Adam Donates KISS Performance Costume

***Updated with pics and article by Valerie Scher, SDNN Arts & Entertainment editor*** Adam was in San Diego today to donate his KISS performance costume to the Hard Rock Hotel.  He’ll be in good company with the Elvis and Madonna memorabilia that is already there.  Carol and Lila, two of our administrators, were thinking about attending…I hope they made it and have a personal scoop with more photos for us later. 

I think the glitter boots went with the costume!  Dana, Glamb #6

Nothing can keep Adam Lambert down for long. Not the less-than-enthusiastic reactions to his performance on TV’s American Music Awards. And certainly not a bout with a stomach virus.

So there he was on Thursday at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, dedicating his KISS-inspired costume and killer platform boots from “American Idol’s” Season 8 Finale to the hotel’s memorabilia collection that includes items by everyone from Elvis Presley to Madonna. Adam’s costume, complete with wire “wings,” looked as if Elton John had designed it for use at a Star Trek convention.

Though not as outrageously attired, Adam seemed every inch the successful superstar during his Gaslamp appearance. We’re talking glam-rock chic, with artfully tousled black hair, black nail polish and glittery diamond rings designed by Loree Rodkin that were so huge that Liberace would have been envious. And his liberal use of guyliner highlighted those eyes that are so strikingly attractive in person.

“It always feels good to come home,” he said during a question-and-answer session, adding that he’d like to return in spring, as part of a concert tour. “I’ve never been to the Hard Rock Hotel. This area of San Diego has changed so much.”

Introduced by Jennifer White of Radio Sophie, the event attracted about 100 people, including fans and media members. From what I saw and heard, Lambert could hardly have been more gracious. No snarkiness, no attitude.

“I think I’ve talked about it enough, to be honest,” he said when brushing away a question about recent controversies.

This was the kinder, gentler Adam, the Adam who put the “lamb” in Lambert.

Why was he dressed in black?

“I like dark colors – they’re sexier,” he said with a big smile.

Which song did he find most gratifying to perform on his new album, “For Your Entertainment”?

“‘Fever,’” he responded, referring to the catchy, hard-driving number co-written by Lady Gaga. “I have a lot of respect for Lady Gaga. She’s an artist I look up to.”

How does he keep his voice in such good shape?

“Water and sleep,” he told SDNN, adding that he also does voice exercises regularly, if not every day.

Just being close to him was enough to thrill fans.

“I was first in line – I’ve been here since 8 a.m. this morning,” said Maryann Cummings, 25, a Web designer from Clairemont. “Adam is my favorite singer. He’s just a fantastic talent. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s from San Diego.”

To Saara Tenhola, an Encinitas-based exchange student from Finland, the event was an introduction to glamorous showbiz.

“I’ve never been to this kind of thing before,” said Tenhola, 17. “Adam is so cool.”

Very cool indeed.

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  1. That’s our guy! Heart of gold. He could have made some money on that outfit but chose to donate it instead. People who haven’t followed him like we have, have no idea what a really GOOD person he is. He would never intentionally hurt or disrespect anyone.

    • MyBoyAdam says:


      • Helen/Canada says:

        Update, Update — Adam just tweeted. He will be on ABC’s the View on the 10th as well as the Barbara Walter’s special on Dec. 9.!!!!! What’s up ABC–finally seen the light!!!

        Sorry, for butting in but wanted to share the news!!!!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      It was a fabulous day! I’ll send the links to the pictures and videos we took to Dana so she can update the article. The local paper took pictures… I’m the one with the license plate… and YES I got it signed!

      • Lila, I am so happy for you! Can’t wait to see the pics! Mmmmmmwah

      • Lila, I remember your lic. plates, so cool to have gotten them signed by Adam!!!!!! Looking forward
        to seeing your pics & vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Lila….Protect that license plate so that rain, dirt, stones, mud, and anything else won’t ruin it by washing off his signature! I think that I’d get a new license plate (a replacement plate) , say this one was “lost”, then put the replacement plate on your car. Keep the signed one in a safe, clean place!!!!

        • I know Me too!!!!!!!!!!! Luv u ADAM!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Update, Update – Adam just tweeted. He will be on ABC’s the View on Dec. 10 as well as the Barbara Walters special on Dec. 9. What’s up ABC–finally seen the light!

            • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

              YEAH!!!!! Helen….awesome news!!!! he will shine on that show for sure…here’s hoping elizabeth will be nice…lol…have a grt wknd…nancy

      • Has anyone found any pictures of me with the jacket and purse that Adam signed. The media took loads and loads of pictures, but I can’t seem to find any pictures, I did see 1 video

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      ADAM is a good person. I agree totally. I just wish abc would give him a second chance. ADAM is magical. Doesn’tt abc want to be part of the magic? Isn’t that what Disney’s all about?

      • puteri abdul says:

        kimber, I know it is supposed to be somber, but I can’t help it when you say disney is about magic, so we must include adam in…..LOL…….laugh if I may, but you have got a point there darling….
        YES!! bring adam’s magic in…. there would be more sparkle than the disney castle… because THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ADAM is here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        by the way lila……happy for you and also to the others who had the chance to see adam yesterday …..

        • AdamAddict says:

          Good point,Kimber! 🙂

          • Every time I hear Adam and Disney in the same sentence I think of the classic films with the prince who often is tall DARK AND HANDSOME, wouldnt’ Adam make a great prince in a Disney type fantasy film for kids? Or for everyone like the one about the character in a fairy tale who ended up in New York.


            Re. the boots, Adam said they are old now, have been hand painted and were used at Burning Man.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Update, Update — Adam just tweeted. He will be on ABC’s the View on the 10th as well as the Barbara Walter’s special on Dec. 9.!!!!! What’s up ABC–finally seen the light!!!

  2. Thanks Dana. Hey Glambs now we all have an excuse, those of us who live in the cold north, to migrate south, in winter, summer, any time for Adam! What a magnanamous gesture, and it wont be the last from Adam.!

  3. Look at Adam, so graciously signing and listening to someone talking to him. “Eye contact for sure”
    Alright Adam, you already havin an outfit at the Hard Rock, way to gooooooooooo!
    Keep on Rockin baby, love ya!

  4. yea, saw his tweet earlier today about him doing that. uhh..i wish i lived in states so i could go there. but well, i hope one day i will have my chance to see him with my own eyes live!

  5. I love his smile, he’s so cute!!! I really love him!!! he is very kind and have a great voice
    I love his eyes!!!

  6. Adam is a good-hearted intelligent but naive guy, and I care about him as a person, He is more interested in finding true love than any man I ever heard of, and it has liberated my spirit from all the shackels that were mentally and emotionally chained around me. i could never repay him enough for that. He has brought peace and joy into my life, great and wonderful music, and untold hours of entertainment. I love this kid, got mad at his vulnerable mistake at amawhatzit, let it go, because he is worth it. I gave up on him for a half of one day, recovered, and continue to love and support him, but now I do it unconditionally.More importantly-
    I just read a short thing in a book about the Freemasons, non-fiction-that ‘brings it home”; Reminding me of the importance of uttering a prayer of blessing before any important undertaking. IN the Freemason book ,it says:
    By the simple act of uttering a prayer, our apparently limited consciousness reaches out and maks contact with a higher level of consciousness and by doing so, we insert ourselves into the devine circuitry of the cosmos.” I say, God bless Adam Lambert.

    • Amen, to that!!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Beautiful Blessing, ianaleah….truly beautiful….
      Blessings 2 you!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      And we truly feel blessed to have ADAM in our lives. I know I do & I’m getting tears in my eyes because my everyday stresses overshadow ADAM & I forget sometimes. When I do think of ADAM my heart just fills up w/ so much love. I love you ADAM!

      • Kimber, with the big Christmas rush on now, and we all know how hectic the stores can be, I hope you take some ‘down’ time and relax with Adam music, headphones? music on computer while playing an online game? whatever works for you!

        Hang in, the season shall pass!

        Terry xo

    • I feel exactly the same.
      Have read lots about the Freemasons and studied a lot of the paranormal all my life and have the same belief system, I think.
      I just thank the universe for bringing Adam to us. He is a very special person and I pray he finds the strength to continue bringing his wonderful gift to all of us on planet earth.
      Boy, do we need it.

  7. LibraLamb7 says:

    Do you think he donated his glittery platform boots, too???? I was kinda hoping to see him perform in those again…like live on TOUR!!!! Oh well, I guess they can always make more boots…better-er boots!



    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Yes I saw the boots. I must make a folder just for his boots. He’s is gorgeous though isn’t he?



  10. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    ok glambs, here is your daily fix of adam…if this is a repeat plz excuse me, but i haven’t noticed it on here today…he is doing a live in studio radio interview in san deigo…..looks grt even recovering from the flu, this is before his appearance at the hard rock…it is a 2 part interview…i will prolly get hung up in moderation, but someone always comes around to rescue me…lol….

    part 1…

    part 2….

  11. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    I just love this boy so much! All this work today and he has the stomach flu! I had to spend about 30 minutes in my car this evening waiting on one of my children, and I started flipping through the CD’s I had loaded in CD player and came across one I made months ago from Adam’s performances on American Idol. Wow – talk about being taken back to a different place and time. It was almost like therapy, listening to his beautiful, pure, perfect voice. I really believe he will be just find in the long-run, but watching him during this growing phase is much like watching your child learn to walk. You want to run alongside them and keep them from falling, but in the end, they have to take the bumps and bruises as they learn. But looking ahead, I CAN”T WAIT to see Adam perform live in concert, and I hope he performs FYE exactly the same way he did at the AMA’s (minus the fall 🙂 !

  12. AllStarMe says:

    Awww. This is so awesome. But…the boots! No!!! I LOVE the boots.

    Okay, I am aware that this has nothing to do with lovely Adam, I’m not trying to spam you either. A band that helped get me through a lot needs help. I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of New Found Glory. Their singer, Jordan’s mother came down with a virus that is attacking her heart. Right now she is using about 10% or her heart and desperately needs a transplant. The bad thing is-she doesn’t have insurance. The way it’s standing right now, they won’t transport her to a better hospital where she can get one. Her family is asking for any help-donations, prayers, anything-to help get her through this. is the website that they made. Their music has done so much for me-this is the least I can do for them. Visit the site, or pass it along if you feel up to it. Thank you all SO MUCH for your time!


    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hey Tara!
      So sorry to hear of your friend’s mother’s illness. She will definitely be in all our prayers. Just when I thought I had it bad, someone comes along & has it worse. I do hope Jordan & his mom get the help they deserve, & it will come . God works in mysterious ways.
      And Tara, you did the right thing to come here to ask for prayer & whatever anyone can do to help. Thank you for doing this for Jordan & his mother. They will be blessed because they have you. love sent your way, kimber

  13. cheryl 334 says:

    Thanks for a great article! Very interesting! Adam and diamond rings? Oh, baby! Hope he has gotten his credit card issue corrected! Hahahahaha!!!!!

    ADAM, I think you need a dog! A good best friend!!!! Hahaha!!!! Sorry, just the thought of Adam not activating his credit card to buy a jacket then being embarrassed, then tripping over some lady’s dog is so funny that I lalugh out loud everytime I think of it!!!!! Too cute, and too funny!!!!! Adam would be wonderful in a dry comedy, I think!! Oh, so cute!

    Am so happy to see him donate this costume to Hard Rock. He is making history again, as he will for the rest of his life. He seems a bit thin. Adam, are you losing weight? You look m a r v e l o u s though!


  14. Glambertgirl1 says:

    I was there today and talked to Adam and got pics and autographs. He really is a nice guy. The entire time he was wiping sweat off his forehead because he really wasn’t feeling well but he made it through and didn’t let down any of the fans. I think he is fantastic. Don’t care what people in the media are saying about the AMAs. They need to move on and give him a break. He is a good person and doesnt deserve all the performance cancellations. Makes me mad.

    • Glambertgirl1 – you lucky woman! Now please share the pics! Mmmwah

    • That would be one time that I would love getting the stomach flu….from ADAM!!!!:)

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I would go thru all that hell just for ADAM. And I cannot stand to be nausea for one moment, but I would for ADAM! I do hope he is getting some rest, his eyes did look a little feverish, glassy . But he did seem to be very happy too, I would be also. This is pretty amazing for an idol to already have memorabilia at a Hard Rock Cafe Hotel. Did any other stinky-ass idols have anything at a HRC? I;m sorry, but I’m pretty selfish with just my admiration for only one idol & that is ADAM LAMBERT. Show Biz announced AI to be aired Jan 12th, big freakin deal, I could care less! I hope their ratings go down hill!!! But thanks AI for having ADAM on the show!!!That’s all their getting from me.

      • Glambertgirl1 says:

        That’s funny. That was what the radio announcer said yesterday–“we all know you wouldnt mind getting the flu from Adam”

    • Glambertgirl!, So so happy for you! Paleez share your pics with us. Oh Adam not feeling well?, no he
      wont let his fans down. Love him!
      I’m with him “about the controversies, I believe he has talked about it Enough too…………..glad he brushed the question off in his own kind way! Sing sing sing for us and entertain Adammmmmmmmm

  15. Dianne Hill says:

    Even though Adam has the stomach virus he is still the most amazing gorgeous man. Whenever I have had a virus I end up looking like a freak but not our boy.

    What an amazing thing to do, giving your costume to the Hard Rock Hotel for everyone to admire. You are one awesome, beautiful young man. I love you so much.

  16. Awesome—

    Adam has to be the first man in history that is a LEGEND before he’s even a LEGEND.
    Go Adam!!!

  17. Adam is not only courageous but he also independent of mind and generous in spirit!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Great way to sum up his qualities, besides looks and talent.
      Loved it, and LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mmmmmwah! to you

      • Hi Silvana, don’t get started on the looks and talent, not too mention the other generous gifts and well … you follow my drift (going south)????

        Love ya and love to the beautiful Victoria too! Mmmmwah

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Mmmmmmmmmmwah! back to you and family.
          Happy Weekend. Tomorrow we are meeting with Jane, so it will be great, ALL ADAM.

  18. I want a man just like ADAM….that is, if I can’t have him!!! LOL

    Thank you ADAM for being so generous and always thinking of others! That’s what we love about you, plus tons of other reasons too!

    Emili….just what is it that you love about ADAM??????????????? 🙂

    • Jaberone, there ain’t no other man like Adam! After Adam, they threw away the mould! The question to Emili, now really, you want her to state the obvious! Love you jabs! Mmmmmwah

      • AdamAddict says:

        LOL,Ingrid!You know me well.To be polite and formal,I say I love Adam for who he is.There 100 points for that.Haha!!But between friends,I say “come here,friend!I’ll show you my collection of huge glambul..glambs sisters picture holding Adam’s CD”LOL!!I love everything about Adam.His looks,his talents,his honesty,I love all,Jab 🙂 After all this happen,I really pray he also very strong,I’m worry for him.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Me too, am worried. He’s human& we all will break at some point in our lives. So far he seems to handle things pretty well. Wait a minute, as soon as I say that something comes up. I mean how much rejection can a man handle? Stay positive, be positive. I’m trying to think positive.
          There’s something about his voice that always made me cry during AI.I think it was because he was singing w/ his heart & I could really feel him sing to me. Right now I seem to be connecting w/ “BrokenOpen” & “WWFM”, I play them over & over. He is an amazing human being & I’m so happy that I get to be with him on this journey w/ my fellow GLAMBS! When I joined this site, I couldn’t have asked for more. It was one of the best days of my life. I really mean it. I had so much going on inside myself trying to figure out why I loved this man so much! And to know that there were others just like me, I came to realize how special ADAM was & my feelings for him were special also.
          Ya’ll are my new family & this is my new home. PLL to ADAM & the GLAMBS!!! I love you all!

          • kimber, same to you, this fansite is a great way to show and share our Love for Adam. He Has brought
            so much joy and happiness to all our lives. Truly inspires…………
            I go through the different change ups on the songs from his CD too, playing over and over.
            Always make my soul feel soo good. Love them all and all you Glambs……………….

            • I am completely addicted to the CD, I can’t believe it how often I can play it over and over again and feeling so good while hearing his voice singing both, the naughty and the powerful words.
              Yes, I am happy also to be able to freely express myself on this site. Though I have vowed to myself to speak more openly about my emotions and feelings there is still a sense of odness when talking about Adam and his music to people who know just very little about him.

              I do believe Adam is going through a really rough time right now and he is holding up really well, though the fact that he has been feeling sick says it all. This is his own journey, dealing with all this controversy. I feel though that we can be with him in spirit supporting him and loving him through sending it out to him through thoughts.
              As so many of you have said alreay, he has given us so much we can barely put it into words. Ellen would say ” I am sending it right back at you”!

          • Kimber….as Ellen would say “right back at ya”! 🙂

          • I am so worried for Adam, too. Like you said, how much rejection can one take? I also worriy about his cd sale. Somewhere reported that the second week’s sale was not as good.
            Haven’t been such a huge fan since MJ. It seems you always have to suffer from heartache if you are a true fan. I wish someone could assure me Adam will be ok. Going to order more FYE, then, figure whom to give as X’smas present.

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Emili, he indeed is very strong. With everything that has been going on for the last ten days, so much rejection, bashing, negativity, anyone would be very, very sick. No wonder he has a stomach flu, poor guy. Could have been worst.
          I love him and really admire him so much for the way he always handles himself in every situation.

  19. puteri abdul says:

    adam is a very gracious man indeed..
    he could have sold those outfits for a considerable sum, but he choose to laid it to rest for others to see, share and “feel” his presence at hard rock san diego..
    I am sure the boots especially brings back tons and tons of memories and story to him..
    and by looking back at them, they sure make him wonder what a long, long journey he had been to be there today with fame and glory, and hopefully, the newly- found brighter and happier journey will continue for him ..

    oh adam..
    I really do hope things will pick up after all these “stupidity” some people are treating you, and may the best will come ..

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      You bring tears to my eyes , I feel the same way Puteri. I wish people would open up their hearts to ADAM. He is a very special gift to the world.

      • Puteri & Kimber, don’t worry, we’ll lift Adam up so he can stand on mountains, we’ll lift him up to … stormy sees, he is strong and …. (don’t know all the lyrics)!

        Love ya and mmmmmmmmmmmwah


    • Yes Maryann and he turns us inside out too – you know the feeling! Hey girl, you have to get your Glamb #. The instructions were given to someone on the previous thread (I think). Anyway, you are a Glamb, with or without a number.

      • Maryann go to and follow the steps at the top of the page. Then come back to that page two days later to see if your Glamb # was put in where you posted.

  21. Glad he’s now graciously not answering anymore about AMA too. It’s now old history, time to move on.

  22. AdamAddict says:

    I love Adam very much.I don’t understand why he can’t do anything to express the song but everyone else can.Actually,I know why,coz he’s gay!That’s so unfair.I just know Eminem mention Adam in his song.The lyric goes like this
    “Sorry Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken aint gonna make it
    They get so mad, when I call them both fake its
    All these fucking voices in my head I cant take it
    Someone shut that fucking baby up, for I shake it”
    And all his song full of F word,there’s bitch,there’s shit!!The song is totally rubbish!!I bet if Adam sing and mocking and insult someone in his song,he will get ban!Yes,Adam is gay,yes he kissed a guy on stage,does that mean he is bad person?He is 100 times beautiful inside out from some straight people.Screw them all who bully Adam!!In his interview in radio station he said he cried when watching Gossip Girl he said it’s sad see the girl pick senator(whatever,didn’t watch) over Chace.He said maybe he really need to cry that time(something like that) I bet he has hard time.Make me mad and sad when mean people treat our Adam like that.Poor Adam!!!Screeeeeeeeeww them alllllll!! LOVEEEE ADAAAAAAM !!

    • Love what you said!I can’t begin to feel what Adam is going through but how gracious he always is!
      This seems to be going on and on. I t really is a mad world out there but thank goodness there are so many of us who “get” and love Adam.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      PISSSS on ’em !!!!!!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Emili, never seen you so angry. I know you are, as myself and many others. Never seen someone as nice and gracious, and whose given all his fans soooooooo much, soooooooo unfairly treated. It really worries me how much he must be hurting behind all the graciousness and smiles he is giving all the time. I know he is strong and had gone tthrough alot in his short life, but there must come a time when even for him, all this it’s difficult.

    • Emili~
      Eminem is a true example of the double standard in the show business industry! The words to his new “song”(?) are absolutely disgusting, vulgar, mean ,hateful, and crude, but yet it will get played alot on the radio, and he’ll be able to perform it on TV. He’s doing a form of gay-bashing in that song! And gets away with it! And to sing about shakiing a baby????? That guy is a mental case, yet young people love him… wonder there’s trouble in the world!

      Then along comes beautiful, talented ADAM, and look at the controversy about him. He cares about the world and is loving, generous, and kind to everyone~I’ll stand behind ADAM in everything he does and will do! So proud to be an ADAM fan and a Glamb!!!!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        And I’m standing right beside you.

        • AdamAddict says:

          True,Jab!That’s why I said coz Adam is gay,so he’s bad?Eminem is straight so he’s…sweet and polite??!!~puke~That jerk bashing few more celebrities before,right?I guess that’s how he trying to get notice.All celebrities he bashed are very famous.Bashing famous people can help you become famous.Of course!It’s cheap but sure work!I rather listen WWFM 100 times than EMINEM song one time.But here one question,it was Eminem idea that want the act of Bruno’s butt in his face in MTV movie award,right?Ah huh!!!~nodding~That’s sooo not gay to me!!!
          p/s:Butt on TV,that’s cool!I’m not offended at all.It’s damn funny!! ~rolled eyes~

          • AdamAddict says:

            I tweet Adam this pic.I hope he smiling if he see it.I love his smile.He has the most beautiful smile.And his laugh just contagious.Awww,I’m so in love with him.And if we all pray like really hard,hoping next year the big guy with black and white shirt butt will end up in Eminem face,U think the wish will come true?
            I don’t care it real or fake(but they said it was fake) Eminem so deserve that.I wish Bruno farted that time.LOL!!Oh god,I love this pic.Maybe I should make wallpaper just to cheer me up a bit!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Oh Emili, that is priceless. Adam would get a kick out of that, LOL. I love it.
              I cannot stand Eminem and will never listen to any of his songs.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        And I am standing with you too Jaberone.

        Hugs to you. Mwah.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      i watch chelsea lately, late at nite. she had been in australia last wk filming her show. she missed all the adam storm….she is a fan, and definitely pissed off, at the descrimination going on. made some really funny and racy comparisons to madonna and a few others. she said she wants adam on her show, as soon as possible. open invitation…that will be a hoot…hope it happens. she can be crude but i love her…lol…on the e channel……

    • yeah…that stupid Eminem….and people call it music -.-

  23. Elizabeth Richter says:

    I haven’t got much to say other than “ditto” to all the great things folks have said about Adam up above. Just an excuse to post my first message as an official Glambert, Glamb #545!!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Welcome Elizabeth! You are at the right place!

    • alright Elizabeth, welcome! To the house of fun and cheers and tears and all that is good!

    • Elizabeth, a hearty welcome from me too! Emili, make our guest feel at home while I prepare some refreshments (along with Puteri, Mary C, Cindy, Kimber … all the glambs). You can serve the drinks if you like but stay away from the cooking – we don’t want to chase Elizabeth away! Just keep Elizabeth entertained, you know that is your forté! Mmmmwah

      • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

        Thanks so much, guys, you make me feel so welcome. It’s Friday 8:49 pm and there aren’t too many new things adam going on. Just browsing our site here radiating good thoughts to the universe to help keep Adam going.

  24. It’s wonderful having such a close view of Adam’s costume and he looks divine….. again.

    He is , indeed, a kind and generous soul and I have so much love and respect for him…..I want to tell everyone I meet about him !!!!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Even the costume had a GLAMBULGE to go with it! LOL!

      • AdamAddict says:

        LMAO!I saw that too,Kimber but eerr,I think that’s Gokey’s size!Haha!!Put more stuff in it,oh puhleeeese,the glambulge is waaaaay bigger than that!LOL! 😛

      • OMG kimber, I saw that and did not say a word. I knew some little poster would point it out.
        and AA, put more stuff in it??????/ hahhahaha they dont want to make the others jealous ,now do they?

      • I noticed that too~~~~ LOL My eyes are always drawn to his pants…even when they are “empty”.

        General Hospital is starting their show with the piano part of “Mad World” today.

  25. Parting with those boots would have been a tough one! They are indeed historic!
    We love San Diego…great place! We have the greatest respect for you ADAM……..
    and we love you lots!
    Hi Yvonne! hope you are well and have missed seeing you lately.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Agree!Why Adam donate that boots!He said it before the boots see lots of thing.You remember the movie starring Tom Hanks,Cast Away,I think.He stuck in island and the only friend he has is his volleyball,WILSON!OMG,when he on the raft and the ball fell and the waves take the ball away,and Tom was like “Wilson,Wilson,come back,come back!” OMG,I was sooooo sad,I was crying and screamed “Just give his ball back!!” LOL!!I mean his volleyball not eerr,LOL!!Adam let go of the boots?Awww!!Somebody rich go buy and give Adam as XMas present.I wonder how he will react if he got that back!Come on,who is related with super rich guy here??Anyone??!!No? 🙁

    • Hi Glamaus ! Still here and I’m well…thank you. Hope all’s well with you too. I’ m sure Adam has a hand in keeping us feeling well and happy… Yes !…..LOVE YOU ADAM !!!!

      love, Yvonne (Australia)

  26. AdamRocks! says:

    YAY! I just read that the For Your Entertainment music video will start airing on VH1 next Monday! I can’t wait to see it on TV!!!

    We need to start voting for it Monday. . . it deserves to be #1!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • AdamRocks, Alright thanks for the update!

    • Adams FYE video played on C4 channel in their sow called Blender, here in NZ I didnt see it but y daughter did, so am watching out for it again. Lisa and Dianne. turn to C4, if you can cope with all the other stuff on there, its worth it to maybe see Adam.

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Well! It’s about time!!!! Can’t wait to buy it on iTunes on 12/15 so I can sync it to my new iPhone (Merry Christmas to ME!!!)….Got ADAM in my pocket, home, car ….EVERYWHERE now!!!….SOOOOO HAPPY….Sigh……

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Cindy, Adam’s video clip was on our music channel C4 today (Saturday) in Christchurch, New Zealand. Awesooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme.
      I loved seeing it on our TV screen. fantastic. Go Adam. Love ya.

      I recorded it (of course) even though I had already downloaded it I still wanted it on the TV. Yay, I am so happy about that.

    • Cindy how do we get VH1?

  27. I noticed in an earlier interview during Idol 8 that he had borrowed the wings from a drag queene that had worn them in a Zodiac Show?? Someody is missing their wings.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      He said, I think, they were from a costume collection of the guy who did Flash Gordan, he was talking about them w/ Kelly Rippa on regis & Kelly. I think. Now you got me thinking here & I’m going to have to go in my tapes & look it up or youtube.

      • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

        You are right, Darlene, I noticed that two. Those wings came from the Zodiac show–Adam borrowed them. Good observation. I hear the Adam’s CD is doing OK and that it is number 3 on some important chart–I’m not sure which one. Anyway, Adam is also going to be on the Jay Leno Show on December 21–I am so looking forward to it.

  28. adamswench says:

    well back from meeting Adam getting him to sign my ‘I love Boobies’ Shirt and my FYE CD also ‘Rolling Stones Magazine .Adam was amazingly Gracious as Always.However is Quite ILL WITH A HIGH FEVER. please put him in your prayers.also i was interviewed on Fox 5 news and will also appear in the local Union Tribune Newspaper tomorrow more to follow will post pics soon-
    Adams Wench Audrey

    Adam Lambert looked me in the eyes then he glanced to my (shirt) it says I LOVE BOOBIES and giggled .i love your shirt he said .
    and i said i wear it to support breast cancer as well as to support you .Equality for all .Adam smiled said oh Thank you So Much .
    i was viably shaking holding my book (rolling stones magazine) and FYE CD cover and he signed them BOTH
    then he looked up and looked at my necklace -AA symbol he smiled and said Nice.!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew Adam knew Exactly what it was .
    then gently Adam around it ( my necklace) and signed my iI LOVE BOOBIES SHIRT slightly above my heart .
    I said Adam you know I love and support you.
    my name is Adams wench audrey Glambert # 4276
    Adam Laughed So hard
    get well Adam please sleep and thank you i told him .
    and then i watched him walk away !!till the next time
    Ah but the warmth was left behind and i still feel it……….enveloping me
    Adams Wench -Glambert # 4276

  29. Hey, I love the idea of prayer. I have been praying for this talented young man since I first heard that voice. The pressure he is under must be tremendous! To all the haters among people of faith, shame on you! Only our good God gives such a great gift as Adam displays. How Adam handles his gift is between him and God – and that’s where prayer comes in. Good suggestion Ianaleah! A concrete and positive way we can really help! A prayer a day beats that ole apple a day theory anyway!

  30. sherry s. says:

    great piece in: THE WASHINGTON POST !!!

    “ABC is developing a new reality series called ‘Sanctimoniously Dumping Adam Lambert’.”

    funny and a real sucker punch — (I’ll send it in following post, if you can’t find it)

    • Love it. Can’t wait to read it. Thank you Sherry

      • sherry s. says:

        It’s been over four hours and still awaiting moderation!

        • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

          sherry, i just read the article, one of the best i have seen thus far….but this part pisses me off so badly….

          “On the other hand, ABC also boasted that the AMA broadcast, in which Lambert was the closing and most highly anticipated act, had attracted its biggest audience in seven years with an impressive 2 million more viewers than last year’s show. ”

          in seven yrs mind you!!!!!!!.. 2 million more viewers!!!!!and all nite long they kept referring to his performance, as one e-one would be talking about in the morning, when breaking for commercials..the cameras would flash to him, during other performers turns….i could see the clogs in his brain working, thinking, planning…

          but hellz bellz…..with those kind of is like they have truly used him and then turned on him like a a rabid dog…..i am writing abc again…i am fn’ pissed off….again….thanx 4 this grt share….nancy

  31. sherry s. says:
  32. Still asking…did Jeanette leave????

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Yes she left. She felt she couldn’t support him in the way she used to. She will miss the friends she made.

  33. My intention is not to judge anyone. That includes ABC, but I tell you it’s hard when they are judging Adam. It’s unbelievable that others cannot see Adam for the kind, loving, talented person that he is. He is sooo good at performing that people believe he IS who he is performing to be. We all have a path in this world……let’s live and let live and not attempt to force others to take our path. I do soooo love ADAM!!!!!

  34. NEWS FLASH: Adam to be on Larry King Dec. 10th………………Thank you Larry

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      YEA! That’s earlier than scheduled, why? nevermind, I’m just glad he’s getting back to us so quickly. Boy I can’t wait til Walter’s special. She better have a good 15 min session w/ him on t.v..

  35. Adorableness. Adam. Gracious sweet hottie, we love you to pieces.Thanks for everything. You are a breath of fresh air, a spirit of freedom, an glorious angel boy. God bless you.

  36. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,Watch this guys!!It’s hilarious!I LMAO to tears! I say we need people like him in TV station.That Billy dude that called language sign movement(whatever it calls) can retired.I’m so pissed at him.I dunno what the heck he trying to do,proves Adam lied??!!But serves him right!Adam is most honest guy!I guess he never read RS and Details.But whateveeeer!watch this vid.This Craig dude very open minded,and funny!

    • sherry s. says:

      Craig Ferguson comes on all over the country right after David Letterman, Emili, on CBS.

      Funny—and it gave me an idea:

      Anyone with me?

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      that was good, craig is pretty funny guy. equal rights for everyone!

  37. Hello,

    I think is about the right moment ot contact ABC for Adam’s cancellations and to express our disappointment (gay or not, lesbian or not–this is really not important). Below you have you have ABC Contact info: email , phone #…. DON’T WASTE TIME : AS FAST AS WE CAN AS MANY TIMES AS WE CAN. ADAM NEEDS OUR HELP!

    GLAAD Urges Community to Contact ABC Over Cancellation
    of Adam Lambert’s Performances
    “We appreciate ABC’s commitment to gay and transgender inclusion in other programming,” said Jarrett Barrios, President of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. “However, let us be clear that GLAAD remains steadfast in our assertion that Adam Lambert is being subjected to a double standard by ABC as an openly gay performer. We do not support ABC cancelling Adam Lambert’s past and future performances. We urge the community to reach out to ABC and express their concerns that Adam Lambert is being subjected to a double standard.”

    ABC Contact Information:
    Brad Jamison, Vice President of Corporate Communications,
    ABC line for viewer concerns: (818) 460-7477
    This week ABC announced that Adam Lambert’s performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve were cancelled.
    Patrick Preblick, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, / (212) 456-7819
    Aime Wolfe, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Publicity: / (818) 460-7758

    Yours, Mariana

  38. AdamRocks! says:

    Has anyone seen this post by a fan on AdamOfficial? It’s REALLY good:

    Liberation vs Assimilation, Adam, and Rock Music
    In 1993, the organizers of the gay rights March on Washington sent out pamphlets to participants pretty much ordering them into polos and khakis. The marchers were told not to embarrass the organizers of the march with flashy dress, or by dressing in drag, or other gender atypical attire. The marchers were supposed to look and act like mainstream suburban conservatives. The organizers didn’t want to scare middle America. There was to be no radical Queer Nation liberationist sentiments expressed by the marchers. We were all going to be a nice amalgamated cohesive unit that sold well in Peoria.
    This is the attitude that has taken hold of the mainstream gay rights movement. Play it safe. Be “softly sweet” boys next door that would be great housesitting while the Jones were away on their European vacation. So, even though 40% of homeless youth are GLBT, the biggest issue to the mainstream gay rights organization is the one thing that really makes gay people perfect for suburbia: marriage.
    Don’t get me wrong, I fully support marriage equality. But why is that the biggest gay rights issue? Why has the wealthy elite white gay males that run the gay rights organizations ever done a damned thing for gay homeless youth — you know the ones who have no one to love them? The marriage fight is, after all, for those who have someone who loves them.
    Back when I was a teen rock music was cool. The lead singer of the band would wail away with the power of a god in his vocals, the guitarist held his guitar down around his knees — Eddie Van Halen style making the thing look like an enormous phallus. and it was meant to. And they had awesome outfits. None of these guys looked like they walked a cul de sac. They were sexy, crazed, maniacal entertainers who just blew you away, and the press would say things like “the girls all want to be with them and the boys wanted to be them.” This was just the courteous way of saying these rock gods oozed so much sex that even boys got a sexual thrill from them.
    And there was a great deal of erotoplay between lead singer and lead guitar. That’s right — sure as the sun would come up — at a rock concert in the 80s, male on male sex play was on display. It was time for the guitar solo, and the singer had nothing better to do so he’s slide over on his knees at the feet of the guitarist and swirl his head around at the giant guitar-phallus. Talk about simulated oral sex!
    One bit of criticism that I hate about music today is the phrase: “pop excess.” It’s uncool and self-indulgent to be excessive with your music making today. Queen would be loathed today. You can’t find more excess than Bohemian Rhapsody. You can’t find more flash than Freddie Mercury strutting about at the end of a concert wearing a giant crown, holding a scepter in one hand (another phallus), and long bright royal red cape flowing behind him. Excess was effing awesome!
    Then the 80s ended, and at least among white male musicians, something changed.
    I love Kurt Cobain and his music. Nirvana was effing awesome! But I hated what he did stylistically to rock music. I turn on MTV in the early 90s and there was this awesome but hardly decipherable driving tune — Smells Like Teen Spirit. Didn’t understand a word that came from Cobain’s mouth. But something was wrong here. This was a rock band and they were wearing tee shirts. A tee-f–ing shirt?
    Elvis didn’t wear a tee shirt. It’s rock music. It’s glorious. It’s dramatic. It’s unnerving. Will you please dress to match? This concert ticket costs a hundred effing bucks — I want to see costumes! Wear a tee shirt on your own time.
    Before you knew it guitarists were no longer wearing their guitar around the knees. All in the name of “keeping it real.” Real? Rock music isn’t real! It’s out of this world. It’s, pardon my stealing a phrase, “for your entertainment.”
    Rock music stopped being sexy too. It was toned down. It was down to earth. It wasn’t sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. It was just drugs and rock-n-roll. Actually now it’s just feels like being drug down. But’s its safe and friendly, and well behaved. That’s not rock music is it?
    It’s as though the same memorandum that the mainstream gay rights organizers sent out to their marchers were sent out to rock musicians all across the planet.
    Dear rock musicians, don’t do anything that might lead someone to think you act gay.
    Did you know that there’s actually a website dedicated to teaching gay men to act straight. No, I don’t mean Exodus International or any such gay reparative therapy offerings from right wing Christians. I mean a website by gay men for gay men. It’s called I tell you no lie.
    This is an eternal struggle. Not just within the gay community or other minority communities, but throughout the history of human civilization. What is the best way to advance the cause of humanity? Of civilization? Well, for starters, we should all dress and act real nicely, we should all conform to a rigid set of mores, you know, assimilate and be a nice amalgamated cohesive unit that plays well in Peoria. Play it safe.
    There are two atrocious stereotypes of gay men. Both are equally dehumanizing and while they are opposites of one another, they are effectively, just the flip side of the same coin.
    One is the propaganda put out by the likes of the Family Research Council, whose mission is to distort legitimate research, take it out of context, and demean gay men as nothing but a bunch of sexually obsessed deviants that can’t get enough sex. Did you know, for example, that the average gay man has 500 sex partners in a lifetime? (jealous aren’t you?) Well, that comes from those freaks. This view denies, if you will, the gay man’s platonic existence. Just a bunch of sex whores here, thank you very much.
    The other view loathed even by the mainstream gay rights organizations even while it is perpetrated by them. You know, the one where gay men are completely non-erotic cutesy puppy dogs who dress so fashionably, have nice apartments, and will help you pick out a new dress, or redecorate your home. This is propagated largely by broadcast television (I’m looking at you ABC). This is dehumanizing because being an adult human being also entails being a sexual, erotically moved individual.
    Then there is Adam. The Adam that GLAAD refused to defend today. The Adam that would’ve been banned from the 1993 March on Washington. The Adam that is too hot for ABC. The Adam that entertains. He dresses up, he’s provocative, he wears his sexiness on his sleeve, he dares to be excessive.
    This is the rock star the Disneys of the world have been out to rid us of since, well, Elvis. They thought they conquered the nonconformists. They thought even the gay people were on board with the McMansion Exurban lifestyle (than God the economy collapsed, that putrid dream is now dead).
    Adam is banned from ABC not because of a formal complaint to the FCC. Do you know how many formal complaints are made to the FCC? Adam is banned from ABC because he doesn’t assimilate. Adam is banned from ABC because he isn’t a good gay guy. He’s one of those gay guys that nascently out-of-the-closet gay guys squirm around with such epithets as “he gives gays a bad name.”
    Adam doesn’t play it safe. He has resisted being part of the amalgamated cohesive unit.
    In his first two releases, Adam has shown us his erotic side (For Your Entertainment) and his emotional side “Whataya Want from Me.” He is, then, the personification of the complete adult human being. He is everything we should strive to be: unique and liberated.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Thanks so much for bringing this essay over here, Cindy! This is AWESOME & oozing insight & truth. I hope it gets a wide readership…though, by being on Adam’s fansites, it’s probably preaching to the choir….This needs to be on the mainstrem papers & blogsites!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      cindy…AWESOME ARTICLE… i don’t know what i will do with it, or when…but i had to copy and save this…thanx once again for finding such grt articles…have a grt wknd sweetie, blessings 2 ya…nancy

    • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

      I feel for what you are saying about the crushing pressure on so many folks to conform to social expectations. I’m not gay, but I have other sides to me that bring down on my head equally powerful demands to conform that you describe as happening to so many gay people. Some of the worst of these demands come from within your own community, and that is such an intense betrayal. And what do you do when people who hold the reins of power (such as ABC) can destroy your career, snatch your children from you, or throw you out on the street. Somehow you have to find a way to keep your spirit free, yet grapple with some of these harsh realities–that if you are different from others, even in very small ways, they will try to kill you. “They’ll take your soul if you let them” as James Taylor used to say. Anyway, I appreciate all your thoughts; they were so well expressed. And, we’ve got to support Adam in what he does as much as we can, because his success is ours as well, our freedom.

    • Cindy, awesome – love it and thank you! Mmmmmmmwah

  39. rhymingrealtor says:

    Having started a new full time job recently I have’nt had much time for reading all that has been posted, so I don’t know if this had been brought up here so I am going with it. With all the power these 1500 complainers to ABC had regarding Adam – ( now dropped from Jimmy Kimmel and New Years rocking Eve) Can’t we get a letter/email campaign going regarding ABC’s treatment of him in the sense of using him to keep the ratings for the night of The AMA’s – I mean how many times during the commercials the week before did they feature him and then how many times during the show did they say ” Stay tuned for Adam Lambert in the performance you’ll be talking about tommorow” Then they dropped him!
    I just wrote a letter of complaint to them. We’ve got to inudate them with complaints about what they are doing.
    Homophobic men weild too much power in this country.

  40. Hi, AMAs, ABC, cancellled, homophobia, discrimination…GRRR sorry I tired. I tried to focused in Adams smile and in the midtime waiting for my third FYE copy here in the ass of the world (Argentina), Silvana, Jane, Nikka perdon si son nacionalistas!!. Dear Ingrid thanks for you “saludos” to my family and Silvana my mail :
    Besos argentinos and relax girls!!

  41. sherry s. says:

    Adam will talk to the women on The View and WILL PERFORM!!! — Dec. 10

    Guess no one DOES say no to Barbara!
    Think he might melt Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Give it your best try, Adam!!!

    • sherry s, thanks for this news. I will set the ole DVR fo so. Adam will melt their hearts, he has already melted Whoopies””””””””””””” and Barbara’s I think.

    • Mmmmmmmmmmmmwah

  42. Hi.. YOU TUBE Madonna’s MTV’90 performance and tell me if you agree our ADAM was a choir boy at the AMA’s. She has guys under her skirt, grouping her breasts and more. Is it because GUYS are doing it to her??? If Adam had done a GAL on the show would ABC applaud????Double, triple standard????

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