Adam Hits More “HOT” Lists!

We all know that Adam recently made TV Guide’s “HOT” issue. The word has come that he has also made US Weekly’s annual “Hot Hollywood” issue as one of their “Stars of the Year.” Those being honored will celebrate on Wednesday, November 18th in LA. Meaning next Thursday we’ll have a whole new yummy batch of photos and videos to drool over!

In more magazine news, Out will feature Adam on the cover of their “Out 100” issue along with other nominees. The issue will also contain an interview with Adam.

Be sure to watch for these upcoming issues! If anyone knows exactly when these will be hitting the stands, please let us know.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Jeanette, your investigative experience has certainly kept us current on the latest Adam news. Adam seems to be appearing everywhere and is certainly hot news hence everyone wanting a piece of him. Thanks once again to the International Glamb Crew for keeping this the most awesome site.

    To my Glamb family, I missed you all and it is great to be back! Emili, you beautiful child, I heard you enquired about me – thanks for that! I hope that you are saving your money because I intend fetching you in Malaysia next year to attend one of Adam’s concerts … and don’t forget to practise your dance mooooooooooves!


    • WELCOME BACK, INGRID!!! Terry has been keeping us updated – we all missed you. Glad to see you posting again!

      • Has anyone nailed down EXACT dates of Adam on GMA, LETTERMAN, and return to OPRAH ? I was hearing 24th for first two, now see is 11/25, with LETTERMAN being taped on 11/23. I am going to be away, at other people’s mercy as far as TV is concerned, DVR is disconnected for move, blah, blah. All in all, adds up to stressful Thanksgiving week, esp the AMA’s. Wish I knew when in the program Adam would be perfomring so I could slip away and watch, then get back before I am missed. Any updates would be appreciated.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Welcome back Ingrid, it is lovely to see you back posting here. We have been having an exciting time of it, make sure (if you haven’t been able to get to a computer) the TV Guide thread for the most beautiful pictures of Adam ever.

      • AdamAddict says:

        INGRID,YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!YAAAAAAYY!!How you feeling?You are fine now,right?I’m worried for you.So glad to hear from you.Miss yer,mwah!!!! 🙂

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi!!!!!!!!! Ingrid, how are you?
      I’m always running late trying to catch up with everything that’s posted, there’s so much. Have you been ill, or something? I didn’t know. I hope you are better, and always great to hear from you.
      Mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!! to you,

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      WELCOME HOME GLAMBSISTA! I am so glad you’re back $ you doing much better. Now let’s have some fun!

    • Ingrid, Welcome back sister. Sure have missed all the MMwwaahh’s coming from your way.
      Lots of exciting Adam things coming up in the next few weeks!

  2. Thanks for the info Jeanette….you always have the latest info….we appreciate it very much….

    The ADAM STORM IS COMING !!!!!!!


  3. Thank you, Jeanette, for the constant up-dates.

    Was there really a time, after the tour, when we suffered apprehension over the possibility of
    Adam-deprivation? Well, it’s clear now that’s never going to happen.

    More photos? Like the ones within the past two weeks? To your drawers again girls, and drag out those bibs!

    • Sherry, have you recovered from the flu? Read your sweet reply…thanks.

      Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Dear Yvonne,

        You’ve got the wrong Sherry here. Sorry for making things difficult. There are at least 3 of us now. I think maybe you meant to address this to Admfan1 (Utah). I’m Sherry (Michigan).

        By the way, other Sherry, I hope you’ve gotten over the flu, too!

        no, I won’t write it—that name has appeared in this post too many times already (haha)

        • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

          HI Sherry S
          I am Sherry K from Arkansas. Kris Allens home town is only about 30 miles from me! Hopefully the initials will help make the difference. I am also GLAMB # 445 EVERYONE I AM SHERRY K. I hope any other Sherry’s put their last initals on, or their GLAMB # Thank-You too sherry S for hoping I am better. I love all of you guys and gals on here. Everyone is so nice. Just trying to clear everything up.

          • I am so sorry it is the H1N1 that you have. I was hoping it was just the regular flu when I first read this. Oh my God, that must be terrible! Did you have any trouble obtaining the Tamiflu from your doctor? Our very best wishes are with you for a swift recovery.

            Wow, it must be hard being an Adam fan in Kris territory!

            I wanted to tell you, my middle initial is K. Good thing I didn’t use that also, or heads would be spinning.

            Though I am aware of the locations of most of the girls who are on here regularly, I sort of wish everyone put their state or country with their name, for further perspective.

            Really hope you feel better soon,
            Sherry (Michigan)

      • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

        HI YVONNE, I am Sherry K. I put the K on there because I realized everyone thought I was the other Sherry S ! I do thank-You for your concern. I am still not over that Damn swine flu. It is a killer! Worst flu I have ever, ever had. I am better. I have been told that this stuff hangs on for ever. THANK-YOU FOR BEING SO SWEET! I love all the people who post on this board! They are all so nice. And so funny. I LOVE ADAM TOO!
        Take care everyone and try to not get get this nasy HINI FLU!

  4. puteri abdul says:

    thank you for information jeanette..
    and so proud and happy over adam multi wide coverage from the media ..
    I did read some of those haters that are kinda of sick of adam’s over exposure, but to heck with those people..
    we love adam’s stories !! and as they say,
    the more the merrier, the better, the hotter, the sweeter, the juicer, the oh so the happiness of all of us here !!!

  5. Thanks again Jeanette. Let me inform you that are injecting me with a plethora of happiness with all your Adam news.

    Dianne, Lisa do you get those magazines in NZ? Oh well, it ‘s off to Borders again tomorrow to check it out !!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  6. Oh Jeanette….like everyone above said…you keep us so well-informed about ADAM and his activities, and it’s soooo appreciated! I hope you’re taking your pc to L.A. so that you can make little notes to us of your every move!!!!!! I know I’ll be watching for all your comments about everything you’re doing while you’re there…..nosey, aren’t I???? What do they call that?….not nosey, but living vicariously through you!!!!! LOL Luv ya!

  7. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Thanx Jeanette, for all the Grt news you are spreading today. What would we Adam Lovers, do without you and the rest of the team. I have said it before and it bears repeating, ya’ll are my “Adam Lambert Support Group”. Here I sit with my cup of tea this morn, and I have a twin Grandaugher getting married this afternoon. And me with a million things to accomplish…lol…. To all who have been sick, with this flu or whatever is going around, I wish you a speedy recovery. For it has kicked me and mine pretty hard…
    Jeanette have an awesome trip to LA, I know you must be “Walking On Sunshine”.
    Have a Grt wknd e-one, Blessings 2 all…

  8. Glamb #, Gina NY

    Thank you Jeanette and the rest of you for all the Adam news. I love checking in every day. People thought I was crazy when I said months ago how big he would become. So happy it is proving true. This man has put in years and deserves all the success. I look forward to entering the new age of Adam with all of you. I’m thrilled to talk with people who share the same enthusiasm about Adam!! Best to you all – Gina (ginadam)

  9. Adam everywhere. Yummy!

  10. Glamb # Gina (ginadam) NY

    Thank you Jeanette and the rest of you for all the Adam news. I love checking in every day. People thought I was crazy when I said months ago how big he would become. So happy it is proving true. This man has put in years and deserves all the success. I look forward to entering the new age of Adam with all of you. I’m thrilled to talk with people who share the same enthusiasm about Adam!! Best to you all – Gina (ginadam)

    • The “New Age of Adam” – I love it! Just like the Age of Aquarius – only better. So much Adam everywhere…but WE knew the Adam Storm was coming, didn’t we?

      Julie Glamb #82

  11. I, too, want to thank Jeanette and ALL of you on this site for the Adam news and undying support for Adam. I don’t post very much anywhere, and there is soooooooo much news that it is hard to keep up. Between real life and Adam events my days seem never long enough.

    I am so happy for Adam and cannot wait to get the album. I will be looking for these magazines as well as Elle to add to my Adam collection. What fun this guy is and always surprising.

    I love so much his frankness and honesty when he is interviewed. He is truly fearless, and such an open minded soul. I admire him more than I can find words to express. He has a lifetime fan here, and I know all of you feel the same.

    Sheila Glamb#500

  12. Adam is more than HOT, he’s SIZZLIN”.

  13. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    Thank you too for Jeanette! I live for the news she provides every day. Thank you So Much!

  14. I can hardly wait to hear Adam’s debut album,” For your Entertainment” I will be vacationing in San Diego the 23rd,,, never been there before! Where should I go to buy it?

  15. Let’s see…so far….

    11/24 GMA
    11/25 Letterman show
    12/1 Ellen Degeneres
    12/9 ADL fundraiser honoring Spielberg (will be performing w/ Noa Dori)
    ? Oprah

    …as per mjsbigblog…am sure by this time (after AMA), Adam will be appearing in a lot more promos. More Adam to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to all! From Mila3.

  16. This is all so great, remember when the AI tour was coming to an end and a lot of us were feeling low? We thought we’d have a drought where Adam wouldnt be in our lives so much. Not so at all,
    I very much appreciate everyone who has kept the updates, videos, pics and interviews coming our way. Never a dull moment.
    love and peace!

  17. oh, yay!
    i cant wait for all this stuff to come.
    thanks for all the info on this website, much more informative than Adam’s actual OFFICIAL website.
    thanks 😀