Adam Kicked Off This Week’s Open House Party

Never let it be said that Adam doesn’t have the most intense fans. We all want the best for Adam, however some have crossed the line this time. Not minutes after tweeting to his fans about stopping the over-zealous calls/online requests for his songs, Adam’s management posted a message on the official site announcing his disqualification from the current Open House Party vote.

Posted at 2:43 PM PST from RCA:

Adam Disqualified from Open House Party Voting Just wanted to let you guys know that Adam was disqualified from this competition this week because the folks at Open House Party realized that some people were mass voting outside of their own cities. Please resist the temptation to do this for this competition, as well as when requesting Adam’s songs from radio stations, because it WILL harm Adam’s image with these businesses, not to mention RCA’s ability to promote him and “Whataya Want From Me.” Thanks.

RCA * Update: Multiple requests to Open House Party’s Twitter account – where no requests are accepted – was the primary culprit to this week’s disqualification (Adam will be eligible again next week).

Let’s take this as a lesson learned and remember it for future. If you want to hit refresh/resend, make sure it’s for a national contest!


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  1. Wicked Glitter says:

    Well maybe if they would play Adam’s music on the radio more often his fans wouldn’t have to keep voting so much! I wasn’t one of his fans voting, but only because I didn’t think about it. Otherwise I would have voted until my fingers bled (not really), I never hear Adam’s songs on the radio. I hear Kris’s songs played all the time. Adam’s CD is fantastic! If it doesn’t get any air time noone will know how spectacular it is.

    • I understand what you mean Wicked. If they would play his music more then his “loyal” fans would not be so “loyal” and do things like the mass voting. What I don’t understand is if it weren’t for his fans Adam would not be as popular as he is. What I am trying to say is before the release of his album it was already number one on Amazon because of his fans. We keep each other informed as much as possible about Adam because it sure doesn’t look like he is getting much exposure (at that time) from anywhere else. Kris gets all the exposure yet he is doing fairing as well as Adam. Yes we fans can go overboard but sometimes that can be a good thing!!! When it does cross certain lines is when we the fans need to dial it down a bit but only then. I will NEVER be ashamed of my adoration of Adam and I will never apologize for my over zealous behavior. BUT, I will tone it down, I do not wish any harm to come to Adam because of it. I will continue to request Adam on my local radio station as much as I can without over doing it and I will continue to support Adam in all he does. I would think the radio stations would understand how much his fans love Adam and atleast play his music some. That is all we want, for others to hear Adam that hasn’t already and to enjoy him for those we do.

    • Hey Everyone – just letting you know that I heard WWFM on KISS-FM in Dallas yesterday afternoon as well as on XM 20 on 20 (it was #5) – yippee! Just be patient – it’s happening.

      • I finally heard ” What You Want from Me” on FM100.7 yesterday and this morning. It feel so good to hear Adam’s song on. I don’t know why it just make me feel happy every time I listening to Adams’ singing. He is the most amazing man with the most amazing voice out there. Just love him. His singing has help me through tough time since. I love music, I love a lot of other artist songs here and there, but never so drawing to one particular artist like Adam.

        • texas and yamay, YAAAY! See its happening!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I’m in fort lauderdale, FL. God! Can’t get enough of this beautiful man! Love you, Adam.

            • yamay, I hear ya 🙂

              • Hey, I watch MTV’s top 9 man of the 2009. Adam coming #3 and the Top 9 of 2009 video I believe his video coming #5. And also PopLab top video of the 2009 Adam’s FYE video make the list. Good job! Adam. Love you!!!!!!! The more I watch FYE video the more interest it get….. Amazing!!!!!!

                • By the way, every time I think about Adam I smile. That’s the good thing?! Thank you, Adam for making my day easier and make me happier….

                  • yamay , I feel the saaaame way ! He is just making me
                    happy , he should be heard in all the public places , where they
                    play music!!! , GO ADAM !

                • I just read, his album has totalled up to 433,383 in sales……………………..Alright!
                  Going for the Gold!

    • Here is something for fans to do. Go to this web site and vote for Adam to win the Best American Idol Ever Contest. Last time I checked he was in the lead at 47,094 votes but David Cook was gaining numbers at 29,537 votes for 2nd place.

      There are only 8 days left to vote

      . You can vote over and over again every 20 minutes. It would be awesome to have his fans help him make this win. The winner will be immortalized on the Vote Wall of Fame. I would really love to see Adam as the winner. So please go to:
      and do your thing. Show everyone who has the best fans on the block.

      Here it is again:

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Thanks Summer! Now we know exactly the freakin truth don’t we? The top 5 MASTER ADAM, david,david, Alison, & kelly. There you have it, MASTER ADAM had it all along didn’t he? I’m feeling real goood right now, & if MASTER ADAM wins PCA, OMPG!
        I am just so excited I don’t think I have ever witnessed a STAR MASTER ADAM develope right before my eyes. IT’s a trip ! What a journey!
        I just love MASTER ADAM so much, I’m beginning to feel like he is my BAFF!
        I voted & then it said in red wait, is that normal til 20 mins is up?
        Thanks for the link.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Just voted again, MASTER ADAM is almost to 50 ,ooo mark.
          I’ve been reading the live chant to the side & they apparently don’t think MASTER ADAM will win PCA cuz for 1 he is not going to be there, IDK! It’s still up in the air if I am going to watch, I don’t want to be dissapointed again. Sorry guys, but I’m getting a bad feeling about the PCA.
          To be positive about MASTER ADAM he is a phenomena & a magical one at that!
          He is always #1 w/ me!

          • Well, Adam is the winner of the PCA in my mind. Lady G, shoud not be considered a BreakOut artist

            Yay, for American Idol for winning Fav. TV show for competitions. Thanks to Adam, of course! 🙂

      • Cathy Glamb#570 says:

        Thanks for letting us know about this Summer. Just went and voted and here are the top ten as of now:

        #1 Adam Lambert
        51104 votes

        David Archuleta

        37112 votes

        David Cook

        32205 votes

        Allison Iraheta

        26088 votes

        Kelly Clarkson

        21292 votes

        Constantine Maroulis

        19475 votes

        Carrie Underwood

        19305 votes

        Taylor Hicks

        16752 votes

        Kris Allen

        12008 votes

        Jordin Sparks

        11471 votes

        LOL even Taylor Hicks is above Kris. Not that I have anything against Kris, but he just doesn’t do it for me like our Adam does!!!

    • Louisiana sucks there is no Adam exposure on the radios. We are so far behind everyone else no one comes here in concert either! Adam is fabulous I want time too!

  2. This is to bad. Hopefully, We will have him next week. Still praying for you Adam. Your the best.

  3. That made me sad to think Adam was disqualified. I read his tweets and will certainly take heed in
    his requests to not go overboard with the stations and networks. We can all show our support, but
    not to the fact that it would do harm.
    love and peace

  4. Bogged down in rush hour traffic this morning,
    when guess what came on the radio – “For your entertainment”!
    It had the sweet play spot right between the
    weather and the traffic report when everyone is
    listening. Yippee!! (virgin radio)
    ps. Adam is so diplomatic on these tweets, what
    a sweetie

    • ellen #447 says:

      I live in the Chicago area and have heard FYE one time on the radio, never WWFM. Adamfan , where do you live where they were actually playing his music?

      • Vancouver, Canada (west coast just
        above Seattle)

        • Oh Adamfan I just wrote to you, we are all on the same page here in Van. Why not join our GlambsBC group by going to and signing up? I’m the moderator there. We hope to do some group things when Adam comes around.

          Terry in Vancouver

      • FYE is played often on The Edge radio station in New Zealand

    • Hearing FYE on Virgin Vancouver as well. This morning on my way to work and on the Ryan Seacrest show on my way home. Great times of the day for exposure. FINALLY!!!

    • Adamfan Virgin radio all over has been very open to playing Adam’s music.

  5. It’s simply a shame that some fans go overboard!!! My thought is that probably occurs in more situations than we know, and the wrong person gets too many votes. Just look at American Idol for instance, how many times did fans try to call in and vote, and were not able to get through????!!!!!!!
    Hopefully for Adam, this did not do much damage.

  6. Maybe Kris should have been “disqualified”
    because of all the power-texting scandal.
    Sorry, just had to rant for a minute.
    (I like Kris, but will always feed robbed by
    that result)

    • Adamfan, I think we all feel like that, but I’m positive that Adam has a great future ahead of him for us all to enjoy watching.. by the way… love your name…… mine used to be admfan1 so when I see your name, it brings back memories.. hugs sherrylx

    • Adamfan I know what you mean. That is what I felt then and do now. Idol should reform on how many votes they allow on a single phoneline, whether cell, landline or text. I do believe from the bottom of my heart Adam would have won if it was done the way it should have been done. But then I think it is better he didn’t win, he is where he wants to be and he got everything the winner got without all the BS that goes with it.

    • Adamfan, I agree! Unfortunately, all ex-Idols have a fanbase that has been rewarded for power-voting and power-texting by non other than American Idol. That’s how American Idol voting is set up, and if you don’t do it, your fave doesn’t stand a chance. We just forget sometimes that all voting situations aren’t that way! (BTW, I still feel robbed, too!)

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Since you guys are talking about this. It is not endorsed by AI if you read the last 2 paragraphs. The number of phones, texts made was extremely downplayed by Fox and AT&T.

        FROM the HUFFINGTON POST (right after Idol)
        LOS ANGELES — AT&t, one of the biggest corporate sponsors of “American Idol,” might have influenced the outcome of this year’s competition by providing phones for free text-messaging services and lessons in casting blocks of votes at parties organized by fans of Kris Allen, the Arkansas singer who was the winner of the show last week.

        Representatives of AT&T, whose mobile phone network is the only one that can be used to cast “American Idol” votes via text message, provided the free text-messaging services at two parties in Arkansas after the final performance episode of “American Idol” last week, according to the company and people at the events.

        There appear to have been no similar efforts to provide free texting services to supporters of Adam Lambert, who finished as the runner-up to Mr. Allen.

        Since then, angry supporters of Mr. Lambert have flooded online chat boards with messages claiming irregularities in the competition’s voting.

        Officials of Fox Broadcasting declined to discuss the situation. In a statement issued Tuesday, a spokesman for AT&T said, “In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested.”
        Details of the voting support were first reported last week in an article in The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

        Representatives of AT&T helped fans of Mr. Allen at the two Arkansas events by providing instructions on how to send 10 or more text messages at the press of a single button, known as power texts. Power texts have an exponentially greater effect on voting than do single text messages or calls to the show’s toll-free phone lines. The efforts appear to run afoul of “American Idol” voting rules in two ways. The show broadcasts an on-screen statement at the end of each episode warning that blocks of votes cast using “technical enhancements” that unfairly influence the outcome of voting can be thrown out.

        And the show regularly states that text voting is open only to AT&T subscribers and is subject to normal rates.

        • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

          Helen, Hi! You are absolutely right!!! I was so pissed off ~excuse me.Read my comment to adamfan down lower. They cried around that they didn’t cheat!! B.S. They cheated like hell! Ok, Hugs. I am off to bed. I am very tired. Bye

        • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

          Everything you said above is true verbatim! I have posted the damn thing all over the internet! But, It didn’t do any good!! I am not worried though. YET!!!!! It is starting to look like ADAM can’t catch a break. I voted for him at people choice awards until my fingers were numb! And I just watched it and his name wasn’t even mentioned. The only thng I felt good about is that Keith Urban won best male perfomer. And that is because THE PEOPLE VOTE!! he has not won a country award since he married Nicole Kidman. Sorry, But I like him. I went to his concert here and it was GREAT. Hugs to all. Good Night! Sherry K

        • Helen, oh yes I remember reading that article. Cracks me up………..”Might have influenced the outcome,” Give me a break!

          I wonder if the results of these votes are ever made public. When it comes down to it, you know the
          outcome was very close. Talk about a disqualification that should have take place.

    • Adamfan,—I was JUST thinking the SAME thing!! It’s just like the mean trick ABC pulled on our beloved Adam over his, ahem, sexy AMA performance and now getting accolades for making TV history by having a gay romance on One Life To Live!!! (with grafic pictures even) grrrrr! I think they owe Adam a public apology! In fact I DEMAND it!!! Adam is too sweet to be treated this way. I love you Adam, Janice K

      • Janice, and lo and behold, what time are daytime soaps on? This whole country is all turned around for double standards, not just sexuality standards, there are plenty more…………………..
        infidelity issues, employment issues, the list can go on and on.

        • Mary C, One Life To Live, is on at 2:00, on Channel 6,,ABC.

          Happy New Year———-Lee

          • lee M, Happy New Year to you too! Have u been watching the AI marathons??
            Oh the memories……………

    • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

      I live 30 miles from Kris allen’s home town!! And I knew all about the CHEATING WITH POWER PHONES!! I was so mad I emailed american Idol. AT&T. Fox TV network. I even posted to them verbatim what Kevin Kelly local new anchor for Fox TV network down here said. I also sent them verbatim what was printed in the newspaper. And it said one woman texted 10,000 times in one hour for Kris Allen. Now tell me that wouldn’g piss you off!!! PURE D CHEATING!! Do you think I heard one word about it?? Hell no!! I used to have the article out of our local news paper. But I think I got so mad I threw it away. Damn. It just seems like ADAM can’t catch a break. If any of you know a way to help our ADAM please let me know. OK, I am hot now so going to bed and eat a couple of popsciles. That is probably spelled wrong. But I am too tired to get up and look up the spelling! good night all . And as usual hugs to all of you! It makes my day to read all of this stuff about MASTER ADAM. Sherry K~~~ HI MARY C!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hey Helen Hey Sherry K!
        My thinking uh?, well , It did say at the bottom & was announced by seacrest at the end of each performance, “texting costs do apply”, for each text? How does a paid text get a vote from a demo phone?” demos are used for demostrations which are examples used to prove how something works. an example is a model or pattern ,an instance that illustrates a priniple.” Was American Idol an example or a model, that was currently running, to prove how the voting system works on the show called American Idol?
        For me, as delirious as I am right now. people got free votes! Not only did they cheat but they stole votes! I don’t know what I am talking about, I’ll just get over it.
        I know what’s in my heart, I know what MASTER ADAM is capable of I trust & I love him!
        I’m behind you all the way ( watching that sweet ass of course), MASTER ADAM!

      • Sherry, Pure Cheating at its best. Adam, wonderful Adam has the best attitude with it all!
        God love him, he wanted to see how far he could get and he was soooo happy.

        • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

          Hi Mary C and Kimber. Kimber you are so funny! I am an old lady and his shaking his ass on that itunes someone put on the other day made me sweat!! LOL! I love his sweet ass! And You and I and Mary C and all of us MASTER ADAM fans know what ADAM is capable of. Like Mary C. God love him!! ADAM will do good anyway. LETS SEE LADIES WHO IS LEFT STANDING LAST. ADAM, OR KRIS. Hugs to all.

          • Hey Sherry and Kimber, are you ready to shake yo asses at some of Adams concerts?? Oh yeh, lets shake ours right along with his and we will have some serious shakings going on.

            Oh last nights AI marathon “Ring of Fire” performance. Those zippered pants………oh lookin so damm sexy and good.
            Not sure how the zipper did not pop! some heavy metal………..

            • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

              Mary C, Hell yes I am ready to go to some OF MASTER ADAMS concerts and watch him shake his ass! I would have to wear somethingI could sweat in!! and I defintely want the zippered pants!!!!!! JUST LET ME KNOW IF IT IS GOING TO BE ANYWHERE CLOSE TO ME Mary C. And I know damn good and well Kimber will come with us.

  7. Yup, I’ve been over at the idol forums reading about this. I hope the fans who are twitter spamming & just plain nasty to the radio stations learn to cool it. This is definitely not good for Adams success & he knows it & so does RCA. His over-zealous fans could be doing more harm than good, I’m afraid. We need RCA to do their work, they are the professionals. It takes time for these singers to be a success. And, with Adam, I have always felt that he is like a fine wine…letting it age a little bit will always make the final product so much more delicious. Also: re: the Kris factor. Yes, Idol will be promoting him more than Adam. He was the winner & TBH, he needs the promotion. It’s time to stop comparing & complaining about it. I read that the David Archelleta fans moaned about the same thing regarding David Cook. In fact, over at the idol forums someone said that D.A. was permanently banned from OH! Now, I realize that many of Adams fans kinda suspect a little hanky-panky regarding the voting, but we can’t prove it so we have to let it go. Let’s do Adam a favor and, I hope the over-zealous fans listen to his tweets today, and let RCA & Adam have control of accelerating his career. He has enuf to deal with re: his sexuality let alone having BSC fans!

  8. Maybe that I am just psychic , but the last three times I went to radio from my usual FYE CD listening, I happened upon WWFM playing! Either I had an ET moment or the radio is playing his song on a regular spin bases. I have never called into any station or made any effort to get him played on OHP and am still enjoying an occasional listen to Adam on our local radio stations. Maybe we should just let this playout as it should. If music is what the radio DJ’s are all about they will be listening to the music they play and fall in love with the sound of the Adam Lambert that we all have fallen for. He just needs some time to win their hearts as he has won ours.

    • KO's smiling says:

      I agree, JB. I rarely listen to the radio b/c I’m always listening to Adam in the car. BUT the last time I put on the radio to a top 40/dance station there was Adam! I emailed the station to thank them for playing his song and they wrote back and said thanks for listening. 🙂

  9. Over hype has been hurting Adam from the beginning. The judges on AI hurt him in the voting by jumping up and down with their early enthusiasm. You could tell at the particular week when they were probably cautioned to give equal praise and attention to all of them. They started picking at little things about Adam’s performances and being more unbiased, like he was just one of the pack (which we all know he NEVER was). It’s just an unfortunate twitch of human nature to immediately pull back and say, “well, I don’t see what’s so great about …….” and the more pushed, the more people draw back and then they REALLy look for ways to discredit the phenomenon. I know its’ hard – I want to shout him to the roof tops all day long. Adam is humble and rarely toots his own horn and always compliments and supports other artists before himself and it’s one of the things we love so much about him. We have to do the same and just have faith and trust in our IMPECABLE judgement about him and we will have him to adore for many years to come – AND THE STATS BE DAMNED!!! WHO CARES! Would you love him less is not one other person in the world saw what you see?? Of course not ….. UIMA

    • Coloforadm
      Well said!! You are right Adam NEVER toots his own horn, but supports everyone else. Because of him and his recomendations on Music groups, I went an checked them out and loved them. He is so gracious and complimentary of so many. He never gets it back though!! The Idols never tweeted anything about Adams CD or anything.

      I never voted more then a few times a week at my radio station, voted A LOT on VH1( with no fruit) so I don’t know what they are talking about. They are NOT playing Adam in Wisconsin much. a few times a day now -WWFM. Never Played FYE even though I called and email requests.

      I see his CD price has dropped in price too. I just don’t understand Just Give the people what they want and PLAY ADAM LAMBERT on radio and music tv. Not complicated. Just do it!!
      They play all the same music every hour over and over and over and then play old songs, But no New Adam!

      I remember when stations wanted to keep their station Fresh and current and spin the latest hits. Not Now!
      WHY?? Unbelievable! REDIC.

      • I agree. One blog shouts out note not enough votes on VH1, and now this. We should just do what we want. If your station is not playing Adam, call them or email if available. They need to hear. When there is a vote somewhere. Just vote, properly and often. I refuse to be manipulated by the music industry. They know how much music is being pirated, yet play these games with fans? Adam’s CD is being downloaded constantly, just not everyone is paying. They are listening.

  10. hi,everyone.i get news from amazon that adam be on oprah so you can vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go to .com and on search write alldepartment choose music then next to it write adam lambert then click on bestseller the top100 album show up adam at#27 hes on second page click on it ,you see down of the page adam lambert info is there.

    hurry,check them out

  11. adam win z100 best new artist.

  12. attentionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go to then scroll down the page then said last minute reservation . pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeee go theeeeeeeeereeeee

    • This post needs to have its own headline so its not buried!!!! Go to Oprah link above. This is so Cool!!

  13. lourdes stone says:

    hmm! come to think of it, it may have been a sabotaged!

  14. It’s just so frustrating that many stations don’t play Adam.. I have never heard him on my local stations in Asheville,NC. I can’t even reach them with a request.My daughter made me feel better by saying that radio is irrelevant at this point. We were led to believe that many top stations are owned by homophobes, so I think fans just wanted to push them into letting Adam break that glass ceiling.

    But I’m sure that Adam and RCA/19 have a major plan so I think we can all relax, not twitter to stations.. just call once a day and be grateful and polite. That doesn’t prevent us from thinking Fuck you.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      LOL. . . LOVE your last sentence melody! 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Hi Melody,

      I live in the Asheville area too, and have heard WWFM on 97.3 several times (not so much recently though), and heard FYE once or twice. 97.3 isn’t out of Asheville, but we’re within range.

      I’ve also heard “” mentioned when first turning on the radio several times (another station….can’t remember which one, but it’s the one where you hear Ryan Seacrest sometimes), but missed whatever they were saying about it. But it sounded like a commercial for Adam and was a plug of some sort!

    • Amen!!!!

  15. Kiss108 in Boston play WWFM during evening rush hour. Have heard it several times!

  16. Whatever happened to Jeannette?

    • The AMA performance proved too much for her taste. She decided to put her energies elsewhere, but we’re hoping she’ll come back to us!

      • I think I read a twitter from her that the OPRAH show contacted her because she didn’t get to ask her question the last time she was on the show and they said they would contact her if Adam came on the show again.

        If it was her, her response was thanks but no thanks.

        Not cool, IMO that she feels the need to tweet about her rejection.

  17. AdamRocks! says:

    Adam has the best fans in the world!!! I think some of us DO need to calm down, though, and stop bombarding radio stations. . . like some above have said, just don’t go overboard with your requests, and be very polite. And maybe even not be too overzealous about every little poll online. I’ve heard that some have been sending nasty messages to ABC too, calling them homophobes, etc. I don’t think Adam wants us to do that. We all know how brilliant Adam’s music is, and we all want the best for him. Let’s just think positve, like he said he’s going to do, and I’m sure the future will bring great things for him.


    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      You are right Cindy, Adam has the best fans ever, but WE MUST CALM down for his sake.
      I know that maybe my opinion it’s quite different from everybody else, because living at the bottom of the world I have NO opportunity, still, to listen to Adam. But yesterday I was really worried reading all these mesages in forums and mails, such anxiety and desperation for news of Adam and to hear him on the radio. I thought it was a bit too much, not just fans being supportive. Then came Adam’s tweets. And I realized I was not so mistaken. Adam is not by himself struggling in the music industry anymore, he has a manegement and a major record label working for him. I’m sure they know how to move in this business, what is the best strategy for Adam, far more than we do. And I’m sure they work for Adam’s best interest, not only because they care for him (Adam always says so) but because of all the money they have invested in him.
      Many times I’ve read on this site people explaining that it takes time for a single to move upwards on the charts. So I think that we must have a little more patience, because Adam’s music WILL BE ON EVERY RADIO STATION. Talent will prevail, we have to know that. We must trust Adam and his manegement, and do as he asks us.
      It’s really upsetting that he has been disqualiied form Open House Party because of over-zealous fans, this doesn’t help Adam in the least, it harms him.
      I’m just hoping people will do what he has asked, so he will get his most deserved radio playing.
      Love to all,

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I am an obsessive, fanatictive, religiously, completely, compulsive, possessive, addictive, & overzealoustive(huh?), fan of MASTER ADAM ,so why the hell would I want to call a radio station when I only listen to his cd? I don’t DARE listen to any other ! My MASTER ADAM is the only music playing in my ears & in my heart!
        Okay, so I’m going to go to bed now, & watch some ol AI reruns already dvr’d so I’ll skip anoop matt & the others just so I can see that beautiful man! Listening to his covers & looking under them for his GLAMBULGE!That shouldn’t be too difficult!

    • It’s not just us older, perverted, loving fans here that I am worried about with this over voting craze. I follow a number of younger fans on twitter, more for the info that they are good at gathering then communicating with, but they get down right hostle with these radio stations and amongst each other.. Some are suggesting that there may be “haters” calling the stations now to bring trouble to Adam just for spite. It’s really quite scary how much fighting there is. Reminds me of gang wars… Again, we more mature ones realize what is good for Adam and will make adjustments to further the good of the cause.. Now how do we control the children ?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I love that Sherry, ….how do we control the children? LOL. That came to my mind too…could it be the haters trying to hurt Adam? Something to think about!

        Speaking of voting…..remember that old twitter wall months ago…the one with Adam and that other guy. Well there’s another vote going on that I think Summer (?) mentioned. Anyway, Adam is in the lead right now, but we need to vote.

    • OMG, Adam would kick those in the butt, for harassing ABC and being so nasty. Jesus, if this keeps
      up, it will never end for him. Please people RELAX!

      • PS, he would kick, Gently!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Mary C.,
          I’m really worried with all this happening, and agree with you “if this keeps up, it will never end for him”.
          If all this harrassment and hostility goes on, fans will become a burden for him. I don’t want to sound nasty, I’m just afraid it might happen.
          People should really relax, because it will all be good if we leave him and his manegement do what they have to do, don’t you think?

          Love to you

          • Hi Silvana, I do think we need to relax. Seems like next week will be a fun filled Adam week. He will be on the Fuse network doing an interview. Jan.11th and Jan.15
            on VH1 Critics Awards, a live broadcast! Then Oprah……….
            He is still very busy and his success will continue to grow.
            Trust in him and his management.
            love and peace

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Mary C.,
              don’t you worry, I FULLY trust him and his management. I hope he got these past days some time off to rest, relax and socialize (his favourite hobbie, as he calls to socialize). Much needed.

              Please tell me more about this Fuse thing, I’ve read something about it but don’t know where to find it or how it works. I’ll have to check if the VH1 Critics Awards will be broadcasted in Argentina too. But I’ll have to wait for You tube to watch Oprah. It’ll sure be an exciting week.

              Love to you,

  18. AdamRocks! says:

    Forgot to add, I heard WWFM TWICE yesterday on New Orleans’ top 40 station!!! Both times I just happened to be in my car running errands. YAY!!! 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  19. AdamRocks! says:

    And just a reminder. . . ONLY request songs from your local radio stations. . . as far as I can tell, Open House Party , which plays on radio stations across the country, was encouraging a lot of requests, and had 1-800 numbers and online requesting, so it wasn’t very clear that you could only request when the show was played in your city, and many fans were just trying to do their best to help Adam. From now on, though, I hope it’s clear that we should only request from our local stations.

    Peace out! 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • I’m not familiar with OHP- but from what i read the terms for voting – 1) voters Must NOT vote massively. 2) voters must vote at their local stations ONLY. 3) If terms 1 and 2 not followed – your artist will be Disqualified. .. “BEG us to play your astist, but DON’T TELL us to play your artist” … so ppl …if you want to win …follow their rules!

  20. Oh boy….this really worries me….Even with all of this clamor for his songs to be played…the stations are not playing them much….and now he’s been disqualified from this giving stations even more reason to not play him….YIKERS !!!!!

  21. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Well, I actually like the idea off each of us buying one more CD for Adam’s birthday. I think that is the most telling way to say we want to hear more of his work. Money, numbers, all that speaks volumes as Adam has said himself quite frequently. So, how about it guys–buy one more for Adam???? Why not. I’ll be doing that today.

    • I think this is a great idea… maybe those of us on twitter or part of other Adam fan sights should start the word around and see if we can get some more support.. ? Let’s go for it.. I may need a new bigger house to hold all my Cd’s… lol

      • Some fans have seen the buy one more cd on twitter, not from our site, and they are afraid that others will think we’re desperate because Adam needs more sales. Maybe the twitter idea isn’t too cool …goes all over the world.Twitter can back fire on us.. just think it over.

  22. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Let’s start a BUY ONE MORE FOR ADAM campaign. I’m in for it!!!

    • sunshine1705 says:

      Count me in. One more album for Adam!!! Happy Birthday at the end of the month!!!


  23. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    The more I think about it the more I like it this morning. If there is one thing management everywhere considers it’s money. I say let these people know how playing Adam on the radio will affect them financially. Let them know with the numbers and the money. If possible, we should send out notices to all the Adam Lambert fansites and let folks know what they have to do to get Adam out there to the public. ONE MORE CD EACH GUYS. JUST ONE MORE. I say–let’s do it.

  24. Looks like Oprah is going to have Adam back and Subo too.. Her show is sending out audience participation sign-up sheets.. Yay

  25. k. morgan says:

    You know this is due to mis-information…Someone a while back said to email openhouse and request Adam to be played ….in turn other stations would follow suit…ones in your area…I have emailed them not knowing they only want request when they are dealing with your area stations..
    I requested Adam at my local Rock station…DJ was very rude to me….claimed Adam was not Rock…laughed at me…said if he played Adam he would get in trouble….I told him he was wrong and I am emailing the station heads complaining and sending the link to Gridlock and the Whole Lotta Love performance….if this man is not a upcoming Rock God…who is….

    • K I got that same response here in Texas. I am sorry BUT not everyone in Texas likes Country Music!!! Isn’t that stero typing? Just like saying all gay men or women like ALL men and women. Stupid, huh? YEPPERS!!!!! Anyway back to the DJ at my local radio station, he had me on hold for 10 minutes, but I stayed there knowing he thought he had “gotten” rid of me and me thinking NO YOU DIDN’T!!!!!! LOL He came on the line thinking I was another caller and when he realized it was me he was VERY rude. What he doesn’t know is my husband’s uncle is the station manager and when I called my husband’s uncle and told him what had happened he was furious!!! I don’t usually use my “connection” like that but I wanted my uncle to know how rude his DJ was. If he was that rude to me I can’t image how rude he is to others. My uncle set that DJ straight. My uncle did tell me that mass volumes of request for Adam’s songs have gone up and that he is trying to get him more airplay on the radio. My uncle is a huge Adam fan but the station owner is not. That is too bad. I think the station owner is abusing his powers by not listening to his audience on what they want to hear and only play what he wants to be played. That should be illegal and I am looking into what I can do to change that.

      • trish, way to go Texas girl! Your uncle being a station manager, maybe can help you when Adam comes near you on tour 🙂
        keepin my fingers crossed for ya!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Ya’ll ! Just play his cd, you can’t go wrong, Hell! Maybe MASTER ADAM should have his own radio station! OOOOOHHHHH , that’s a good idea kimber! Master ADAM can do his own traffic & weather reports, &! do the ADAM LAMBERT news.
        aren’t radio just like the tele, give them less airplay! Piss on em!

        • kimber, that was sure as hell a wise comment. Just listen to his CD. Thats what I do! And wait
          patiently for Tour News.

  26. I have yet to hear any of Adam’s music on the radio but I am not a regular radio listener so I can’t say if it is being played in the Tallahassee area. This brings back to my mind something that one of Adam’s friends said in the Rolling Stone article. She made the comment that when someone is too fabulous, people get weird around them and it becomes a burden for that person. I think we all realize that we get carried away in our enthusiasm but we love him so and want him to be the biggest star ever. In today’s world, the technology makes it easy for us to make fools of ourselves and we have to be more aware of how we show our support.

  27. AdoringAdam says:

    The best thing you can do for Adam is to buy his album, download his songs on Itunes, and encourage others to buy them. You can also continue to vote on the FUSE TV top ten countdown online. There is no LIMIT to the amount of times you can vote. It says that right before you vote. I think he has a shot at this one, You can also vote at a couple of radio stations online which also encourage repeat voting/no limit. They are 93.7 wstw on and 102.7 Kiis FM in LA..
    I also think we are naive about how the music business works. I have a very close friend in the business who says it is all about the money and who is promoting the artist. We know there are a lot of artists out there who can’t hold a candle to Adam and yet they flourish.

  28. A copy of FYE is hard to find in this tweaky city right now but I will keep trying. Haven’t seen it in a local Wallymart or book store since before christmas. It is prolific around Denver however – God, I hope he comes to Denver for tour. They love him there – downtown clubs all play his music all the time. Denver is just a cool city – Adam spent 4 days there with Ryan Tedder and was flocked whereever he went I heard (unfortunately too late to drive the 60 miles to be there too)! I’m really glad he is considering some smaller venues for concert – college campuses I hope for it is the students who are tuned into social issues that really drive the music that is current and touches them intellectually. The reviewer in Rolling Stone said one thing I agree with – next time Adam needs to sing more “from the gut” and not be so over produced. He’s got the passion and life experiences to rage into his music – just needs to let open the flood gates and say it!! UIMA

  29. If I can find one at wally world, I will buy one…even tho’ I have one…the rest I gave for Christmas presents….is it just me or are they really picky about Adam and looking for something to holler about….I love his music for sure….

  30. go to then go down the page its write last call reservation or go to call all adam fans

    • They must have gotten all the requests they can handle because there is no longer a category for Adam. Just “looking for SB fans”. I got home too late from work I guess – did not see this post when I left at 7am. (sob). Chicago was actually doable for me this month.

  31. Princessshakeitup says:

    Speaking of voting regular and often…can ANYONE give me any current info on Adam’s staus with the People’s Choice Awards!? I see where Taylor Swift has just been added to the performer list…WHAT ABOUT ADAM!? Will he be there or did he finally sneak off to Tahiti!? I really think he will win, it would be a shame if he wasn’t there to accept. I would, however, be willing to accept for him…

    • Princessshakeitup, Ha love your name! Adam is up for breakout artist of the year for PC, which airs this Weds. on CBS. This will be held at the Nokia Theatre, which is right in Adams back yard,
      so lets hope he will make an appearance. Ima having good thoughts about this award!!!!!

      you’re awful willing, me too……….

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        How nice of you to respond…thanks! Yeah, the name was given to me as a young girl by my dad who called my other sister [also named Mary, and who MADE me watch American Idol to see Adam] “Queen Can’t She Dance”. Dad apparently knew we were destined to be BIG Adam fans all those years ago! [I am 50 and am the baby sister!] I will be watching with another Adam Fan from St Kitts [where we live] and the show won’t start till 10 p.m. I really hope we will see him accept his due!

        • AdamAddict says:

          “How nice of you to respond” Awww,that’s so cute! You really new here,aren’t you? Yup,it’s our hobby to respond!lol 😛

        • Wow! Princess, in the Caribbean right? How does Adam’s type of music go over down there? And welcome to the site!!

          Terry in Vancouver

          • Princessshakeitup says:

            Yup! Little island out here in Paradise with monkeys and, right now, volcanic ash raining down from nearby Monsterrat. Used to live in Wisconsin, though, so ash still beats snow! Right Terry?
            So far people here don’t really know who Adam is but a friend and I are working to change all that. I actually dressed as Adam for Halloween and, while I was hardly a dead ringer, I did have blue hair and a cape that said ADAM!
            I have given a copy of FYE to some friends here who have a dance club so I am hoping they will start introducing it soon. The locals here love music that they can basically simulate sex to, so they should go for it!
            Sounds like he does NOT plan to be at PC awards tonight but I will watch anyway and hope for a win!

            • Princess…, welcome! I would love to visit the Caribean one day – I think you guys are really cool! Mmmmmmmmmwah

            • Princess, love how you are spreading the joy of Adam in the Caribbean! Right on, get the people
              groovin to his music. Then if they get tired, everyone can go lay on the beach in a cabana and
              relax to the ballads……………………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
              “an empty glass and one last dance’

    • I’m gonna pass on this one I think. Just cannot stand another awards show but I DID vote like crazy. I secretly hope he is on a warm beach somewhere with someone he loves and a Red Bull with vodka. LOLLLL Adam UIMA

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I’m with ya there. I’m too skerd to watch, so I’ll just keep the ai marathon a going, or maybe not, I can’t miss Tracks of MY Tears.
        There have been a lot of actors & singers who have accepted awards from other countries & cities, so if MASTER ADAM is on vacation, & wins, there’s a possibility he’ll still be able to make a speech.
        All I can say is that I hope he wins! But that’s what I said at AI finale. Okay, so this may be different, let’s see.

        • I know – I know – with ya too! I just experience physical pain it he doesn’t win and then I’m just too mad for too long and can’t function like a nice human!! LOLLL

        • I just watched last nights rerun with “Black or White” To be honest I never seen that one…
          Paula is already melting and can barely contain her excitement and her Lust.
          It is kind of special to see Adam going through his emotions when the all the Judges are singing his praises.
          It is hard to believe it has been almost a year. We have been through so much already with Adam as a community.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            You know, as soon as he got up there they should have just sent everyone packing & announced MASTER ADAM the winner. if it’s not fair to give one more praise than the other, then just send them home. If they want to be artists, then by god be an artist just don’t stand there & kareoke? Do some thrusts danny ! do some gyrations ? Kris!
            whip it out Anoop! LOL! Sorry I got to get off of here LOL!
            Oh poor MASTER ADAM! He is the hot one tonight! Yeah! Tracks of my Tears tonight ya’ll!! be ready to rumble!

          • Irena, I watched that show again the other night too. I got so emotional watching him sing and
            like you said hearing the judges Especially Paula. Adam was so
            gracious. Can just give him a Big Big Hug! Looking back at where it all began is a real treat!

            • Yeah, Paula is the one who really got him.
              For some people she is wacky. I think she is just a very emotional person and by God did Adam get a hold of her emotions….I mean she was shaking and almost crying sometimes. I was doing the same in the privacy of my own home.

              • Irena, Adam always said that Paula was the positive judge who made him feel very good. I can see why he took to her, he has the same positive outlook on life!

  32. I’ve heard Adam’s WWFM on the radio a couple times. It seems like they are afraid to play Adam’s song, but they play Kris’s song over and over and over again with no hesitation. It isn’t fair to Adam. Adam is running with his fans from Idol. He’s doing amazing though. He isn’t quite worldwide yet, but he has way more fans then Kris, and Kris has been getting more public announcements. I’m just trying to say that Adam is a household name now, without getting a lot of attention. He’s going to be iconic, and he’s doing an amazing job at the moment. Also, he recorded a freaking song for a huge movie RIGHT after Idol. Now, that tells you just about how incredible he is and the impact he’s having on people. I love you Adam. you’re astonishing.

  33. Dianne Hill says:

    I understand where everyone is coming from with radio stations not playing Adam’s music. I live in New Zealand and we have a Rock Station called “The Rock”. I would never ring them and ask them to play Adam’s songs because they are a rock station. Adam’s music is more pop orientated, he has said that many times himself. There are two radios stations here that play his music and they are stations that play more of a variety of music and not just rock music.

    I know Adam sings fantastic rock songs but FYE and WWFM are not rock songs they are more pop songs. Maybe this is part of the problem. That is just my way of thinking and of course I could be totally wrong, not living in America I know things are different for you guys.

    • Dianne, no I believe you are right here. Those 2 songs arent considered Rock music. We have a
      local Rock station here (QFM 96 and I cant see them playing these hits either) The top 40 stations
      seems to be the ticket!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hi Dianne & Mary C! Ithink WWFM could be rock, a soft rock, listen to cook ot daugtry, they to me have similar sounds.
      BUT !! LOL!! If you really want to know what I think! I don’t think MASTER ADAM’s music is either pop or rock, IT”S ADAMMMMMM!!! lml prock on!

      • Oh yeh, soft rock, I was meaning hard rock, that is the Qfm 96 local radio station here.:)


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      I can’t believe that he was not invited to the Grammy award. If they considered him the “HOT” item now, why not include him on the line up??? I think he really messed up his chance after the AMA act. Our Adam should realize that hollywood/music world is a very, very temperamental world and less forgiving. Some forwarned him about telling the world that he is gay. Ok then, we all accepted, that’s fine, we still love you, no matter what… BUT, and BUT, when he did that act on AMA, he kind of “shoved” it to everyone’s face and that seemed to turn off a lot, even his most faithful fans; and most specially the BIG WIGs in Hollywood. I felt so bad that his gig on NYE was not even televised and Kris Allen in Las Vegas ($35 to enter) was televised. I hope he learned his lesson from that AMA experience and dont pushed his chances too far. Anyway, on the other hand, America is known to forgive and give second chances. Adam, please, just dont push it too far, I love you and it hurts to see those big influential music moguls block your road to where you want to be… afterall, they do matter, because they do have a control to the industry. Sorry guys, I just have to vent and express my feelings here, because it started to hurt me…. I would really love to see him succeed, he made himself known, now, it is his turn, to make a calculated moves. Does he even have a savvy manager that can do damage control; and market him, like to the grammy, superbowl even as a presentor to an award ( Golden globe or EMY) Does he even have a good advisors? He needs these kind of people to take care of him, and his business asset. He should also tone down his too much talking, I heard some people commenting: “Adam, shut up, you talk too much, just sing!!” Don’t get me wrong my Glambmates, I do care for him… I do, I really do, it just hurts…..

      • Hi Iyleneidol09,
        I agree with a lot of what you’re saying about the AMA performance. But I honestly believe his words about forgetting about the at-home audience, due to his many years in theatre. I really do believe that he has smart management at RCA/19 Entertainment. When I spoke with his publicist at the Hard Rock in San Diego right after the AMAs, his response about any of the negative press was “it’s all good.” I think they’re doing whatever they need to do. Have faith and trust in them and in Adam. Afterall, he’s been around the scene for many years and has witnessed things first-hand. In time, everything will be forgotten and his Golden Touch will persist.
        Take care and thanks for taking the time to come to this site and to comment!
        Carol – author

        • thanks Carol, you always seem to put everything inprospective for me. I hope Adam is hving a great rest and holiday, he deserves it, but we miss him showing up here and there, Happy New Year to yoy all there doing the hard work for us, we love you for it.

        • Iylene, you passion for Adam is consoling. I understand what you are saying about the AMA and pushing It too far. Amazing, Some dont like to hear Adam talk. I personally Love when he talks. A great joy for me to listen to, whether he talks or sings………

          Carol, I am so glad to hear what you said his publicist had to say. I did read your post on that before.
          Thanks again for the reassurance! I have the faith and trust in Adam and his team!!!
          love & peace

      • Regarding the post above I would like to make some comments…
        1. “Some forwarned him about telling the world that he is gay. Ok then, we all accepted, that’s fine, we still love you, no matter what” –

      • Regarding the post above I would like to make some comments… It hurts to hear it…

        1. “Some forwarned him about telling the world that he is gay. Ok then, we all accepted, that’s fine, we still love you, no matter what”

        Me personally and all his faithful fans love him not even thinking TWICE about him being gay or straight!!!!!!!!!! What’s the difference!!!???? Who cares?!!!!!

        2. “that seemed to turn off a lot, even his most faithful fans” –

        The people who were turned off WERE NOT HIS MOST FAITHFUL FANS!!!!!!!!!!! some TRUE fans might have been shocked BUT NOT TURNED OFF!!!!!!! If they could not forgive one mistake, they are not FAITHFUL (faithful according to Collins dictionary means:having faith; remaining true, constant, or loyal!!!)

        3. “He should also tone down his too much talking”
        WHAT????????? SAY IT AGAIN?????????????WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN?????

        We ALL LOVE Adam talking … When he is singing, you can see what an incredible singer he is!!! BUT when he is talking YOU CAN SEE WHAT A GREAT PERSON he is!!!!!!!!!! This is the second reason WHY we LOVE him!!!! (and there are many more…)

        4. I would not comment on “Adam should realize…., Adam need to turn down, Adam should not push…”

        Adam wants to be true to himself and this is one of the things I admire about him… and love him for… Please, Adam, stay true to yourself….

        5. “America is known to forgive and give second chances”

        Sorry, but it makes me laugh… for two reasons… First of all, from what is going on right now… I DON’T SEE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t see any forgiveness so far….Secondly, America is NOT THE WHOLE WORLD! And if America don’t appreciate the talent, the other world will and actually doing it already!!!!!!

        I am sorry, I am also very very emotional..
        I agree, it hurts… But should we aim our frustration and disappointment towards Adam????… I don’t think so….
        What we SHOULD DO is to support him!!!! As for these “BIG WIGs in Hollywood” …… as Melody well-worded it above: ” … be polite…That doesn’t prevent us from thinking FUCK YOU!!!!”.
        Glamb #26

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Oh Gala, I do love you so much. I saw the start of your reply and then decided to put my two pence worth in and then I hit tthe submit button and then there is your reply and I absolutely agree with everything you have said, and I MEAN EVERYTHING.

          Dianne/New Zealand
          Glamb #356.

          • Ditto that – kudos to you Gala! Mmmmmmmmmwah

            Dianne, whataya say, “When the going gets tough, the tough and loyal don’t get going, they stick around and stay true to their guys! They, being US!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Gala, Dianne and Ingrid,
              I agree again with you and all the faithful (meaning exactly what Collins dictionary says) fans are always saying. As you I love Adam exactly HOW HE IS, WHO HE IS not IN SPITE OF WHO HE IS.

              Regarding all this talks about the radios, etc I’ve posted a bit further up. He is not alone anymore, he has 19 and a major record label as RCA planning his career and moves. I’m sure they know what they are doing and how to respond to others’ actions. I truly can’t even imagine I know enough of the music industry as to tell them what to do or how. And also I’m sure they care for Adam, not only personally, but also because he is an investment for them, his a big asset for them to be working with such a talent. They WILL NOT do anything to jeopardize this business. And I mean business in the best positive way, because for Adam is his dream, his life but for these people IS a business. the truth, even for Adam. All of them KNOW how to play in the music industry. Very few on this site know really this business. And for what I’ve read from them, it takes time to have more radio playing.
              WE have to be patient, and surely don’t aim our frustration and disapointment on Adam, as Gala so rightly says.

        • Gala, sounds like me last night. I was on a roll with all the negative things going around.
          We all get pretty emotional, especially when we believe things arent going in the right direction for Adam. Its like we want to put on our boxing gloves and start swinging. Dont apologize for
          sharing your true feelings. I appreciate the honesty!

          I do trust in him and believe he will lead us in the right direction, he is very intelligent. I also trusted in
          him when he stated, “that he pushed things a bit to far to soon” that was wise of him to say.
          Thats Adam! The BIG WIGS think they know what they’re doing, well lets just say they will NOT get the last laugh.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        You say Kris’ NYE event was ticketed at $35 to enter and was televised and Adam’s wasn’t televised – we know that, but Adam’s event was $150 a ticket and a table in front of the stage was $3,500.00. Which event seems to be the better of the two.

        I also read somewhere (and this could be wrong because I have no idea where Kris was performing on NYE and am not that interested) but I read that he only sang one song, is this correct? If so, Adam sang 10 songs from his album and san an encore of Whole Lotta Love. Seems to me that was the better deal that Kris $35.00 event.

        I also don’t get where you are coming from with regard to whether Adam should have stated openly that he was gay. Why shouldn’t he tell everyone that he is gay, that is not something he should be ashamed of. You make it sound like there are “strings” attached to whether you love him or not. Shouldn’t you love him anyway. Why does he have to “learn a lesson” from the AMA experience. I still cannot believe that people are STILL brining this up. He didn’t do anything wrong at the AMAs, it is still all double standards isn’t it. Adam was amazing at the AMAs, he will always be amazing in whatever he does. His management will be doing their best by Adam, obviously they don’t want to keep him in a box like so many seem to want to do to him. They are letting him be himself and to me that is the best that he can do. I only ever want him to be himself. I love him for him, and I don’t agree with you either when you say “he talks too much”. He is honest and just so open, I love him for that too. Obviously being honest is a disadvantage now too.

        • Dianne,
          Thank you for adding other points I didn’t mention…
          I will put my signature under every word you said!

          • Ditto again!!!!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Again girls, I agree with you.
              Can’t believe we are back again at the AMA. Dianne as you said, I can’t find anything wrong with it.
              And I will always LOVE Adam for being true to himself. Really, really hope with all my being, that he will never change that, because it would be changing his essence as an artist. An artist is not just a beautiful voice, and pretend from him to “stand there and sing” as so many times after the AMA I’ve read. Adam trascends just singing because he puts heart and soul in his performances. He puts HIMSELF in his singing, that’s why he is so great. And “himself” means everything he is, WHO HE IS.

              Love to you,

              • I believe Adam will Always be True to himself no matter what. He will be True to himself if
                his life moves in another direction. He is honest and open and I have always felt he leaves
                ALL of his doors open. That way when change occurs, he can bring on the big beautiful
                smile and have no regrets whatsoever. He is one true and honest and wild and crazy guy,who
                has millions of true fans wanting every inch of him. I know he makes my days bright and sunny
                and full of love and lust!!!!
                Everyone has their opinions, thats the way the ball bounces.
                love & peace to all:)

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          HELL YEA! MASTER ADAM is being true to himself! Like a wild ass stallion!! Be free be wild , cuz you were born to be, MASTER ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
          You go girl!

          • There is no other way anymore for Adam than being true to himself, like he has always been. Gay, controversial, intense, out of box this is what he is and will be no matter the “consequences”.
            He will rattle everybody’s cage including his own, this is the purpose of his life. He has rattled mine so much that sometimes I can barely breathe.

            This morning I was noticing I sadness realizing that so many things around him and about him have become about competition. All these polls, the popularity issue and the sales numbers of his CD. I do understand that all this comes from people who love Adam and only want the best for him. I am not sure whether he fits in all these categories of most popular etc. You can’t be out of the box and be mainstream at the same time. Gaga is out of the box but is she really as intense as Adam? Absolutely not in my opinion. Does anybody cry because of her, does anybody feel like their lives are turned upside down because of her? I think she daring and fascinating but for me she doesn’t hold a torch to Adam. As far as I know she doing what Madonna already did 30 years ago.
            I believe Adam can have an amazingly succesful career on his own terms. Dedicated fans who will support anything he does and will go anywhere he shows up. The fact that he mentioned himself that his tour will probably not be an Arena tour tells us something. Again he wants to create something different. Adam shouldn’t be muzzled and leashed, what a terrible waste this would be. All the people he admires, MJ, Madonna, Freddie, Prince have always walked to the beat of their own drum. This is the force of a True Artist, no compromises.

  35. When FYE came out, I purchased four CD’s plus downloaded all his songs on my computer. I gave away my “extra CD’s” (I kept one for the house and one for the car.) I gave the CD’s to instructors I have employed in a theatre conservatory I run. One dance instructor, one stage combat instructor, and one musical theatre instructor. They all love the CD for warm ups and routines! Today, I ordered more CD’s to give as gifts! I have lots of students who I think might like the CD even though they download most of their music. I will just find a way to get Adam out there as much as I can. For me, buying a CD or two per monthly paycheck is my way of helping a young talent. I can do that…for Adam, and for someone who may not have the resources to buy his music or need an extra push to pay attention to him. Do people think I am crazy? Yes! But I have always put my money into young talent in my community, why not include Adam in that arena!

  36. WWFM is finally on the Wilmington, NC stations.

  37. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Ok, guys, let’s kick off a ONE MORE CD FOR ADAM campaign, combined with our I GOT MINE! campaign for Adam’s birthday. Thanks Dish, and Carolelee, Peggy, ColorforAdam, and AdoringAdam for hearing the call. Let’s all report back when we get our one CD and say I GOT MINE!

  38. ahh. Don’t be down on poor Kris cause Adam was disqualified. I love Kradam! Kris is a good guy. We all love Adam and his music. The rest of this country will get on board soon enough. As Michael Slezak put it.. Nobody likes to be force fed anything. Adam is doing fine. Let’s support him by buying his album, (giving them out as gifts, which I’ve done) and going to his concerts. The media is a whole other ball game for performers. Media can make or break ya. We certainly don’t need bad press about Adam Lambert’s over zealous fans ruining his reputation. He has his own battle with the Media just trying to be who he is. Adam is making his way through radio and tv ads with his music. We as fans don’t need to push this. A few of his songs, I expect to hear at sporting events, etc, such as Sure Fire Winners, Master Plan and For Your Entertainment is already on Fox. So, everyone, it’s happening. Let’s just start demanding a concert tour. Bombard 19 and RCA with concert requests!!!!!!! Cheers!

  39. I just copied this statement from a response to an article about what Adam’s New Year resolutions should be. As if anyone knows more than he about his needs. I just wanted to share because it has the lightness of Adam’s positive and sweet attitude toward life. BTW, the writer of the article didn’t know that Adam had stated his New Year resolution over and over again in interviews! He wants to stay positive!!! Go figure!
    Here is the response:

    “I’m sure a lot of people would love to make Adam’s New Year’s resolutions for him. As for me, all I have is wishes. I wish him health, joy, wonderful dreams, lots of energy, lots of rest, beautiful friendships, incredible music, delectable food, power toys, time to play, endless opportunities, a legion of fans, and everything else that is good for him. These are my wishes for the God of Rock.”

    I couldn’t say it better myself! I wish all this for Adam, too!

  40. In case you missed it, a wonderful over the top review of Gridlock, just like being there!

    ROCK STAR WEEKLY is selling an Adam magazine for Feb 14 for only $12 usd with a dollar going for Terri’s children’s fund. They are big Adam supporters.

  41. AdamRocks! says:

    Just finished watching AI/Season 8 tonight. . . Jorge Nunez’ AI journey really touched my heart. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  42. If you want to help Adam then call in a play request. If you really need to do something for Adam then go to this site and vote for him over and over again to help him win Best American Idol.
    You can vote every 20 minutes and as much as you like. The contest ends in 8 days.

  43. I’m in Las Vegas and have yet to hear Adam on the radio….I’ve contacted different stations..I’m good at waiting. Please everyone get on board with the BUY ONE MORE CD and as Elizabeth #545 suggested…post ” I GOT MINE”. Also there are different sites we can post BUY ONE MORE CD…I got the idea from Adam Lambert 24/7 let’s figure out how to get all Clubs involved. Suggest, I’ll follow through.

  44. Although Oprah’s show stated Jan 20, I really hope it is shown on Jan. 29 for their common birthdays, it would be super cool then!!

  45. im not gone a watch PCA ,if adam win i reaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyy doubt about it ,would anyone please tell us? i hpoe for ladygaga she disorve it.but i think kris will win.sad

  46. idont think oprah bring adam on her birthday,because she want all gift to her self.

  47. For Adam’s birthday maybe we could give to a charity… maybe something for gay teenagers? Just a thought

    • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

      You know, I thought that also. I was thinking of the charity Adam set up. But if you really get down to it what will get things going for Adam, what will lead directly to his success, are the numbers on sales of his CD. Nothing speaks louder than that to media executives who often make those crucial decisions. And I’m in support of something for gay teenagers. But I think first, Adam does and will do more for gay teenagers socially, politically, artistically, as a success, than could ever be achieved by charitable donations no matter how worthy. But if you do go with charitable donations choose Adam’s charity, because again, doing so shows his clout with his audience. If that’s what you do, go with our newly minted in Melody’s (YOUR!!!) the I GAVE MINE! campaign. I’m not computer savvy–just wish I were–but you guys that are, spread the word to all the websites, fan clubs, friends, relatives, Adam wellwishers you know, have them post I GOT MINE! or I GAVE MINE! Let those Media Moguls who are giving Adam a hard time know that if they keep on ignoring Adam, they do so at their own risk. Buy one more CD for Adam, or donate the equivalent price of a CD to his charity in his name specifically. Long Live Rock and Roll (though by saying this I am not endorsing anything Media disapproved of–NOT)!!!

      • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

        Ahhh, sorry, I meant “Melody’s honor” but didn’t get it out there.

  48. I think Adam will be on Oprah on the 29th.. probably will be taped.

  49. I just wanted to let you guys know that I was listening to the morning show, John Jay and Rich on Z100 Portland, OR and the main host said that his fav song that their station played was, Adam’s “Whataya want from me.” Then they all started singing it and saying how much they loved it. It was sweet!

  50. Hello. Watching the discussion about birthdays, calling, voting and buying CDs, I was reminded of something that happened some time ago in Korea. Fans of a boy band called Super Junior hated the idea of adding additional members to their favourite band so much that they STARTED BUYING THE COMPANY.
    “On October 2, 2007, SM Entertainment announced the birth of another Super Junior sub-unit project that would begin activities in China starting 2008. Han Geng and SM Entertainment’s new Chinese trainee Henry Lau, who was also featured in the music video of “Don’t Don”, were said to be two of the core members for the subgroup. The announcement brought in a huge wave of dissatisfaction and opposition from fans of Super Junior after the announcement of two new members. (…)

    After more rumors regarding adding an Chinese member to the subgroup, the fans decided to gain a legal representation as part of SM Entertainment’s stockholders. As of March 20, 2008, Super Junior fans purchased 58,206 stocks of SM Entertainment, holding 0.3% of the company’s entire stock. They released a statement that they will obtain all chances to prevent SM Entertainment from adding new members and to keep Super Junior as only thirteen.”

    Now, of course I am NOT telling anyone to buy out ANYTHING, but the idea itself is just amazing in a way. I just think that being as organised and well-spoken, Adam’s fans can do him a LOT of good using all the proper, legal channels. I can’t do much as far as the radioplay-wars and local voting is concerned because I’m from another continent, but I admire your organisation here and I think you guys will take care of his promotion just fine until he comes to visit us.
    I once heard that he will be forgotten soon when the hype goes away. I think that him being alone and fanless will never happen because he’s not a trend, he’s the artist we love.
    glamneko from Europe

    • Thank you for sharing this story with us, glamneko!!
      It’s really amazing what people can do when they are organized!!!!!
      Love this story!
      We’ll see how it goes …. LOL Who knows what we can do!!!… We are insane!!! (as everybody keep calling us….LOL)


  52. LibraLamb7 says:

    Great news about Adam on Oprah!!! Hope it is on their shared birthday & she has ONLY Adam on as her guest! At this point, I don’t care what he sings, as long as we hear him!

    For anyone wanting to celebrate Adam’s birthday, Planet Fierce has set up an “Adam Lambert Birthday” Giving page at Donors Choose, the same charity Adam asked us to donate to last year. The suggested donation is $28.00 in honor of Adam turning 28, but any amount will be greatly appreciated by these kids! Last time I checked, over $5000.00 had been given. Don’t you know how pleased Adam will be!!! I gave mine already & received a nice thank-you from the teacher whose project I supported. Anyway, it’s another idea that may appeal to you. The link is below:

    Candace#388 in MS

    • Great idea, Candace!
      I will buy another CD and donate $28 dollars in honour of Adam turning 28!!!!
      Let’s do it!!

  53. Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Jeanette! But how big of a fan of ADAMS was she really if she let his one little fiasco completly turn her off. I didn;’t like it either. But you know what? everyone makes mistakes !! and I certainly think ADAM deserves another chance!! My heart tells me ADAM will not try another stunt like at the American Music Awards.ADAM PLEASE DON’T BE DOING THAT STUFF AGAIN. We all love you!!! And you know it. We want you to be around and a big star for a longtime baby! KEEP ROCKING ADAM! Hugs to all. Sherry K

    • Sherry,
      Sorry, but I just want to say a few words in defense of Jeanette…. AMA was not the only reason… there was much much more…. And she was a BIG fan of Adam and still IS….

      • Gala,

        Glad to know Jeanette is still a fan of Adam even though she doesn’t post here anymore. I hope she will still support the numerous birthday projects for Adam. As for my contribution, I will support the buy more Adam CDs and donate to his charity.

        Off topic, I have a take on why Kris is having more exposure than Adam. He is definitely going on tour next month. I just heard an announcement over our local radio station, (which by the way has FYE at # 1 for almost a month now) talking about Kris’ up coming concert in the Philippines on February. They are giving away free concert tickets to the winners of their contest. So you see Glambs, Kris needs the publicity more than Adam.

        Which also means, Adam’s concert is not too far behind….oooh can’t wait !

    • ADAM ….IS….ADAM! …………He’ll always be out the box! He pushes boundaries, speaks his mind
      and stands by his actions with no excuses. He is extremely courageous and eloquent and
      sooooooooooo brilliantly talented! …….and yes, loved by the children too!

  54. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Hi folks. Just reporting back. I GOT MINE! at Barnes & Noble today!

  55. Princessshakeitup says:

    Well…stayed up till after midnight last night [way past my bedtime!] and , not only did the People’s Choice Awards NEVER mention the award Adam was nominated for, it was, by far the dimmest excuse for an awards show I have ever seen! Poor Johnny Depp looked like he had chosen to be there only as an alternative to a prison sentence, he was so visibly uncomfortable. Oh well…Adam is way too classy and intelligent for that show, I am glad he chose to stay away. Apparently Lady Gaga won? I think I will throw my own personal awards show for Adam tonight while I crank up Sure Fire Winners. I will accept on his behalf…anyone else want to party in the Caribbean!?

    • Princess, I will party with you anytime! Sounds like a party to me……………….Lets “Strut” too!
      Come on down Adam you need a break, give us some “Fever” OMG, If I Had You………..

  56. Good morning all! Bought my third FYE CD last night! Next will be my $28 donation to Donor’s Choice. It’s a great charity, and I’m happy to donate in Adam’s name. Go Adam!!! Love ya!!!

  57. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I did want to make one more comment about the AMAs and then put the subject to bed. I know there was the issue of simple nerves going on with Adam regarding how he behaved, and who wouldn’t have that problem, and then the fall to go on top of it. But underlying Adam’s behavior I don’t believe was a simple going overboard, or being bad, and I don’t think just learning his lesson is all Adam walks away with. In the weeks leading up to the AMAs, Adam had the OUT Magazine editor getting on his case for not being gay enough and allowing his management to push him back in the closet. It is one thing to have your enemies demonstrate outside your performance like those fundamentalist Christian groups, but it is another thing to have your “friends” your own people criticizing you and getting on your case. In one of his interviews, Adam said something to the effect that even though he appears so collected he is actually very nervous onstage, and I would guess, even though he responded with bravado to the criticism from OUT Magazine, it must have really hurt to have gotten it. In another interview I read of Adam, he showed himself very conscious of the expectations people have for him and he said, “I’m trying the best that I can.” I can imagine that at the AMAs he pretty much, consciously or unconsciously, wanted to make the point to his GLT brothers and sisters of, “Am I OUT enough for you now?” I can imagine this can’t have been that far from his mind and had an influence on how he ended up performing. So what happened at the AMAs was more complex, more subtly linked to some very deep struggles Adam must have gone through over time linked to his sexual identity and to how other people have responded to it both inside and outside the GLT community, and I think we should all have compassion in regard to that and not just attribute it to bad behavior for which we “hope he has learned his lesson.” Adam will knock down many barriers along the way with his artistry and with his charm, sophistication and intelligence. Hopefully, musicians that follow him will not have to feel the same pressures to make a point publicly that Adam felt and that is the gift the Adam is giving us as well as those that follow in his footsteps.

    • Thank you for a beautiful post, Elizabeth. Well said.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I’m one of the many fans that believe there was”no lessson to be learnt” because he did nothing wrong. He was just being himself.

    • You know, I really dont think Adam was thinking about anything while performing his moves at the AMA’s. He was singing and got All caught up in his adrenaline and excitement. It happens.
      Love Him!

      • I loved it when he said he was thinking about sex!!! Always telling the truth and feeling no shame about it.

        I also loved your post Elizabeth. I always like it when one of us starts analyzing the psyche of Adam and I think most of us are spot on.

  58. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but it is an interesting article, talking about Adam and other types of rock and roll over the decades… comparing him etc.

  59. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    I personally am sick and tired of hearing about Adam’s sex life, and I don’t think this is what he wants us to be discussing. It’s all about the music! The fact is he is a beautiful man with a voice that noone can match, and is a sexy guy to men and women! I adore him for making me love music again!

    • I do not need to know what goes on in Adam’s sexlife but I do believe that sex is an important of his persona as a performer. It has been shown that Adam gets a real sexual charge out of perfoming. Of course he knows that people talk about this.
      It’s a Package Deal!

      • Irena, you’ve got that right. Performing is defin. an exciting feeling for Adam!

        Judysdancin , relax. He loves his Glambulge as much as we do 🙂

  60. I think that if Adam asked us not to do this, he would know what is best, but I have to admit, that I requested his song for about a week before they finally played it on the radio. I continue to request his song at least once a day on the 2 radio stations that play it.

  61. Is there way to start a new thread? A lot of great posts are getting buried here.


    • Yeh, how about talking Oprah? Who are the lucky ones going to the taping? I tried but didnt get a reply 🙁
      I hear he has been doing some photo shoots in the Hollywood area for her show. Where he used to perform, Zodiac, Wicked etc for a story. Should be soooo good.

      • Same here, no response. Guess better opportunities await us Mary!!! WE have to think positive like Adam.

        I would love to see more pictures on this site. I am a visual girl. The chat room just showed a picture of Adam with a tear running down his cheek while singing Soaked.
        How can you not love this man.


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