Adam (and Sue!) on Oprah

Thanks Oprah! …not only for having Adam on for a 45 minute interview and performance, but for inviting Sue and her daughter to be his “best fans.” While Sue is working out the details of her firsthand account of the show and all the backstage juicy details (I’m sure she is dealing with enough confidentiality paperwork to sink a battleship – and we have to keep everything legal!), here’s an article and a few videos to hold us over. Dana, Glamb #6


Sue and Jessica Introducing “Whataya Want From Me”

After Show Performance of “If I Had You”

Backstage Interview

Oprah paid homage this afternoon to the quirky appeal of Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert (and, thus, to the massive power of Simon Cowell-judged televised talent contests). Despite Boyle’s absurd sales figures (8 million worldwide!), though, it was clear who the Oprah demo’s favorite was: Boyle was off the stage after about 15 minutes — a performance and a quick video package/interview about how she used to be regular and frumpy and now she’s famous — to make way for Adam to chat with Oprah and repeatedly visit a Los Angeles Whole Foods in video segments. And though there were no new revelations (he’s still gay!), he did manage to entertain, as usual. Among the things we learned:

1. At his favorite L.A. rocker store, Forgotten Saints, he could actually find a vinyl jacket with furry tufts that he felt went “too far.” (Sadly, it is not available on their website.)

2. He met Madonna for “five minutes” because his guitarist is her guitar teacher, and in those five minutes he told her he was intimidated because he loves her. Her rejoinder: “So love equals intimidation to you?” Can’t you just totally hear her saying that in her faux British accent thing?

3. “Adam is like energy.” That is how 15-year-old Jessica — who shares her Lambert love with mom Sue — explained her fandom just before oh my god being totally surprised when he showed up to give them both passes to his dress rehearsal! Honestly, at this point, how are people still surprised when their dreams come true on Oprah? If I ever get a call from anyone remotely connected to this show, I expect my life to change. And I will be very angry if it doesn’t happen.

And in honor of Jessica and Sue, he sang “Whataya Want from Me” — a very mom-friendly tune, as evidenced by his understated brown jacket, modest eyeliner, and all the ladies of a certain age singing along in the audience.

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  1. Amazing! Adam was beautiful as always!

  2. maddymarie18 says:

    Adam the Shining Star came through as we all dearly love him for who he is and what he will be!
    I believe in his greatness and he will be a household name as Elvis was many years ago.

  3. This is the best moment for Adam and us!!! He is coming back strong from the “stumble” (literally and figuratively) back in November….It is so obvious that Oprah loves him, and I am so pleased for Adam and all his loyal fans….His sales are already climbing according to the “net”. GO, ADAM!!!

  4. leilani aloha says:

    Yeah! Great show!!!
    Love it love it
    Thanks Oprah:)
    Thanks Adam, U rock !!!
    Adam’s so so handsome & looks really relax & very comfortable with Oprah!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  5. Fantastic show!!!! Adam was amazing and really connected with Oprah!!
    Lucky fans Sue & Jessica……however they must of been in shock! I didn’t think they seemed quite as excited as i’d expect……maybe they had an inkling Adam would show up! My daughter and i would of absolutely DIED if Adam had walked through that door…….but then, my daughter is a true drama queen and screams and cries just watching Adam on TV!!!

  6. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Definitely this was a great interview. Here’s hoping it sells more CDs.

    • Elizabeth, from what I’ve heard, his CD’s have increased in sales, as well as Itune downloads. YAY
      If you make an appearance on Oprah, your dreams continue to come true!!!!

  7. Dianne, re your comment on previous thread, what radio station did Lisa hear Fever on.? I wrote my comments about the Oprah show on that thread I think. I think Adams career is going to gather momentum over summer here, I have heard TFM a lot more and seen it on the music channels a lot to. I am going away for 2 weeks so will be out of touch I hope I can stand it, think my son-in-law will have his lap top with hi, so will try and con him into letting me have a little catch up now and then, meantime will havemy ipod, cd and imagination with me.

    Take care all you guys on our site I am sure I will have a lot to catch up on when I get

    • Dianne Hill says:

      It was on 91ZM Jan. You are lucky because I haven’t heard TFM on the radio or seen the video clip on our music channels – well not C4 anyway. Mind you I only really listen to the radio for about an hour in the mornings before I go to work, so it could be that I just keep missing it.
      I hope you have a lovely holiday Jan. I will look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

    • More FM Jan. Hi there. We were in Hanmer Springs and my Adam was inside and I was outside and he kept calling me. I went inside and sure enough it was Fever… I couldn’t believe it but there it was…..

      Yay.. Goold ol NZ.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Trust me to get it wrong Lisa, LOL. I had deleted your text message so was going with my memory, which you can see, is not that good.
        Hope you had a great time in Hanmer. Will catch up with you later.

  8. Thank you SUE, I really enjoy reading all of your posting and videos of ADAM on Oprah !!! i keep daydream that i would be you to meet ADAM. Thanks again for sharing with us your wonderful journey. It makes me happy too.

    • I mean THANK YOU TO DANA !! for posting SUE and JESS. journey. …..I think i still somewhere …hahahaha…..I dream i was her last nite meeting ADAM….

  9. AdamAddict says:

    I KNEW IT,I KNEW IT!When it says SUE,my heart almost stop!I thought NO FREAKING WAY,NOT OUR SUE!!And it is!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Imma so freaking jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really do!!Damn,U R SO LUCKY!!! I always wanted to see that scene,always wonder who is that lucky woman and IT WAS YOU!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And funny,your daughter was much calmer and cooler than you,Sue!LOL!!You so freaking out when Adam sang from behind.I think I will be like you.I can’t believe it,gosh,U R so damn lucky!!You hugged him…actually he hugged you!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So?how is it felt?Is he smell like Dior Hommes?I also want to hug him….so badly ~pout~

  10. Adam just shined on Oprah!! Thanks Oprah for highlighting such a wonderful talent and person! You could really tell that she enjoyed interviewing him. Of course, Adam has such amazing communication and people interaction skills. While watching him, all the world’s troubles just seem to disappear for that period of time, and all is in balance. Everything just goes better with Adam.

  11. Such Fabulousness!! Loved the “surprise” too : )

  12. Jane Parker says:

    Thank you, Dana, for these wonderful videos!
    The show was great! and with Sue also!

    And of course our BOY was looking better than ever!!
    Awesome Adam!!

  13. Thanks for the fantastic article on ADAM. He is so incredibly beautiful…..I just love him so much. I am happy for anyone who gets hugged by ADAM. What a nice guy…..can’t say enough about this young man who is so articulate and loving. To be so talented and nice is a rarity. LOVE HIM!!!!!

  14. Oprah is the Queen of the Talkshow circuit. Adam is the King of Music. What a pair.
    He was totally Delightful on Oprah, (her comment to him). You could see the delightment in her eyes just interviewing him. Also while she was jammin to his song, knew the words too.
    I’ve watched this about 10 times now, cant get enough………….So many faucets to this interview, from Adam walking out on stage, to seeing him shopping, surprising Sue & Jesse, Singing. Wow, what
    a show package, we were treated to.
    Thank You, Oprah for having Adam and Thank You Adam for being You 🙂

  15. I have to also say, I never really paid much attention to Sue Boyle. Seeing her on Oprah gave me a new understanding of her and why she does have a huge array of fans. Fans that love her and her style of music.
    I feel in my heart that Adam has a soft spot in his heart for her too. She’s gone thru some ridicule and pain in her life and is now experiencing some pleasure. Good for her.
    Adam can identify, for he has had his share of the pain. Adam is so positive, all the pain he has suffered, he feels all the pleasure on the other side 🙂

    Love Him!!!!

  16. I agree, Mary C. I enjoyed Susan’s performance and
    thought she handled the questions (some a bit condescending
    imho..) with dignity. There didn’t seem to be much of a connection
    in the interview.
    Of course, Oprah seemed totally-over-the-top IN LOVE with Adam!!!
    What an unforgettable moment for us and a great validation for
    Adam’s career. I loved how all the kind, honest, sweet, funny sides of
    him were there for the world to see. If he can radiate such charisma
    through a Tv screen, what must it be like in person!!
    ps. Of course, the whole time, my mate and son chose to loudly saw
    and electric drill the ceiling tiles in the next room and kept walking in
    front of the TV to “get stuff” – I think they are jealous, ha ha

  17. omg, I just read on another official site dated today
    that Adam is back with Drake!! They were
    together and romantic in a Hollywood club.
    Google: adam lambert jan 21.
    I wonder if it’s true? It would nice for Adam to
    not be alone.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing. He still seems so “normal” which Oprah touched open. Adam has a very good outlook at how to keep his feet on the ground. What a great show…loved the “If I Had You” video!!!! Adam shines everywhere he goes……

  19. Me again. Also just read that Adam will be
    on Ellen Degeneres show on Tues, Jan 26
    for her birthday special. She loves him.
    Yay, more stuff to watch!

  20. Local radion station WNCI 97.9 playin Adams WWFM often, yay

    DJ made a comment : Adam has sold more albums than Kris and Kris has sold more singles.

  21. waveridergal says:

    WOW. Thank you, thank you and thank you to Harpo for making the videos available.(If that’s where they have to come from.) Adam was just awesome. Sometimes I get wordless. Adam is a gift to us all. It’s so cute, you can so tell how much Oprah likes. Sue, you guys were so lucky, but so deserve the special time you were soo kindly given by Adam. What a guy! So, agai thanks so much for all your work to bring this all to us, and THANK YOU ADAM for being so wonderful.

  22. hi,eveyone.keep voting for vh1 top20 countdown for wwfm please.

    wwfm video will be available on itunes on jan/26. i think kris will sale more album as well because on jan/24 he sing on national anthem for football with 27 million people and have 3 aappearence.

    kris sale more single because of radio airplay .if you go to amazon you will see adam at bottom of list ,kris airplay more.i hate kris,he like a snake in sleeves.i like kris but not anymore.

  23. Speaking of “Oprah touching” did youi notice how many times theyi hugged and at the end she put her other hand over his while they were handholding? Her gut tells her this is a special man and I believe inside she feels the way we do. They have a connection, so wonder if she’ll have him back before she goes offair in the summer/

  24. Adam with ET/ as well as other Adam links there.

    Actually was able to pull up the entire Oprah segment with Adam in really good quality on Vodpod (as opposed to youtube).

  25. i dont understand,raidio station dont support adam but supporting kris.its like if you diffrent and famous you not allowed but if you normal,simple and ok singer you allowed.

    i think season 9 is all about girls,definetly girls will be winner for this season.whats a point they wont sell well like other american idol winners.

    i saw adam on et high defination for haiti and tfm was playing.i hope what simon said be true.worldwide you all.

  26. GLAMB#582 CarolineBrasil says:


    • Welcome to the Family CarolineBrasil!! Sue, you and your daughter were just too cute! I can only imagine how surreal that must have been. I’m so happy and proud that one of our own glambs was the oprah/adam surprise. Congrats! I’ll be waiting for all the details. Our superstar is REALLY starting to shine! Love you Adam!!!!

    • Welcome Caroline! This is truly a Glamily!!!!

  27. Sue, Jessica, you are sooooo lucky !!! :)) I cannot wait to meet Adam here in London very, very, very soon :))) He is DREAM and INSPIRATION …

  28. mADAM #487 says:


  29. keep voting for this week on top20 countdown vh1,for this week.its important we have to make it no.1.and vote on mtv and specially fuse for fye mv.

  30. Adam looks delicious here. It was funny when Oprah asked him if he still have doubts if he is gay. LOL. Like, what if it was just a disguise to keep women at bay? LOL Im from the Phillipines. How can I belong to any Adam organization? Calling fans from the Phillipines, do we have any organization yet?