Adam Lambert 2012 Music Video (HD) – Updated –

This is the official 2012 Music Video in Hi-Def. I personally really like those high notes towards the end of this song.


I think Adam keeps injecting his unique personal signature on the new mainstream work which is so refreshing for the music industry entering the year 2010. For example, this music video reminds me of his main scene in ‘Is Anybody Listening?’ His visual-audio presentations are unbeatable and I think this is where he thrives the most. I can’t wait to see his next music video!



Back to 2012, here is another interview during the premiere with Gettyimage (sorry if this one was posted here before):


Anyone going out to see the movie? If you do, be sure to comment back here your thoughts about the movie.


    i loved the song!!! lov lov lov lov adam!!!!!
    From BRAZIL

    • Hello Tayana!! Welcome to our Glambs site. Do stay!!

      Glad to know Brazil loved Adam as well.

      Terry in Vancouver

      • Terry,

        I think you must be a our Glambassador. I notice that you always take the time to make newcomers to the site feel welcome. Not only do I appreciate that but I am sure that others do as well. Your attitude makes for a great “sista/fellowship” ( I know we’ve got some guy glambs here too!

        Many Blessings to everyone on the site.


  2. If he sings “happy birthday to you” it will be a amazing song!!!!!

  3. Dianne Hill says:

    Oh Adam, I just love you so much, love this interview.

    Honestly though why do they keep pushing the “christian” thing at him (and I apologise to all of you who are christian, I am not meaning anything by it) but he is Jewish why would he put out an album of Christmas songs, for goodness sake. No I am not Jewish either, I just don’t believe in organised religion, I am sorry if that offends anyone.

    • I’m totally with you about all the pushing. I believe in god but not in religious institutions. The media needs to focus on his talent, nothing else.

      • The media is not used to an artist who is as articulate and intelligent as Adam. He’s raised the bar and they need to step it up a notch. It’s about his magnificent vocals. Period.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Nope! I’m not offended, but my favorite Christmas song is “Silent Night”. I don’t go to church but sometimes I think I need to. I do believe in God, it’s faith and love for me. I think I would like to do some research on the Jewish community and learn more. I know some but not enough to quite fully understand.
      ADAM is confident in his singing, he just doesn’t realize how much his voice has affected people. Oh I wish I could tell him. I love you ADAM! And your voice is so inspiring and it’s full of love and faith.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        watched TFM again, his voice is so powerful, it just makes me cry. How can anyone not hear that power, that magic? I hope Rob Cavallo(?) works w/ ADAM again. ACIGC just started playing. I feel Rob C. knows pretty well what ADAM can do w/ that voice.

        • Oh yeh, Kimber I agree so much, powerful all the way. “Is Anybody Listening” his singing is just magnificent too. All that expression and passion that exudes from Adam.

          In the above interview, he is so frickin cute, he just looked like he wanted to bust out laughing the whole time. Twinkley eyes and grin. He even got sidetracked. Oh love that dude!

        • The DDD Music Forum lists Adam as the second most skilled rock vocalist, with Jackie Wilson as #1 and Freddie Mercury as # 3. He has lots of company with other skilled and well known singers. The members of this forum are vocalist experts, and they calmly discussed for months (after discovering Adam) all of the technical reasons why he deserves this spot. Many actually think he deserves the #1 spot on the list, but after PAGES and pages of discussion, he is #2. These dudes don’t play….their discussions are very, very detailed and full of terms and guidelines that are not what I think of when I listen to Adam sing, but they know their craft well.
          Let’s not forget that Jackie W. is gone from this earth, so that makes Adam the #1 most skilled LIVING vocalist.
          This…..and his amazing stage performance skills… what brought all of us together at forums like this one. More and more people are going to hear him that maybe have not (for some WEIRD reason !!) ran into all of the hype about Adam. He will be singing on Letterman, again in GMA, and of course, his AMA performance and his song in 2012. The train is just pulling out of the station….ALLLLL ABOARD!!!!!

          • Sorry…(I wish I could edit my comment)…the second segment should say “#1 most skilled LIVING rock vocalist.”
            But he is number one in any genre to me !!!!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            I don’t know or heard J Wilson, but could he make me cry like ADAM? If not, then he’s not #1.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I think the bottom line is these stupid so called reporters should do their homework before they ask stupid questions! Who doesn’t know Adam is Jewish for christ’s sake! GEEEZ, Give me the microphone, I’ll ask him some relevant questions! Like when are you and I gonna hook up babe!!!! Hee, hee, I know, I know, he’s GAY but Geeez I can fantasize can’t I? ~giggle~

      • Dianne Hill says:

        You fantasize to your heart’s content Helen, I do enough of that myself LOL. In fact I am always fantasizing about Adam, he definitely has that effect on me.

        I do get so sick of interviewers asking the same old questions but Adam, ever the professional answers the question as if it is the first time it has been asked. He is just adorable.

        • I’d just ask him to be my BFF as hanging out with him would be an absolute blast!!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            I would ask Master ADAM to see his hands and I’m not a palm reader either. I would then politely ask to embrace each hand with a kiss. Master ADAM deserves to be treated like royalty. Speaking of, Queen Elizabeth should invite Master ADAM to sing for her, before she kicks the bucket. She would love him. He just might bring out the young lady that she was never able to be. Master ADAM should also sing for the President and the troops across the seas. I would love to see that.

            • You are sooo right, kimber, ol’ Liz needs a lift, and for the president and troops?? Oh yes, especially in these days of the ‘gay issues’ in the military, let them freely embrace, so to speak, a truly good and talented man.

              My, we are ambitious for our Adam arent we? I guess we should give him a chance to make his first tour, his first successful album and his first million! LOL

        • Oh girls my heart is so content fantasizing about Adam all the time. Best of medicine!

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      Dianne, I agree with your about the Jewish thing…Everyone knows he’s Jewish…why do they even go there. God is God…All rivers lead to the same ocean.

      The HD is much improved..I can watch it full screen and it looks good. I just love this song and Adam of course.
      Does anyone know where the FYE single is on the charts?

      I am planning to see the movie next weekend. Are they going to show the video of Adam at all in the theater?

      • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

        I just found Adam’s FYI single on itunes…it is 65th of top 200. Not bad

        • I’m attending 2012 with a neighbour who is a fan but not a Glamb and one of our BC Glambs… what a great night it will be… next week on Friday, let the crowds go first…

    • Oh Dianne, Adam is so fuckin hot and handsome. He said he is flyin solo right now and dating his jacket. He has a way with words doesnt he?? Love him. This interview shows his deep voice so husky and raspy aaahhhh. All man for sure.
      Just love how he has a come back for every question presented to him.
      love and peace.

    • i also believe in God, not religiion.Asking him about singing Christmas songs was patheticly stupid or rude. There are so many uninformed, poorly educated people in the media, but I think their fondness for Adam, if that comes through, makes it a bit more tolerable.Barely though.

    • because he is an entertainer and the interviewers are limited in their worldview. they will always ask shallow questions and he will always rise to the task of answering their questions with humor and professionalism.

    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

      And how ’bout the interviewer doing just a teensy bit of “homework” before she shows up at a red carpet event? Just sayin’ …

  4. I just saw the Michael Jackson movie this afternoon and they did NOT play the video of Time for Miracles. Very Disappointed! Thanks for including it on this site. It would have been so perfect to see Adam on the big screen! Besides that, I definitely recommend the movie. It was great and sad at the same time. His concert tour would have been remarkable. We have so much to look forward to with our Adorable Adam! Only one more week til all the fun begins!! TV , CD, and more TV! And more adorable interviews….

    • Ellen I saw the MJ movie yesterday with my 13 yr old granson and i echo what you said. But was really disappointed not to hear any Adam, what will they use rhe video for? Maybe on our music channels, hope so.Jan

  5. Dianne Hill says:

    And what about a video clip for FYE. I cannot wait to see that. Come on Adam, tell your team to put it out already, we have had enough waiting. Yes in case you haven’t guessed, when it comes to you sweetheart, we are an impatient lot.

    • Yep cant wait for that Di, maybe on C4 wooow!!!

    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

      I am having dreams about this video!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Just like from AI, I have been saying all the time, “well it’s about time !” or “where the hell have you been?”, I think we’re going to be saying this a lot. I guess he likes to take his time and enjoy every minute of his life. Which is probably what all of us should do if we haven’t.

  6. I’ve been taking a break from Adam and listening to a group called Tokio Hotel. They’re great & the lead singer is as flamboyant as Adam can often be. What can I say but it’s ALWAYS great coming back and listening to Adam. He’s so good.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Taking a break from ADAM ????? Do we need to take your temperature?? LOL, Actually Adam has talked about Tokio Hotel. Can’t remember if he liked their music or just the lead singer!! LOL

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        I’ve tried to take a break from Adam but I end up getting all angry, fidgety and cant concentrate. I need my fix.

        I just did a 5 hour drive in one direction and came back the long way taking 6 1/2 hours. I listened to Adam non-stop except for the space of 1 cd that I put on for my son to give him a break…. he’s very tolerant but the same music for all those hours was sending him batty….then he fell asleep and I changed the disk back to Adam again… So we listened to FYE and TFM a zillion times and all his idol songs plus Crazy a zillion times. He kept me awake and driving with attitude. 120kph (75mph) comes easy with FYE!!! “Born to be Wild” gets a 130kph (80mph)… what’s the speed limit on highways in the USA….?

        I’m a Christian as well and I cant see why they ask those questions… useless … Mind you who doesn’t have a favourite Christmas song… I like O Holy Night… maybe Adam would like “Deck my balls with chains and glitter, Fa la la la lah la la la oooh”….lol.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Oh Lisa, you crack me up. I just love it. I can definitely see Adam performing that one.

          I do have a favourite Christmas song but it isn’t a Christmas Carol it is John Lennon’s Merry Christmas, War is Over. I loved John Lennon. His song Imagine is one of my all time favourites.

          I can just see you speeding your way up to Nelson to the sound of Adam. Classic!!!!

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            So hot
            Out of the box
            Can we pick up the pace…..
            Push the limit…..Are you with it….

            Oh I bet you thought that I was soft and swet
            Ya thought an angel swept you off your feet….

            Let me entertain ya till you screammmmmm…….

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Thanks a lot Lisa, now I can’t get that tune out of my head, “deck my balls with chains, and glitter” LOL! I have this picture in my head–OMFG!
            Anyway, I also like O Holy Night as one of my favs and Dianne I absolutely love John Lennon and War is Over, Imagine, what great songs and a great man!

        • LOL! Fa la la la la…

        • cheryl 334 says:

          LISA!!! Shame on you, girl! Deck my balls! That’s a bit shameful, even for you! Just teasing!

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            Now now Cheryl 334,

            I’m not ashamed. Adam brings out the best in me…. Read a fanfic last night that reduces all shame to marshmallow. Dianne this was the one I sent you…. whoa…

            I frequently rewrite the words to Christmas songs… lol.

            If you’re good I’ll tell you a story about Christmas … but not till we get closer…. Hmm now which version should it be… I might have to write a new one…

            Twas the night before Christmas……

            • cheryl 334 says:

              LISA, LISA, LISA!!! No shame???!!! Why that in itself is ‘shameful’, my dear!!!! How is it you don’t feel shame? Now you have gotta stop blaming it all on Adam!!! If he had his say, I believe he would say, ‘don’t say shameful shit’! heha!

              I’m not sure I want to hear a naughty version of a Christmas song!! ‘Rudolf ran over Grandma’ is till haunting me since I was just a wee little baby! It’s blaphsfemy (sp), I tell ya! Not good! Gotta be careful with Christmas song, dear girl! I can get real upset if someone messes with my Christmas songs! Just sayin’…………………………………..!!

              • Lisa Imbruglia says:

                I’m sure you’ll get over it in time Cheryl… I’m not altogether sure if you’re having me on or being serious….

                Mostly it’s lots of different versions of Twas the night before Christmas….

                And why should I feel shame… because the establishment says I must or you do! I dont think so….

                I’ve reached a point in my life where if I want to behave or say certain things I dash well know what I’m doing or saying. I’m not misbehaving or insulting people, or blaming my life on circumstances or the people around me.
                I take full responsibility for everything I do and say. Every now and then I slow down and have a look at what I’m doing to see if I’m hurting those around me.
                If I have hurt or offended anyone with my word re write then pardon me. I’m not so precious that I get offended at every comment that’s made. It’s called growing up.

                I’ve never heard of Rudolf running over Grandma. I have heard “6 white boomers” and “I saw grandma kissing Santa”. They are fun and I fully intend to make some fun of my own….

                JUST LIKE ADAM …….!!!

          • I want the job of decorating ADAM’s balls!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Yeah, you are not doing that alone Jaberone, we definitely can’t have that, you will need some help “to lift things up”, I am sure.

        • Lisa, you are a crazy women. How is your son by the way? xx Jan

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            Adam (my son) is still not well. Our doctors appt was what we hoped for, now we just have to find the medicine. Or change it to something that is in the pharmacy’s here as 2 of the 3 prescribed drugs are not avail in NZ. All up though it was very good and finally felt great to have a doctor who actually took us seriously.
            We will kill this parasite once and for all asap. In the meantime Adam is always feeling very sick…. not nice….
            Thanks for asking Jan.

            Crazy! I love that song….

            • AdamRocks! says:

              Lisa, I’m sorry to hear that your son is feeling sick. . . ~sending lots of love and good wishes across the miles, and miles, and miles (which wouldn’t take long for YOU to traverse if you’ve got your Adam CDs with you~ 🙂

              Your Christmas song idea for Adam is PERFECT! LOL

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

            • cheryl 334 says:

              LISA……………So sorry your son is ill. If you don’t get satisfaction with one doctor, go to the next! Keep going until you find success! I have had to do that so often when my kids were young, and our pediatrician lived just down the street, less than a block away. But I didn’t hesitate to tell him when I had a different opinion, and asked for a referral to another kind of dr. I was correct each and every time. Which saved my son from having to have his entire leg amputated due to cancer, one eye going bline, he needed surgery, not eye exercises, and my daughter from 2 visits to her pediatrician for stomach pain, which I ended up rushing her to ER, and her appendicts had ruptured, putting her life in jeopardy. Mother’s have an instinct that can be more correct than a doctor’s knowledge. So, if you think something is not right, it probably isn’t.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Sending my best wishes that your son will make a fast and full recovery.

              • Lisa Imbruglia says:

                He will recover nicely once we get the medicine from somewhere….
                thanks for all your thoughts…

            • Lisa, you and your son and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Must be so difficult having your
              boy not feeling well. Glad the situation is on the up side.
              love and peace

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              A lot of love, hope, faith, & prayers are sent your way. I’m sorry your baby is not well, take care. He will get better!

            • ‘Pau D’Arco ? ?

              • Lisa Imbruglia says:

                He’s been having this in a herbal tea. mixed with manuka, cinnamon, chamomile and licorice. I’ve spent so much money trying to just relieve him of the nasty symptoms. He’s been on probiotics as well as Verm xpel. We contiuue to work on it… My “baby” Kimber is 12. lol. I guess it’s like he is still my baby but his tantrums over being sick are much more revolting at this age. He’s angry with me a lot…. It’s almost like he hates me because I cant do anything fast enough for him… He knows that’s unreasonable but he feels so sick all of the time… and today I made him go to school… how mean of me. He’s had so much time off…
                I’m at wits end….
                I truly appreciate all of your prayers… he needs, we need them…
                I know it’s a matter of time before all the meds are in our hands… I cant wait!

        • I hear ya, I try to take a break, NOT. Then cant wait to get back on line and pick up on the latest Adam news.

          I have to say, I work with a Jewish Lady and she contributes to our
          Christmas parties and even sings along, so I dont think it matters what denomination you are, you can sing whatever you feel like singing.
          Come on Adam, sing Rockin Around the Xmas Tree…………….

        • AdamRocks! says:

          I take a break from Adam when I sleep. . . woke up about an hour ago (about 3:00 a.m.) to use the bathroom, and made a second pit stop at my computer for my midnight Adam snack.

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • Ha! Ha! Cindy, that’s hilarious! Having a break from Adam when you sleep! I feel that way most of the time too (although I have been so busy at work lately, my mind still drifts.) Like you, I woke up in the middle of the night – having trouble sleeping – so headed straight to the computer – TWO HOURS later after listening to TFM and FYE umpteen times and catching up on the latest news – I staggered back to bed with Adam filling my head. I slept like a baby until my alarm went off! Yep, nothing like a little (or alot) of our Adam to cure what ails you!

            Glamb #20

            • Lisette here..bonmatin up as well,pain in hand soo came to see nous angel Adam an glambs for some confort.Listene to video here an seeing Adam always charmant,honest an humble..adore his laugh,tresbeau face an eyes of azure bleu calming an radiant lit shining always..Aw regarde last part of interview an Noel agree here nonmattre one’s religion ther av been beautiful renditions of traditional holiday songe recorde by legends as Barbra Streisand,Neil Diamond,Barry Manilow an many contemporare artistes of othre faiths..Noel is in one’s hearte an signifies a season of peace,tidings of joie an luv.So monamie Adam blessings for yu an respect toi religion..Just would be magnifique to here him record nonreligious ones possible as Elvis too had done with Bleu Christmas,Winter Wonderland,Let it Snow,Sleighride,an one recorded for charities an world peace It’s Christmas time an John Lennon’s ballad for peace.. thouts an to spread holiday cheer in trobled worlde..speciale with current global financial an troble in MidEast,Fort Hood,etc.Nevretheless Adam no mattre what yu recorde even if for somthing as abstract even as a Disney film..He’d make it estraordinaire an probable go platinum!! Luv to all glambs an always Adam an angel n musique an heartes everywhere!xoxoxLisettexoxo!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Wake up from bed early morning to feed your cat,now for Adam’s snack?LOL!You’re unbelievable!LOL! 😛

        • Lisa, LMAO! Adam decking his balls?? Oh so funny. wow we can probably put together a great list of Xmas tunes for him with those thoughts in mind******* ” Jingle Balls” “Silver Balls” Oh Lisa you got me started.

          We actually go to the Dave Koz Smooth Jazz Christmas show every year here in Columbus. Dave is Jewish and puts together a great seasonal show with Christmas songs, Jewish holiday songs. its a really good concert. He always has guest artists in his show. A Jewish song called “Eight Candles” is awesome he performs. Ok Adam here we go, makes your picks??
          I would love to hear him sing the Karen Carpenter song, “Merry Christmas Darling”
          OMG he could sing that sooo sweet!!!

        • Haha, we got going on those Christmas parodies too. On Fri. I got together with some of my fellow Adam Addicts for an Adam Gush Fest in Ann Arbor (over dinner). Some of the girls had fabulous photos from the concert, one of which was brought backstage to Adam and he signed “You Rock!” along with his full signature. She has it framed.

          Here are the Xmas carols we came up with: “Jingle Balls,” “We Three Queens of Orient Are,” “Carol of the Balls” and — my personal favorite — “He Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” I’m sure we could come up with some creative ideas for the “12 Days of Chrstmas,” or is it the “12 Gays of Christmas.”

          I’m also sure both God and Adam would have a good laugh. In fact, Adam’s quote “It Ain’t That Deep, Man!” is fast becoming my personal mantra.

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            I found another old favourite. Jethro Tull used to play this one… fantastic… I could hear Adam do a version of it… A Christmas Song..


            Once in royal davids city stood a lonely cattle shed,
            Where a mother held her baby.
            You’d do well to remember the things he later said.
            When you’re stuffing yourselves at the christmas parties,
            You’ll just laugh when I tell you to take a running jump.
            You’re missing the point Im sure does not need making
            That christmas spirit is not what you drink.

            So how can you laugh when your own mothers hungry,
            And how can you smile when the reasons for smiling are wrong?
            And if I just messed up your thoughtless pleasures,
            Remember, if you wish, this is just a christmas song.

        • Ohhhhhh, and I would decorate his balls……………………………….

    • Tokio Hotel, one of Adam’s faves won at least one award last week at the European Music Awards.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I take a break away from Adam every day I am at work – that’s because they won’t let me on the bloody Internet to go searching for him, except at lunchtime. There is no way that I could survive being away from anything to do with Adam for any length of time, it would just do my head in. I get up for work at 5.30am each morning and the very first thing I do is come and turn the computer on to find out what has been happening while I have been asleep. I usually end up having to rush to catch my bus to work.

      I don’t see the point in depriving myself of something that is essential to my sanity, let’s be honest I would be totally lost without him. I haven’t got a clue what I used to do with my time before Adam came on the scene and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

      • Di, it is monday morning, and at last have the computer back to myself, first time in my life i look forward to mondays, at leasr till my daughter comes to help me with our business accounts (after picked her kids up from school ) MY grandon and I managed to use the free down load link posted on previous link I think) So was so thrilled now have it forever and have put it on my ipod. OMG :A change is gonna come: has just starred playing, does this happen when you use a certain key when you are on this site, this is all new and mind bogling for me. As i have told you before the only time I touched the computer before Adam was to dust it. LOL.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          It is amazing what that man can make us do and learn isn’t it Jan. Computers can be so much fun and can drive you up the wall sometimes too, but it is all a learning experience.

  7. sherry s. says:

    Adam just tweeted! He’s loving the video of the kids dancing to FYE!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      That’s because I tweeted him and sent him the link. . . LOL. . . yeah, right. . . me and 200,000 other people! 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  8. These reporters (and I use that term loosely), should have their microphones unplugged. Christmas songs? Are you kidding me?

    Glamb #6

    (walks away mumbling…)

    • I just think they are getting caught up in the upcoming season. Why not???? Christmas songs, Jewish songs. they are all songs and his lovely voice singing………..

  9. gran4adam says:

    I saw the MJ film and they didn’t play the 2012 trailer…so diappointed. Have a ticket for 2012 next Friday…looking forward to Adam on the BIG screen!

  10. I did get a kick out of this interview; why in the world ask him about Christmas songs? I am a Christian and guess what? Jesus was a Jewish carpenter! Our roots are the same Christian and Jew and the Torah is the first five books of what we read too! I don’t expect Adam to be singing Christmas carols anytime soon though. Anyway, I love Adam just as he is and his relationship with God is between him and his Creator. As for Tokio Hotel Adam mentioned in some tweets that he would be listening to their new album. I believe they are a group from Germany with twin brothers, one of whom is the lead singer; definitely Adam’s style.

    • Yes, they are Mary-Ellen and they’re not bad… remind me a bit of another Adam band, Paramore. Both bands seem to be popular here in Canada on TV, as well as Muse.

  11. What an incredible humble man. I love Adam. Thanks for sharing the HD T4M video, love it! So funny when he said, his date is his jacket. His necklace is Love, and it’s all about what he said in this interview. Definitely, I will watch the movie because of Adam.

  12. cheryl 334 says:

    OH, ADAM!!! How can you be so SICK (that is his word for the best!)?? You could not be cuter if we put a ribbon you! Gosh, he is wonderful, intelligent, sincere, genuine and gorgeous. HOWEVER! I am gonna disagree here with most or all of you!! Every Jewish singer puts out a Christmas album! They all do! Barbra Striesand has put out several and she is as Jewish as they come! Adam has just not had the info he needs, yet, on that subject. He will put out a Christmas album, eventually. It can only bring him millions of dollars! Look at Elvis. The King of Rock ‘n Roll. He put out, I think 3, religious, gospel albums, and those were the only albums in his whole life that he won Grammys for. That should tell you something. But, every singer, Jewish, or Christian or athiest puts out a Christmas album, and usually more than one eventually. He says he is gay, and yet he sings to a woman in some songs. So, the ‘fat lady’ hasn’t sung yet on this one.

    I do not like organized religion, tho, I will say. But, I do love the Christmas songs. One of my favorites is not really very religious oriented, it is Elvis’ “Blue Christmas”. That is a classic in my mind! But, Vince Gill singing Christmas songs will always melt my heart, also.

    Just imagine how absolutely beautiful all the old classic christmas songs would sound with the man with the most incredible voice in history singing them! Who could ask for more?!


    • Cheryl, read your post after I posted. So agree with you. It doesnt matter what faith you are its all in the songs of the season. If Adam puts out a Christmas CD OMG it would totally rock!
      Oh yeh, I could totally dig it! “Let There Be Peace On Earth”

      • Oh yeh, and Cheryl, please do put a ribbon around Adam and send him to me for Christmas. Its all I want! Signed, sealed delivered He’s Mine!

    • Hi Cheryl:
      Although I come into this website every day for news on Adam, I haven’t posted anything. You guys say it all and I just love reading about it.

      But your paragraph on Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” and Vince Gill melting your heart when he sings blew me away because I feel the same way. And I have to say that Vince’s “Blue Christmas” with the whole orchestra is totally amazing.

      However, talk here is about Adam and like all of you, I was drawn to him from the very beginning and even though I have recently bought new CDs from other singers, I just can’t seem to play them more than once before going back to Adam. What will we all do when FYE comes out. Probably will wear it out within the first month.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Oh, I LOVE Vince Gill. . . he is amazing.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • I’d love to hear ADAM sing “LIttle Drummer Boy” …. beautiful song!

  13. sherry s. says:

    It did seem an odd question, but I think she asked it in the context of the fact that David Archuleta just released a Christmas album.

    Actually, it’s an often joked about fact that many of the most famous Christmas albums have been sung by Jews (Barbara Streisand, etc.) and what is more, most all the best known Christmas songs were, in reality, written by Jews (Irving Berlin, etc.) Also, who could do more justice to the beauty of a Christmas song than Adam with his marvelous voice.

    The thing is, Adam is all about new and cutting edge, not about old and traditional. No wonder he was surprised she’d ask that. She may have done her Idol homework and found out about Archie”s new CD, but her question certainly indicated she didn’t know much about Adam.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I agree with you Sherry. He was asked once before about a Christmas album and he had the same response. Maybe he doesn’t want to do a Christmas album, he may not like Christmas songs, but probably it is more like you say, that he is not into old stuff he wants to move on and upwards with his new album.

      • AdamAddict says:

        “Christmas songs?”-Adam
        “How come you don’t hv chritsmas song?”-whoever
        “Imma a jew!”-Adam
        Conclusion-Adam is super adorable jewish <3<3<3

      • sherry s. says:

        Yeah, Dianne. He’s been singing professionally now for nearly ten years. I think he’s tired of singing other people’s songs. His driving force right now is to make his own music. Way into the future, it is conceivable he might make a “Christmas” album (as I said, his beautiful vocals would lend themselves wonderfully to such an album), but I think it would be more seasonal/holiday related and I would bet that many of the songs would be original. From the look on his face, the idea sure did not appeal to him right now. “Rock Stars” generally don’t make Christmas albums. But then, one outstanding characteristic of Adam is that he likes to change things up, so one can never tell.

      • cheryl 334 says:


        Adam has ONLY been singing 10 yrs, and most of that was as a kid. He can’t be ‘tired’ of singing other’s songs YET!!! Up until now that was his ONLY choice! Good gried! Already tired of singing other’s songs????? He hasn’t even begun singing all the songs he could be phnomenal on, yet!!! I hope he sings a lot of songs done by others in the past. He has already proved he can do that, and do it better than the original singers, and ‘make it his own’!

        Adam can be cutting edge, without cutting out all the previous songs ever written that he could really do justice to!!! And Christmas songs!! Of course, Jews can sing them! It’s all about the music, isn’t it?

        Vince Gill has the voice that melts even the coldest hearts. His songs do bring tears to my eyes. He is the only other singer I have on my MP3 besides Adam. I love Vince. I would love to hear him and Adam do a song or more together.

        Besides, I don’t care if you’re black, white, gay, straight, Jew, Gentile, short,tall, fat, skinny. I care about the MUSIC!!! And ADAM does MUSIC better than anyone on earth!! So, why wouldn’t we want to hear him sing the classic Christmas songs, just to hear him and melt my heart into a puddle of red and gray matter!

        • sherry s. says:

          Cheryl, you know, if he got the message we wanted a holiday album, he just might change his perspective (he looked stunned like he’d never thought of it before—if word of all this chatter gets back to him, he may re-think the whole concept, haha). But for now, I do think he’s itching to do new stuff with his own brand on it. And, unfortunately, I think it’s necessary because Idol gets so much negative “karaoke” criticism from people who can’t appreciate the brilliance of a performance and downplay covers of a song as something substandard—even if they’re the best, most original covers ever in history! Adam has to net those people, too, to become a huge success, and success is what we want for him. Yes, I’m sure he will sing established songs again. Just first, he needs to make his own mark.

          • I think never say never. but at the moment Adam is focussed on a different track, maybe a christmas albun many years down the way, as a mature and seasoned performer, but the time is not right, he seemed to be taken aback at that stupid question. I agree with Cheryl, it is something that hasnt come his way yet. Give him time, but yes what a voice to sing some of those awesome old songs. think “Tracks of my tears”and the emtion in that.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            SHERRY…..JAN…….Oh, I think we are all in total agreement, here. Adam has been confined all these years, in a way. He doesn’t really react as the common artist. Susan Boyle is doing or has done a Christmas album, even. Adam has not thought far enough in advance as a singer to realize he has such a big door open to anything he wants to do with that amazing voice. Yes, give him some time. A year or more. Let him do ‘his thing’ for a while, let him get a lot of it out of his system, then he can relax a bit, breathe, look around and make some more good choices.


            How, ’bout that for at least trying to get someone’s attention? Maybe it will happen next yr or the yr after! We can hope, wish and pray!

            Mary, I didn’t mean you were anti Christmas album for Adam! Just wanted to include you on most everything, sorry dearest! (smile, now)

        • cheryl, erase my name off of your post…… I’m all for Adam doing a Christmas Album.
          He can be my Santa Baby anytime!!!!!!!

  14. Was planning on seeing 2012 before Adam was gonna sing TFM cuz I’m a big John Cusack fan & I love big, disaster films! Getting to listen to Adam singing TFM is like a delicious dessert after a great meal, right? Re: the reporter. What I really thought was weird is asking about recording anything else besides working on his debut album. I mean really, how out of touch could you be not to know that he’s been on the AI concert tour for a couple months after AI ended & trying to squeeze in the time to record a new album. I wonder if she would have asked the “winner” of AI the same dumb question, that is, had he been invited to the 2012 red carpet event. But, luuurved Adams reaction & answer!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      oh hell! Love that look in his eyes w/ aslight grin. He is my sex god. I am so feeling him.

  15. The most georgeous appealing man is walking toward camera in Time for Miracles video. Adam :Lambert , of course, and If I just listen and look at him, I am inspired.
    The interview is another wonderful Adam interview.

  16. Does anyone REALLY know for sure- if we are to get to hear Adam singing TFM at the end of the 2010 film?? presumeably while the credits are rolling. Now we know they are not using it in the trailer to the movie ???
    I guess we only will get to see his TFM video- if the song enters the charts -to get aired on the Music Channels.
    I am having a great time fantasising about his video to go along with FYE…
    picking some fit and HOT male & female dancers- to act out all our fantasies with him- on a centre stage ……… can you imagine ( stupid question) going to see an Adam Labert show with him singing hot and sticky songs with his rude and raunchy dancers -then- for a BIG CLIMAX – at the end come out for us and BLOW us away with Rock antems making us scream out his name- just like he says in his lyrics! Surely our teeth and bones will rattle in our hungry and eager Adamgasmic- loved starved bodies xx
    oh well…back to my dreaming…

    • I can only hope that when I see 2012, that I don’t get up and start screaming “That’s ADAM” during the movie!!!! LOL I want to see if anyone in the theater make any sounds or reaction when his music is on.

  17. Anthems even….. sorry- my teeth are rattling already!!

  18. As mentioned on a previous thread, the GlambsOntarioCanada group has a number of people who will be getting together for our first Adam outing – dinner on Friday night followed by the 2012 movie. This is not my favourite film genre but I couldn’t pass up the chance of hearing Adam in full SurroundSound (and meeting other Glambs in my area of course!) As far as I understand it, Adam will be singing TFM over the closing credits – we won’t be seeing the video.

    I had earlier understood, however, that the actual TFM video would be shown just before the Michael Jackson This Is It movie which opened last week. I went and, although I LOVED the movie (really great to see MJ at work and to mourn what a loss his death was – go see it!) I was disappointed that they only showed the TRAILER for 2012 so we just heard a few snippets of TFM. I am glad, therefore, that I was able to download my copy of the video and that I know I can see it here on this site! Thanks!

    Glamb #20

  19. AdoringAdam says:

    Does anyone know when Adam’s video of a TFM is going to be available on ITunes? or when it will make its’ debut on MTV or VHI?

  20. This is the most beautiful song I have heard for a long time and he looks wonderful….in it….
    we are going to see 2012 on Nov. 13th…taking my granddaughter….

  21. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE that video for 2012. I hope it is downloadable sometime on ITunes.

  22. Thanks for posting these videos, what fantastic vocals, what great performances, without a doupt he is the most tallented artist we have seen for a very long time. I think everything has happened for Adam at the right time, all the experiences he had whether good of bad has made Adam ready for entering the music industry at the present time. I love listening to his songs but I enjoy watching him perform, he has such great expression, great intertpretaion of the song, when I hear him sing I can hear his voice only, nothing else, when I watch him perform my eyes as fixed on him. I remember Paula’s words on the AI when she told him that when he is on the stage her eyes are transifxed on him and no one else, she is so right. Adam is already successful and will become a world wide legend.

  23. Lots of Jewish stars have put out “Holiday” albums and not because they needed the money. Bette Midler, Neil Diamond, Barbra Steisand have all done it. I hope down the line Adam will see that it can be about the “season”. There are lots of beautiful songs that I would love to hear him sing that have nothing religious in them. It would be a wonderful way to have him show off that classic voice.

  24. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Is anybody listening?!!!! Did you hear that incredible voice? Why can’t people hear him? Why can’t people just open their hearts and listen to ADAM? Forget about his looks and forget about his lifestyle! Listen to that voice! Please I’m begging to the people out there in the world who can’t or won’t hear this beautiful man sing. I’m sorry , I’m not as confident in myself these days to truly express myself. But I just want to say after listening to “Is Anybody Listening?” again, and I’m crying here w/ a snotty nose, that I truly, have never, ever, heard anyone sing like ADAM, neverrrrrrrrr!!!!!
    I’m going over to twitter and send Master ADAM a tweet and let him know how much his voice means to me. Love all of you!!!

    • MaddieLambert says:

      So DID I the first time i saw. i watched it over and over again for an hour on the computer. now i own the musical, so i just watch the whole thing!!!

    • Kimber ~ I, too, LOVE “Is Anybody Listening?” and have probably listened to that more than any of the other songs sung by Adam. My favorite, though, is the version I have on iTunes (a single with Adam’s character on the cover – entitled, “IS ANYBODY LISTENING? BY ADAM LAMBERT AS JOSHUA.” It’s very similar to the one above, but he REALLY blows the final high part (“send us someone …”) out of the water with his vocal acrobatics! I’ve read several times that, during that play, Adam was asked by the director to try to ‘tone it down,’ and make it “less gay!” Oh, the fools!

  25. waveridergal says:

    Wow Toni,
    I was drinking my coffee and listening (again & again) to the T4M video. I was reviewing in my mind just what I wanted to write regrding Adam’s experience etc. I came back to the computer to write and there was YOUR post. You have SAID IT ALL! Good job and I agree with every word you have written. You covered all the points I wanted to make. It’s like you were in MY head when your wrote your commets.

  26. It´s always so hilarious to read your comments here, ladies. Fantasies and Adam breaks… I wish my english would be as fluent to do the same. In fact I should be right now making juice from my red currents and raspberries from this and previous summer because there´s no more room in my freezer. But here I sit by the computer.
    I saw This Is It yesterday (really sad what happened to MJ) and plan to see 2012 next weekend. It premiers Nov 13th also in this small Finnish town 600 km south from Arctic Circle. I wish I´m not going to be only one left sitting during the credits, people usually walk out when the texts start to scroll.
    Glamb #530

    • Aila R, I love your comment about the comments. They ARE funny, but I think some of them must scare Adam a bit, as anyone who is newly ‘idolized’ (not referring to the show) says he/she would like to be appreciated, but not ‘dissected.’ I can just imagine how strange it would be to be ‘adored’ more than I think I should be — No wonder celebrities get all messed up! I know ~ it’s a normal part of ‘idol worship,’ but it must be overwhelming for the object of our admiration.

      Anyway, I also loved your mention of red currants … I lived in London for a few years, and always wondered why they are SO popular in Europe, and not so in the U.S. (Recently, I looked it up, and found that they are mostly grown in Western Europe – and, although they grow in the States, the berries are said to have an inferior flavor to the European ones.) So … thanks for my little moment of nostalgia this morning! Redcurrants and a discussion of Adam Lambert … They go together deliciously!

      • I had an aunt (passed now) who moved to Canada in the 50´s and tried to grow black and red currants there, but, as you said, the flavor wasn´t the same. I think it´s the long days (and white nights) in the summertime that make it. It´s same with dill. Btw, my juice is brewing now. Now back to kitchen….and then back to Adam!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      ailaR, say hi to Rudolph for me!!! 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  27. Thanks for sharing that wonderful video! I truly appreciate the way you keep this site going for all of us! Adam is a miracle as far as I am concerned! With all that is going on in the world today… I can always escape for a brief time into “Adamland” and feel really good and upbeat! Thanks, again!!

  28. Adam handles the press and interviews so well – like a true professional. He doesn’t let them ruffle him at all and takes things in stride. That’s what talent and confidence in that and yourself does for you. I’m also happy to hear him speak of the support of family and friends along his journey and of him giving back to them. He’s just an all-around great guy – please don’t let success change you Adam. You could teach some of the Hollywood world out there this professionalism you have.

  29. My son-in law just came over and gave me the musical DVD of The Ten Commandments. He is so particular in his tastes on ANYTHING, and I know he probably has never listened to any of Adam’s songs {but you never can tell-there are many secret admirers of Adam Lambert’s voice!}. Anyway the DVD cover has a silver seal on the front saying “featuring Adam Lambert”. Since this film was not a hit when it came out in 2006-except the raving reviews that Adam’s singing received, it seems they can promote the movie now because it has Adam’s voice in it. Everyone wants a piece of Adam….
    . Now I REALLY have to think of what i wil give Brett {my son- law} for Christmas Or Hanukkah. My husband is Jewish so we celebrate both! Love you ,Adam

  30. AdamRocks! says:

    I don’t want to help reignite the ridiculous fan wars. . . just stating an observation. . . as of 3:00 p.m. today, For Your Entertainment is #32 on the itunes top pop songs, and Live Like We’re Dying is #33. . . just a little surprised. . . they were about 10 songs apart yesterday. . . I’m sure that after the AMA performance, FYE will shoot back up the charts, especially with the CD dropping the next day.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  31. Brian Mansfiels, who has done some good articles on Adam, wrote this on mjs blog:

    “Idol numbers guy, Brian Mansfield of USA Today’s Idol Chatter, ended his week of Idol blogging with some bonus numbers from Soundscan:

    For this week’s Random Friday Memo, I picked up a few bonus numbers from the Nielsen SoundScan folks that I figured you might enjoy: the cumulative track downloads for three of this past American Idol season’s top finishers. (If I had realized Danny Gokey would debut his single this week, I would’ve gotten his, too.)

    Kris Allen: 1.1 million
    Adam Lambert: 923,000
    Allison Iraheta: 31,000

    (I’m assuming these are total single sales for each Idol so far, including the sale of Idol downloads during the season? Not sure though, Brian needs to clarify. If he does, I’ll append this post.) mjb

    UPDATE: Brian has clarified: The numbers do not include downloads sold during the season–those numbers were never reported to Soundscan.

    Just for kicks, Brian added that the Adam Lambert/Allison Iraheta version of “Slow Ride” had 42,000 downloads, while the Kris Allen/Danny Gokey “Renegade” sold 20,000 copies.

    I’m surprised Allison’s numbers aren’t higher. But, Kris and Adam’s numbers look about right, considering how the contest turned out.”


    • love2adams says:

      I wonder what happened to Allison?
      As Adam’s “little sis” I was hoping for more for her…….

    • sherry s. says:

      I found that pretty shocking so I checked the lists and something is not right.

      AMAZON (under PRODUCT DETAILS) downloads:
      Adam’s (FYE) # 228 in MP3 Albums
      Kris’s (LLWD) #1329 in MP3 Albums

      I-TUNES downloads:
      Adam’s FYE #71
      Kris’s LLWD #74

      And, hey, don’t forget FYE was being sold over Adam’s website, too!
      Were Kris’s also being sold elsewhere?

      I’d sure like to see this guys breakdown of sales figures!


    • Theresa/Canada
      Something has to be wrong with BRIAN MANSFIELD’S COUNT!! ADAM IS #1 IN TALENT! If his count is right we need to do something about it. I have listened to maybe one of Kris’s songs. JUST OK. NOT GREAT! As I said before ~The proof will be who lasts the longest in the long run!


      • Sherry it is Neilson’s Soundscan feature. You can go to the website and check it out. It has several categories, the one most famous is it’s TV ratings.



  35. Hmmmmm, I just checked out Soundscan which is Neilson Entertainment and they list the top 10 songs, albums etc.. a good one to keep an eye on.

    I can never find itunes or amazon’s lists, how do I find those?

    • sherry s. says:

      left column
      under Amazon Exclusives, click Amazon Bestsellers
      again left column
      Any Category at top
      go down to Music and click

      right column on store’s first page
      Top Charts
      Singles, click on See All
      (Albums are next category down, same thing)

  36. Nice interview
    with Adam on Israeli news though not a long one…

  37. And another Philippine Daily Inquirer interview
    A couple of new facts about Adam.

    • sherry s. says:

      Thanks, Gala. In every interview—always something old and something new. I liked the film question—yes, he would sacrifice the liner and polish if the role was good. Oh, god, I hope it will be. He deserves an awesome role. And I hope it’s far from what we could imagine for him, something totally unexpected. I can’t wait to see him in a movie.

    • Yes, thank you Miss Vera for the other half of the interview.

      Ijust love that guy! He is so sweet and genuine!

      ex. “If I ever start going up into the clouds too much, pull me down please.” so he said to family and friends.

    • Thanks for the interview Gala….some different questions finally!

  38. Hallo alle Lambert fans .

    Adam is geweldig in wat hij doe,en vooral wie hij is.

    Zo good/nice persoon en y love hem.

    Hopelijk kom hij ooit een keer to the Nederlands.

  39. MARLENA GAGE says:

    Glamb #, I absolutely love everything that Adam Lambert does!!His voice is beautifully hypnotic!!!

  40. LibraLamb7 says:

    Don’t know where else to post these, but this site has links to the Ford Day vids in HD shot by the professional videographer….Acoustic versions of Adam singing “Mad World”, “Starlight” & “Tracks of my Tears”, plus Adam & Kris doing “Crazy” duet…all sound SO GOOD & Adam is GORGEOUS!!! Only Adam could still sound so wonderful after just coming off of that grueling 52 stop tour & having been sick, too! He’s just the BEST!!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Wow Candy! Thanks for posting these videos! They’re INCREDIBLE!

      I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  41. I think it can make a person a little crazy to keep checking the charts and lists. I just went to and followed music and found the “Best Top100 for 2009 and Adam’s FYE is #20 not bad consideriing U2, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen etc.. are in this list.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Well, maybe I’m crazy, OHHHH, does that make me crazy? OHHHHH. Maybe I’m crazy, AY, possibly. 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  42. AdamRocks! says:

    Kris is beating Adam now at itunes on the pop chart. . . you’re right Terry, it can drive you crazy! I think the fact that you can pre-order Kris’s CD, (and I’m thinking the free pass means you can get the single free) is helping him. . . why can’t you pre-order Adam’s CD at itunes???

    Sorry. I definitely need to get out more. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Kris’s song sucks! I can’t understand that! Maybe you’re right about the pre-order thing.GRRRR

      • Not to sound negative about Kris and his music….BUT……his song is sooooooodull and boring. No personality in his voice! hohummmmmmm *yawn* wake me up when it’s over!

  43. Thought I would tell you about when I went to London in July…..Which is a 21hour flight from Sydney to London. The only thing that saved me from going completely “nuts” ( from the long flight), was listening to Adam Lambert/Led Zeppelin/Adam Lambert/AC/DC/Adam Lambert/Greenday/Adam Lambert – on my Ipod…….did I mention Adam Lambert!!!!!. The man next to me was reading a ‘girlie’ magazine – so I brought out my RS magazine. The look on his face was priceless when he saw those beautiful images of our breathtaking …..Adam. Us ladies have our magazines too !!!. Of course, there is only one very sexy, gorgeous hunk I want to stare at…….Adam, Adam,Adam.

    In reference to the Christmas songs, besides Adam being Jewish – I just don’t think it’s the sort of CD a person as young as Adam would consider making…..not at least for another 20 years.

    Love reading your posts girls…..always very funny & ‘wicked’ !!! Don’t get to read them until much later as I’m asleep when you are posting and then I have to wait ’til I get home from work. Dianne, you must get up very early to read posts as you would be on similar time to us Aussie’s.

    Much love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Hi Yvonne. Which part of Oz are you in? I’m from Sydney originally now in New Zealand… yeah i know it’s cold here but beautiful… I’ll be back in about 5 years…

      • Lisa…..I live in Lane Cove, Sydney. Havn’t been to New Zealand….yet !! Friends keep telling me to go as, you say – it’s a beautiful country. See you in five years at the Australian Adam Lambert Fan Club .

        Cheers, Yvonne

        • Lisa Imbruglia says:

          I grew up in Cammeray. My father had a fruit shop there. Then lived in Northbridge, Chatswood West (down Beaconsfield Rd (my sister lives there now) Also in Naremburn and
          Willoughby… is there a pattern there…lol. I love Lane Cove too.

          I’ve been here for 15 years now. Feels like forever. Cant wait to get back to Oz but have to wait for a few things or it would be sooner.

          Is there an Australian Adam Lambert Fan Club… cool!

          I’d love to make a new friend in Sydney when I get there or before by email. How can we exchange email addresses in here?

          • Lisa !!! You are not going to believe this….but I think I knew your family. Was your mum called Jane ? and a brother – Damien?……

            Don’t know of any Australian Adam Lambert Fan Club…..just envisaging that there will be one (with millions of fans). I have googled to see if I could find one to no avail.

            As this site is read by Adam fans and all ‘fantastic’ lovely people, I feel I will have no problem giving you my email address which is…

            Cheers, Yvonne

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Yvonne, yes I get up about 5.15am most mornings and the first thing I do is turn the computer on to check on what has been happening in Adam’s world, that is only for about half an hour or so and then I get an hour at lunchtime to go on the Net then once I am home from work it is back on the computer, I seem to be spending my life at the computer at the moment all in the name of Adam and I don’t begrudge him one second ot it. Things will calm down once his album is out – yeah I’m sure that will happen. Oh well never mind Adam is worth it.

  44. mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

    Adam’s reaction to the interview question ‘Chistmas songs?’ Priceless!! My all time fav Christmas tune is sung by Barbra Streisand. ‘Ava Maria’. Would LOVE to hear Adam do that one! I ordered Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas album at the same time as ordering FYE. Cantique de Noel will be sure to be my New Fav. Oh Adam, please sing Oh Holy Night!!! To hear your voice would make my season bright 🙂 Andrea is singing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. Don’t listen to it while drinking coffee. It will come out your nose with the Shock!! Much Thanks for putting up the ‘Is Anybody Listening’ vid. SOooo much LOVE ADAM in that one!!!!!!!!!!

    • mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

      yeah, trying to reply to myself. TFM vid in HD is breath-taking! Didn’t know ADAM could look even more beautiful. WOW!!! Have a daughter who works at the local movie theater. She brought me home a mini poster of 2012 with ADAM’s name featured. Hoping very much to get the big one when they take it down. She put me last month at the top of the list to get it. Crossing my fingers that it will be a ‘Chistmas present’.

  45. What a delightful group of people Adam has for fans. This fabulously run site has wonderful members. I love ‘coming here’ Thanks for so many wonderful mental health breaks you’ve given me.

  46. We went to see 2012 and I loved it…we stayed at the ending to listen to Adams song and I must say, a great movie and ending……

  47. Adam is a great performer and entertainer. Can’t wait to see him in a concert.


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