Adam enjoying the spa

Gossip websites Celebrity and caught Adam going to the Ole Henriksen Skin Care in Los Angeles last sunday. Accompanying him was his best friend, Danielle. They spent the day being pampered and just relaxing! Good thing Adam is keeping his pre-idol friends close and is finally relaxing after a hectic and crazy year.

A year, that he will close off headlining the LA Gridlock New Year’s Eve event, as reported before. However, after some gossip and rumors started by vague sources, Adam took Twitter to make it clear that this event is only for a live audience and will not be streamed or televised. So no 40-minutes set of Adam on television during New Years, sadly enough. Some Adam fans that are attending however are trying to re-live the tours Adamcast to provide streaming for the rest of us.

Back to Adam’s Spa visit. Some photos are copied below, for more (yeah, it was paparazzi; meaning 30ish photos per website) go to either or

Adam and Danielle arriving

Walking out with some goodies. Love the sunglasses!

Up and close..

Shooing away the paps. Seriously Adam, what’s up with that funky keychain? 🙂


  1. Ashley Potter says:

    I like his keychain, and him

  2. AdamsDarling says:

    He always looks amazing:D haha,anyways,i wonder what kinda gum he is chewing…lol,is tht too personal?LMAO! He looks soo good,i wish i was with him): lol. and it really sux i wont be able to see him on tv): all us fans shall find away,like always,….hahaa. the shades rock,i agree! and one thing i have noticed about adam,he like,wears clothes. Like,nawt just once,or twice,i like tht. Yhu know what i mean,or am i nawt makin sence? lol,idk,i am pretty hyper right now,going on,and on,but,i cant help it. haha. but i do seriously wanna know what gum tht is….



  3. I guess he decided not to go anywhere over Christmas. Good, now he can prepare for the big bash on NYE. It may not be televised, but everyone will be talking about it. He is such a good looking dude!!!!!!

  4. So glad Adam took the time to get a massage, it does a body & soul good! Wow, would I love to give him a massage :). He looks so good hanging out with Danielle juz chillin! So happy for him.
    Nice key chain Adam and pants and everything else* oh my you hunk of burnin love!!

  5. Seriously?! How does this guy not have his own clothing line! I mean good Lord even casual he looks dang hot! I would totally sport that look if I could buy it somewhere. Whose sunglasses is he wearing? Where did he get pants like that? The boots are glam-tastic and I could totally get away with wearing those and that leather jacket. The hoodie well I think all dudes wear hoodies and it is so unisex, no worries. Anyone know if he is doing his own clothing line? Hair? Make Up? Shoes? Nail Polish? Jewlery? Sunglasses? Cell Phone? Anything? Where is the marketing for this guy? Hello???? I’d be making big time cash off this talent he is a walking billboard!

    • Chance, as far as his own makeup line? he says he would love to, but first things first, like his upcoming tour and the music…….. He is for sure GQ all the way!




      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Yeah, Dee…That’s what I thought when I first saw the pic…TOUR PANTS! And he’s had that little whippy-thing keychain for a while now…prob since he got his Ford Mustang…..SUCH A HOT DUDE HERE!!! So glad he’s getting in some good R&R before his performance on NYE.

        Prayer to the Powers of the Rock Universe…Please let there be many good vids taken of this Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce as he entertains, celebrates & welcomes in the New Year 2010…and may there be quick & timely uploads of said videos for the enjoyment of we, his loyal Glaminions. Amen,

    • Aren’t they the “idol tour” pants???? Regarding other ventures…he said in an interview recently that he wants to concentrate on the music first and then divert to other opportunuities. Smart man. Look at the money he’ll save being his own model…I’m not going to add what I’m thinking!!!!

  6. Adam ,”You’re beautiful-and there’s nothing wrong with you…”

  7. Adam looks fantastic, and it is good that he is able to have some female company and be himself. I am really very disappointed that ABC have made a decision not to film or televise or live stream the NYE Gridlock, I don’t know what they think they are gaining apart from a lot of fans turning against them, Kris, Alison, Gaga they are all televised but not Adam, how pathetic of them. Maybe is enough of us go on twitter and let them know what we think, some of us are trending #livestreamGridlock, please go and tweet. Lot of his International fans are going to be deprived of having Adam bring in the New Year. Adam it does’t matter what they do or say, you are the King of Rock,

  8. Adam-put those pants in a museum or give them to me.

  9. AdamAddict says:

    Check that pants!!It’s tour pants,right?And the jacket,he wore that when took photoshoot for A.I,right?He looks so gorgeous.He should have his own make up line and clothing line.He looks very stylish!Love it.I love his hair before he go in that spa.One of the service is massage!Damn,if he said,I only my back massage,I said today is special day,you can get whole body massage from top to toe.If he refuse,I will tied him and massage him anyway!How awesome worker I could be,very hardworking.I should apply job there just in case Adam will come back. 🙂

    • AA, I checked the pants alright. Tour pants for sure. Ohhhh, the gyrations that went on in those
      pants, the shakes and thrusts, OMG. Only a few more months untill a new tour,YAY!!!!!!!!!
      New pants and new shakes………………..

    • Oh Emili….I wouldn’t want you to be overworked, so I’ll take over your massage job on ADAM!!!
      You just sit back and rest……..:)

    • KO's smiling says:

      honestly, that spa probably just got a bunch of new applicants!

  10. Adam always looks “HOT”, I bet even when he gets up in the morning, he looks hot!
    I am sorta depressed not being able to see Adam on NYE, all because ABC wouldn’t have him on with Ryan S., ugh! Well, I’ll be playing the old AI tapes and I won’t be watch ABC, that is for sure…..

  11. Hey Guys, don’t just allow ABC ruin our New Year’s Eve by depriving us of our Adam, go on twitter and trend #livestreamGridlock, all the other fans are there, only few GLAMBS are there, come on support us, support ADAM.

  12. Donna Lee #409 says:

    I have two extra general admission tickets to Gridlock New Year’s Eve w/ Adam Lambert. I bought them on line and printed the tickets. The next day my credit card company called to check about possible fraud. They gave me the name of the organization charging for the tickets, which was not, so I put a temporary hold on the charge. I investigated the site and, when I was satisfied that it was legit, removed the hold on the charge. I’ve tried to get in touch with Wanticket to assure them that I have paid for the tickets so they won’t resell them, but I haven’t reached them yet. I haven’t offered the tickets for sale, because of this confusion, but, if you’re interested in them you can reach me at If we can confirm that they will be honored at the event, I’ll sell them at cost, $333.50 ($150 each plus service charge), or best offer.

  13. Is that his new Mustang behind him?


  14. CarolineBrasil says:

    It’s my first comment here. I’m waiting for my GLAMB NUMBER!!!!!!
    OMG He deserve spend his time looking for your shape and health.

    • CarolineBrasil says:

      I mean::: time looking for HIS shape and health (I’m from Brasil)
      I’m SORRY MY ENGLISH’s daughter or GLAMB #577 ElianeBrasil hahaha

    • Me too Caroline! I can’t figure out if I’ve gotten my number yet or not and it has been at least a couple or 3 months I think?

      • CarolineBrasil says:

        Oi Therese,
        go to and look for your order and see if you have one yet. My mother did it yet. If your comment doesn’ there go to the bottom and go to older comments. According to rules 48 hours is the time limit for ansewer (Actually I did it for 7 days)

  15. Nur Hazwani says:

    Adam sure got some body ‘lovin’ the relaxing way…………………….good for him after all those hard work….wish could see him this new year…..(From Malaysia)….

  16. glad he finds time to enjoy with his friends…spa! yeah baby!

  17. aw, suck no gridlock on tv, new year will not be fun without adam, wish i can be in la, need to get some pair of wings 🙂 …oh, well will check youtube after event…

  18. How dumb is ABC sticking with the no Adam ban? The nye show has gotten so boring each year I hardly watch. So having Adam would have surely increased veiwership. Their loss! Kudos to paramount for recognizing what a star he is. I can’t be in LA but I will sure be there in spirit blasting his music at the “stroke” (aaahhhh) of midnight! Happy new year to all the glambs!! btw has anyone heard about the release of the wwfm video?

    • Are you in Las Vegas???

    • I believe the ban is not ABC any more. It is the FCC. He has been banned from performing live. All his interviews that have been on lately, The View, Tonight Show, Jay Leno, etc., were pre-tapped. It’s SO RIDICULOUS! Let our man be. He can BE so well!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hey AdamsGirl! You know that is just down right ridiculous! I’m not the seeking lawsuit type of peron, but MASTER ADAM should have a case against them for doing this to him. Especially w/ the doublestandard of it all!
        Everyone try to livstreamGridlock on twitter we nee MASTER ADAM live, it’s just not that, it’s the purpose of it all, the world wants to celebrate w/ MASTER ADAM bringing in a new year. The closer it gets to the concert, the more emotional it’s becoming for us. We want to be with him & we all can give him a special kiss for the new year!
        Guess who’s in town & went to see AVATAR w/ MASTER ADAM? Mr. Labry! I guess MASTER ADAM will get a special kiss from someone special. Sure do wish it was me.
        I’m so glad MASTER ADAM took the time to be w/ Daniell, she semed to be sweet, & she is his best friend too. The person who gave him the massage, gawd how lucky! I just hope they realize how special each rub to the back, shoulders(he has great shoulders & sexy too), even his butt got massaged! Oh I would’ve love that touching that sweet ass! ok it’s time for bed, I’m getting delirious! Goodnight ya’ll expecting another snowstorm here in Oklahoma!

        • Nice to hear he was hangin out with Drake.
          And, oh, Danielle, what a lucky girl!!
          Adam looks just as good without makeup or
          hair products. The guy is just dripping with
          charisma – and this is only thru a computer screen!

        • Adam is supposed to be on stage at midnight, so wonder who will get the lucky kiss??
          maybe Tommy again or Pamela??????? OMG party hard fella’s.

          I felt so good reading his latest tweet, “his heart felt full” he had a great dinner w/friends and the movie!

  19. A while back there was conversation about Adam doing TFM at the Oscars even though it wasn’t eligible. Has anyone heard any good news…of course it’s ABC. Lets suggest they tape that portion…TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN…TO QUOTE OUR DEAR ADAM.

  20. Check the AO site….they are trying to do a cellcast during ADAM’s performance! Keep your fingers crossed….maybe we can at least hear him, and let our vivid imaginations run wild….like they always do!!! LOL

    • Way To Go AO site! oh the NYE imagination will be running wild for sure, knowing how Adam likes to party, OMG what a show it will be!

      Take lots of pics, fans that are going, we cant wait to see his Hotness!

  21. Why isn’t TFM eligible for Oscar?

  22. LuvAdam476 says:

    AI Tour pants, top 12 photoshoot leather jacket, sexiest and most talented man on the planet!

  23. Evette #419 says:

    Its great to see ADAM enjoying some down time!

  24. mmmmmm all that leather… i’d love to see him do a photo shoot with a Harley -or fast bike a’throbbing between his legs
    did u spot the ‘church key’ zip pull on the jacket. we still use that style key in england, and they are fashionable to wear here in jewelery – Adam style !
    K. xx Glam # 537

  25. Danielle should write a book ………… mmmmmmmmm what’s it like to be “best friends” with the most adorable, gorgeous, sweet man-hunk in America??

  26. AdoringAdam says:

    I hope everyone is voting for Adam’s music video on VH1 and Fuse. If we can get him to the top of those lists he will pick up a lot of fans who didn’t know who he was before. I shopped after Christmas with gift cards to buy Adam’s CD for family and friends who weren’t into him like I am but who I hope to convert and every store I went to was sold out of his CD. I hope this means they had a lot to begin with, but who knows. When I asked the clerks about getting more cds, no one “really” knew who he was. Can you believe it? Adam needs more exposure. You can also vote for him on PEOPLE WHO MATTERED at Time magazine online and a couple of other sites who have contests—like BEST AMERICAN IDOL ever.
    I wish I lived in LA to see Adam live. Hopefully the girls on this site will find a way to get some video of him. Good Luck, and know that many of us will be with you in spirit that night., adoring Adam.

  27. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I’m counting on folks in LA to video the event and post it online!

    • Elizabeth, me too! YouTube will have some videos for sure. I heard Adams fans haven taken over the VIP section in front of the stage, that is so awesome! Showin the luv.
      shit, shit,shit, wish I could be there! You all are going to have the most fun ever!
      Nothing like partying with Adam:)

  28. delibel (Nederland) says:


    PLEASE somebody tape the concert on Cridlock

    Y hope that it is possible to video the concert.,I need to see it.

    Love from Holland

  29. Adam is driving a nice black car in a few of the pix i have seen! Does anyone know what kind of car it is? Also, I wonder what he did with the car he won on idol? Just curious! He is beautiful! Can’t get enough!

    • Glamitup, the car he was given from idol, was a black ford mustang gt,convertable.

      Take me a ride Adam…………….

  30. earlzagurl4u says:

    I wanna b Danielle!

  31. Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

    Hello all lovely ones who love OUR ADAM! Did anyone ever notice ADAM wears boots all of the time. I just love his different boots!!! I guess Jeanette is gone for good? So sad! I could never abandon ADAM. I love him too much! And WOW! I just want to thank everyone who puts his pictures on here! You know ADAM is so good looking he doesn’t need all ot the make~up. But I love him in make~Up too!
    He just really makes my day!! Even if I don’t always comment I sure do look. And as I have said before ,All of you guys and gals on here are just GREAT! Have fun everyone on New Years Eve. I will be sitting at home as usual probably watching the tube to maybe catch site of ADAM somewhere. Hugs to all! Sherry K

    • Sherry, Happy New Year to you too! Cheers and have fun. I was thinking of Jeanette today myself. Miss her on our fansite.
      I like Adam w/o makeup too, or with makeup or with clothes on or without ……everywhich way!
      Hugs back to ya.

      • I am boot woman to boot. I do not own any winter shoes. I have been shopping for “the best boots ever” but haven’t found them yet.
        I am glad that Adam loves to Glam up but is also fine to be seen just as is, as it is good enough!!!!

      • Sherry K Glambert #445 says:

        Mary C, I am with you!!! I LOVE ADAM ANY WAY I CAN GET HIM. SLOBBERING! ME. LOL!

  32. won’t people be able to film his new year’s eve concert just like they did his idol tour…and then post it on youtube…?

  33. maradam, I’m sure they will post videos on youtube! YAY!

  34. If there is a single glamb out there who has not watched the “Angel in Disguise” video of Adam, watch it and weep. It will just crack your heart right down the middle. …………”you save my soul but you make my heart go blind …… my devils rage inside ’cause you make my heart go blind” The song and lyrics and pictures are ……….. so amazing!! Then, just for fun, Devil in Disguise video, using Elvis lyrics is foot stoppin’ adorable portrayal of that break out devil on stage that we all scream for …………. Love you Adam UIMA

    • Sherry K Glambert #445 says:

      coloforadam; I feel stupid! Where did you see “Angel in Disguise”? I will check back later!!! I want to see it. Thank-You! Sherry K

  35. I have been sick, and waking up to these pics today has made me feel better!! *sigh* How freakin adorable can one person be?

  36. The Glitterrazzi will be out in force NYE! We should get some nice pics and videos from someone who will share. The above pics are amazing as usual…I dont think he can look bad or take a bad pic. Thank you.

  37. WOW, r u serious?? who ever wrote the keychain caption is soo pathetic that he has to make funn of his KEYCHAIN!?!?! come on now, thats just fucking stupid! I love Adam Lambert, and i dont care that he’s gay, he is totalllly sexii!! and he shud kno that a lot of his fans think so. <3 <3 <3

  38. kRaZy4gLaMbErT says:

    OMG(: i luv yuh adam<3
    i luv hiz car i rocx!! Adam lambet iz sooo HOT<3 and i allsoo luv hiz website!!!(: any thing he doez just makez me luv him even more!!!(: adam lambertz gay and sooo HOT(:
    krazy4glambert<3luv yuh adam<3


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