Adam Lambert Agrees to ‘Tone Down’ Malaysian Glam Nation Show

Adam Lambert has agreed to tone down the Glam Nation concert, headed to Malaysia on Thursday. There have been calls by the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) to cancel the show, because they feel he is promoting gay culture in a mainly Muslim country.

Adam has responded with tweets a few hours ago:

While I don’t believe that my glamnation tour is in any way offensive I have agreed to make a few minor adjustments out of respect for the Malaysian government. Looking forward to a fun show.

Does my show “promote the gay lifestyle”? It promotes living ANY lifestyle that includes the freedom to seek love and intimacy. Gay, straight, bi, young or old. It’s all inclusive.

plus, what’s THE gay lifestyle? There isnt just one. There are so many different kinds of gay people. We have a variety of different lifestyles. There’s not only one lifestyle lived by straight folks. Generalizing….

Out of respect, I won’t go on about how another country should not be the way they are. We have to respect international differences. I just know where I won’t be going on vacation! I do feel sorry for the fans. They’re missing one hell of a show!

Reuters came out with an article in full, which due to copyright I can’t republish, but to read it, click here.

I know the comments following this article will be great! You’re certainly under no restraints, other than good taste! 🙂

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. While I am aware of Muslim issues about gay people, I do not understand how they have the power to modify Adam’s concert. America is primarily Christian, and needless to say a lot of Christians object to some of what they think goes on in an Adam concert. Yet they do not try to impose their ideas and restrictions on his concerts.
    Why? America is FREE. You can say what you want about a performer, but you have no right to try to control what he does and does not do.
    Apparently church and state are in cahoots in Malaysia. I feel sorry for the people who live there.
    The better solution would have been for objecting Muslims to just stay away from the concert — and let others live and choose freely.

    • There is little separation of church and state in many Islamic countries. See what this causes? , If u don’t want this in the good ole USA make sure u vote against it in November because this is what the Tea Baggers and republican party are attempting to do in the country. A country that does not have a good separation of church and state is a theocracy and it will govern form a religious standpoint and make laws to govern morality or what they call morality. Gay ppl like Adam and many others who do not fit into the label of christian/white/straight will lose thel rights that they have struggled for decades to get. It goes way beyond DADT. We could lose our rights in November if we do not vote out the republican tea party movement. Read my post below. This is an attempt to get the Glamberts to become a political force for equality in the country. If we put on our glitter and make a statement on November 2 we can keep this country from falling into the hands of the corruption that is now endemic in the republican party. If you don’t want the US to become a theocracy that can tell you what to wear and what freedoms you cannot have and takes away the artistic freedom of expression then put on your glitter and leather and lace and vote against the republican tea party and help the voice of the glamberts be heard on Nov 2. VOTE FOR FREEDOM….wagepeace

      • You should not talk about things you know nothing about. “The Tea Baggers” as you referred to or the Republican party are not what you are implying. The problem in the USA is that our standing President wants to turn this “land of the free” into a country that is run by the government. We will be told what to do with all aspects of our lives. He is shoving Socialized medicine and insurance down our throats whether we can pay for it or not. And why should my husband and I work all of our lives towards a goal of being comfortable in retirement just to have it all taxed away to pay for people who haven’t worked or expect the government to take care of them.
        Now with regards to Adams concerts, I do understand what they are saying in Malaysia. It is their country and if Adam wants to do concerts there he should respect that. Now I have been to many of his concerts and I LOVE him dearly. I personally do not mind his wonderful sexiness at all. I watch every concert he has done, thanks to our wonderful inside people who are our eyes and ears at all of his concerts. I have an 81/2 yr old grandson who wanted me to take him to a concert but I do not feel it is appropriate. I let him watch some of the concert on Utube but not all of it. Adam is the best performer I have ever witnessed in my 61yrs. Not even Elvis (who I love) or the Beatles (music I grew up with) match his stage presence, voice and all around great human being. Adam have fun and give them a great show. Kat4adam

        • kat23mogan says:

          If you have a problem with a National Medical plan and think it is Socialized…then I think you need some history lessons…I assume you want your Social Security check when you retire…if not retired already…that technically a Socialist program…Also things you and I take for granted everyday…are Socialist Programs…A State and Federal law enforcement agency..i.e. your local Police…FBI..SBI…..Your public education system is a Socialist Program…Please…do not come to this website and post idiotic statements about your conservative politics…The only reason people object to Obama…have done so since his campaign is because he is Afro American and trying promote some big changes…that the stuck in the mud Conservatives can not see will save us money in the long run….Taxes have actually gone down for middle and lower class…the way they should….the recession is over according to leading economic figures….Check the facts before ranting…
          As I said before…i do not believe Adam’s site is the place to spread your misleading info…stick to Adam…

          • I am sorry, I did not mean to start a fire storm. I just want separation of church and state. I think it would be really great for the Glamberts to show up at the polls Nov 2 with our glitter on and vote for a free and diverse society that will include equal freedom for everyone….wagepeace

            • Glamourclamor says:

              While I am not a political expert, I have lived on this earth long enough to know a truth that my husband often spoke about. The middle holds. Whenever, we stray too far right or too far left, we have internal problems. This Country like all democracies must have a center. Separation of church and state is, to me, a fallacy even in this Country. It is just much more pronounced in Muslim and Islamic Countries. Therefore, everyone should vote next month, regardless of what party you favor. As for Malaysia, currently Muslins are the majority, and Islamic groups like the PAP are using scare tactics to get the rest of the Country to run in their harness. I have not missed an election since I was 21, yes I am that old, and I will continue to vote. Otherwise I cannot bitch about what makes me unhappy. Unfortunately, the Malaysians cannot do the same. Adam will be safe–they want to get press, no cause an international incident.

    • I was lucky enough to be in Indonesia for a work contract at a time that overlapped the Singapore Glam Nation performance. I was even more lucky to be able to fly up to Singapore for one night just to see the show. Before the date I had twittered @AdamLambert offering a tip that there would be a lot of Muslim people from the region at the show. I was criticized by others on twitter who believed that intolerance in the name of God should not be accepted. I replied that Adam was fully capable of discretion and picking his battlefields, and that sometimes discretion pays. I also reminded them that Singapore is a lovely country and strict and at its worst, a home of caning. I am a consultant who has worked in a sensitive field internationally in about 39 countries, most of which were post conflict environments, or countries transitioning from authoritarian forms of government to democracies. So my “alert” was just meant as a reminder, without knowing that he had received any formal advisories. I have a lot of confidence in Adam. He is a bright guy with full sensitivities to his audience. Here is what I blogged about his performance.

      I’d like to share a few notes with you on the Saturday night show in Singapore. I had thought I’d miss the Glam Nation Tour altogether because my work travel schedule just wasn’t in sync. I got lucky and got to see him in Washington, D.C. when I had to go their suddenly for a meeting, and San Francisco when my work travel got delayed a week. (Both tickets cost me a fortune as the shows were sold out and I had to get them from scalpers.) Then I was assigned to a project in Jakarta and took the weekend off to fly to Singapore to see the show when I learned my work and his show overlapped. WOW, imagine 22K + fans packing in the huge outdoor stage area to see him at 11:30 at night. He was wonderful and even with this huge space to fill his presence is bigger than life. Although the advance publicity said he was adding some new songs….like “Time for Miracles,” he kept to the format of the U.S. shows. His opener was thrilling, even for me. Somehow, the lighting made him just glow and all those around me were sooo excited. It set us up for all that was to follow. And, of course all the songs were wonderful. I had been warned by work colleagues at the Jakarta office that Singapore crowds are very much more subdued. So, I was ready for it. There were about 22 thousand plus in the audience but all their clapping and cheering seemed “polite” but not what we are used to in the U.S. (And, I am sure, what he will experience in Tokyo, Australia, New Zealand on beyond.) What I noticed as I stood at the first security railing front-side center (by getting there 5 hours early) was that the reserved stage-side VIP crowed was filled with very very young people. The first 3 or 4 rows of “VIP” ticket holders let in to stand immediately surrounding the stage were young teens about 12-13 years old. Can you imagine Adam getting his first view of that audience? That stage-side group is the audience he usually plays to. He read the crowd perfectly and anyone who has seen the show before would have recognized his higher level of discretion. For those of us who love the “free and freewheeling” side of Adam we may have missed it a little, but for the Singapore crowd he was perfect. Nothing was lost of his talent and vibrancy. Although there were a few moments when he and the band seemed to stop between numbers with a little interruption of the momentum, he was a controlling force to be sure. He may not have felt the vibrations of love and excitement from this more reserved audience, but being in the middle of a crowd, I could sure feel it. And if it is any evidence of his popularity, all the fans around me knew ALL the lyrics of ALL his songs…even Rabbit Hole. Their favorites that they got the most excited about when they realized from the first notes what was coming seemed to be Rabbit Hole, Sleepwalker, Aftermath and IIHY. Imagine 22K people jumping with Adam for that one. They were ready for it and he had them in the palm of his hand. As I watched, I hoped that he would be able to feel the adoration, excitement and thrilled sense of expectation that I could feel being among them. He has said that his encores usually stem from the vibe of the audience. For this show he chose Mad World (the more upbeat version.) Maybe that is a sign that he felt the reserve of the audience and couldn’t feel the level of excitement that he usually feels. There is no question in my mind that he is loved in Singapore, too. I was so glad to see him with such a large crowd. He is a force….his warmth and generosity of spirit were not lost, and combined with his amazing showmanship and talent make him the star he was born to be. As you know, there were lots of performers slated for the event. Daughtry preceded Adam in an earlier show on the same stage. Before leaving early the next morning back to work in Jakarta I picked up the Singapore Sunday Times to see what they might have reported about Adam’s performance. The headline said it all. “Flamboyant Glam Rocker Steals Show!” Lovya, Adam.

  2. Sad. Seems to me they could look at previous audiences who have been mostly mothers and daughters as well as a mix of all others to see it’s not a ‘gay’ promoting show. It’s just damned good talent!

  3. BTW – I’m a 60 y/o hetero grandmother.

  4. I just want him out of there safe…Don’t know why 19productions booked him in a closed society….I have feared for his safety since I heard about this event because there is usually some form of theocracy in most Islamic societies .Even the fairly open and modern ones like Saudi Arabia and Egypt have a basis of religious rule. That said, the tea party in America would like to do the same here. The Glamberts are a strong force. We are many, young and old, so we can show the strength that we have in November in the mid term elections! We could all put on our glitter and vote for freedom of expression…for an open and accepting society…one we all are safe in regardless of color/creeed or sexual orientation…because equality for gay ppl is equality for everyone. I STAND AS AN ALLY for equal rights. The republican party and especially the TEA PARTY stands for a Christian America…this sounds a lot like a theocracy to me…how does it sound to the Glamberts? Want to change America? PUT ON YOUR GLITTER ON NOVEMBER 2 AND LET THEM HEAR YOU. VOTE!!! …..wagepeace

    • revnurse2 I’m so with you. Vote our support of equality, freedom of expression, an open society. The parallels between Islamic societies and what’s been happening in the US are frightening. It’s so refreshing to see you put it out there for us to see. This year, the election is not about mundane political issues. It’s about preventing those with a self-serving agenda assuming power—or us not letting them. This country doesn’t belong to any religion. HELLO! And it’s not going to now.In November, vote for freedom and equality for all. Vote for America, land of the free, home of the brave.

      • Thank you I was beginning to feel like a beast. I didn’t mean to offend so many ppl.I know this is a fan site and not a political site. And I truly love Adam and want him to have the freedoms he and all GLBT ppl deserve. You hit the nail on the head with your post..I am just trying to get ppl to wake up to what is happening in America NOW. I am reaching out in any way I can. For me it is about separation of church and state and not legislating morality. It is about loving each individual for their uniqueness and celebrating the diversity in all creation….This November we Glamberts need to “open our mouths and open it wide” and speak for an open and free America. I intend to put on my glitter and go to the polls with a few other young and old Glamberts and vote for the candidates that stand for freedom…join us. …………………wagepeace

    • I hope he and his entire crew will vote, too. I don’t know whether he has made arrangements with his mom or other family member to forward an absentee ballot to him. Even if he never thought to apply, I hope lots of us will twitter him that we hope he will vote in this important election. Even though he is traveling if he can make his way to any U.S. Embassy (and some consulate offices) before by November 2, he can at least get a Federal Only ballot. He may not know that. We have some very tough federal races in California and every vote will count. So get onto twitter @AdamLambert and let him know how you feel. He and his crew may just do it.

      • His brother is Neil Lambert who is an outstanding political blogger. I am sure that they are aware of the need to vote in this election. Adam chooses to lead by setting a beautiful and amazing example that has caused a great awakening in America. If you get a chance to read any of the Negative Neil blogs you will be amazed by his talent. They are both uniquely talented……wagepeace

  5. adam for president at least we will have love i miss him come home where you are appreciated for who u are and what u sing about. xoxoxoxoxox

  6. Would love to see him in Amsterday. Amsterdam is a truly free and open society. I expect Adam will be his most outrageous self, with no holes barred in Amsterdam. Hope Suz gets there to record it. Wish I could afford to get there!!!

    • I am going to the concert in Amsterdam for exactly the reasons you mention. I am hoping for a no holds barred show.
      I am from there originally so seeing Adam perfrom in Paradiso is like a homecoming.
      I am in deep Gratitude to be able to go!

  7. I vote republician, but I believe in free speech, and to be able to live how you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone…
    just come home safe dear sweet Adam!
    Leave it to Adam for not wanting to make waves. You gave your opinion, but show respect to other countries..
    Your a beautiful person Adam.
    Pleaseeeeeeee be safe! ! ! !

  8. Adamisamazing says:

    I think Adam handled it beautifully. His tweets are certainly insightful. I believe at the GLAAD awards, he mentioned that there is diversity in the gay community. Whether straight or gay, there is not just one lifestyle. The world could learn a lot from him if they would just open up their hearts and minds. There are too many people even in America who do not believe in acceptance or inclusion. I was reading on E! Online that Adam isn’t the only one who had to alter their plans in that part of the world. Gwen Stefani changed her fashion, Beyonce cancelled her concert there and Christina Aguilera avoided that area all together. Adam was already obligated to be there, and out of respect, he will alter his show somewhat. So, he is not alone, but that doesn’t make it any easier for him, I’m sure. We need Adam Lambert to teach the world love, peace and unity. But, Adam needs all of us to promote equality.

    • Scootersmom says:

      Probably, the only thing that will change is the act that Tommy Joe and Adam perform during his singing of “Fever”. Come on, folks, it’s just show business, and they are acting!

      • I got to see the show in Singapore…see my review above…., its the overly long comment.
        Nope…the kiss was in (without tongue it appeared) But the pelvic thrusts and overtly sexual moves were tamed down. (Obviously, he can’t really hide is natural sex appeal, can he?) I think he read his audience perfectly. 22 thousand plus waited to see him at midnight. Nothing was lost of his talent, warmth, full commitment to give his all as he does with every performance, dazzling smile and generosity of spirit, even in that more subdued crowd. he was wonderful.

  9. AdamAddict says:

    He kissed,stroke,licked,adamgasm in GN tour.He didn’t do any in American Idol.He wore codpiece,full of glitter in one show!He just sat and sing w/o any make up!He can do whatever he choose too bcoz he can!!Glad he can tolerate and respect others bcoz w/o all sexy and hot scene(which I drool watching everytime) I still believe he gonna kill that night!He is after all Adam Lambert!!!He is the most versatiles performer that I ever witness!He has to come.Many will heartbroken if he doesn’t!One of my dream is meeting Adam Lambert and I already spent lots of money to fulfil my dream.It’s not the 1st time PAS did that.Don’t know what is their problem.I never like them,never vote them in election and never will!DUH!!Grow up,Adam just sing there not like he turning people in to gays and lesbians.He might help people there.Straight girls will be more than straight!Gay still are gay.Lesbians maybe turn straight after see him.LOL!So,There!!!Why they complaining??Gosh!Enuf said,I want Adam to come to Malaysia.I want people respect him bcoz he deserve to be respect!! 🙂

    • AdamAddict says:

      FYI,our goverment is not under PAS.And our goverment say YES to Adam to come.So,….see,we love Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Sorry if any of my words sound weird or offensive,I don’t mean too but my english still sucks!!LOL!Wonder what they gonna give Adam as souvenirs?Kris,they gave “KERIS” which was a malay traditional weapon.Kris sound like Keris.So,Adam Lambert…..”buah dam…Ah dam…Adam”???LOL!!!It’s a game like chest…nah,I don’t think Adam likes it.haha!!Just give a leather pants or something.he will appreciate it more.LOL!
      Peace everyone.

  10. WOW, I am 62 and a Republican! And proud of it! I have no problem with gay people. Why are people lumping all Republicans against gays? This is stupid! I don’t understand why interviewers don’t ask about people being straight and how it affects them? It should have no bearing on a person’s life or performance. But DON’T put all Republicans into one lump sum against gays Revnurse!
    thank you!

    • Margie - Glamb #559 says:

      Thank you, Mers. I am older than you, Republican, conservative, and I have no problem with gays. Lumping all Republicans into one corner shows how uninformed Revnurse is. In my opinion, this fan site is for all things “Adam” – not a political soapbox. How I mark my ballot has absolutely nothing to do with how much I enjoy this amazingly talented young man who handles all this with grace and love. Isn’t it too bad that some of his fans cannot do the same..

    • Scootersmom says:

      I’m also a Republican, and to think we are all against gays is totally ridiculous. I love Adam for his honesty, his fearlessly living his life on his terms, and of course, for his unbelievable talent and that voice like an angel.

      • Glamourclamor says:

        Well Marge, Mers and Scootersmom, I am a life long Democrat and it would seem that we are all getting along just fine in the Adam world of our collective creation. Just as foolish to say all Democrats are pro-gay. Diversity is the word that Adam has left us to study and understand. I was the mother of a gay son, but Adam has made me more aware of being open and honest than ever before in my life. Sometimes we just need a leader (he would definitely not call himself that) or maybe a guide to better thinking and living (more acceptable) to open our eyes and our hearts. I am happy, and a little frightened, that Adam going ahead with his show. The threats are likely just that threats, this PAS punk, Yes, I will call him what I wish, may not be able to get a million protestors, but he can get any number if he chooses to make this an incident. Also sure, that security tight and Adam and Company will be removed if any real threat exists.

  11. REVNURSE2 You should not talk about things you know nothing about. “The Tea Baggers” as you referred to or the Republican party are not what you are implying. The problem in the USA is that our standing President wants to turn this “land of the free” into a country that is run by the government. We will be told what to do with all aspects of our lives. He is shoving Socialized medicine and insurance down our throats whether we can pay for it or not. And why should my husband and I work all of our lives towards a goal of being comfortable in retirement just to have it all taxed away to pay for people who haven’t worked or expect the government to take care of them.
    Now with regards to Adams concerts, I do understand what they are saying in Malaysia. It is their country and if Adam wants to do concerts there he should respect that. Now I have been to many of his concerts and I LOVE him dearly. I personally do not mind his wonderful sexiness at all. I watch every concert he has done, thanks to our wonderful inside people who are our eyes and ears at all of his concerts. I have an 81/2 yr old grandson who wanted me to take him to a concert but I do not feel it is appropriate. I let him watch some of the concert on Utube but not all of it. Adam is the best performer I have ever witnessed in my 61yrs. Not even Elvis (who I love) or the Beatles (music I grew up with) match his stage presence, voice and all around great human being. Adam have fun and give them a great show. Kat4adam

    • OMG. Socialized medicine????? Why is it that the United States is the only western democracy that does not officer universial healthcare? Why is it that in terms of medical care we are no only ranked 8th in the world? Why is our infant mortality rate rising while in many other democracies it is falling. I don’t know a single medicare recipient who is opposed to the coverage they are getting at very reasonable rates (except for drugs and perscriptions, of course) In fact, having worked through medicare for elderly parents and loved ones, I have found it to be terrific in spite of all its problems. Is it not “socialized” medicine? It works. While it poses some restrictions, in general it is a successful program with administrative costs at a fraction of those claimed by insurance companies. It lets you select your own doctor, and is pretty liberal about what it covers, although it tends to cut allowable fees to doctors to such a point that some doctors will not longer accept medicare patients. Don’t kid yourself…..universal health care is doable…..even here in the United States. I look at insurance rates and wonder why I am so sure that I might not be better off paying higher taxes instead. Shouldn’t every American be entitled to health care? We are apparently the only western democracy in the world that answers “NO” to that question. A newly “independent voter” whose confidence individual candidates must earn regardless of their party. Thanks, for the soapbox.

    • go to …The platforms out per the tea party is homophobic and has a definate theocratic overtone. Is this the America u want ur grandson to grow up in? I am a straight person who stands for equality for everyone. That is not what the tea party is proposing. …wagepeace

  12. I live in Canada and we have had so-called socialized medicine for decades and it works, nobody is denied health care. We also have no problem with gay marriage and while there is probably some discrimination it is not near the level it is in the U.S. Is this not what Adam Lambert stands for, being fair to all our citizens and “practice what we preach”, accepting whatever lifestyle people choose. I am concerned about Malaysia but he would have more inside information about the dangers and hopefully lots of protection. He is a wonderful, peace loving, talented person whose voice the the best I have heard in decades. Elvis was my idol and not since his era have I been this interested in any other performer. I loved A.L. since the first time I saw him on Idol and wish him a safe and successful tour.

  13. kat4adam and Annita are right on! You said exactly what I was thinking. Revnurse is truly out of touch if he/she thinks that voting for democrats will allow gay marriage and fix the problems in America with how we treat people who are different. I have worked all my life full time while raising kids. I fear I will not have a retirement when I’m ready. We are now seeing just above 50% of people living off the government dole. There is no incentive to work when you can get subsidized housing, food stamps, cell phone, free medical insurance (I don’t have this) and not have to get out of bed to go to work. America is in trouble.

    I was a democrat for most of my life but I’m fed up. We have to stop giving the fort away, so I generally vote Republican. I have no problem with gays or lesbians getting married and I try to find candidates who are moderate and feel the same. The issue for me is taxes and too much spending. It’s nice though, that we can all agree that we have Adam as our distraction from all the crap going on in the world.

  14. Adamisamazing says:

    I am very disappointed with all the posts on this thread. This is supposed to be a place I can come to get away from politics. I am sick and tired of Americans fighting. This is the most divisive time I can remember. Fans of Adam should be respectful and kind towards each other. Every time Adam’s sexuality is in the news, it becomes an argument. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, could we please watch how we speak to each other on this Web site? Adam stands for peace, love, unity, inclusion, diversity and acceptance. Self-expression is important, but honestly, the way these opinions are being expressed is not at all pleasant. Disagree respectfully. Think before you speak and write without so much anger, please.

    • Glamourclamor says:

      This a hot button issue, and is probably a little out of hand at the moment. All will be well.

  15. Dreamsound, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share views across the full spectrum. Wonderful.

  16. Hi, I’m from malaysia and I like adam lambert so much. Today morning I saw this news in paper, feel disappointed and sorry for Adam lambert. Too bad this is the order by Islamic party( s*ck). Whatever I saw his glam nation show in singapore on youtube, hope is pretty good show in malaysia too. Love u adam.

  17. Blah! I am coming onto this website from Greece after not checking in for many days because I am teaching a workshop here and I come this thread.
    I read Adam’s very respectful tweeter response and then find fans promoting the own personal political agenda here.
    Well on a positive note I heard WDYWFM on the Greek radio yesterday and I will teach a class tonite with a focus of emotions and we will dance to Adam’s music.
    All is Love or should be Love!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Hey Dancing Goddess! How’s it going in Greece!?
      I can be a political beast myself sometimes but I will admit that I think we are safer here talking about things like Adam’s music. Or his crotch.
      Irena, are you on the Official Fansite? How about others? Revnurse2? [is there a Revnurse 1?] The reason I ask is that you can write your own blogs there and then folks have a chance to read [or not] and comment. I certainly am enjoying letting it all hang out there! I am in no way, however, suggesting that we stop coming here because I still love the O/U sistas and brothas too! I haven’t had a chance to watch many of the International videos yet [real life interfereing]but I will soon.
      All is love indeed. Love always wins.

      • Dear Princess,

        Yes I am on the Fansite under Lizard Eyes the same name I use on AO…. I love the fansite and the possibility to blog.
        I will post a blog about my amazing experience tonight of teaching Nia by the water in Greece and dancing to Adam’s voice. It was very powerful and people were moved to tears.

  18. kat23mogan says:

    Even though the country is prodominately Muslim ….there are a ton of fans there…That is why Adam is in the Asian countries…The public loves him there…..That is why 19 Records and Adam is touring there…has nothing to do with the politics…Hopefully his performance and his open way will help those living there ask for more tolerance and diversity…

  19. Y.eah… Adam is a wonderful distraction. He is lots and lots of LOVE, and loads of loads of smiles. I love how his song A LOADED SMILE, would soothe and relax me. It just lulls me to that dimension, to that imaginary state of relaxation…….. pleasure…… and excitement. Just like a back rub….. and a heavenly back massage that soothes your stresses away…. AAAAhhhhhhhh

    There are times when I just want to listen to particular songs. A LOADED SMILE lately is my ear candy. There’s that somebody in me that seem to say, ” Please Adam, take me away to that state of relaxation and pure bliss. Your voice just transports me to that realm of wellness and well-being, where I see rainbows…… I see waterfalls……. I see oasis in the dessert…… I see eagles that soar freely. You give me wings. You color my world. You are the sunshine and the rain. Now, I’m a dewdrop…. crystal clear…. gracefully hanging in the air……. so iridiscent…. sparkling in the meadow. “

    • Like you, I find my “favorites” constantly changing. Right now I am hooked on Master Plan from the Asian version of his album. Great on a long trip by car!!! And Broken Open stays high up on my ear candy list. I am disappointed to hear that there may not be another single from the album. What a shame. There are at least 5-6 songs that should be all over the airwaves. Can’t wait for his bio coming on TV probably in November. I am sure we will all be happy when he gets back home and performing and hitting the tv circuit again.

  20. Thank you to those who made this about the music rather than politics.

  21. AllaboutAdam says:

    how does this make sense? …. so the Islam government – which we know all to well as believing in such things as suicide bombing and death to all “infidels” – is upset by one little kiss? How COULD 19productions send him there? Surely, Adam doesn’t need that blood-money. But, being our Adam, he will handle himself with the class and grace that he always does, and let no harm come to even a single hair on his head.

    • kat23mogan says:

      People…learn more before posting…Islamic government does no promote car bombing…etc…That is what the radical Islamic groups promote…It is like you are stating the Karan promotes this…that is very false…Like our country, which has radical groups such as the KKK and other militant hate groups, or the Ultra Conservative Christian groups who spread hate about races, those who have different sexual orientations or religions, so to has other countries hate groups….Like Adam says…tolerance is the key…love is the key…I thought my co-Adam fans were more open minded and knowledgeable…I wonder…go read some history and learn about other religions more..none are better than others…all preach believing in a divine spirit…

  22. earlzagurl4u says:

    “Can’t we all just get along”? Rodney King~~ “What we need in this world is some love.” Adam Mitchel Lambert ~~ “When the power of love overcomes the love of power then we will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

  23. xosarahox says:

    so if some one blows him self in a car its because muslims and islam and some country have problem with gays its because of there relegion for god sack peopol can u open up ur mind a littel i mean im a muslim and im all the way from tunisia and we have no problem with gay peopol there r gay in herh u know they have better then the gay in america i mean when adam went to taxas i thing didnt they protest against him it wasnt the first time i didnt say it was because of christin/ my relegion has no problem with gays its the opposit i mean isnt there in the bibol somthings against the gays there r none in our book koran as for countries like malaysia they r very very extremest that has nothing to do with islam wich is very tolarens relegion u djust dont know any thing about it the prove is in countris like egypt and tunisa and turkia and lobanan peopl there have no problem with gays. and bay the way we had michel jakson in tunisia once he was so happy because of the love he found and we would love to heve adam in here to soon. sorry if i some of my wrds sound weird my englich sucks a littel.

  24. Glamourclamor says:

    I am getting out of here today. Too heavy for my faint heart. John Lennon said it best. LOL

  25. Scootersmom says:

    I just heard the announcement of the nominations for AMA’s…and sadly, NOTHING about Adam. When will the media moguls wake up to the fact that he’s not just an entertainer, he’s in a class by himself, and should be recognized by everyone. That day WILL COME, but those of us who believe in Adam should become more active, leaving our requests and unhappiness at Adam being ignored in every venue possible. This is just wrong, folks!

    • I feel exactly the same way!! Couldn’t believe it either! How could Adam be completely shut out of any nominations? So wrong, and makes me feel sad and kind of sick.

  26. Adam, please be careful in Malaysia! We want you to be safe.

  27. I envy you Irena, because you can dance your heart away. I’ m still waiting and hoping for that day when I can still go back to dancing ballet, (sob, sigh ) and to Adam’s music. My work now, well, is more like a battlefield. Uuuggh.. Two post-mortems/autopsies in a row. My bullheaded midwives, sent me to tears. A physician has more prestige and authority in a hospital setting, than in my setting which is a town’s Health Center. Midwives close rank and throttle you. Once our Mayor hurt me so bad, but I don’t even have time to let go and have a good cry for a while, since policemen were waiting for me to conduct a post-mortem. While examining the dead man and interviewing the wife, the hurt surfaced and my tears cascaded. So now, I was crying together with the wife, which of course turned out FUNNY!!!
    Now back to Adam. Yes, he is my relaxation to the stresses of my job. I let his voice soothe me…. and calm me.

    • This all sounds very intense. Yes I feel very lucky to be able to make my money with dancing, movement and to Adam’s music when I want to!

  28. Adam is the kind of guy who will respect other cultures and beliefs. I feel very sorry for gay people living in these countries; how hard that would be! It goes back to the belief that people CHOOSE to be gay versus my belief that they are actually born that way. I SO hope Adam will be safe and that his fans get to enjoy his love like the rest of us!

  29. Yes, Irena, that’s why I also love this site. There is light, joyful banter at times. This work is just a stage in my life. Funny how I used to dance ballet/jazz to 007 James Bond’s movie soundtrack before, but now I have to be like some James Bond even in my work. Ohhh…so what, the bible says “In EVERYTHING give thanks. For all things work together for good to them that loves the Lord.”
    Isn’t MULAN my favorite cartoon character? Yes, she is, and we can also be like her if we want to.
    Isn’t ADAM our role model in work ethic? Yes, he is and much more.

  30. While I have enjoyed reading all the banter on politics and reglion I just want to say I understand why people say what they do. I respect Adam so much for understanding while not agreeing on another Country’s beliefs and he acted accordingly. I am very impressed with Adam. It is too bad that the fans of his won’t be able to enjoy the full extent of his very engaging concert. They will only get a restraint part.

  31. Waveridergal says:

    I LOVE Adam. The MOST talented entertainer since Elvis. So he is gay. So what! However, respect for the beliefs of people are sometimes, actually all of the time important. There are places in the world that “gay in your face” is not accepted well and really can be detrimental to Adam’s career in the long run. Not necessary. All Adam has to do is perform with his incredible voice and style. Elton John is a good example. A awesome talent. Gay. So what? However, I have never seen him on stage basically making a statement that he is gay be kissing men etc. I think that Adam, as much as I love him, should maybe take some time to study Elton John, for Adam’s longevity as an entertainer.

  32. A Malaysian Fan posted on “People’” on a poll page there – not only her support for Adam and a positive vote, but shared that there were 16,000 people in the packed venue to see the show…
    (!WOW< GO Adam!) but something we, or at least I hadn’t heard… ** There were 100 Muslim protesters at the door… There have been protestors here (we know who) at several venues, but wow, ONE HUNDRED?? There were also “authority” figures there to keep control, but look what this poor guy has to endure. He DID tone it down, out of respect even wore shoes and the show was awesome as usual. He gives SO much to the world to to uplift and entertain. He’s also SO positive and inspiring. Lets add the best voice on the planet and beautiful to look at with a heart of gold. What a GIFT he is. She also stated America doesn’t appreciate him enough… ouch =( His album sales HAVE reach the 1Mil mark overseas (awesome!), but damnit still not in his own country. Anyone would like to help put in a posive vote and comment for Adam at People’s choice here’s the url —
    Once on that page click on the ‘Shouldn’t Adam be nominated sentence’, Roll cursor over the gray bars with vote options questions, they will change to “click to vote.” Please let’s get a positive buzz going there.. It would be so awful if the WRONG people are the only ones who vote =(
    Let’s show some love for our boy!!

  33. Yeah, it’s like the saying, ” When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

  34. The idea that Adam Lambert toned down his show for Islamic Malayasia just tells me that he sold all gay people out just for the money…What a disappointment that is …