Adam Lambert-A Look Back In Time

Due to the nature of this very important holiday that we are celebrating this weekend, I thought we could all take a look back and be thankful for the reason we all visit this site. I sincerely understand that, most importantly, we all need to be thankful for those that have lost their lives so that we may have all that we do today.
I felt that we should go back in time and honor these special moments in Adam’s life, moments that made him the entertainer he is today.
I specifically started with I Just Love You because, really, what else do we ALL feel the same about him? We ALL can say that we just love him.
Secondly, yes Adam, you DO make us Crazy but in an Oh So Good way! Which leads us to Crawl Thru Fire, which I am pretty sure we ALL would do if he were standing on the other side to save us.
Then, Adam wrestles with his emotions as he sings I Can’t Make You Love Me. Sweet Adam, you don’t have to MAKE us do anything because we DO truly love you. You should know that by now…
Lastly, the reason we should ALL be thankful, is that because of Adam, OUR change has already come. We have learned to love one another, support each other, and to strive be just as beautiful on the inside as we are on the outside, just as Adam does. What more can we be thankful for?
So on this special weekend, let us all go back and remember where this man came from and thank our lucky stars that we have him now…


I just love you
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Crawl Thru Fire
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I Can’t Make You Love Me
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A Change Is Gonna Come
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  1. Thanks, I really enjoyed this!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I enjoyed watching them again too!!


      • Hi! I was your wondering what happened to the drink recipe competition based on Adam’s album…It started on December but no follow up. Any ideas?

  2. Judy Lushman says:

    Wow Wow WOW Crazy Crazy vocals! Why didn’t someone see this back then and give him a recording contract on the spot. No one, and I mean on one can sing like Adam.

    • lovemyadam says:

      But then what would we have done without him on American Idol?? It was all part of the master plan…


    • Bellelinda says:

      The fact that Adam was not discovered long long ago blows my mind! Was everyone blind and deaf?

  3. Judy Lushman says:

    Adam really feels what he sings, he wipes away tears at the end of “I can’t make you love me.” You can tell that he lived this song.

    • lovemyadam says:

      I agree, isn’t that a beautiful video? Makes me want to cry too…


  4. Sue, It’s happening again. I watch Adam and tears well up in my eyes. I think it has a lot to do with want. I just want to hold him and let him know how much he’s loved. Thank you for this site and your sensitivity. You seem to know what we need.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Awww Sandy, I am so glad you feel the emotions too! That is what makes him so beautiful.
      You know that it is my pleasure!!


    • Robin Hatcher says:

      I’m right there with you Sandy!

  5. Jane Parker says:

    These are such awesome moments!! Thanks!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I agree, it was so much fun re-watching them…
      You’re very welcome!!


  6. adamfan says:

    Sue, what are you trying to do to us?!!!
    (Well, we know the answer haha and you have succeeded!)
    First, the lifted shirt and lace-up pants (I will
    never look at laces the same way again…)
    and now these videos!
    I love how after the fierce emotions in the Crazy videos, he
    just breaks into a cute smile during the applause.
    The pictures in the first video – I just love you – are all priceless!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      WHO, MEEEE? I’m not trying to do anything, except make your day!!!
      I LOVED THAT TOO!!! I loved the pics too, that is why I chose that video…


  7. Galmb #100 says:

    Adam please sing one of your upright cabaret songs please in one of your concerts or appearances.
    Im sure many are aclamoring for this. What about “Come Home” or “I cant make you love me”

    • lovemyadam says:

      Wouldn’t that be amazing???

      Keeping my fingers crossed…


  8. Micki (Glamb #535) says:

    Sorry to post this here, since it’s unrelated to this article, but for some odd coincidences I can’t get into the forums, so I hope you’ll all forgive me…

    I was able to get 12 of the May 2010 issue of Gay Calgary & Edmonton featuring Adam on the cover and 3 pages inside with good photos and an interview. One is already spoken for, but if people want the other 11, I’m willing to mail them out. I’m on a limited budget so may not be able to do it immediately, but if people want them, email me ( Canada or US should be fine. If someone is from somewhere else, ask anyway & I’ll inquire as to the cost and see if I’m able to do it. I only have 11 available, so the first 11 people to ask that I am able to send to will get them, but I’ll let you know.

    The one thing I’d ask (honor system) is if I do send you one of them, and IF you are able to throw a can or two towards your local food bank, please do so. I’ve had to use food banks on occasion, so if you can ‘pay it forward’ on the postage costs that way, I’d appreciate it. (Or your fav charity.)

    Again, sorry to do this here. I know the forums would be better but I can’t go there currently. So I hope Sue & any other site admins will forgive my improper ettiquette.


    • lovemyadam says:

      No problem posting here, in fact, I emailed you!!!
      Awesome idea…


  9. Micki (Glamb #535) says:

    Sue – thank you so much for posting these. Awesome!! (You & the vids!)

    I love looking at the different styles he’s had with his different types of performances. I think it really shows he was already an artist back then, to put such diversity into his performances.

    I noticed too what Judy mentioned – about him wiping his eyes at the end of “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. That hit me hard, torn between wanting to cry with him, and wanting to comfort him and tell him it’ll all be okay and look after him. (explained by me having 5 water signs & 4 earth.)

    I also noticed something in the last one (My Change Is Gonna Come) — Is that Monte behind him (not w/ stripes, the other guitarist to the viewers left)? You only see him once or twice as he’s mostly in shadow, but it looks like him to me. I knew they were part of Citizen Vein together, but was (is?) Monte involved with the Zodiac Show too? Too cool if it is. Anyone know?

    Again, thank you Sue for posting these. Fantastic.


    • lovemyadam says:

      AWWWW, thank you!!
      Yes, Monte is involved with The Zodiac Show as well… such a close knit family!!


  10. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I have never in my life heard anything as powerful as “A Change is Gonna Come” from the Zodiac Show. Then at the end of his performance he tosses the mike and stalks off. I just thought that was great. I haven’t listened to this version yet, so I’m not sure if this video includes that part. But it was a tour de force no doubt and that alone justified a record deal. I don’t know anyone who is able to focus so intensively on performing each song right as Adam is.

  11. These videos show just how talented and creative Adam has been all along and how much he has been his own man, full of courage and passion.

  12. Darlene says:

    I am so glad Adam is in our lives. I love hearing him sing and he is just an amazing person.

  13. i love love love loved it ur hot hot hot yes u r that’s real real real love from my heart

  14. seerock says:

    I just love YOU for maintaining this site. It was my go-to site during Idol 8 and it remains my favorite place for accurate Adam news. I look forward to the daily emails from you and you never let me down in providing the most recent Adam adventures. THANK YOU for what you do for us, the Adam obsessed fans! Oh and isn’t Adam the greatest, sexiest, talented and most humble person ever?!

  15. I Love all of Adams performances:0) But the one that stood out to me is when he sang I JUST LOVE YOU:0) I LOVE HIS VERSION OF THAT;0) So touching and Heartfelt. Adam is Great no matter what he sings;0) He is Beautiful;)

  16. gran4adam says:

    I had the same reaction to these videos…tears for his sheer talent and joy at hearing them again. Thank you so much.

  17. Wow, these videos are so out-of-this-world !!!awesome vocals ! i love all of his performances ..Thanks 4 the videos !! i love watching it again 🙂

  18. Adam would like us to remember who he was before. That he is still that same sweet, sweet good-natured boy who loves and enjoys singing and entertaining people, for whatever purpose and for whatever amount. He is not that cut-throat, cold-bloodied bussinessman who’ll cut off his past friends just because of his new found fame or star status. I analyze this with a lump in my throat, because he really longs for his past associations and past relationships to make him grounded; because they just accepted and loved him for just who he was before — a struggling artist/musician. Because the people who really mattered sometimes, are those who cared for us when we were still a nobody, or before we become a somebody.
    Yes, Adam’s change has come, and he remembers his past friends, and would like them to be part of his success.