Adam Lambert now in Utah (Interview): He wants a house in Hollywood with dimmers and a gym

Here’s a great new video from Salt Lake’s FOX 13, prior to the July 14th concert. In it, Adam gets specific on what toy he’s saving to buy and what extras he wants for it. Also how he’s spending his off-time while visiting the concert towns and where he goes after performances. From what he mentions, you’d have to be pretty special to find him and spend some time with him there. But we’d love to hear about it if you do!


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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. first comment again!
    i wanna spend time with Adam too ๐Ÿ™
    wonder if he’d let me for being the first commenter XD
    Adam can be really darn adorable at times, and this was one of those times
    i LOVE his shirt
    (and whaterver’s below it…)

    • Theresa/Canada says:

      Could you please expain to me what “XD” means? Maybe it’s my age or that I am in Canada but it’s a totally new one on me! I’ve seen it a lot on youtube posts. Thanks! LOL

      • RainOnRoses says:

        Theresa ~XD is a very, very big smiley with scrunched eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I thik that is a making a face with eyes closed tightly and with mouth wild open. XD, like screaming loud and hard that you have to close your eyes and hold your fist tightly with a full body motion of doing it.


        • Gosh, that sounds something like Adam doing ‘Whole Lotta Love’!

          • That’s for sure~~ “Whole Lotta Love” is my favorate of his performance! I was in the San Jose concert, I was going CRAAAAAAAAAAZY~~!!! I checked the Youtube video in Utah, he tone down a little bit, San Jose was the best!!! Sophia

    • BettsTalk says:

      This is my first post. I adore Adam and can’t wait to see him on Monday, July 20th at arena. Does anyone know who I could bribe for a meet and greet pass? LOL.

      • From what other posters say, if you get out of the concert right way, and go to the location where all Idols will come, most fans have had good luck in getting autographs and taking photos, but not with the Idols, there is usually a barrier, and no time.

        Go early as well, maybe meet them then, or ask the ushers where it’s located.

    He wants DIMMERS!!! How cute! I heard him say weeks ago he has his eyes on a house in the Hollywood Hills. Dimmers are so inexpensive! He’ll hopefully find out small stuff like that on his own! He sure looks happy, and I will say, ‘rested’!!! Yeah Adam!!!! Thanks for this vid! It is hard for an inexperienced ‘computer whiz-kid’ like me to find my way around, think enough about it to be sure and check-out what site I’m on so that I can get back to it if need be!!!!! However, I’ve been learning why I should remember ti do that! This is all still a little over-whelming to me. Sometimes I get “skerd” when I realize I’ve jumped from link to link and didn’t even know it!!! Now that Adam has some ‘pocket change’, I’m sure that gives him a sense of security. Ithought the interviewer was very good! No rhetorical or dumb questions! He’s so sweet!!!
    …-peace-love-happiness-….4 Adam and all glamberts!

    • Thanks Cheryl – found it! Loved the interview too!

      Jeanette, appreciate all that you’re doing on this website – by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar the best and developing in leaps and bounds – MEGA THANK YOU!

      • cheryl norman…. just bookmark/favorites the pages you what to go back to later. that’s what I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • ITSME – Thank you for the tip, itsme! So, I click on bookmark/favorites, then what happens?? What is ‘bookmark’?? You may find this very funny, but I don’t know what ‘bookmark’ does or how to bring it up and can I delete a ‘bookmark’ or ‘favorites’?? You don’t have to type me back if it’s too long, I just don’t know what that means!……….told everyone I’m just learning to get around on the computer!! haha! Bet you didn’t think I was this ‘illiterate’, huh?!……..Thanks so much, tho, itsme!………-peace-hope-……..

          • Cheryl, if you look up at the bars at the top of your computer (called Toolbars), you will see some little words that say ‘File View Favorites Tools Help’. Click on ‘Favorites’ and a box should drop down. When you go to a website that you really like and would like to see it on a regular basis without going all over the internet trying to find it again, you will want to “Save It To Favorites’. While you are on a website you like, right-click your mouse. A long box with many different choices will show up. Roll your mouse down (called scrolling), to where it says ‘Add To Favorites’, and then left-click your mouse on those words. The page you are on will then automatically be saved to that box above called ‘Favorites’. When you want to look at that page again, simply left-click on your top bar where it says ‘Favorites’, the box will drop down, click on the name of that site you saved, and voila, it will open up for you. You may save as many websites to favorites as you want. I keep all my important and favorite sites right there on Favorites, so they are right at my fingertips.

            That’s how to do ‘Favorites’. Someone else can explain Bookmarks, I rarely use that function. Hope this helps!

            • LORRIN, i JUST MENTIONED ON A POST HOW i HAQVE MORE QUESTIONS ON THIS SITE THAN ANSWERS!! See?! Thank you so much! When my daughter was here a couple weeks ago she showed me some things to luse the ‘favorites’ button, and I have, but did not know I could use it in the way you described! This will definately save me precious time, putting that mildly! Thanks, also, for ‘being there’ for so many of us in times of ‘need’, really!! Love to you! ….Cheryl





              THANKS LORRIN!

    • Theresa/Canada says:

      Isn’t it great to see Adam so appreciative and grateful for what he is getting now? As one of his ‘world of moms’ I am proud of him for thinking of helping his family then buying a home first and foremost.

      Cheryl I was the same the first few days (still getting used to this Windows Vista), but I got a sheet of paper and began writing down the websites we’ve been linked to, then my ID name and password as some ask for more security than others. I am now registered with or checking:,, twitter,com,, usa today, E! online,, etc etc.. but this site is NO. ONE!

      • Theresa/Canada says:

        Yes, many thanks to Jeanette and Dreamsound for giving us this wonderful venue to communicate and write our appreciations for our dear Adam. XXOO

        • Adam is an angel! I wish he continues always the same.

          About the site, I agree qith all the comments. This place is great for everyone who loves Adam.

        • Lisette here..sorry Im so late as laptop was now see nonmore video..darn.Well reade from everyone postes thet Adam alway places his famille firste..As seen on interview on utube with his mama. An agree thenks to dreamsounde an Jeanette beliv thes is by far one of best sites for all Adam fans,frends,glamberts to share their amour an affectione for beau Adam. I juste wishe I can finde still to recive an official glambert registry number?Ihave clicke on home page photo but seeme to have no luck here..I av been posting since commence of thes website..”C’est L’avie I do consider maself a glambert nevertheless..An unjour to be forturnate to see Adam in concerte..I av missed him out in Calif.. due to illness ..but pray to see him soon somehow,somewhere an someday! hugs an bisous Luv Lisette!

      • THERESA/CANADA -hey, Theresa! Thanks for trying to make me feel better about not knowing what the heck I’m doing sometimes, but you know, I’m not sure what you meant by ID name. Is that the same as ‘user name’?
        Get this – you know I’ve told you all how computer illiterate I am, and can’t find links and all, but, get this, I
        have accdounts at the following; myspace, youtube, adamofficial, twitter, yahoo, mylife,e online, google,cnn, msnbc,facebook and some others!!!! hahaha! HOWEVER, I AM STUMBLING AROUND LIKE A DRUNKEN SAILOR A LOT!!! Often, I’ll think about reg. at a site for a while, then decide to ‘go ahead’ only to find out that I am already registered!!!! IS THAT NOT TOO FUNNY!!! I feel so dumb then! So, maybe you can see, that altho I’m not stupid, I’ve been kind of ‘wildly’ running around the internet like a ‘kid in a candystore’! WHAT WAS I THINKING??? haha!?? So, now I’m trying to deal w/the mess I’ve made for myself! I got asked to ltype in my URL ? – had NO IDEA what the hell they were asking for!! Also, I needed my ‘network’ letters, didn’t know that either, so I just click ‘c a n c e l’ a lot! I could be dangerous on line if I knew what the heck I was doing a lot of times!! HOWEVER, THANK YOU ALL WHO ARE GIVING ME SOME GREAT ADVICE!!! I SURELY DO NEED IT AND WANT IT!! FEEL LIKE I’M KIND OF A ‘BOTHER’ THO FOR BEING SO …..NEEDY!! HAHAHA!….hey…-PEACE- THANKS-HOPE-JOY- …2 U ALL!!!

        • Hey Cheryl, have no fear, we all had to learn this stuff. I will try to help you as much as I can, and I’m sure others will to. Love to you from out in the West..

          • LORRIN – I NEED TO BE ‘FEARLESS’ LIKE ADAM, HUH?!!! Okay, I’ve been taking notes! Really! I always have a notebook at hand to write these things down. My daughter was explainning to me how to make and build up my ‘music library’ when she was here. I kept telling her to ‘stop’ here and there as I wrote very descriptive notes. Well, when we were all together at my son’s house later, she started to say something and began laughing to the point where we were all just smiling at her, wondering ‘what in the world’ she was going to tell us that was so funny! Finally, she calmed down and startead telling us how ‘mom is so hilarious taking these notes’, etc…I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t think it was THAT funny!! hahaha! But it was to my family! I had said for years that I’m just NOT going to get involved w/the internet!! I gave all my reasons, and would tease them when they’d tell me info that they got on the internet! So, shut my mouth! Now, I’m a little fnatical about it all!!…….peace

            • Yes, Cheryl, be fearless. Get your fingers on those computer keys, look that screen right in the eye and say, ‘move it’. Believe that you can do amazing things on the internet, and find fabulous new things to read and see everywhere. If at first you don’t quite ‘get’ that little technical process you have to learn, try it again. Don’t be afraid of breaking anything, or messing it all up. Even if you do, you can go back and try it again. Finally, you will find yourself having more expertise in handling the electronic wonderland. Look at it as a treasure box of things to learn. Use Google constantly. Look up anything and everything. Do not fear to be FANATICAL……just kidding. And ask me anytime if you need help!

              Love to you tonight from our hot valley here in NorCal!

              • lorrin, SAY WHAT???……Me ,,,fanatical
                !!!! Oh, I just couldn’t be!!! hahaha! My kids are having a ‘field day’ w/me re the internet! Just talked to my
                daughter and was telling her that I got an email from someone wanting to listen to their band. I asked her
                how in the world was I going to do that!? She said to ‘google’ it. After some conversation, I understand more
                what google is now! Then I read your note telling me to ‘google’ everything, and …well, isn’t that ironic, 2 people saying that within an hour?! So,,,,google, I will!!!! I used to think I might ‘break’ something or lose all
                pertanant info if I hit the wrong button, but now Adam has given me the inner strength needed to be ‘fearless’ like him! And w/all the help from my Glambert friends, I’m doing pretty good and I have shocked my won kids who alwys thought I’d never reaqlly get the hang of it! Actually, both kids were just
                ‘stunned’ when I told them I had a twitter and myspace acct! My daughter, Teresa, said ‘mom!! I can’t even
                figure out how to get a twitter acct!!!’, then went on to tell me how ‘stupid’ she thinks twitter is, etc.
                However, she was shocked and I told her there is no limit to my shocking her and my family!!! haha!

                • Cheryl, I absolutely LOVE your posts, they are SO much fun to read! I think I am still feeling a bit subdued from answering that comment about all of us here on this site being ‘over the top’ in our perceptions of Adam Lambert. I feel I need to rest a bit, and shake out my feathers for awhile. But I do have a fun tip for you, just a little small thing that is fun to do. First go to the Google Homepage. In the middle of the page it will say ‘GOOGLE’. At the top left of the page under those toolbars we talked about, are some small words in blue. One of those words will say ‘images’. Click on ‘images’ and the Google page will shift a bit and come back up, ready to do an image search. In the long box provided under the GOOGLE name type in anything you might possibly want to see a picture of, – gardens, villages, towns, countries, people, etc. Then click on the tiny ‘search’ button to the right. Google will then produce for you all the photos of the thing you wanted to see, and you can take your time and open all of those pictures and take a look. It’s so much fun, and is sometimes an easier way to search for something you’re looking for than using a search using words only. When you want to return back to the regular GOOGLE page, find those little blue words again at the top left of the page you’re on, and click on the word ‘Web’. It will return you to the regular GOOGLE search page. Hope that will be fun for you. Well, I’m off to look at a few more Adam videos and links. Love and peace to you tonight, Cheryl.

                  • Lorrin, I am defilnately going to do some googling in the way you described!! Oh, I have a few things in
                    mind! Thanks a lot for explainning it all to me!!!!! I have clicked on the ‘web’ before just to see what mightt
                    happen, but I don’t remember if I found out anything! haha! I didn’t know ANYTHING about google in the
                    way you described! I can hardly wait to tell my kids one day soon to look up something and when they
                    say ‘how?’ and I give them directions, they’ll be so impressed, and I’ll be real ‘cool’ about it like I’ve known
                    tht ‘forever’!!!!! hahah! I am gettling quite an education without taking any classes on how to use the
                    internet! I’ve said that I was going to have to take a class or two b/c I hate not knowing what I’m missing,,,
                    so, Lorrin, thanks again so much!!

        • Cheryl, we all started out the same as you. In fact it was worse ’cause the early versions of Windows constantly crashed our computers and we lost stuff.

          Yes, an ID (identity) is the same as USERNAME. Some sites are happy with your email address but others want you to have a “name’ like we do on this site. I try not to give too much personal info, never my cell phone no. Also I have registered then forgotten my ID name and when I type in my email they say “someone else has already used that address” Ha Ha

          Start writing them down in a list. I keep a sheet of paper and pen nearby as I have also joined so many sites I get mixed up.

          When in doubt as my friend taught me, use the BACKWARD ARROWS at the top.

          Chatting about Adam is a great way to learn your way around the internet. WE all learn this stuff by” doing” mainly, though some people take courses.

  3. Jane416 says:

    I saw a small part of this interview on another site – thanks for posting the longer version and only featuring Adam!!!

    I LOVE seeing him in these kind of interviews. He is so open and adorable and funny and honest. So like a little boy here at times compared to how “fierce” he is in many of his performances. How could anyone not love him???!!

  4. What a great interview. I just love Adam!!

  5. AdamAddict says:

    Okay,this is another article.You guys MUST READ this.Interview Adam’s mom,talked about her precious son,Adam! How we cannot love her!One day when I got married and have children,she will be my “mom idol”…She and my mom,of-course! My mom is great too but Adam’s mom…I don’t know how to describe her.She understand him and Adam is such a good son! I want son like Adam!Sweet mama’s boy..not so mama’s boy but very sweet!He should watch himself,because he can covered with ants if doesn’t careful!Too sweet! Here,MUST READ:
    I love the part:Q: Do you think him talking about experimenting with drugs sends the wrong message to kids?

    A: Yes, I was upset about that. I told him “You have these 13-year-old fans and their parents want you to be a role model. How is that going to look to them?” And he said: “I didn’t say I DO drugs, I said I DID drugs.” And maybe it’s a good avenue for parents to talk about drugs with their kids.

    • I absolutely loved reading this interview with Leila Lambert, Adam’s Mom, that AdamAddict has posted above. I first connected with Adam because I identified with her so strongly, as I also have a beautiful, and very masculine gay son a little bigger than Adam, with the same kind of electric blue eyes. I couldn’t help but bond immediately with Leila and her darling boy. It clutches my heart to think of how she must feel to see that child of hers on a national stage, knowing that he has received the gift of his dream come true. I have seen my own child struggle terribly and come out on top in the most miraculous way, just as Adam has done. When I read of Leila pausing for just a moment to turn completely around as Adam came on the stage to take in all the love and adulation from all those thousands of fans on their feet just for him, I was crying for joy with her. It is obvious that Adam has received so much that is good in him from her influence, and I so glad he asked her to live in LA near him, to help with his career. Who ever heard of a rock star with a Mom in tow, but with Adam Lambert, every old rule is turned over on its ear! I hope you will all read it, it answered many questions for me about Adam’s family background.

      • …good heavens, I am losing my spelling and grammar chops, the 3rd line from the bottom is supposed to read “and I am so glad he asked her to live in LA near him,”…

        • Lorrin – what other rock star had his mother in ‘tow’?? Elvis..mother, dad, grandmother, aunt, cousins, his h.s. buddies and eventually, even their families!!!! Remember? Graceland was so depressing after his mom died. But, anyway, it was Elvis!

    • ADAMADDICT – Hey! I just read the article you put the link to w/Adam’s mom! OH!!!! I am sooooo glad I read it, and thank you sooooooooo much for posting the link, which made it so easy for Me. I didn’t know Adam had asked and convinced his mom to move to be close to him!!! DOES THAT EVER MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!!!! Oh, my goodness! Because he wants mom close by, and she said she’ll be there and working for him and helping him, well, that’s the best news I’ve heard since idol ended!!! I know Adam will be okay, now!!! Thank God!! I do know how she feels when she said HE WANTEAD her to move to be closer, and obviously, to be ‘in’ his life!!! My son didn’t really ‘ask’ me to move 3 hrs south of my homsetown where he had started his career and family, he just called me one day and said he had found a nice place for me to move to 1 mile from his new house, and he and many friends would be coming up to get me, and that THEY WOULD PACK my things, and I was to do nothing but ‘sit back and relax’, that they would take care of everything, and they did!!! That was almost 8 yrs ago, now! We have always been very close, too! He even went out, looked for several weeks, unbeknownst tso me, and after many questions thru the weeks about colors of cars, etc., I went over to the house and he wanted to ‘show ‘ me something in the garage. There sat my ‘new car’! Paid in full, if I wanted it!!! Truly, exactly how it went down! To this day, he will often take my car to have everythilng checked out and so forth!! Tinted windows, CD player, all leather inside, 8 airbags, fully loaded! He’s very exceptionsl, as is my daughter! This is boring to anyone else, but me, so thanks again for the link!!!! ….peace…..2U

      • Cheryl, I felt the same way when I read this about Leila living near Adam, at his request. I was so relieved. She said that she certainly will not be living WITH him, she said ‘he does not need his mommy living with him’ in the same house, but she will be living in the same town. He wants her to help in some capacity with his career. I too liked this idea very much. Perhaps it’s because we both have sons who are very good to us, and we are very close to them. To others, it probably seems a bit too much, but it lets me know that Adam has a transparency about him, and wants to remain close to his family. I think that his family and their mutual welfare remains a central motivating factor in Adam’s life. This makes me very glad for all of them. And yes, I did not miss the Elvis connection you mentioned above, – I think there are intersections in both Elvis’s and Adam’s lives, many more than just mere coincidence would dictate. I think Adam is very much his own man, and has a unique vibration different from that of Elvis, but there are moments, especially when Adam is performing that I see Elvis as clearly revealed as if he were alive again. I think Adam senses this too. Adam is a rare gift to all of us.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Lorrin & Cheryl,
          You both have a wonderful son!You guys must be so proud of them!One day I hope I’ll have obedient children like that.And Cheryl, A CAR??!! Really? Damn! It sad to tell that I’m still depends of my parents.My sister bought a car and she need my parents help for that one.We all still depend of our parent.My youngest sister is same age with Adam & my oldest 34.Two already married so,phew!! Out of hook! But I always hoping that 1 day I got enough money to spoil my parents!Hope that day will come! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • AdamAddict, it’s good to hear from you. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to you yet directly. You just got through a few minutes ago telling Cheryl and me what wonderful sons we have, and we do…..our boys are very generous and thoughtful. You mentioned having ‘obedient children’. When my two youngest were growing up, they were anything BUT obedient. What rascals they were! Now they are both beautiful men, tall blond versions of their old Mom. People at the grocery store used to call them my ‘bodyguards’. There is a 12-year difference between my first and last sons, and I had four. There are many stories in all those years, all the way to the present day, 26 years after my youngest son was born. It doesn’t seem possible. I do hope that one day you will get the chance to spoil your parents, and enjoy being in that role. Did I hear you say you were from Malaysia some where on another post a long time ago? If so, you are one of our best contributors here, thank you for being so faithful, and for posting those excellent articles and videos you always seem to find before anyone else!

          • ADAMADDICT, Thanks for your comments!!! I also read LORRIN’S after yours, and I just HAVE to say, that both of my kids were ‘obedient’!! My son is 3 yrs older than my daughter. At the ripe ofls age of 3-1/2 yrs. old, I took my son for a psychology evalustion cuz he was ‘too good’ in my thoulght!! I got divorced when they were 3 and 6, so I raised them all alone! I had no family around, and my husband had gotten a
            transfer in his job to a new community. Less than 2 yrs later we weree divorced. However, my children were
            always my 1st priority, so I stsudied child psychology and anything pertaining to bringing up kids to be self-reliant, w/good self-esteem, to be leaders, to be emotionally healthy, and so on…….and I guess, from the
            lives they lived as kids and into adulthood, I did ok! And, yes, my son bought me a beautiful, cool car!
            When I was looking at it in the garage, and it was at night, knowing I always had ‘sports’ cars, he said, mom
            did you see the ‘spoiler’ on lthe back! I looked and said, oh! I’;ve never had a ‘spoiler’ before, (and didn’t
            really want one-but never told him, of couorse)! A few weeks ago, after I had been looking for a new boxsprings and mattress set, he called me and asked if I was going to be home for a while, that he and a friend was bringing a new mattress set over that he was going to pick-up at the store! He paid 1,500.00
            for that set!! I’ve had 4 back surgeries, and the last one in 2000, I had 2 very long titanium rods put in, and
            was in a body cast for 4 months from my chin to the top of my knees, so I always need a good mattress!
            Anyway, I was floored!! I am very blessed. My kids, tho, understood, when they were growing up that I put
            them first. I never remarried b/c I couldn’t stand them having to have a step-dad, even tho there are some
            men who are great step-dads. To me, it was something I was not willing to leave to chance! I was every-
            thing to them. On father’s day they both send me cards, too! OK!!!! Stop already with the MY KIDS ARE
            SO WONDERFUL STUFF!!! IT IS B OO RR I N GGG!!!!………….peace,,,,,,,,

            • AdamAddict says:

              Yes I’m from Malaysia,the one who almost gave my dad a heart attack when Adam didn’t win A.I! LOL!! You both seems love your children so much.Even though I don’t have any children but I have nephew and niece.Love them dearly,die for them anytime.They very close to me and I am so understood the mother and children bonding!I’m so happy for you both,children are the best treasure in the whole world for parents,and if parents didn’t know this,let me tell you both that parents are also children treasure! I won’t change anything for my parents,I can tell you that! ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Hi AdamAddict, it’s so nice to hear from you! It’s so amazing to be able to be together on one fansite with fans from all over the world. I was just looking at some pictures of two of your beautiful cities in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. What gorgeous places they are, and the ocean area surrounding Kota Kinabalu looks like a paradise. Thank you also for your kind comments about our children, and I am so glad you, too, have a warm and loving family. You are one of the best ‘spotters’ of Adam articles and videos we have. Is there a large fanbase for Adam in Malysia? Wouldn’t it be something if Adam could do an Asian tour, I think he would be sold out wherever he went. I hope you will keep posting all your great comments and videos. Have a wonderful Monday morning there where you are, it isn’t even dark yet on Sunday night here in our Western US time zone. Until we speak again, Selamat tinggal..

                • AdamAddict says:

                  I thought I will never see malay language written here.And it’s shocking U not even from Malaysia,& so sweet of U google for that words!I really don’t know about the fanbase here.I hope it’s huge.Because if one day Adam coming here,I rather can’t buy the front row ticket because it’s sold out and only can buy the back seats and still only few left than “here discount for Adam’s ticket,buy now”
                  I said it because there’s 1 time a very famous Philipino actor came here to do concert but the problem was he only famous as an actor in M’sia not as a singer.He’s album just released like few weeks & he wants to do concert here. And the end the concert was “echo” because there’s too many empty seats.When I said too many empty seats I meant it’s really empty.It’s embarassing really.I’m feel sorry 4 that guy.His ticket got discount a lot but still it won’t help.
                  Another thing is M’sia got this really strict rules about making concert here.Sometimes,I got fed up a little.So,I’m a bit worried about that.If 1 day Adam really going to come here,I pray that he’s not going too much issue with that strict rules.If he cancel because of that rules,I’m going to vomit!I Actually I really want to know how big his fanbase here.I just dunno how to find that out! Any Malaysian here who knows? And selamat tinggal,Lorrin ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great interview – and so honest and up-front. I would just like to meet him in Tampa. I will be going and plan on going earlier and staying later to meet him. I am on oxygen and have major issues, but would love to meet him in person. He will someday be bigger than life.

    • Bruce, I am thrilled to see you here! Are you the only man Glamb here on the site with us? Hopefully more will come. Glad to have you here!

  7. What a beautiful human being. So sweet, honest, and down to earth. Sure hope he can handle his almost certain SUCCESS. To find such amazing talent packaged in this not only physically beautiful body but also sweet spirited person is so rare—I have never seen anything like it. Thanks for posting the interview: good show!

  8. AdamAddict says:

    Another vid of Adam.Look at those eyes!! It’s prettier than Megan Fox’s eyes! OMG!!

    • AdamAddict, you have done it again. This is another outstanding video of Adam explaining himself in the most articulate and thoughtful way imaginable. Yes, he surely does have the most overpoweringly beautiful eyes and he uses them to the fullest advantage, but what really strikes anyone hearing this is his incredible grasp of who and what he is. He goes so far as to say that he wishes he could ‘just sit down with everyone and get to know them, and show them that he is so much more than just the illusion’ created for them on the stage. Adam understands with perfect clarity the dilemna created by the artificial world of the showman’s art, and how it hides the man within; and how he would love to breach that gap, and come out and meet us all and talk with us, as real people. WHAT a self-aware man this is, it’s just wonderful to witness. Please view the video clip AdamAddict has provided. Thanks so much for posting!

    • Wow!! AA yet another great Adam interview….. I am constantly pleasantly surprised by him… should be used to it by now.

      Last night I finally tracked down the interview where they surprised him with his mom’s presence. He was so affectiionate and comfortable with her. Near the end he leaned over, hugged and kissed her and said “I love you” right on TV. Now that’s a class act, a great loviing son.

  9. Jane Parker says:

    He is so awesome in telling us that he is replenshing his energy in the hotel rooms instead of going out after the shows, so that he can meet US and take pictures with US.
    He is so in tune with his priorites even at this early stage of the game!


  10. There are so many similarities between Adam and Meat Loaf – I”m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’ve been a ML fan for many years and just loved to see this clip Both these guys can REALLY sing.

  11. Sun-n-Stars says:

    Excellent interview! Adam is just so sweet and down to earth. Can’t help but love him and wish him tons of success and happiness. An abundance of gratitude and thanks for sharing as always.

  12. Oh, Adam, we love you so much, please take care of yourself always!! I don’t think you realize just how much we care for you and want the best for you.

    • How can someone use my name “Lee” for a post? Even though I like what was said, I didn’t write it. Do I need to worry about someone else using my name?

      • Theresa/Canada says:

        Try writing to and explain. I agree, if someone has already chosen a name the next person should have to modify theirs to make it different. For instance there is already a Theresa so I added Canada.

  13. Adam you are such a spiritual being, you are going to (and have already) be instrumental in changing people’s minds and assist in creating the huge shift of human conciousness which we are experiencing on the planet prior to 2012. I suspect you could well be a “crystal child” Stay as sweet as you are, you are such an example to everyone and loved by all.

    • Yes, Carol Law, I have often thought that Adam might be one of that generation of Indigo Children coming into the world. He has a most unusual sense of propriety and emotional maturity that does not mesh in any way with his peers and contemporaries. He has a very high sense of responsibility and an awareness of his own place in the universe. He has broken through the boundaries of self-consciousness, and is operating from the realm of self-giving. He is expansive in his sharing of himself with others, and knows the power of his charisma, and uses it for good. He has suffered deeply, and has been transformed by that suffering into an unreservedly empathetic man. He is thankful for all that he has been given and openly voices that thanks. He has pointed the way with exceptional clarity to a better way for all people to get along with each other, despite their differences. In fact, he ignores those differences, as if they were not there, and just loves without reservation. He is uncommonly reflective and sensitive, and has an interior life that he allows us to see, knowing that our seeing him as he is will encourage and inspire others. He allows himself to be used as a comforting presence, a brotherly companion, and a loving friend. He has wisdom that very young people seldom have, and he uses that experience and wisdom to counsel and instruct. He is supremely gifted and beautiful, and has vast resevoirs of physical and emotional strength. He has a charisma that envelops people with warmth, joy, laughter, healing, vitality, and life. He has a cosmic outlook, which acknowledges the presence of another dimension to life, for which he is openly thankful. Yes, perhaps Adam is a Crystal or Indigo Child, but I sense that he might be even more a kind of angelic being, borrowing the bright iridescent wings of other realms for his time on earth. I look to see him fulfill all his great promise in the days to come.

  14. rocker-lady says:

    So classy, so very classy, this boy has so much style and grace! Adam PLEASE stay true to yourself, stay grounded and DON”Tlet the papparazzi destroy you like they did with MJ
    LOVE you see you in San Diego!

  15. ZoraLovesAdam says:

    How can you not love this face! Awww! And not only that – Adam has inner beauty as much attractive as his look. He is just perfect – from any point of view!
    Well, I don’t like the fact that he is relaxing alone in his hotel room. Adam, I can help you relax and have a good time – just call me, OK ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Well he deserves a break lol ….ADAM I WISH U THE BEST OF SUCCESS ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Kudos to your dad for sticking with you. Do not fall into a trap. Live below your means, not beyond. No matter which direction your career takes you, you will be glad you did. When you edge into super-stardom, which I’m sure you will, that is the time to stretch yourself. In these times, it pays to be conservative. Do not trust advisers. Trust yourself.

  18. What a wonderful intereview. Adam is so grounded,so real in all ways. Just listening to him speak is so calming,and soothing. He has a very spiritual essence.

  19. What an incredible person he is. WOW is all I can say after watching that. I wish him all the luck in the future, he has the potential to be a worldwide superstar!

  20. He is so cute!!

  21. He is so cute, so adorable, so gorgeous, so kind, so poised, so well-spoken. Even his ears are beautiful! I agree, Zora, I can help him relax in his hotel room too. God, I’d love to give him a back rub (for starters, haha, because I doubt I could keep my attention in that region!).

    • Eileen, you are sooooooooooo wicked and I love it, love it, love Adam, love wicked with Adam. I have been told that my only topic of conversation recently is … about Adam, more about Adam, only about Adam… As much as I would die to assist with a back rub, I would probably on seeing Adam, stand spellbound (like a zombie) incapable of moving, collapse and die a happy woman!

  22. KrissieE says:

    There it is folks….Check out the still at the end of the KSTU interview. The look on the guys face says “I just met the next KING of music entertainment.” with a little “wow, I really like him; he’s a genuine guy” thrown in.
    Adam you slay us all.

  23. TheFeyNan says:

    I do so Luv opening my mail in the morn and seeing “Dream Sound”, it makes me late for work most of the time…lol…..but I have to scan thru real quick anyway, to know what will be waiting when I arrive back home…I luved this lil bit of personal stuff we all crave to know about our “World Idol”…and appreciated all you put into it for us….he is precious… mild mannered compared to the Fierce Rock God we watch performing…..”The Whole Package” that’s our boy!!!!!Thanx 4 all the Grt shares…..nancy

  24. The torch has been passed. Viva La Adam and Kris, and the Idols Blessings and abundance to all of you!

  25. Suse1701 says:

    He is so profoundly sweet and adorable. Candid, but sincere. Confident and generous. When I try to describe him to people who aren’t aware (my sister, a non Idol watcher), I have to stop about 10 percent in because I know I’m gushing, but the truth is, I haven’t begun to scratch the surface. He is just too stupifying for words!!! And I am so beyond excited that this beautiful human being is finally experiencing the success and recognition he so richly deserves.

    I swear, right now I’m more excited for his success than my own! Go Adam!! And it is probably a good thing success was delayed. You can see that with his pragmatism and gratitude. He (and his amazing family) won’t let him get crushed by the weight of the world that he will soon own. And generous boy that he is, he’ll bless it with his magic and give it right back to us, more beautiful than ever before. I will see him in less than 48 hours!!! I cannot wait!

  26. I just did a link search and ended up with a list of Fox 13’s videos. Just foir the heck of it I clicked on Michael Sarver’s July 15 interview… well worth watching in relation to Adam…. I believe he is referring to Adam when he says his world view has broadened considerably, about 1/2 way through.

  27. All the success has not changed Adam at all, he is very grounded, I love the way he talks about his family. I remember his first interviews during AI when he said he wanted to be a role model, well, he is a fantastic role model for all of us. He is so delightful, you cannot help but love the guy. I am so pleased that he said his album is coming out in November, that will be great, maybe after that he will come to Londo to promote his album. Adam we are waiting for you.



    “Before and After Idol Auditions”,, it’s very very early Lambert, before we even knew he existed, and see how poised and confident he is… and little makeup, simple clothing etc.. the interviewer and his colleagues already felt a certain something special about him.

    One quote is something like, “being near Adam makes you feel cool, he has a presence….”

  29. JRZGRL1 says:

    Wow – what a great interview. Adam is SO absolutely fabulous – in every way. Especially in his openness and honesty and just al-around humanness. The world is a better place with Adam in it. I’m so glad that we all get to be a part of his success. I can hardly wait to see him in Charlotte & Philadelphia &then later on his solo tour. I’m counting the days. Pretty soon I’ll be counting the seconds.

  30. I am so proud of Adam and I hope that he can stay the course and not get corrupted by the system. I think he’s intelligent enough to get through it all. I wish him health and a long fruitful productive life. We are selfish in wanting to keep him around for a very very long time. A great interview and as always an articulate spontaneous response to good questions. Adam the universe will keep you in it’s embrace because you are willing to give back and come full circle. I am really looking forward to your recordings and have played the hell out of the American Idle CD already. Your songs are the best of the lot, bar none and I mean that from my soul. You move my spirit…’s such a gift and I know you will use it well…..

  31. Every interview I listen to Adam you will feel his sincerity, honesty, and up front. I am so happy for his success, and continue to hope for his best of his heart desires. I love your craziness Adam and will be behind you. Can’t wait for his album and a solo concert. Adamazing!

  32. hey, his hairstyle is over the top :X love it that much

  33. I went to the American Idol concert here in Utah on Tuesday night. They of course start at #10, and work on down to the top 3. Even at the beginning of the show, every time they showed a picture of Adam, the crowd went NUTS!!! Everyone pretty much stayed in their seats, up until Allison Eraheta (sp) and Danny Gokey performed. Only about half of the audience were on their feet. But man, when the place went pitch black, and the lasers and strobe lights flashing pictures of Adam came on, the crowd came TOTALLY unglued!!! He came out in his SUER H-O-T leather rocker outfit, and just ROCKED the joint!!! It was stunning to see how much better he was than anyone else at the concert!!! He was the TRUE entertainment of the night!!! I felt bad for Chris Allen, because after Adam’s “Oscar worthy” performance, Chris Allen was sitting on a stool wearing a farmer boy shirt, and ratty ol’ jeans, strumming on his guitar. It totally KILLED the mood that Adam had set. Everyone sat back down. There was no encore, NOTHING after Chris performed. IMO Adam SHOULD have won for SOOOOOOO amny reasons. HA!!!! After the show, my sisters dragged me down to where they all come out afterwards to sign autographs. I got Adams signature, but I do have to say, the the most AWeSOME nicest ones was TOTALLY Danny Gokey, and Allyson. They were genuine, and friendly. Adam was too swarmed by screaming people to really do much. I think he was a little overwhelmed by the non-stop public affection for him!!!! GO ADAM!!!!

    • This is great, Super Volcano, thanks for posting! You know, I simply cannot feature this AI Tour rolling across the country for 44 more stops or so, dragging this ship along with such an anti-climax at the end. I’m sure it is very hard for all of them to do the show as it is, especially Kris. I wonder if it might not be a good idea to have Kris Allen START the show with his mellow, pleasant stage presence and vocals, follow with all the rest of the idols 9 – 2, and then have Adam CLOSE the show down. I think that would be a much more humane and much more professional thing to do on the part of the AI producers. I can’t see how they can all stand up to that constant out-of-whack performance sequence, it kills the momentum of the whole show!

  34. LuvAdam476 says:

    This is a very very good interview with Adam. Gives us insight and he shows his humbleness! God he so adorable, you just can’t help but wanting only the best things in life for Adam!

    He has worked so hard to get where he is now. He shares many wonderful gifts with us other than his voice and talent as a performer or entertainer. He shares and teaches many how to be humble, gracious, polite etc… His personality is beautiful and he also has a playful side.

    I sincerely hope he finds his dream house. As far as entertaining people not a problem. Adam will be around for a very very long time. A Legend in the making!



  35. linlivalex says:

    OK–this is my first post, but i sooooooooooooooooo love everything ADAM!!!! I live in Park Ridge, IL and I will be going to see the idols in Chicago on Sept 2–i hope theyre not tired of it by then!! I saw scenes from other concerts and he looks soAWESOME!!! Does anyone know anything about his appearance (with Kris and David Cook) on Good Morning America on Aug 7??? Hoping to see him there too!!!


  1. […] I think Adam lost some weight? His thoughts on the house he wants to buy, that it’s finally nice to be able to help his family, his album is coming in November… He’s just sooooo goody-goody…. Sometimes I think, maybe he should to retain some mystery…? He’s all out there. Doing things his own way, again. – And that is probably his mystery/trademark, doing things on his own terms, with no gimmicks or manipulative strategies. Adam Lambert now in Utah (Interview): He wants a house in Hollywood with dimmers and a gym : ADAM LA… […]