Adam Lambert’s Twitter Party Recap – What Would You Ask??

Adam Lambert – don’t cha just love him?? He cares so much about us and he constantly tells us so. Sometimes we may not know it, but when he smiles so graciously for the ton of paparazzi that are always in his face, he’s doing it for US. Yes, it’s good PR and if he didn’t his career would start taking hits. But who’s his career for? Of course him, but also for US! When he takes the time to give excellent interviews, it’s for US. When he tweets his private pictures, who’s he tweeting to? US! And it can only be for US that he does his famous Twitter parties!

He held another one yesterday, May 21st. Did any of you get a question answered? He talked about lyrics from his upcoming album, he’s in love(!), going back in time to 7th grade, and even going into the future! We learned that it was his mom’s birthday too! He even gave us all a shoutout with his comment “Glamberts. That name is here to stay. Because you sexy bitches where the name proudly!!! I love you!!” I’m not sure if that was an answer to a question, but I heard that Glambert is now in the Urban Dictionary! Here’s one of the many definitions:

GLAMBERT The official term for a devoted fan of the glamourous sexiness that is Adam Lambert, Season 8 Runner Up for American Idol.

She’s watching Adam’s You Tube videos again. She’s such a Glambert.

Thank you to Juneau and Xena’s Daily Digest for compiling the questions and answers. I’m curious – if you could ask Adam a question, what would it be? Comment below with your questions, and if anyone has heard Adam answer it, please Reply and let us know where you heard it, if possible!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Ollipop_ @adamlambert How do you feel about popsicles?

adamlambert @Ollipop_ I have a deep love and nostalgia for Otter pops. Do they still make those?Azrielenish @adamlambert Why did you choose that image for your latest tattoo?

adamlambert @Azrielenish I just really liked it! Hah. It balances well with the other two I have.

adamlambert @TeamScottyJames i think my best shows last summer were: Nashville, new Orleans, Montreal, San francisco, San Diego, Providence, Boston…

Idol360 @adamlambert Who is your favorite indie rocker?

adamlambert @Idol360 Matt Bellamy is amazing… But I that indie?

HausOfHamza @adamlambert Are you going to buy Gaga’s new album?

adamlambert @HausOfHamza fuck yes! Her creativity, fashion, bravery and biz sense are inspiring.

kashiny9 @adamlambert who do you think really deserved to win American idol??

adamlambert @kashiny9 in regards to Idol I’ve said way too much. Media turns non-personal, honest opinions into “feuds”.

adamlambert @kashiny9 like mom taught: “if u don’t have anything nice to say- don’t say it all” sorry if I hurt any feelings- not my intent.

iseverybeenmyTK @adamlambert COME TO BRAZIL? THIS IS GOOD

adamlambert @iseverybeenmyTK I want to come to brazil!!! Next tour I hope!!!

LambriniBird @adamlambert if you could do a duet with any singer dead or alive who would you choose? X

adamlambert @LambriniBird Freddie

lucia_glambert @adamlambert are u going to the Idol finale?

adamlambert @lucia_glambert yup!! I will be there for the results show! So excited!!

islandgirljams @Adamlambert will your album come out in 2011? We are all so excited!!!

adamlambert @islandgirljams album will be out in the fall. So excited! Been making a lot of music and coming up w ideas for art and style. #nextlevel

nappyonpyon @adamlambert Love Japan???

adamlambert @nappyonpyon I adore Japan!! I miss glamajuku!!

ElleSecrett @adamlambert would you ever consider having a concert in Egypt on your next tour maybe? ;D

adamlambert @ElleSecrett that would be surreal to do a concert at the sphinx. Can u imagine? Wow.

iloveadam67 @adamlambert thank you for being real!! )

adamlambert @iloveadam67 thank you for appreciating it. So Sometimes gets me into trouble.

xIIHY4lyfx @adamlambert Where did you get those glittery zebra pants you wore last year ?!

adamlambert @xIIHY4lyfx had them made. My stylist Trish designed them.

HazMad13 @adamlambert r u ever gonna do a collab with Kesha?? I love u guys!!!

adamlambert @HazMad13 would love to. Her and I have so much fun together. One of the most sincere and grounded stars I’ve met.

Dewald_vTonder @adamlambert why the ‘drastic’ change in hairstyle…?was it overdue?

adamlambert @Dewald_vTonder yeah needed a change. Wanted a style that was less ‘done’. I can just roll outta bed with this cut.

DanielzROTFL @adamlambert did you write. Or co-write any songs on your new album?

adamlambert @DanielzROTFL I’ve been co-writing on almost EVERYTHING! feels so great to be more involved this time. #luxuryoftime

xoTracyyyxo @adamlambert what do you do when youre feeling insecure to feel better

adamlambert @xoTracyyyxo eat

adamlambert @xoTracyyyxo j/k. Lol

AdamAdamAdam3 @adamlambert does your stylist make your outfits everyday? or just special appearances?

adamlambert @AdamAdamAdam3 only special occasions. Ive been shopping and dressing myself the past few months.

MusicLover358 @adamlambert my musical theater class is doing grease tonight…can u wish us luck?! Love u adam!

adamlambert @MusicLover358 “tell me more tell me more…”

NOH8_Durbinator @adamlambert Whats one thing that gets you through the day?

adamlambert @NOH8_Durbinator I love my fans’ passion and positive energy.

channy_lace1 @adamlambert Last show you DVR’d?

adamlambert @channy_lace1 united states of Tara. Brilliant show.

argeneau @adamlambert Didn’t ya say in a interview you were excited about GNT in Milan coz you’d never been before? Coz Hair tour went to Milan… ;p

adamlambert @argeneau I was speaking of the N American shows. Milan, Finland, Paris, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam were European highlights.

GrayWhoBoo @adamlambert Do you trip a lot?

adamlambert @GrayWhoBoo when I’m wearing my medges. [=man wedges]

Adam_TJRgirl @adamlambert If you could go back in time 100 yrs or ahead in time 100 yrs for one week, which would you choose?

adamlambert @Adam_TJRgirl prob ahead. It would be more unpredictable.

@squishfish_jess @adamlambert does sauli inspire you?

adamlambert @squishfish_jess YES.

seeinstereo_ @Adamlambert can you share a lyric from a song you wrote for the new album?

adamlambert @seeinstereo_ “Now I believe in more than I can see”

xGlitterBabyxSarah @adamlambert will you ever re-hash your pre-idol songs?

adamlambert @xGlitterBabyx prob not. I want to release music that reflects where I’m currently at in my life.

Christine5850 @adamlambert If you had a child who was lying on the floor throwing a tantrum, what would you do?

adamlambert @Christine5850 probably try to reason with the child and make him or her smile


adamlambert @__CrazyLove thank u! So thrilled to be nominated for a Much Music award! I love Canada!!

westerosredsock @adamlambert Did you cry at the Gossip Girl finale?

adamlambert @westerosredsock no tears. Lol. But I have to say- Leighton Meester has really given Blair a lot more depth w her great acting.

LoveLambert1877 @adamlambert whats your favorite food?

adamlambert @LoveLambert1877 love spicy.

darya_ilina @adamlambert What kind of girls do you like?

adamlambert @darya_ilina my favorite women are strong, confident and funny women. (gay stereotype)

brandywhitford @adamlambert favourite male singer of 2011?

adamlambert @brandywhitford Bruno Mars is really talented. Beautiful voice and a great writer. I’m a fan. Liquor Store Blues is one of my favorites.

G_Menchaca @adamlambert have you ever struggled with not believing in yourself?

adamlambert @G_Menchaca everyday. Constant battle. But I feel like I’m on an upswing. Being in love and creative in the studio feed my soul.

kingfan221 @adamlambert What’s the ringtone on your phone right now?

adamlambert @kingfan221 a bassnecter track.

kiwiglambert @adamlambert Soooo ….. nipple rings….. discuss please

adamlambert @kiwiglambert took em out last summer. Not all it’s cracked up to be.

mallorielambert @Adamlambert would you ever get your hair cornrowed? haha(:

adamlambert @mallorielambert I did once. Lol. The sides and the top was pompadour. Wore it that way to burning man when my hair was longer and blonde.

adamlambert Btw- it’s my amazing mother’s birthday today! Happy birthday mom! I love you!!!!

Mickey1227 @adamlambert your strongest inspiration right now?

adamlambert @Mickey1227 how we all are on a personal journey of self discovery and constant evolution. Searching for liberation. Why we do what we do.

adamlambert @Mickey1227 these thoughts are my main fuel for writing my new album.

babashuchan @adamlambert Do you have an overused word or phrase?

adamlambert @babashuchan GLAM. haha it’s getting a little old.

ToxicLED @adamlambert we still cannot believe you found love in a shady bar. Only you, sir. Only you.

adamlambert @ToxicLED Jenny Woo ain’t shady!!

riley1877 @adamlambert 3 words to describe the music you’ve been writing so far?

adamlambert @riley1877 melodic, honest, and dreamy

Crazy4glambert1 @adamlambert If you could go back to any grade in your school days which would it be and why?

adamlambert @Crazy4glambert1 7th grade. I was really lonely and awkward. Wish I knew then what I know now.

_kandyal @adamlambert What’s the best thing about being a singer?

adamlambert @_kandyal being able to communicate a thought or feeling through song.

adamlambert Glamberts. That name is here to stay. Because you sexy bitches where the name proudly!!! I love you!!

adamlambert I don’t really like classifying music into genres lately. What’s the point? Pop music is a bit of dance, rock and hip hop these days.

adamlambert I personally believe that rock n roll is just as much a frame of mind and attitude as it is a musical style. Rebellion.

JanaTheUnicorn @adamlambert did you get bad grades in english as a kid?

adamlambert @JanaTheUnicorn no. Really bad grades in math though. Lol

P0NDWATER @adamlambert do you like boobs?

adamlambert @P0NDWATER boobs are very pretty.

squishfish_jess @adamlambert ’bout Katy Perry boobs? ;D

adamlambert @squishfish_jess some of the best out there.

alexanderenrico @adamlambert do you believe in ANY apocalypse theory?

adamlambert @alexanderenrico I think the end of Mayan calendar signifies an end of an era. next generation will bring about great change. Good I hope.

XenaPW @adamlambert Are you enjoying your role as Godfather to Riff? I love babies xoxoxo [truth: others asked about Riff too]

adamlambert My godson Riff! Future rockstar!

adamlambert One last one

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Hi Carol, I am not on Twitter but the question I would like to ask Adam is: When did you realise you were in love with Sauli ? Or was it love at first sight ?

  2. Second question to Adam: Is your sexy key tattoo in any way connected to Sauli ? Did he inspire you to pick the motif ?

  3. Did you ever hear “Vitas” from Russia sing? I think you two would sound great together

  4. scootersmom says:

    I’m one selfish Glambert….don’t ever want to hear Adam sharing a song with anyone. The King of Music does not need to share.

  5. Adam, your talent is a shining star but your honesty, being so true to your yourself & sharing your inner love with your adoring fans makes us love you even more then you realize …truly inspiring on so many levels. I’m excited to be on this exciting & loving journey with you! Love from “Adamicted” in Vancouver, Canada!

  6. Hi Michele, my daughter, Debbie, graduated high school in Vancouver and she did really well. With her teacher’s recommendation she got into University of Toronto. Now she works with a publishing British company as graphic designer/writer. She loves Canada and obtained permanent residency but still holding her Singapore citizenship.She graduated with a BA honours degree

  7. Hi Carol, as you can see my comment above has no full-stop at the end of the last sentence because I wanted to erase it but hit Submit Comment instead. It is slightly off-topic but Michele’s mention of Vancouver hit a nerve. To bring it back more in line, I’d just add that my daughter listens to Adam’s songs but she is not obsessed like me. The most likely reason is she doesn’t have the time. She loves music, plays the piano a little and I am sure Adam will blow her mind off one day when she has more time. Thanks again.

  8. Glamity58 says:

    I missed the twitter party so this is nice. I’m not sure really how to do the twitter thing. I am glad to hear from this site again. It’s been a while. I can’t wait for Lambert’s next album. He needs a song out soon.

  9. I miss Adam on TV. When can we hear him laugh again ? He would be so good to watch now especially when he’s in love. He must be in seventh heaven. And I can just imagine how his world is colored now. It must be rainbow. Time for him to replenish, restore his being. The tours took a lot from him. After this respite, his cup runneth over. And be ready Glambs, because he’ll fill your cup too, to the brim. He’s gonna ignite us again like a firework. He’s going to light the fire in our bellies. We’re going to stamp our feet to the beat of his drums. Music wil take on new forms, new colors, new horizons and new emotions. Who can foretell, that Whole Lot of Love, will have a new Indian vibe at Fantasy Springs ? Who can tell how well he could twist his songs so they’ll have new vibes, and new proportions. His genius is overflowing. Come Glambs, and we’ll have a taste again of the heavenly.

    As to the questions I want to ask, maybe it’s — ” What are your fantasies? What are your dreams(both awake and asleep, ha-ha-ha) ? ” Thanks Adam.

  10. I just love you baby. OOOhhmmm…mmmwwaahhhhhh

  11. Nelson Savoie says:

    Adam, all I can say is WOW. I am glad I got to meet you after a consert in New Orleans. Your a wounderful person that is every thing I expected. Me and my partner are big supporters of you. We are bouth in our 60’s and you know what at 65 I feel I’m in my 30’s. I hope one day to hear & see him at one of our Saints games. To hear him sing our National Anthem would make my day. I bet he would bring the house to thier feet and they woud go crazy, I know I would for there is no one yet in my life time so for can sing like him. All I can say every time I her him sing it makes me feel so good. I play his CD’s in my car with the top down every time I get in it.
    I love every song he sang on America Idole for he kicket it and you know what like you said he is all
    ways nice even when he wasn’t pick, boy was that a mistake for the proof id in the pudding.

  12. e3fan205 says:

    Thanks so much for this. Isn’t nice that Adam takes his time to do this every once in a while. I am wondering if the “sophomore” album is as stressful as we sometimes here. There has to be a lot of pressure with so much riding in its success compared to the first. And I would like to know if he is also having to build in prospects for another album based tour. With his doing so much more of the writing, there is a lot on his shoulders. I wonder if he ever gets a little scared sometimes. Its a big responsility. We all love him, but he has to keep building his base of fans. (p.s. I’ll feel better when he gets invited to be involved in the bigger award shows. Somehow I miss his name in several of the later ones.) Love this guy. Thanks again for the recap….
    Oh by the way…..I was on a Continental flight to Munich on my to Turkey and got to hear WYWFM on their system. The grammy album was one of the selections….That was nice. It is such a treat to be a long way from home and hear him… some public place….like hearing FYE in a shopping mall in Jakarta a while back…..(All work everyone….never for vacation purposes.)
    Thanks for remembering us dreamsound!~)

  13. I would like to ask Adam, do you believe in life after death?

  14. Adam, I loved you during Idol, came to both concerts (Tour and your GlamNation), and still wholeheartedly support you and your creative expression. But……………..why speak out against James this season??? You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but I thought it great that someone with a similar spirit to yours might actually win this season. I think your comments, and support of Haley, did throw the results. I was heartbroken when you did not win, and I am more heartbroken that James did not, because I think you had something to do with it!!! Of course, the media blew it out of proportion, but still….Wish you two could join up together and tour sometime…

    • i love james too & was very shocked when he was eliminated….same shock i felt when adam didn’t win either…better off not winning, tho- look how great adam is doing now & james will be a big star too! good luck to james xoxoxo jmjohnson

  15. Vickiw Do you really believe that Adam had anything to do with the results? If you really do I just can’t imagine how you can please really think about what you are saying. He only gave James some true advice and the last thing he was supposed to have said was “I am over James Durbin”. Do you really think he said that it doesn’t even make sense. If he said anything at all it was probably he was over the comparisons. That reply depends on the question asked. Everything else he said about Durbin was kind and helpful. The show has their agenda and why do you think they had the judges always praise James Durbin to the sky’s? Maybe if they had been truthful and said at some of his performances. “Okay James I appreciated your enthusiasm but try to pay more attention to the singing
    more than the performance. . If they had have given him more pointers he may have improved a lot and that is the point of the show. The show wanted the outcome they have now and worked towards it.

  16. Yep, the judges should have concentrated more on critiquing him than promoting him. Well, that’s the name of the game.

  17. leticia says:

    I do not like JD at all. He screams, not sing, when he hit the high notes. And what nerves he has to compare himself to Adam or try to imitate Adam’s style on the night he was kicked off. He just sounded awful! He is just so full of himself. Glad he was voted off.

    • i am a big james durbin fan- & him & haley should’ve been the final 2 as far as i’m concerned. they both could sing any genre – he could sing the phonebook & sound great! he has real talent- & i can’t wait to buy his cd when he makes it big… i was just as excited every week when he was going to perform as i was when adam performed on his time at idol. i think they are both immensely talented & the only thing they have in common is a great voice! don’t hate- everyone is great!

  18. i love adam- that’s all i would want to say to him…just to know he’s loved & that i hope to meet him in person someday. after seeing him in concert at foxwoods last june- it made me a bigger fan & my feelings haven’t changed. hope for the best in all you do adam & hope to get some responses from you on twitter sometime ….. xoxox jmjohnson

  19. Phyllis Hoffman says:

    I have a gift for Adam – a rose quartz crystal skull – but need to explain what it actually is – Is there some way I can give it to him? Not replaceable, so it must be hand carried. I live in Indio, CA (near Fantasy Springs Casino). Is he planning to return for an encore performance?

  20. My question is to all of you who watched the Idol finale tonite. He said in his twitter that he would be there, but I didn’t see him. I had to leave for about 10 min so I just wondered if he was talked to or acknowledged in any way while I was gone & I missed it. Just curious since it’s been so long since I’ve seen him anywhere. It’s really weird, but listening to all the well known singers on the show & none of them, voice wise, compared to Adam. He has pulled me so much into that magnetic personna of his that no one else seems to have a voice worth listening to anymore. I am totally spoiled & infatuated with just seeing him & hearing him. He said his new album won’t be out till the fall – that seems like years away. I know he needs down time, but we all need some Adam time. I’m having withdrawal pains waiting for him to show up somewhere & fill the need we are missing.

    • Hi Barb,
      Don’t know if you’ve found this out yet, but Adam was only shown in the first minute, during the opening. He was in his seat, sitting next to Sauli. He was on-screen for maybe 2 seconds! Hope you can go back and see it.

      Thanks for being a loyal supporter of our site!
      ~ Carol ~

  21. I guess if Adam was at AI they did not acknowledge it…..the show was o.k. but I felt like the judges should not of been in the finale…..what was they doing trying to show everyone of the kids they can sing……there will never be another show like Adam’s an Kris’s….the only good thing about it was when Scotty won…..He’s young but was happy for him……

  22. Adam “was” at the Idol Finale last night. There is a video of him talking on the Red Carpet and photos of he and Sauli holding hands just before entering the show (nice pics). Toward the beginning the camera panned the audience and he was standing at his seat (on the end of the row with Sauli seated beside him). I could pause, rewind and look again because of my DVR. Without that, the glimpse of him was quick. However, there was no mention of him during the show, as far as I heard. He also tweeted, three times, about the performance after he left.

  23. All I saw was one brief glimpse of Adam in the audience right at the beginning of Idol and no mentiion of him at all. Last year”s winner, Lee Dewyze, was there and not even a mention, either. And never saw if Kris Allen was even there. Show was overloaded with “Big Name Stars”. I felt like this detracted from the two finalists. Too many performers promoting their new releases or a desperate attempt to keep an audience interested in the show???? (Last year I never even bothered to watch Idol. Watched most weeks this year, but never bothered to vote. Just don’t seem to care since the fiasco of Season 8 finale.)

  24. I caught a glimpse of Adam on TV, just one precious second. He stood out; he was the tallest at that section. If only he had performed, he would have given Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Steven Tyler a run for their money. These three pros in that order were terrific and took the whole show by its horns. Beyonce’s performance was stunning. She might have thought she had better show the master in the audience that she too is one; just conjecturing. I was particularly impressed by Scotty’s grace at his Idol crowning, at just nineteen? At that moment I thought, how would Adam have handled it; we will never know, will we ? He was robbed of an experience of a liftime. But he is unstoppable, picked up and soared on his own terms.

    • Scotty is only 17!!!! Very calm and poised. I think he will handle it better than Lauren Alaina. She is very good and cute as a button, but seems more nervous and I think less prepared to deal with the Idol fame and the grind that will come with the title. Scotty was born for this. He was my pick to win since the beginning. ( I actually thought that he sounded better than Tim McGraw last night!) Wish them both all the best!!!

  25. loved to have asked several questions.
    1. given the new AI judges,if you were to be on season 10, would you have picked different songs?
    and what would they be ?
    2. just listened to Come to Me from Brigadoon, would you ever consider more classical songs that
    emphasize that amazing voice?
    3. Ever consider re-doing famous songs of the past? like Imagine by John Lenon?
    4. When you do another tour, would you consider larger venues with dates further apart?
    5. Given all the places you traveled, which one is your favorite place to live? Perform?

  26. wow,I love adam,in fact every one loves him,even who do not like him!!!!I’m from Iran