Adam & Lady Gaga

The last days of the year are kind of quiet Adam-wise, but that might be for the better – he’s had his fair share of publicity and attention to last a lifetime (or at least until the end of the year!). He seems to have some days off and is enjoying himself, as he tweeted that he went to the Lady Gaga concert two days ago. Some fans spotted him there having fun and dancing with his friends.

He’s such a Lady Gaga fanboy, super adorable!

There was even a silly rumor that Adam would be performing with Lady Gaga last night, but that seemed to be made out of bs as nothing happened during the concert – apart from Lady Gaga receiving a special award after selling 8 million albums within a year.

On another note, we all know that ‘Fever’ was originally a Gaga song, but apparently it is quite an old song already. In this video, she performed the song on the piano when she was still unknown. It dates back to 2006, and was in an Italian restaurant called the Cutting Room. Scroll forward to 5:40 to hear her (original) version of Fever! And of course, all comments are dominated by Adam fans already, haha.


  1. She is remarkable. I understand Adam aspiring to be her equal…and he will with enough time to create. I am honored to live in their lifetime of talent!

  2. Can anyone confirm if Adam was supposedly drunk and makling out with Tommy?

    • indiechickie says:

      Tommy was with him, but those rumors seem to be BS – one person on twitter tried to stir up controversy, got some other persons to support her story, but they kind of messed up their facts. Besides, I don’t think Adam would be making out in public now that he’s famous and all. He’s probably smarter than that. So plz, let’s not give any attention to this rumor, no need to put fuel on the gossip magazines’ fires 🙂

    • Drunk or sober,with or without Tommy, let’s just give Adam some time off to himself.

    • SO PLUCKIN” WHAT!!!!

    • False rumor. Total bullshit . Some people are soooo disgustingly jpathetic they resort to saying any thing.

  3. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    OK, so that’s her version…… ok…….. That’s why she gave the song to MASTER ADAM! I’m soooooo glad she did because that song, when he sings it, just turns me on literally!!! Nope, she didn’t turn me on, okay?

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      the difference between talented & gifted. You heard it right here.

      • Totally agree with you, Adam’s version of Fever is so much better, with that voice no one can compete against him. I like Gaga but love Adam, he is unique.

        • yes, but Gaga wrote it. so she knew all various ways it could have been presented, and picked one. She is quite talented in many ways. And gifted in her own way. As we all know, Adam is extremely gifted. I am beginning to think that we are more aware of that then he is, and that he doesn’t quite yet know how best to use it, but we’ll see, after this first album calms down, how things are about 5 years from now for him.

  4. Gaga turns ME on!! :p (But of course Adam moreso…..)

    Her version was good, but WOW, Adam turned that song into GOLD, it is my complete fave.

    Why must ppl start and-or spread rumours? FAIL. It is all about the LOVE!!!

    • Remember, Adam said that Lady Gaga was on the other side of the glass prompting him how to sing it- it would be how she would have done it now , herself. I love Adam, and I love Lady Gaga and I even love Eminem. My top three faves.

  5. For the “younger crowd” here, the ones in their
    20’s who go to clubs a lot, the favorite song
    from Adam’s album is definitely “Fever”. I think
    it would do really well released as a single.
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody.
    What a year it’s been watching this amazing man!!

  6. I think it’s a bit unfair to compare GaGa’s bare bones (piano and voice) version to Adam’s fully finished executively produced version. Both are good for what they were/are. I’m just now hearing her version though and didn’t know that not only did she write the lyrics (like I once thought), but that she wrote the music too! There was a demo version of GaGa singing “Fever” for Adam, but it has since been pulled. I didn’t get to listen to it before it was, but that would probably have been a better comparison.

    That being said, Adam does give it an electricity that GaGa just wouldn’t be able to muster, no matter the production. Not to mention the performance value he brings to it!

  7. Who’s Tommy?

  8. Found the demo version GaGa did ( . ) Same melody and lyrics, but VERY different vibe! Adam’s version is electric and has “bite”. The masculine influence on the song definitely suits it well. And for those reasons, I DEFINITELY have to say Adam’s version is BETTER!!!

    Did anyone know that Japan broadcast Adam’s FYE performance from the AMAs on Christmas Eve? ( ) Don’t know why or what was the context for the showing. They DID edit the guy-on-guy kiss though. I guess the “breaking” of Adam in Japan is starting already.

    Also FUSE TV has Adam on its “On The Record With …” series on January 11th. So far, they only have that one showing of him and about 2-4 showings of the other artists on their line-up. Hopefully fans will show up for this one, like they did for Chelsea Lately, and the numbers will fuel another showing or 2.



  11. What??? Get drunk or stoned at a concert? Who woudl have thought!

    When I went to the Dead I never did acid.. yeah.. right.

    Oh please, so what if he did, so what if he kissed a guy and made out.

    Heaven forbid, he had fun and enjoyed himself. Gasp! Get the media.. oh wait… we already did that to him…

    Barkley said it best “I’m not role model”

  12. I am surprised she didn’t record that song herself as she wrote it, she sounds great, and it is a great song. It is, like it or not, a Lady Gaga song.

    You cannot compare her acoustic version to a full-on produced dance version such as Adam recorded. If she had had her song produced in the same manner as Adam did you would think it was awesome. It’s a great song and she is so talented, as a composer and a keyboardist and a vocalist.

    I love Adam’s cover of her song and he really does a killer job of it. After all, Adam is one of the world’s greatest vocalists, period. But, I’m not willing to say that his version is better than hers, as it’s her song to begin with, and she doesn’t have a finished recording to compare to.

    Personally, I have a feeling (based on his comments regarding what happened at the AMA’s) that Adam wants to emulate Lady Gaga. Well, Adam does not have to aspire to be “Mr. Lady Gaga” in my opinion. He is a world-class singer whose vocal talent eclipses everyone…including Lady Gaga. In short, he doesn’t need to “compete” with anyone. I hope, in the future, he does more co-writing and expresses his own point of view through more original material.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      I agree that you can’t compare Adam’s version of Fever to Lady Gaga’s. I quite liked both versions to be honest and could see her record it. I think her giving it to him was because it didn’t fit with the other songs she was doing at the time not because it was no good to her. She could have made a hit of it as well.

      Adams cover of it is exceptional but then I am biased…..It’s one of my favourite songs on the cd.

      Hey Merry Christmas to you all over there in the States. You must be into it by now. We have just gone to Boxing Day….


    • i agree that Adam is a world class singer, and he is extremely gifted. I am beginning to think that we are more aware of that then he is, and that he doesn’t quite yet know how best to use it. He wants to perform and do the Gaga thing, and he will not showcase his voice perhaps, like at the AMA performance. But we’ll see, after this first album calms down, how things are about 5 years from now for him. I’m not sure how many albums I would buy that have the “electro” sound to it like this first one does. About 4-5 songs are awesome, and the rest are great, but I wouldn’t need 20 more of them. But I could listen to his voice with a piano, bass and drum forever. I think the largest part of his fan base feels the same. Adam and how his career with turn out is just too interesting to not be mesmerized by it all!

  13. well that was weared in a good way
    but yeah Adams was megga better

  14. WOW – this was so much fun for a Christmas morn – I just LOVE Fever, my favorite rock out song on the album by FAR. It is always interesting to see the history of a song, how it was inspired and written and presented to the world. She is such a passionate creator and performer …… there is no Gaga version and Adam version. It’s her song and she was obviously so inspired by her new friend that she wanted him to get the song out there in a way that she knew he could. I just love the way he talks about the creation of each song on the album – especially this one!! Can’t you just see those two crazy, wonderful, wildly talented young people in the studio TOGETHER !! Slamming down shots of whiskey, head phones on, GAGA behind the glass gyrating and winding Adam up to scream out his lusty best ……… OMG, I love these two!! It’s their SONG now and she performed it with him on the day that it became OURS too!! I wish that someone had quietly made a video of that day. They will perform together soon and if they do this song together ……. LOOK OUT!!! America may not be ready but I can’t wait!!!! OIMA

  15. I love Lady Gaga…not as much as ADAM of course!!! She puts so much feeling into her songs and has a great voice!

    Fever is my favorite song from the FYE CD….love them all! ADAM’s voice and emotion is topnotch.
    Hopefully Fever will be a single….it will be a smash in clubs because you can’t stand still when you hear it!!!! I can hardly drive while I’m listening to it cuz I’m moving all over … other drivers probably wonder what the heck is wrong with me!!!! I should tell them to roll down their windows and listen and plug ADAM to them!!!

    I carry the little “booklet” with the words to his FYE CD in my purse, and when I’m at a cash register
    paying for something, people have seen it and ask me about it! Hence….another plug for ADAM!!!
    I love talking about him!!! LOL

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      FEVER is also my favorite. You know why? It makes me feel good all over! Oh yea! & I’m not talking nice “feeling good” either, it’s a sexy “feeling good” allllll overrrr!!!!! His vocals on that song have taken me on a high like no other song has. Yea baby!

      • me too kimber, love the song. Love when he says ” I wanna get you alone” 🙂 and it has such a great dancin beat! Hearing his voice makes a person feel sooooo good, good therapy.

  16. ‘Fever’ is brillant! ADAM is a genius!……Lady GAGA is touring in early 2010….and can’t wait to
    see her!

  17. A VERY MERRY MERRY CHRISTIMASTIME AND a successful and happy New Year for all my wonderful fellow Glambs of the world!!!


  18. Interesting to hear her original stripped down version – and to see how both she and Adam tried to make it with their original hair color and unglammed-up selves – and yet only made it when they changed their hair color and glammed themselves up.

    I love the other more fleshed-out (demo) version of Lady Gaga singing Fever – it has such a cool 70’s vibe to it.

  19. She was brilliant in 2006! Fever is a fav of mine and she knew she didnt do it the justice Adam would do…so yeah for the Lady..she was right!

  20. It seems Lady GaGa too, is being subjected to protests by that baptist church that gave
    ADAM the same deal this year! …They never stop!….IT’S TIME TO SHOW THE LOVE!

  21. blah gaga. i only care if Adam had a good time. I’m all Gaga’d out…too much of her around me (my sister/best guy friend is in love with her) I do enjoy the fever song – but by Adam 🙂 I would endure her concert for him 🙂

  22. I personally think Adam Lambert is better than Lady Gaga at singing [and peformances]. I believe his Fever is better than hers n_n Love4Adam