Adam in Entertainment Weekly


Entertainment Weekly put a photo gallery with 8 stunning photos of Adam on their website, accompanied with a short interview in which he revealed awesome news about the upcoming tour! He also talked about his surprise on getting so far on Idol, and his favorite tv show. Read on for the interview..

Lambert on his expectations going into American Idol
”I honestly didn’t feel like I would get that far on the show. I thought, I’m not as conventional as American Idol usually likes. I just didn’t expect the judges and the audience to be as supportive as they were. Week after week, when I got through, I said, ‘Wow, this is, like, working out!’ I didn’t think I’d get to the end.”

On coming out
”I’m very comfortable with my sexuality, and very, very open about it, and have always been out, since I was out of high school. Then, when those pictures came out right before [the] Idol [top 36] started, and I was faced with the media asking me about them, I was like, What am I going to do, deny that they’re me? But what I didn’t want was to put a label on myself, because I think there may have been people in our country who might not have looked past that.”
”I think by not putting a label on myself, maybe it was helpful in letting people see past all that, past putting me in a box based on my sexuality. And then after the show ended, and after the competition was over, and I had made my mark, so to speak, I felt like then it was appropriate to talk about my personal life.”

On the fallout from the American Music Awards
”The thing I was disappointed about is that it did start to take the focus away from the music. Hindsight is 20/20. Hindsight is our best teacher, in my opinion. I was in the moment, I was just expressing a song, I was just having a good time. Then I heard the backlash, and I realized, OK, alright, I pushed a little too hard this time around. Maybe it wasn’t the right second first impression. I can stand by that. But I don’t really feel like I have to make an apology, because I don’t feel like there was any wrong done. Maybe it’s not just the most broadly appealing performance style. Let’s put it that way.”

On an upcoming tour
”I think it’s probably going to be springtime. I’ve started talking to management about putting something together. I think it’s not going to be a standard arena tour. I think we’re going to do something a little different. My big goal is I want to create a show. I want to do something that’s very visually dynamic, and is a little more interactive feeling than your typical arena tour. So we’re looking at venues that are probably going to be a little smaller and a little more intimate.”

What he wears when he’s hanging out at home
”A full sequined jumpsuit! [Laughs] Obviously, there are all these photo shoots and appearances where I get all done up. I love dressing up, putting on eye makeup and over-the-top clothing. But when no one’s looking, when I’m just kicking it with friends or family or by myself, I’m, like, [in] sweatpants, t-shirt, no eye makeup — except maybe what was on the night before.”

On his favorite entertainers of the year
”Yeah, probably Lady Gaga. She just inspires me with her creativity and her out-of-the-box thinking. She’s not afraid to take risks and to be different. She dances. She’s visually interesting; she’s got costumes. And she’s a great musician.”

On his favorite TV show of the year
”I haven’t been up on my media all that much. I watched True Blood, that’s probably my favorite show. I just love the tone of it. I really like what they’re saying. In many ways, they’re talking about our current civil rights issues, but the under the guise of they’re vampires. It’s really sexy. The actors are fantastic. The storylines are captivating. I just love that show.”

Here are the photos that went with it. Verrrrrrry niiiiiice!! 😀



  1. OMGG,, these are sooo very sexy! I love to see him with a bike or any kind of chrome, it suits him as do the togs!! YUM!

  2. BTW a Canadian mag, Rockstarweekly, is putting out an all Adam mag. Check their site:

    • theresa, Thanks so much for the heads up. I ordered mine. Twelve dollars? what a deal!! Love the pictures by the way. SOOOOOOOO HOT!!

    • Jane Parker says:

      Thanks Terry!!
      I got mine ordered!! Hope I am in the first 500!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I didn’t order one. I’m going to be away then and I don’t want it to get wrecked in the mail box. Dang, I hope they still have some copies left when I get back in March.

  3. leilani aloha says:

    Sexy & adorable Adam always !!!
    luv, luv , luv him , his stlye, voice etccc

  4. It’s funny, I posted this photo site(EW) on the last thread and my post is gone. I get that this is better but why delete my post?

  5. If I was just a young child, and saw that picture with ADAM sitting with legs wide-open on the motorcycle…………..I would say that “When I grow up, I want to be a motorcycle”……………….lol

    I noticed that when his head was leaning back with the earphones on…I could read his mind ….he was thinking about me!!!

    And if I was the motorcycle, I’d be ecstatic when he was on my front wheel!!!!

    These are some SEXY photos…..they obviously mess with my mind!!!! LOL But it’s fun!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      My dear Jaberone, you are getting worse by the day. I am pretty sure it was me that said “I wanna be the bike” LOL.

      Don’t you just love these pictures. And never mind the bike, the one where he is sitting on the floor, leg’s apart, eyes closed, mouth open, oh my, my I am right in there, oh yeah baby, Let’s get it on.

      • Dianne….You sound like YOUR tongue is hanging out !!!!!!! Calm down, girl…. or am I asking the impossible !!! LOL

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • jaberone & Dianne, you two are so on It! I believe we are all (us pervs) getting worse by the day?
        It feels soooo good……….. Maybe its the cold weather, we want to be warmer. Nah its not the weather
        Head leaning back, with earphones on and Mouth Open, waiting for me to cum to him and kiss him
        all over………………………..Black clothes (sexy), Adam (sexy) and I want to get (sexy) with him.
        Santa?? can u hear me? Hubby dont read this, ever…………. 🙂

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          This is a time for celebrating womanhood! A time to be ourselves, be free & forget all your troubles. Absolutely nothing wrong expressing our sexuality, our sensuality, our inner beings of being a woman! I’ve been wanting to say this for sometime cause I feel that some ladies don’t care to share their sensual side, that’s fine, but it is also fine to express yourself as a sexual/sensual woman, the kind of woman every man should respect & appreciate.
          MASTER ADAM is the kind of man who helps me release these feelings, & it’s beautiful! I just wish he knew how deeply I felt for him as a woman,he has to know. Is it possible for this man who is comfortable with his own sexuality to become a lover to the unknown woman he has never given a chance to explore, to really find out what it is to be a man loving a woman. Is it an insult to women to be rejected by a man for another man? I don’t know. I feel I am not the only woman out there who believes that Master ADAM would give woman a chance to feel her inside & out. He is just so much of a man ,why aren’t most straight men like this? I just love the kind of man MASTER ADAM is. He makes me feel good inside in all ways. I’m delusional right now so forgive me please if I have said anything offensive. I’m just emotional right now, for MASTER ADAM.

          • Kimber….You are saying what we all are saying!!!!! You were not offensive in any way. Welcome to our Pervs United Club….. Get your number!!!!! lol

            Wait a minute….the initials are P.U. Do we really want that???????? lol

            • oh kimber, I am not afraid to reveal my sensual feelings at all. Its my very own expressions.
              So, I celebrate my womanhood all the time:). I hope someday he does find out what it feels
              like for a man to make wild passionate love to a woman. Someday it may happen. Not just
              to make out and kiss, but to share the ultimate closeness a man and a woman can give
              each other. When I think of Adam and this happening, I can see him saying “why not” If the
              opportunity arises…………
              As far as you being offensive, I dont take what you write that way at all.

              jaberone, initials P U ? oh not so good. We should change to Pervs for Adam United (P F A U)

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                Oh no Mary C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I”m sorry I wasn’t stating this to you, I was just feeling,I know you are not afraid , I was just talking of womanhood because we are some of the women who do express our feelings a lot, I’m sorry please forgive me. No girl, not at all, God I hope you see this soon!!!

                • oh my gosh, kimber, I didnt even think you were stating your post to me. I waz just
                  telling u how I feel. You should lighten up my love! No pun intended. 🙂
                  I was agreeing to celebrate the womanhood thing……………….. kimber paleez

  6. I think he should do some modeling. He is so hot. He sell any product.

  7. LuvAdam476 says:

    Absolutely LOVE this man. These photos are HOTT HOTT HOTT!!! Love his answers on the interview.

  8. OMG. Great intervie, I love True Blood too! Awesome. But…..OMFG those pictures! I swear he just gets hotter. It seems IMPOSSIBLE, but yet it happens!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  9. littlegreensnake says:

    Holy carp! Adamgasm overload!


    *lays quivering silently in a puddle of drool*

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Do we know each other ? You look familiar. You sound familiar. Let me think about this, ok, Have you posted recently? You sure do sound familiar. but hey it’s good to see you!!

  10. There is something so unique about the fact that Adam has carefully crafted his physical appearance. There are a host of actors who were born with good looks and just visit the gym a bit and don’t shave for a day or so and look pretty sexy in a good photo …. very little effort. But what we see in Adam is the result of consistency and concentration and creativity and the result in good photography, is breathtaking. Yah, he is naturally handsome and adorable when just hanging out but Fabulous Adam is nothing short of ART. It’s not just the music, folks!! When I first flipped over him, I would say, “Oh, I just love his amazing voice. ” But, now, (ergo above photos), of course I love that magnificent voice but I have no embarassment in admitting that I REALLY just love LOOOOOOOOOOOKIN’ at him!!!

  11. Adam, please – give me your f-f-fever!!!

  12. I think Adam has at some time read comments on this site, because these pictures were definitely made for us! Thank You Adam! Now we have our fantasies to last the winter until your tour starts!

    • ellen, good point. Oh his tour, cant wait! At first I was a bit sad at the fact maybe he originally would have wanted the larger arenas for his new career start, then as long as he is happy, I’m happy for him.
      With the smaller venues, hopefully the meet and greets will continue and he will be within the closeness of his fans he has always had. Just dont scream, he doesnt like screaming…. (earplugs) Calmness (after the shows of course.)
      And to hang out with him in Tshirts and sweatpants, OMG how cozy is that?
      I feel he handled his coming out soo perfect, with the pics tht came out on the internet while Idol was still on ( oh he was so worried) and he waited and did it all so perfectly…………….
      Luv Adam!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I am going to post my reply here because Mary C you’ve brought up something very important to me. MASTER ADAM’s concert tour.
        That’s right people, smaller venues, bigger cities, higher ticket prices, SOLD OUT shows!
        What a plan! A smart plan because, MASTER ADAM knows that his fanbase is unique & magical! This concert tour is not only going to be just any concert, like he says, it’s going to be different. In my opinion, each show is going to be like ONE BIG EROTIC PARTY!!!! Intimate, personal, audience interaction, for adults only, lottsa booze, all black attire, black leather & chains, maybe a hidden whip hidden in one’s black fishnet stockings, a lot of socializing because we are all there for one reason, MASTER ADAM, dresses & heels for anyone, pretty young men, “cougars”, an entire eclectic group of people coming together. These shows are going to have MASTER ADAM’s signature written all over them & they’re not going to be for just anybody, you had better be prepared because I see BIG LIGHTS BIG ACTION BIG ENTERTAINMENT by our one & only MASTER ADAM!!!
        “FOR ADULTS ONLY” & it’s going to be one classy & sophisticated show!
        I am very anxious & excited for MASTER ADAM, these shows will be the talk of the town.

        • I want to be there!!!! Can we pre-order tickets before the plans are set?????

          If anyone buys tickets….get extras so that we Glambs can buy them from you so that we can go ….. I’ll do the same. That way, we may have more of a chance to see him in person!!! Don’t forget!!!!!!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            To anyone & everyone , the GLAMBS must have their tickets!It’s going to be a tight race to get those tickets, you know? I’ve got to focus, save$$$$$$$$$$$$

  13. Glambertgirl1 says:

    I guess the small arenas are maybe cause they dont think they would sell arena size volumes of tickets? My only worry is that he has a concert where I live and that I can actually get tickets. Seems like the smaller the venue the harder it may be to get them. I do like the intimacy of it though. That would be cool. It’s kind of a bummer when you are sitting a million miles away and I want to get as close to him as possible!!! I can think of a few venues in San Diego-HOB, Anthology, Belly Up and 4th and B

    • If he plays smaller theaters, maybe he will stay in a city for 2 or 3 nights. I just love that word he used…….”interactive!!” To think that he wants to be close enough to experience our response. AWWWWWWWWWWRG! I can’t even think about it!! If he doesn’t come to Denver, I will just EXPIRE!!!!

  14. SO HOT HOT HOT LOVE ALL THESE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. No words can come out!Actually there’s two words.Weak knees!Actually,more than two words.He is the new defination of SEXY!I love all of them!DUH!!The hair up makes him look naughty and bad boy and the hair down makes him look young,fresh and good boy who loves music!Accept the one where he spread the legs,mouth open….OMG,I want to crawl to him!LOL!! He is the bad boy sweetheart,THE WORLD BAD BOY SWEETHEART! I guess time to change twitter’s background! 🙂

  16. Well Merry Christmas to me!!! I work in the retail world and needless to say it has been crazy but then I come home on lunch hour and I see these beautiful pix of our Adam and I am in heaven! It gives me the strength to carry on! And about an intimate venue, omg!!! I am all for it but I have to plan my course of action because I have to be front row center when he comes to town!!! I will start saving my pennies now!!!!! A Merry Adam Christmas to all!!!!!

  17. Wonderful, and ‘People’ magazine had 2 pages of Adam’s photos and 8×10 each page. December issue.

  18. Great article and great pics! Thanks.

  19. The last pic, oh its so hot too. Love when he does the look down pose!

  20. ninalatina9 says:

    ok…just 3 words….. HOT< HOT<HOT!!! and I LOVE HIM!! He is AWESOME!!

  21. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    My fav pic, is all of them! Wait a minute, I really do like the first one, the third one cause it looks like a penis, & I like the fifth one laying back propped up by his arm, & those long sexy legs Mary C just loves. I love them too, These pics had me literally feeling the same way I feel about MASTER ADAM’s “brown zippered pants” video. The man is just becoming sexier & sexier by the second. I’m surpised Playboy or Playgirl hasn’t asked for interviews, maybe they will be next. Interviews w/ a little sneakpeek, maybe?

  22. You would think after seeing picture after picture of Adam it would get a little obnoxious…but NO WAY..he just gets more appealing! The last two are my favs. Thank you for sharing, it makes my day. True Blood is a great show. Read all the Sookie Stackhouse books and really enjoy TB. I think Adam could play “Jean Claude” from the Laurell K. Hamilton “Anita Blake Series”. I have heard something is being done with that series. If wishes would come true…I hope his concert comes to my area!!! I’ll be soooo sad and depressed if not. Again, a BIG thanks for all things Adam.

  23. All i have to say is HOT!