Adam does TV Ads for VH1 Diva’s

Have you seen these ads for VH1’s Diva’s? Short, but sweet… and hilarious!

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  1. So damn funny! I hope millions see these ads & those who forgot about Adam gets reminded of how incredible he is. Especially the industry!

    • scooter2mom says:

      Carol, let me second that a thousand times! I don’t blame Adam for staying on the other side of the World, where he’s loved, appreciated, accepted and people reward him for his beautful voice and looks. The US indistry has so blatantly ignored Adam that I would start a writing campaign to whomever could do something about this if only there was such a person, not only able but willing to make things right for the way Adam is ignored by the “big shots” in the industry. I don’t know if it’s because of their own feelings or that they’re just too chicken to step up, but it ought to be righted!

  2. So, so funny. He does this extremely well. What a natural. There is just so much about Adam’s talent that hasn’t been uncovered yet. There’s always something new and exciting coming from him.

  3. One good woman says:

    I loved these! He is so entertaining in so many ways. I agree totally with Janice and Carol above. It’s so sad that he is not embraced like he should be here in the states the way he is in other countries. There is no other like Adam. He is just simply the whole package!

  4. I agree that he is more liked in other countries cause that is where he always goes to promote himself, but the fact is that he is not showing his stuff here enough so people can get to see what a talent he is. I don’t know if that is his choice cause he knows how they respond to him or that his promoters are not getting him the exposure he needs here. He needs the exposure here as well in order to get people to embrace his talent on this side of the ocean.

    • I’d say its his promoters/mgmnt or la k thereof. Wish he’d get a powerhouse team behind him so he could rock the universe!

  5. So damn cute!!!

  6. Very Funny & a unique intro to the show! Yes indeed…more exposure here in the US & Canada!!! How can his exceptional talent be so damn hard to get out there…I just don’t understand He is amazing & the total package. Not sure if it’s his management team or his choice but it is crazy & a crying shame that he is not on every radio station with the wonderfully creative, sensitive, exciting & strong body of work he has done thus far!!! I just can’t get enough of ADAM!
    XO Always…”ADAMICTED”

  7. I agree with you all. Rhianna has her 8th record in 7 years. What a joke. She probably just shows up and sings/records the song. No executive producing, no major song-writing. I don’t get the Biebers, Swift, Spears, or Perry fans. They are missing out.

  8. cory-coral says:


  9. cory-coral says:

    i like very much the adams tv comercial, adams sing in dec16? the special will be nice if he sing.

  10. I just love watching anything ADAM. What a great sense of humor along with everything else he has.
    Is everyone still voting for ADAM for the most votes for a Grammy nomination? .

    Glamb 616

    • I would support anything done in good taste for Adam. I think that he would do great acting and on TV specials or movies. Adam is very funny and so unique. Where does one get all that adam has? Great chemistry, fantastic voice and those drop dead looks? Others try to imitate him but get flustered because they cannot. Accept him as he is for he is just so fantastic! He should be on the radio daily but he is not due to people who fear his lifestyle. How can a song hurt anyone? Adam is very sweet and his voice cannot be imitated.

  11. What a guy! He just puts a smile on my face everytime I see him! Yes, I agree…his songs should be heard! He has so many great songs and I never hear them…well thats not entirely true…my MP3 players earbuds are always stuck in my ears as not to blow out my dogs eardrums! lol!

  12. Lucynka Piotrowska says:

    Oh God! He is so cute and handsome.

  13. Adam is absoutely darling. He just seems to have it all. Well, at least I want it ALL!! I will definitely be there for the VH1Divas. But my drawing card it, well all you Glamberts know. OMG I love him>>

  14. This is the first I’m see these. I love it, and I still love Adam!

  15. People…let’s do a Adam Drive…buy his cd for holiday gifts…birthday gifts (do not worry about what person likes…I got his cd for my friend who is a country music fan…and she loves Trespassing), and request him up a storm. I think some behind the scenes stuff is going on at radio stations…I have requested his singles a lot…no air time…even when they said they would…and it is very not cool. We need to write the station producers and ask what is going on here.

  16. businesses that shun Adam should not be visited by his fans. After all adam is a human being and he is affected by commenteries about him. there are other persons who are not as talented and are played on the radio.

  17. ko's smiling says:

    These are probably very effective commercials – Adam does “diva” well! I love that he can poke fun at himself and that “sorry” mouthed to someone off stage as he mixes up his tea was perfect.

  18. silver account says:

    Adam Official has released Never Close Our Eyes on Sound Cloud. Give it a listen! Don’t miss the other songs released by looking to the right of the page. Also listed is a clip of Cuckoo and Naked Love, the full version of Trespassing and a remix of Better Than I Know Myself!

  19. gold account says:

    When I first heard that Vh1 Divas Live 2012’s theme was going to be tribute to Whitney Houston, I got excited at the fact that Vh1 Divas Live in its prime has been able to pull some huge stars and with the passing of one of the greatest divas of all time, I just knew Vh1 would pull out all the stops to get Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Patti LaBelle, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Brandy, Kelly Clarkson, Monica, Carrie Underwood, and numerous other powerhouse vocalists under one roof for a final send off to The Voice. While the unofficial setlist for “VH1 Divas Live : Dance With Somebody” hit the net yesterday, I took some time to go through an evaluate what Vh1 is trying to do. While I am a bit disinterested in the top half of the set, though I can see where they are coming from with the “A List” performers for ratings purposes, I think they pretty much nailed it with “Queen of the Night” on. Though I never originally envisioned Lady Gaga or Pink taking part in the tribute, both of these Grammy-winning entertainers have some of the best vocals of the latest crop of “Divas” and with the potential addition of Christina Aguilera, the night could shape up to be one for the books. Though I hold out hope that a country powerhouse like Carrie Underwood can squeeze into the mix as Houston inspired all vocalist, the addition of Carly Rae Jepsen just seems out of place. Either way you feel, I just hope Vh1 can secure the true Divas and divas-in-training(Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson) and possibly garner some more vocalists such as Yolanda Adams, Christina Aguilera and Carrie Underwood. In the end, Houston was known as “The Voice” and it would be a disservice to her legacy to have less than stellar vocalists honoring her in what appears to be the last monumental tribute to the late icon.