Adam and Queen in Poland

Another banner night as Adam and Queen rocked Wroclaw Poland! YouTube user JOINTICKK posted the entire concert as a playlist on YouTube. Enjoy!!!

An Adam Fan that goes by Catzmadam, livestreamed most of the concert before her phone ran out of batteries. You can catch the entire thing on her livestream channel. Here is the link to the first concert video on her channel. The other videos are on the right.

The setlist was posted on Queen’s Facebook page as follows:
Flash (intro)
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Keep Yourself Alive
We Will Rock You (Fast)
Fat Bottomed Girls
Don’t Stop Me Now
Under Pressure (Roger/Adam duet)
I Want It All
Who Wants To Live Forever
A Kind Of Magic (Roger)
These Are Days Of Our Lives (Roger)
Love Of My Life (Brian)
‘39 (Brian)
Dragon Attack
Drum Battle / Guitar Solo
I Want To Break Free
Another One Bites The Dust
Radio Ga Ga
Somebody To Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
The Show Must Go On
Bohemian Rhapsody

Tie Your Mother Down (Brian)
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions

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  1. Just want to share this:

    FOX considering ADAM LAMBERT as JUDGE on AMERICAN IDOL!!!!

  2. glamity58 says:

    I did see many of these. It was really very good for coming from a phone. Were there about 30,000 people out there?

  3. This is totally off the subject, but just had on the news (& I also read in somewhere) that Adam has been in talks with Idol about becoming one of the judges if JLo leaves. I assume I’m not alone in hoping that we would be able to see him every week if it does happen. I don’t know how it would fit into his schedule with the new album, but I sure would like to see him every week. His being on Idol is what has gotten us all addicted to him. Time will tell!

  4. I read an article a few hours ago that said that Adam would be replacing RANDY! It said that Randy was part of the “old guard” and that he hadn’t been very relevant the past few years(No kidding )It also said they wanted to keep J-Lo and Steven.I have mixed feelings;if he takes the job will he be able to do a Tresspassing tour?Like Barb said “time will tell”

    • I love Adam too and for that reason is rather see him tour. And I don’t think he would have chemistry with the remaining judges , besides, the show has really went down hill. I don’t want Adam to jump on a sinking ship. I do think he would make an excellent mentor,as he did in the past.

  5. I checked the music store here in Manila, it seems that the album TRESPASSING is out of stock, and there is no new shipment. Please do check on this matter.

  6. cory-coral says:

    awesome, adam must continuos perform and sing , flowing ang moving not stock.

  7. cory-coral says:


  8. Just to let you all know that I was eating out the other nite & Adam’s NCOE came over the PA. I asked about it to the waitress & she said is was thru Sirius radio. At least someone is playing it.

  9. gold price says:

    I love adam, I love bill. Adam, you have great taste if you think bill is pretty, and I’m sure bill won’t be mad, so all you fans stop bitching. PLEASE! he is just a guy with an opinion. Don’t rain on his parade.