Adam in the Movies…Someday?

Will we ever get enough of this man???

Will we ever get enough of this man???


Tomorrow is a concert off-day, so I figure it’s a good time for some dreaming.  In a July 8th interview with ET Online, the reporter asks Adam what his personal goals are, and Adam replies, “I just want to make cool music and wear cool clothes.  It is not much deeper than that.  I want to entertain people and figure out new ways to get people’s attention, keep them dancing and maybe cross over to other forms of media—maybe TV and film in the future, maybe fashion.  We will see what the future holds.”

So I think we all want to see Adam making music for now, but I’m glad to hear he’s open to doing TV and film someday.  I’ve already seen lots of comments from you guys in which you speculate on what show or movie you’d like to see Adam do.  Let’s fantasize about that!

I remember seeing mention of Velvet Goldmine, musical romances like Phantom of the Opera and Moulin Rouge, and, of course, vampire films like Twilight.  These are all personal favorites of mine, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam playing in a remake of any of these.  Velvet Goldmine is the 1998 glam rock movie starring Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and a very young Christian Bale.  If you haven’t seen it, give it a try – just a note of caution that it’s not for the kids (Ewan likes to make movies with his clothes off!)  Moulin Rouge is Ewan again, and he proves to have a great voice for an actor.  I’m a huge Ewan fan, and I think Moulin Rouge is his best performance ever.  The recent Phantom of the Opera stars Gerry Butler, another of my favorite actors, who proves that he too can sing.  And then, of course, there are the vampire movies.  I’m a vampire junkie, and I saw Twilight, but personally I’d like to see Adam in an adult vampire film, not a teen romance.  I’d also like to see Adam in something not so “obvious” since so much has already been made of the Adam – vampire comparison.  He can be a true chameleon in his looks, and if he does indeed have acting talent, I think he could do very well in a film that is far afield from the above films.

What do you think?  What TV show or movie would you like to see Adam in someday, and why?

Yes Adam, we are all waiting to see what the future holds! 

~~Jeanette, Glambs #5


  1. I would love to see him host his own variety musical shows ie Ellen…For a start how about Dancing with the Stars! I can see his creative designs for those dancing costume and his hotness!

    • yeah!! dancing with the stars!! 😀

    • buffy522 says:

      I think that show is hokey and plays up to who cares “C” list stars, has been athletes and a few cute new athletes. It is like the modern day “Lawrence Welk” It would be a disaster for his career!

      • seaflea3 says:

        I totally afree with you Buffy…dancing with the stars would be a DISASTER for his career….he is way above that ….. thing MUCH higher people !!!! The way he is able to emote, I can see him in ALL kinds of movies…. maybe even winning an Oscar one day! All kinds of roles…. leading man, drama, maybe even comedy, given his sweet, goofy side. He should shoot for the utmost limits!

    • no, no, no – you can’t pin him down like that!! Put him on the big screen. James Dean sultry type good guy gone bad or rock star in a downward spiral or a future Twilight sequel. He is the perfect vampire.

  2. Answer to the question – NEVER! Never will we get enough of Adam! I went back over the pics of Adam on this site, and it is truly amazing to me that Adam has been able to remain ‘single’! Anyone who finds the secret to Adam’s heart will be as amazing as Adam is, in my opinion. There are people who knew Adam before idol and didn’t even know he had that voice. But, those looks!! How could anyone pass him up after seeing those eyes, hair, beautiful smile, sexy 6’1″ body?? Amazing. simply amazing. He’s now in the world’s eye, everyone can see what a gorgeous person he is, be careful, Adam!!! -PEACE-LOVE-2 U.

  3. SORRY! I got carried away thinking about Adam’s gorgeousness and forgot to say what I was thinking about movies and tv. I think Adam would be wonderful in a comedic role! I think Adam would be great in a comedy. The type of comedy like in movies w/subtle ‘dry’ humor! Not ‘slap stick’, or ‘dumb’ comedy, but an intelligent-type comedy! I know what he said he could see himself doing, ‘Twilight”-type or maybe sci-fi. I would go to any movie he was in! He could start out w/guesting on tv. He would have been good in something like ‘Friends’ w/a twist, tho!! -LOVE-PEACE-2ADAM

    • I’d like to see him in SNL first, in a skit or two. He can take on a character’s persona easily.

      I wonder, could he do the life of Elvis? It would stretch his pipes to hit the lower notes but lots of actors have played famous persons, and only merely hinted at that persons looks. Remember Joaquim Phoenix as Johnny Cash? Or is Adam’s voice too distinctive to be anyone elses?

      • Lisette again!..thenks agan Jeanette for keeping all Adam’s angels/glamberts contente an updated on all happenings of beau Adam..An wonderful yu were a policewomen..thinq Adam can luv to have yu garde over him specialmente in his concerte tour across states!
        Theresa/canada agree can imagaine Adam in a venue as SNL as l’host of many reprise appearances where he can display his charm,comedic an humor,an his angelique,sensual even some dramatic skits as they have!..Also in lifestory of Elvis ..yes as he has deifitmente resemblance to a younge Elvis in his prime days in twenties/an thirties,both are trensettres,original an magnetism,distinctive vocals.An in earlier theatre roles of Brigadoon ther’s similar vocal inflections there.Thes is up to Adam an j’espere he has a wonderful manager unlike Elvis’s of Colonel ..who cast him in silly films(looked handsome had non dramtic earlier one in Loving you which showed his acting abilities,whech critiques later discovered aftre Elvis’s passing. Pray Adam will have expert guidance an thinq he’s wise enough to see if someone is manipulating him,unlike Elvis.Well as I av mentione before can see him in drama an romantique comedie lead role as perhaps Jude Law has done..but one where he can display his superbe an sensual voice also!An can see him here in s.west in a headline show with of course his seletione of themes in same vein of Cher or Celine’s ..but aftre he completes his cd’s/concertes an videos as Adam has espresse wishing to acomplishe..Blessings an may angels garde over always monamie!
        j’adore,an luv yu always Adam! bisous Lisettexoxoxo

  4. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,…. this is my ultimate wish for Adam. A number of great singers became movie stars or at least were ‘in the movies’, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, the beach blanket crowd, the Beatles, and others. Sinatra actually became an excellent actor in serious roles. First of all, I want Adam to fulfill all of his promise as THE iconic singer of his time, and I also want him to make the most fantastic music videos ever made, and many full-concert videos as well But sometime in the next few years, I would love to see him do both movies and TV. What about something in the mythical realm, a la Orlando Bloom, only a little edgier? He would look lovely in a sweeping cape. I would also love to see him do a serious role as a young gay artist struggling to make it, something that would elicit all of Adam’s enormous emotional range. (Thus putting a serious spin on Elvis’s more kitschy roles of the poor, misunderstood young singer). Something that would make men and women alike cry. Adam doing a one-man show on Broadway would also be a knock-out. I would like to see him pull out all the stops and use all the many ‘looks’ and personas he has within him, especially that of the 50’s crooner. (A crooner with a twist, that is). He would be excellent in a serious television drama aimed at a younger crowd, with dark touches. Then using his innate comic gifts and radiant personality, he also would be a wonderful host as the writer above suggested, or a constant guest on all of the TV talk shows. He should be invited immediately to do Saturday Night Live, or more comedy shtick with interviewers Michelle Collins and Paul F. Tompkins. I hope that some very saavy talent and casting people are already mulling over Adam’s future in acting, and devising scripts and scenarious around him even now. I want Adam to get his three wishes: as a supernova singer, talented dancer, and excellent actor. I think he wants to do it all, and he CAN do it all…so bring him on!

    • suebella says:

      totally agree with everything you suggested
      Hollywood has recreated numerous crap films for today’s audiences…..
      How about the GREATS?
      I can just see Adam in Clark Gable…Marlon Brando…..James Dean….Gregory Peck type roles
      how about a gay RHETT BUTLER….?
      can you imagine him as BRICK in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof with the sub-text explicit this time….?
      in Some Like It Hot….?
      in a 21st century The Apartment….?
      as SKY MASTERSON in Guys And Dolls….?
      as FRANKN”FURTER….?
      his range is limitless….
      his talent stratospheric……
      the possibilities infinite…………………
      let today’s talented writers be unfettered………………!!!!!!!!!
      oooooooooooh I can’t wait

  5. I hope he does dancing with the stars. I would like to see him in twilight.

  6. in defence of twilight…the book is a lot more mature than the movie…the movie was dumbed down…hopefully new moon will be better…but i dont see who adam could possibly play..garrett maybe…eh…
    no the perfect role for adam..hand this has been said before…is Magnus Bane in the Mortal Instruments series!!

    • iluvadam_03 says:

      He would be an awesome Magnus Bane!!! I finally got the third book in the series and I kept thinking…”…if they make a movie, Adam would be perfect! I hope they do a movie!”

  7. I think it is only a matter of time before Adam does a movie. Personally, I think the script must still be written. Adam is unique in that he has a great sense of humour, sharp wit and can also be pretty intense, coupled with to-die-for vocals, superior dancing skills and let’s face it, he is beautiful inside and out. Imagine a script that allows him to showcase all of the aforementioned.

  8. ..hahaha! movies, songs, music videos , whatever! as long as its adam lambert i think its all gonna be great!:]

  9. rhymingrealtor says:

    Saturday Night Live – I had mentioned it before maybe on another blog I know I’ve said it to my son – the one who does’nt tune me out the minute I start waxing poetic about the A -Man . I see Lorrinn agrees. I have seen his comedic side in so many interviews. It would be a great try-out for him and of course leave us wanting for more . As a plus he could be the musical guest that night.


    I love that I have a number now!

    • buffy522 says:

      I agree with SNL Every time I watch it I think how Adam would be so right. He would take a lot of heat in the skits, but he can do it!

  10. Camille says:

    Adam has endless potential and just what it takes to be in movies and TV. I’m with Ingrid though on the script. I think the movie needs to be written with Adam in mind. It could be a comedy, but not dumb comedy. Adam has an incredible sense of humour and I think he could be naturally hysterical. Fantasy and Drama would be cool too. I could see Adam in a Lord of the Rings orSpiderman type of movie. And the Drama, written for ADAM, is what i want most because I would love to see Adam portray a serious adult role about hardships or whatever. And TV? SNL, Heroes, Talk show…etc., That list is endless. Lastly, I eventually want to see Adam (Temporary, though…then back to music/movies), on Broadway. I would love to see him in plays such as;
    Les Miserables (my all time fave), Rent, Tommy(The Who), Hair, Phantom, Joseph Dreamcoat, Wicked, Jesus Christ Superstar and as Frank in the Rocky Horror Picture Show!! Rocky Horror is perfect for Adam and a role I dream of him doing!! I just think he will do it justice! AND he gets to play dress up, big time! LOL. But regardless of his future, I just hope for him to win Grammy’s, Emmys, and Tonys….And I will be cheering him on, as the tears well in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. we know that he loved the “Twilight” books, and since he’s also done some acting and is a natural strawberry blond, he’d be perfect as the pale, blond, ultra-charismatic rock-star vampire Lestat from the iconic Anne Rice books, which began with “Interview with the Vampire.” Maybe it would help erase the memory of the travesty that was Tom Cruise as Lestat in the 1990’s movie…

    • Agree with you on Cruise being a travesty. Lost something for him when he lectured Brooke Shields and was condescending w/Matt Lauer.

      Vampire movies are a little overdone, lately it seems. Of course he’d be great but I don’t think it would be ground breaking territory.

    • buffy522 says:

      No, not Lestat. Lestat was thin and gaunt. Deeper voice. think Adam would Cruise it. But she has lots of very interesting vamps and witches that he could do

  12. With his hair back and those gorgeous aquamarine eyes, he could really pass for Ricky Nelson easily -so if anyone is planning to make a movie, I would give the role to him. If a remake of Phantom of the Opera is made again, he should be the front-runner, hands down. Actually, with that drop-dead handsome face, a body to kill for, and the personality to go along with it, he could probably do anything that he wanted. The entire world is his oyster and will remain so for a very long time. I would go to see anything that had Adam Lambert in it – THIS GUY ROCKS MY WORLD!!

  13. He would be great in Laurell K. Hamiltons Anita Blake Vampire Series…Character Jean-Claude. I hear they are making a movie from these books…My fav vampire genre books..Fantastic reads…but def adult.

  14. AdoringAdam says:

    I think Adam would be wonderful in a well written romantic comedy about a young singer/performer who is looking for his big break, He’s proven he can act and does have a comedic flair. (Did everybody see the video of Adam twirling the gigantic pink bra and flinging it into the audience, all the while singing and doing his thing).
    His musical talent is more than any one person can possibly have. I would love to see him in a musical written especially for him. I can’t think of any musical from the past that could be remade with Adam, except maybe “VIVI LAS VEGAS.” They could update it and add new songs. It would be a mega hit.

    • lambertluvaaa says:

      OH MY GOSH!!! Yes i saw that video. I was soo blown away with it because first of all it was funny and second his voice was just as delicate/exurberant as it would of been in the first palce!

      Oh, and with the whole dancing with the stars things…I would love to see him dancing but, like we said, hes to big for that stuff. If he preforms on the show it would be a whole different aspect. It would introduce him to younger, older, and in general different audiences. It could make him even more big than he already is!!!!!

      • lambertluvaaa says:

        By the way, when i said preforming i ment preforming as singing. not dancing.

  15. From Glamb #223. Anything. Old or new. Because Adam makes everything work, and everything his own. I can’t really narrow it down to just one. He gives me goose bumps down to my very soul with his music and I’m sure he will bring all of us to our knees on-screen!! No matter what he does.

    I can no longer find the link on his website to check his Twitter, can anyone help? I’m an older fan and all this blog and twit stuff confuses me…thanks.

    • Jeanette says:

      Ellen, please check out the article “Still A-Twitter Over Adam” and especially Lorrin’s wonderful Twitter turtorial in the comments section for everything you ever want to know about Twitter.

      Adam’s Twitter address is

    • Hi Ellen, I will leave others to post the direct link to Adam’s Twitter, but if you want to know how to set up on Twitter, I can help you. Please go to the ‘All A-Twitter Over Adam Again’ article on the home page here, and go down to the 8th post. That tells all about how to do Twitter. Also blogger Itsme says that you can go to and click on the link from there. Hope that helps.

  16. Since I also love George Clooney and Johnny Depp—I think a sort of comedy crime movie like Ocean’s Eleven and/or Thirteen (but NOT 12-that sucked) would be great for Adam. On the more serious side, a Hotel Rwanda or Outbreak kind of movie, where is character has heavy responsibility and is saving many, would also be cool. Manchurian Candidate too. Totally unexpected.

  17. Lunawest says:

    After seeing Adam in the VH1 Best Week Ever comedy skits, I agree that he would be hilarious on SNL!

    I also agree that his chameleon-like qualities will serve him well as an actor. I can see him doing the kind of work Johnny Depp does. Those over-the-top fantasy/fairy tale kind of parts like Edward Scissorhands, Chocolate, Legend of Sleepy Hollow. While I am a huge fan of the vampire genre, I hope that he does not get type-cast into a passing fad. Depp chooses his roles very carefully, and since Adam is very bright, and focused, I hope that he will as well.

    That said, I eagerly await his film debut!

  18. Like all of you, I would go see Adam in any movie–he could probably play any role.

    The comedy aspect is not one I thought about, but he would be brilliant.

    My son agreed yesterday that if I didn’t find another Adam fan to go to the Grand Rapids
    or Auburn Hills, Michigan, concerts, he would take take me. It is too far off :-).

    I’m excited to read reviews and see reactions when the Idols hit San Diego and Adam
    gets to perform in front of his home-town crowd.


  19. Adam has the capablity of playing any 3 dimensional character well. I could see him in romantic comedies and dramas, as well as anything else. I would think he could easily have his own reality show right now- letting fans tune in to follow him on the road and through his career. 114 on Dish could easily pick one up or others. I’d sure as hell tune in. 🙂 Personally I’d like to see what Sandra Bullock’s Production Company would do with him in the movie industry or where Robert Redford would place him…he has such impeccable taste. We’ve seen the fun, rocker side of Adam, but with a fully developed well rounded view of this youngster, imagine how far he could go. I’d like to go on a more personal, emotional, & soulful level and feel his agony or trimphant victories. I’d like to see how things touch his heart, his tears, his laughter- he is capable of more than laughs and fun and to develop all aspects of his personality or character- would make people love him that much more.

  20. AdamAddict says:

    I said looooong time ago,I wish I can see him on big screen! “MOULIN ROUGE” & still stick to it.I can imagine him replace Ewan.Ohh,I know what, maybe,they should do like the prequel of “Moulin Rouge”? Oh,wait,Ewan took a character of a young man in that movie,so Adam can’t be like a teenager so…forget about that. I love Ewan in that movie. He looks gorgeous with dark hair and those beautiful blue eyes….hmm ,Adam does look like him a bit,don’t u think?

    But after saw Adam in that “Best Week Int” I think he can do comedic role as well.I dunno man,he so freaking talented,I think he can do well even as a priest!Something like Adam Garcia movie “Bootmen” about tap cool dancing is cool too because Adam can dance.How about something like “Brokeback Mountain”?Hmm,ok maybe not,instead of watching the movie,people probably start doing something else inside the theatre.I don’t care as long it’s not stupid cheap budget movie!! 🙂

    • Lisette again..agree with yu very much regarding remake of Moulen Rouge can imagaine beau Adam in quest role as he has diverse talentes as an estraordinaire actor,danseur an vocaliste.An would surpasse Ewan’s depiction..surely to dazzle with his beautiful an artistique touches in costumes,an ecoutrementes..question who will be his leading actress..wel I luved Nicole Kidman,however she’d probable non reprise..Sor perhaps there’s a European or someonw Adam has worke with in his days of theatre in Los Angeles an abroad! I recall an interview where he’d say he’d never give up future theatre roles. Adore to see him in a role too in drama perhaps in companie of such actor’s as Leo DiCaprio,Matt Damon or Brad Pitt. An can see him in a role even as “Titanic” style! Lets wait an see ..sure many directors can apreciate his already accomplished dramatic roles agan in theatre..I’ll be there with all of his many fans aronde l’monde to see thes wonderful debut…bravo an bless thes superbe,witty,sweet,handsome,an multitalented artiste/actor/humanitarian as he has display in passe support seen on “utube for world charity eventes.An in same vein of Michel Jackson sans le sad an tragic demise..As he was truly gifted an unique as Adam.. Along with Elvis I know he’s in companie of thes artistes an sell cds/concertes,tv/radio an theatrical accomplishements for many yers! Blessings always monamie Luv Lisette!xoxo

  21. He can do anything and we all will follow him everywhere … Idon´t know if even VADAMS will be enough to joy his talent … lucky you that can see him in the concerts … hope someday he can come to Brazil.


  22. buffy522 says:

    I noticed that there is a new TV drama which name and network i forget. It starts with those haunting piano notes of Mad World. Oh, I thought, they will use the Gary Jules version. But no, it was ADAM’s version. They have been giving this mad time on tele and I saw it as a preview at the movies. Not bad!!

    • Lisette here,
      So sorry I av missed all news of late regarde to beau Adam an thenks Jeanette for your lovli article as always. I hav had computer problems an post when can from work now.Buffy i adore Adam’s version of “Mad World” an am elated thet ther’s recognition in a tv drama theme song?Plese let us know what the series is.Blessings for him always an know his songes can be used for future tv/an movie themes..non to mention Adam being in a grande starring role aftre his magnificente tour of “Idol”. Am so sorry to here of ignorance in San Hose an bigoted narrow minded people. Adam I pray thet non harm comes yur way,an know yu’ve faced passe chases of paparazzi an nasty press commentes. An know yu have always maintained very composed,an genial,charmant to all who adore an even those who display such hatred or ignorance.As yu are very intelligente,an mature way above one’s years.Know yu have fans an frends who will adore yu an stand beside yu thru all these trials an tribulations.J’espere to see a concert soon monbeau amie ..somehow where there’s a will there’s a way!.I’ll add more to thes subjecte later on. Blessings,an keep singing beautiful songes thet touche heartes yu always will have mine!J”adore an bisous Lisettexoxo

      • LISETTE – Hi! was re-reading this site and saw you were back! You should know you’ve been missed!
        Glad to see your ‘posts’! Missed seeing your thoughts on Adam!! Welcome back!! -peace-

      • Lisette, I am here with Cheryl to welcome you back. And may I say, as I have said on another post quite some time ago, that I find your remarks to be extremely charming, with your lovely French touches here and there…charmant, indeed.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Yeah,I start to wonder where’s the comment that I have to spend a little bit more time to read! Lisette,you’re baaaack!! LOL!! It’s really challenging to understand what you trying to say but it’s fun! 🙂

  23. bridget says:

    I would like to see him in twilight. VAMPIRE ¡¡¡¡¡

  24. Bellelinda says:

    Adam is an amazing talent and personality…as we have all seen. I can’t wait to see him in person at the AI concert next month. However I don’t know where you guys are getting that he is a great dancer??? I have not seen anything on line or on TV that would rank him up there with the great dancers such as Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly, and Fred Astaire. It is always more difficult for a very tall man to appear centered and move with strength and grace… but I know Adam can bring his dancing up to the same level as his singing, creativity and stage presence with the right coach(s). Adam is a fabulous entertainer…the only one I have ever seen who could join the ranks of The Greats such as Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and of course Elvis.

  25. AdamAddict says:

    Do you know about the PROTEST in San Jose?The ANTI GAY made that protest,said “u will go 2 hell if u go to a concert with a fag” They even call Allison “Fag enabler” WTF?? What planet are they from??Planet MORON?? That’s just mean! You hate them,then go somewhere else like…hmm..I dunno…HELL??!!

    OMG,this is ridicilious! And what surprised me even more,Michael Sarver actually watch Adam’s back! he said in tweet “We R together in this thing.U mess with 1,U mess with all 10.We R strong & we R 1!” Shit,man! Now I like this dude! There’s a picture where he actually meant what he said. He stand besides Adam like protecting him!Damn,that’s a cool dude,I must say!That’s friend all about!

    Why this story not posted here?This is like BIG news to me.I want to know & I need to know.I found out in other sites but just like “Protest Adam” So, I was like “Whaaat??” Then I have to google found out what happen.OMG,I’m so pissed right now.I want to kick some asses! Those protester,can’t they use their stupid brain once in a while.They don’t choose to be gay.And those who treat gays like human being are more human than them asshole??!!Grrr!!Lucky,nothing happen to Adam (physically,I dunno mentally)or any Adam’s friends!OMFG,grow up!!This is so sad!! 🙁

    • Adam’s appearance in San Diego on Saturday happens to coincide with Gay Pride weekend and an enormous parade, so there will be rainbow flags everywhere and tens of thousands people from out of town for it. I don’t think bigots would stand a chance.

      • I am horrified by this news, AdamAddict. I am definitely wading in here, and I am going to find out about all of it. Shame on San Jose. You’re right, Peggy, San Diego would be a poor choice for an anti-gay demonstration with Gay Pride weekend going on. I imagine many gays in the town will be seeing the concert, too. Boy, if there was an anti-gay, anti-Adam demonstration, that might get plenty hot fast. As Adam moves further into the central and southern U.S., things might heat up even more. What a sickening thought. At any rate, I’ve got to folllow this story, and comment on it somewhere. And it IS big news, AdamAddict, I only hope it does not become bigger, – it would be just the thing anti-gay factions would like, using a conveniently super-popular new celebrity as the focal point for a demonstration. Protecting him would then become a huge concern. I’m into the fray, be back later on this!

    • ADAMADDICT – WTF IS RIGHT!!!! —-WHAT U SAID GOES “DITTO” 4 ME 2!!!!!!! NOW I LOVE SARVER!!!! Did you all see the “Tour Rehersal Interview” from Adam???? He’s so sincere and genuine!
      He said his friends & family keep him ‘grounded’, and that he always remembers where he come from. He
      seems really ‘blown-away’ at his success ,,,,,,,and my dear, it’s only just begun!!!! I LOVE Johnny Depp! I think anything Depp has done, Adam could do in his own version. God, , , thank god the other idols are ‘there’ for Adam!!! Anyone who helps Adam can only help themselves as far as I’m concerned!!!
      -love-peace-hope & -happiness 4 OUR ADAM!!!!!

    • Jeanette says:

      AdamAddict, I can’t speak for the other authors here, but I wouldn’t dignify these protesters by giving them press. These haters and their protest are not new. They’ve been around for years, all over the country. When I was a cop many years ago, I worked Pridefest in Milwaukee, which is our Gay Pride festival. These protesters stood just outside the festival grounds with their hate signs and harrassed all the festival goers entering the grounds saying they were damned and all going to hell, etc. etc. It made me so mad – I wanted to arrest them all! The best thing is to just ignore them. I think they probably enjoy getting a reaction from people. So I won’t write stories about them. When Gene Simmons opened his big mouth and said Adam killed his career when he came out…I considered writing about that but chose not to. That kind of talk to me is hate and garbage, and I won’t treat it like legitimate news.

      • Jeanette, how breathtaking that you were a police person! I just finished making forays around the internet looking to see just how serious this anti-gay/anti-Adam ‘protest’ really was, and I found that the demonstration was very small. I posted what I found, including a photo, at the bottom of this page and on the ‘All A-Twitter’ page. One of the posts has the photo link and is still awaiting moderation. Your words, especially with your law enforcement perspective, are very steadying and comforting. I do appreciate your position in not publishing these hateful articles and comments, and thereby not fanning the flames or giving any power to them. But if something really important happens with this issue, I do hope you will keep us all up to date, since it is truly the most sensitive issue Adam would have to face with the public. Apart from that, as always, thanks so much for your excellent articles and leadership on this wonderful website!

        • AdamAddict says:

          OMG Jeanette,U were a cop??!! Woo hoo,how cool is that!! Was it cop in uniform? U turned me on,Jeanette,grrr!! 🙂
          If Adam needs bodyguards,let me know.I buy a plane ticket 1st thing in the morning! Aiyak!!!KILL,KILL,KILL!! DIE.DIE,DIE!! I’m furious!! Aiyak!!

          • Jeanette says:

            Yes, guys, I was a real Milwaukee police officer for 8 years. I worked in uniform, all except one day when I worked plainsclothes with the FBI for a Hillary Clinton visit. I did patrol, worked in the jail, and did a lot of festivals. The festival work was when I saw the anti-gay protesters. Nasty, nasty people!

            • AdamAddict says:

              I WILL NOT MESS WITH JEANETTE! 🙂 That’s sound sooo cooool! I always imagine myself as FBI agent.Not always…sometimes,when I got nothing better to do! Standing with my right hand holding a gun and my left hand touch my ear,U know listening to next order! Yeah,baby,soo cool!
              Btw,why they must touch the ear everytime they want to respond.People will found out you’re a cop!Just dance a bit pretending U listen to IPod or something.Or is it just on TV?
              I’ll be a cop if I’m not such a coward!! LOL!!

              • Jeanette says:

                Regarding the ear, I’m just guessing, because I wore ear mics very seldom, only at the larger festivals, but…I think they are touching their ear to make sure the mic is close enough so they can hear. The ear mics aren’t real good unless they are positioned just right and in the ear. Being a cop is cool, but it was a hard job and very stressful. I’m glad to be writing about Adam now and not chasing bad guys!

  26. i want adam plays superman and romantic movie. he can do anything he wants; rock singer- actor dancer. to em hes perfect-

    • AdamAddict says:

      Adam plays ‘”SUPERMAN”??!! Hmm,really?? LOL!! Ok,if U say so,buddy!
      I dunno but I can’t imagine he plays any comic roles!Let me think 4 a sec…nope! But I always thought he looks like “Sasuke Uchiha” in comic Naruto Shippuuden. He’s hairstyle now is so close to that manga character. Maybe he can play Sasuke??With kimono,sword and all!! They made “Dragonball” so maybe “Naruto” next? Let me think 4 another sec…nope,still can’t do! But I have to agree about romantic movie. He came from theatre so his face expression is unbelievable! I can feel it! Whooh!Something like “The Notebook” perhaps? 🙂

  27. Hi. Right now Adam could host Saturday Night Live – he’d be great.

    He could also host his own variety show (in the old days of TV, singers used to do this all the time). This would allow him to do all different styles of music and do cool duets with all kinds of performers.

    On another post, I said I had a delicious laugh thinking about Adam doing a remake of Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas”. He is so right for musical films!

    I would also like to see him as an over-the-top character on The X-Men series.

    Adam is so multi-talented, I wish him the best no matter what he does.

    Jeanette, thanks for you cool topics and great posts.

  28. Lorrin, as usual, you said it well. Even that reviewer from the Oakland Concert recognized Adam’s almost ‘limitless potential’. He said it would be an interesting story to watch how Adam tries to fulfill all of that promise in the next few years. Indeed it will. His friend Scarlett, in the Stone’s interview, talked about Adam having ‘so much extra’, and hopefully, now we’ll get to see the upshot of all of that amazing talent. But I think its important to recognize, also, that though Adam is gifted, it would amount to naught had he not worked so hard to develop and then find a showcase for those gifts. I guess we all owe a lot to AI for bringing us Adam.

    AdamAddict: No attention needs to be given that ridiculous story. It only gains power with repetition. A few imbecilic bigots would go mostly unnoticed if we do not give them a platform. Lets all please do not dignify them with our attention.

    • Winnie, thank your for your comment! My head is in a whirl lately, keeping up with this blizzard of posts, and all these great writers on this website. Yes, I too believe that Adam has limitless potential. His task will be to find exactly the genres, scripts, and venues that suit him to perfection and do only those things that show him to the fullest advantage. I think he has every bit of the marketing and business chops to do that well. He has already mentioned that he is well aware of what it takes to make it in the music business. It also sounds as though some of the very best people in music are around him now, helping to put his boundless ideas into motion. It seems to me that even on AI someone probably knew of him beforehand, because he was given such a huge amount of freedom to make extremely daring stylistic choices for their shows. Whatever waits ahead for Adam, I know it will be beyond anything we have seen, and he will cut a swath through the world as he goes.

  29. I would love to see Adam as Judas in “Jesus Christ Superstar”!!!!!! He will be so great with his wide range of voices and the emotions he pours into every character and songs. Imagine him singing “Superstar” with very glam outfit!

    • Hi Miicahn, – didn’t know if you knew, but Adam HAS sung Judas’ part in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. If you will go YouTube and put Adam Lambert – Heaven on Their Minds LIVE, it will come up as the first entry. He sounds very much as he does now, and looks wonderful.

  30. Adamsrealgirl says:

    i totally agree he should be on dancing with the stars

  31. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE would be a cool beginning for his tv carreer followed by other comedy shows, maybe The Soup. Thinking also of Dancing with the stars but its not my first option.

    Glamb #151

  32. Joyce Adamczak says:

    adam your fans can’t get enough of you
    better than jonny deep anyday
    shut for the moon adam, you can do it

  33. I just cannot see Adam on ‘dancing w/th stars’!!! That show is too ‘blah’ for Adam, in my opinion. SNL would be good, but not for him to actually be a ‘cast member’! He’s waaay better than that already! I thought he did ‘Hair” in Germany??? Actually, I think something just extremely well-written w/minimal amt of other actors in it and a good humor sense would suit him wonderfully for a beginning. However, his singing and music videos are where he will truly be outrageous after his album comes out,,,,which I can’t wait for! I’m wondering if & when the tour might start changing some of Adam’s songs. He must get tired of
    the same numbers each and every nite!!! If he wants to do something different, I think he’ll probably get his way! After all, HE IS THE SHOW!!!
    -love-hope-peace-4 adam and all!

  34. I am back from searching around for this San Jose anti-gay protest story. It seems that a very small group of protesters in that city were standing around with placards which said things like, “if u go to a concert with gays u will go to hell”, and “allison is a fag enabler”. Apparently, this small group from San Jose protests at other concerts as well. They are against rock and roll and homosexuality in general, and one writer mentioned they are from one of their local church groups As far as I can see, this was not a major protest with dozens of protesters all waving signs and shouting at Adam. I found a photo on TwitterPic which you can see here From this photo, I think it can safely be said that an anti-gay protest against Adam, at least in San Jose, was a non-issue as far as importance goes. However, this will probably happen again. I’m sure Adam can handle this in his own strong and graceful way. In a very nice surprise, Michael from the AI tour was reported as saying that all of the AI Idols ‘stand together’ behind Adam. And we as his fans must all stand with him, too, if anything like this ever escalates and gets out of hand. Their are hundreds of protests up on the internet against this anti-gay protest already, and my own voice is right in there with them. We stand united with Adam.

  35. Anything and everything, the more the better:))

  36. theruberdoll says:

    Nothing that exists today fits Adam. He is unique and iconic and as far as I am concerned, he is a totally new genre in all mediums. He has redefined masculinity, he has redefined music and he has redefined what is considered to be breathtakingly gorgeous for both men and women. To top it all off, he is bright and searingly witty.

    Things will have to be written for him to be in the movies or on TV. Nothing else will be good enough.

  37. right now, my fave movies are directed by tim burton. he made the new sweeney todd, sleepy hollow, and the alice in wonderland movie coming out. basically all those dark movies johnny depp was in if u don’t know these movies.

    but ANYWAY….i would looooooooove if adam did something with tim burton. 2 great things combine!

  38. I would love to see him do a serious role as a young gay artist struggling to make it, something that would elicit all of Adam’s enormous emotional range.

  39. Adamized says:

    I remember Eddie Murphy did quite a few movie scenes with him playing every role. Adam has so many great looks and range, I’d love to see him do that as well. Imagine, all sorts of characters in the room, all genders and colors (including green :-), and they are all Adam!

  40. I totaly agree with the Magnus Bane thing.
    He soooo…. looks like him it’s creepy.
    for those who dont know who the great MB is, he’s a book characters, a rathe big one in the Mortal Instruments, atleast he becomes one by the second book.
    He’s sparkly, a warlock, loves to party, and is gay. But’s he’s way cool.
    He also dresses just like Adam.

  41. animecrazy says:

    Adam Lambert really looked like Sasuke Uchiha of the Naruto series!

  42. It exclusively your opinion