.

      • Jane416, I feel as you do. Him coming out not to see Lindsey says something in itself right there.
        He’ll come out like a rose. He’s bright to know what to do next. I bet he tied a good one on last night,
        vodka’s down the hatch all night long !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Oh Adam, still luv ya, cant wait to hear what YOU have to say…………

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Jane if you’re not sure and have to question yourself whether you liked it or not, than most likely you did not like it. We need to get a grip and realize that this is the direction he is going forward with. He is all about promoting his gay agenda over his voice and great talent. Not good!

    • I am confused too and in shock I did not expect that Adam could be so exposed like tonight. I do not think this kind of show was apropriate to AMA .
      The audiece was in shock and in my opinion Adam lost the biggest chance to introduce himself to the showbusiness as the great performer and intertainer he really is.
      Although I am a big fan, I think the performance was vulgar, the kiss was too much…it was not necessary indeed and the foccus was not the music and the singer. It was all about sex , shocking people (why, why, why..) and… I really would like to know who is the coreographer and what did he or she expected with all this too much things.
      Sorry I am really confuse and angry we all know how much Adam dream with this moment in his life and I am afraid it was not so good as he and we expected.

      • All most all of tonights was about sex in some way. Crap Lady Gaga looked weird in her out fit. But that was her being her I guess. I liked what he did to some extent. True the kiss was a bit to much. But he wants to shock and he did. Hope he don’t get a lashing in the press tomorrow. He performed good I could actually here all his words. What was Jay Z singing? hmmm I could watch Jay Z 50 times and not know what he was rapping about. Good Luck Adam buddie.

    • Helen of course Adan was beyond nervous! Adam had had immense pressure put on him and I heard he broke down a few times recently from the insane schedule and everything he has been through. Adam’s voice was SRESSED OUT TO THE MAX!! Going last was to blame. too much pressure.
      BUT- that does not change what he CHOSE to do tonight with his performance- NOT SEXY AT ALL, just vulgar. There’s a line he crossed. What were the PRODUCERS THINKING??? I know they all want to make money off Adam, so WHY THIS?? INSANE business move for everyone!!
      His peers were not impressed and showed it with no or little applause. My heart is broken for him.

      Now the video will be more of this.

      • Helen you hit the nail on the head. This is so disconcerting. I have a ton of work to finish tonight, but I can’t focus on any of it!

    • Sherry K GLAMB# 445 says:

      Yes Helen/Canada, I could cry!!
      ADAM went too far tonight! Comments on twitter and American Idol ARE NOT GOOD AT ALL.I am sorry. And you can all yell and scream at me and tell me I am an old lady. And to go away, or what ever! ADAM went too far! It was too extreme. I am not sure? But , it looked like he was rubbing a guys face in his crotch??? I was so shocked I didn’t even see ADAM fall???????
      Lady Gaga is a freak!!! But if people are voting for her , or ADAM after tonight’s performance lady Gaga will win. I WANTED TO CRY! NOW EVERYONE YOU CAN SCREAM AT ME. I am going to try to get some sleep!

      • Sherry, I couldnt get to sleep right away last night. Was to wound up after all of that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Mary, I was up until 2:00 in the morning reading all the blogs and tweets, my mind was reeling and I had to be up at 6:00. Then, when I finally went to bed, I couldn’t sleep. FYE kept playing over and over in my head! LOL
          I feel much better today. I’ve calmed down and thought about everything. I guess I feel better too because today all the talk isn’t all bad which is a relief for me.
          I just didn’t want Adam to jeopardize his career which he so richly deserves. But I’m hoping people will get over it and move on.

          • Helen, all the buzz on the tv tonight was almost exciting for him. ET and Access H, all the people are smiling actually. Good thing. He pulled it off for sure. Makes me wonder if he had a few drinks prior to his performance??

  13. I think it was too much..I was very disappointed..not so much in him and his voice he was great but the sex was over the top…wanted more of him and his talent not a stage show…

  14. AdamForyou says:

    Adam doesn’t perform to get people to like him. He doesn’t do it for the money? or the media. He just wants to put on a surprising show. He obviously did that.

    Copy and pasted from another adam-lover. I think he did it because that’s him. He’s outrageous, racy, and raunchy and that’s what he gave us. Some people are too close-minded to think out of their box. Janet Jackson gave us a peek at her nipple, Kanye ruined Taylor’s speech, even tonight J-lo fell, too ( I really hope Adam didn’t get any bruises from that :/ ) so what’s with all the hype of Adam’s performance? He gave us true fans what we wanted. Him.
    He’s a performer, he’s going to do sexual/ crazy/ out-of-the-box stuff with anybody to get the exhileration he wants.

    • AdamForyou, and Adam will probably say its not that deep, I know. To a lot of people this was deep.
      He will make it better, Ima sure……….. Cant wait to see whats next and to hear from the gals that were out there LIVE!

      • AdamForyou says:

        Mary C, that WAS pretty deep- and from what I just watched off of his interview, he just laughed and shrugged it off.
        Good, this pleases me.
        Can’t wait for his tour!!!

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Does not do it for the money? Bull, he has said that he wants to make alot of money and is looking forward to buying a house etc.

  15. Pat/Glamb#36 says:

    I’m sitting here with my fingers perched on the keyboard and I’m speechless. I was nervous for Adam because I wanted him to be fabulous and really wow us. And for the most part he was but I just don’t know what to say about all that “stuff” going on with the dancers. Was it all necessary? It thought it was too much. It’s a “busy” song and it was hard to even listen to him signing with so much distraction. I don’t consider myself a prude, not much shocks me anymore but this came close. Maybe if it was his own live concert but not on national TV. Sorry. In his defense he did a great job recovering from his stumble and it didn’t effect the rest of the performance. I’m sure this will be talked about for days.

  16. Adam is spectacular! He had to be nervous in front of the music industry, and if he did trip he did a remarkable save. I would have loved to have heard him in full voice, but I understand he wanted to put on a show. He is a showman and he is a credit to the music world! LUV YOU ADAM!

  17. I’m so shocked- I guess that is what he wanted. I just worry this will hurt his album sales. I hope he can make up for it on the talk shows.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      That’s what I was thinking too Becky, that it may hurt his album sales. We were all hoping that his performance tonight would serve to help his sales, but I’m not so sure now. A lot of negative comments trending on twitter right now.

      • I can’t get myself to look at twitter- I don’t think I could handle all the negativity that there will be toward Adam right now. 🙁

  18. Yes, I think Adam tripped and fell (and in more ways than one!) He recovered quickly and Lord I hope he can recover from this mess of a performance! Honestly Adam, you said you wanted to clear the air about your sexuality so you could keep the focus on your music – so why did you choose to throw this in everyone’s face tonight? Tomorrow it won’t be your song everyone will be discussing around the water cooler! Adam is way too talented a singer to be stuck in a box labeled “shock performer”. This was not your best vocal performance either. Adam, you do not need such tactics to prove yourself – your voice and your presence are your golden ticket. As a fan I still love you Adam, but I am heartbroken and disappointed that you chose to allow your big moment become everything but entertainment.

    • YES MARY– That’s what I was thinking, I have defended Adam about all the hype about his sexuality and him saying ” it doen’t matter I just want to sing, get over it and mind your own businsess”. Then he goes and THROWS IT IN OUR FACE~~ WTF ADAM!!

    • couldn’t have said it better. the vulgar theatrics were totally unnecessary and take the focus away from his amazing voice. sad for adam and disappointed.

      • That’s all I said above. The theatrical thing was really vulgar and even a little bit promiscuous and the focus was not Adam and his beautiful voice and I think it was not good. It’s kind: Adam lost the control.

    • All evening the announcer kept saying at commercial time, Adam Lamberts performance will be the
      talk of the night. Well no shit…………. Not the kind of talk I wanted to hear about.
      You guys are probably surprised of my feelings????? 1st time I’ve not agreed with anything Adam has done.

  19. OMG. My heart is breaking for Adam. I think the nerves got to him & I think he was trying to do too much (doing all that walking/dancing on the tiered stage, thus tripping) all at once & I don’t think he won the hearts of those who already didn’t like him, especially with some of the more sexual things. It really is fine with me, but let’s face it, many Americans are really shocked easily. He goes out to promote his album soon, I know he has a great sense of humor so I hope it will serve him well. He looked great, tho, and I can only hope he gets a chance to redeem himself very soon. I have to admit this is the first time I have ever worried about Adams more unconventional attitude. I hope he still gets to be on GMA & he changes things up or even does a different song, like WDYWFM?

    • WDYWFM would be a great choice for Adam to sing on some of the TV shows he will be on over the next while. If anyone can pull this off and redeem himself, it’s our Adam. He could sing it all very tongue in cheek (your OWN cheek, Adam – no one else’s LOL!) Whataya Want From Me could be his big Mea Culpa song to try to get over this!


      • I think that ADAM should sing TFM when he’s on GMA! That song showcases his voice and right now, a miracle would help ADAM redeem himself! I still love ADAM, and will support him, but I have to agree with Mary-Ellen…..his performance on live tv should have been abit tamer (and still could be sexy), so that he could win even more fans! We all know that haters will be loving tearing ADAM apart! I’m still an ADAM lover!

    • Bobbie, you were the first to mention how good he looked. He did look awfully handsome, his suit
      showed off his tall and lean frame. Too hot!

  20. LibraLamb7 says:

    OMG!!! My heart is still trippin’ after watching that…Something went wrong from the get-go, IMO. He didn’t sound or look right…Not comfortable Singing sounded forced to me…Like he really was ANGRY, not just playing a part.Can’t believe it was nerves, unless he knew he was about to cross BIG lines & break barriers. If he really DID fall…& it’s hard to tell, he covered & recovered it well, only those who saw full rehearsals would know if that was a choreographed move…Not a good one, in any case. I hope he’s OK, poor BB. Truly, I AM SKERD for him after tonight. Editor of OUT mag should be eating his words, though! Adam went for it & wasn’t hiding anything here…He was brave, but it may hurt him. Wonder if GMA, Letterman & Ellen will be too skerd to have his perform FYE!!! Gonna hear LOTS of hate on this one.He really didn’t do or sing anything more shocking than some of the other performers (LOTS of “bleeps”, scanty costumes, sexually suggestive dancing), but Adam did have those overtly gay moves that won’t play well in America’s heartland! I wanted this to be epic for Adam & it may be go down in AMA history as memorable all right. Which award show was it where Madonna frenched Brttney??? OMG…OMG…OMG…And I saw on Perez Hilton tweet that Adam’s mom was there….

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh LibraLamb. I totally agree with what you said. My heart is still pounding. I don’t think this is good for Adam. I was thinking the same thing, that his voice sounded angry. He’s been under so much pressure, has everything finally gotten to him. I love him so much, but this was not a good performance and it breaks my heart to say that.
      This exposure was supposed to open up a whole new fan base for Adam and promote his record sales. What were his managers and people thinking to put on that show for America. I’m not a prude in any sense of the word, but I really don’t think people liked it. Is it just me, or do you think that the audience there wasn’t really receptive to it either. Didn’t sound like a whole lot of clapping and even the second time when Ryan Seacrest said his name there wasn’t a lot of cheering and did I hear boos, not sure.
      Oh Adam, I just feel so bad. I hope this doesn’t hurt him.

      • Helen…I noticed at the end of ADAM’s performance that the audience was quiet, and not alot of applause or cheering! Can’t wait to hear what Jeannette and Vera have to say about everything that was said or what happened after the show!

        I just pray that ADAM is not kicking himself for going too far (too soon) and that he’s not embarrassed or demoralized by the negative publicity that we know will happen!

        I think I’ll have trouble sleeping tonite! I was so excited for the performance, then afterwards so worried about reactions!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Yes, Jaberone, I was going to say that in my post, but my head is about to explode and I forgot. I really want to hear what Jeanette and Vera say. What was the vibe like in the theatre after the performance., OMG, I’m so skerd!

          • Helen.. it is 12:40 for me right now and I just watched the whole ama again.. I didn’t get home from work until just before Adam’s song but I came on twitter and read all the neg reviews by fans and then I watched Adam on youtube . I couldn’t help but gasp as Adam tripped. Then he left some of the words out of the song right after the trip.. The rest of the song was painful to watch because I knew his voice was strained and forced.. The look on his face at the end said it all.. I realized that I was holding my breath until Ryan said something like and That was Adam Lambert and there was such a pause before a weak clapping..
            The cameras loved Adam all during the show.. The build up and introduction was huge for Adam.. The people were standing when Adam came out with all of his name in lights ….but I think it just went down hill from there.. He was pitchie and tight in his singing to me.. I know I’m rambling cause I’m tired and don’t know how to processes this show tonight. I feel like a parent that wanted everyone to love their childs talent and something just didn’t sit well after he sang… I hope Adam is able to shine during his interviews this week. I hope he will use his sence of humor about the trip. He really did make a great recovery.. my God, how did he keep going after that ? I’m really “skerd” to see what all the talk shows are going to say about the sex acts on stage.. I love Adam and will alway be a fan for life. I just wanted this to be a huge night for him.. I wanted everyone to be talking about this after his singing fye tonight but not in the bad way and shocking way.. people are so cruel.
            I don’t want to see anyone hurt ADAM… Time will tell.. I’m going to bed now… I don’t know if I can sleep.

          • Hi guys!
            What can I tell?!!!
            As all of you, I am still in shock… (Adam can do it to ppl, no kidding…) When he was announced everybody were on their feet immediately. I would say even faster than for some of the other performance. It was a good sign. BTW the sound was great… I am not a fan of this particular song, but I think he sound very good. Loooved the beginning! I did not like the dancers and choreography… It was too much. action for me, destructing … As for his fall, for me it seemed as a part of choreography… After he finished ( and it is my perception) the audience was in shock. There was not a lot of applause… it’s true… But I think it’s because everybody was shocked and digesting what had just happened….

            • LOL!Gala thanks for the story.You were there,right?I saw in the vid people stand up and applause when his name was mention.When he did intro,i was impressed and get more excited.Thinking this going to be great,then …I was like the rest of you! 0_o It’s shocking!!

              And Miss SWIFT got 5 awards,huh?Mr.KANYE ain’t going to be happy!LOL!Next year,Adam going to win 5 or maybe more than 5,that time guess who won’t be happy?Yup,you are right,Mr.Clay Aiken surely won’t!LOL! 🙂
              LOVE YOU,ADAM! <3<3<3

    • Libra, I didnt think he sounded like himself either. I was wanting to see a smile from him showing his beautiful whites! Didnt happen, only the mean look. The world looks different at 2 women kissing as opposed to two men, thats for sure. Lets hope on GMA and the others he will perform FYE closer to the CD sound!

  21. OMG. OMG. OMG. Adam, what in the hell were you thinking? Nope this will not fly with the public, I don’t think. I am nearly speechless. I am shocked, and I am disappointed to put it mildly. OMG, Adam this was NOT the time for this.

    Yes, of course, he slipped and rolled across the beam, but at least he did not fall totally off.

    I feel so embarrassed for him. He must feel humiliated and embarrassed. I’m sooo sorry, Adam. I really am. God, it was a nightmare for me to watch. He wanted so badly to do so good. His Mom sitting there. All that shit from the OUT ragmag. He was way too nervous. Didn’t seem like it at first, but too many people to touch, and grab to be able to keep his eyes on the prize tonite. OMG, Adam. Just think of it as a lesson. This kind of stuff was not appreciated by the audiance in the building or at home. Too bad, really. So sorry and feel for Adam.

    Adam is so much better than all this ‘performing’ that he decided to have on stage with him. He could have just stood in one place and sang his face off and it would go down in the history books for good reasons. Live and learn, I guess is all one can say. Waitting thru the worst AMA I’ve ever seen, before Adam came on, just plain garbage from the other performers with very few exceptilons. Then, to sit thru all that stupid ‘crap’ that was trying to be passed off as ‘music’ or ‘performances’, is an insult to all who watched this ridiculously long show. Why did we have to see some of those singers more than once? What happened to Green Day? Where was the music/ OMG. What a horrible show. I am happy to have seen Adam, and have his voice be good, but it was so overshadowed by the piece of crap that he insisted on going on the stage with him. Thank God he will be on some tv shows soon and maybe he can begin to forget, somewhat, what happened. I can only imagine how unbelievably horrible he feels, now. He will be having a few drinks tonite.

    Adam, you are our GLORLIOUS GLAM ROCK-GOD, and we LOVE you and your unbelievable talent!
    Shake it off, and do it right next time. Besides, You were still the best performance tonite, regardless!!! No one in that bldg could hold a candle to you, mistake or no mistake. The rest of them were horrible compared to you. Carrie was good. Eminem was good, and kelley and Daughtry. Only the American Idol people had any real talent there tonite. Jay-Z can walk around the stage with one hand in his pocket trying to look cool all he wants. It doesn’t make it so. Adam’s freshman yr is almost over and he has only goofed once that I can see in the whole year. Everyone goofs one time or another.


    • Cheryl, I agree with you! I did like Daughtry, and he didn’t try to inject sex into his act.

      All the performers were trying to be too sexy and over the top, including Lady Gaga and JLo, etc.

      I wonder if ADAM thought he had to outdo their acts and try to be more over the top than the others.

      His managers and handlers had better advise him to calm it down just abit for tv….till he gets established and well-respected. Whatever happens in his concerts would be an entirely different genre!

      • JABERONE…………….funny, I just ran across your phone # from the concert, today! anyway, I have said before, and will say again, that if Adam wants to be the great ‘performer’ that we know he wants to be, he needs to listen to himself. He says ‘It is about the MUSIC’ and it better be. That is what the world has fallen in love with. His amazing voice first, his looks and his wonderful personality. I just think the gay community stress got the better of him, and I thought the guy he kissed was a girl? So, grabbing the girl.s crotch a few jerks, grabbing the head of the guy to his crotch, etc. was NOT about the MUSIC.

        If the majority of those in the audiance and those on fansites don’t like it, I doubt that any of these people would want to pay money to see Adam crush people into his crotch. They will be paying to hear that immaculate voice. Don’t you think? I do.

        • Hi Cheryl…..I know that I would pay money to see ADAM sing, dance, gyrate, and everything else… in person! I know how excited I got when I saw him in Grand Rapids, with you and the other Glambs, just imagine what his solo concerts will be like!

          I guess if people don’t like it, they won’t pay! More seat choices for us!!!!!! LOL

        • cheryl, I thought the guy he kissed was a girl too. His keyboard player. Then seeing the above pic
          on the thread, proved me wrongo! When the song was bleeped out during the head grabbing of the guy to his crotch, I thought maybe it was the language, from what I’m hearing it was to stop the act.
          He has the most outstanding voice of anyone there last night. I wanted a standing ovation for him.
          Ryan was shocked and so was the audience. Then, poof it was over……………..

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            Are you kidding, of course he kissed a guy, and who says he is straight? I beg to differ!
            We should not be surprised over this – this is all part of his agenda from RS mag to this, the pattern has been building and he had control over the entire performance, if he didn’t want to do any of this he didn’t have to, no one forced him. This was a bad decision and frankly, I don’t think he cares, as long as he can “push boundaries” as he has said he wanted to do. Well Adam, I hope you feel that you have pushed enough, because you are losing your core fan base and not gaining any new ones! We don’t need the message he is sending in this world today – take a cue from MJ and “Heal the World”!!!

            • cheryl 334 says:

              ADAMADMIRER…….The internet says he is straight.? Oh, well, it’s all over but the crying, now!

          • cheryl 334 says:

            MARY……………… Yeah, thak god ther was an end to this painful performance. If I did not love all of Adam so much, I wouldn’t care, but I just want him to go as far as I know he can and be the greatest performer ever lived, and he can. I just hurt all over when he tripped, when he held that guy into his bulge, wish it were me, and when he kissed with a bit of violent passion the girl that was a guy. OMG. Please let me get over the mess. Pleas, Adam, get back to your focus, MUSIC!

      • Just where were the managers and advisors for Adam during rehearsels? Did no one think to tell him this may have been a bit over the top? And to tone it down for his first huge national and international exposure??
        I too am a huge Adam fan but I am hurting for him now as well. Cheryl 343 is so right!!
        I pray he didn’t damage his bright future and career too much!

        • Angie, he didnt damage his bright future. Adam will overcome this. Lets hear from him.

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            It doesn’t matter if HE overcomes this – this is all part of his agenda, his message, his pushing boundaries – do you really think he cares? He wouldn’t have done this if he cared? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GAY AGENDA!

    • Cheryl, I totally agree , he could do better and better alone – no dancers, no musicians, no choreograph – only ADAM and HIS BEAUTIFUL VOICE = WELL SUCCEEDED NIGHT

      • EVELIZE…………………Agree. Sex is not the answer! I respected Daughtry’s effort and a couple others. But, Adam needs a little rest after the idol, the tour, the album the tv appearances, the relationship problems, and the gay community problems. He should take off for the Christmas holidays, where he isn’t known so much and take a few friends and get his head rested. Come back, and not be in such a hurry about the album promoting. Do a lot of singing Soaked, Fever, and some of the other songs. Leave FYE alone for a while. Get to feeling better and let people get all this shit out of their systems about tonite, and own up to it, joke about it, express his regrets, and forget it. Oh, I hope and pray he can do that. I did go on twitter and voted for him for best entertainer for tonite. He was ahead by 80% to 3% by the closest person to him. People just want to help him with this pain. I do too. It’s is too sad. My heart hurts for him so much. It just made me cry looking at the end of his performance when his eyes looked like they had tears in them. Now they say he won’t face anyone. Someone give him some vodka martinis. I don’t even drink, but tonite I wish I had some vodka in the house. Pray that he will be on Letterman and the Hudson concert. That would be the best thing to get this off his mind and in his past.

        • Cheryl…I just watch a great interview with ADAM by AccessHollywood. Go to their website and you’ll love it!

          • cheryl 334 says:

            JABERONE………….. Did it. Saw it. Just wish Adam did not say he didn’t care if people don’t like this! Oh, Adam! You need to do some real thinking. You also need a good 2 weeks off out of the limelight andcollect your thought and yourself! Yeah, all the memories of GR came back when I ran across your phone #!!!!! Nice memories. I was only 5 feet away from him on stage!!! To have that time back! Ohhhhhhh……………

        • cheryl, so well said. Oh I feel for him and when you mentioned the tears in his eyes at the end? OMG
          So glad he is ahead on twitter votes. Someone give him some vodka martinis? I do drink and I would love to have some drinks with HIM! Who knows what Adam will have to say about this, we never know…………
          peace and love

  22. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    It was painful to watch Adam hurt his career…He went too far….too much running around an not enough effort into singing the song. OHHHH Adam what did you do tonight??

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      I forgot to mention all the phone calls from friends and family thinking I had lost my mind for sure, after tonights show..

      • None of my friends have called me about ADAM….I told them all to watch the show to see him! My 93 year old Dad stayed up to watch ADAM (just for me)! I can’t imagine what he’ll be thinking because I’m always bragging about ADAM and how great he is (which he is!).

        • Then show your dad his others performance.He will understand why you love that guy. 🙂

          • Emili…. I think my Dad will understand why I love ADAM, but at 93 yrs old, I doubt if he would understand some of the things that he saw. Since it’s so late, I won’t talk to him until tomorrow. I’ll let you know what he says! I give my Dad credit that he stayed up to see ADAM! 🙂

            • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

              My kids haven’t stopped teasing me since the end of the performance, especially since I’ve been making them “enjoy” the new CD with me since it arrived yesterday! I was truly appalled, but I just read through some of the tweets and alot of them are positive. Guess time will tell how this affects him. However, I need a major dose of something like the GMA “Starlight” performance to re-align the stars for me. The funny thing is that earlier today, the Madonna/Britney/Christina kiss flashed through my mind and I thought “No, Adam wouldn’t do anything like that!” I hope Adam’s not too devastated – hopefully he’ll bounce back and amaze all of us with some flawless vocals on GMA and Letterman. I really hope Letterman doesn’t give Adam a hard time …

        • KO's smiling says:

          I forwarded his upright vids from youtube to my family… don’t want them to think I’m into deviant sex with BAD singers! poor adam.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          LADYC JABERONE………………..What to do, what to say. I cried real tears. Not for me, but b/c I could feel the pain he was going thru locked behind the doors after flipping off the world and having the trip. I just felt like I was watching an accident in slow motion and the love of my life was just hanging by a thread himself. I hurt for Adam. If I could, I would want to feel all his pain and not let him feel any. But, that cannot be. So, I want him to learn something by this. Please, let this be a lesson he can understand.

      • Lady c 9543, you and me both all these comments from family and friends. I tell them to shut up and
        its not what it seems! (cheryl gave me that line!)

  23. I watched the rehearsal videos, and ADAM was supposed to “strut” with the cane…instead he tripped and then rolled across….he seemed to keep in control though. I felt so bad for him!
    I read on twitter that ADAM didn’t come out to backstage, and that he was feeling bad!

    We all have to let ADAM know that we love and support him! You know the haters will be out, especially the homophobs, and they will try to tear ADAM apart!

    Hopefully, when ADAM appears on the talk shows, they will focus on his talent and voice, and not bring up anything negative…..all talk should be positive and reinforce his talent and music!

    • What?He didn’t come out and feeling bad?OMG!!I want to cry!! Don’t be too harsh on him,come on!Let’s tweet him and say something nice,make hin feel better!OMG,I feel so sad.He tried,we know he tried! 🙁

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Lynsey Parker tweeted that she was waiting to interview but got news he wasn’t coming out, nothing said in any of the tweets that I read, that he felt bad.

    • jaberone, he still has all my love and 100% support for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • And another 100% from me 🙂

      • cheryl 334 says:

        MARY……………..Make no mistake about it. Although I have some terrible misgivings about his performance, I am still totally Adam’s fan. His biggest fan! (haha!!!) I love him no matter what. I see that he has some things to adjust and make some changes, and I feel sure he will grow and make the changes necessary to go forward. GMA and Letterman will help this effort, so much.

        love-peace-light-truth-hpe joy-happiness 4 Adam.

  24. WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT!! SHOCKING IN A BAAAADDD WAY TOO. You said it lililu I WANT TO CRY– I am so sad for ADAM right now, all the hype and the audience barely clapped!! They were not impressed!! Who would be impressed with this performance?? What were the PRODUCERS THINKING!!! Career suicide and I love Adam– But I know everyone was watching this to see what he was about and what he would do. Yes, everyone knows he is sexy from AI tour but too much for prime time tv. Adam is so respected by everyone in the business for his amazing voice and stage presence, and they were excited for his entrance into this world of music. He was HONORED to be put on this show amongst all this amazing talent tonight and before he even proved himself. They put him on last to make a statement : Adam is special, like no one else. Then this?? What the hell just happened??

    Pushing the guys face into his crotch and kissing that guy was just ridiculous and foolish. And I’d say the same thing if he were pushing a girls face into his crotch!! NOT SEXY AT ALL ADAM!

    I am vey sad right now

    • Sherry K GLAMB# 445 says:

      I agree with you Summer. I am very sad right now. I love ADAM and always will!! I saw that guys face pused in to ADAM’S CROTCH! It was BAD!! No one liked it. No clapping. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIS MANAGEMENT THINKING??? You are right NOT SEXY AT ALL ADAM!!

      • Sherry K GLAMB# 445 says:

        Sorry! I meant to say guy’s face pushed in ADAM’S crotch!! ~Oh well the word I typed is really right! SAD FOR ADAM. Dumb management team for ADAM. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I will just say that it wasn’t that long ago that I posted that Adam would not be able to tour in concert with such explicity. So many nay-sayers to me. I din’t know what I was talking about, blah, blah,blah,…………Hello. Now what do you think? I was never in any doube that this sort of stuff just would not fly with the mainstream public. Not even those on the fringes liked it. Now, that I’ve got my breath back, and Adam is partially drunk by now, and can think and talk to many others at the after party, I feel he will recover with a well learned lesson. I could just vomit from nerves and feeling of pain for Adam. But, man, I could have told him. That kiss up on the scaffold was unplanned. The one with the girl with the blonde hair. Adam looked like he had tears in his eyes at the end. It is haunting. I DVR’d it, and couldn’t watch it after the 2nd time and I ‘paused’ it at the end to see his eyes, and during the trip. Someone said that he did not look right in the beginning and that his voice was not his normal voice. I agree. He was. I would guess, more nervous than he has ever been in his life. Also that freak, Perez Hilton sitting right there. Just an all around bad karma nite. It is done. Over. Life goes on. Adam will recover nicely. Give him some time. Just let him get thru this week and the holiday and time heals all things. Well, eventually. This is not the worst thing to happen. All the performers were terrible, except a few. Adam was still better than the rest. He has had WAY too much pressure on him this past week. Those that have been mocking him in the gay community may have gotten to him and he may have tried to ‘prove’ he was no phoney. Who knows, but one thing I do know, is that all the press these last few days have taken their toll on our Adam. Adam chan shake himself off, go out and say, Oh, I’m pissed that I messed up, own it, laugh at it, and go on. That is the best thing for Adam. This too, will pass. The people want to hear that incredible VOICE, Adam. And your gorgeous face. We do not care about all those dancers and stuff. We love YOU!

    • Aahhhh cheryl, I couldnt have said that any better. The explicity he showed with the microphone, doesnt compare with what he did with the guy in his crotch and OMG, I cant think right now. Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I want to hear his incredible voice, so tonight I will pop my ipod in my ears listen to him and have my very own visions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        If only, Mary. If only he could have given the world his best asset for singing, his VOICE!!! For God’s sake!!! His voice! I will be a wreck for a while just fearing he is hurting. OH he will not let us see his pain. But it is there.

    • I know that Adam has alot of pressure on him right now, he is trying to give his fans what they want! Then when some of his so called “true fans” give up on him, he says he doesn’t care, he’s not here to please everybody! He’s not letting on that that hurts him! A true fan is one who follows and supports him in whatever he does does, be along side of him in his journey! I love and respect this young gorgeous talented man!

  26. I loved the beginning when he came out and sang a couple of lines of the song (it threw me because that was not in the original song)….

    I thought there was too much going on with all the dancers and him walking up and down all over the place.

    I think he LOOKED GORGEOUS
    I loved his suit…very classy!

    I think he got a little shook up (my Elvis term) when he grabbed the cane and then had to roll on his back to the next spot….(some of you think he fell???)

    Then he FORGOT ONE OF THE WORDS to the song….(I felt bad for him there, because I know he is a perfectionist)

    But he kept going without any problems

    He seemed a little nervous to me at times.

    When he grabbed the guy in the beginning and shoved him into his crotch they “bleeped” it…but he didn’t say anything bad there…guess they didn’t know what to do with that !!!!

    When he went up to the top of the stairs at the end and kissed the heck out of that GUY keyboard player (who someone said is straight)….I didn’t expect THAT !!!

    I liked the notes he hit at the end….he has an incredible voice!

    I’m not sure if the audience was thrilled by it or not !!!

    Personally, I don’t think HE was happy with his performance!

    • I didn’t notice that he forgot one of the words. I can’t even imagine the stress and nervousness that ADAM felt! I know how I felt before he came on…..I was nervous and excited to the extreme!!! LOL

      • I CAN’T EVEN SLEEP…..IT’S 2:30 am and I’ll still up…..I FEEL SO BAD FOR ADAM….after re-watching the video many times, I realize he DID TRIP AND ROLLED ACROSS THE PLATFORM….but My God, you have to give me a ton of credit for keeping it together….he could have really gotten hurt or whatever…and to continue on like he did was incredible. I don’t think he sounded as good as he usually does though. This song, in particular, doesn’t really showcase his voice as much as like anyway.

        When I re-watched the ending, when they do a close-up of his face, you can tears in his eyes….my HEART WAS JUST ACHING FOR HIM….I don’t think he was happy with his performance either.

        Sucking face the way he did with the keyboard player (Tommy) was just a little too much and I don’t think it was necessary….

        ADAM is going to have to think of something tomorrow to prove to people that he can REALLY SING HIS FACE OFF….(WE already now how fantastic he is), but his skeptics are going to RIP HIM TO SHREDS!!! I’M SICK OVER IT…..

  27. Adam,

    You are making it hard to stay a fan. You are adored because of your natural talent, range of voice, natural charisma, etc..

    Tonight on the AMA, the “act” overshadowed the vocals and masked your natural talent. We get it, you want to be like Bowie, Madonna, and Lady Gaga by doing something interesting and creating shock. However when that gets in the way of the talent, it’s a big let down.

    I am doing my best to be a loyal fan, but I don’t even like your new sone “for your entertainment”. Hope you will listen to your fans and be “real”.

  28. WOW!!!! i just watched the performance completely, i wasnt able to watch it on tv, i was covering my eyes half way through thinking what have you done Adam……i really really hope this doesnt hurt him, he needs to understand that mainstream America is not ready for sh*t like that. I personally liked it just because it was Adam but i feel that it lacked quality, showcasing his voice, and it was too focused on sex, i get what he was trying to do, to be shocking, but too much too soon, i think he should have saved that kind performance for later, now a lot of people r gonna remember him from that performance and not in a good way, i hope people get past that and discover what a truly talented man he is and give his record a chance. The music will speak for itself i think, now he needs to focus more on the music and not so much in trying to shock people, he will be successful regardless but there r so many haters out there that probably want to bring him down now, it makes me kind of sad. I wish him so much success, and i want everyone to love him, to see what all of us here see in him… of luck Adam!!!!

    • That right- just look who won performer of the year!! TAYLOR SWIFT!! You can’t get more vanilla then her, but that is still America!!
      There are soo many haters!! Adam has to SING HIS FACE OFF NOW to redeem himself.

  29. Who does he have for advisors? Probably all ‘yes men’-no one in their right mind with Adam’s best interest at heart would have approved of that choreography – and why distract from his beautiful singing. I had a bad feeling when I heard one or two lines of lyrics for the song on CD(great sounding CD-Great) I really hated the choreography, and there was no pleasure watching it for me. I still love Adam though, but tonights performance -in my opinion- did him damage. I hope I am wrong, I want to be wrong about this. But I want to be entertained and that sure wasn’t entertaining.To end on a positive note- I love Adam.

    • AYLEAH Exactly– WHO in their right mind approved this performance?? They want Adam to succeed, and recover money they are spending on all the cds and hype.

      Every other singer also had their cd track playing along with the vocals, but Adam was just singing to his band. Not powerfull enough.

  30. Adam will never shock me. Adam is Adam. The performance was powerful both vocally and his message. What makes me sad was the negative remarks. Although, I would take this in a positive way, at the end this will benefit Adam. And for those who has change of heart on Adam, totally wrong. At least now we know who trully will be behind Adam all the way.

    Great job Adam. You did entertained the world. Keep rocking!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Agree Aramikah, and the song is about bondage isn’t it. I am sure the video clip will be just as shocking. Way to go Adam. I guess this will definitely sort out which fans are stayers.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I love Adam and still do. I just didn’t think this was the right performance for his introduction to mainstream America. The purpose of this appearance was for more exposure to people who don’t know Adam and hopefully introduce a whole new fan base for him. To promote his record sales, etc, etc. We all want Adam to have success, but I don’t think that was achieved tonight.
        If this was part of his act on tour, I wouldn’t be concerned about it. We as fans know what he’s about and love him, but as an introduction to the rest of America, poor choice. I think his managers blew it on this one.
        Vocally, I don’t think it was his best performance. His voice sounded strained to me. Believe me, I sat there holding my breath the whole time hoping he would do well, and as much as I love him that wasn’t the case tonight. I hope he can recover from this and move on. I don’t want this one “mistake” to ruin his chances at the great career he so deserves.
        My heart is breaking right now. I wanted everyone to love him tonight.

        • Dianne, I am defin. a stayer. Love him, just think tonight was way to soon to be performing like this.
          He wants to pull people in, not push them away. People who dont know his music to well, may not give him another chance. This CD has to do well, we want a full blown tour. I wanted America and the World to be talking about his fantastic singing today not his actions.

    • ARAMIKAH — WE LOVE ADAM–THATS WHY WE ARE IN PAIN RIGHT NOW!! Seeing someone you love go through someting negative or painful, it hurts you too.

      We are being realistic about this performance, not negative. It will kill all of us to find that this performance and the statements Adam made tonight will jepordize his phenomenal career that was ahead of this extraordinary man–ADAM.

      I think we should all right to 19 Entertainment Corp. and let them know that whom ever decided this was a smart move for Adam, should be fired.

      • Summer, I understand where your coming from. Likewise, I am realistic as well, Adam has proven to the world his amazing artistry since AI. And, for people to judge him and verbalized their change of heart on this one performance, I think that is very, very, WRONG! I don’t think it will kill me if he messes up with his performance, in fact, I will be giving him a hand and work it out.

        IMO, I don’t think your idea to write 19 EC is right. I have so much respect for Adam.

    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

      Thanks, Aramikah, for bringing me to my senses. I will always be a fan of Adam’s – I fell for him the first time I saw him on Idol and that level of support and love doesn’t go away that easily. I was just SOOOOOOOOO excited for him and this opportunity. In my almost 50-year old mind, it was a failure. But in some people’s minds, it seems to have been a successful risk. Either way, I know what a fantastic CD Adam is releasing tomorrow (actually, it’s probably already been released – it’s after midnight here :)) I’m just afraid that, after tonight, some people who haven’t spent countless hours listening to the 30-second snippets won’t give Adam the respect he deserves. I don’t think tonight’s performance conveys the time Adam has spent crafting his voice and performance. In other words, I don’t think Adam demonstrated his amazing talent tonight. But, Adam is a work in progress – he makes us think he can handle anything, and truthfully, he’s a young man who still gets nervous, gets his feelings hurt (probably more than we think), and is being pulled in too many directions. Adam, please just sing for us 🙂

      • I agree with you. I completely respect and trust Adam, I know he will work it out. I love what you said, his just human just like us. On top of his amazing artistry I love Adam for who he is. If people will not buy his CD because of what happened tonight, that is so sad. I have the CD three days prior to release date, it was amazing.

        Keep it up Adam!



    • Dianne Hill says:

      Me too Donna, I have pointed out the bits that I didn’t like below, but on the whole I loved it. May I’m weird – now I am not saying that you are weird Donna, just me. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but I do understand everyone’s view on it.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        You’re not weird Dianne, LOL! I wish I felt the same as you, I’d be in a better place right now!

    • DONNA……………..Oh, how wrong I think you are!!!! No way did he want THIS!!! I’m glad you loved it, but, it is not the fans of his I’m worried about. Someone above posted that he should take it slow. That is just what I’ve said for so long. Get himdelf known for who and what he is as a performer, and then if he wants to try to slowly go in this more sexual venue, do it slowly. Don’t try to get pdople to eat the whol enchalada. Give them one bite at a time, and wait till they start refusing any more so you can see where they draw the line. Oh, he will be talked about tomorrow. But it will NOT be in the way he wanted. Why do you think he is locked in his room now? Why do you think he had tears in his eyes at the end? This is certainly NOT what Adam had in mind, the poor guy. I feel so much pain for him. I never would have wished this on anyone, and I was so worried today that I told many people that I was so afraid he would fall and reminded them of Steve Tyler. OMG.

  32. Adam~~~~I have always raved about you since American Idol and I have a lot of your songs posted on My Facebook and tonight you crossed the wrong boundaries. You have a great voice and a lot of talent and can sing rock to ballets; however, tonight you leave American wondering what kind of music will you be producting. Adam, what does your mother think about the guy who had his head in your crotch and the woman that you were feeling her crotch near the end of the video. Adam, this is not the kind of crap that we parents want our children watching. Tracks of My Tears, Mad World, and some of the other songs that you have sung including Black and White by Michael Jackson and other ones on You Tube are great and some of your rock music is great, but this performance tonight shocked millions of people and was not a good way to start your career. Please produce the kind of music that you are best at and not sex/obsenity/porn. Ask your Mother about this performance tonight because now you may have some damage control to repair. Prove me wrong and be that Adam that I have always loved with so much talent that you have in you and use it to produce the kind of music that you can stand proud of and the kind that would make your Mother and Father proud of you and tonight was not that music that any of us want to see in a video nor hear, Adam, yes you can push the boundaries to a certain degree, but not this, Your strength lies in your soft side with that loving and sexy voice that women are crazy over so don’t disappoint the people who have followed you through American Idol and were shocked that you didn’t win because you were the best with no doubt.. Adam, we love you so don’t do what you did on the AMA Awards tonight because there is too much crap in this world already so if you want to be of the elite musician list now and in the future find yourself again and record the music were your strength lies and music that appeals to both the young and not so young. You are an amazing musician and entertainer so keep it that way with your music and make it mean something to this world. Look at the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Micahel Jackson, and others and their music still lives on to this very day so that is the kind of legacy that you want to leave. We love you Adam so good luck!!

  33. Thank God, only America & Canada watched this live, Asia probably might air AMA 2009 to a later date. I watched the YouTube video – OMG! What was he thinking??? The comments made above by his own loyal fans, what would his critics say? The album will be launched tomorrow, he needs serious damage control otherwise he will lose his mainstream fans. Why on earth did ABC even let him perform this way? I’m even doubtful we’ll even see this performance in Asia due to censorship issues; his recording label needs to sort out this mess, fast!

  34. My thoughts: It would be better is Adam admitted he fell- if he did- because he handled it so very well; and, it would put more emphasis on that, and sympathy votes, than on the poor taste of the choreography. He sand as though upset or something, the joy of singing was missing-at least I felt like it was. Oh , darn it, I just hated the dance, hated it . Where’s the sexy? Flirty, love, seduction is sexy, not bondage. Stupid stupid stupid choreography.

  35. Dianne Hill says:

    I haven’t read all the posts yet, because I’ve been fluffing about and I watched the clip again in YouTube before I found out it was here. Oh well, never mind.

    I am going to be different from everyone else (although as I said I have not read all posts yet). I am sorry everyone, I loved it. He is certainly telling the world who he is and what he is with that performance, rock on Adam.

    Yes, there was a bit too much going on and I thought the camera angles with going through the audience was just stupid, and yes the singing was a bit off, don’t know if that was Adam or just the sound. He looked amazing although at first I thought the suit he wore was the wrong colour for the lighting and all the steel set he didn’t stand out and it was hard to see him at times (thanks again to stupid camera angles). But on the whole it didn’t worry me that it was over the top or that he kissed that guy – what a kiss, it definitely wasn’t a peck was it, LOL. Oh I do love him so much.

    • And I love him so much too.I just twat him telling that I love him and support him.He did his best!! His performance wasn’t that bad.He needs his fans now,let’s support him!Remember how fantastic singer he is.He will always be! 🙂

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Dianne, the kiss didn’t bother me ~laughing~ it was all the other stuff I’m trying to wrap my brain around as I’ve said in all my posts above. I need to go to sleep now, it’s 1:15 and I have to be up at 6:00a.m. Don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep, OMG!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        The polls that I have seen on different sites tonight are all in Adam’s favour.

        I don’t think it is any good writing to Adam’s management and asking whose idea was this because I betcha it was Adam’s, he may have gone a little over the top, I don’t think so, but I can see many of you do. He is extraordinary and loves to take chances, isn’t that what he is all about, he has never been one to play it safe. And I just watched the video again and there was plenty of clapping going on. Remember these are all entertainers themselves and I doubt if they would have thought too much about it really. I could be wrong of course, I have been known to be wrong before.

        I still love it however, nothing will change that, and I didn’t think he looked like he had tears in his eyes at the end, he had sparkly eye make up on. Oh well, who knows only Adam I guess.

  36. . . .

    All I can say right now…you are free to take that negatively or positively…I have no words to describe this…

  37. I’m disappointed BUT not in Adam. I’m disappointed in all the negative hypocritical comments tonight. This performance definitly pushes the limits, but let’s support Adam. Don’t bash him or reject him. No matter what that man can sing. For all you guys that call yourself an Adam fan…you should be a fan no matter what. Support him. I know I do!!! I love him! He entertained me.

    • Cheri…… I’m not rejecting or bashing ADAM…hope you don’t think I am. But I think all of us (his true Glamb fans) are expressing their thoughts and feelings among friends here. I’m sure that none of us are going to turn against ADAM, and none of us are going to stop supporting ADAM.
      I speak for myself, and I think the Glambs, that we are ADAM fans no matter what. WE LOVE AND SUPPORT ADAM! Just wanted you to know that! 🙂

      • I am a true Glamb fan too. I have been a fan since the beginning. Glamb #128. I love Adam. I’m glad you do to. I just think we should support him even when he stumbles.

        • Oh yes, I do support and love ADAM all the way! I have loved him since his audition, and knew he would be a Star! ADAM will feel our love and support just like he always has from the beginning.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Our feelings are not bashing Adam in any way. If you read most of the comments we are disappointed and heartbroken because we do not feel this performance served Adam well in his career. Yes, we love him and will always support him And this is the time when he needs our support the most, not just the good times, but the bad times too. We all love him and we will support him through this.

          • Sherry K GLAMB# 445 says:

            Helen; You are right! We are not bashing ADAM! I still LOVE him. I am just so upset I can’t Hardly think or speak! Yes we must continue to support him. I am going to go to bed and try to sleep and just forget this evening. We should not look at what people are saying on utube! It is heart wrenching! LET ALL OF US WHO LOVE ADAM CONTINUE TO SHOW HIM LOVE! Good night! Sherry K GLAMB #445

        • mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

          This was not just a stumble. Not meaning the trip. This is a deliberate step down a path that he has chosen. I believe we can support him by saying NO to what he presented tonight. If his most loyal fans let him know that act didn’t fly, maybe there might be hope for his career. He made a major stupid mistake! I support him. But feel so sad for him.
          There is no negativity coming out of his fanbase. These are comments and expressions of love that you are reading here.

          • aw Glamb #47 says:

            totally agree with you madam…i’m heartbroken over the choice he made tonight, and ultimately, it was his choice. this was much more about shock value than the music…not what we’re really looking for from him.

      • mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

        Agree with you Cheri. We all LOVE ADAM here. Let us express our feelings. I’m just trying not to cry. Very much need to hear others who feel the same. And ADAM needs to hear how we feel. We are his fans!

      • I’m not going to stop supporting either turning against Adam, but I’m still thinking that it would be better Adam alone and only singing his face off … as always!

    • AdamAddict says:

      OMG,Cheri,You said what I want to say.Some not all,but some are bit harsh.I feel sad just reading it.I can’t believe what I read.Now,I think I read no more.Plz don’t be too harsh,it’s our beloved Adam we talking here!! 🙁

      • Thank you. And if you listen to all the interviews he has been doing the past few days he doesn’t seem upset with his performance at all. I still stand by him. I loved the performance. It was definitly risky. But we all have different tastes I guess. I’m fine with being in the minority on this. Now that the album is out, who cares about the controversy. Just put the cd in the player if you need to be reminded why we all love our Adam.

  38. (I really don’t care for Rickey) has a closeup pic of ADAM and he looks absolutely devastated … and a pic of ADAM kissing Tommy…….. Rickey said it was painful to watch!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Of course it was painful to watch,coz he hope Adam kissing him! No way that’s going to happen!

  39. Well, it was one performance in a whole string of amazing performances that simply did not work! Bless his heart, it had to come sometime. I just wish it hadn’t been tonight! But, when you think about it, it has been a long, fast, intense road for Adam. And this week has thrown him some punches he did not expect. He has had so much attention! How does anyone hold up to that? I mean, really everybody! Can’t we have a bit of understanding that the media and all of us have had a part in pushing him to break those boundaries!?! The controversy really heated up this week! I have great empathy for him at this point, but I don’t think it ruins his career by any stretch of the imagination! Unless, of course, he does not learn from his mistakes. Tonight was a mess and he will have to think hard and true about how far he really needs to go. I suspect he was pushing too hard toward the end of the performance to make up for the embarrassing fall and word drop. That happens you know. And most times, it makes things worse. You know, I had a gut feeling as the night began that he would get more nervous as the performances got better and better. How impossible is it to always be the last performer?! It just wasn’t fair for this particular event and to the newcomer. The entire evening was over before he got the chance to come onto the stage. It seemed he had to hurry before the time was over for the show as what usually happened in idol. I will pray to the universe tonight that he will heal fast from this evening and will be better for it.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Well said dish. He has been under tremendous pressure. Let’s hope everyone can just move past this on to bigger and better things and a great career for Adam.

  40. I’m not sure Adam was completely responsible for the choreography, but I didn’t find it that shocking. But I don’t find much shocking these days. I was wondering if he did trip. IF he did trip, it was a really good save. The way he just rolled over like that–he’s got to be something of an acrobat! I hope people aren’t analyzing this performance too much and reading too much into it. Besides Adam did warn you! My preordered album has been shipped by Amazon! I cannot wait to get it! LOVE YOU ADAM!

  41. Sherry K GLAMB# 445 says:

    I would like to agree with (JO) post #19!! I love ADAM! Belong to his fan club. And he has the talent to be a national icon like Michael Jackson. BUT, AND THIS IS A BIG BUT~He was waaaay too extreme when he got the chance of a life time to sing the ending show tonight on the American Music Awards!! It was over the top for me. It had too much how can I say this with out offending anyone?????? CAMP, GAY LOOKING ADAM. JUST LIKE CLAY AIKEN BECAME AFTER AMERICAN IDOL. If he doesn’t stop it, or his people don’t put a stop to it he will not become anything great! PERSONALLY, I THOUGHT ADAM WAS MUCH SMARTER THAN THAT. MY husband who really liked ADAM on American Idol thought it was disgusting.COME ON NOW ADAM! GET WITH THE PROGRAM OF JUST BEING LIKE YOU WERE ON AMERICAN IDOL IF YOU WANT TO LAST!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • Sherry I agree to the max–I THOUGHT ADAM WAS WAY SMARTER THEN THIS!! He has a brillant mind and even if all the producers said this is what we want– He could have said NO!
      He said it would be sexy–NOT–Disgusting, like your husband said.

      Please Adam Listen up!! We want to hear your amazing voice for many many years to come.

      • Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:

        Summer, Thank-You! I don’t want to put ADAM down in anyway! I STILL LOVE him. But, I agree with Cheryl. I am a person who say’s what I feel. I do not mean to hurt ADAM IN ANYWAY. But he needs to know he should not be doing that. HE DEFINITELY SHOULD HAVE TOLD THE PRODUCERS NO to that if it was their idea???
        Thanks for being so understanding Summer! I WANT TO HEAR HIS VOICE FOR MANY, MANY YEARS TOO! Lov U. And Thank-You for understanding I am in no way trying to put ADAM down! I would not do that! Sherry K

    • lurker speaking says:

      I have been visiting this site ever since it was formed, never posted before. Am a Lambert fan .
      I think you are all wringing your hands way too much, thinking that he has lost his career, or other dire predioctions.
      Consider this – he declared himself on that stage (altho, not vocally – his voice showed major stress) and it was all in the song lyrics first. That is a nasty little song, if you take it seriously. In the song and in the performance he was declaring he is NOT the soft sweet cuddly cute sexy boy toy for a hetero female audience. And I believe he did that deliberately.
      As much as fans can raise an artist up, they can also become a major drag and while I know you are all wonderful women with nothing but love in your hearts, some of the postings here show absolutely the kind of pull you are trying to exert on this artist. He shoulda done this, he should not have done that, etc etc.
      I believe this artist was separating the flock here, deliberately. He does not want to be on the hook to the desires of mainstream middle America, or whatever you want to call the vast US marketplace.
      You’re worried about his album sales, the size of his audience, career and paychecks as if it…mattered, to you, personally.
      I guess we all just want everyone to love who/what we love as much as we do. And tonight, many of you feel shocked I think because it may just be that the artist does not want the kind of attention he has been getting from certain quarters.
      I may be totally wrong. I may be out to lunch. Forgive me if I have offended but as acknowledged, he is a smart person and showbiz savvy. I do not think this performance was a Big Mistake. I just think, sadly and I’ve known for awhile (ever since I first heard FYE, in fact) that …it wasn’t meant for me.

      • Yean, right, it’s such a great way to ramp up sales by alienating your loyal fan base. Great marketing plan….NOT.

        • Songwriter4adam says:

          Oops, that was not Jeanette’s post, that was Songwriter4adam’s post. Sorry Jeanette, you were just at my house on my computer and I didn’t realize you had not signed out.

        • rosieaquarius says:

          hey everyone adam is adam dont you get it .stop trying to make your opinion so serious it is hisway of having fun. chill out adam can make his own career u dont own him look for another star he is not for you from what your thoughts are saying. sorry!!!!!!!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        So he was looking to separate his flock, huh? Maybe he should have waited till the whole flock was on board first. Try to separate those that do love you from those that might and the flock becomes not a flock anymore, but a fews. Seriously~~

  42. I wanted my family to love him like I do. I’ve been reminding all them to watch for weeks. Now I’m afraid to answer my phone! I will watch/listen to him no matter what, but he did not showcase his exceptional voice tonight, so sorry. I sent a love ya, totally supportive tweet, he’s still my Glam-God. Guess I just didn’t think he would be SO ” off-the-wall” !!!!!!!!!

  43. I think the performance went so quickly it was hard to take it all in. Personally, I think folks who object to the simulated sexual acts in Adam’s performance are well, good God, look at what some of the other singers were doing, look at what happens on TV all the time, let alone in the movies. So that doesn’t really bother me as much. I read some comments where some people were saying my child was watching the AMAs and I’m shocked my child saw this. But, what the heck was any child seeing any of the AMAs. I wouldn’t let any kid under 16 see the AMAs and even then I have a problems with it for young people aged 16-24. There is a enough crotch grabbing in all these acts to sink a ship. In truth, not many of the AMA acts were that good–they were all on some level stiff, stilted, not quite as good as the performer normally is; that’s the nature of the venue. And by the time I’d reached the end of the program, having watched and waited for Adam from 8:00pm on, I was really tired and not as able to appreciate it as much. Adam was a consummate artist. He fell, caught himself, and continued on without dropping a beat. His performance was edgy, provocative, and challenging. He looked totally handsome and good looking. Hair was great. Dig the suit. Or how does this generation say it. His suit was the bomb? I loved the distorted mirror effect. His voice was a bit shrieky, but so is the song. Any artist of value disturbs, disrupts, delights, tantalizes–that’s what Adam did tonight. God bless him. Now let’s all go to bed and go buy his album in the AM.

  44. Love Adam and admire his voice and creativity. I am a singer, so I know what I’m about to tell you. I kept thinking, where is the music? His voice was out there without much music backing him up. Music background not loud enough. That is what was missing in this performance. Something was wrong with the sound system. Remember how there was an echo on stage when the male country singer was talking? Remember when Paula Abdul’ s voice could not be heard? Adam could hear that the sound system was off and that threw him off. Maybe, he really was angry about that. Adam’ s voice was good. I have the CD and the song and his vocals are great on the cd. He was acting, too; but my interest was in listening to the music. Watch the videos again; the guy’s face is pressed against his stomach, not his crotch. He grabs at a hanging piece of the girl’s wardrobe near her leg and not her crotch, as someone on youtube said. He was acting out words of the song. I told someone before his performance that this cd is for adults. His fans will still love him. He has plenty of them, already, including me.

    • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

      I was checking so many clips, articles, mini interviews, analysises (or whatever the plural of analysis is), etc, that I did not bookmark the URL’s unfortunately, so can’t say where…

      But I did see one where Adam said he thought his performance was a little pitchy in places because he couldn’t always hear himself properly.

      And another artist said the earpiece things were cutting in and out and interfering with a number of artists performances.

      That might explain why none of the performers sounded as good as they usually do. (Taking your word on that, I was at work so only saw Adam on Youtube before it got pulled.)

      Just as an aside, I saw where Seacrest said that Adam designed the costumes for the dancers. Has anyone else heard anything about this? I knew he loves his costumes, but I didn’t think he was into designing them… If true, that’s one hell of a task to take on in the limited time he had to prepare, additional to the singing and dancing.

    • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

      PS – I’m glad someone else besides just me realized the face was NOT actually in the crotch and that he was grabbing a ring or similar that was on the crotch of that gal’s costume. It’s late (early?!?) & I haven’t been to bed yet (gotta love shiftwork – stay on that timeframe even on my days off) But yeah, I meant to add this in my previous reply & realized after the fact I hadn’t.

  45. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    I think his choreographer, advisers, and the sound desk let him down with a good case of nerves on top. My eyes did nearly pop at the simulated sex although I can say that I did expect something over the top. The choreographer put too much in that was just a recipe for a fall. The only reason I felt it was a fall is because you could hear the bounce bang of it. The sound desk guys totally made the sound horrid. It didn’t project at all like Adam would have expected it to.
    Being last on in light of the week that was, was huge pressure for him….
    I feel very sad for him and will be tweeting him to tell him that he is still my idol. He has a performance tomorrow on GMA I think. I’d be singing maybe Soaked or Broken Dreams.
    No doubt the press will jump on this as if someone makes an error of any kind it is time to tear them down. Tall poppy syndrome..
    I love him and he has my complete support.
    Off to tweet him now….

  46. I agree with Bruce: Aside from the point that his key awas way off, I felt like the performance was bout sex, not Adam. I didn’t feel like he owned it as he normally does, like he was off or high or something. If he keeps performing like this, I may avoid his visuals in the future.

  47. the haters have all their time to blog negative things about adam in you tube. it is a wonderful thing even the audience at nokia theate were shocked meaning everybody will talk about it. it will be a classic just like when he sung ring of fire. come on guys dont be disappointed. ADAM WILL STILL BE THE BIGGEST. watch when he guested on other shows, ha ha ha! I LOVE HIM MORE!!!!!!

  48. I’m on the Westcoast but watched the live feed and I was hoping it was a poor quality feed that made Adam’s voice sound the way it did. From what I’m reading it sounds like it just wasn’t a very good performance for him. I’m recording the non-live AMA’s now so it will be interesting to see what the network does, if anything, to censor the performance. I have to agree with everyone that there was too much going on for it to be a great performance, and I know the song has controversial lyrics that warrants controversial choreography, but did he have to kiss the guy? At a concert, yes, but on tv? America is definitely not ready for that!! I have a gay son so I’m used to male-to-male affection so it didn’t bother me, but I wish Adam had played it a bit safer for his debut so that more people could appreciate what a great talent he is. I have a feeling it is going to be difficult for people to look past this. I hope Adam isn’t disappointed by all the negativity – he had to have known going into this that people would react this way. I was hoping some of the people that think I’m crazy would jump on the Adam train after seeing the AMA’s, but after this I think I’ll be riding that train by myself for a while longer.

    • KO's smiling says:

      Your last sentence sums up my feelings. But don’t despair… all of us glambs will be on the train together! It just might take a bit longer for the others to get onboard. In the meantime, we have each other. I’m so glad this site didn’t crash tonight! What would I do without you guys?!?

  49. Jeanette!!!!!! Vera!!!!!!! If you have your pc’s with you…..write to us!!!!!!!

  50. The kissing didn’t phase me. I watch my BIL and Brotehr do it and don’t care.

    hell, my kids have watched them kiss so I don’t care if my kids see it.

    But the faux oral sex? Please.

    he looked like something in a cabaret show in a New Orleans gay bondage bar I’ve seen…

  51. i hope its not true when fans say they dont like adam anymore. they are false bloggers. ha ha ha! haters are having their big time. adam is absolutely incredible and capable of doing what others cant do. MORE TO GO AND MORE TO COME FROM OUR ADAM ……………for me i dont have any problem with his performance i also expect this uniqueness from him….INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I’m with you Simply Me, he is incredible, he gave an incredible performance, I will forever be on that train that Jnellie was talking about, and from all the posts above I would say everyone else will still be on that train too.

      I do think though that the choreographer fellow just got a bit too busy with things happening on that stage and Adam had a hard time getting each set in, from climbing the stairs to going on the other side where he fell, then he was off over to the chair with the girl on the pole, then back to the middle and up the stairs again, poor boy would have been exhausted, all the while singing his heart out.
      Oh well people, tomorrow is another day. I don’t think there is anything that Adam should be sorry about, he gave his all as he usually does.

      • Simply Me and Dianne….I’m with you girls on the ADAM TRAIN…..We’ll be FANS FOR LIFE….maybe this wasn’t ADAM’s best performance, but we KNOW HIS REAL TALENT….he’s just going to have to think of something in the next few days to prove to the REST OF THE WORLD that he CAN SING HIS FACE OFF !!!!

        • I’m on board too girls. He already has. He says his energy on Letterman will be different and he is going to slow it down. He is smart to the point. This time he will defin. sing his heart out, not much commotion going on, just his great vocals……………….

  52. glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

    I was thought I wouldn’t come back this site after what adam said on “OUT” mag and I agree this performance is garbage even Iam gay.BUT I come back and want show my support for adam lambert.I am appreciated his bravery.we all know that there is not every button that are easy to will give singer be artist,should be prepare to sleep on street..After tonight. no matter what reason it is.I think I will always consider adam lambert as ‘artister’,not just entertainer or singer.because artister win people’s heart by their balls and matter it was bad or least people will remember them as pioneer..I don’t like this performance but I do hope he will do all fine and wouldn’t collapse.personally I hope he will choose more safe formula to perform.overall.he had chrisma,unniqueness and nerve.on this point he won my heart.


  54. I think Adam is GREAT! but tonight he hurt his reputation. He didn’t need to act like Lady GaGa or any of the other’s. I could hear him sing and I could follow the words. Some of tonights was sick and wrong. I couldn’t begin to say what Jay Z was singing about. He is strange. We should be able to understand to some extent. What was J-Lo singing? hmmm lets all bust bottles on a piano. How sick. Love you Adam. I always will. But you need to leave the dancers behind. Please. Just you and your band. No kissing your band mates please. Just sing and have them play the music. Hugs Adam.

  55. One review says, “Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert dazzle …” Everything Adam does it deliberately and has an underlying message! I think Adam deliberately wanted to put everyone’s fantasies out there – possibly fantasies one would not like to acknowledge. To predict what Adam is going to do next, is foolish. Adam is an ‘enigma’ and he pushes the boundaries. The focus (in my humble opinion) was not so much to showcase his voice but entertain in a way that is provocative (as I said, deliberately) and to avoid being stereotyped. This performance, show-casing his debut album was to set the scene of what is to follow. FYE was chosen as a theme rather than because Adam thinks it is the best track on his album. Many may not like it but will watch (mostly discreetly, because they have been so vocal about not liking this performance) to see what the next surprise/shock??? will be. If this is not the reaction he wants, he will surprise with something completely different. Think back of the initial reaction to some of MJ’s groin-clutching, pulsating moves.

    I still find Adam totally compelling and if this was a bit to rough, he will pull it back. So I think this performance was to test the waters and be deliberately provocative … but we’ll see! The challenge is that Adam is different and cannot be compared with anyone else – a combination of old and new … no make that, very new! Don’t take me too seriously, it’s just a point of view!

  56. has a poll going on asking which AMA performance was favorite, and


    Go vote for ADAM!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi jabs, can’t see the poll … please help out my sista!

      • I can’t remember the link to it…..sorry….did you try to go to the Extra website?

        Also E Online has a website (which again I don’t have the link) and they’re also polling people…. I voted for Adam on both.

        Sorry I can’t help you with the links right now! 🙁

  57. I think Adam doesn’t do anything he didn’t mean to do, so now he will check what the results are. Personally, I missed hearing the depth of his voice and I think alot of viewers who have not seen him didn’t get a good performance for mainstream entertainment. He showed where his interests are.

    On another note, I would be surprised if the show doesn’t get some flack about the overall sexualness of the program. It’s a bit much for an award show, something you might be able to watch with family to enjoy artists. It was raunchy.


  59. The news is only gettin worse, I’m afraid. We evidently did not see that Adam grabbed his crotch and gave the audiance his middle finger just after the camera went to scrolling names. There are some pics on the internet that are too heartbreaking to even look at. We though Adam was just feeling bad about the situation. Evidently he lost his temper when the audiance did not clap and thru his humiliation grabbed the bulge and gave the finger. He should be watched tonite and not let him be left alone. For him to do these things is not him and now he has gone even further with unacceptable behavior and it concerns me to no end. I will definately need ‘help’ getting to sleep tonite. I don’t think I will read any more on this subject. If it hurts me this much, I am afraid of what it has done to Adam. I have tweeted my love for him and have done so on many sites. I do not want to even see the pic at the top of this thread to remind me of what happened. What were ‘surprises’, who’s fault was it all? It does not even matter any more. Adam has been, in his eyes, made a fool of. Why he went to all the ‘gay’ moments he did, I can only guess, and that would be the OUT thing. I also did not like the pukey Perez Hilton all around Adam all the time. He arranged to have his pic taken with Adam, and if you see it, you will not see a happy pic of Adam. This is too much for my mind to handle. Unbearable pain I feel for Adam. I am so concerned.

    • Sherry K GLAMB# 445 says:


      • cheryl 334 says:

        SHERRY K……………….The best thing we can do for Adam, in my opinion, is to tell him how it is. If we think it is bad, tell him it was bad, Don’t act like the “yes” people who surrownd the performer just before he dies. Let him KNOW we like him better w/o all that shit. Don’t tell him it was good and great, cuz it wans’t. Don’t insult him with dilussions. He needs to grow up a bit. This is not a fairyland we live in. He does not have the power or the genius to come on stage and do a performance then say to the world, ‘now you all accept it’!!!! What is up with that??? He has never really failed in anything since he started singing. This is an IMPORTANT lesson he has starring him right in the face. He was humiliated, embarrassed, and like a child is trying to act like it is the society who has the problem. Blame it on us. No, that is not what he should be doing. If we are going to hear that voice and see that gorgeous face in the future,k he will have to pull back and ACCEPT THAT! His reasonings and explanations are very childlike. He’s a grown man and it is time to accept his failure in this performance. Being blind will not be helpful to him now or in any future he has. OPEN your EYES. Adam. Do not preach at the public to ‘open their minds’. Our minds are open and so are our eyes, and we do NOT like what we see!

        • Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:

          Cheryl; Hi! Thank-You so much!
          I am so sorry. But I have always been a person who say’s what they believe to be true.I truly think everything you said is just how I was feeling. I have seen all the yes people around ELVIS and what did they do for him? Also all the yes people around Michael Jackson. I mean to drugs or ANYTHING Michael wanted.
          Yes, Yes, Yes! I definitely LOVE ADAM with out all of that shit! You are so right!! I hope you are right and that he learned a lesson from right in his face. Whether he knows it ,or not his fans keep him being a star. And he should not throw COLD water like that in our faces the first time he performs on national TV. I was so thrilled and watched all that other junk on AMA just waiting for ADAM. I COULD HAVE CRIED AFTER HE WAS THROUGH!
          I did not see it. But they said ADAM gave the audience the finger and said fuck you. Supposedly this was when Seacrest was talking after his performance. Or after the program went off for us??? THEY SAID HE WAS REALLY MADBecause the audience didn’t clap. That they just sat there !! I think he needs to take a breath. Get some rest. And not pull a stunt like that. especially on National TV. I don’t want to preach to the public!! I WAS JUST COMMENTING ALONG WITH SOME OF THE OTHERS ON HERE! I LOVE ADAM SO MUCH. I just don’t want to see him get hurt in anyway!!!! HOW CAN WE TELL ADAM ANYTHING? DO YOU KNOW?? Thanks again Cheryl. I appreciate your thoughful post~ Sherry K

          • cheryl 334 says:

            SHERRY……… Thank you, too, my dear! You know when a star or strt-up star does something so wrong that it is obvious to most, the worst thing those who truly love him can do is to tell him he was just ‘great’! Right there is where it all begins to destroy the performer.

            We should not feel alone or afraid to stand up for what we believe and feel and think is wrong or right. If Adam decides for US that we should all be reading pornography, when I can see the onew on this site who will run as fast as their empty heads will take them to the nearest porono store to buy what some performer told them to buy. The onew who won’t are the ones who have a sense of themselves. Who are not ‘followers’, who think for themselves. Who cannot be dictated to by anyone.

            I love Adam so much that I want him to do what is best for HIM. Ruining his career before it gets a fair start is not a good thing. He knows that right now. Today. But his pride will not let himself admit mistake and default. That is not his fans problem That is an Adam problem that he will have to solve now or in the future. Saying ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks’ is the stupidest thing for a new upcoming performer to say. If he does not care about how his fans think, why should his fans care about him? It just works both ways. He is not winning friends and influencing people over to his way with an attitude like that, and he better calm it down fast before he won’t need to worry about anyone but himdelf and how to put money in his pocket. Like I said before, does he want to be a gay man in musical theatre and play in small clubs, or does he want to be a singer/performer and sing with the big boys in arenas and stadiums someday? The choice is his. I hope he smartens up soon, or it will be too late. Now I am saying this out of love for Adam. I would say this to one of my own kids. I would not want them to fail from their own nearsightedness, and tunnel vision that Adam is displaying while saying he is so ‘open’ and ‘accepting’ to everyone. No, Adam, that is NOT what you are showing us. You are showing us your child like stubborn nature that had not been apparent up till now.

            • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

              Thank-You so much Cheryl!
              I think you and I are on the right track! Lets hope ADAM can pull out of this because we love him. And know he is very talented! Have a nice day Cheryl !!!

  60. Sherry K GLAMB# 445 says:

    Damn; Just watched Utube ADAMS performance AGAIN. NOT GOOD AT ALL! SHOCKED!! HE DID FALL. Gasp!!! I hope he didn’t hurt him self too! I feel bad that his mother was in the audience!!! SORRY, JUST TO NASTY FOR AMA. Too much crotch grabbing. His voice was screeching. He must have been a nervous wreck. I HAVE NEVER, EVER SEEN ADAM LIKE THIS. FEEL BAD FOR HIM. The comments on utube are all bad!! This makes me sad! I hope ADAM can come out of this OK!
    I am really worried for ADAM. I still love him. But, I am afraid for him. He needs to do something so people will forget this shocking performance. Everyone needs to vote for him if he is up for any awards or anything we can do to help him. Good night everyone!

  61. Just want to say I still love Adam and instead of going to bed Im taking my ipod and sitting in my recliner and listening to his new album which by the way I love. take care and have a good night everyone. It will all seem better in the morning….. Love Adam !!!

  62. I don’t think Adam could have won either way. Quality vs. Shock. Either way he would have been criticized/disappointed. I still LOVE the crap out of him. It was a great show tonight and he had to watch all the other celebs trying to compete against him with some of there over the top unusual performances. Fergie for the first part unable to reach his high notes. Rhianea in his outfit, even Carrie Underwood has started to wear less unlike her, although it wasn’t raunchy. I think he did the right thing especially probably feeling weird-ed out after he fell. I love you Adam no matter what. You are still adamazing to me.

  63. I am sure there are plenty of negativity out there right now targettedt toward Adam. Imagine the amount of pressure he has to face him before and after the performance. He needs his fans support right now more than ever. Go Adam. Your performance shocked me tonite but that did not turn me away as a fan.

  64. E Online has a poll going on…..ADAM is winning! Go vote!

  65. I actually don’t see what everybody is so shocked about. So, he kissed someone. Big deal, so did he in Zodiac! He fell, yes that was too bad, but he covered it up so well! Where did everybody picture sexually suggestive moves? He was just being Adam, the Adam that WE ALL LOVE.

    • I love Adam too. However I don’t think simulating a bj and sticking a finger in a woman’s vigina is anything but coarse and degrading. I wished he would have danced more, that is sexy. I stop- paused the ending when there is a full frame close-up of Adam, I think I see a tear. I hope he wasn’t hurt phyically or emotionally. Tomorrow is another day and I have seen enough of Adam to know he is a good hearted person. I don’t mean to pick on you I was just reading the comments and thought I would add my 2 cents and we all know the value of 2 cents.

  66. i love very much adam lambert- lady and gaga and adam both excitjing. the rest of the singer are odl and boring. we know about adam; in thses days with our adam thsoe singers been there are boring. adam lambert he make me happy-his voice his looks andetc.he ditn shock me at all.

  67. After I received my Deluxe CD of Adam last three days ago, now I am downloading my iTunes copy of Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment…YES! another extra bonus!

  68. The world is not only USA. The show was seen in South America, Europe, Australia, Japan etc.
    The cable signal comes in South America, and not be offended, but for the comments that appears on the Internet, would think that North Americans are more closed-minded or Cucufate the rest of the world! I love the show that gave us Adam Lambert!
    Adam come to South America! here waiting for you, without any conditions!

  69. Check out Lyndsey Parker’s latest Reality Rocks blog – just posted. I think she is bang on!


  70. Well, I have been reading your blog since the beginning and I am puzzled by a couple of things.
    This my first post, and I like you have been ADAM’s biggest fan.
    Before I get to the post – I want to say- how can we be shocked, Really! I – like most of you have seen the rehearsals – right. And the sneak peaks into the video – which is pretty darn risque.

    I am shocked that you all are shocked. Adam has been put into a bubble – dear sweet Adam – with the great voice. He has a fantastic voice!!!!! and he is a sweetheart. AND is out there on the edge.


    I watched before hand on some smallish video and then again. I was uncomfortable. THEN I watched the whole show and his performance seemed like EVERYONE ELSES. I THINK YOU could understand him better than the rest – the songs were pretty weird from gaga, rhianna, jlo, etc. what is this spacey techno sound anyway>?

    Honestly don’t think that he did fabulous – BUT NOT the disaster everyone makes it to be. BTW I am an westcoast and the cut out the oral part!

    He will be OK and will win a ton of awards next year probably for his second album – LH


    • I agree with you. He was my purpose for watching and actually I probably even love him more. I get him and admire his bravery.

      • I just saw an incredible picture of The Kiss. Damn, it looks HOT!

        Adam is making his statement here, loud and clear: I am an over top ground breaking Gay performer. Just remember ” Crawl through the Fire “.
        Honestly, I would crawl for this man thru the Fire to honor his Fierceness.

  72. sorry for the typos, thanks, I voted also –
    I really think he had the best performance.
    The weird thing about Adam is…. he shocks you and then it knd of grows on you rather quickly. I really ponder that phenomenon. Even the photo of him kissing his “straight” band guy is knd of pretty (on e-online) Oh well, time for bed and let’s show him some LOVE.

  73. For whatever reason, some of my comments (like the link to vote) are in moderation so they are getting out of order or not showing at all!

  74. Razmatanian says:

    I’ve never posted here before although I have been reading the posts for weeks. I was so nervous for Adam before he performed because I was afraid that the network would end the show by running long and then running credits over his face which would have been a clear indication of showing him no respect. Instead, the audience stood up when they announced his name and I hoped Adam would sing his face off and show everyone that he is the only real singer among the crappy performers I had to sit through tonight just to get to Adam’s performance. He’s still the ONLY singer that appeared tonight (and god I don’t want to have to watch another AMA as long as I live, especially with all that rap crap…how can we finally get rid of it?), but I feel so bad for Adam. Kissing and pushing and crotches or whatever, I don’t care about that. What I felt bad about was that his singing was off and there was something wrong with the sound so that his singing was drowned out by the background music. I think that, at the end, he was stunned by what had just happened, and I can’t bring myself to watch the replay. I can’t put my finger on what happened, but it seemed to me that a lot of you are right…not enough of Adam singing with that voice of his, and too much movement and action going on so that he got lost in it. I’ve always said, if you have what it takes, you don’t need a lot of dancers and action on the stage. I just want to watch Adam by himself up there, singing and moving the way he can without a lot of distraction from a stage full of other people. I don’t tweet but I hope he is OK.

  75. I came here before I watched Adam perform, and I liked it.I don’t know why people feel the need to complain about his performance .I don’t understand Whitney getting an award for any thing she has been gone for a long time and sounded terrible. J Lo wasn’t all that great either. As for Adam being vulgar, I didn’t think it was any worse then alot of other acts. I still think Adam Lambert is the best, and I can’t wait to see him in the morning . So I best get to bed. Good Nite people !

  76. I have bought Adam’s new album and have heard the songs and love it! But I waited all night for Adam to perform and was a bit disappointed with it. I’m not a prude but found it just a bit too much for this kind of show. I felt his voice didn’t come across as well with all the goings on and think a lot of it wasn’t needed. I’ve always loved Adam and that he’s different but has such a great and strong voice but it didn’t quite come over that well tonight. I think he should have showcased his talent to the audience of why so many of us became such great fans of his. Well .. it’s all a learning thing and hopefully he’ll take this experience and all the comments (good and bad) and bring us the Adam we know he can be. I love that he’s unique in his style and tries to stay true to what he wants to do in his craft but .. there is a time and a place for everything and this kind of performance wasn’t for this showing. But hopefully he’ll have other chances to show people what he can do well and maybe keep that kind of performance for another type audience. I’m still a fan of yours Adam – I love that you’re so talented and will grow from all this and truly become a star.

  77. Adam WE LOVE YOU!!! You have been under so much pressure, but you are a survivor and I KNOW you will be fine! Instant fame has a price.
    I loved the performance shock value and all. I knew you would push the limits. You were being you!
    I ADORE your cd, pre-ordered the deluxe version and can’t wait to see your amazing career skyrocket for years to come!

  78. Ingrid … I also put in a link above (awaiting moderation) to see a wonderful interview with ADAM.
    His spirits and charm are high, and he’s interviewed on AccessHollywood. Try going to their website if the link doesn’t come through~

    Everyone will LOVE this interview! ADAM looks terrific!

  79. Ingrid….read several comments above… you!!!!

  80. Ingrid….my comments are getting all screwed up with moderation! See a comment to you about the wonderful interview ADAM did with AccessHollywood!

  81. Oh Ingrid….I haven’t given up on you! Just wait awhile and you’ll see my comments!

  82. I am the newest FORMER Adam Lambert fan after tonight. What a load of crap. That was dumb dumb dumb.

    • Well, bye!!!

    • Curt….if that’s all it takes to lose you as an ADAM fan….

      SEE YA !!!!!!

      • Dee, Amen to that!

        • AdamRocks! says:

          You aren’t the kind of fan Adam wants anyway. . . 🙂

          I loved it. . . it was Adam, and though maybe not his best performance ( I do think his nerves got the best of him at times), I think it was the performance he wanted to do. He said he wanted dancers, and crazy costumes, and everything over-the-top, wanted to take risks, push the envelope, shock people.

          Like he said, it’s not that deep, it’s entertainment. . . and I was entertained. One more thing. . . Adam is one of the bravest people I know.

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • I never see Curt Dean before.Hey,maybe he’s not even Adam’s fan from the start!Let’s forget about him then!Not a fan of Adam but leave a post here?That’s crap!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Yes, bye Curt!
            Cindy, I read in an article, which one, so many, LOL, that Adam had the biggest balls in Hollywood!! hhmmmm….but we all knew that, right!!!!

  83. One person out of 5000 each show throws a ‘whip’ and stage and 4999 do not —and the choreographer thinks we want bondage. Nope. Whole Lotta Love, Adam and his mic-sexy. The choreography for Entertainment-did the opposite , it did not entertain me, but, okay, I still love Adam, still know he is a magnificant singer, and I support him.The way to over come the negative- according to Qabalah- is humor and ‘laughing at the devil/negativity. I have found that, in fact, it does always work. Finding humor in this will work.

  84. ADAM just tweeted that he adores his fans, along with another comment! Love that man!

  85. radicalrich says:

    Ok, we went to the review booth for the replay and an examination of the calls made on the field by the homophobic prudes who need glasses and should clean up their own super dirty, magnifying imaginations.
    The 1st dancer’s face was above his belt line and was rubbed on Adam’s stomach and not his crotch, and did not cross the plane. Nobody can help it if the hater’s imaginations crossed the plane.
    Adam didn’t trip and fall either. He had to grab the cane from the dancer positioned below him in mid-roll and that made Adam have to grab it and drop from higher than he might have wanted to, and therefore dropped, rolled and hit the riser a little harder than he probably should have which probably surprised him a bit, but he rolled with the punch from the floor and kept right on going. Nobody around him reacted to it like it wasn’t part of the plan. Plus, he had the cane in one hand, microphone in the other, and couldn’t really use either hand to cushion his dropping roll to make it as gracefully as he would have liked. He could have waited until after the roll to grab the cane and he could have also had a headset microphone, that way he could have used both hands for all sorts of other stuff throughout the performance.
    He came close to a personal foul because I would say that he came pretty close to clocking the blond dancer in the head with the mirrored door but didn’t–and thus good for her cause that might have been a show stopper. But nothing else that happen was. It was all good; all part of the marketing plan. And what a clever marketing plan it is. Just watch Adam’s chagrin of that performance all the way to the bank.
    And he didn’t really grab the hanging dancer’s lady parts, he followed his hand up her leg up and found the leather strap that was hanging between her legs and gave it a sharp tug like he was turning on a light, or turning up the heat as he stated in the lyric.
    As far as the vocals, OK they were a little labored, but that was a lot of work from what I saw. At least he didn’t lip sync the lyrics like many artists we know. How about being happy that he wasn’t drunk or loaded to the gills on drugs. How about the fact that he didn’t plan any secret T-bagging of anybody for clandestine publicity. He was impeccably dressed to the nines, he was genuinely interested and jamming down in his seat to every other singer’s work while in the crowd.
    Another thing, the network and the show itself built up Adam’s performance so very much during the preceding week and all Adam did was deliver what they…I’m just saying.
    And check it out, this was his first performance as a unleashed Idol. His own anticipation, shock and awe over the whole thing had to be such an exciting challenge to him that he wanted to do so well, but he also wanted and needed to do something extra special to break away from the typical cookie cutter Idol image that he tried to do so successfully on Idol, and I think he wanted to kick it up 100 notches instead of just one notch, especially ahead of his first commercial CD release. You can’t buy advertising this good, and the more the story changes hands and grows, the more sales he will enjoy. I will be surprised and highly disappointed if Adam apologizes about any aspect of his performance, and thus he shouldn’t.
    So in the end, all the haters are charged one time out because all the calls on the field were unfounded, untrue and blown way out of proportion just to give credence to each hater’s position that they are unwittingly chained to a changeless time warp to their unshakable prejudices and bigotry, which has sentenced them to perennial unhappiness in this life, while they forever hope and believe that their next life will be better, since they have been forced, so unwillingly, to suffer through this life by not being given enough strength to change the channel on the remote. I’ll petition my Higher Power to give you the quick relief you so obviously deserve and so desperately need. Poor bastards!

    • RADICALRICH……Love your view on Adam’s performance….. Love what you have perceived…..Love all what you have written and agree with you 100%.

      Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

  86. Adam, I Iove you and appreciate your sexiness -and courage-and always, your beautiful voice and heart.

  87. As I keep reading all your comments I remember what stood out in my mind most about the end of the performance. You know after every song Adam sang on AI or anywhere else he has performed, When he is done and the lights go down, his face always lights up with his beautiful smile?? Tonight, I looked for that lovely smile and instead you could tell he was holding back the tears. Everyone can say what they want, but I’m sure Adam is beating himself up more.
    Let’s send him the love and the light he’ll need to overcome this stumble!
    Adam, I for one still love you!

  88. Oh, do you know what you got into?
    Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
    ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
    I’m here for your entertainment

    Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
    ‘Ya fallen angel swept ya off ya feet
    Well I’m about to turn up the heat
    I’m here for your entertainment

    LOLZ seems like some ppl can’t handle what Adam did……

  89. My comments with links were deleted!


    HERE IT IS…..

  91. OMG….I just looked at the time…no wonder my eyes are crossing and everything is looking double and triple!!!! It’s 3:40 am, so I’m gonna hit the sack!

    Glad we all got to chat to each other tonite….

    Talk to you all tomorrow!!!

  92. Hey everyone…Jeanette wrote a new blog….go and read it!!!

    • Sherry K GLAMN #445 says:

      Where is it jaberone?

      • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

        Jaberone PLEASE tell me how to find Jeanettes blog? I respect Jeanette. She is a true poet. A ND she never gets shook up , or anything. Maybe she can calm everyone down!! I DON’T KNOW HAT TO FIND THE BLOG? PLEASE TELL ME HOW. THANKS SHERRY K

  93. puteri abdul says:

    oh me, oh my..
    so many postings, and with the additions of the stuffs I google, I just have to put my hands on my chest in fear that my heart would just drop with all the comments and the thoughts ..

    first of all, let me tell you, I am just a sucker to adam’s pretty face.. so when the moment adam’s face was shown on screen wailing his heart out on to the first note, I was like totally melting like an iceberg that is being drag out on the sahara desert .. not the best vocal from adam as he has been heard better, but still the best from the others that night that some of them even totally put me to sleep ..
    then adam started his drama;
    dragging that chick, check .. saw that in the rehearsal picture ..
    strutting and making sexy movements with his dancer, check .. that also seen..
    dancer on the crotch ….whatever, eeerrr… ok, in shock, but I was giggling away when I saw the move, like a schoolgirl who just had her first blown kiss from a cute guy …
    the falling down, it was so beautifully covered that I thought it was part of the cheography .. thumbs up to adam for beautifying the fall so well, but aawwww .. you poor baby, are you hurt ..
    then the swaying goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and ok, now. I am getting all steamed up, (which if definately not the right time and my darling is at work) so quickly I have to channel my thoughts elsewhere and just concentrate on adam’s performance….. and pow!!!!!!!!!! adam kisses his bassist !! ok, now adam…naughty, naughty .. I told you that bassist was too cute.. and adam just could not resist him .. but being and adam’s fan.. I just let go of that kiss and continue watching adam’s performance in awe till the end while thinking where the heck have you been all this time adam.. because this is what I need to spice up my life !! and adam’s has just sprinkle those glittery spices onto me and say now THAT IS ENTERTAINMENT !!

    and having given my reviews of adam’s AMA performance .. wild, racy, sexy, overboard, too much, too saucy, too whatever ….( just fill on the blanks yourself ).. just rest assure that I enjoyed it and even if I thought it was not adam’s best performance, but it is not his worst, and I accolade him for trying to be different and I say to myself, adam will be adam.. if people thought that his show was waaayyyy too provacative, please think, look ,and google back .. who was adam before this ..

    I know, many people are concern because now adam is selling himself in the mainstream market, but please, we do have to open our minds, and our heart to adam as he is making way in this industry, as I myself has accepted adam as he is because I am way too sick and tired by the so boring entertainers that have been shoved to me all these years..

    I am sorry if my posting is too long but it’s just that after all the hu-ha buzzing on adam’s, I am trying to look things on a more positive site and try not to be too judgemental on adam’s doing.. heck yes, there are things I am totally against about adam’s well being, thoughts , and belief , but to me, I am here because I want to be entertain, I want to find something that can juice up my ordinary everyday life, and adam is it..

    so please America….. this is your shining star..
    don’t let one flaw dampened the light ..

  94. OMG. Why are you all so SHY and virginal about his performance? Is this an American thing? What would you like him to do for you? In the words of his song, “What Do Want From Me?” Do you really know?? Didn’t faze us Downunder. Shock value is good value. People will talk about this performance for AGES.

  95. I see more shocking scenes on True Blood and that’s a TV programme. What about Madonna’s performances, especially her earlier ones? Is this not the same?

  96. I agree that Adam looked disappointed at the end. Everything that could, did, go wrong. Most of which was not his fault. Why did they have him close the show? He has said he gets nervous when doing something for the 1st time and he had too much waiting time. The sound engineering was really bad and changed his voice. It is only one performance, however, and I think we expect him to be perfect every time. All celebrities, be they actors or singers, and athletes for that matter, make bad choices sometimes, are not at the top of their game. It happens, but we seldom write them off. We still support them as fans. So let the critics have their say. Adam will come back learning from this experience and just keep getting better. FYE cd is awesome and I am buying more for gifts.

  97. AdamRocks! says:

    Just watched the video again. . . love when he kisses the bassist RIGHT AFTER singing, Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do? You go Adam! 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • I thought Tommy is cute, so….LOL! And yes,thank you Adam for your concern but I soooo can handle what you about to do so bring it on! 🙂

  98. I am with you LUCRE , LOVE it LOVE it !! FABULOUS performance !! IT’s a great success! He has expressed exactly what i have found personally the first time I had seen him on AI. I enjoyed all of his performance since AI and it was a blast tonite on AMA ! Both my husband and me love to see his performance tonite and looking to see his concert soon. I was also David Bowie’s fan, Madonna’s fan, Billy Idol’s Fan, Micheal Jackson’s fan. Now i am so happy that i found a new Idol in the year 200x . It’s not fair for telling that it is too much. Hey many moons ago Michael Jackson sang dance while grabbing his scrotch, why no one said anything and now people said they are “shocked” to see something like that with ADAM? Hey they are all artists and entertainment, it’s about sensual, sexy and arts. My husband and me we are both in the 50 and we LOVE what we see tonite. I am only shocked to see how people are so hypocrite on this site. I used to love reading this fansite but i am dissapointed that many people are so closed minded and “true grandma and grandpa” in the negative way. I think those people should not watch and listen to ADAM in the first place ,they dont deseve to watch and listen to the real GENIUS like ADAM, and I am not going to go to this fansite again. You are all “go down the hill” people. YOU ALL DONT DESEVE to be given good entertainment ! I will not go to this fansite again because this place is a place for “RETIREMENT” poeple…..No matter what age we should be young at heart and open minded….life is short…we should enjoy life as much as we can and stop bashing on the sensuality that ADAM offers to the world. ADAM many friends and relatives of mine are on your side , they are not hypocrite and they enjoyed your show tonite! ! ADAM we LOVE YOU ! ITs a GREAT SUCCESS, we are so PROUD OF YOU. You make me and my husband feel young again !!!! THANK YOU ADAM ! ROCK ADAM ROCK !!

  99. I am with you LUCRE
    LOVE it LOVE it !! FABULOUS performance !! IT’s a great success! He has expressed exactly what i have found personally the first time I had seen him on AI. I enjoyed all of his performance since AI and it was a blast tonite on AMA ! Both my husband and me love to see his performance tonite and looking to see his concert soon. I was also David Bowie’s fan, Madonna’s fan, Billy Idol’s Fan, Micheal Jackson’s fan. Now i am so happy that i found a new Idol in the year 200x . It’s not fair for telling that it is too much. Hey many moons ago Michael Jackson sang dance while grabbing his scrotch, why no one said anything and now people said they are “shocked” to see something like that with ADAM? Hey they are all artists and entertainment, it’s about sensual, sexy and arts. My husband and me we are both in the 50 and we LOVE what we see tonite. I am only shocked to see how people are so hypocrite on this site. I used to love reading this fansite but i am dissapointed that many people are so closed minded and “true grandma and grandpa” in the negative way. I think those people should not watch and listen to ADAM in the first place ,they dont deseve to watch and listen to the real GENIUS like ADAM, and I am not going to go to this fansite again. You are all “go down the hill” people. YOU ALL DONT DESEVE to be given good entertainment ! I will not go to this fansite again because this place is a place for “RETIREMENT” poeple…..No matter what age we should be young at heart and open minded….life is short…we should enjoy life as much as we can and stop bashing on the sensuality that ADAM offers to the world. ADAM many friends and relatives of mine are on your side , they are not hypocrite and they enjoyed your show tonite! ! ADAM we LOVE YOU ! ITs a GREAT SUCCESS, we are so PROUD OF YOU. You make me and my husband feel young again !!!! THANK YOU ADAM ! ROCK ADAM ROCK !!

    • melinda glam#482 says:

      Flipping the bird to the audience,( I still don’t understand that one), playing like he is recieving oral sex, grabbing between the legs of dancers, giving a lousy kiss to a man, and frankly singing horribly is nothing to be proud of, no matter what your age.

    • Sherry K GLAMN #445 says:


  100. I’m very disappointed. I had so looked forward to this performance. If he wanted to shock, he accomplished his purpose, but I fear the backlash may not be worth it. I’m not a prude by any means, but it was a little raw even for me. Glad he was closing the show; the network was already blipping out a lot lyrics. I felt like his voice wasn’t showcased; it sounded strained to me even before the “fall.” Hope he bounces back. Now looking forward to the GMA performance, Letterman and Ellen.

  101. This is considered shocking? Really?

    I like the start. The girl being pulled around stage, and the people with the leashes. Very hot.
    The rest seemed a little disjointed.
    I didn’t find it shocking though. What was meant to be shocking about it? He kissed a dude? Oh noes… It’s just a pity the kiss looked so forced and uncomfortable.

  102. I didn’t sleep at all last night…I’m so upset. Yes, I LOVE Adam and i know he likes to push the envelope…BUT, I’m afraid he pushed the envelope so far here that he actually LOST some of his biggest fans. He says a singer needs to be “true” to the lyrics of a song. That raises 2 questions: 1) then why choose that song, ( he could have done Whataya want from me” or any other song from his CD…..and 2) aren’t you also supposed to be true to your millions of fans that have supported you throughout AI and beyond. …?

  103. Ok, I waited to post, but, after 210 comments, I don’t if this even has a point. I wanted to wait a bit because man, ppl, sanp judgemements SUCK. I love ADAM, prob even more now because that was so freakin BRAVE. Can’t wait for tour!!!!

  104. Adam’s talent was obscured by on overproduced, distracting arrangement that was sung in a key that was too high. The performance qualities that garnered his support during American Idol were absent. He looked pained during the performance and had none of his usual personal appeal. I get the feeling that he is being over managed–too many people telling him what to do. I could not even hear the vocals and his vocal range, inflection and expression are his strong points. That was a real disaster. I think that Adam has been too commercialized and has lost his way. I am now skeptical about buying his CD. N Sanford

  105. This is Adam and just for our entertainment.

  106. Well i have to put in my two cents here. I am going to concentrate on the positive side of
    Adam. Everyone is entitled to one or two boo boo’s. I think Adam is new to all this hype and I cant even imagine the pressure he is under. So much played into all this. The stage was way to big,he was up the stairs and down while trying to sing. The choreographer should be hung by the toes. The song didn’t even sound like the one on the cd which was a shame. It really showed off Adams great voice. I don’t blame Adam for any of this at all. I am sure he will be fine when the singles come out. I just hope he doesn’t get burned out. Hes been a BUSY boy this past cpl months,. What others take months to do,he has done in days. Now that this is over and the album is out i hope he takes a vacation,he deserves one.

  107. That was a very brave ( I say bravo ) and shocking (I say stunning) Adam performance. For those who didn’t like what they saw, 3 options: 1. change the channel 2. turn off your TV 3. curl up in a ball and bleat like a sheep.

    People are talking & typing, many will watch again the next time to see what Adam does. His album will fly off the shelves. People were shocked when Elvis girated,(sp?), rock and roll (and jazz) WERE called the devils music.

    There is a lot to be said for an artist who does not compromise, who takes a risk, who entertains and creates controversy for those who reside in caves. I say, wake up and smell the social progression cos it is all around you, from sexting (sp?) to gay marriage. You can’t stop it.
    You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

    Ever since Adam walked on stage at Idol, he has demonstrated the depth & breadth of his talent and people looked each week to see “what is he going to do next” to quote one of the judges.

  108. People are wrong. Asia, Europe, Japan and everywhere else in the world , except America, are much more open minded than America. My husband and I are Asian, we came to this country 30 yrs ago and we are shocked to see how America is so so closed-minded. We laughed and share this with all of our Asian friends (now also in the 50+) They thought so. I , later, share this with all my European in America and they also think the same. They think America is hypocrite and not true to themselves. I then had a Japanese roomate. She was telling me the same. Now 20 years later, last nite, i thought people (esp in this year 2009) changed but I found people are raised to be not true to themselves. GO ABROAD, and see how people in the world live true to themselves. They keep their culture, respect the older people, and their superior but they know how to appreciate ARTS, MUSIC, and expressive about it. I am writing it , not to bash anyone, but to tell you all the truth that America should travel more to other countries and learn the good things about how to live and enjoy life. I am not speaking for anyone but it was based on what i see and learned. ADAM has travelled around the world and had open eyes on how people live and think. The entertainment last nite is FABULOUS , EXCELLENT JOB, ADAM. AMERICA NEED TO BE SHOCKED more, they need to change the way they live. No wonder people have too much stress and have much more cancer disease than any other countries. LOVE ADAM !!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t need these closed minded fans. You got so many others in America who think like me and billion of people around the world. !!! it’s time to teach people a lesson to accept and live true to themselves !! GO ADAM GO !!!

  109. People are wrong. Asia, Europe, Japan and everywhere else in the world , except America, are much more open minded than America. My husband and I are Asian, we came to this country 30 yrs ago and we are shocked to see how America is so so closed-minded. We laughed and share this with all of our Asian friends (now also in the 50+) They thought so. I , later, share this with all my European in America and they also think the same. They think America is hypocrite and not true to themselves. I then had a Japanese roomate. She was telling me the same. Now 20 years later, last nite, i thought people (esp in this year 2009) changed but I found people are raised to be not true to themselves. GO ABROAD, and see how people in the world live true to themselves. They keep their culture, respect the older people, and their superior but they know how to appreciate ARTS, MUSIC, and expressive about it. I am writing it , not to bash anyone, but to tell you all the truth that America should travel more to other countries and learn the good things about how to live and enjoy life. I am not speaking for anyone but it was based on what i see and learned. ADAM has travelled around the world and had open eyes on how people live and think. The entertainment last nite is FABULOUS , EXCELLENT JOB, ADAM. AMERICA NEED TO BE SHOCKED more, they need to change the way they live. No wonder people have too much stress and have much more cancer disease than any other countries. LOVE ADAM !!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t need these closed minded fans. You got so many others in America who think like me and billion of people around the world. !!! it’s time to teach people a lesson to accept and live true to themselves !! GO ADAM GO !!

  110. Personally, I think ADAM has bloody guts! He has everyone gobsmacked! He is an
    amazing performer who knows how to push those buttons and this time the shock value
    was priceless! It seems that there are double standards and a change will eventually come!
    He is an extremely courageous crazy guy who is taking the world by storm! ……and yes, the
    Land Down Under watched the AMA’s live. ADAM never ceases to amaze us!

    • Glamaus….couldn’t havesaid it better myself….Kudos to you !!! Loved every bit of his performance….just brilliant!!

      Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Australia has adopted ADAM Yvonne! I’ve had so many people with positive comments
        today regarding ADAM’S performance…seems majority of Aussie’s and the world are much
        more accepting! ADAM is not a little boy…he is a 6ft.1′ super talented amazingly creative
        entertainer!…and as for slapping his hand!…….Oh well!! At least ADAM will enjoy the attention and he sure got plenty of it yesterday! Noone realizes the rest of the world watches everything live too! ADAM used the opportunity to push all those buttons and what a reaction!
        He never ceases to amaze me!

  111. You’re all whimps!

    What an epic performance Adam!!

    Thanks for trying to open up peoples minds! Oh and thanks for bringing sexy back!! 🙂

  112. I can’t stop watching his performance!!!! Its sooo good!! And just gets more and more addictive and better everytime you watch it!!

    Adam you naughty little sexy thing! 🙂

  113. Chill out everyone!!! I am 67 yrs old, and Adam is an extremely talented individual. Just listen to the music and his voice, and do not watch the video. He is amazing. I am on his side all the way!!


    • Sherry K GLAMN #445 says:


  115. Nobody is commenting on Carrie Underwood’s performance… dancing so her short shorts were slipping to expose her crotch. Her dancer’s were dressed like prostitutes. That was okay. But noooooooooooooo… Adam is too over the top. Grow up. Adam is completely correct that there is discrimination against male performers doing what female performers have been doing forever. Compared to any off-the-cuff performance of Madonna, Adam’s performance was tame by comparison. Madonna’s performances regularly include overt sexual displays between performers and on themselves. The major difference, as Adam has pointed out in his interview, is that he’s a gay male. I think he’s out to separate the wheat from the chaff and claim HIS audience. He wants to have artistic freedom. That’s what’s important to him. If some don’t like him, that’s their choice. It’s not going to hurt Adam and being himself and doing what he wants to do will grow a terrific audience base of those who like what he does. He is unique and I look forward to being entertained by him for a very long time.

    • Sherry K GLAMN #445 says:


  116. Hmmm…after reading most of the posts the one thought that sticks out to me is that this performance was Adam’s decision. No one talked him into the kiss or the any of the other gestures. He gave it the o.k. and will live with the response. I’m sure he knew it was a risk just like his “Ring of Fire” performance was and he risked being voted off very early on. So to feel sorry for him??? He’s a smart guy and will bounce back. Did this performance hurt him, who knows? The one thing I am surprised about is that he feels that he needs all the stage antics (even if he does have a flare for the dramatic) when he is such a huge vocal talent! Adam – save the stage “bs” for the lesser talents and remember that some things are better left to the imagination. Less is usually more!

  117. Adam just lost me as a supporter and customer for his music.

  118. Dear Adam:

    I appreciate that you want to take risks, but pls. note, risks are just that; risky. You can gain or lose and, in my opinion, you lost with this performance. I don’t even care anymore about the kissing and crotch stuff, but if your fans say they were disappointed with your performance, than that is the risk you were willing to take. You cannot turn around and say ” if you didn’t like the performance, then I am not for you.” We are your fans. By stating that “we are not for you,” means that you are not willing to take the loss that comes with taking risks.

    Adam, I will give you another opportuntiy to win me over with GMA and David Letterman. Pls. focus on your singing. No sense pushing envelopes when you singing pays the price.

    Your fan, weasie.

    • …. but, weasie, do ya like the album??? The AMA’s were 5 minutes. The album was a labor of love for 4 months. It’s out today and he needs to know from his “we are your fans” list that it is wonderful.

    • Yah weasie!
      Some people can not take the truth!!! ABC is getting bitched out right now for letting ADAM do all that crappy stuff. All he needed to do was get out there and sing his face off as Randy would say. Too much bondage, too much noise. couldn’t hardly hear ADAM. he was off pitch from nerves. I just hope he can over come this disaster!!!
      If you can’t face the truth look and see what is being said on utube and twitter. I LOVE ADAM VERY MUCH! BUT HE MUST TRY TO OVER COME THIS DISASTER AT THE AMA.

  119. OK, I am going to put my comments, BLOODY FANTASTIC, for a start lets take those amazing vocals right at the beginning, pure Adam ecstasy, and he kept those vocals right throughout the performance. The stage, I loved it, it is modern, it really goes well with the song, the way he looked absolutely great, the hair, the make up, all fantastic. The dancers, loved the costumes, loved the diversity in the dancers, and they moves were true to the words of the song. Adam kept such a pace of excitement all the way through the whole performance, my heart was racing and I can tell you it has been a long time since I watched a performance that made my heart pump blood through my veins so fast, a fantastic feeling. This kiss, YES, WHY NOT, we all know who Adam is, we accept who Adam is, we are in the twenty first century, nothing wrong with that kiss, what are we trying to do, cover Adam in cotton wool, pretend that he should not express himself, we all know Adam from Zodiac and from AI tour, we loved the way he expressed himself, so why are we shocked now? I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT, I hope Adam carries on to be diverse, carries on to be controversial, carries on expressing himself in excactly the same way, I enjoy listening to his voice, I enjoy watching his performances, I celebrate Adam’s existence in this world, LOVE THE MAN, all I can say is ADAM YOU ARE THE EPITOMY of creativity, artistry, and we love you.

  120. I honestly have to say that I was disappointed with the performance. I think a lot of media try and do crazy stuff because it appeals to a younger crowd of people (like right now im only 14 but i still dont like a lot of whats goin on). but i think it wasnt jst the dancing or whatever it was how he was singing. his words seemed really slurred like he wasnt focusing or he was on drugs or something. but dont get me wrong here. i love adam and am definatly getting his album today!!!

  121. Shock and roll! Literally- rolled. LOL Loved it. I watched it like 8 times in a row afterwards. It was over the top and in your face…but hey…that is Adam! If anyone ever watched his stuff from the Zodiac show and Stand up Caberet BEFORE Idol….it’s more of the same. Adam pulled it all in for Idol. As he said in his interview….don’t take it so seriously. It’s a SHOW…and that is what he gave us was a SHOW. Anyways..that is my 2 cents. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

  122. Glambertcraze says:

    I must say this is the first and hopefully the last performance of Adams that I didn’t like. The performance itself didn’t bother me, it was the music. It didn’t even sound like FYE. I was disappointed because of his music not the dance.

  123. We (South Africa) got o see the AMA’s a couple of hours after you guys in the US and I deliberately stayed away from the internet until I had watched it, so I wouldn’t be influenced beforehand. Well, I kept wondering why the announcer was building up Adam’s performance as jaw dropping, etc, etc…. NOW I KNOW!!! One thing’s for certain: the AMA’s have never seen the likes before and are probably not likey to do so again any time soon. Unless off course they invite Adamback next year, which I doubt! ;p Will everybody like it, off course not, that’s the idea, stir things up and get them talking and then some! As Adam himself told Simon many months ago: that’s music, you either love it or hate it! Well, that’s Adam, he’s gonna keep pushing those buttons, get you out of your comfort zone and you’re either gonna love it or hate it! No middle ground here. Personally I LOVED every moment of “SHOCK AND AWE” including the impromptu somersault, which has to go down as the best recovery in tv history! I can’t stop smiling, have watched it 3 times just to make sure I really saw what I did! One minor negative thing I have to agree about with some of you, is that the vocals/ arrangement felt a bit “thin” at times, I loved the opening/intro though. However this wasn’t a big problem to me since there was so much else going on to keep me entertained. I wonder how long this will keep those gossip columns buzzing ????

  124. ADAM fans, I saw this one coming weeks ago ( and I am still a die-hard ADAM fan)!

    Several weeks ago when his album title and cover came out, I mentioned about the signal he was sending his fans and music industry. I sensed he was pushing the envelope too far too soon. I questioned who was managing and advising him during this critical time, stardom. There was nothing wrong with the content or performance element ideal he was striving towards, it was just bad timing. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong audience!!!

    I still love ADAM for being brave and on the bright side nothing more will shock us so he can now focus on his amazing genuine talent, HIS VOICE!

    Forget theatrics and all the sex crazed gimmicks, people want to hear your voice!!!

    On the bright side, ADAM inspires us all to be more brave and explore our sensuality boldly.
    He is definitely now a celebrity and people will be talking about him this week during Thanksgiving gatherings, like I already have, defending him at every corner.

    I wish someone would offer broader, more mainstream, genuine, out side of the music industry beltway advise to tap into and expand fan base. He can’t be offending his fans and closing doors ( not caring about his mainstream fans).


  125. I am thinking that for the many people turned off, many new people joined as fans. Probably balances out. Whatya think?

  126. i watched the video over and over again. he really did fall but managed to do it like a stunt. he is clever. i agree one must do something unforgettable so people can remember them. this performance wont hurt adam because he has offered a lot and will do more. watch his upcoming appearances he will perform different songs. im sure many fans will be added than not. HE IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.i want to hug him the time he finished the song he looks tired and exhausted.

  127. Would have liked to see him a little more playful and less snarling. The kiss was was a kiss what’s so bad about that? Although the grinding guys’s face in crotch was a little much I thought. But that said…Adam is an artist and a risk taker…anytime someone takes risks they will not please everyone..sometimes they will not please hardly anyone and sometimes they will hit a home run.

    Love Adam and his bravery and will support him as he tries new and different things. this was not my favorite performance but I am happy he got to do things his way.

  128. He is in the “Aftermath “… huh?… Here’s what I think about last night. I just love the album SO much …can’t get enough of it. I have two of them – one in the house and one in my car and recorded into my IPOD in case I’m not in my house or my car. Adam has to walk his own path. We have to trust him to do so because he is “so imperfectly what he should be”. (His words you know). Love you, crazy boy.

  129. OK then, where can I get Adam’s CD Downunder and what cost will it be. I’m tired of the 30sec sounds nibbles that play constantly on my computer.

  130. WOW!! I havn’t had a chance to read these posts until now…..and I am utterly stunned at some of these posts !!! I thought Adam’s performance was just as he said it would be…..and I thoroughly enjoyed it. !!!! It was a visual experience in the name of art. It’s what Adam does…..and he does it so well.

    Please, those who are ‘shocked’ by Adam’s sexual antics….. there are worse things that can happen in this world (Wars,Murder, Poverty etc.) This was just a musical performance acting out words.

    This is a forever changing world…..and nowadays, musical ‘ performances’ are all of a sexual nature (as you have noticed)……the young kids of today are not shocked at all and, in fact, don’t even think twice about seeing same sex couples kissing and they appear to be much more accepting of people’s differences.

    • Con’t …..I accidently pressed the submit .

      I absolutely LOVED his performance. His performance was magic, entertaining and left me feeling as always….ecstatic……..and I thank him for this.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • ADAM had to tone down for American Idol……and each week he just melted everyone’s
        hearts……and we loved it! Thankgoodness now ADAM can be free to express himself
        at last and not to have to hold back to comform to some kind of expectations! I often felt he
        had to bite his tongue and it was’nt easy! Now he’s not restricted and ADAM can be ADAM at last! Surely you did’nt think ADAM was going to the AMA’s without making a statement! ADAM
        is talented, courageous and out of the box!

  131. Itsme, I agree Adam is not the normal down to earth man, that every one would like for him to be…..I tape it and I have seen a lot worse….Love Adam and his music and I will not change that….Most of the show was boring……Waiting to see Adam on GMA and Letterman tomorrow night…..

  132. Theresa CALIFORNIA says:

    Get it……..he was mocking the whole stupid show.

  133. AdventureGuy says:

    I am open minded and so I have attended a fetish club because I do find that sexy to watch…… but the important point to be made here is that as a free adult I CHOSE to attend and see that kind of “ENTERTAINMENT”. However, I did not enjoy Adam’s AMA performance at all – mainly because it was forced on a public (and also upon open-minded me) who were expecting SEXY ARTFUL SINGING, not just RAW SCREAMING SEX! Just as Simon would say “You chose the wrong song” – in this case Adam, “You Chose the wrong VENUE”! I probably would have enjoyed that performance if I chose to go see it in a Fetish Club setting where I would expect to see such things by choice. But definitely not on the AMAs when you KNOW kids are going to be watching to the end to see if Taylor Swift wins Artist of the Year (Way to go Sweetie – a truly class act who is so sexy in her innocence and graciousness to her fans). Another disappointment was that the song just plain sucked! I definitely won’t be humming that one tomrrow. The tune was very boring with a repetitive beat and lame lyrics that did not express any kind of human emotion that would warrant and invoke that sort of screaming delivery, so it was waaaay oversung. I was an Adam fan and would fast forward my TIVO through every week’s episode of American Idol to see his performances. And he was especially brilliant in the final with Kiss and Queen. But sadly, now I wonder if I will be able to remain a fan. I will not buy this CD if this was the best song on it, but will await a redemption and a return to the brilliance he is capable of (with better song writers of course). Another dissapointment during the entire evening was all the interruptions with no sound when most songs had to be censored repeatedly due to content. Artists should smarten up and chose what songs should be performed on TV so the lyrics and music would not have to be interrupted so much! The music industry has to give their head a shake as half of the other performances were not enjoyable to me either, even though I am fully open-minded about things like this.

  134. Adam, Adam, Adam…what were you thinkin?? Being creative never means you spill what ever compulsive thought or emotion on stage, in front of the world, and think you will be a hit!@!! Don’t give me that “… I don’t care if people liked it…Im not in it for the money…” garbage!! This is probably a deal breaker and your career is in the sh$tter.

    To hell with the fall, you broke your neck anyway, bud.

  135. Judy Huston says:

    If Adam stops taking risks or stops “being Adam” he is not who we all fell in love with. It is his life and his talent and he gets to choose. We get to decide whether we think he is worth our attention. Maybe he would do it differently if he had a second chance. Maybe he would do it the same way even knowing about the reactions he got from some of his adoring fans. That’s Adam.

    We don’t have the right to expect him to meet all of our expectations. He has done a darn good job of keeping us entertained for well over a year. Now, we’ll see if he redeems himself on Letterman, CBS, and Ellen (my guess is she won’t hold back the punches). Most of us live fairly safe lives. Adam does not. When he makes a mistake, it isn’t tiny.

    My feeling is that he can continue to do it “his way” and will lose many people who really wanted to be part of his dream. Or, he can listen to his mom and don’t push it all so hard. (That’s probably the least of what she told him.)

    What I know right now is that I LOVE his CD. I don’t appreciate his anger, but I don’t appreciate anyone’s anger–that’s the way I’m wired. I want him to come through this a stronger and more committed artist who realizes shock value only goes so far. Like anger, I really don’t appreciate it, but I’m still weighing in heavily in the direction of supporting Adam’s talent.

    I do know that I wouldn’t appreciate a concert that didn’t have the balance he provided us with. If he hadn’t come back with something less over the top after Ring of Fire, he might have lost me. It was everything put together that made me go back and appreciate Ring of Fire. If a concert were all like his AMA performance, I would get tired of it fairly quickly.

    I think Adam’s intelligence, talent, and dream will support him through this–at least that’s my dream for him.


  136. I support Adam Lambert 100%; his AMA performance didn’t bother me at all. (I’m 62, straight) If people would get less upset about sex and more upset about all the violence on tv and in the world, maybe we could progress as a species. I do think the sound was bad and I don’t know if he was singing poorly or the sound system was to blame. I am loving his new cd and am hoping somehow I will be able to attend one of his tour performances.

  137. I’m not here to Judge Adam, in any kind. I don’t agree with what Adam does either. I’m here, to let Adam know, that Jesus Christ, loves him for who Adam is. Jesus didn’t come 2000 years ago, to judge Adam for being Gay, but Jesus Christ came, to show Adam, how much he loves, & cares, for Adam, when Jesus Christ hung on the Cross, and died for Adam. Jesus Christ last thought was about Adam, saying in his last soft breath, before he died, was ” Adam, this Blood is for you, because I love you. I pray that some day Adam, can realize, that Jesus loves him, with unconditional Love…


  139. stargazer says:

    He has said, clearly, in interviews (MTV, Slezak) that he fell. He has been vindicated by CBS’s handling of “the kiss”. The rest is so old, it’s over. He’ll be fine.

  140. Lori Carmone says:

    Not sure if anyone already posted this….but I saw one interview with Adam where he said the roll was not planned. His foot caught on the steps and he fell and just tried to make it work. He said that whne he watched the playback…he was like “wow- look at the cool ninja move I pulled off”. Very professional of him to roll with it as he did. Although right after that he left out a line of the song as I think he was still catching his breath. I htink for 11:00 at night- it was fine. I just wish he’d sang bettr- that was the only thing he said he regretted as well, that his vocals were not where they should have been. THen again…who can do cardio and sing well at the same time..? Considering his nerves and the fact he was running late et..I think he did great.

  141. Ellen Tobin says:


  142. Where is Jeanette? Is she ill????

  143. Ninalatina9 says:

    I have to say that I have loved everything that Adam does. He is an artist and I love his style. However, I too was disappointed in the performance at the AMAs. I was SOOO looking forward to watching him rise to stardom before our eyes but that performance lacked his amazing vocals, the rhymn of ADAM and I thought it really was way tooo over the top for the show.. I wish he would have kept it more like the original on the CD because it’s awesome and his voice would have been the best… I will not stop supporting him though…I just hope he keeps up the wilder side for this concert cuz I’ma going to that!!!

  144. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    I watched this performance again, & I’m all excited now! The raunchiness of it reminds me of a movie but I can’t put my finger on it at this time. So if anyone can help me figure this one out , please! I loved it! I was entertained! LOL!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I looked at his suit closer, & it is freakin’ awesome! Look how it glitters, so perfect for the role he played in this performance.

  145. RainOnRosesGLAMB#255Glambert #2017 says:

    AdventureGuy you make me laff out loud!!!! hahahahahahahaha Open minded?? Maybe half open with brains on the floor. You make no sense saying you’re open minded.
    I love who Adam is. Hello??!! Theatrics will always be a part of Adam’s show. He loves theatrics and I love them too. I love his talent and what he does and that he is sooooo open minded. He is so intelligent and will be remembered for ever for what he does. I LOVED this performance. THAT is open-minded. So he didn’t sing it perfectly, just nearly. Could anyone else have done it as well as he did? Not in my opinion. Please may I remind everyone that Adam is human, altho he may seem like a God. Just shrug it off, laff like he does and love it anyway. It was a SHOW.
    Judy Huston you said it. And Deanna I’m with you, and all of you supporting Adam 100%. Don’t worry, Adam is far from disappearing. He will be around a long, loooooonnnnnnng time. And here’s MY finger out there along with Adam’s to you unbelievers and your closed minded attempted shut downs. Now if you would like to put your energy into something POSITIVE, there are still children/people starving to death in this world who need your help.
    signed, 45 yo straight female

  146. The AMA performance was dreadful-unlike the official Sony music video for the song, which is wonderful. Adam fell, the performance was ugly staging, his singing was terrible.The kiss,though, now that was exotic. But I couldn’t bear to watch the updated video-Adam looked like an idiot that night. Kelly Clarkson got standing ovations for her performance and all she did was stand at the mic stand and sing. Rem. on Ido when Adam sat on a chair and sang ‘Mad World” and got 4 standing ovations.? For all the tv viewers who never saw AI, but watched the AMA show- they have no interest in Adam Lambert -and will miss out on his fantastic CD.Hopefully, fans will spread the word, play the CD, request songs on the radio. But the AMA performance still ‘hurts’.

  147. I think if Adam had kissed a woman instead of another man, people wouldn’t have made a big production of it. It’s ridiculous how homophobic some Americans have become. Why hate and discriminate? This is a free country and Adam can do as he pleases. People don’t need to pound him and pound him for what he feels is right for him. Artistic expression is one of the few pure things left in this country, are we about to rob ourselves of a endangered and precious human quality?

  148. Just reading over this older blog…..I don’t understand why some of my posts were deleted!
    The only reason I can think of was that they contained links to sites where you could either see ADAM interview or to vote for him!

    Sorry Ingrid….I really did try to get back with you so that you could go to those links! My comments were all over the place….not in the order in which they were originally put in.

  149. Adam’s Performance was AMAZING I LOVED IT he was being himself and that’s what I LOVE about him and the performance was NOT over the top and the kiss was HOT his keyboard player is SEXY
    I Don’t know why people Dislike him so much!?! he’s “perfection” ADAM YOUR TRUE FANS WILL STICK BESIDE YOU “LIKE ME”:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Ok, so here’s a thought all you homophobic twits – we(women) have had to watch other women bump and grind and overexpose body parts and slide crotches up and down poles, etc. because you big, macho guys (only 50% of the population) get off on it. Now here comes this guy who screams male eroticism into our eager ears, works very hard on how he looks, (working out and no ice cream), actually combs his hair everyday, wears nice tight pants so we can appreciate the anatomy that turns us on and probably smells good like the MAN cologne he takes the trouble to put on. No wonder we can’t get enough of him. No wonder you look down at your beer gut and baggy sweat pants and ignore your need for a shower and just growl …..” Adam Lambert – I hate that (*#@*&&)!! I think he’s here to stay because he’s the testosterone/estrogen shot we (women) and if there are some cool, secure dudes out there who will recognize what’s hot about him and think about improving their act, bring them on!!

  151. I am disappointed because not only was Adam way out of line, his vocal wasn’t up to par. I loved you on American Idol Adam and voted for you, but you don’t need to do this weird stuff. Use your gift, your voice.