Adam at Fantasy Springs, July 21 2012

Even @adamlambert understood the significance of his performance as he tweeted:

The excitement was palpable as everyone got ready for the show and started milling around waiting for Fantasy Spring’s pre-party to begin. I’m not sure I’m able to put into words the show that was Fantasy Springs, Part II. There were so many things that were different it seemed as if Adam turned some sort of door in how he does concerts. Beyond the 5+ minute costume change break where the band had to improvise for longer than they probably planned for, the “conversation” with the VIP section that Fantasy Springs reserves for tribal members and his request for his fans to come up to the stage was brilliant (if maybe a bit dangerous for those not prepared to deal with a friendly mosh pit). Then he came INTO THE AUDIENCE… a first for sure.

The show was so amazing and different I could go on and on, but I’ll stop and provide videos from the fabulous and beautiful Suz526. Enjoy:

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  1. mollywin says:

    Is it my speakers or is the sound system really poor during the songs. All I can really hear is drums

  2. Sound poor. Heard at LC, band, vocals overpowered Adam, so maybe too much background noise to single out vocals. Those there seemed to enjoy so don’t know. The Queen sound was perfect in SUZ’s videos, so could be band & background singers too much amp. Hope someone can answer.

    • Suz’s seat for this concert was wonderful for viewing, but she was right in front of the speakers, so when she recorded these it must have effected the sound. We’re looking for videos with better sound and will post them when we find them.

  3. Adamisamazing says:

    I was there and it was one of his best concerts even though it wasn’t an offficial concert tour with all the bells and whistles. But, he gave us so many surprises, audience participation, kissing Ashley, sexy speaker moves, etc. He was on fire. Almost like he got great news about AI or something. Just speculating but he seemed to be in even better spirits than usual. I was on the 19th row and didn’t
    get close to him when he had us walk up to the front. Still never touched him or met him. One day…He was brilliant and gave us a fantasy show to remember. I was there in 2010 and now 2-1/2 yrs later.

  4. KO's smiling says:

    “Hey baby, I like your hat.”

  5. Renogirl says:

    I was in sec C second row. It did make u mad that the best seats were VIP for tribal members that were there with their kids like something to do for the summer. These seats should have bee for his family friends and special fans. Rude I thought but I was so happy Adam took charge there. God what a show it was. I will never forget that night. Everyone the Glams were really up friendly and excited celebrating The epic event it was worth the trip and expense for this once in a life concert experience of what Ada claimed a full circle moment !!

  6. gold account says:

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