Adam is very child-friendly

Even though many want us to believe that Adam is a bad influence on the children, especially after he ‘corrupted’ them during the AMAs (blahblahblah).. Adam really seems like such a sweetheart with children. And children seem to love him in return, too! Remember how they voted him their favorite artist? But, for those of us that need more proof of this fact, get ready to ‘AWWW’ and squeel in delight.

One of the most adorable Adam photos ever, where he carries an equally adorable little girl. They both look so content, makes one wonder what a great dad Adam would make! He did admit to wanting a family after all, and seeing how much he loves kids.. He’ll be perfect! This little girl, fyi, is Monte’s oldest daughter, Ariel. She does have the same expression as her dad – who is by the way expecting twins with his wife, so little Ariel will get siblings! Get ready for more adorable-ness if Adam ever poses with those babies..

And, randomly found this and it was too good not to share! A little girl’s Thanksgiving prayer. Hilarious!


  1. Love the pic of Adam holding the little girl. So beautiful. Someday Adam…………….

    The prayer is soo awesome! Through a childs thoughts, they see things so innocently :).
    That was really cool.

  2. Judy Lushman says:

    Love this.

  3. I loved the Pic of Adam and the little girl. And the poem brought me to tears. I think theres a lesson here. Those that knock Adam should read this precious poem. It may change a few minds. Adam is the best.

    • Barbara, it also reminds me of the short .gif which came out recently, of Adam and the famous ‘crotch ‘ bit on the AMAs. In it one can clearly see there is no face IN his crotch at all, it’s all just a face to abdomen simulation to get the point across… some people see what they want to see. The little child’s view is yet another way of looking at the event.

      • Theresa …I agree with you about the ‘crotch’ business….And in fact when I watched the AMA’s I didn’t even notice it…I just saw “dancing” and quite frankly I don’t think any children who were allowed to stay up that late….would have noticed that either !!!

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  4. Thanks for posting this. Adam should have kids one day, he would be a perfect dad! (He can practice with Monte´s children.) Ariel is really cute.
    Thanksgiving prayer IS hilarious! Did I understand it right, it´s about AMA´s and the writer is not so little girl?

    • nikka/argentina says:

      Of course it’s about the AMA’s…and to make the point to everyone (WSJ columnist for example…)bringing to the topic the 8 yrs old who could have watched it….face it peepz..8 yrs old DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY SAW!!!!!!
      And if they do, probably they’ve seen it before…so don’t blame it on Adam!!!!
      It’s hilarious I loved it!!!

  5. nikka/argentina says:

    LOL..I posted this pic on the Billboard thread but is still waiting for moderation!!!! They both look soooo adorable!!!!!!
    Lot at the little girl’s smile!!!

  6. Kelly Craig says:

    She is eight? Right..

  7. I’m 13 and I think of Adam as a role model. Also, he is really sweet and child-friendly. When I met him, he took three pictures with me, signed three things, and was just really nice. One of the pictures, where I’m kissing him on the cheek, he bent down (I’m really short), and waited for the camera. IN all the pictures, his arm was around me, and when I asked for a hug, he said “Sure thing honey!”. I think Adam is a great role model, and I have never met a nicer person in my life.
    Heres the pictures I got with Adam:

    • OMG,I’m so freaking jealous Amanda!Kiss him?OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U R a kid so yeah,just kiss his cheeks sweetheart!The lips and the rest,let these adults handle it.LOL!!OMG,if I were U,I said I want to kiss his cheeks but then hold his face and….oh no,YOU ARE 13??Guys,we can’t be too horny here,there’s kids on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We talk in email then!LOL!!!!!Psstt,Amanda,how he smells?Smells like Dior Hommes or like born baby?~sniff,sniff~ 🙂

    • amanda, thanks for sharing your pics with us. They are great pics of you and Adam! You are so right
      on about him being a nice person , I totally agree with you. Love the pic where you and him are putting
      your fingers up. Love them all……………..So glad the young kids are loving Adam:)

    • Amanda, those pix are just adorable!!! LOVE the pic where you’re kissing Adam. . . what a lucky girl you are! 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Thanks for sharing Amanda; great picture! People need to see this softer side of Adam!

    • Wow Amanda! How cool is that pic?! I am jealous too that you got to take a life saving pic with Adam. Glad you are such a great fan too!

    • Amanda you are adorable and thanks for posting your pictures honey, Adam looked really happy to photographed with you, treasure those pictures.

    • Amanda, first of all a great big welcome to our Glambs site. You are the youngest poster that we know of so far. It’s good for us to get a teen’s perspective of what Adam is all about.

      Now, I have a problem with twitter. Since I’ve joined I have only seen a small handful of twitpics. So Glamb friends, if any of you saved Amanda’s pics, or even just one of them I’d love to see it.

    • HI ! Amanda…You are so lucky to have met Adam and got to hug and kiss him !!!! WOW !!!!! I love your photos. You look very pretty and Adam looked so happy to have his photo taken with you. It’s great that you think of Adam as a role model. Have you got your Glamb No. ??

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Thank you Amanda, for the pictures!!!
      You are one lucky girl!!!!
      I am soo jealous!!!

    • Amanda….I am not jealous! I am not jealous! I am not jealous! And if you believe that….I have a bridge I’d like to sell to you!!!!!!

  8. Argh that Thanksgiving Prayer is ingenious. Loved it!! Kudos to “Janie”, you subversive satirist!

    Have you read my friend Xena’s post about the AMAs? She effectively skewers the hand-wringing hypocrites!

    Adam hits the Trifecta! – Bad, Bans and Boycotts

  9. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    The pic of MASTER ADAM w/ the child is so precious, I want MASTER ADAM to start breeding so we can send him baby gifts! Remember! baby clothes of leather & lace! Where’s our GLAMB guinnea pig?
    The prayer is so shweet!! I love reading letters from little kids, I know, but it had me there for a minute. Yea, MASTER ADAM likes all of his friends, & he likes to hug & kiss them, but no stinky & sweaty ones. We only sweat when we’re in bed w/ MASTER ADAM! I just can’t get that reaction from the glambaby out of my head! Do you think it really had him blushing? Hey, he had better take that as a compliment cause there is no other man in this world! MASTER ADAM is the only man in this world, IMO!

    • kimber, start breeding?? LMAO! You know there will be a huge huge line of guinnea pig’s……………

      AdamAddicts magic words, open, in, close……………………………ha

  10. Yup, can add to this one! ADAM is adorable with kids! He has such a special heart that is so
    gentle, kind and caring with lots of hugs, showing great interest in everything! Fact is,
    ADAM shines…because he is one classy guy!…..and yes, without details, we know this to be true first hand! How dare anyone criticise ADAM with negativity…..He glows with positivity and is pure
    inspiration for kids!… the bond is so special!.. We love you ADAM! ‘ROCK ON’!!

    • Well said Glamaus…..absolutely agree

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Yvonne, by the way did you get your copy of the ‘FYE’ Album yet?

        • Hi! Glamaus..I certainly did…got import copy from JB’s last week. In fact, JB’s phoned me today to let me know that they now have a lot more copies…..due to big demand !!! How good is that !!….I havn’t stopped playing it. Merry Christmas to you.

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

          • FANTASTIC YVONNE! We have bugged them like crazy to get the album into Australia and have been sooo frustrated along the way….it’s been a long road but \
            with determination it worked! We have now had 2 shipments here! First one we
            bought out and gave to everyone we could…including radio stations etc. JB HiFi
            called this afternoon and …yes, another shipment arrived!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO J.B.’s!..
            You are really something!!!!!!!!! Already this new shipment is sold out from promotional work here!!!! ……..and now we are waiting for a third to arrive!!!!
            …We shall remain relentless!!!!! ADAM needs to Rock this continent…..and it will
            happen! Keep in contact with JB’s overthere if you can too….it really helps! The
            more interest…the more shipments! Yesterday our hairdresser’s were blaring
            out the Album and there was lots of interest!…needless to say they will now
            have a copy for Christmas for the salon too! ‘ROCK ON’ ADAM!
            Yvonne, wishing you a very special Christmas season with lots of love and peace.

  11. That was so VERY OBVIOUSLY not written by a child…OMG people, I am a HUGE Adam fan and loved the AMA’s…very sexy, but that wasn’t written by a child…some PR gimmick. He would make a great dad since he is so freaking sweet though!

  12. Love the pic and never doubted for a minute that Adam would be great with kids. Kids are like animals in that they feel the goodness in people instinctively. I am, however, skeptical that the poem was written by an 8 year old. I suspect it is a satirical writing by an adult, but either way it gets the point across perfectly.

  13. OMG! With their last convulsive, dying breath my ovaries are calling….A….d….a…m….

  14. So glad you found both the picture and the prayer! Priceless! Adam and Ariel both look so natural and relaxed; you can tell this was not a posed or planned shot. Isn’t it great that many times kids can “read” a person’s true nature?

    • That picture of Adam and Ariel lifted my morning. He is just a wonderful natural talented, honest person. Does anyone else hwere feel they know him so well, as well as you can know somebody You havent met that is.

      Ifind nyself in situations thinking, Adam would say rthis or Adam thinks this about that. Even heard myself quoting “It aint that deep”in some situations.

      Cant wait for the next mv. Love all the songs on the album and have a knew fav nrarly everytime I play it. Bought one for my sister and now she loves it too. (Have bought 6 so far.)

  15. ElianeBrasil says:

    Hey!!!! I’m on line for my Glamb number….And guess what? I JUST RECEIVE MY COLLECTOR’S CD!!!!!!!!I’m so glad. I pay US$ 160 because taxes are too much here. I believe you agree that HE deserves. Don’t you think? (sorry my english)

    • ElianeBrasil says:

      GUESS WHAT? The book smell almonds really!!!!!(sorry my english)

      • ElianeBrasil, Your english is fine.. Adams C.D. is great and it’s wonderful to see so many friends from all over the world sharing in the love of Adam.. Welcome to this sight where we all love him.

        • AdamAddict says:

          We don’t give a damn about the grammar and the spelling here,Eliane!! Everyone here have this connection,we just understand what you trying to say!!LOL!! 🙂 When you say adam is hot,basically you saying,I want to sleep with him!Is it?See,we all mind reader!hahaha!!No hard feeling,we all like that here.Just in case you don’t know coz I assume you are new here.Let just have fun with Adam’s fans here…talking about our fav. topic,Adam and his music…by saying that I also mean Adam and his glambulge!LOL!!

  16. Adam is a great guy, and have you all noticed that he has a very sweet smile when he is with children, he will make a really good father, a very understanding parent, he is a very caring guy.

  17. Yes, we all know Adam loves kids ..but there is NO WAY that “Thanksgiving Prayer” was written by some child, nor is it believable that it’s from the point of view of a child! How ridiculous to think that a kid watching AMA performance would have perceived that “Adam went over to make sure she got down ok”. PUHLEEEEZ! I’m sorry but this is laughable! I realize the intention is meant to be supportive of Adam, but its ridiculous! I actually don’t think Adam himself would appreciate it either. He may love children, but there can be no question his performance style is NOT meant to be viewed by an audience of children.
    For the record, I had absolutely no problem with the sexuality he displayed in the AMA performance, in fact I Iloved what he did. And I agree with Adam himself saying that he is “not a babysitter” and parents should take more care that what they allow their children to watch is appropriate for them. The AMA performance was absolutely NOT appropriate viewing for children and I really don’t think Adam would he ever argue that it was!

    • Hmmmm, Reader…
      Never heard that Adam tried to argue that this performance WAS appropriate for kids…. I don’t understand why you are so angry?… Relax…
      And this prayer… It’s not that serious… It’s for fun… It is not the STATEMENT!!! That is why it IS cute…
      (just the opinion of one of the “morons”…) lol

      Glamb #26

    • nikka/argentina says:

      Chill out reader, it’s obvious it wasn’t written by a’s pure sarcasm!!

  18. Ahhhh….this is so cute….! both the picture and the letter.

  19. Wondering why my comment is still “awaiting moderation”? What is your positon on freedom of speech? Are you afraid others may agree with me? Why do I only see comments from morons who love that ridiculous “prayer”?

    • I think obvious that this is tongue in cheeck. About Adam not appreciating it, I think we all do not need to worry so much. This is so femnine to always worry about doing the right thing, pleasing everyone.
      Adam, I am sure has a wicked sense of humor and is a wonderful person at the same time. This what makes him so fascinating, his duality, embracing the dark and loving the light.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      As a moron who thought the prayer was cute, just wanted to tell you that when you are posting for the first time, your comments always go to moderation first.
      Welcome to the site.

  20. thanks for posting my comment

  21. Helen/Canada says:

    What a beautiful smile on that little girl and what a gorgeous smile on Adam. He’ll make a great dad some day. After staring at this picture forever I finally noticed that she is holding a bird in her hand!

  22. GLAMB #577ElianeBrasil says:

    I”ve a number now. Thanks

  23. This article about Adam Child friendly was the greatest it should be posted everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! It made me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. WONDERFUL

  24. The picture and poem aren’t featured when I open up the link. Can anyone tell me how I can locate them please?

  25. Thanks uberVU, but when I click on your link it just takes me back to the home page of this website. Any other suggestions? I really want to see the pix and read the poem. Can’t get enough of ADAM!!!!

  26. Adam looks adorable with this adorable child. I sincerely hopes that he has children one day as we know that he will be a wonderful father as he is kind and gentle, intelligent, wise and funny.
    What a beautiful thanksgiving prayer that little janie wrote….indeed, a very bright little girl.

    Also, congratulations to her dad, Monte and his wife who are expecting twins !!!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  27. Lambertini #520 says:

    I’m sorry but I think that prayer is fake. Where did you find it?? But Adam with little Ariel is an adorable picture!

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  29. Please tell me how to access the picture of Adam and Ariel!!!!!

  30. Hey everybody this is a cute song a young girl used. A shot of adam on a magazine and the title of her song. Adam,how’d you get so close yet so far away?

  31. Adam and girl look so happy 🙂

    Link to prayer has been removed 🙁


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