Adam and Kris US Magazine Interview with hillarious Gay Joke

The ‘joke’ comes out at 1:20, I laughed so hard.. Watch Kris’ expression when Adam answers…

I’m going to admit, I actually like Kris’ music, in fact I’m learning his cover of Heartless right now… BUT man he sucks at interviewing, anyone thinks differently?



  1. Johanna says:

    OMG! 😀

    I just love his smile!

  2. Agree Kris “heartess” is good
    but he is just so boring in interview… he seldom has expressions.
    he is more funny when he is with Adam.Adam is just natural. Funny, never boring.
    Adam is everything! love him!

    • Well thats what magic our Adam brings to people.

    • Fandomatic says:

      Thank God for Kris! He plays a great straight man to Adam! Together those two are soooo funny! Kris should never interview without Adam.

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Kris should shut up period. He gets me so mad when he opens his mouth, especially when he was on the Regis and Kelly show – it showed me that Kris is believing his own hype, he actually said that he was great and they both deserved to win. Adam never said that he deserved to win, he has always humbled himself and says that Kris deserved to win. I wish Adam would stop saying that, it’s enough we got the message, they are friends, NEXT!

        • Kris is the most humble person in all 8 seasons of American Idol.He is a great friend to Adam.He said when receiving the award on finale show that “Adam deseres this” . It makes perfect sense for him to say they both deserve this,it is the best answer. He could have ignored Adam and said thanks when complimented as being the winner. Kris is a class act. So is Adam. I can see why they are good friends and why they support each other.I think Adam deserved to win. And he did. If Adam was named “Idol” the bigots in the country would have hounded him and the title all year-but, there is Kris, a church leader in the christian church, supporting and defending Adam and when the bigots look at this”Idol”defending Adam, it might make some of them think. In the meantime, Adam is free of being jpressured to meet someone else’s idea of their image of Idol. Kris as american idol represents brotherly love over bigotry. Adam as international glam rock god represtnts freedom of spirit. Adam actually won with Kris having more votes. Just my opinion, think what you want.

  3. Jennifer T says:



  4. It does seem like Adam is more relaxed when he is with Kris, it allows him to be silly!

  5. I am a Adam fan. I love him so much. And it killed me when I hear Kris name as the winner. I started hating him from that moment. I guess that u guys Adam’s fan also have that feeling. But watching people keeping saying that Kris does not deserve it all these day make me feel bad, and I think it is unfair for him. He is a nice guy, looking back at all the good thing he said about Adam. And I think he lose his confidence when he is with Adam right now. So please, Adam fan, pls don’t hate him.
    When I saw this interview video I really feel sorry for him. He is just like Adam, do everything he can to win that stupid contest, and now he won, it is not his fault. So pls, Adam fan, don’t hate him.

    • Stephie says:

      Oh, I don’t hate Kris. He’s very nice humble guy and a good friend of Adam. They are both very cute!

      • i don’t hate kris either
        i just hate his fans 🙂

        • i only hated kris for like 20 minuetes after the finale, but now i like him. im really excited to see him on the tour too. but i still love adam more

  6. Isabella says:

    oh, such a great humor!!!

  7. Glambertfan says:

    OMG! IF you repeat the 1:23 mark repeatedly you will see the look Kris gave Adam right after he said he likes the top (bunk) and then the sound of Adam laughing is infectious and so cute … and if you listen he then apologizes and says “sorry, that wasn’t appropriate” with the best smile ever! Ahhh…

  8. Jeanette says:

    I have nothing against Kris – he seems like a really nice guy – but to me Kris vs Adam is like vanilla ice cream vs 31 Flavors – I’ll take flavor, color, and variety anytime. You’re right…Kris is not nearly as articulate as Adam. Check out Kris’ answer to “why do you think you won over Adam?” Kris says, “…my whole appeal appeals to more people.” Huh? Dude, you gotta come up with a more meaningful answer than that!

  9. Leticia says:

    Some people just have the natural gift of being media savvy and able to express themselves freely in front of an audience. Adam has that – he is just so gifted in every way. I feel kind of sorry for Kris cos he is such a nice guy and because he has won AI, there is so much expected of him immediately. I can see he is not a natural in handling the media but I think with time, he will learn though he will never be as at ease and good as Adam is. Adam is just a born natural! While I wished that Adam had won AI, I do not hate Kris cos I can see the Adam and Kris are such good friends and Kris is a sincere person. I feel we should give Kris a break.

  10. Kris seems genuinely like a nice guy and his interviewing skills are, like his music, a different style entirely from Adams…. not better, not worse, different. I’m an Adam fan, and Adam seems to have genuine affection for Chris as a friend. Like the previous poster, I feel Kris should be given a break….. he’s not trying to be a prima donna stealing the limelight.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      I disagree with you Karen, Kris’ interviewing skills are definitely much worse than Adam’s ability to appear comfortable in front of the camera, and to speak clearly and intelligently in words that actually make sense. After Kris won, I too thought that we shouldn’t be too hard on Kris until I saw his interview on Regis and Kelly. Kris was really pathetic, especially when he said that he was great, and even Regis said, you are what??
      It was quite an embarassing moment for Kris but I don’t feel sorry for him, I feel that he is starting to believe his own hype which is really, really dangerous in the entertainment biz – my advice to Kris would be get some media training or stick with the singing and don’t talk.

  11. AdamAddict says:

    “I like the top,I’m sorry ,it’s inappropriate”
    “My jacket,I’m so excited for my outfit””And I’m excited for Adam’s outfit”
    Those 2 are so cute!! Adam has beautiful laugh. Just so happy to see him happy! Just imagine the other guy is sitting next to Adam. Adam probably can’t speak like this. He’s more comfortable with his best buddy,Kris!
    Did I mention I prefer Kris than the other guy…yup I did many times! Hope their friendship strong forever! I like Kris and I love Adam!

  12. ianaleah says:

    Kris, sweet, honest,vulnerable,shy, unpretentious,and he seems tired here. On interviews, his shyness comes through. We get to sense that we know him. Adam is genuine also, morfe fun because he is not shy. Kris is not boring and is better then hyped up fakes we see in interviews all the time. Kris is a great friend to Adam, and defends Adam in interviews -while this video is sent from Adam’s site calling Kris boring- Shame on you.It is beneath Adam and does not represent him. Kris represents Adam better than author of this blog. An Adam Addict.

    • Evelize says:

      Sorry but I disagree.
      The author of this site did not call Kris boring any time and …YES, DREAMSOUND CAN REPRESENT ADAM AS WELL AS US – HIS FANS!!!
      We all know how much ADAM and Kris are good friends and we all appreciate that.

  13. SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! love adam, and i really like kris and their relationship with each other. shows everyone what real acceptance and friendship is all about.

  14. The two of them together are so cute. I enjoy the way they react together. Very nice indeed.

  15. Heyyy…can someone explain to me why the adams answer to that question was him being gay…. all he said was.. “I like the top bunk”…how is that him being gay??

    • yeah, it was just plain sexual innuendo…had nothing to do with “gayness”…why do people still feel the need to label him? *especially* this site which says it’s over that.

      • i so agree! this site is all about praising adam lambert for his amazing talent and everything else about him, not talking about how he might be gay. a site that says theyre over that stuff should not labeling him.

  16. Kiwausnz says:

    That was funny but It didn’t sound Gay!!! to me. Just a funny use of words that was construed as sexual (not gender specific). What fun they have together, it’s great to see.

    • Yeah, I think it was the tone on how he said it u know, it implied something sexual, top or bottom…he prefers top, ok not that lazy I guess.

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Yeah, it implied something sexual, but why is it necessarily gay? I don’t get that either. Why is the comment saying it’s a gay sex joke? Was he referring to him and Kris, maybe I missed that.

        • I think it was more of a simple sex joke than a GAY sex joke.
          He looks like he’d be a topper 😉

          • pixiegirl says:

            I don’t think it was gay at all. After all I like the top also, and I am not gay….So I think this head line was very inappropriate, even if Adam is GAY….. I love him to death…..

    Short but good! … The page is fabulous!
    do not forget to upload photos along with articles! Blessings.

  18. i love adam
    he`s cute, funny, adorable, sexy and has the best smile ever!!!!

  19. hahaha i loved it when he said “my jacket!!” he sounded like a little kid :]

  20. ejw89109 says:

    They have a lot of fun together. I think it is great and interesting that Kris is the instigator. Funny but geez, another one who wants the top.

  21. I think Kris is a real sweetie and talented to boot. And I got to say it…

    I ADORE Adam. I love his character, his gifts and his heart. Way to go baby!

    Its quite amazing to see how this is all playin out on the national stage. I wish them both the best and hope they maintain their connection. 🙂

  22. I keep watching this to get another smile–they are a great team! But, I am wondering, what makes “I like being on top” a gay joke exactly??? I think you can change the sensationalized title to this page–it is a sexual reference that all can relate too!

  23. OMG! Adam Lambert is sooo hot! I totally wish he would’ve won american idol! He is a great singer, I rooted for him since the very begining. I just can’t wait to see where his career goes and what his CD is going to be like!


  24. great interview! i am seeing how that joke was innapropriate, but it is not a gay joke, just a sex joke. they are so cute

  25. my jacket!! hahaha. me too adam, cant wait to see what you wear!

  26. AdamFan52 says:

    very cute interview!! Adam’s comment doesn’t have to be gay, you know….. lots of “men” like it on top…. why was it turned into a gay comment…. the fact that Adam and Kris cracked up was really great… and Adam saying… a bit inappropriate was cute… and like the others…. I just love Adam’s infectious personality. Yes, it does help to bring out a better side of Kris.

    Has anyone else noticed…. going back to TRUE winner….. that almost EVERY TIME, Adam got huge (louder, longer) applause at AI AND during his TV interview songs his applause and cheers were much more than Kris’. Besides the fact that Adam is so comfortable in his skin and has such a positive outlook…. he make a fabulous “interviewee”!

    Did anyone catch Kris’ interview and singing on Huckabee on Saturday? Pretty uncomfortable…. and he covered a Beatle song. It was rather pathetic. I’m sorry Kris…. but if you had done that during AI, you so would not have made it into the top 10.

  27. kathy54 says:

    I don’t think Adam’s on top joke is a gay one…. maybe you should let people judge for themselves and remove your head line.
    Love seeing those two have so much fun. A solid friendship.

  28. I agree, I dont think it was “gay” or on purpose and I think it was an honest answer about a bunk bed and like a couple of young guys it just turned into a “sex” inuendo like a couple of young guys might do and then crack up. I think it was a pretty innocent comment at first and then innocent fun. Compare that to what we have to listen to on t.v shows right now.
    I think it was cute how they cracked up and Kris’s laugh and Adam cracking up and what he said and how he said it. I think it was soooo cute. What a fun friendship.

  29. now that was funny!

  30. adamaniac says:

    Two points: First of all, this video is adorable, but how does anyone know if it’s “gay” humor? I think there is both a “top and bottom” in female/male experiences, too. And every now and then, it gets switched. Don’t understand how this is being read as strictly “gay”? Not that it matters, it just appears as though everyone is reading into EVERYTHING he says. Which brings me to point two:

    I personally am ashamed of the way America is treating Adam! I have said it once and I’ll say it again…his sexuality is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! It is absolutely outrageous how people are using this to take the limelight away from the very talent that got him here to begin with! What does his sex life have to do with ANYTHING??? America is full of voyeurs who have to know what someone does in their bedroom, just so they can IMAGINE what they’re doing while they’re there! Sorry, folks! A person’s bedroom is PRIVATE!!! Leave him alone! How would you like it if someone approached you and asked about your bedroom activities: whether you like oral sex or anal sex or whatever. That is pretty much what they are doing to him. Adam wants to be known for his talent, and to entertain us with his voice, not to have his PRIVATE LIFE BE OUR ENTERTAINMENT!!! Adam feels the same about his private life as he does his singing…he doesn’t want to be put in a box with labels. Why can’t we just accept that and accept him, and love him EXACTLY the way he is! Adam, you are the first artist to get me excited about music again in a very long time! I love everything about you: your voice, your style, your humility. DON’T LET ANYONE EVER CHANGE YOU!!! YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE!!!

  31. JRZGRL1 says:

    With all due respect to Kris – nice guy, good musician, decent voice – Adam is in a different universe. And I saw a magazine last night in a local supermarket with a small part of the cover entitled “Underdog Revenge” & Kris’s picture. Didn’t read the article. I showed a fellow singer all of Adam’s videos Saturday night & she sat there & said “Wow” the whole time. Granted, she’d had a few drinks – but still, she’s a very good singer and she had not heard him before then. Adam is an absolute joy – amazing performer, a singing voice better than just about any I have ever heard, including people who sing opera for a living, and a fabulous person. The only reason I don’t get angrier than I might otherwise at the situation is the grace with which Adam has been handling it &the obvious respect and regard he has for Kris. Love, love, love Adam – may he live long & prosper.

  32. hahahahaha. i was in such a bad mood today, but once i watched this again i was instantly happy again. i cant figur out wat is funnier, the sex joke, or the complete “five year old in a penny candy store” moment adam had. i think the five year old thing was hilarious. hes so freakin adorable. my jacket!!!!!

  33. OMG! I love Adam so much. He is so great. There isn’t anything he can’t do.

  34. I am Adam addicted, however, Kris is totally so sweet and I love both Adam and Kris in this interview.The interplay is one of great supportive friends because that comes through so clearly.I only search for news about Adam though.Glambert2676

  35. Never saw this as a gay sex joke.
    Kris is adorable.
    Adam is irrestible.

  36. Yeah i like kris.
    But i LOVWELOVELOVELOVELOVEamobsessed with adam.
    but its so lovely that they are such good friends (: x

  37. gemini03doll says:

    I am impressed with Kris, who has no problems being a good friend to Adam, even though Adam is constantly under sexual scrutiny. He proves that he isn’t worried about it, and that it makes no difference. He always treats Adam with genuine respect, and shows what a confident person he is.
    I couldn’t be happier that they were the top two, they both deserve it! They always make interviews fun and interesting.

  38. adam is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!