Adam Lambert a Vampire? Let the Fangs Out!!

While surfing around the net this morning, I found this very appealing story. We’ve already seen Adam as a vampire over Halloween, so why not push for it? The main part of this article talks about Idol, but at the end, he asks for our help!

Here’s Adam putting the “bite” on Twilight director Katherine Hardwick. True Blood can’t be far behind!

And if that wasn’t enough – – –
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The following article is by Lindzi Scharf of TV Guide Magazine.

~ Carol ~

Those who think Ryan Seacrest should change his send off from “Seacrest Out” to “Seacrest Out-of-it!”—back off! According to one famous American Idol alum, the host’s odd on-screen antics were the result of multi-tasking.

“He’s a hard worker,” Adam Lambert told TV Guide Magazine. “He’s got a really busy schedule. I’m sure every once in a while, he gets tired. I’m sure that’s the explanation.”

The season eight standout, who was on hand for last week’s questionable behavior, admitted he was just happy to be back. “It was really exciting,” he said. “It was like a homecoming seeing all the familiar faces and the crew and the judges. It was awesome!”

After his highly publicized Idol appearance, Lambert landed back in the spotlight on Saturday at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles where he performed for an adoring crowd that included honorees Drew Barrymore, Wanda Sykes, and the cast of Glee.

“There will be sparkles and dancers!” he promised, before hitting the stage to perform Music Again and Fever off his debut album For Your Entertainment. “Visibility in the entertainment world is important for the gay and lesbian community. That’s our first line of progression. It’s just as important to show diversity within the gay and lesbian community. We’re getting there. We’re getting better. Baby steps.”

Meanwhile, the singer is ready for his close-up. “I’d love to be on True Blood,” he divulged. “I want to be a vampire rocker. I’m putting it out there through you. Hopefully it’ll get back to them.”

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  1. Love Adam+ Love True Blood= Fangtastic Combo!

  2. glamitup says:

    I will say it again! I really think Ryan was just giddy over Adam! I think we all know that Ryan is still in the closet and when Adam came on Idol, I think he just kinda lost it which is so understandable to all of us! We know the feeling! People need to just leave Ryan alone. He is so cute. My mother claws are coming out!

  3. Whatever he wants to do is fine with me, I’m a definite fan. He stands out in today’s music world, he is better when he performs in person than he is recorded (and he’s great recorded!), and how many of todays artists can you say that about? When I listen to his music it gives me energy instead of taking it away……

  4. I so agree. Adam is such a presence that he makes everyone’s knees buckle. I like Ryan and yes I think he is crushing on Adam. As far as weird acting I didn’t notice anything, other than Ryan being excited.
    As far as true blood hell yes!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on. Maybe we can hope for full frontal.

    • Yes, you can be crsuhing on a person of the same sex with being gay. I believe. Some people are so inspring, fun and attractive that you just want to be in their presence and make your heart skip a beat!

  5. My two favorite guilty pleasures: Adam and True Blood. Wouldn’t THAT be fun!!!!

  6. I don’t think Ryan is gay, but I DO think he is nonetheless smitten with Lambert (and how can we hardly blame him). As far as Adam on Trueblood – delish. As many have said, I bet Lambert has some serious non-muiscal acting chops in him. Hope we get a chance to see sooner rather than later.

  7. Alexandra says:

    Adam was “outstanding”. I noticed Adam woke up Mama Nature in Japan and she gave him a welcome lil’shake, then Mama Nature got upset for he stayed out there too long and gave him (earthquake) now Mama Nature really, really got mad for not coming back to UK soon enough. She sure blew out big time using the power of Volcano 🙂

  8. Adam as a sexy, seductive vampire? A natural fit. Shazam!

  9. Um…I’ve been saying this for a YEAR! But not about “True Blood” – although that would be killah. I’m talking about Adam in TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Adam should be a hot, sexy vamp in Twilight’s fourth and final film “Breaking Dawn” that begins filming later this year.

    I even started a discussion on this topic on both another Adam Lambert fan site AND The Twilight Saga fan site! There were more than 100 responses on each site too!

    Check out the blog post I did on this, using this very picture, many months ago:

    “PROOF: Adam Lambert WANTS to be a vampire in Twilight!!”

    P.S. There’s lots of Adam blogs where this comes from. Trust!

  10. kat4adam says:

    Adam looks so gray in the 1st pic. I have seen that pic b4 but he wasn’t so gray.
    I think he would do well on an episode or 2. I’d let him suck my blood!

  11. He should sooo do “Voodoo” in Fangtasia on True Blood. That song is MADE to be sung there!!!

  12. I actually think it’s a great idea!
    I love True Blood and I would love to see Adam in it, it would be sooo cool. And he’s god the acting skills for it!

  13. Ima Ramorah says:

    Ok, where’s the part about twilight???
    would prefer him as a re-ocurring regular on TB

    anywho, I wrote a FF with adam as a werecat on TB, trying to find a place to post it.
    the TB fanforum mods never answered me.

  14. Adam will make a fantastic glampire. I would watch anything with Adam in it, he makes everything interesting. I hope he is on any TV show or movie soon, it seems he is destined for acting.

  15. Adam looks funny in that gray suit and not scary at all. He’s like a little boy playing with fangs, just like my sons playing theirs during Halloween. Ha – ha ! I just miss seeing Adam dance, because he’s such a good dancer too. I miss his TOUR performances where he danced. Hope he can dance too with his songs like FEVER. Just like Elvis and Michael, Adam can dance his butt off.

  16. He could be Bubba (the unnamed Elvis Presley undead character in the Sookie Stackhouse books), although the Trueblood writers don’t plan to have this character in the show!