Adam, ET, & American Red Cross for Haiti Relief

A charitable heart is a sexy thing!  Be sure to watch the telethon on Friday (every station?) and donate to the Red Cross to help with the relief efforts in Haiti.  If you are using your computer to read this message, you are already blessed with more than the people in Haiti have right now.  Dana, Glamb #6

‘American Idol’ glam-rocker ‘Adam Lambert’ filmed a PSA for the Red Cross pleading with America to donate at least one dollar for Haiti relief.

Adam Lambert will be among several celebrities that will participate in the Haiti telethon, which will broadcast on just about every TV channel on Friday Jan. 22. The telethon will show the chaos in Haiti, the relief efforts so far as well as several celebrities pleading with Americans to donate anything they can to help the people of Haiti.

Stay with American Idol News for more information coming on how you can donate.

Watch the telethon on Friday for more information on how you can donate to the relief cause in Haiti.


  1. Adam is going to perform!!!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that!!!!!! I have been reading all of these blogs and they have only been mentioning these really big, big names and folks on the blogs have been writing in asking! So yes!!!!!! I can’t wait to see Adam on it! I hope he sings! I’m going to set my Tivo! Loved this PSA!

  2. thanks for posting this vid dana – it literally brought me to tears today…I love adam’s heart – all I can say is WOW! & the fact that he is going to perform Chance?! thanks for sharing that info…I’m off on Fridays, so I’m beyond excited to be able to keep an eye on my tv…altho I’m deeply saddened to the core by all the loss, pain, & devastation Haiti is suffering – “make a difference in a life” – adam’s plea to us…for the profound impact he’s had in our lives, who are we to say no?! dig deep & give graciously my fellow glams…as soon as I saw his vid this morning, I went directly to donate – even if you give up a Starbucks tomorrow for $5 donation – it’s not much of a sacrifice 🙂 love you all – Jill 🙂

  3. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that has been formal on this subject. He hasn’t twittered it and it isn’t on his official web site. Don’t think it is true.

  4. Canadians can donate by visiting, dialling 1-877-51-HAITI or texting AID to 45678. Also CBC, CTV & Global will air “Canada for Haiti” benefit Friday at 7 p.m. ET & PT with a line-up of top Canadian talent.

    Adam moving up the Canadian iTunes charts. WWFM at #6 and FYE album at #14. Wonder if Oprah has anything to do with it? Go Adam!

    • Thanks for the number Jackie, I forgot to write it down.. wow these performers are awesome with their singing tonight.. too bad it’s for such a sad reason…

  5. Cathy Glamb#570 says:

    Adam is such a good-hearted person. I hope he is on the telethon but if not, everyone please do what you can to help! God Bless and God Speed to all who are helping out in whatever capacity they can.

    By the way, Adam is scheduled to perform on Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday show, Tuesday, Jan. 26. Tune in and Turn On!

    • And Glambs, keep in mind he will be a ‘correspondent’ for ET on the red carpet for the Grammy’s on Jan. 31 as well… our boy gets around, and won’t he have fun meeting all the celebs???

      HIs fashion and his articulate and humorous way of relalting will make him shine!

  6. IF he performs ( I hope he does!) i would love him to sing Time For Miracles again, such a powerful rock balad and so inspiring, oh well… i would also imagine him singing “heal the world” with a group of artists. (I heard the song is gonna be remastered again for this occasion). Oh well DONATE ppl! please. I did! 🙂

  7. I saw this vid last night here in OZ at end of E news….. It was such a surprise and a huge applause to Adam and other celebrities for lending themselves to such a good cause.

    We have heard on our news how USA is sending so much help to Haiti . Aussies have been donating via the Red Cross.

    Thanks for the info re Ellen Degeneres…much appreciated.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  8. waveridergal says:

    I so agree Vix. Time for Miracles is such a beautiful song and oh so appropriate. I hope it is true that Adam will be a part of this outreach. He has such a big heart and is so sincere. And please,
    please donate. I know I can sure do without a Startbucks!

  9. Micki (Glamb 535) says:

    I heard he will not be performing but will be involved in some other capacity, possibly as one of the celebs answering phones. Hope that was wrong/incomplete info & he can perform too. I agree, TFM would be SOOOO appropriate.

  10. What time does the telethon start? Also, what dj gig is he (Adam) talking about in his latest twitter. It says enjoy so I assume that it is aired somewhere and I would love to watch it

    • It is on at 8 pm pacific time and is almost through here now.. However some of the songs have already made it to youtube such as

      Hallelujah by Justin Timberlake and I’ll Stand by You by Shakiro and Madonna did A Little Prayer with Monte as her guitarist.. everyone is outdoing themselves.

  11. ok, I found out that the telethon starts at 7:00 EST but I still want to know about that dj gig. Please tell me what that is all about. I don’t want to miss anything Adam—

  12. Adam is on Ryan Secrest at 7:30 am California time. That’s 9:30 in the Midwest and 10:30 New York Time. Yes TFM would be the perfect song for Adam to sing. But whether he sings or not, he is asking for our help for the unfortunate souls of Haiti. GIVE as generously as you can. Will always love ADAM!!!!!

  13. This is unrelated, but there’s a wonderful video of Whayaya Want from Me on youtube by “LoveandLogicrock” if you havn’t seen it. Adam tweeted that he thought it was beautiful recently, so I watched it and loved it.

    They just sent me a really sweet thank you note about my comment , saying also that MTV has expressed interest in it and will play it if it gets 100,000 views by this Sunday. They have 79, 970 at this point (Friday late morning), so if you’re interested watch it more than once and tell others too.

    Here’s the link:

  14. Great thread! When a castrophe happens, its so wonderful to see people Worldwide come together to give. Whether it be of themselves physically by being in Haiti and doing what they can or by giving any amount of money.
    Heartbreaking scene in Haiti, little by little with all the continued support lets hope they can pull out from this disaster.
    Always nice to see celebrities getting together to work for the cause. So glad Adam is a part of this telethon. Seeing things like this happen, really reinforces how fortunate we are!
    love & peace


  16. yes- hope he sings it- but not with the cheesy 2012 video backdrop- and maybe soften the loud parts of the orchestra.
    His wonderful voice can move us to tears in song – and hopefully stir others to reach into their hearts and pockets xx

  17. EMERGENCY!!! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE DO AN ARTICLE ABOUT VH1. I just saw on the website that you must fill out all 20 blocks or your submission is invalid on the TOP 20 VOTE. That explains why we voted our heads off and it didn’t help. I would also like to see someone write about MTV and VH1 and how it could possibly help to just play Adam’s videos from those websites to increase his visibility.

  18. Adam that was such a sweet video, just like u. Will do what I can!!!!!!!!!

  19. I missed the critic’s choice awards on t.v. What channel was it on? i want to see it. i hope it comes on again.If you find out anyone let me know. adam is going to be on the telethon is that correct. I am going to watch it.

  20. Iyleneidol09 says:

    I am watching the telethon hopeforHaitinow. OMG Adam’s TFM is really very, very appropriate, at this time. It will be just miracle to find people alive under those rubbles!! It is TIME FOR MIRACLE!!
    God bless them all!!
    This is off the topic, why didn’t Sony push that song to be sang to the telethon. Not enough clout? Why did Sony create that song and video in the first place? I heard it is not really the official theme song for 2012. Why the producer did not push to promote that song? It is a beautiful song and sang by a BEAUTIFUL person, I just wonder….

  21. Ok, telethon’s over; WHERE WAS ADAM? Did I miss him somehow? Was he in the shots of the famous folks answering phones? He would have been fabulous if they had let him sing. Nobody conveys emotion like Adam! Still a wonderful show and an outstanding cause to bring everyone together.

  22. wOW ! I can imagine Adam singing the Time for Miracles, but the background now are the events in Haiti. And I can see tears from his eyes, because we really need this time for miracles now. Other parts of the world are still in shock, disbelief or denial, but here Adam sensitizes us to have EMPATHY and COMPASSION to the people in Haiti. What a great person he is. He not only has a “Giant Personality” according to Randy Jackson, but has a “Giant Heart”. God bless you dear Adam. We hear you, and will support you always.

  23. hi,everyone.adam wwfm is no#11 on vh1`,kris is no#1 suck.adam gonne be on grammy award on mjbigblog the info.

    please vote for adam vh1 this week its vote fill adam at no.1 then fill the 19 grid,the vote counts that way.for info go to vh1 ,click on adam lambert see the wwfm comments ,they show you how to vote.

  24. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    It’s really sad to see people die in these catastrophes, I still can’t get the Tsnami from the areas surrounding Maylasia & India out of my mind, that was real bad. I’ve been working so much no time for tv any more,just afew here or there.
    I’m real proud of Adam for doing his part for the people of Haiti, he is such an amazing human being, with an incredible heart. It was great for et to have Adam on their show to do his announcement, thank you et.
    Sorry to hear he didn’t perform, but what he gave was enough, to hear his heart speak out.
    Yes, TFM would’ve been perfect, the perfect artist too, cuz no one can be as passionate about the words of a song as Adam can be.
    ps, well, that does explain the freakin voting system now on vh1.