Adam Lambert’s Hammond, IN/Horseshoe Casino Concert: 21 and Over Please. Performers Included!! VIDEOS JUST ADDED!!


I couldn’t believe it when my girlfriend Ellen said she had extra tickets to both the Milwaukee and Hammond/Horseshoe Casino concerts. Since I had credit on Southwest Airlines that was going to expire soon, I decided I was going to follow my passion and fly out to visit her and see Adam with her and Sue, our other author, not once but twice that week. Oh my, that impulsive behavior was it worth it!

Sue has already posted her article on Milwaukee, so I’ll cover my experience at the Hammond show. This was a General Admission ticket which meant no reserved seats. You have to pay your dues and wait in line for as many hours as you’re willing to sacrifice, for the chance of an “up close and personal” experience. You then get “standing only space” on the main floor, on a first-come, first-served basis. (I’m posting an article soon on Tips on Surviving a GA Concert, since so many of Adam’s concerts are this method.) There were many wonderful people in line, and I’m including this great picture of Mariel, who I couldn’t resist talking to when I saw her. I’m sure you’ll agree after looking at her amazing outfit! She told me she only woke up to Adam from the AMA’s on, never seeing him on Idol! Imagine that!! I hope she’s caught up on him via YouTube!

Mariel, a fan only since the AMAs!

I’ll cut to the chase, we were fortunate enough to get center almost front-row position. People who beat me to the rail were leaving space between them. I had enough space to put my hands on the rail, but couldn’t get enough room to actually stand there. They weren’t budgin’ for nothin’. Oh well, I was only inches away, I certainly can’t complain! On that front rail, next to the girl in front of me was a guy who was an obvious fan of Adam’s, because he had made himself up to look exactly like him – minus the new shaved side of his head! I even said to him, “I’ll laugh so hard if Adam comes out here and says ‘whoa, it’s like I’m looking into a mirror!’” But the guy had no personality or sense of humor because all he did was blink. In fact, he and the girl next to him who wouldn’t budge, never showed any real signs of excitement during the whole show. There ought to be some sign of life requirement to have those coveted front row spaces!

With me was my girlfriend Ellen, her sister Cheryl and my new friend Janet, who is a friend of Ellen’s and Sue’s. Standing with us was a very nice young man named Joey, who was there with his mom, Terry. They were adorable, reminding us of another close mom and son we know! Joey is a professional dancer and Terry even had an envelope with his cover shot and resume in it. We all knew we had to get Joey as close to the front as possible, because he was definitely Adam’s type! And this was something he wanted too!

Carol and Joey
Carol & Joey

Cheryl, Ellen, Carol and Janet

While we were waiting for the night to begin, there was a large screen to the side of the stage that we could text a message to. Some really funny, sentimental and outright gross comments made it up on that screen. We were all amused, but the best comment had to be about Neil. You all know Negative Neil, right? Adam’s brother, who is having the summer job we all wish we had – to be a production assistant on the Glam Nation Tour! Someone sent a message to the board, and it got Neil tweeting as the concert was in progress. Someone tweeted “neil is hotter” on adam’s jumbotron at the show tonight. We all died laughing.” He also sent this tweet to follow: If anyone has photo evidence, it is desperately needed. That was followed by: I mean photo evidence of the jumbotron, people. come on. Neil’s a scream, as usual!

Because she was under 21, Allison Iraheta couldn’t perform at the Casino. This also was the case with Taylor, one of Adam’s dancers. So we had only Orianthi to warm us up before Adam would take the stage. She was very good, and with this being the second time in as many days to hear her, her songs were now sounding familiar and catchy. But honestly someone needs to give her (and most performers) a little coaching on public speaking. So I’ll do it. Slow down when you talk to the audience. We can’t understand you, especially when you have an accent! And we would have loved for you to introduce your band, like Adam does. This goes for Allison Iraheta too. The band members are so talented and deserve some spotlight recognition!

Allison Iraheta rocking out in Milwaukee.
Allison Iraheta Milwaukee

During the Milwaukee show, Orianthi came onstage with Allison.

Orianthi wailing on the guitar at the Horshoe Casino.

Then it was time for Adam. The voice, the costumes, the band, the lasers, I was so excited! I couldn’t believe that Adam was including Ring of Fire in his 3-song opening! I love the irony of how on American Idol, Country was the one genre Adam was least looking forward to singing. Yet his ultra sexy version of Ring of Fire really started the love affair between him and many of his fans across the country and world. My placement right next to the stage put me about 4 feet away from him when he was at the front. And oh was he gorgeous, and he sounded perfect, as he always does. I was in a complete state of euphoria. Being this close, you get to see things that are missed by most. Like the quick smiles between him and the band members or the communication with the sound mixers off stage. We could hear the entire audience singing along with every song. It was so loud he had to hear it too. You get to see every pore on his beautiful face, get the textile sensations when you look at his incredible wardrobe (even the pieces with the “A” on the back that remind me of Alvin and the Chipmunks!), and even see that sexy chest expand with his breathing. Okay Carol, let’s take it back a few steps!

Here’s my video of Adam’s opening Hammond set – after Brad Walsh’s FYE remix: Voodoo, Down the Rabbit Hole & Ring of Fire.

You can catch all the videos on YouTube, but I’ll include a few of my favorites here.

Something that I’ve noticed about these concerts verses that iconic Fantasy Springs show was that Adam is so much more confident on stage, if that’s even possible. And unlike other performances in the past, he never mixed up his lyrics. He’s really become that true superstar that we all knew he’d be.

Adam singing Whattya Want From Me, about 4 feet away!

EDITED WITH NEW TIMES: My favorite number that night was If I Had You. I love how his face lights up when he approaches the audience at 2:38. Check out his tongue action at 3:34 and how friendly he gets with choreographer Brooke. My heart still beats fast every time I see this!

**Sorry, the Hammond version I was talking about has been pulled. I’ve subsitituted my own video, shot at Milwaukee 2 days earlier. If you can find the Hammond version, treasure it!
If I Had You – Milwaukee


I got a little personal thrill about midway through the concert. Lila and I had been two of about 12 people at the baby shower last month for guitarist Monte Pittman’s wife, Lisa. Monte attended the shower for Lisa and opened all our presents, since Lisa was on sudden bed rest. As a surprise, Tommy Joe also came and stayed the whole time, chatting with us like we were old friends. Being so close to the stage that night, Monte recognized me in the crowd when he came forward to play, and greeted me a few times during the evening with big smiles and head nods. It was great, but I wished I would have known that Sue stumbled upon the busses the concert before in Milwaukee, getting to spend time talking with both Monte and Tommy Joe!

We had heard through the grapevine that depending on his mood and how he feels about the audience, he’d decide whether the encore would be Mad World or Whole Lotta Love. At Fantasy Springs we all were passing out from the raw, organic performance he gave of WLL, and had always hoped he’d perform it again. In Milwaukee, we were thrilled that he chose WLL. But at the Horseshoe Casino, he gave us both!

Mad World –Whole Lotta Love – Hammond/Horseshoe Casino This is the video I shot – I hope it’s okay.

If you have any chance to see Adam on his Glam Nation Tour this summer, please go for it! You’ll never experience anything else like it. I’ve discovered that you have to follow your passions. Strive in life for what you think is crazy, and instead of beating yourself up for it, you’ll thank yourself later. I know I did my whole plane ride home!
~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Thank you so much for this. I can’t wait until Saturday at the Borgota in Atlantic City. PLEASE, give me advice about the GA. I am a 60 year old disabled, grandmother in a scooter, and am bringing my 12 year old special needs grand daughter. The Borgota said I could sit in the handicap area off to the side but my grand daughter can not sit with me. So that is not happening. I was thinking of going there Friday and asking the management how I should handle this. We are willing to get there and camp out all day if necessary to get close enough so we can see. If I am even a couple rows back and sitting in my scooter I will not see anything. I am hoping the fans will be nice and let us get up front since we will not be blocking anyone’s view. Please give me some suggestions. HELP!!!!!

    • I would definitely talk to management again. It makes no sense to seperate you from you 12 year old grand daughter or you having to sit farther back and not see anything. Tell the Borgota to shape up if they don’t otherwise they might have deal with some phonecalls from some Fierce Glambs! Please keep us posted!

      • Wouldn’t the city hall there have some special rules or bylaws about handicapp placement in a theatre and not separating you from your grand daughter?? Seems wierd to me, I’d check into it further and maybe go to a higher authority there.

    • Carol, thanks so much for posting. this! It’s helpful and I am eagerly looking forward to your tips – I’m over 60 and have fibromyalgia, but I am going to the Seattle concert GA, SRO- and planning to get in line no later than noon – or is that already too late?
      I’m also wondering if you are the one who assigns Glam numbers? Several of us requested them quite a while ago, and Sue said she would pass on the info. I sure would like to have an official number before the concert. I(‘m going again to the Puyallup fair concert, but have a seat for that one! Aloha, Holly

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        To get a Glamb number go here

        …and follow the directions. I assign numbers on Wednesdays.

        • I just called the Borgota again. They connected me with the Box Office supervisor but of course got an answering machine. I will let you know if he calls me and how he handles things.

        • lila what exaclty is a glam number?

          • No call back from the Borgota. Oh well, we will just get there really early and hope for the best. Kristie and I are counting down the minutes. Can’t wait for Saturday night!!!!

  2. Farzana says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your experiences in the GA section. I attended but sat in the Mez above and wondered how it would be to be in the mass crowding of the GA. Totally love the videos! My fav is when he is doing WLL and asks,”You want a whole lot of love?” and the crowd goes wild! I was about to faint with excitement upstairs. Things like that can cause a riot! LOL

    I can’t believe I am still riding a “high” after attending my first event! Adam is the new heroin!!!! I was spending a lot of time-daily- before June 17th looking for my “Adam fix” but now I am becoming ridiculous! Am I alone in this situation? Is there a group out there for people like me afflicted with the Adam Virus? I’ve fallen and I don’t want to get out of this!

    I am channeling some of that Love of All Things Adam affliction into working to benefit others by working on the ADAM’S ARK PROJECT:

    For all who suffer with this need, join in and spread Adam’s Love around the world by contributing! This is an international project and monetary amounts from around the world are accepted! I know there is a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE

    • Farzana, there is actually a group on AO called AA (Adam Anonymus)…..

      Also I have been trying to get the Heifer project link onto AO but I think the site crashed. It has been unavailable since this afternoon. I will keep on trying!!!

      • Farzana says:

        I actually slipped it into a comment section on the promo on his news page. Hope it will stick.

    • Farzana, I love the way you put this–Adam is the new heroin!!!! What a wonderful drug! I am still riding the high of the drug of front row at Stir Cove, basking in the deliciousness of it! It enhances my understanding of everyone else’s experiences. I love reading all these stories. I just feel chills throughout my body.
      I went to Stir Cove with my husband. No one else I know could even understand why I wanted to go. Now I’ve met some Glamily and a very very special Adam friend who is as addicted as I am!
      So I will see Adam in KC with my new Adam friend, and we can hardly wait to share the bliss! We will wait in line for Adam and enjoy the foreplay of other Adam-lovers!
      And I’ve got Mezzanine tickets in Springfield in August–taking my sister who is not sure she really wants to go. She is confused by her belief system and her traditional family resistance to all things Adam. I see myself as a wayshower here–I’m gonna be like Adam and love what I love, be who I am, enjoy my passion with ultimate bliss. People don’t get it but they are stoked by my enthusiasm!
      I love reading these posts because I feel sorta vindicated in my lovely addiction. Adam is the ultimate high–and I’m milking it for all its worth!

  3. Help i was not able to watch the IIHY video something popped up saying it was removed due to copyright!! How come????

  4. Glamitup says:

    A blast I am sure!! Hey guys don’t forget to vote on VH1 for IIHY video! Pull down the music tab and vote away!!!! Has to be #1 next week!!!!

  5. Great review Carol.
    I love how you emphasize at the end of your post to follow your Passion.
    I think this is one of the biggest changes Adam has brought forth in so many people’s lives. As dance teacher I thought that I was living my life’s purpose but I am just now realizing that there are many more levels and layers to what I want to do! It has been a very powerful time in my life and I haven’t even seen Adam perform live YET! I will do two back to back concerts next week and I definitely will report back!

    • cmhagey says:

      Thanks Irena! All the time last year during Idol that we spent asking ourselves “what has come over us? Why has this young man taken us over like this?” and I finally came up with my theory. That as moms, wives and career/working women, we always put everyone else ahead of us and our own wants. And now as many of us are getting older we’re realizing we have to do things for US. No one else is going to do it for us, so we have to be a little selfish and do it for ourselves. I’m excited to say I’m seeing Adam at least 3 more times this summer – twice in Costa Mesa and Vegas. I can’t believe I’m not seeing Adam in my own home town of San Diego! But Vegas is the night after and when they announced San Diego, we had already bought our Vegas tickets and made travel plans. The last thing I want to do is drive to Vegas the morning/afternoon of the show! I’ve heard lots of grimmacing about his management and the way they’re announcing concerts. I think there’s a lot more going on than we realize. Maybe they still have to convince venues to book Adam? Some people are always going to spout AMA when you bring up Adam. Now that he has such stunning reviews, there shouldn’t be any more problems when it comes to his next tour! Sorry I just got off on that tangent!!

      Thanks for your readership,

      • Carol im sitting here reading your comment with tears in my eyes!! Adam has brought so much joy back into my life! When his season of idol started it was 4 months after my only child/ daughter/best friend/shopping buddy/movie buddy/ reality tv buddy, and so much more decided to go 3000 miles away to college. She was very involved in high school so i was also. I had a van full of kids all the time, was at school at least 2 times a week.Than it all ended. I had not worked since i lost my job when she was in 5th grade and we decided it was best for her for us to be broke but for me to be there for her.So there i am no no school activities, no kids around no work. Really it was like being dead but still walking around.I cant get through this without crying. Then Idol startsand here is this miracle from i dont know where put into my life. That is what it feels like everyday i see his beautiful faceor hear that amazing voice. he is just a ball of joy happiness,positivity, and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! because of Adam i have this wonderful glamily, reading everyones comments makes me smile each day.I dont have anyone in my daily life that gets it at all they all think im nuts and believe me i say hardly anything around them. Im still looking for glambs that are very close by to get together with, like close enough to do lunch with im in Riverside Calif Im in no way able to do what you lucky girls get to do with the traveling and seeing numerous shows but going to my computer each day makes it all better. I did get to Fantasy Springs really far back had to beg a friend to take me. Got row Z in san diego and seems like she will put up with me again. Also possibly bad seats for Costa Mesa on th 28, bad seats are better than none. Thanks for everything . Love you all!!!!

        • Well Rema, I am not close to you in miles as I am way down here in New Zealand and have a full and happy life with a husband, 2 girls who have givenme 5 wonderful grandsons between them, but I also spend every minute I can catching up with Adam and all his performances, interviews etc. I am really thankful for this site and have a couple of others I check in on. Also I have a wonderful emailpal, who I”met on this site who is also in NZ and she has been absulutely wonderful to me and has done cds and dvds of Adam for me, she is so great, I love to hear from her. Maybe one day Adam will come down here as he is doing very well here and we have had IIHY playing lots on our radio stations for at least 3 weeks now, also the video was here the day after it was released so thats pretty good for little old NZ.

        • Sandyra says:

          Having your child go away to college is heart-rending, I know. When my mom and dad dropped me off at college, my mom cried all the way home. It is so hard on the parents, especially I think the mom. There’s just such an emptiness… always wondering if they’re all right and what are they doing now, etc.
          But I’m so glad you’ve found joy in Adam! So many of us have, and that I think binds us together. Meeting up with everyone at Fantasy Springs before the concert was an amazing experience. Being with people who actually understood my over-the-top enthusiasm for Adam was a very reaffirming experience. I was so happy that day!
          I hope we can arrange get-togethers for the Glamily before each concert. At Fantasy Springs at one point we were all dancing on the dance floor and everyone was singing along to the Adam songs being played — and everyone knew the words! I was so excited, to be with people who truly felt like family. Even though I didn’t know them as individuals, I definitely knew their hearts at that moment.
          Love you too rema!
          — Sandra

      • FlamingoLady says:

        Carol, I liked your thoughts on why those of us more “mature” fans enjoy Adam. I’m a single career woman, but one who never lost her “inner groupie” feelings. Yes, my body’s gotten older, but my mind is still as enthusiastic and excited by Adam and his music as I would have been at 17. It’s all about joy and fun and I love that Adam is giving that to so many of us, no matter what age we are!
        I’ll be trying to get to Costa Mesa myself. It’s a 6 hour drive, but I think it will be well worth the trip!

        • Keli Green Eyes says:

          Lady~ couldn’t have said it better than you did. Being an older, mature fan doesn’t mean we’re dead…I love your “inner groupie” comment. Cheers to you from one older “inner groupie” to another =o)

      • ok yes what is your advice on surviving general admission—i go on aug 6th and oh man im afraid im gonna pass out in the heat—–so tell me how to get front row girl oh please do tell…..any info—-thank you so much enjoyed the videos!!

        • Lisa, get there early. Sit in the line waiting so you can stand later. When you go in, don’t worry about getting to the center. Adam and all the performers play the whole stage. And for heaven’s sake, if you get close enough up that he comes and looks straight in your eyes, smile, don’t stick up your camera and take a picture.

          • Hey Polly thanks—-see that is the thing im not sure how early ya need to get there—-doors open at 6:30 and it starts at 7:30—-have you seen any pushin and shovin going on or has everyone been mellow—-did u take food to eat with ya—-what did you do??

      • Great tangent, Carol! Selfish R Us–especially when it comes to Adam!! But we are also the most loving, generous, caring, accepting, genuine folks on the planet. It comes from being comfortable, at last, in our own skin. And from Adam who encourages, lives and breathes it!!

        • Wow, I love this discussion. I am 60 years old and loved Adam from the first audition for AI. My 88 year old Dad is a professional musician (still playing in a swing band, teach kids piano at a private school where he is Professor Emeritus, says he is playing the best music of his life). I visited him on fathers day and he asked if he could listen to Adam. He sat at his piano while he listened to the CD trying to figure out his range. He said he has never in his life heard a voice with the range he has. His high notes are not even falsetto, there is no break in his voice. I have been trying to figure out why I am so hooked on Adam. I think one of the things that was validated by my Dad is his incredible voice. The fact that he sings in my key so I can sing along doesn’t hurt. But “he makes me want to listen to music again”. My husband does not like him but my grandkids do, so we share his love by listening to him and singing along in the car. My 10 year old grandson even took a video of my grand daughter and I singing “Pick U Up” and put it on YouTube (search Adam Lambert Song Kristie and Grandmom Viki). It sounds horrible but we had so much fun! Like many of you I just wish there were others close by that have the same Passion I do for Adam. OK, I am going to make my signs for Saturday night, one that says Kristie Loves Adam and one that says Grandmom Viki Loves Adam. Thank you everyone for sharing this with me.

    • I agree with you about Adam re-awakening the awareness of passion in so many people’s lives.

      I am an operatic soprano, but following a prolonged illness and surgery last year, I felt that my singing career was perhaps over. But thanks to being inspired by Adam, I have slowly started to sing again, building back strength and stamina over many months, and now I can’t wait to sing again – I will be singing at several summer festivals over the next few months – a first for me – very excited! And I too, have not yet seen Adam perform live – can’t wait for him to come to London!

      I LOVE coming here every day to see all the videos and comments and to get my daily Adam fix – there are no words to express it!

      Good luck with your concerts next week! Have enormous fun!

  6. It seems that the fabulous mindchnger’s videos have been removed from youtube. Wonder what happened?

  7. This is Adam’s first day of NY concert, I live here just 30 minutes train ride to Nokia Theater and can’t believe I am at home, sad and lonely for not being able to watch Adam live. I tried to get tickets via AdamofficIAL site but did not succeed even once in many tries. Tried other sites but they sell too expensive tickets i couldn’t afford. Thought it sell only at $35.00, how true is that? Would anyone confirm to me how much is the real price of a ticket? I just do not want to deal with scams, and maybe if i am destined to see Adam, tomorrow might be my lucky night. Do they sell tickets at Nokia?

    • I would check out Adam Official and when you are on the hompage scroll down to East coast concerts. People will probably still have tickets up for sale for this evening’s concert.
      You all should know by now that that was another sexy tongue love exchange with Tommy… in style with the whatever flies NYC attitude!!!!!

  8. I was lucky enough to be at this show too, right at the front row just left of center. This was our fourth show out of five total. Each show has been amazing, as those of you who go will agree. Our first show at Shooting Star, we were second row center. The second show, Mystic Lake, I was able to get meet and greets from Monte. I can’t even remember much of this experience because it was so surreal. I know I visited with Adam for about 2 minutes, but it is such a blurr! We were able to stand at the stage for this concert, so we got to shake his hand during the show. When we went to Milwaukee, again, I was lucky enough to be at the barricade and receive a genuine hug from Monte and a short hand shake from Adam. During Indiana’s show, Adam acknowledges me during Surefire Winners at 1:24. This, I think, was as special as the meeting! The people around me were so jazzed up when he waved out to me!

    I think all of us are so incredibly lucky to be on this journey and share in the wonder and love of all things Adam Lambert. Sue, from this site, told me once at a dinner that my time would come…it did and I am still on a high!

  9. Sandyra says:

    You are absolutely right — follow your passion! If any of us has a passion, we should stop questioning ourselves, stop paying to the nay-sayers around us, stop getting in our own way, and follow that passion! Yeah, people may not understand, but hey – life is short!
    Thanks so much for this! It’s a different take on an Adam concert, since there were General Admission tickets. I’m slated to go to two Costa Mesa concerts and the one in San Diego, and I don’t think any of those are GA — but WOW! You couldn’t have asked for a better view! I would die if I were so close I could see his chest heaving with every breath!
    Oh, I so hope he sings “Whole Lotta Love” like he did at Fantasy Springs! That is seriously one of the best songs I have EVER heard — from anyone! The way he did that song is so sensual — it affected me to my core.
    When I saw him at Fantasy Springs, I knew he could and would get better with each and every concert — from the presentation and production values to, well, everything. I absolutely can’t WAIT to see him!!!
    — Sandra

  10. 3rd row Chasset can’t wait

    Adam will be in Hyannis about 45 minutes from PTown on PARADE day….think he will show up in Ptown in the Parade?I am betting on it!!!

  11. hey their friend you know are ready know i love the show and that i have much much love fore you always enjoy real love from me to you

  12. I will have to wait to go to the library to watch any of the videos that were posted on here…If he does something with his tongue in one of them, (I thought I saw that mentioned somewhere on one of the posts)..I’m really gonna have a FIT!! Seeing him on those stairs in WLL grinding, I almost hyperventalated…the old man next to me at the library asked me if I was ok..It was funny. I can’t wait until August 31st!! That’s when he’s gonna be in Indy!! WOO-HOO!!

    Tina..aka..Mistress Lambert Glamb#654 🙂

  13. janet lawson says:

    My daughter got me tickets for the show in Cleveland on July 9th…It’s up there as one of the best Mothers Day gifts ever…We will be going to the show and I can’t wait to see Adam in person…He is truly someone who we all will be talking about for a long time..He is a full package deal..He is the real deal..

  14. I love this website and every article and video makes me feel that I am really there with Adam. I am an older fan from the 50’s and 60’s. Adam brings me back to those days of glam and wild dancing fun. Of all the performers I have seen and danced too, Adam is the greatest performer and out does them all. Adam’s songs have made me cry, strut my stuff and get up and dance. Each day listening to his music and watching the videos makes me fell happy and positive about life. I still can dance and love to show the grankids…granny can still dance and LOVES ADAM. I was so happy for him when he won his award and cried because I was so Proud of him.
    . No one can sing like he does and his smile and laugh just makes you feel good all over. I admirer every thing he does and who he is. He is also extremely sexy and I wish him great love and happiness.
    I can’t go to any of his concerts because I have been ill and can’t stand that long; therefore this
    website let’s me be there and feel the joy and exciitment Adam brings to his fans . Thank You so much, Wish I could be there with everyone. “Adam and all you fans bring great joy into my days
    and I’m dancing again.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  15. earlzagurl4u says:

    Thirteen days for me baby!! Knoxville, here I come!!

  16. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I can’t believe my first chance to see Adam this summer is coming up in ONE WEEK! The first of 3 concerts I have tickets to. I appreciate all the comments about why we are all so obsessed/addicted. I am also a “mature” woman with 5 grown kids, a 33 year marriage, a career and 4 grandchildren. I have no complaints about my life – I am blessed. However, as I get older, I find myself less judgemental; less seeking to please others and so much more free to be who I am. Adam has mesmorized me with his voice and the joy he radiates. His example of fearlessly being true to who he is and faithful to his old friends inspires me and reminds me of how we all should be. Adam is so much more than just another singer; he is a gift! Now I look forward to electrifying concerts (taking some of the kids to one, hubby to another) and meeting some fabulous new friends who share such a great and wonderful obsession!

  17. Hey Glamily! There will be a backstage peek at Adam’s concert tomorrow on Entertainment Tonight! Just saw the promo on tonight’s ET. So set your DVR’s or plop in front of the TV. If anyone sees this and gets the off/unoff site posting in the morning, please pass it on. For some reason, I don’t get it until about 6:30 pm at night.

    On anothetr subject, has anyone seen any reviews of the concerts? If so, please post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aloha, Holly

    • Adamisamazing says:

      Thank you so much for the heads up regarding ET. I don’t like to miss anything (especially TV shows) that Adam is on. I get the site postings in the evening, also. Thanks again!

  18. Just seen Adam and Tommys “lick” at the Nokia concert, Hell the internet and twitter will be going crazy now. They are just getting warmed up, I think there is more to come the little Devils.Love it.

  19. Thanks, as always, for the videos and first hand accounts of Adam’s concerts.
    But….I seem to hear a lot of talking on most of the videos I see, and find it a bit
    disconcerting. I will see Adam in July, and have paid a premium for my tickets.
    I’m hoping that I won’t have to deal with people talking while he is singing.
    Maybe some of you who’ve already been to his concerts can shed some light
    on this issue….what’s it been like for you?

    • Farzana says:

      Reese, I have to admit that in the mez section at Hammond there was talking behind me during Oriantha. But, once Adam hit the scene it switched to mostly singing along. It was heavily interspersed with moans and OMG’s, Oh No’s, and “I can’t believe he did that!”! LOL There were a lot of moans and sitting on the edge of the seat from yours truly!

      To tide you over until the concerts I have included one of my fav’s of his performances. For the ultimate impact, watch the video of him in his now famous WLL at Gridlocke on New Years on you tube:

      This is a composite of various video and audio contributions that is definitely “R” rated – complete with often viewed pelvic thrusts and tongue action! The WLL at Glam Nation tours is “G” rated, in my opinion, as it is subtle and would be considered just sensual for the “experienced” viewer. I don’t think it is over the top at all for underage viewers.

      I think watching the videos online really amplifies people talking more than what you might experience at the concert…you are too focused on his action to pay too much attention to other’s paroxysms. LOL

    • Hi Reese,
      These are just my personal videos shot with my CoolPix camera, not even a true video camera. Perhaps video cameras offer more targeted sound recording, and don’t take in all the background noise. I didn’t post them because I thought they were great quality, just that these were the ones I had. There will always be some people who have to talk at concerts while the performer is singing. But not as much at Adam’s shows. We can’t keep our eyes and hears off him!

  20. OMG! I can’t wait! I saw him at Fantasy Springs and will be seeing him in Denver. LOL, he’s loosing weight! His pants need to be tighter!! HOT, HOT, TOO HOT! Read something bout the lyrics, yadda, yadda, yadda. Who cares?! That stage presence, that body, those looks, and last, but absolutely not least, that FABULOUS voice!! He’s THE ONE AND ONLY, ONE OF A KIND!! NEVER OR EVER will there be anyone, anywhere, like him. Again, HE’S ONE OF A KIND!!! The ONE, the ONLY ADAM LAMBERT!! KING OF ALL MUSIC, EVER!!!

  21. beaglewoman says:

    Great review and great postitioning! Those GA concerts are death defying. Just read where NYC (Nokia) people slept in Times Square (ugh!) to get first in line. Speaking of Nokia – has anyone seen the Fever performance? Adam/Tommy TONGUES!!!:)

    BW Glamb 611

  22. Lambertini #520 says:

    beaglewoman- I saw the Adommy tongues!! I almost died!!!!!!!! I saw him in sayerville NJ and am going to the Borgata Saturday- can’t wait!!!! Hope there will be more tongue action!!

    • Well it was about time for something like this to happen again and of course no place like NYC!!
      Personally I don’t care to engage in the whole weird discussion whether Tommy is really straight and so on… First of all these are performances and they are just bringing it on big time!
      Like Adam said this is the focus of his show, gay or straight, it really doesn’t matter. It is all about the Love and I do think these guys really love each other.
      And honestly I have kissed a couple of women in my life as well and I definitely call myself straight but darn they are some beautiful hot women out there!

  23. beaglewoman #611 says:

    Lambertini – I’m with you. Going to KY in July and IN in August. Hope Adam & Tommy heat it up 🙂

  24. Jane Parker says:

    Thank you Irena for expressing so eloquently what we all feel about Adam! He has inspired me to open my mind to explore things that I never would have.
    I look forward to exploring the world of NIA dance with you!!

    Carol thank you for this post and for your inspiring words on this site as well!!

    • Yeah I am looking forward to dancing with you tomorrow in Raleigh! I will put a yummy Adam routine together!

  25. So did Joey get to the front and did he meet Adam? Adam would def be attracted to him. What happened? We all want to meet him and get up front at his shows!!!

    • No unfortunately, Joey did not get up front. He was just behind my shoulder, so hopefully Adam saw him on his many trips back and forth across the stage. I’m not sure how much of the front row the performers see. They may not want to put their heads directly down while singing, which cramps on their vocal cords. So perhaps hes sees people more who are out in the 5th or so rows? Since he’s singing more than talking on stage? I would like to see Adam have more audience interaction. But I do remember him looking directly at us in the front, if only for some brief seconds!

  26. kat23morg says:

    Hi all….here is vid from NY performance last night…encore of WLL

    OMG….again he kills it

    • adamfan says:

      Oh my, that piece of lint knows just where to land on his pants!! hahaha
      Someone commented that’s where the electricity must be haha

  27. carolcollom says:

    It’s been a pleasure checking in every day to read all of the group’s comments. Saw a lot of you at Fantasy Springs and will be attending the show here in Las Vegas – outdoors on 7/31 at Mandalay Bay (oh mon dieu…..the heat!!!!)

    Question…I have MS and it is going to be quite difficult for me to stand throughout the show. If my husband and I do bring a wheelchair and my disabled card for proof of identity, where do you think they will sit us for the show? Do we end up on the side somewhere or way in the back? I am not sure what to do in this situation. Otherwise, I will probably just pack one of those very small portable chairs and sit down in the middle of everyone when my legs start to totally give out.

    Nothing will keep me from this concert! I am just wondering if any of you who have experienced a GA concert, have any idea how they do handle accommodating those who are in wheelchairs or simply cannot stand for that period of time?

    Thanks so much….these emails bring me so much joy each day as I follow all of Adam’s journey on the internet!


    • libraglam says:

      I don’t have answer for it but i was thinking if the management sit people with wheelchair far far away, for anyone who cannot stand up for long, may be purchase a portable folded chair (it is just like a cane when you fold it, very convenient, it is in canvas – very light) . I have several and i use mostly for backpacking, but i carry it everywhere with me it is so convenient. May be the last resort is to buy one and carry with you instead of fighting with the seating management. It is sold in Sporting good store (camping or fishing). You might want to search on internet too.

      My 02 cents

  28. Oh dear Gawd…
    You’all have got to look at the videos coming out of the Nokia performance last night. His “Fever” spectacle is beyond words. You’re gonna die watching it. And you’re gonna continue to re-watch, and re-watch it again and again until you can’t even form a complete sentence.

    I just saw it on and I seriously cannot concentrate on my work.
    WoW, wow, wow.

  29. Princessshakeitup says:

    FINALLY got onto this site for the first time in 2 days [which FEELS like forever!] as there seem to be some funky little Computer Gremlins who are messing with me; esp. where my access to all of you and ADAM are concerned! How cruel is that!? So…I was just able to update the ADAM’S ARK Forum [click on Forum at the top next to “home” and then scroll down to “announcements” at the bottom and click on Adam’s Ark for BIG NEWS! We are now on the Heifer Project site blog along with a PICTURE of ADAM with a H.P employee at one of their fund raising events! The real shocker to me!? You will have to go past a bunch of wonderful news about how KRIS ALLEN’S FANS have donated over $25,000 to H.P. [NOT to be confused with BP] in his name in honor of his birthday; which I guess was Monday! We are currently at $730 so we have our work cut out for us! BUT…KNOWING what Adam has done for all of us who love him ALL OVER THE WORLD…I just know that the GLAM NATION will rise up and make him proud!!!

    I am very thankful to you all; esp. my Adam’s Ark GLAM team; Janice, Sue, Irena and Gayle!

    p.s. I do believe this is one of the first comments I have ever left that did not include the words LEATHER and CROTCH. I am so proud of my restraint!

    • Farzana says:

      Congratulations on avoiding the L/C comments! But, that very thing has been on my mind after reading all the previous postings! LOL
      Re: Adam’s Ark on AO…it’s going to take some power connections to get it on there, I think. I posted a comment on the donor choose announcement yesterday and it was gone today. Apparently they will not allow the link to other organizations…they remove it and block you! 🙁
      I am working on alternative action/thoughts – if anyone has ideas, please share. I just think Adam’s Ark would be a tremendous success on an international basis. Last year, received $229,000 from Adam Fans!!! Imagine how much more could be achieved this year for Adam’s Ark with his GlamNation Tours! His reach could be around the world! We need WLL and support from all his fans to make this an earth-shaking event!

  30. What a guy!!! Whew!! Just can’t get enough ADAM!!

  31. Courtney says:

    A. Adam is freakin amazing I can’t wait for his tx concert. And B. If I had you the video is in iTunes an is number 3 on the top ten iTunes. Wooo. It’s amazing. I’m si looking forward ti eveything. Thanks y’all