Adam Declared Fashion Winner at Critics’ Choice Movie Awards


***Updated with Video!***  Do we ever tire of seeing the next fashion statement that Adam will make?  We already know he has great style, but it is always nice to see more and more people recognizing it!  Apparently, celebrities feel a little more free to be themselves at this occasion without the scrutiny that other high-profile events typically draw to their choice of attire.  Three cheers for freedom of expression!  At the event, Adam and comedienne, Sarah Silverman,  presented  the Best Comedy award to “The Hangover.”  ~Dana, Glamb #6

January 15, 2010 — Adam Lambert and Emily Blunt showed up all gussied up for the 15th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards at the Hollywood Palladium tonight. So did a slew of other celebrities.

Although this was a night to celebrate films, put up by the Broadcast Film Critics Association, it was also a night for show business fashionistas to dress to the nines without being concerned that the entire world would criticize their every clothing choice from head to toe (think the Oscars or the Golden Globes).

In this more low-key event, done up attendees out to take in this fine event seemed to have fun picking out their wardrobes without worrying about being put down by fashion critics. The results are outstanding (see photo show below)!

Meanhile, perhaps the venue where the awards show took place also inspired all that style and panache.

Indeed, the showy Hollywood Palladium — standing on the spot of the original Paramount Studios — is an Art Deco treasure, done up in streamlined moderne splendor.

Hailing back to the glory days when crooners like Frank Sinatra sang at this venerable establishment (Old Blue Eyes was the Hollywood Palladium’s first headliner on October 31,1940), this Los Angeles landmark provided plenty of glam in the form of a great building. Wide sweeping, tubular ceiling adornments create drama while the carefully crafted theater-in-the-round lets everyone see everything no matter where they are sitting. All this makes going to the Hollywood Palladium a real true Los Angeles treat.

So, at the end of tonight, this was definitely a wonderful place to be wearing a wonder wardrobe on a wonderful evening. So, without further ado, get a load of the duds and the celebs who wore them as these high-styled high-profilers walked down the red carpet for the 15th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

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  1. MyBoyAdam says:

    Beautiful Adam ….. always. Sigh.

  2. ADAM was, indeed, the finest, classiest dresser there. He was perfect in all ways, and his personality came through beautifully as a presenter. ADAM could be dressed in rags and look stunning!

    As classy and sophicated as ADAM can look….I still can see the proud, happy, excited “little boy” whose dreams are coming true. God bless ADAM!

    • jaberone, aaaaaahhhhhhhh God bless fo so!!!!!


        LOTS OF LOVE

        • Wow Ofra!! I honestly thought it would take Oprah’s show for him to hit gold, I had predicted by next weekend but this is fabulous!!! Now he can move on to PLATINUM!!

          • Lisette here..bonmatin having health issue dont always post but seeing thes lovli thread I wished to share sentiments too.Adam toujours I av mentione in personal loss of parentes has helpe heal more then words can ever say from last yer,seeing his superbe performances on Am.Idol..thereaftre feling comfort an joie whenevre I hed intense sadness..cette l’homme an for me has been an of musique as musique is a very healing thing..but only Adam’s voix somehow was what hed seen me thru many trying temes..So agreeing to thet Adam will have platinum soon an apres Oprah thinq definitemente will occur..but no mattre ..he’s already a winnre one of our heartes an souls..j’adore thes very caring,sensual,beau l’homme with his voix of smooth,silky/velvety,an distinctive tones,octave ranges thet only Adam can posess..many blessings always to him in his lefe..May he always know happiness,prosperitie,an luv an admiration of his infinite fans aronde worlde,U.S,his peers in entertainment,famille an of course I’ll always adore an support Adam thru his journey from passe to future,he’s toched ma hearte an soul giving joie an lit when ther was sadness..seeing an hering Adam onstage/interviews anyteme an anywhere defines one word…amour..Luv!!J’etaime toujours…Lisettexoxo an luv to all who feel very same for thes ange d’musique!!!xoxo!

        • I just bought another CD to help get the gold!!!!


  3. Adam never fails to impress, he has his own style, and cloths looks so good on him. No matter what he wears he looks fabulous, his newly slimmed down figure is WOW, what a beautiful man, I hope he does not loose much more weight. I am sure everyones eyes were on Adam.

    • sherry s. says:

      Yes, Toni. The gorgeous starlets in their alluring and exquisite gowns are no longer the most stunning thing on the red carpet!

    • Toni, he really didnt look overweight before. He is getting that real skinny Rocker Man look!
      Adam dont melt away pa leeze…….

      Those long sexy legs of his, can wrap around me any day or night!!!!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Mary C i agree , I like my meat a little meaty. He looked just about right on the tour, omfg!! I need to see some tour vids! & Mary C! I want to straddle them long sexy legs ! All 3 of them!!!LOL! Oh sh**! I’m going back in my MASTER ADAM’s den. They play FYE all the time there.

        • OMG — all “3” of them????? ROFLMAO!!! Also love the “Master Adam’s den, where they play FYE all the time” – girl, you’re speakin’ my language!!!!

    • Remember centuries ago? The MALE PEACOCK look for men? It’s returning thanks to Adam. He isdefinitely bringing vests back into style with dressy jean type pants.. All the better to see his bu…. I mean his streamlined shape… LOL

  4. Dianne Hill says:

    When I first saw the pictures of Adam, my jaw dropped open and all I could think was “WOW”. He looks amazing, he always looks amazing, but this time he really looks spectacular, his hair, his make up, his eyes, those lips and the clothes, he looks fabulous and I would say he will have all the top designers breaking their necks trying to get Adam to wear their clothes. Just beautiful.

    • Dianne, Did you get to see the video above, I havent seen it yet cant seem to get it anywhere. Off to have another go. The site has taken off again great aye, a few old “faces”are back, so happy about that.

  5. AdamAddict says:

    He look so stunning.Look glamour.Glambert suits him well. Who got that idea,I gave that person 2 thumbs up.Breathtaking.He looks so opposites in WWFM and yet he the same person.I hope next time he giving the awards,people can make other jokes besides his sexuality tho. 0_o
    This is out of topic but still about Adam.Just want to let it out and giving you guys some tips.Yesterday,I put my mask on and thinking what I should do in that 1/2 an hour,I thought I want to watch Adam in A.I….again!LOL!The whole freaking time,I was smiling.I tried not to coz it will ruin my freaking white clay mask,but I just can’t!!I tried to be serious again then Adam sang Born to be wild and heard all the judges said,my smile is no longer just smile ,it’s like Mr.McDonald smile.Totally ruin my mask….completely.So,lesson to my friends here,NEVER EVER put mask on if you guys want to watch Adam.Adam make us happy,can’t help smiling.Now,I think I have more wrinkles on my freaking face. 🙁 Thanks a lot Adam…hee hee

  6. speechless.

  7. Razmatanian says:

    I am so tired of Adam having to show up to shows of any kind because he is so classy and intelligent and the dummies interviewing him or appearing with him, with few exceptions, are tasteless and lack even the job skills they should have to do their jobs professionally. I have always hated award shows but I hate them even more now. Why? Because I have to watch people who are just not in Adam’s league receive awards for doing half-assed jobs at entertaining because of their lack of talent. Unfortunately for me, since Adam has been appearing on so many talk shows and talking to every so-called journalist for all kinds of rags, I have been watching and listening just to see Adam. I was lucky last night to turn on the Critics Choice program just as they were introducing Adam and the Silverman person and I turned it off as soon as Adam left the stage. I have never heard Silverman be funny, and last night she was just embarrassing. The script was low class and I wanted to somehow protect Adam from having to even be up there on stage with her while she spoke those unfunny and crude lines. Anyway, I got to see beautiful Adam, and he was, as always, classy. As my husband said while watching, after those other people crowded on stage and Adam was standing behind them, he still was the one we watched instead of all those co-called winners. Who in the hell were those “winners” anyway and who in the hell cared about them? Adam has ruined for me, for all time, the ability to watch mediocre talent. Even Oprah is covering the same ridiculous questions next week on the promo ads. After watching Adam’s new WWFM video, leaked in its entirety Thursday night here in California, I realized that Adam is so brilliantly more talented than all the other creatures making their living by so-called entertainment, I don’t need to look anywhere else. I just want to see and listen to him. Nobody else matters.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you on this. I felt for him having to stand next to Sarah while she tried to diminish the gay episode only by bringing it up again. I know it’s not an issue to hide your head in the sand over but why cant they just be normal. Even Sandra kissing Meryl…. yes a statement but 2 girls just wont change things. If every guy who came up just casually kissed another male in the joy of winning that would make more of a statement.

      I’d just love to see him for once (and I think the Fuse interviews plus the extras) be asked normal questions about ordinary everyday things… not about AMA’s, but his music, where he’d like to go from here, how did he enjoy Gridlock, would he consider making music video of Soaked… you know stuff about ok if you had to play a game with your friends would it be scrabble or charades…. I know it’s hard to come up with new questions but at least they could try to be creative. I dunno.

      WWFM is amazing and he does indeed have more talent in his little toe than any others out there. I find it very difficult to listen to anything that’s not Adam. In my car, on my ipod, on my stereo. You’re right…. no one else matters!

      • Just to clarify I really liked the Fuse interviews and the other segments that they didn’t televise that cover relationships, star signs, madonna and twitter.

      • LIsa and Raz, you both make a good point. When a person like Adam with his charm and intelligence is being interviewed, it shows the contrast when the interviewer is not skilled or prepared.

        Regarding these shows, this is the BIG exciting season for the Hollywood crowd, the awards season, and the fact that Adam is being included, even as a presenter is a wonderful start to getting his face and identity out. WE all know he charms just by his appearances, picking up devoted fans along the way. Hollywood is hearing and seeing this young man at his best, not in a starring role yet but at least gussied up and gorgeous, and again charming and charismatic. Word gets around.

        I’m sure these shows include producers, directors, music arrangers, recording executives etc.. all paying close attention. It can only help Adam. This is how one pays ones dues Hollywood style.

        Regarding being more original, sure, why not come up with some innocent yet personal questions? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Have you found time to see friends and family enough to suit you? Are you considering buying a home if your album does well worldwide? Personal yet not too personal.

    • Razmatanian, welcome, havent spoke to u b4! Like what u said. My husband said the same as you did, Sarah, was embarrassing. Not sure if Adam was or not, He takes everything so lightly with his great sense of humor and attitude!
      I was almost hoping for a solo presentation from him, he would have done so well alone!

      I too only watched him stand behind the winners of the Comedy Movie award. He outshines them all……………………………

    • What a powerful look, he exudes such confidence.
      He raises the standards on so many levels!

  8. Adam is amazing. So classy. I don’t always like his style but to each to their own. That is what is important. Adam’s style is his own. He doesn’t apologize……I often wonder if he is making the best decision. I sit back and go with the flow. I will support him regardless. He is a true talent. The best we’ve seen since the 70’s. Adam go with your gut. I will support him always. His vocal talent is not like anything I’ve ever seen. Adam, please just stay true to yourself. Get grounded and go for the “prize”.
    I trust your judgement. Sometimes I gringe. But, will support your always……………Love, K

  9. Adam is nothing but pure class. He knows how to dress and his style out does them all! Loved his shaggy hair style, makes me want to run my fingers right through it!
    Jesus, the vest, belt, gloves, tie, dress shirt, the man HAS IT GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let alone his damm HOT SMOKIN GOOD LOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Mary C you forgot the GLAMBULGE in the jeans/pants, need to touch it so I can feel if it was jeans or pants, but please let me touch it.!!
      Oh he’s more than smokin hot, he’s on freakin fire HOTT!
      everyone’s right, didn’t really care about the others, just focused on MASTER ADAM! He’s all I care about, I wish he’d been able to perform one of his beautiful songs for this crowd, they’d be blown away!
      I watched red carpet of the Golden Globes & no sign of MASTER ADAM, I was thinking he’d be there cuz he went to the pre globe party too. I think.
      That’s alright, MASTER ADAM is a STAR in a league of his own!

  10. Dana, thanks for the New Threads! We surely have missed them. You can see all us fans are ready to post!!!!!!!!

  11. I don’t understand why with Adam’s appearances it always has to come back to the “gay” thing. Anyone’s sex life is such a small percentage of who they are as a person. I don’t see this happening with other entertainers. Like Adam is first and only gay entertainer on the planet? It really irks me because it takes the focus away from Adam’s enormous talent and beauty.

    • I agree Candace, it is getting sssssoooooooo old and downright rude. Who else do they comment so much on their sex lives? Gay or straight he is one DELICIOUS HUNK OF MAN! Beautiful inside and out!!

  12. oh yeah! Adam was stunning last night! YUM! I admit, I love his looong, slim legs with a passion. He always dresses, in my opinion, as if to say, he respects his fans & audience when he performs, and he wants to put the special effort into his look. Re: Sarah. That’s Sarah’s schtick & I think she was really trying to point out that one’s sexual preference doesn’t define the performer. (ya know, just cuz she’s straight, talk about her other talents & forget about her sexual preference. Now reverse that & apply it to Adam.) Adam played it great as her “straight man” so I think it worked out well. Now, I will admit that some may not interpret it this way. And, does anyone notice what a great speaking voice he has? He projected so well during his little skit. His voice is just amazing in all ways.

    • Yes, Bobbie, noticed very early on on AI he likely took a few ‘elocution’ lessons… for you young’uns out there it is speech lessons. Yes such things do exist. I had to take it in school as a kid, not for any speaking problems but it was just part of our education. For him it may have been during his singing or drama lessons..

  13. Oh, yes, and my did he look GORGEOUS on the red carpet. Yup, I saw him again, in person, at about 5:50 PM PST. Our boy loves to arrive fashionably late. This makes the sixth time I have seen our dear boy live…and I just cannot get enough. He had on a suit, but his hair was all shaggy and rock-starish. We screamed “Adam, Adam” but he didn’t hear us. Nick Jonas heard us, though, when he came outside to perform a song, and he waved at our group, to the delight of all the young girls there.

    Sometimes I wonder, what is this compelling desire we all have to be close to Adam? I felt kind of wistful tonight. He was only 75 feet away…but too far to reach out, you know? I guess I was so lucky to have that autograph-signing opportunity in July at the AI concert in LA.

    You know, I’m in the music business, so it’s not like I’m unused to being around celebrities. But there’s something about Adam that really touches my soul. The feeling is both unique…and profound.

    • AdamAddict says:

      SHOW OFF!!! LOL,I did reply you in tweeter.Did U see or U still giggling on bed coz you can see him in person ….again? 0_o

  14. After having sat through Kristin Chenoweth’s hosting and several presenters attempts at humor, I actually laughed at Adam’s and Sarah’s. It was OTT and even though I am soooo over every interview having to be about Adam being gay, I laughed. As with so many others, I only had eyes for Adam when the winners gave their speech. I was so happy that there were so many of them that the camera couldn’t narrow the focus and cut out Adam. Now, Time for Miracles needs to be nominated for an Academy Award so Adam can sing and reach more people with his out-of-this-world voice, great style and amazing personality.

    • Isn’t there some complication about TFM not being ‘eligible’ because it was not specifically written for a film?

      • True it’s not eligible, but the tragic story behind the song….co writer dies of cancer. WHY can’t he perform at the Oscars as a tribute to the writer and as an ANTHEM TO WHAT HAS HAPPENS IN HATTI? IS IT NOT A TIME FOR MIRACLES?????Can we start a campaign???SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE, TIME IS AWASTING.

  15. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    I guess I took Adam and Sarah’s skit different than most people. I thought they were trying to say that whatever your sexual preference, who cares! I think they need to hire new writers for the critics choice awards! I was actually embarassed for almost all of the skits and the people handing out the awards! Most were pathetic! Adam of course was amazing!


    I’m not so great at computers, but I was watching this interview of Adam’s about his album and what he was hoping to achieve with it and it was at the above URL location so if you guys want to hear him talk I think this would be a great interview for folks to watch.

    • Elizabeth, thanks for posting this great interview – Adam
      SO articulate and intelligent as usual. I love how one
      corner of his smile goes higher, like at 2:11, reminds me
      of the Elvis Presley look.
      I completely agree with all of the others that Adam is really
      a HUGE cut above the rest and eyes are just drawn to him.
      How is it possible for anyone to be that handsome!!
      It was nice to see him right at home in a room with greats like Paul McCartney,
      Meryll Streep, etc.
      Altho there are lot of great entertainers in the world, I just seem to be
      the most drawn to Adam. For me, Adam seems to have the “IT” factor
      more than anyone else!!!

  17. Hi Glamberts. Been reading this site for too long, and like you I too am Glambert to the bone. i feel this kinship with you, and miss Jeanette too. Somebody before commented here that our Adam is a kind of EMOTIONAL GENIUS. I guess he is, maybe even without his knowing it . What he did at the AMA , though not premeditated had an effect of what we call in Psychiatry as IMPLOSION. We use this technique in Psychiatry to cure patients with PHOBIAS. In contrast to a Gradual Desensitazion technique where the feared object is gradually exposed to the patient, in IMPLOSION , there is sudden and outright exposure of the feared object with consequent flooding of the senses to DESENSITIZE the patient. In Adam’s case, the patient is the HOMOPHOBIC SOCIETY, and the sexually charged acts at the AMA was the IMPLOSION. In one stroke , Adam did more than any GAY-LESBIAN group protest marches/demonstrations to further their rights/cause, at the expense of Adam’s own neck and a lower record sales. Sometimes, Adam is more of a man, than any other man. He can stand for his convictions and follow his inclinations, at the point of sacrifice and loss of amenities. He lost financial support from his parents when he bolted out of college , to follow his inclination to learn music out of the classroom, to become what he is giving us today. . . . giving us music with wings that fly us to that freedom that Adam has experienced. Experiencing Adam, is also experiencing FREEDOM. His voice soars to celestial heights. . . or can comfort like the presence of our Creator in his song Broken Open. . . where one even experiences purity and sanctity.

    • Bingo! Can’t agree more on this “…experiencing Adam, is also experiencing freedom…” Interesting point of view regarding AMA. Quite feasible explanation.
      I am following this site since June but this is my first comment. Can’t wait to see Adam in Europe!
      Just to make clear, this site belongs to Glambs not Glamberts? But I do hope glambs don’t mind if people mix it, do you?! There are so many Adams fans all around the world with one common passion and love called Adam Lambert!

      • Yes, we are “Glambs” with a different fan numbering system…

        …but every Adam fan is welcome here, regardless of what you call yourself!

        Dana, Glamb #6

    • Elizabeth says:

      I would agree with you there. I think, intentionally or unintentionally, Adam has had an implosion effect on people and has been an incredible witness for the need to accept diversity. He has really confronted the hypocracy that people go around with unexamined and not necessarily even acknowledged or recognized by the people who have it. It’s been a difficult ride for people who love Adam and hate to see him attacked and vilified and rejected by fans we thought would have the ability to stand by him when he was under fire. But Adam has been strong and beautiful, his true fans have been as well, and we will make it through and I think we will all end up in a better place and Adam will with this one act of implosion open doors for the ones who follow him, and open minds. I think he may have thought at first that it was all about the music, but in the FUSE interview he clearly understood that he plays a significant role socially in terms of breaking down barriers and waking people up to the possibility of more compassion and for more authentic relationship with folks who are living alternative lifestyles, and I say alternative because I don’t think that he is just affecting how people view those who are gay, I think he is also reaching out simply to those who are different, and that encompasses a broad range of diversity, broader than he or any one of us really thought possible initially. So I hear you dainty. You’ve made an important point.

    • Great comment. The thing that strikes me most about this, if it’s really true (and I believe it to be so) that his actions are spontaneous and not orchestrated, is the fact that his destiny to affect change is predetermined and half the time he only realises the effects of his actions afterwards. How cool is that in the “big picture” of the universe? Be true to yourself and the consequences can be life changing on a universal scale!

    • Dainty, that’s it….that is exactly something in me that i feel about ADAM …that i cannot explain before !!! Thank you so much for the explanation. I was so “cloudy” for me and you have fix it for me. Thanks a bunch. I , too, has the feeling that ADAM has such natural power along with his character and personality. That is why my admiration to ADAM is growing time to time. I also admire all of the true fans who stand by him at difficult times. It gave me more strength to be ADAM LAMBERT fan and have faith in him. His power of “whatever called” is a unexplained attraction that has opened my mind and changed my life since. I am more happy than ever, more open minded, more forgiving, more relaxed, more confident in myself….I would never be this without ADAM’s existence. I owe him not only for bringing back music into my life but also giving me good influence in life….i am ADAM ‘s fan for life !

  18. WoW!!!! I always knew that Adam was the classiest guy forever!!! I wish his album would have sold more though…It is a rare piece of musical treat one can ever come across.and can anyone please tell me why is kris’s mediocre album climbing all over the charts??suddenly,it has become a part of itunes top 100 and walmart top 100.. n also the mp3 downloads.what if he overtakes Adam,something which he doen’t deserve to??

    • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

      Hi Cynthia, I’ve been doing some research on this and what I think I see (I could be wrong) is that folks are downloading one of Kris’s songs like mad off of the itunes website which isn’t surprising because I think he is getting more radio play, but what he isn’t doing is selling CDs. I think you will see that in the figures I’ve provided above.

  19. cant see that one

  20. Wow! It amazes me that so many of us out here, no matter where we live or type of life we lead, can have one thing in common, ADAM! I’m 45 years old and have had a partner for 17 years, but he makes me feel like the teenager on the school bus calling out to guys! Ha ha I’ve never had such a strong connection to an entertainer before. I say “entertainer” because he is more than just a singer. He is the total package! I knew early in AI that he was special. I would tell my co-workers to remember the name, Adam Lambert. He is going to be BIG one day! I work in a very conservative company, so he would not be the normal conversation in the office, but I don’t care!

    I love watching any show that has Adam on it, even if he is only on for a few minutes! I live in the Midwest and was unable to see Adam when the AI tour came to town. I’m hoping he will go on tour for FYE soon. I listen to his album on my ipod and even play it at work, over the computer. His music just touches my soul and I can’t get enough of it. I have one of many “sexy” pix of him on my laptop backgroud and it makes me smile to see him when I turn the computer on!

    I’m so glad that Adam has the strength to do what he wants to do, but yet is concerned that he won’t offend anyone. He loves his fans…you can tell in his tweets! He’s special and I plan to follow him for as long as he stays in the business. I was glad to hear him say that someday he would like to do live theater again. OH, I would love that too!

    So, to all of us Glambert fans out there…Hello! It was great reading all of your opinions and I could relate to all of them. Love ya Adam.


  22. AdoringAdam says:

    Adam was the classiest, sexiest, most beautiful, well dressed person of the night. He actually did look like he came from another planet. He definitely has an aura about him,even from our TV screens. Let’s face it, the night was a real bore until he appeared. I loved Sandra Bullock’s kiss. That was showing her support for Adam. I wish he was on the GG tonight. And why didn’t he sing instead of the other two bands? Oh well, at least they played his song when he came out.
    I can’t wit for Tuesday.

  23. He looked G_O_R_G_E_O_U_S!!!. I love the outfit and the slimmed down Adam gets my approval, as long as the weight loss stops here. There are enough walking skeletons in Hollywood already! A lot of comments elsewhere didn’t like his hair. I personally love the “glam anime, sex kitten” look ; )

  24. Evette #419 says:

    ADAM looks incredible! ADAM IS incredible!

  25. Ima Ramorah says:

    He is stunning and beautiful, ethereal almost.
    The jibes about his sex on TV interviews I get sick of, I’m astonished at all the sex talk..*here* tho. lol.

    I wouldn’t want to have sex with the boy , would just like him to come over have dinner, watch tv and walk around the house (with clothes on). He is a entire botanical garden of loveliness, no picking the flowers tho.

    • I feel the same way. I am 55 and think he is absolutely beautiful. I am mesmerized and glamatized (my new word) by him, but to be honest, I would not want to be intimate with him. Being intimate with someone can be so complicated, too many emotions involved. I would prefer to meet with him in a relaxed setting, maybe even a park on a beautiful sunny day and talk to him, perhaps even have a cold drink together. He is so intelligent and well spoken, I can listen to him for hours. I love his sense of humour too. I know he would have me laughing in no time.
      I’m no prude, but sometimes I feel there is too much focus on his “hotness”, although I will admit the word “hot” and “Adam” have been in my vocabulary too, but I don’t like when I read comments about his “private” parts. I think that is crossing the line.

  26. I agree about the constant focus on Adam’s sexuality. I cringe whenever he’s interviewed,hoping against hope that the interviewer will concentrate on all other matters but Adam’s private life.

    You would think after the constant badgering during and after idol, & Adams confession,the press would be satisfied. It’s not like he’s going to change after hundreds of the same rude inquiries.He is who he is and we all love him just as he is. Maybe it’s time for Adam to say let’s move on and no longer give answers addressing his sexuality.

  27. AdamAddict says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is dark look,right?Have you guys seen the “Angel” look?Adam so stunning!!!!Imma typing here with blood all over my freaking face!NOSEBLEED PEOPLE!!!!!SERIOUSLY,HOW ON EARTH HE CAN BE THAT GOOD LOOKING?????????????NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will send the vid after I post this.BTW,do we really need this moderating thing??If U guys can’t wait just go to youtube and type Adam Lambert at the art of elysium….blah blah too long dude 😛

  28. Hi guys/gals, there is “group” of haters on YouTube is spending their times just search for all ADAM’s site/link/vid to “trash” it ALL DAY LONG. There is someone under the name “RealAbeLincolnland ” has spent 16 hours (some of ADAM’s fan had gone around and counted) to go one after another ADAM’s video and “TRASH” around, esp. attacking all of the fans about Gay stuff. Just FYI, so you can either tell that “REalAbeLincolnland” to get lost and “thumb down” all of his comments so it won’t show on it. By default. everyone on YouTube was set to not display any comments with “-5 or greater” (this user can reset but by default it was set as such.) That is so scary to see those homophobic are actually have EVIL thought of being destructive to the world.

    • Libra, isnt that awful. That is just to bad, sorry people like that have nothing better to do with there time! “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”

  29. ADAM is like a fireball exploding fashion statements everywhere he goes! It gets even “better-er” (!)
    Check out ‘The Art of Elysium’ 3rd Annual Gala Event January 16th pictures and video! Oh my, you will think you’ve gone to heaven! I was trying to find those wings!!!!! Ha!

  30. Thanks Adamaddict! Adam looks hot in that white suit – OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing him on Oprah!

    • Oprah will be beyond a treat for everyone on this site! I was fortunate enough to be at the taping last week!!! OMG ~ still want to post my adventure with fellow glamb Olga…we are both friends of Jeanette’s here in Milwaukee – but i’m still wrapping my head around the day – it was such a surreal whirlwind, but believe me when I say – it will be worth it to set your DVR’s!!! some of the same questions still hashed over from an interview standpoint – but his singing as always simply leaves me speechless ~ for a change not just hearing WWFM altho I love it, but also got to jam to “If I Had You”! 🙂 more later – I know I keep promising, but i’m afraid I’ll spill the whole hour of goodies in store for you if I journal it now!! Dana – will send your way along with pics asap!

      • Wow that takes a lot of self restraint to keep this to yourself. looking forward to your story.

        • here is preview to tomorrow’s oprah show – woohoo! 🙂 as for restraint – that’s not what I’d call it…just want to give everyone the most highly entertaining, quality, in depth story about our day at Oprah as you all deserve..enjoy this teaser clip! ah yes, we weren’t expecting to see susan boyle that day too…kind of a weird audience combo mix with both adam & susan fans?!?!?!? talk about oil & water?! – too funny…

  31. Adam is such a beautiful man, he is breathtaking at times. I am a huge Adam fan and have loved him from the first time I heard him on AI.
    Let’s all concentrate our efforts in helping Adam’s album to go gold by his birthday. He deserves it and we can do it. Today I have introuduced Adam’s music to three more people who don’t currently listen to him and I’ve sent them the iTunes information to download his album. The album is only $7.99 here on iTunes Canada, that’s a great price. Let’s put our efforts together to get him that gold. I’m also buying an extra CD tomorrow for my friend’s birthday. She’s not currently a fan, but I bet she will be after hearing his CD :).


  33. At the CCA’s the show was dying until Sarah & Adam came out, it was a rough crowd & then the two of them started the group laughing & even the rest of the show was better…gee,,,maybe that was just my thinking because of ADAM!!!!…..Everything goes better WITH ADAM…

    I think that from now on during any interviews of anybody there must be a question of ” Who is Doing
    Who & Which Way They Lke It” ….If it is good enough for Adam, it is good enough for everybody !!!

    I can not stop shaking my head in amazment, Adam in this white suit, doesn’t he know what he does to us? Adam just doesn’t have any mercy on us,,the song FYE, should have said ” One look
    AT Those Blue Eyes & Bod, He Owns Our Heart ” …My brain must be tired of me comparing everyone’s voice, looks & clothes to Adam, but, I just can’t stop doing that!!!

    • Yes, sometimes I am still trying to figure this all out for myself, can one person can evoke such deep feelings in so many people.
      The magic is just so intense.
      It is not just the good looks, the clothes, the voice. It is a vibration of Love.
      Universal Love. It is the Love we all long for and that makes us a better person.
      And then there is the entertainer, so colorful, so unabashed, so confrontational, so fearless and displaying such primal sexuality it breaks down the barriers of gender and age because this is the kind of sexuality that we all desire as it is healthy and it would be a shame not be able to feel this way.
      We are all damn lucky we get to experience this amazing person and we are all richer spirits because of him.

  34. adam vh1 top20 countdown for wwfm is back,keeeppp voooting.

  35. his wwfm music video on itunes available on jan/26.keep voting on fuse,vh1 and mtv.

  36. he is the best i love adammm

  37. angelamambert says:

    Perfection personified, classy, sophisticated, intelligence for life..with enough talent to match Elvis’75.. and ooh lal la “Lambulge” C’est MAgnifique..Mon Amie..

  38. Adam looks sensational in these photos. He is perfect from head to toe.

    The video is blocked but I found it on You Tube. In my opinion I thought what Sarah said was crass & tacky and I think she should have approached the subject in a different way if they were trying to get a point accross. Adam, as always, oozes dignity and class……and I could look into those sparkly eyes all day.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Yep Yvonne, I thought the same about the cca video, she was a bit yuk, went abit too far, but Adam handled it with good grace as usual, but he must be getting sick of it all.

  39. P.S. “How wonderful it would be to have a society free of labels & bias”

  40. Hi! I didnt know that Glamberts are different from Glambs. Im just a Glambert fan, a Doctor of Medicine and a Registered nurse , inclined in Psychiatric Nursing. Thank you Elizabeth and Diviana, I appreciate your responses. This is just the start of my posting comments. After the AMA, my outlook towards Adam had matured. I now appreciate him not only for his talent and looks, but for his being a true man, ironically, which defies sexual orientation. Adam has somewhat, a third eye, operating on his subconscious through his reflexes ,…. . …and gets his desired effect. Im a fan who prays for him because he can be a force to be reckoned with. . .

    • Yes we are in The Adam Lambert Realm, The Realm of Universal Love, Self Love, Inner Beauty, Third Eye and Higher Vibrations.

  41. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    This is off subject… but I watched the TV Guide 25 sexiest idols tonight, and how in the heck could Kris be on there and not Adam! Once again, I think this is a joke! As I was watching I just knew he was gonna get 1st or 2nd, and nothing? How can this be? Ain’t nobody sexier and hotter than Adam!

    • Judy…as you said “what a joke’…we all know that Adam is the sexiest man alive. Sorry, don’t mean to be nasty, but Kris is ‘ nice’ but not sexy.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • my exact response…..there must be some reason…..trying to promote Kris some more and knowing Adam doesn’t need his sexiness promoted?….or…..wanting to not get any more complaints from the 1500 AMA complainers? ….or….?

      VERY strange though….

  42. Hi Libraglam. Good to know I’ve connected with you. Guess when did I first got hooked on Adam? It”s when he commented on the song Track of My Tears. He said. ” The song was beautifully written, . .. and I want to give it justice.” It’s how he said it, . . how he implied it that struck me. I don”t know if I can be his fan if he”s not intelligent. I guess not. I want to hear him talk as well as hear him sing. He is therapy. whether to cougars or menopausals. He make us want to love a man again. My GOSH, watching him perform in AI contest and during AI tours was like foreplay. I get heated up and so many other women maybe, and he does get his outstanding hard-ons. Singing to him is maybe like making love to his audience. Of course he then proceeds to bring us to climax and all those “gasms”. But when the AMA happened there was a SCREECH and a HALT , to maybe our fantasies. But even his songs are predictions. He was BROKEN OPEN. He is now both sweet and sour but more DELICIOUS. LOL. What do we want from him? His intelligence, for me apart from his songs. With songs alone he could end up like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson and what a TRAGEDY! But if he nurtures his intelligence how about ending up like . . Arnold Schwarzzeneger or a Ronald Reagan? LOL Poor baby, so many wanting from him.

    • Oh Girl I love your posts! You are just putting it out there! The fact that he gets sexually excited during performances shows me he is toatlly in tune with his body and his Kundalini energy, which is some powerful stuff.
      Being a dancer and teaching dance with a Body and Mind focus I have been there myself, being so in the body and in the moment that it becomes sexual.

      I do like your analogy about the AMA’s and “Broken Open”. I saw such pain, love, depth, vulnerability and maturity in his eyes the days after this experience, it was a mirror for me. Yes he broke open and shattered and then put himself together I am sure through those who were there to support him.

  43. Adam has a great style. After all he is gay and most good fashion comes from gays.

  44. kd23morgan says:

    I actually think Adam appearing on these shows is a brilliant move by his manager and Adam. It is a chance for him to show he is a wonderful person, to promote his face (does not need promotion…gorgeous) and to sell his cd (again it is selling…new video should sell more). Think about it, Kris is nice, but you never see him….Adam is everywhere working his tail off doing promotional things ….he has that special something that all of the entertainment world is seeing and wanting. He is the reason Idol had it huge fan base last year…His video for What do you want from me is absolutely a piece of emotional art with amazing vocals…Very very smart the way it was done…very to the point…By the way all you fans need to go to VH1 and vote for it…it is on top 20 vote platform…so vote away…

  45. Hi Irena. So happy to know that you’re a dancer, coz it’s also my passion, but I don’t have much time for it now, coz I’m a busy physician. LOL. But not too busy for Adam. Yes, Adam’s BROKEN OPEN might get me to dance Interpretative Ballet again, who knows? I really feel for the music . . . seems like, Adam and myself could be one in this. You know the singer and the dancer as one in tempo, . . rhythm. . . emotion. So who needs a physical union? A spiritual union like this is so potent. Bet you can do the same, you know choreograph his songs? Broken Open is so spiritual. A Loaded Smile is so sexy. . quite seductive. Yes, Adam’s songs make women feel seductive even in their 60’s. He makes them young again. Kudos to our Adam.


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