Adam is Everywhere…and You Can Pre-Order the CD!!!


***UPDATE – ADAM’S CD RANKED #1 ON AMAZON AS OF SEPT. 29th*** Feeling blue? Stressed out waiting for news of the single? Well, don’t be! Adam is everywhere!

As we all know, Adam is popping up all over the mainstream media. This is nothing new, of course – he’s been hot news all spring and summer. But with the arrival of fall and the anticipation of his new single and album (as well as his 2012 movie song and the Zodiac documentary), it seems that you can’t pick up any kind of magazine without seeing his name mentioned! And we know you can’t turn on the TV without seeing him (or thinking you see him!)

Here are a few recent tidbits from the mags in case you haven’t seen them…

In their recent September 21-27 issue, TV Guide announces the “tops” of their 2009 Tubey Awards, where fans voted for the best, worst, and craziest moments of the year. No surprise on this award – in the category of “Reality Loser Who Most Deserved to Win” the winner is Adam Lambert. (Though I don’t think that ANY of us think of Adam as a “loser.”)

In their September 25th issue, Entertainment Weekly ranks the upcoming Idol albums (from past and present Idols) in order by anticipation, along with comments. At the “can’t wait” end is Adam (where else?), though EW only says, “The showstopping singer has teamed up with Linda Perry, Ryan Tedder, and Lady Gaga producer RedOne.” The rest of the rankings, however, might surprise you. Second behind Adam is Jason Castro, followed by Kris Allen in third, Allison in fourth, Blake Lewis in fifth, and David Archuleta at the bottom of the “don’t care” end. Ouch!

Do you plan to pre-order the CD, or will you download from itunes, or are you planning on purchasing the CD in person? I think I might do all three, just to support Adam. And any extra copies can always be used as gifts. (Oh, and yes, I have already pre-ordered my CD from
Amazon.) What do you think?

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Best buy is also taking pre orders for His CD I bought 5 !!!

    • Jenn , that is great news. Wow. All this pre order. way to go Adammmmmmmmm

      • I pre ordered mine at Amazon. Only 13 and some odd change? Well I bought 4, that is all they would let me buy. Can’t wait. 😉

        • I pre-ordered 2 at Amazon, but will order more. Don’t you hope that ADAM knows for sure how his cd is topping the charts already?
          Wish we could talk to him about it. No doubt the recording company is also thrilled with his success…whoever signed him on is getting cudos beyond belief I’m sure!

          • AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

            I ordered mine (3 copies) from amazon yesterday and they only charged $9.99 each!!!!!!!!
            Straight to #1 ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lisette here..bonmatin all glambs..thes is wonderful news..An now I av to espress being sad..I av not recived thes in my email..Jeanette is there reason for thes?I av recive most recent thread..Plese see if I’ve drop off toi liste for sending them. I founde thes by visite homepage.An aftre seeing thet I’ve misse interacting.I av been here from commence of glambs international an always feel helps cope with fibromyalgia..Luv an bonregardes to all glambs as we’re here to celebrate Adam’s gifte in musique,now with his recorde being avalable prerelease is splendide news..I’lll now preorder thenkful to seeing thes information even if day late..Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Thanks Jenn,
      Running to Best Buy first thing tomorrow morning!

      • You can order on line with both places

      • Guys!!!

        Gala left a VERY IMPORTANT post 5 pages back (toward bottom of “is it or isn’t it”) on Adam’s shooting to the tops of various polls. I just checked out

        Assuming all is accurate here, according to this blog, Adam’s cd on AMAZON is now second only to Barbara Streisand’s (?) among pre-orders for new November releases. Go check out the info.

        • LINKS are there to vote in MSNBC poll and ROLLING STONE poll.

          • correction—just checked AMAZON website—NOT just in the pre-order category
            Adam’s cd no.2 BEST SELLER in MUSIC, period (all within just 24 hrs.)!!!

            (apparently the same thing is happening in JAPAN, which seems to be a significant compass of international success)

            • the same thing is happening in the UK as well. Was #3 on new releases list.

            • Lisette here..thenks Sherry S. for posting thes information too!An even thout I av actual non recived thes thread,founde by visite homepage..Wonderful news an know Adam is in companie of legendes as I av mentione in earlier threads..His musique an talentes are being realize internationale,from early on American Idol season recall Paula saying take it in Adam yu’ll be here for many yers an recording gold/platinum records,an touring,filling far thes has come to be.An so look forward to buying thes magnificente blende of many musique genres by thes gifted vocaliste,artiste with voix angelique an one of a legende for future generationes to adore too! blessings to all here! An angel blessings for Adam..ange d’musique! Luv Lisettexoxo!

    • I just came on site to tell you all about best buy but you are all so ontop of it. I got my 2 cds but I donot think I will be able to wait. I have to order thru Itunes also. Kris single out but it is a copy of the band the Script’s song released in Europe. I really love this bands music. Interesting that Kris would choose to do it exactly as Script recorded it. He could have released his own music first. It is a good song though. I think I like Danny from Script voice better but It will give Script a bit of Publicity which will be nice for them.

      • I think it’s obvious that Kris just doesn’t have the originality or imagination that ADAM has in music or personality. I feel bad for Kris, and I think that he feels he has alot of pressure to be the winning Idol. (We all know that ADAM really won!!!!)

  2. I have asked my local music store to get me two copies. I will also download some.

    The gossip candy site has some out of the country amazon sites and also others like best buy etc..

  3. Thanks for the latest news Jeanette. I will do the all 3 process . Pre order, download on Itunes and purchase in person. Oh yes, I want to experience the in person adrenaline at the music store to share
    all the hot vibes with the Adam Lambert CD purchasers!
    Wonder if any of the music stores will have a life size display of Adam for PR???

    Oh I want one…

    • Mary, I’ve been thinking about a life-size display too! I picture walking into Walmart and being greeted by that BEAUTIFUL face. . . how can we stop ourselves from walking out with it???

      Cindy in MS

      • Oh Mary, you watch it, my girl!!! Do not go toting off that lifesize model. Hubby will not appreciate a third person in his bed!!!

        • AdamRocket and Terry. That is funny. I have to tell you. I have a lifesize model of
          the golfer Fred Couples. Hubby is also a big golf fan and we have met Freddie and
          gotten his autograph a few times when the Jack Nicholaus Memorial Golf Tournie is
          here in Dublin Ohio. There is this local golf shop and we made arrangements to
          get that lifesize of Freddie after the tournament week was over. Its in our basement with
          all the other sports memorabelia. The first day I brought it home, I did put it in bed.
          Hubby laughed. Only because he loves golf!!!!!

          Now , lets see what he would do if he walked in and saw Adam in bed. OMG, love the
          thought of it. And oh yeh, I love Adam waaaaaayyyyyyyy more than Freddie.

        • Yes I am married too, but I don’t understand third person? Me +Adam

      • Yeah, Cindy…I bet the 2 of us could sneak it out of our WM totally unobserved….But then what? Joint custody??? Wouldn’t want to have to fight you for him! Candace

        PS… What would you think about forming a “GulfCoast Glambs” group for MS, LA, AL, maybe FL panhandle, too? There aren’t many of us yet, but that’s gonna change when Adam’s album drops.

        • Plans are already in the works!! 🙂

          See this page:

          Glamb #6

          • How long does it take to get approved for a group? I joined the Texas one, run by peaches last night, so I know I need to let her have time…………but DANG it I am impatient! LOL

        • Candy, maybe Walmart will have one at each entrance! 🙂

          As far as the Gulf Coast/AL/FL Panhandle Glambs, that sounds great! I’m just not sure I would be the best choice as one of the leaders–I would do everything I could to help out–but I’m not very tech savvy, which is one of the skills needed, according to the site.

          Cindy in MS

          • Yeah…I’m pretty deficient in the tech dept. too, Cindy….but I learn more every day in my pursuit of all things ADAM. Maybe one of the other Glambs in our region could head it up & we can give support?

            Candace in MS

        • Hey Candace,

          I was so excited to see a fellow Glamb from my neck of the woods. I live in the Florida Panhandle (Panama City Beach). I thought this wouldn’t happen. So, please let me in, OK??
          Where are you and the others from? Where did you all go see him in concert this summer?


        • Hey Candace,

          I was so excited to see a fellow Glamb from my neck of the woods. I live in the Florida Panhandle (Panama City Beach). I thought this wouldn’t happen. So, please let me in, OK??
          Where are you and the others from? Where did you all go see him in concert this summer?


          • Welcome Victoria!

            Glad to meet cha! AdamRocks! (Cindy) & I live in Picayune MS, about an hour out of New Orleans to the NE. She got to see Adam & the other Idols at their Memphis concert, but I didn’t have that pleasure. Am looking forward to seeing him LIVE, hopefully in a “South Coast” venue!!!

            So far, when I checked the list of Glambs, I only saw us, plus 1 in Mandeville LA (across Lake Pontchartrain from N.O.) & 1 in N.O. (where I’m from originally). I know the FL panhandle area well having spent a LOT of time in Gulf Shores, Pensacola, Destin, etc in my life. Beautiful beaches! As a matter of fact, after Hurricane Katrina washed us out of our home in Bay St. Louis MS, we stayed 6 weeks in Crestview FL with my step-daughter & her family. Her husband’s folks live near Panama City & we replaced our flooded-out cars w/2 from Ft. Walton Beach! Still drivin’ them, too.

            Hope we can form a Gulf Coast Glambs group, but til then, we might need to join up with the Texas Glambs. Not that far away in distance, but you know what they say…”Texas is a whole ‘nother country!”. We’re all ONE in our love for ADAM LAMBERT, tho!!!!

            Candace in MS

            • Hi Guys,

              Glamb#355 here from Baton Rouge, La, I’ll bet there are alot more of us in these states than we know. I went to see Adam in Memphis. I was telling one of my accounts about it and she was so jealous. So, I made her a copy of the CD I had downloaded from Itunes for her. I also forward some of the youtube clips to her. I get the impression she’s not big on computors.

              But, just wanted you to know I’m out here in your area.

              • Hi Jerri…So glad to get a shout out from you in B.R.! Tiger country!!! (Ahhhh…must confess to being Tulane fan, but pull for LSU when they’re playing anyone else…which will be most of the time since Tulane & LSU no longer play against each other in football!) I digress…

                Back to Adam’s HOTNESS…You & Cindy (AdamRocks!) were BOTH at the Memphis concert…now I’m doubly jealous! I can only imagine what it must be like to see him in PERSON. I’ve never wanted to see anyone’s concert so much in my life. I did see The Stones up in Baton Rouge (1973?, 74?)… Thought it was the BEST thing ever at that time. Now, I’m ready to ROCK with Adam! Now that he’s visited N.O. last weekend, I know he’ll try to have our area on his solo tour.

                Can’t wait for his single to be released, then to get his CD in my hot little hands…So exciting that he’s getting so much support already in the sales!

                Candace in MS

  4. I can’t stand the thought that I won’t have the CD on THE VERY FIRST DAY so am probably going to buy AT LEAST 3 on the first day it is out. Hate having to worry about delivery, etc. Since I am a novice to this kind of mania, do I have to worry about it being in local outlets on Nov 24? Where is best place to get it where they are sure to have it stocked? I’ll be on a plane that day on way for Thanksgiving holiday, so need to have it before flight time or will never be able to enjoy the trip.

  5. ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wow I didnt see this post until just this second… As I said on the naming Adams cd post, I have just pre-ordered it on amazon… I will also do itunes and then go to wal-mart for one or two more.. anything for Adam.. yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited !!!!!

    • by the way…… as a funny side note, I went to my local music store here in utah… Hastings, and asked it they were going to be ordering Adam Lamberts cd.. and the clerk started looking at the computer and then looked up at me and said HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT, I’VE NEVER HEARD OF THAT NAME !!!!!!!! I busted out laughing and I said, well in about 3 months , you will know that name very well !!! As it happens, they didn’t even have it in their computer banks to order.. I looked him in the face and said… oh !! you guys are going to be very, very sorry if you slide on the one !!!! then I left.. I’m sure Wal-mart will have it as they always carry the idols cd’s.. People of the world .. lol.. get ready to know who Adam Lambert is !!!

      • Adamfan1. Where in the hell has that store clerk been? Must have had their head buried in the sand somewhere. Glad you set the record straight!!!!!!!!!!


        • admfan1, thx for tht info. way to go adammmmmmmmmm. you are the bomb.

        • If I am now reading this right …… which is questionable .. Adam is now # 3 in pre-sales and still # 1 for shakers and movers… but this is me talking so you might want to check it out to see if I’m accurate.. 🙂 ……. P.S. so I pre-ordered 2 more . one for sister and one for boyfriend.. he loves Adam too..

  7. Yeh! I have ordered from Canada and the US and will download on twitter too

    • Marilyn,, how did you order it in Canada? I just tried and the Amazon ca site would not let me. I also called HMV and they said I had to come in in person and put down a ‘deposit’… I want to do it electronically if possible. Don’t mind doing the pick up later.

      BTW where are you located?

      Terry, Vancouver

      • Hi theresa/canada and Marilyn, you are able to order on the Canadian Amazon site. However, they will only ship as an import- so it will take longer. I am order directly off site, and will get it much faster (on US release date)!! I asked HMV and they do not think the album will be released in Canada until December. Is that what you’ve heard as well? BTW, i’m an adam fan alone here in Calgary!!


        • Share, that is not what I heard from my HMV store – I thought Adam’s CD was being released on the same day is in the States – CDs usually are here – at least in Toronto. I need to check this out again. Otherwise I’ll have a friend from NYC buy it for me and courier it overnight express! Or, I might need to put myself up for adoption from one of my American sisters!!! LOL! GROAN! There is no way I waiting until December! That’s just cruel!!!

          BTW, Share – you are not alone as long as you are on this site. As mentioned in another post, you have sister Canadians here as well as many, many others from around the world who ’’share’’ your love for Adam! Never forget that!!


          Glamb #20

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Wow Jane, I’m worried now. I’ll have to check my local music store in the morning. There’s no way I’m waiting longer than the 24th to get the cd. I know when I went to get the RS mag, all the stores said they wouldn’t have it until one week later. That was agony, waiting another week! I had planned on getting a few copies, one from the store, download from i-tunes and pre-order, but I haven’t looked into the Canadian Amazon site yet.

            • Here’s another concern for us Canuck gals- As evidenced by Kris Allen’s single not being available on Cdn iTunes yet- looks like Adams CD won’t hit itunes until later! Yikes, If the CD doesn’t show up on the 24th itself, i’m going to have to call in some favours from down south. There is no way I could wait 2 to 4 extra weeks (according to HMV and BestBuy in Calgary). If you gals find out anything else, pleeeeease let me know!! Thanks, Share

              • Hello fellow Canucks, Glamb #34 here.
                Do you think we are big enough yet to form a Canadian chapter?

                I have just pre-ordered Adam’s CD from (not com). It is showing a release date of November 24 and it is printed on my order. Perhaps they have updated the info on the site. I am also going to pre-order at HMV here in Edmonton.

                • OOOhhhh, sign me up please!! CelticMairin, i’m so glad to have found another die hard Alberta Canada fan!! I think someone may be setting up a b.c. chapter- please let me know any updates on this, thx, Share

  8. Oh no! I might be on the road November 24th, driving up to Maryland for the Thanksgiving holiday! I’ve pre-ordered one from Amazon, but if we’re driving that day, I’ll probably stop on the way and buy one. . . and I’m thinking about getting one for each of my three sisters for Christmas! 🙂

    Cindy in MS

    • Cindy… call me in your travels and I will play it over the phone for you to listen too.. lol

    • Good idea, Cindy. With the US Thanksgiving shopping frenzy you don’t want to get caught in a ‘double frenzy’ ha ha!

      Our Thanksgiving is second Monday in Oct each year.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hey Cindy
      If you buy a copy on the road, then you can listen to it in your car all through your trip and back! That would be very cool! No need to miss it!

      • Adam’s CD for christmas gift,Cindy?Your sisters are lucky! 😛 BTW,I never buy anything in Amazon.So,U think they will shipping it to Malaysia bcs I heard somewhere that non US can’t??!! I’m Confused!! I want to wait until the CD is here so Adam’s album will sell more here in Malaysia but I don’t know when and I kinda …can’t wait!LOL!

  9. I’m so excited. Next time I’m at Best Buy I’ll pre-order Adam’s CD (heck I’ll pre-order Kris’s too and Allison’s if it’s available). I wish they would decide on a name and release the cover art already. The anticipation is excruciating.

    If you guys haven’t heard Kris’s new single, you should listen to it and decide if you like it or not. I went ahead and bought it just to show support for Kris(not only is he a friend of Adam’s but he’s got a great voice too) but now I’m kinda wishing I had just listened to it first before I bought it. It’s not bad but it’s not all that great either. Just a warning for anyone keeping up with Kris too. lol

    • The song was from the Band Script Danny sang it and they put it out in Europe It is on you tube I think they are great. Kris needed to come out with his own song the people promoting him made a mistake with this one better done by Script almost exactly same. I know Kris has some great stuff in him so why not let him start with his own. Micro managing him. not good. He is a great singer

      • Really? I love The Script. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved was one of my favorite songs of the summer. I went and listened to their version and loved it. Thanks for the heads up. I really hope Kris’s people get their act together. I don’t want to see Kris fail. He’s really good and such a sweet person. Hopefully Adam’s producers will make sure to avoid anything as stupid as releasing a cover for his breakout single. Granted anything Adam sings will be a hit, but I still want to hear something that’s completly his own. So Excited!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I listened to Kris’ single several times. I wanted to like it, but I just don’t. Not a big Kris fan, but did enjoy his set on the Idol tour and because he is a good friend to Adam, I was willing to give it a shot. I agree, I think they made a big mistake releasing this single. Maybe they were in too much of a hurry to get something out there. Hope for his sake the cd is better.

          • I had posted before on another sight …. Kris’s song was only # 29 a few days ago and now it had dropped to # 43 in just 3 days.. ( that was this morning when I checked it )

            • update……… just checked itunes on kris’s song again… down to # 57.. I hope so much that they have a plan for Kris.. we want to see him do well…..

              • Awww,poor Kris! I hope it’s not gonna happen to our Adam! Can’t wait to listen his single! 🙂

                • NO WAY in hell it will happen to Adam. Remember, we are CRAZY fans of ADAM! lol Seriously though, no way that will happen to Adam. I just fill for Kris. He is a super sweet guy and one of Adam’s closest friends. I wanted him to do well. I just can’t stand that single. I don’t think it is Kris’s fault, it is the people behind him. WAKE UP JIVE!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Kris tweeted that he’s off to London. Adam is back home in LA. Matt is also in LA now. Funny, they seemed to all miss each other. Allison just got home a few days back. When Kris was in LA, Adam was in NO. Now Adam is home and Kris is off to London. Megan is supposed to be in LA soon too. Hope the London trip helps Kris’ single and cd. I think he’s in trouble right now. Very stupid move releasing that single!

              • Aww!!! Thats sad. I love Kris. He is one of my favorite Idol contestants. Him and Kelly Clarkson are my 2nd and 3rd(1st being Adam lol duh). I was really hoping it was just me that didn’t really like the new single and it would at least crack the top 10. darn!!!

      • I agree Kris needs his own signature for his debut single. Thats a bummer fo so.

  10. can’t preorder at amazon but they will send an email when it is ready to order

  11. I aldready pre-ordered from Amazon, but will probably buy/download on iTunes & pick up more CDs at WalMart or Sam’s for gifts. I want to show my support for Adam!!! Can’t have too much of HIM, after all. Will also buy some of Allison & Kris (not loving his new single, tho.), too.

    Candace in MS

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Candace
      I too plan on buying several copies and downloading on i-tunes. Have to check out the music stores tomorrow to make sure we here in Canada get it on the same day. I had to wait a week later to get the RS mag. It was torture. See my post above re Kris’ single. I wanted to like it, but I don’t. Looking forward to Allison’s cd. I follow her on twitter too and she’s not sure when the release date is right now. It was funny, she had a twitter party yesterday and when asked who she missed the most on the Idols tour, she replied “everybody, but especially the girls–Lil, Megan and Adam! followed by a ha, ha! I thought it was very cute.

  12. I pre-ordered my copies from the London HMV store on line, of course I am planning to purchase copies in person, if there are any left on the shelfs.

  13. I had reported earlier that my local HMV said they would be ordering LOTS of Adam’s CD. I DO like the idea of actually buying it the day it comes out. The store opens at 10 so I think I’ll tell my boss that I have a “medical appointment” that morning so I can arrive at work later that day (and leave early as well to listen to it later that day.) It IS a medical condition that I am suffering from – Chronic ADAMitis – very serious, I get heart palpitations, feel weak at the knees, can’t breathe, feel faint – I got it BAAAADD!! I know that I will also download from Itunes whenever any part of it is available.

    I CAN”T wait!!!!!!

    Glamb #20

    • I will do that too but had to have one for sure order just in case things get crazy. I had trouble getting a rolling stone magazine. Soooo just making certain.

    • Jane, my HMV girl didnt know what I was talking about and insisted I had to ‘come in’ to preorder and make a down payment.. sheeesh, so I went online to Amazon and did it (see below)

    • Jane416, thats funny, heck take just take the whole day off and celebrate!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Jane..very cute..Adamitis thet mabe for people everywhere now as yu too..An even thout I suffre from fibromyalgia,Adam is actual l’remedie thet helps me thru l’jour,an now going for blood labtests..thenkfull I visited here as I didnon recive thes thread.An so av to rely on visiting hompage.An lovli frends as yu too !..blessings an luv Lisette..I can rely on faith, true frends,famille an Adam’s musique,tresbeau hearte,soul an a voix d’angeli to see me thru any darkness thet othres may cast..With him there’s always lit an serenitie..merci Adam for being m’angel in temes of sadness,illness hering toi voix is reason to beliv ther’ll be only bleu skies an amour..J’etaime blessings to all lovli frends/glambs here too xoxoxoxo!!!

  14. P.S. Thank you for that GORGEOUS picture at the top of the page!!! It started my ADAMitis symptoms all over again!!!


    • Helen/Canada says:

      That’s funny Jane, because I suffer from the same symptons! There must be a virus going around called Adamitis! I hope they never find a cure!

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Jane416: I thought the same thing about our Beautiful Boy in Blue! I already have this pic saved, but seeing it again did the same thing to me when I first saw it: tears sprang to my eyes~~ because he is sooooo beautiful,,*sigh*

  15. I’m definitely preordering from Amazon, Itunes, Coconuts (local record store) and Barnes and Noble.

  16. Does anyone know when it goes on presale on iTunes?

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I would be interested in finding that out too since living in Canada, I’m skerd we may have to wait a bit longer before it comes out here. I hope not!

      • Hi Helen/Canada; check out some more info I got about the cd /itunes release in canada in our original post above. Pleeeeese let me know if you find anything further! Thx Share

  17. Jeanette,
    Thanks for that gorgeous pic of Adam…, dreamy blue….ooooooooooooo !!!
    I pre-ordered the CD from Best Buy, but I plan on going to the store on Nov 24 to buy several copies…just wanted to cover my butt to make sure I got at least one….(the pre-order from BestBuy will arrive between Nov 24 and Dec 1)….I don’t think I can wait that long, so I’ll run to the store on the morning of Nov 24 !!! What a great Thanksgiving this will be for all of us !!!!

    Dee (Adamlicious)
    Glamb #458
    Wayne, NJ

  18. I plan on pre-ordering from Amazon AND buying it on itunes. I don’t EVER want to be in a situation where I can’t hear a song from Adam if I want to…what if my iphone needs charged????? I may need to pop in a CD…..Geezz.. I must ALWAYS be prepared!!! I’ve officially lost it!!! and I love it!!!! I’m 39 years old for goodness sake and he makes me screeeeammmm!

  19. I’ve been following this fansite since early in the competition…Thanks so much!!

  20. Move over Barbra…Adam is gaining on you.

    • Barbra’s been in the top 100 for 60 days. It’s only been one day for Adam, and he’s already at No. 2. What do you want to bet he’s No. 1 tomorrow and stays there?

      • waahoo! this news is MINDBLOWING!!! — all within 24 hrs.!!!

        Jeanette, can you bring over the links from the MSNBC and ROLLING STONE polls? (I know we’ve all grown to hate that word, vote, but you only get to vote once here, so it’s cool.) I found them as per Gala’s direction on:

        click on the post: “Adam is murdering the competition in the polls everywhere online” for links.

        the MSN Entertainment poll is easy to find; for the RS poll on its very busy page, find the blue box toward the bottom headlined “Random Votes”

      • Move over, Babs!!!! There’s a NEW STAR in the cosmos named ADAM LAMBERT & your sun has set! His album hasn’t even been named yet, much less released & he’s already soaring to the top. What’s gonna happen when we get to hear a SINGLE??? Maybe this week????

        I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

        Candace in MS

        P.S. My Mom had me order Harry Connick Jr’s new CD for her when I ordered Adam’s. She’ll be 81 in Oct. & doesn’t even own a CD player! Guess I know what to get her for her B-D! She did like Adam on AI this season & when I played his Brigadoon song for her in my car last week…she teared up & said “I still can’t believe he didn’t win.” SOOOO…Of course, I pre-ordered a copy of Adam’s for her, too!!!

        • LibraLamb, I know, whats exciting is Adams album is still Tbd and is at #1, just builds up the
          excitement about what his cover is going to be named……….oh la la,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Jeanette, Thats the best of news. And Barbara has been making the rounds on TV appearances.
        She was on Oprah etc. So look out for Adammmmmmmmmmmm!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          OMG, OMG, wouldn’t that be fabulous if he started making the rounds on tv to promote his cd!!!!!!!

          • Helen, I’m sure Adam will be promoting his debut album. Just think of all the shows he can
            be appearing on!! Ellen, Oprah, Leno, Conan, Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, already
            scheduled to appear on GMA Nov. 24th. Exciting.

  21. I hope Adam might be featured in the movie posters for 2012; I live in a small town with a little movie theater; I might start campaigning now to try to get a copy just in case!

  22. ADAM IS # 1 ON AMAZON PRE-ORDERS..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S OUR BOY !!!

    • His is #2 right now, but who cares? Look who is #1???? Ms Barbra Streisland! He won’t care, he’ll be flattered!!!

      I just ordered 3 cds and they are guaranteed to arrive by Nov 24 and I get free shipping! Oh happy day!

      • Theresa.. Your right !!! The link that I went to was the shaker and mover.. ??? I’ve never followed a music cd or ordering before … so when I clicked on that and saw that he was number 1 I thought that was what everyone was talking about.. duh me !!!! Sorry to post the wrong chart.. in the future, you gals just take what I blab here with a grain of salt.. lol lol I just get toooo excited and have to tell someone … hugs


    • Haha, I love this!!! A great idea, PLEASE, PLEASE tweet this to Adam, I’m sure it will make him laugh and… who knows, he might just do it. And don’t forget that if he does, he will be owing you royalties… at the least :-))

      By the way (a little moan from across the pond) it looks like will be making Adam’s CD available from December onwards… And this create a slight disadvantage for Adam because by then most of his UK and Europe fans would have purchased his CD from America one way or the other.


      Make sure to buy Adam’s CD from UK and Europe’s sites and outlets AS WELL so that he can climb the charts outside the US tooll!!!

      And who cares if all our Christmas presents are Adam’s CD, I’m sure my aunts and uncles and cousins, and 90-year-old neighbour next door would not mind at the least!!!!


      I will go and pre-order it now because I want him to climb up

      • Sorry, didn’t finish my thought :-))
        I’m off to spend some money right now for a very worthy cause, called


  24. I have ordered 3 copies from Amazon. Have them shipped to me on Nov 24th. One to use, one to preserve, and one to give to my favorite coworker at work, who is also in love with Adam. My daughter said, “Mom, just buy one, I can make copies for you.” To that I reply, “No dear, I want to support my beloved artist.”

  25. CHECK IT OUT MY FELLOW GLAMBS, CHECK IT OUT! Adam is not only #1 for pre-sales on Amazon, he is #1 on the Movers and Shakers of Music list…!!!

  26. I just ordered my first ever item from! Can’t wait for Adam’s CD to arrive! Of course I hope to already have it by the time it arrives!! I hope Adam’s CD is number 1 on the charts the first day so all those people who have no clue who he is will know what we’ve known all along….he’s simply amazing!!!! Love ya ADAM!!!!!

  27. I ordered 2 copies from Best Buy before had them available, couldn’t wait. One I will open, I have to see the artwork and photos, the other will be placed with my growing collection. I will download from iTunes to make the copies that I will actually play. I just bought my first iPod in order to load it with Adam’s music. I call it Adam since that is the only music I plan to have on it. Ha! Ha!

  28. OMG! He’s already second on Amazon?!?!?! Wow!!!I’m so glad to hear that!!!

  29. Jane Parker says:

    Hey! We have to concentrate on Adam right now and keep him on top, and not worry so much about Kris.
    I have heard people say, who are not Adam fanatics like us, that they have not heard anything about Adam after AI. Let’s make sure we keep him in the news constantly for as long as we can!!

    I have preordered Adam’s album and I will download from i-Tunes.

  30. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    I pre-ordered mine on Amazon. He’s down to #3 on the list! When I get it I’ll rip it to iTunes and my iPod. I will probably get it a little late (due to shipping) but I’m sure I’ll be able to find it online on the day of the release so I’ll probably get to hear it before I get the physical disk.

  31. So glad to see that Adam is number on the “Can’t wait” list and Jason Castro is second. I love both of them. I am a member of the Jasonettes and now a Glamb. Two amazing talented performers. Each one with his own unique talent and style!!!! Congratulations to both Adam and Jason!!!!!!!!

  32. Pre-order update:
    So there’s all the Amazon preorder numbers to watch for…
    Without any promotion in most of the countries!!! This is amazing!!!



    AMAZON UK #238


    GO ADAM GO!!!!!

  33. Just found 2 new pics of Adam from his visit last weekend in New Orleans (aka The Big Easy)…Lokks like our boy’s been growin’ himself a ‘stash & goatee!!! Am SOOOOOOOOJEALOUS of the folks w/HIM in these pics. Here’s the link:


  34. Just found 2 new pics of Adam from his visit last weekend in New Orleans (aka The Big Easy)…Looks like our boy’s been growin’ himself a ‘stash & goatee!!! Am SOOOOOOOOJEALOUS of the folks w/HIM in these pics. Here’s the link:


    • Are they really new???
      It’s just… they are soooooo like Adam pre-Idol… and the hair looks longer, no blue streaks in sight… Are we sure these are new?

      • Yep…That’s from this past weekend in New Orleans, prob Friday nite.. Another report had him spotted the next day in Lafayette LA (about 2-3 hrs west of N.O.), which may be where Drake is from….It’s big Cajun counrty! I wonder if Drake brought Adam home to meet his family??? Then he tweeted he was back in L.A. on Sun. nite. He’s obviously decided to change up his look a bit…Not surprising with our Adam! He looks different in every photo!

  35. jeanette,I will be pre- ordering from Amazon Adam’s 1st single and going to the store to pick one up at either Best Buy or Walmart. I have already pre-ordered Adam’s album, at Amazon when they first offered the album, hope that they haven’t lost my order since then, I will be checking that out also when I go over to Amazon to place my order Adam’s single, so excited about this.

  36. earlzagurl4u says:

    Jeanette: A million “thank you’s” for the pic of the object of our affection: Our Beautiful Boy in Blue~~I have this pic saved and simply adore it but when I saw it first thing this morning, I had the same reaction I did the very first time I saw it~~Tears sprang to my eyes, because he is just soooooo beautiful,,*sigh*

  37. Number TWO today….number ONE tomorrow.

  38. Adam just tweeted he is heading into the studio with Linda Perry…good gosh almighty!


  39. I pre-order, I buy the CD itself, and I will download at itunes. I do it all for Adam Lambert, how can you not do everything for him, his huge and will worth every penny spent!!!

  40. Love Adam so, so much. I am having this fever feeling just looking at his picture and reading all your comments about him. Why do I love him so much?

    • maryann, I ask myself that question all the time. I have not felt this way about an entertainer since Elvis (that shows how OLD I AM lol). He mesmerizes me, he astonishes me, he thrills me, he is in my thoughts night and day – I cannot get enough of him. So, here I sit in my little corner of the world, out in the sticks of the lower midwest, at 2:22 AM, at my computer, doing my ADAM thing! I love how he sounds, how he looks, his fantastic performance skills, his sexiness, his goodness, his down-to-earth attitude, his humanity. He is one of a kind and I thought I would never, ever feel that way about another entertainer for the rest of my life and I have lived 66 years! Well, Elvis was the King for me, but the King is dead – and long live THE KING: Adam Michel Lambert.

  41. I usually lurk on here and enjoy the posts so much. I had signed up on Amazon a couple months ago to be notified when his CD was available. I didn’t get a notification from them, but saw that it could now be pre-ordered; sure glad I checked here! I pre-ordered mine on the 27th just like most of you. But Amazon said it would not be shipped until Nov 30. Cannot wait that long! Gotta get my hot little hands on it the day it hits stores, so will try Wal-Mart on THE DAY! Hope they are not sold out before I get there!

    • you have to pay for the two day shipping for it to get there on the day the cd drops… I paid it because I don’t know if we’ll have a ft of snow that day.. lol

  42. I just ordered two copies of his CD, one for me and one for my 9 year old daughter!
    How do I get a fan number?