Adam appears in skit on Leno!


Even though he isn’t scheduled to appear as a guest/performer until December 21, last night’s Leno already provided a dose of Adam! In a little segment towards the end of the show, Owen Benjamin was fumbling around with a mistletoe and proclaiming that he would ‘kiss the first person coming around the corner!’. Which, of course, happened to be dearest Adam – and to see how it ended, watch the video! He’s such a great actor, needs to do something with that talent as well! Movie, anyone?!

Adam seems to be very loved by Jay Leno already; apart from constantly being featured in his monologues (“The paper said today that they were shocked that Adam Lambert kissed a man. Anyone surprised by that? I’m not. If he would have kissed a girl, I’d be stunned!” – after the AMAs, one of the many shoutouts Adam’s received from his show); Jay even went as far as dressing up in the costume Adam wore during the AI finals while performing with Kiss! Should make for a very entertaining episode next monday, all tune in to watch our Adam! (NBC at 10/9c). Watch the snippet from Jay Leno in which he tries on Adam’s costume below.



  1. leilani aloha says:

    Funny!! love it:):):)
    Adam will be in movies soon for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. I love Jay Leno’s attitude about that kiss. Since when did kissing become such a horrible sight.
    Adam is so talented and his comedic timing is incredible. Adam is going to be wonderful in movies and on television. We are watching the beginning of the career of a really talented individual. It is so exciting to be at the beginning of someone’s greatness..

    • irish, Jay did have a good attitude. Kissing is kissing, girl and boy, boy and boy, or girl and girl.
      Its all in the pucker!!! Oh I wanna kiss Adam…………….

      • You want to kiss Adam too, that’s a long long forever long line here to forever long line.Omg! we’d all pass out , who do we think we’re kiddin’

      • And it is all about Love, who you kiss doesn’t matter. More how you kiss matters….
        Like Peggy Noonan needs to be kissed the way Adam kissed Tommy and that will shock her into her real senses and juice up her dry bones.

  3. That clip with ADAM and the mistletoe is absolutely hysterical. Everytime I look at it, I can’t stop laughing, and then I watch it again! Watch ADAM’s face when he starts coming toward Owen…his mouth starts opening ever so slowly and sensuously, and all I want to do is put my face right in front of him to get that kiss. When he stops and makes his comment, he is so cute and shows what a great actor he will be!!!! ADAM can do anything, and do it well! He sets his mind to do it and it gets done….just like he said about taking the action to have a successful career. It’s happening!

    Jay’s promoting ADAM on his show is as good as it gets. What a great way to have the public see ADAM, his sense of humor, his handsome looks, and his talent! I bet ADAM is loving all of this because he’s finally able to showcase himself and his music!

    I wish that more people would talk about, and to ADAM regarding his charitable work…he raised so much money…especially for a “new’ artist! He’s so unselfish, and the public should know that side of him!

    OMG, I just realized that I haven’t once talked about his Glambulge, his butt, his gorgeous face,
    the empty box that can’t contain him, his sexiness, his Glambulge, his bulge, his…………………………

    I’ll leave all that for another time!!!!

    • Yes, jabarone, Adam’s face upturned, mouth open, coming in for contact—-in slow mo—is what dreams are made of!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I kinda like that mouth opened just wide enough, first take in that lower voluminous lip, taste it w/ my tongue then just lightly take his tongue, taste it, caress it w/ my lips , then start the kiss, all lips touching slowly in full soft circular motions, pressing closer & closer, then harder & harder, blood rushes thru my body, thru his body, to my “sex”, to his “sex”, with “loaded smile” playing in the background, blood rushes to my brain, wait a minute, I can’t do this , it’s so wrong, but it feels so right, oh what the hell, no one is going to tell my hubby, c’ mon MASTER ADAM, let’s find a closet.

        • Kimber….you should write a romance novel…OMG!!!! You had me going! I was right there. getting to the peak of my excitement with ADAM….then you ended it!!!! arghhhhhh
          Whew, now I gotta take a coooold shower! lol

        • LOL, thx, so much fun reading ! life is supposed to be fun.

          • Gosh I am enjoying this wonderfully silly stuff so much. Just received news that somebody I know is seriously ill. This are harsh the realtiy of life so to have these light and humorous moments to look at over and over again is great.
            I also love it how Adam is just everywhere, like a wizard he pops up all over the country and plays out his magic.

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              So sorry to hear your friend or family member is ill, I hope they will be okay! Prayers & loving thoughts sent to you. My husband’s cousin just passed away yesterday at 48 yrs from possibly diabetes at 13 level & brought up but then a coma occurred. & passed. Sad.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I had a dream about Adam last night….he was kissing me so softly, so tenderly, then so fiercely, so passionately……..and then the dang alarm clock went off!!!!! GRRRRR!

    • jaberone, you’re on a roll……….love it! Yes we would all be moving our faces towards his lips for sure for that big ole kiss! Nah not gonna pull away Adam. You sexy devil (angel) you.
      Wonder how many times the replay button has been pushed on this video???????

  4. AdamLambert seems to be not only talented as a vocalist but his talent in interviews as well as acting. Hopefully some producer notices this.When ever he’s been on any show the ratings sky rocket!

  5. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    That mistletoe clip is so funny. The look on Adams face as he looks him up and down and then agrees. Adam is so tall yet that guy dwarfs him… I wonder how he feels being short for a
    If I’d abben the guy I’d have been much faster and grabbed him…
    Ah well it was only a skit…lol…dreaming on here!

  6. great skit . just love it


  8. When you are continuously made fun of, made reference to or spoofed on TV talk or comedy shows, especially the monologue, you have MADE IT! You go, Adam!

    WE are anxiously waiting for SNL!!

  9. mwahahahhahahahahahhaha!!!!!=)

  10. That skit is hilarious, Adam is a fantastic sport! Can’t wait for him on Leno, should be good!!

  11. When i first saw Adam on Leno the other night i nearly died! I’m so glad you posted this clip so i can now watch it over and over!! Adam is so funny….his timing is perfect…..just like the rest of him!!!

  12. he is so adorable and funny….love it…

  13. sun-n-stars says:

    Thanks to all of you for sharing the clips of Adam. I don’t have time to search out everything and you make it so easy to see and enjoy him. Love you all for it! Just love watching Adam and hope that he is having so much fun with all of this. Love Kris for standing up for him also. Two great guys and I wish them so much happiness and success. They get along so well together even though they have such different views on life. Life is wonderful. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  14. AdoringAdam says:

    Thanks for the clip. I think a lot of us it missed it when it was on the other night. Adam is definitely made for movies. I hope Steven Spielberg will offer him something soon. And yes, SNL next year!!!!
    Sometimes just reading all the comments on this site really turns me on. I love what you all say so beautifully about Adam. There is no one like him. My husband said WOW you are really crazy about him, and I said, “He’s all man.” OOOPS. But my husband got it, he’s cool–and he thinks Adam is one heck of a singer.

  15. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Thank for al the work. so I can follow it her in the Netherlands.Love it.


    • Remeber to keep us posted now of what is happening in Holland!!!! The American websites are the only weay you get info right now? We need to work on this!
      I will be going back home in March and am looking forward to spreading the Love!!

  16. That was great w/adam & missletoe still lol. go to twitter and vote 4 ADAM

  17. waveridergal says:

    Adam was also incorporated in a skit on the SNL Christmas show last night. Hysterical!!!! Mabe there is a vido out there somewhere???? For those that did not see it I don’t want to go into detail cause it’ll spoil the fun! Hope you all see it.

  18. What a nice little “present” for us!! I was in bed getting ready to watch Adam on Chelsea and there my little Adam popped up on Leno! What a pleasant surprise and so cute ! Love him!

  19. Why are women attracted to a homo ? He doesn’t want anything to do with them. So what’s the attraction ?

  20. that was sooooo cool and funny, will get me through my day at work now

  21. Oh my god, that was great!!!!!

  22. Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

    ADAM was just great on Jay Leno.The coonversation with Jay was adorable. The hair was WOW! And the performance was incredible. I guess I will try to go and check if there is a different CD than the one I got from Because I want the one with the `16 songs. Not 14! And I didn’t know the difference until just recently. THIS IS THE ADAM I LOVE AND ADORE. THE PERSONALITY. THE GORGEOUS FLUFFLY HAIR. The performance of ” Whatta Ya want from me?” I just love ADAM when he is at his best. And the band was great too. Keep this up ADAM BABY and you will have no limit to how high you can go! Hugs to everyone.


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