Adam Lambert American Idol Interview

The first one is the official audio interview. He’s VERY articulate and he certainly knows how to talk, listen to this:

You can read below on the second interview conducted by American Idol with Adam, Allison and Kris on March 2nd, 2009. Below is Adam’s section of the interview:

While Adam Lambert realizes he makes a big impression with his rock star look, he assured us during the interview what we see on the show is actually his “daily street wear.” But he also realizes the importance of being memorable, and since his performance the other night was his first chance to really present himself, he “upped the fashion kick a little bit.” Adam says he has been a fan of the show since the start, but also likes the fact that he can’t really compare himself to any of the former Idols, and he thinks this individuality will help him in the long run.

The one hurdle Adam has had to really overcome since being on the show, especially in the eyes of the judges, is his theatrical nature and background. He doesn’t really consider their comments about his Broadway background to be a negative. As he put it:

“Simon kind of makes it seems derogatory, but when you think about it in the pop music scene right now a lot of the big artists are going a very theatrical route. There’s lots of camp and costumes – that’s kind of an angle right now in the scene. So I kind of think it’s time for something like that.”

Adam even admits that this background has prepared him for the rigors of Idol, as it has helped him to be able to sing under any condition. But he wants people to know that this is just a small facet of who he is as a performer. As Adam so frankly put it:

“I’m not going for a Broadway sound. But the cool thing is that this is finally allowing me to be myself. I mean, I don’t listen to show tunes in my spare time, I can assure you. The show tune thing, the musical theater things, was just kind of the way that I was paying the bills.”

Simon was particularly hard on Adam after his performance of “Satisfaction”. While he admitted there were moments of brilliance, he also said that there were some “excruciatingly bad parts.” When asked about this, Adam said he explained it pretty perfectly with what he said on the show by saying that music is quite subjective. As he explained, “Obviously I’m a risk taker. I kind of feel like I’m not easy listening.You know what I mean? I’m not going to be always the most digestible thing for everybody across the board.” That doesn’t mean he’s going to take his decisions on the show lightly. Adam says he will really listen to the judges, and he even has a strategy in mind. As he put it, strategy is half the competition.



  1. Regina powers says:

    Adam Lambert is a talent that comes along just like Elvis, Freddie Mercury,and Robert Plant , that just knocks your socks off. Congratulations Adam for you are completely releasing this creative potential and the opportunities to fulfill it is limitless……Rock on

  2. I believe this is our next American Idol! I love his voice when he sings, and also has a nice talking voice. Very fun to watch and I will definetely being buying his first cd. Lots of luck Adam!

  3. dreamheaven says:

    Adam, you’re not only musically talented with a voice to die for, but you’re also very intelligent. Perfect!

  4. i am completely speechless when it comes to adam and his performances he knocks the breath out of me and i get complete goosebumps

  5. VisualMemories says:

    I have always said there would never be another superstar like Elvis. Not the talent so much as just the sheer drawing power and mystique that Elvis created during his career. I thought the age of video, instant access and all the current technology in general would keep anyone from reaching the status that Elvis did. Plus he had an unbelievable stage presence that mesmerized you and always left you wanting more, and I just never thought there would be anyone that could have the total package that he did. And then along comes Adam Lambert. I watched Idol the night they showed the auditions in San Francisco, and told my husband that I had already seen the winner of the season. He had not seen him until the night he did Satisfaction, and he was just as impressed as I was. He said then that it was time for another huge star like Elvis and we both think Adam will be that star. I watch in awe each week and can not get enough of his voice or his performances. And I am glad he is keeping up the showmanship, let them call it theatrics if they want to, but it is pure entertainment. Elvis never stood still while he sang either and nobody ever complained, well after the 50’s anyway. lol
    I just hope that he is ready for this, his life will never be the same. I wish him well and thank him for sharing his talent with all of us, one day we will be telling people that we remember him from American Idol.

    • True True…. finally someone says something that actually makes sense.. from a perspective that not many are talking of. I was 3 when Elvis died, but a fan nontheless. To live in a time where I too get to experience and appreciate the talents of a great artist is unreal !! I’ve heard people, like you, talk about how they were “mesmorized” by his stage presence and not really ever known that feeling myself, until now. The music industry has lacked pure talent for so long that I think people forgot what it was like to actually be entertained!!! Adam embodies the likes of so many greats, and he has come into this in a time when people need to believe in something or someone phenomenal. In some way not known to mankind, he fills a void for many who are searching for love, an icon, a role model, or just something to believe in…. So if we honestly are witnessing one of the most extrodinary talents to ever walk this earth I too hope that he’s ready for what is about to come. His life,for better or for worse, will never be the same. I wish him strength to endure the tornado he’s about to experience. As we have seen in the past, the marriage to the stage is sometimes not all its cracked up to be. Adam may be the new “King” and I just consider myself one of the luckiest to serve in his court….

  6. Adam when u sing I feel like u’re gonna swallow the stage , the audiance and every one out there with the strength of your voice and your presence, u’re so creative, have so much power inside of u and that what I like most about you.

  7. heyy i was just reading through and thought “heyy i’ll comment.” okay so basically my thoughts on adam are::
    1) he is an incredible singer!
    2)he has an amazing style!
    3)his hair is so sexy!
    4)he is THE hottest american idol contestant ever!
    5)he is straight and i don’t care what anyone else says!
    Adam is amazing and i love him, his style, and his voice! Keep working hard Adam, you’ve got the competition in the bag!!!!! 😀
    xoxo ?

  8. He is amazingly articulate. How impressive! Not to mention sexy!

  9. AdamAdmirer says:




  10. Adam Bravo, if you don’t become the next American Idol it will be America’s loss as a whole. They will come off as the loser not yourself. Because win or lose, you’ve already proven to the world that you are the best overall. I look forward to a bright future and thank you for your poise, grace, charisma, originality, versatility, stage presence (and the list continues) but most of all for your electrifying performances. You draw us in to each one of them and leave us hanging on for more. A true talent and a very fine person. It’s refreshing to hear a young person, who can do an interview with that confidence and class. I like the honest way in which you handle the media. Stay true to yourself. Rock on and all the best. We look forward to your new releases in Canada.

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