Adam is in the House!

…the Nokia Theatre house, that is.

Check out these arrival photos (how does he keep looking hotter and hotter?), and a sneak peak at the American Music Award rehearsals.

Dana, Glamb #6



  1. Oh, I can hardly wait! I’ve rearranged my livingroom so my comfy Ikea lounge chair and footstool are in front of the 20″ computer screen which has been dragged as close to the edge of the desk as possible, a comfy fuzzy throw blanket, a cushion, aaaah! Phone and water within reach? yes, guess I’m read for 3 pm pacific time on livestream. I just hope no storms etc spoil the reception!

    Oh Adam my boy, you are launching for real this time!!!! Hang onto your seats everybody!

    • Terry, hanging on cant wait. Water, no water for me, want something stronger Haaa.
      Ohhhhh the weekends almost here and the AMA;s……………


        • Hey Ofra, red red wine sounds good! If I could I’d be there w/ya. So we’ll be together in spirit!
          Enjoy the show my dear, it’ll be a good one.

          • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

            I want a vodka martini chased by an ADAMBULGE shot, or is it the other way around?
            OMFG!!!!! I am so smiling from my ass to my head!!!! Wait , that’s toes to my head! Yea! OMG!!!! ADAM you’re freakin’ me out!!!! Why must you be so damn freakin’ OMG HOT!!!!!? I’m not going to be late for work, I”M calling in siiick!!!!
            Right now Jeanette & the others are in ADAM heaven, getting so excited & anxious! I wanna go! Boo HOO HOO! Unbelieveable! What an ENTERTAINER!!! ADAM is so damn fresh, hot, gifted, talented, everything!!, what’s the music biz going to do now? No one can top him! I think I’ve heard that somewhere, …. oh yea! Simon C.
            Oh I wish I could understand my obsession with this man, but i just can’t. It is what it is. ADAM is so powerfully addictive.
            My hubby doesn’t like ADAM, but he told me on the night he was in the bottom 2/3, that he would be BIG! And this is coming from my hubby. He was trying to let me know that he was going to be just fine. Oh ADAM is more than just fine, He is freakin’ fantastic!!!! I’m getting that feeling again, & more, the one I had each time before each performance on AI. I think I can hear ACIGC playing again. What a moment in time it will be. #10 sexiest man on PEOPLE, come on, he’s got to be on the cover of TIME mag. Our beautiful & angelic ADAM! I’m so very proud of him. He has worked so hard for this moment. No one deserves it more! What an amazing human being he is!!!

            • Lisette pardon for absence ..looking so forward to tonite an know Adam will be superbe,seeing his tresbeau rehearsal photos on othre thread an these.An agree will be al la maison no companie,no distractions an may just even decide to av a champagne bellini despite meds..Adam is best remedie for any pains de le jour!..Know this is only le commence of many award shows for nous ange Adam an sure to be part of his musique histoire in same mode as many legends before an can see him being known for his trademark sensual dansesteps just as Elvis,(he does resemble in photos with hair coiffured back,same pouty lips,facial espressions..pardon but more be remembered just as Michel Jackson for making moonwalk…thinq Adam will have some signature moves as well..Know some already from all his summer tour videos an sure to be some wonderful surprises..Enjoie all lovli glambs an many blessings an bisous for Adam..legende of millenium,prince of heartes…tresbeau inward/outward,superbe artiste/vocaliste/humanitarian very sensual earthbound angel..J”etaime toujours…LisetteMariexoxoxo

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Theresa, Mary, Ofra, Kimber!!!!
        The weekend is finally here–yipee! Counting down the hours to Adam. So excited I can hardly wait. Ofra, you lucky girl, you get to see him first!! OMG it’s going to be ADAMAZING!!


      • AdamAddict says:

        Thanks Summer!I hate the idea they put Rihanna,Lady gaga,Shakira and Susan the same date as our Adam.Why they don’t release the “winner” album with these stars?They did it on purpose,obviously!!So,they can make a big deal with it?Whatever~waves hand~

      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

        Oh SUMMMER!!!! OMG!!! I had a pretty good feeling he would go in that direction! ADAM is SEXUAL!!! It’s time for people to let loose & get in touch with your inner beings!!! It will make you HAPPY !! This mv is going to be out freakin’ rageous!! ADAM has opened up a box of immortality for himself-“a lasting fame”. He will be, FOREVER!!!!
        Okay, I’m psycho here, but this human being has hit me way down deep inside. Like no other being has done to me. YES! My name is kimber & I am a pervert! And I am an obsessed fan of ADAM LAMBERT!!! So WTF!!!!!

      • I LOVE the full laugh at the end.. He is having sooo much FUN!!

    • So going to be watching while vacationing at the Grand Canyon. Had to rearrange some things but it will be so worth experiencing Adam rock it out for the whole world!

    • Theresa, you’re adorable! Yours is the PERFECT first comment here … ‘Love your preparations! Happy watching, everyone … (Probably an Apple-tini for me.)

  2. Is that Bowie on his T shirt?

    • Not sure about the pic on his shirt when he was walking in…it does look like Bowie! But when they were rehearsing, his shirt said “Peddlers of Sin.”

      Hmmm……. A movie title and a band name, but not sure which (if either) his 2nd shirt is about.

      Glamb #6

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Terry, I’m pretty sure it is Bowie!

  3. Whoa Dana, he cant get any hotter. OMG this brings back so many memories for me being at the Nokia last May. I wanna cry. No no time for cryin. Be happy, look at Adam so much the SuperStar!
    He fits right into the whole scene just like a glove. His assistant is wearing some hot clothes too.
    Seeing the rehearsals for AMA’s was so exciting, so excited for him. God he deserves all of this.

    I posted an article from USA today on the Sexiest Man thread which is so good, Adam was saying he had never been on national TV before idol. Look at him now. National ,Wordly he is everywhere!

  4. Silvana/Argentina says:

    He must be so excited with all of this. He looks so confident, so happy in these rehearsals.
    It’s fantastic, can’t wait to see him perform. It will sure be a great spectacle.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I can’t wait either.It’s like waiting Wednesday to come.Waiting how he going to entertain us in A.I.Look at him now,superstar!!You think they will put Adam in last like they always did in A.I?I really hate that!My heart beat so fast just waiting for him to perform,that’s not good for a heart! OMG,really can’t wait!!

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM, ADAM, ADAM!!!! Wow! Give them hell!!! This is gonna be so wonderful! I am so happy, and excited for Adam to be on national tv where all the persormers and talened people in the US will be able to see just what he HAS!!!

    This will be a ‘classic’ before it even starts. Adam has been ‘chosen’ to do this in his life. This is what he was born to do. It is only about HIS MUSIC, HIS TALENT!!!!!! People try to make it about a whole lot of garbage. It isn’t!!!!

    If people don’t understand anything else, I just hope and pray, that someday all will understand that Adam is all about HIS MUSIC, VOICE, PERFORMING AND TALENT! And in that end he is second to NO ONE!

    PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-TRUTH-JOY-HAPPINESS and peace of mind …………4 ADAM!

    • cheryl, amen to that! Adam sing your heart out!

      • OMG, I am listening to ‘Pick U Up” “all my life I’ve been waiting”, god that is so true for him!
        just look at him. Okay I am high again from his music………………………

    • Cheryl,

      You said it all….Give them hell ADAM ….everyone will watch him and be ADAMAZED !!!

      CAN’T WAIT….we’re all in for the time of our lives !!!


    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      you are so right. It’s all about his music and entertaining.

      On Sunday he will ADAMAZE everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dianne Hill says:

    This is sooooooooooooooooooo exciting to watch him prepare for the first of many wonderful nights of his life.

    Mary, are you sure he can’t get any hotter, just wait till we see him all dressed up for that performance, I think he is going to knock us into the next world and I can’t wait.

    • Dianne, as long as he knocks me into the next world with him that would be A okay!

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Oh my Gosh… check out his boots………oh and the rest of him is pretty hot too….

      • Get ready for his mainstream performance to the world…”s going to “rock their socks off”.

        Don’t forget the tissues (for all the drooling !!!)

        LISA, as soon as I saw those boots…I said to myself “Lisa will love those”,

        Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

  7. Oh my God!!! Almost caused a Heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! Guys, this is gonna be so freaking AWESOME!!!

  9. I am so excited – I’ve decided to throw myself and Adam AMA party!! I will be DVRing of course to re-watch his perfection!! This has been pretty much all I’ve been talking about – I feel sorry for my family, husband and co-workers. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    After listening to SOAKED a number of times, I think I know just what this song reminds me of. It reminds me of the Art Garfunkle of the 70s. I just love the way Adam sings this song. I think he might see a ‘grammy’ for this song. It is unlike anything anything that’s been out there to compare to Garfunkle. His voice was so beautiful and mexmerixing. Adam’s is even so much more so. Could lose any of the longer parts of the instruments, but this song sounds almost gospe-like. Stunning. Simply stunning.

    ADAM – YOU ROCK.!!!!!

    • judyastrid says:

      Cheryl, I have been so moved by SOAKED. You have come up with perfect comparison..


      • cheryl 334 says:


        Thank you all, I could not stop listening to this song. It is really nice with just candlelight and Adam singing. He is mesmerizing. Simply beautiful. Thank you all for commenting. I agree with you all, too.

  11. OMG…I can’t believe I am going to the AMA show! I am excited beyond knowing to be able to see Adam like this. Watch out people for the Academy Awards coming up and TFM?

  12. OOOOoooohhhhh, that guy is so HOT, I saw on Extra tonight a flick of Adam’s dress rehersal, OMG, his outfit was out of this world and the dancers didn’t bother getting dress, hahaha! if you catch what I mean. Adam is going to blow the audience right out of the theater, everyone that didn’t know about Adam will know who he is Sunday night!!!
    I’ve got to stop for now because E will be talking to Adam & Kris (11:30 PM ) Incase you are reading this right now !!

  13. OMG – thank you so much for this video – to get to BE there even just a little while this amazing guy does his thing – finally!!!! Speaking of heart attacks, got confirm today from Amazon that the CD and the special order single with book have been shipped …. to me….at my house….NOW!! I am not going to sleep or eat until they arrive. I believe in Santa Claus again!! Adam, you rip ’em up, babe!!

  14. Wow, this is wonderful – I hope the idiot Hinkley just fades aw ay He has done enough damage to the gay community.

    • Your right Bruce !! now it’s time to forget about Hinkley and the mess he made.. It’s time to just enjoy the next few weeks with pure ADAM mania.. We have all been waiting so long for the storm to get here.. Just grab the sexiest clap of thunder and let’s enjoy the beautiful adventure of riding out this storm to the climax… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I agree with will be an absolute spectacle night. Not a surprise from me but more of so PROUD of my Adam Lambert.

    Go! Adam Go! We will be cheering in front of our tube! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Opps typo, should read I agree it will be an absolute… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. So here he comes, striding, strutting, sliding, stamping, and screaming across that AMA sound stage. Every minute, every second bringing him closer and closer to that moment when he will kick down the doors and take the entire world by storm. Even watching the tantalizing rehearsal video ramps up the excitement to an almost unbearable pitch, because you can see, because you can FEEL what the end result will be when that powerhouse of a MAN with inky black hair and enough flaming heat to light a thousand suns stands in that place he was born to rule. Oh yes, Adam, take that magic rod and point it right at us, with all the power at your command calling forth the lightning and the fire. Turn your burning dark gaze on each dancer, favor them with your glance, overpower them with your towering shadow, put them through their paces at your desire. Everything in your life, every particle of your being, has come together in a single perfect and cohesive whole for you on this one night, when you will be making your professional debut as a singer and entertainer in your own right. Every adoring fan who ardently loves you, every raving critic who secretly loves you, every person who has rooted for you from the minute they saw your beautiful face and heard your astounding voice, will be waiting with pounding heart and bated breath for you to take that stage and show the world who you are, and what you can do. With your flaming wings burning off your back with every mile you fell to earth, through all the heartache and struggles of your early years, to the breathless moment when you came oh-so-close to never being know by us at all but instead, you were chosen to go forward to your shining goal, through all the hard, slogging work, and the endless haggling and controversy surrounding your life down to this very day, you have emerged with the smoke still cooling from your rapid flight back upward, to stand before us on the world stage. Here before you, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest performer in two worlds, the real and the magical, and before you leave here tonight, you will know that you have seen and heard the future, the one and only, never-to-be-equalled, ADAM LAMBERT, entertainer extraordinaire! The man who was born with a vision of life where all people could come together in their commonality instead of their differences, who wants everyone to experience the joy of music and dance, a man who embraces the world with his loving heart, a man who turns everything that comes to him into a gift for someone else, a man who allows everyone as much access as he possibly can into his personal and private world, is about to cut loose and set fire to the world. The flame that roars across that AMA stage on Sunday night will ignite an unstoppable firestorm of unquenchable desire for more and ever more of this new prodigy of music and ferocious entertainment. Something new has been born into the world, a wild, fierce, radiant sun of a man with blazing blue eyes and a golden heart. He is the synthesis of all that came before, the embodiment of the King of Rock and Roll to the life, with a huge dash of the Glam Rock era, as well as every other singer and style of music thereafter, all the way to the present day of the futuristic Lady Gaga, all brought together in one, to make the one-and-only Adam Lambert. Let the world stop in its tracks Sunday night, let us all be there for the man we have watched grow from boy to man in these few short months, let us all be ready to witness that moment when the Master of Music and the King of Hearts takes the stage to start the career of the century, “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ADAM LAMBERT, FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!”

    • WOW! You go girl. You have a way with words. WOW! Adam we all know you will be amazing. Rock On.


      • Dianne Hill says:

        Lorrin that was just beautiful. I could feel the excitement building in me with each line that you have written. We have missed you on this site lately, I hope you are keeping well and it is lovely to see you back on this momentus occasion.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I will be here Ofra, way, way over here in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is going to be one hell of a night.

    • Lorrin, I am glad to see your comments once again on our site and that you Tweeted them to Adam! You captured him so beautifully as you always do! He is indeed our “Master of Music and King of Hearts!”


      Glamb #20

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LORRIN, WELL, HOW NICE OF YOU TO JOIN US!!!!!!! Now, Ms. Flaminglambfingers, you are showing your stuff here, aren’t ya!!! Haha!! I was wondering just when and where you might come aboard!!! Too cold in the yard for ya!!! Feeling up to giving this place a good shot at poetry in the mind?? How have you been, and why have you been off for so long, my dear? Haven’t seen the likes of you in a ‘month of Sundays’, as we say. I see you are still keeping track of things on this site. Good! I am glad you stopped in to grace us with your beautiful way with the dictionary! You can use those adjectives like no one else. You are in a league of your own, Ms. Glambfingers! While you are on the site, if you don’t come back for a while, I want to be sure to wish you a very, very happy Thanksgiving! Mucho love to you and yours!

      I am leaving for Chicago either Tues. nite or Wed morn to catch a flight out of Chicago for Colorado Springs to visit my daughter and son-in-law for the holiday! My kids surprised me with a plane ticket!

      Then, my daughter and her hubby will be jetting off themselves to Japan in Jan. to start on a one or two yr, or more of teaching at the same academy my dau. did a few yrs ago!! The academy will pay for them to come home for a 2 week stay if they will sstay for 2 yrs. I think that they will do that. They will be touring all of Europe, Northern Africa, India, Greece, etc. She has been to all those countries before, Africa twice-for between 4&10 week stays. My son has also traveled all those places, if you remember, although he has not been to Japan, but spent time in Russia, and she has not been to Russia, yet.

      So, this little trip will be time for us to do some more ‘bonding’ and run around Col. Springs and the Denver area. She has some plans for us, of course! So! If I do not get a chance to wish you well for the holiday, I want to be sure you know I will be thinking of you, and I won’t be back on the site for a bit.

      Looking so forward to Adam on Sunday!!! Then, I think he is on tv someplace either Fri. or Sat. and next week, of course, Letterman!!!! I’m sure he will eventually do Leno, maybe Conan, and the rest. Oprah during the day sometime, probably!!! SOAKED is my very fave song. I bet you love that one too, with your flair for the romantic. I love FEVER, and I just love most of the songs, some less than others, as usual. But over time listening to the whole CD, I’m sure I’ll come to love them all!

      Adam sure has grown so much in this last yr, hasn’t he! Wow! Bet even he is surprised at how much this little adventure into AI has done FOR him and his life forever! He recently said in US News, I think it was, that he has learned so much, and that it is unbelievable how much he has learned about himself. Even when it comes to romance and love. It makes my heart fill with joy to hear him validate those things that I felt would come into his life. He does appreciate, so much, what has happened to him, and sees, I think, a brighter future than he even imagined, for himself. And, I might add, a ‘different’ world that he did not even know existed. God Bless him!!! He is so unscathed by all he’s been thru when you think of it. I was intrigued by what he said was disgusting to him, that in the gay comm. men think nothing of having sex with everyone even if they have a ‘partner’ or are married, and that just is not him in any way. I know Ross would be haoppy to hear that Adam feels that way, too. Don’t ya think? Has Ross softened his thoughts on Adam any? Well, he can be proud of how he has conducted that part of his life, and be greatful that he has few, if any, regrets in his life up to now. He should be very proud of himself. So should his mother, which I know she is.

      Hope you are still posting away for a while, and after I leave and come back! Got to hear your thoughts about the AMA’s!!!! Don’t forget Letterman Wed., also. Hope you are feeling well. I will email you soon, and give you some more info. Going to bed, now. It is 4AM in the morning, and I am having a hard time getting to sleep again, as usual. Have my days and nites mixed up! Hahahaa!!! Oh! I have a date Tues morn with 3 of my grandkids at their school for ‘Grandparents Day’! Have been doing this for about 6 straight yrs now. I go to each one’s room for 1/3 of the time alone. Then they put on a program and ther is coffee, tea, cookies, snacks, cakes, etc. I like to have a piece of each snack!!! hahaha!!! I’ll take pics and will email you some after the New Year! Maybe you can email me some new ones then, too!!! So glad to see your name on the site, Lorrin, much love, Cheryl

      • Cheryl dear, suffice it to say for now that I love you, my friend, and I truly thank you for your brave heart and strong and supportive words. Yes, yes, I have to admit I’ve been out in the backyard, but ONLY when it’s colder, that’s when I start coming alive. The rest of the time I’ve been laid up on the couch. But there is a bright spot, my hearing has cleared up a little bit, and I’ve been able to hear all of Adam’s CD now (THANK YOU dear Jane for that!), and I have to say that I love every song, and the more I hear it, the more I like it. I especially love the swooning ‘Soaked’, the extremely tight ‘Fever’, and ‘Whataya Want From Me’, but in reality, I love them all. The more I listen to them, the more I hear of their intricate complexiities, the songs pull you in, and you’re hooked. I know the AMA awards debut will be like watching an unleashed hurricane with Adam as its center, and not a stick will be left standing afterwards. His debut is truly what I have been waiting for, when he is the professional on his own stage.

        I too wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, a safe trip out and back, good times with your family, and all the blessings of the season. Have a great time on Grandparent’s Day, and hug and kiss your little ones for me. Love you too, and I’ll talk to you again soon, and always remember, ‘Lorrin Lambert’ is my real name….love you, Cheryl!

    • LORRIN, When I read your posts, I feel that you have pulled us all together…on our wonderful journey with Adam. I love seeing Adam through your eyes. Your writing is so spiritual & poetic. You always bring us the essence of our lovely Adam…..and I thank you for this.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Lorrin, so glad to see you posting. What a way to start the day reading your wonderful words.
      I so love Adams vision. ”
      A man that turns everything that comes to him into a gift for someone else” AAHHHHH.
      Lets all enjoy the music and dance like no one is watching……………
      love & peace

    • Lorrin – no one says it like you – wow, that was EXPONENTIALLY EXPERIENTIAL… I think I am right in remembering that you brought us MY FAV picture of all Adam-time ….” Lambert Locomotive” – (In the Tour Favs collection). I am still waiting for that to come out in poster form or some more memorable way than my little printer copies that I have posted EVERYWHERE (even a small one on my dashboard). Thanks Lorrin – god, Adam HAS to know he is loved!! When they ask him in interview if he can explain his rabid appeal, he can’t. I can’t either but you came closer than anyone I have read recently. Some of the music/video montages come close but you did it with just ….WORDS!! Thanks LOL


    • AnneBarber says:

      Nice post. Please use paragraph spacer feature though!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      BRAVO! BRAVO! Clapping w/ tears of joy ! My GOD! I just love your words, they are powerful! What an amazing human being you are! I don’t know what to say. I just love your beautiful mind. You are brlliant, it is such an honor to read your words.
      I hope you are well today. Thank you so much for posting, thank you Lorrin. We love you very much & we miss you!
      ADAM can be & will be the one who will bring people together, just like us here on this site. Love everyone here ,even if you don’t like me. I do care so much for all of you! And if I did see you broke down on the side of the road or walking, I would stop to help you!
      Thank you again Lorrin, for your wonderful reads! I Love You!

    • Lorrin, WOW! Tear, Tear! So ture! He was born for this and US!! He will be iconic and we will be changed for the better!

      Thank you for sharing your heart!

  18. Geeze, Lorrin, I love him too, but wtf was that… We can listen to his great songs, and listen to the lirics without that help. Thank you.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Geeze yourself Melinda, I hope that was tongue in cheek because Lorrin is well known on this site for her very special musings about our gorgeous man, so a bit of respect please.

      • rRght on, Dianne. To each his own Melinda. We love reading Lorrin on this site. We have followed her words about Adam for many months. She raises us all up in her love for Adam and her fellow Glambs!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MELINDA……….WTF do you mean? Why did you say …………….without that help??? I don’t get your point, I don’t think.

      I must be mistaken, it sounds as if you are being a little hostile to Lorrin. I hope not! That would not be a good thing for you to do!!!! Really, it wouldn’t!

      Maybes you could be more clear on what you are trying to say.

    • nikka/argentina says:

      You’re totally out of place dear…That was disrespectful and absolutelly unnecessary!!!

    • melinda, WTF are you saying? Be civil, if its to much for you to comprehend then pass her post.
      dont be childish.

      • I’ve deliberately let some time pass between posting my remarks yesterday about ‘Adam the Master of Music/ For Your Entertainment’ and now, in order to really think and gather my thoughts together carefully. First of all, I want to tell you all how much I’ve missed you, too, and how much your kindness and always-supportive thoughts and comments have meant to me over these many months, as we’ve written together on this site. As Yvonne so perfectly noted, I do indeed try to ‘pull us together’ here on this site, to present the summation of all our thoughts of love toward Adam into one cohesive whole on any given subject on our threads. I draw from all of you, and of course, from my own complex view of Adam Lambert, to express what he means to all of us as completely and as accurately as I can. Just know that all that you have said here to me, dear friends, is unforgettable, and I value each and every one of your comments here and in all the months past, as though they were as precious as irreplacable gems.

        There are just a few things I wanted to say, though, in answer to Anne and Melinda. First of all, thank you, Anne, for your affirming comment about my post, I do appreciate it very much. I just wanted to let you know, though, that I write without the paragraph spacers for these posts because of the dynamic nature of the content. I don’t want the reader to even be able to pause for breath, so to speak, as he or she climbs to the fervent end of my entire thought. I do it on purpose, to enhance the dramatic nature of what I am saying. And since I don’t have to follow any rules in particular on an informal fansite, I make up my own rules to suit the runaway style of my prose. In the same way that I paint my acrylic canvases, I will sometimes do an entire area swiftly and completely without a break, and that is precisely what I am doing with my small essays in each of my posts when writing about Adam Lambert.

        Melinda, I’m not offended that you thought my writing was over the top, or that you expressed that it was more than you care to read. But I do think it might be a good thing if I shared a little bit about myself with you in answer to some of the more personal comments you made or implied about me, since they were of a very challenging nature. First of all, I was not intending to help you or any other reader ‘listen to the lyrics’ better, or somehow ehance your experience of listening to Adam Lambert’s music by my post. I was expressing my own personal assessment of Adam’s tremendous talent and power to entertain, just as any good promoter would do, and I am indeed, one of Adam’s chief promoters. Secondly, although absolutely no one has the right to discuss my personal life on this site without my permission, I will simply say that I was married for many years to one man, and had four beautiful sons with him. Before that, I was one of those ‘California Girls’ the Beach Boys used to sing about. I’ve known a lot of guys my whole life through, and if you’re implying that my ardent and expressive love for Adam Lambert is somehow connected to not having a man in my life, I’ll just have to say nothing could be more ridiculous. Husband, boyfriend, partner, companion, or none, EVERY woman and some men on this site love Adam Lambert unreservedly. If we didn’t this website wouldn’t exist, because it’s our sole purpose for being here. And speaking of getting ‘carried away’, I don’t own any Adam Lambert items, eyeliner, black nail polish, watches or cologne. All I have is my talent, and I’m using it to underscore the brilliance and beauty of one young man who deserves all the love and recognition he can get.

        Finally, I think it would be a good idea if we all took the time to be mindful of each other’s feelings and viewpoints. All of us have our own unique perceptions to add to this site, and I love reading everyone’s particular way of seeing things in their own particular style. Even a little bit of unsolicited criticism can be very painful on a site as close-knit and friendly as this one, as I have just found out. And as always, this website is and always has been, a safe and loving environment for all of Adam Lambert’s fans to come and share anything and everything about him without being criticized or ridiculed, even in what might be thinly veiled as a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ attempt at humor. So, let’s keep going, everybody, and keep on loving and encouraging each other and that incomparable man we can’t help but love, whose name is going up in lights the world over…..we’re known for our good writing and for the great perspective and positivity we project, and I hope we can keep it going for the entire length of Adam Lambert’s long career. So with this, I send my love to Adam, and to all the Worldwide Glambs..

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Wow, I guess I’ve come late to the party! Don’t know what to say. You are an amazing woman. Your words in both your posts are inspiring. You are a warm, loving person and an example of graciousness and kindness to all of us.
          Love your prose about Adam as always. Your words take my breath away and take me to such heights of excitement waiting to see our beloved Adam. BRAVO to you my lovely friend.

        • Nikka/Argentina says:


          Standing O to you sweetie!!!! your writing is soo amazing!! Keep it on !!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Lorrin, once again you have swept me away with your words. I just love it and I understand exactly what you are saying. This is the best site ever to come to and express our love for Adam. Thank you for your wonderful words Lorrin and I hope we see you staying awhile this time round.

        • Thank you Lorrin. Bravo for your words.
          love and peace.

        • Lorrin, brava, brava, brava!!!!!!!

          • AdamRocks! says:

            Thank you for that Lorrin. . . beautiful post as always.

            Cheryl, please don’t talk so condescendingly to Emili. . . she stated her honest opinion about how you attacked Melinda’s husband, (when Melinda was the poster you had a problem with. . . rightly, in my opinion, even though I thought your responses to her went a little too far). . . Emili is one of the kindest, sweetest people I’ve ever known, and from what I gathered from her post, she wasn’t attacking you. . . just asking you, and everyone, to please refrain from being so rude to others on this site.

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

  19. I just have to add, I have a husband, maybe Lorrin doesn’t. I have done some major cheering for Adam since I first saw him on American Idol. I am wearing a cheap Lambert watch I bought on Ebay, I have always loved black eyeliner, and will get some black polish. SECRET… I also bought Dior Homme Sport, I plan to put it all over my husband for Christmas, and ENJOY.
    SO all of you Quit getting so carried away. I’m not.!!

    • Well no one said anyone had to get carried away. But if one chooses then great. This for me is the first time I get to witness a person make a debut album, that I have wanted to buy, in ages. I stopped listening to rock back in ’95. I never thought I would be interested in anyone, till now.I have been listening to Country from ’95 till now, and will still. I love all music, Rock, Some metal, classical, opera, some Jazz, come gospel. No Rap! sorry to those that like or love rap. Here’s to life love and happiness to all.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MELINDA…………..I see you were trash-talking to Lorrin!!!!!

      From reading this second post, I really have no idea why you feel the need to behave in a nasty way. Is that just your own personality you’re trying hard to share? If so, don’t bother.

      You got a husband, huh? And your point is WHAT?!

      You got a cheap watch. Your point?

      You like eyeliner and are buying nail polish, got the cologne. Too bad it has not improved your manners!! You could use a good *^*$#@%!!!

      Yeah, you have those trinkits, but you sure as hell have no manners! Why don’t you just take a long walk off a short pier.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MELINDA…………..just have to say. You got a husband and an ugly personality. Is your husband as ugly as your comments? Bet he is. Yeah, I just bet he is!

      Some people just live ugly. They should stay away from the rest of society. Ugly is as ugly does. Man, you just pissed the hell out me. What is your PROBLEM???????

      • AdamAddict says:

        Lorrin did what she always did and we all love what she did.(but I guess not all)I’m sorry Melinda,but if you don’t like her post,don’t read until finish.Leave it.Simple as that.What you said to her is a bit rude.Lorrin doesn’t deserve that.She is such a wonderful lady.And as far as I remember,she never insult or being rude to anyone.
        And Cheryl,you also no need to be so rude to Melinda.You are mad,I understand.You also love Lorrin and I know Lorrin is your friend.But why must you drag her husband into this?That’s so rude!And FYI,I said this in a really slow soft tone.Please people,agree,disagree,Imma fine with it but pleaseeeeeee,no need to be rude with each other.Sometimes,I got skerd reading all these.Seriously?Do we really need to be rude?OMG,please,come on!!

        • cheryl 334 says:

          LORRIN……………………….You, my dear, are so welcome! Love you and your special-ness! It is really good to have someone of your talent here. You were here to encourage me to stay on this site, along with many others, when I thought of not commenting many, many months ago. I am golad I did. Won’t make that mistake again. You, allso are a very strong woman. Gues like minds,………….!

          Melinda is just mean spirited. Seen enough of that kind. Little patience with it. Don’t like it, don’t need it. You, on the other hand are the opposite. Like you, need you.

          ADAMADDICT……………..I see no need for your critism of me. If you felt you wanted to be critical, then, put that critism to use by critising one who deserves it, and that would be Melinda. I am perplex e at your understanding of Melinda, and not of me. Well, we’ve been good corresponding friends for a very long time. This is the first time you have come out so personally against me. Wonder why? Don’t see your point. I did NOT DRAG M’s husband into this commenting. She put him in there FIRST, little lady. Get your facts straight before you start acusing me of doing something. I do not appreciate your getting your nost all bent out of shape and blamilng it on me. Take a much needed rest, Emili. Get away from the site for a bit. You need the rest. i have never before seen you be more confused about a situation before. Glad you didn’t say too much. You were already wrong after typing my name. Don’t want to be ‘unsure’ of where you stand on anything, any issue. You had a good reputation going for yorself, in my opinion. Don’t mess that up with typing untruths about me. Hey, you’re a big girl, you can make your own decisions. I will see what you decide.

          LORRIN……..Anyway, I am happy to see you respond to melinda. You very rarely do that. Leaving the one responsible for posting such hatred, to their own demise. But, thank you for the well wishes, too. Yes, I will love every minute of the kid’s program, and the pics we will be taking. I have pics of every yr. The main thing I noticed was my weight gain in the earlier pics compared to my weight loss in the latter! Kidding!! But, it is very interesting to see yourself and your grandbabies change along with the years. It warms my heart, so. Makes me cry often. I am soexcited to wear my new UGG boots to Colorado!!! I bought my daughter a pair of brown UGGs last yr for Xmas. This yr I got myself a pr of black shorter UGGs and a new black winter carcoat, and cool scarf! Will be looking ‘g o o d’ when I see her in the airport! Can’t wait. We are going to be making my famous ‘chocolate-marshmallow’ pie for the day. Visiting his family. My son-in-law has 3 married brothers and a sister living there, too. So, hoping against hope that the Lions win a game, we will be watching the football game, as we have since I bore my kids! Going to a place called God’s Garden, I think that is the name of it. Anyway, and go to Denver for dinner on Fri. nite. Will get back to Chicago on Sat. nite, wait for my family to pick me up, and drive the 3-4 hrs back ‘home’. I use that word cautiously, as you know, I do not like this state! hahaha!!!! Wishing you well, I remain, your very good and loyal friend, love you, Cheryl

          • CHERLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE EMILI ALONE FOR GOD SAKES.. YOUR THE ONE THAT NEED A REST .. ……………………DON’T YOU DARE PICK ON EMILI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              I agree with you Adamfan1, 100%.

              • cheryl 334 says:

                adamfan1………..dianne………………..Children!!! C’mon, now. You should behave. This site is not the kindergarten playground. This is where responsible, respectful adults desire to affiliate with others who have the same view of Adam. No one here is up lto hearing anymore of your childish rants. So, please, try and be a bit mkore respectful to me and others who read this site. I have a feeling Adam would not take to your attitude with acceptance. So, let’s all just get along. If we can’t get along, then let’s just ignore each other. Really, I’m not interested in these childish games you keep trying to bait me with.

                People. People! Kindly respect my opinion, even if you choose not to respect me. Although you don’t even know me, surely lyou’re big enough to try to do that. I’m just asking you nicely……………………………………………….

                • your right cheryl.. the best choice here is to just ignore you from now on..

                  • ADAMFAN………………………………………………..thank you! Ditto!

                  • Dianne Hill says:

                    Yes I will ignore Cheryl too, gladly.

                    One thing I would like to know though, Cheryl, do you actually read what you write because you have been really nasty in some of your posts. I do respect that you have the right to your opinion but so do the rest of us.

                    • DIANNE………………… and adamfan twins? You two and a couople others attack me like ‘gang-bangers’. Hey, that’s fine, if that’s the way it is. I never liked ‘piling on’, myself. Too much respect for myself. One on one. Never getting others to ‘pile on’. Elementary. Childish.

                      Oh, yes, I read my posts. I also read yours. You are the pot calling the kettle black. If I post a disagreement to one, then that is all there is to it. I need no one to try jumping on me for the shear delight of it. For no other reason than to be as mean spirtied as poossible to me. If that stuff gets you off then, as Dylan and Clapton and Lennon would say, ‘have at me’. Hope it pleasures you as much as you expected.

                    • AdamAddict says:

                      Sherry and Dianne,
                      I want to play swing.You push me first then I push you.Yaaaay,higher,higher!!Ok,let’s play the sliding thing now! ๐Ÿ˜›

                • your right !!!!lets talk ADAM, ADAM, ADAM

          • Hey…that is cool that you are coming to Colo Springs. The Garden of Gods is absolutely gorgeous …. snowcapped Pikes Peak in the back ground. Ride the train to the top if you have time. Open all year round now. I have lived her for 37 years and never get tired of it. Denver is way cool too….Adam found that out for 4 days when he recorded with Ryan Tedder… mentioned downtown Denver in interviews as amazing!! I feel lonely and without fellow Adam lovers in colo springs though – so depend on this site… LOL to you and AMA wonders to Adam.

            • cheryl 334 says:

              COLORFORM………………..No need to think you are alone in Co Sp w/re to Adam!!! I drove my daughter and son-in-law nuts when Adam was on idol, getting them to vote!

              My daughter kept saying, ‘Mom, I just don’t vote on tv things’! Well, I’ll tell you, that the night of the last voting, after calling everyone I knew to get them to vote, and setting up my computer to do the ‘power’ voting, my cell, and landline, my daughter called me the next morn to say that she and her hubby did watch the finale, and she voted at least 100 times!! I was so happy and surprised as I never thought they would really ‘vote’ as neither her or me or my son have ever done anything like that!

              The next time she came to visit, she brought me a surprise from my son-in-law, as CD that he recorded for me of all of Adam’s songs!! I cried like a baby. She shed a few tears of her own and she and my son just could not get over me obsessing about Adam the way I did and still do. They had NEVER seen their ‘mom’ in this light, and of course, they had a lot to learn about ‘dear ole mom’!! hahaha!!!!!

              So, she is in Co Sp and is an Adam fan! She has been hiking Pike Peak for years, now, too. She simply loves Co.!!!! I’m glad to hear from you about the Gardens of the Gods!!! I am really excited to see it. She just married a little less than a yr ago, and found this most wonderful place for the ceremony and reception. I only wish I could remember the name, I’m sure you would know it.

              Slhe and hubby were at that church last yr when those people got shot. I was so worried until I heard from them!

              Nice to heare from you! Thank you for letting me in on your love of life in Co Springs!!! I did go camkping in the Colorado Mtns in the late 70’s with a few people. It was glorious. I was there a yr ago, too. Love the state!!! Adam does too!!!

              peace-love-lilght-hope-truth 2 U ! Luv, Cheryl

  20. What is the Ustream link for the AMA’s…..Can someone help me. My TV is broken, and Ican’t miss Adam now after all this time !! LOL


    • Dianne Hill says:

      I don’t know what the US Stream is but I do know this site will be streaming the AMAs live for us. How cool is that. I would hate to miss it too, as it is not on on our TV Channels over here in New Zealand. I am so looking forward to coming here though and watching it live, can’t wait to see Adam perform live.

      • Misty you can go into the livestream site online if you wish. There should be something on the home page regarding the AMA red carpet interviews which take place before the show. It starts at 3 pm pacific time. Or connect with it on this site as mentioned. I recommend trying to find it a little ahead of time as it might take a few minutes to get yourself tuned in.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MISTYLUV 7………………………………….Say WHAT?????? YOUR TV IS ‘BROKEN’!!!!!!!……………………

      SOS……….SOS………..SOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Misty, I would certainly give you the info you need if I knew it, but I don’t, so here’s hoping some Glamb will come to your rescue!!!!

      SOS FOR MISTY………………………………………………………………………………..!!

      S.O.S. FOR MISTY…………………………………………………………………………….!!

      Misty needs help, NOW!!!

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Mistyluv7. Hi there.
      The link you will find on the home page of this forum. It’s called….

      “For Your Entertainment Livestream. Because it is all about the music.”

      It is the 11th entry down including the Billboard one at the top. We’ve had to keep an eye out as we wont get it otherwise in NZ.


  21. hibaalhadid says:


  22. Lorin, I really liked your reference to Icarus who flew so close to the sun his wings melted. Adam does remind me of a dark angel sometimes (love those black wing pics from Elle magazine that DIDN’T get published – should have been!) Notice how much he reminds us of those trenchcoated angels from the film “City of Angels” when he is perched on top of the world in Time for Miracles. I am a woman of faith and I believe our Great God has given Adam an extraordinary gift. Adam’s job now is to be true to his gift and get wisdom from the Giver as to how to use it. So far he seems to be doing a great job! If Adam really gets ahold of the idea that he has a greater purpose in this world it will lead to his happiness and even more enjoyment for us! I pray he can avoid the pitfalls of fame and fortune which have haunted other great talents – he is on the thresold of greatness. Adam – stay humble, stay strong, keep good friends and family close – stay true to your heart and don’t forget He who gives all great and perfect gifts!

  23. AdamAddict says:

    Adam looks so happy rehearsing!Awww,very cute!But I was hoping to see him dancing!That will be hotter!YUP,I say it HOT..TER! It looks fun,it’s like when we were a kid,on teacher’s day,we get on stage and we become the sunflower(you know all the petals surrounded our freaking face) or we become a tree!!Remember how much fun was that??NOPE!!COZ I NEVER GET THE PART!!SCREW THE TEACHERS,SCREW THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™

    • Dianne Hill says:

      It sounds like you had such a hard time at school Emili. I do know where you are coming from though, I was never picked for any parts either. I hated school and my school teachers, mind you it was soooooooooooooooooo long ago now I’ve almost forgotten what they looked like.

  24. (OFRA) I think the water will be for cooling off !!!! but your still right ,should be something stronger like ICE!!!! lol

  25. Tweeterpie says:

    I love Adam’s new album and every single song I’ve heard so far is fantastic, some better than others of course, but that is more about personal taste than anything else. I love the ecclectic nature of his album with his voice being the common thread. Only Adam could really do that successsfully because he has so many levels and textures to his vocals. It’s truly ADAMAZING…I am sooooEXCITED about the upcoming AMA’s that I can hardly contain myself. He is one of the few singers in the world that is actuallly better live than on record, and he’s pretty damn good on records too!. Adam is an incredible performer and person and he is all about positivity & good energy. I know he would hate to think of any of his fans snipping at eachother. Like he always says, “It’s not that deep…so lighten up!” It’s his light hearted nature and love of the universe that makes him so very special. I truly adore everything about that man and that’s why “He’s in & he owns my heart!”

    • Listening to the album right now, it is working it is way deep into my Heart and my Body.
      I am excited to be part of this incredible forward motion that is about to happen, The Storm, The Wave, The Breath.
      The powerful Life force energy that Adam excudes will take the breath away of those who are ready and then it will propel them forward into their own fabulous journey of empowerment, breaking away from the bondage of self implemented restraints.
      I am ready to be transformed forever, the process has already started.

  26. OMG! So ADAMazing! Can NOT wait!!!!

  27. off topic

    I just listen the album…so soooo disappointed :(( …it sounds like a male Britney Spears

  28. AdamAddict says:

    Check this out.Adam talk about OUT magazine.”Sorry Aaron” LOL!Yeah,sorry Aaron!!Sorry the magazine won’t sell like you would expected!!LOL!!Look at Adam’s face!Super cute!
    Thank god,they pick Details first.Look how it turns out?SUPER F****** HOT!!BTW,I got Details today!Woo hoo,I’m krumping!!!Thanks to Cindy for that!Mwah,Cindy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dianne Hill says:

      He is so cute, sexy, gorgeous all at the same time. He is a real professional isn’t he, and is always so gracious and well all I really want to say is he is the SEXIEST MAN ON THE PLANET!!! Hell Yeah.

  29. AdoringAdam says:

    OH ADAM!!!!

  30. I’m starting to notice that in the last few days Adam’s fans are starting to knock each other. Some make comments about his extraordinary singing talent, some about his sexuality, and some about his sexiness. Why can’t we all get along and agree that this man is IT! He is talent, handsome, and out of this world! He is ALL! He wouldn’t want us fighting over him! He wants us to unite not separate.

  31. Jane Parker says:

    WE have to hold on and get ready to FLY to the sky with Adam!

    Are we ready???
    It all begins on Sunday 22 November 2009

  32. Geez, Adamaddict, you brought back some memories! I remember being the bunny in ballet class (cute tutu awful rabbit ears!) and I had to do a somersault at the end of our routine. My foot caught the little “fence” behind us and over we all went, the scenery and me. I got up and my Mom says I bowed. So much for my entertainment career.(I was only 3 or4). Bet Adam’s performance on Sunday will be absolutely perfect! You know he’ll still have those butterflies circulating through his stomach; WE ARE ALL ROUTING FOR YOU ADAM! GO BABY!!!!!

  33. Anyone else notice that the wardrobe was a bit ummmmm leaning toward the Domination/submission scene? If you listen to the words of the song..well its rather glaring imo. Not that its a bad thing…Very hot and mysterious i think…. Hes gonna mesmerize everyone at the AMA’s, I cant wait!!!

  34. Hi Sue (Glamb #10)!!!!

    I am really bad at this computer stuff–I’m never sure where to talk to you so I hoped you would check the bottom of the most recent Adam news.
    He was so cute on Access Hollywood, although I would like to know what kinds of girls’ jeans he wears. Usually they are “constructed” a little differently……. I can’t wait for the AMA’s on Sunday–I love Adam’s live performances. But (Sue, you can probably appreciate this!), I have to fight for the good TV because the Bears game is on that night! I have a husband and a son who still insist on watching DA BEARS even tho they are so bad!! (Actually my son said I should call him when Adam is on–he doesn’t express his liking of Adam and his new album because other males are not quite so open-minded).
    Thank you for asking–my eye is getting better slowly but surely , but it is taking a long time to get my entire frame of vision back . I have not gone to see any movies because I didn’t think it was worth it to watch with one-and-a-half eyes!

    PS There is a Q and A article in the “Culture Vulture” section of OK! magazine with Adam and such a cute pic of him!!!

    Hope to hear from you soon!!!!

    • llinlivalex, tne thing that may help you with your family, Adams performance will be the very last performance of the night and with it starting at 8 pm both pacific and eastern time, it will be closer to 10;30 or later likely so yo can keep checking the AMA’s and maybe if the game is over they’ll let you use the good TV. Now if you are on central time it will be different, but you know that.

      • linlivalex says:

        Thanks Theresa! Dont worry–if I have to bind and gag them I will cuz there’s NO WAY I am missing Adam LIVE!!!!

  35. *****Moderation Warning:

    This thread is on the brink of being closed and/or having comments deleted. Please post respectfully and responsibly to all.

    Dana, Author

    • Thank you, Dana, for this. I love this site and I come here for entertainment value, and I dearly cherish so many of the marvelous and creative posts I have had the honor to read here.

      That being said, there is someone on this site who needs to get back on her Lithium or get the frick off this site, because none of us appreciate her wild and inappropriate mood swings.

      Further, I wish to add, that I am honored to partake of the truly enchanting, articulate and poetic posts of an authentically talented poet, Lorrin, as well as an equally talented, authentic comedienne such as AdamAddict. We are privileged to have such unique talents contribute so fully and substantively to our site, and I am grateful to them both.

      Honestly, there are so many great posters here, let us not allow the bad apple to spoil the barrel.

  36. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Yes for some reason I have something about Adams footwear… not a fetish but I’d love to know where he gets them all. They are stunning. In fact he has one of the best shoe collections I have ever seen.
    Of course they go beautifully on his long legs and with the rest of his clothing style.

    • Part of his leather stuff was designed by Nicolina Royale, see her ad on the front page of gossip candy. I have a photo saved of some awesome black leather studded boots she designed for Adam a long time ago whiile he was still on Idol tour. I wonder if he’ll be wearing them or some similar? He did comment that he has some cool boots for the red carpet.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Oh that’s fantastic. I cant wait to see them. Some people cant wait to see how he wears his hair (I like that anyway it arrives). Me? I want to see what he has on his feet….. lol…
        I’m sure I saw him wearing studded black leather boots the other day in a photo. Ok now I have to go and look for it.

  37. cheryl 334 says:

    FEVER and SOAKED are the most brilliant songs I’ve heard in recent memory, other than all of Adam’s other songs!!!!!!!!!!!! But, these two are different than the rest of the album. They just take one to another ‘plane’. Hauntingly berautiful.

    love-peace-light-truth-joy-hope-happiness 4 all Glambs, and of course, AMAZING ADAM.

  38. Lorrin: Your unconditional love for Adam is a beautiful thing.

  39. ***Thread closed. Any new posts will be deleted***

    Please respect this. Dana