Adam and Drake Pictures – Was this on Purpose?

I’m sure we’ve all seen these pictures by now (below). All ardent Adam-holics get their news the second it’s out, right? The pictures don’t show anything shocking. Only someone out in public with their new love, holding hands. It’s just that “the someone” is Adam. “What was he thinking?” some may ask. “Doesn’t he know he hasn’t “come out” yet?”

Adam’s very smart. I’m thinking he did this on purpose, to negate the need for a Rolling Stone expose. I want his cover on Rolling Stone to be solely for the purpose of blasting his musical prowess to the rest of the world. Actually, according to the American Idol forums, it’s the rest of the world who get him. It’s the uptight, white bread, mayonnaise-loving viewers across this country who were too afraid to take their thoughts away from their pablum to think for themselves and recognize a legend in the making. Sorry if I’ve spoken too strongly. I didn’t name a specific geographic region because I know there are some right-minded independent thinking Adam-lovers there!


I for one, don’t want Adam to “come out,” I just want him to “be out,” like these pictures show. After all, his family already knows, his boyfriends know, his friends know, and his peers and cast mates know. And all of the viewers of Idol know – even if they don’t want to admit it.

Fame is a two-edged sword. One of the drawbacks of show business is losing your privacy. Only famous people need to “come out” publicly, plastered all over the cover of a magazine. Adam got onto the Idol singing competition with his eyes only on using it as a platform for his musical career. I truly believe him when he says that getting to the finale was his goal, not winning the title. Because first or second place, you were on TV and singing for America the same amount of time. From his incredible success on Idol, he’s now feeling the backlash of being famous. That you have to live for others first, people you don’t even know but probably feel some sense of loyalty to. Please Adam, think of yourself first. Everyone who loves you only want the best for you. Enjoy your new personal happiness – you don’t owe us anything. It’s us that owe you. We owe you your personal privacy, in return for the incredible pleasure you give us with your music, your personality, your performances, your style, your honesty, your open self, and everything else that is Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert Drake Holding Hands


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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. This person says exactly what I’m thinking:

    I notice Adam looks really happy and not at all afraid to be seen. I think judging by the look on Drake’s face that he is going to have a hard time with all of this.

    • Tuesgone62 says:

      Katie:” I think judging by the look on Drake’s face that he is going to have a hard time with all of this”
      Do you think? I thought when I first saw the pic., that Drake was more kind of worried about how this might affect Adam. Not that it matters in the slightest to Adams fans, and I noticed, too how obviously happy he looks…and that is all that matters.

      • Tuesgone62 says:

        oh, and thanks for the link. It’s how I feel too, but never have the right words to express. 🙂

  2. FinnAdamFan says:

    Good to see happy Adam! I love and adore him every day more and more!

    • Tracy Falcone says:

      Let’s be truthful, Adam is soooo hot in his own element. He and Drake look sooo happy and great together. That is what it is all about with Adam. Being himself.

  3. WOW!!! I thought when you said “Drake” I thought you meant the new phenom rapper Drake from Canada who’s signed to rapper Lil Wayne’s record label. Now THAT would have been something!!! LOL!!!

    Anyway, they both look happy, but surprised. I know they both knew by holding hands in public that they would generate a lot of interest in general, let alone his status as a celebrity with questionable sexuality. I hope he doesn’t regret being so open and brazen as opposed to coy and mysterious as he was before about his sexual preference(s) (I don’t know if he is just gay or Bi also). The later seemed to generate a lot more buzz for him and gave the public hope that he may like girls also, as a Bisexual possibly. I’m sure the powers that be would have liked the second scenario since they obviously don’t want to lose the female interest in Adam (and attached pocketbooks). I REALLY hope the court of public opinion sways his way because he is just SOOOO talented to not have the music career us “Glamberts” ABSOLUTELY KNOW he is destined and worthy to have!!!

    • I’m a 39 girls. Love to see Adam being so happy. People loves him will still loves him. I’m not too worried about if he’s lossing femal fans. 🙂

      • Perhaps he “Bi” – then he can appreciate the men AND women who love his singing and fantasize about him. Talent is talent….who one chooses to love has no bearing….too many of us are alone…Be happy Adam! I’m your fan forever…Please put the album on the fast track – I am in Adam Lambert Withdrawal! Signed, A Cougar for Adam – Forever.

    • Perhaps he is “Bi” – we can only hope; then he can appreciate the men AND women who love his singing and fantasize about him, regardless of his perferences. Talent is talent….who one chooses to love has no bearing….too many of us are alone…he appears to be centered and happy and was brought up well. I hope he puts his album on the fast track – I am in Adam Lambert Withdrawal!

      • Tracy Falcone says:

        and I think he does. One thing that is especially attractive about Adam he loves all sides of life. It usually takes years of experience to get there, but he has it while he is still young. That is what I admire about him the most.

  4. AmazingAdam says:

    He looks happy and that’s all that matters. He lives the life he wants to live, good for him! Life is too short to live a life the society expect from him. To be a perfect figure ‘idol’? He is who he is, and most importantly he is not playing game and not trying to be a hypocrite. As a fan/supporter, I’ll respect his privacy and his choice of partner. Other than that, I’m just here for his talent and entertainment.

    I have to say, Adam is very BRAVE and we should be proud of him.

  5. glambertfan says:

    A beautiful article with heart and comprehension. very appreciate adam lambert show the people queer as folk with talent,humble,witty personality.and can stand out by creativity,honesty and cordial.” when the power of love overcomes the love of power,the world will know peace.” we are all different individuals,respecting each other’s lifestyle and opinion,bring us here as fan to appreciate simple music talent..

    • Glambertfan said it beautifully. We love Adam for who he is, his talent, and we do not try to judge others. If he is happy, then I am very happy for him.

  6. mishelle says:

    I loved your article too and agree with u totally. Mishelle

  7. Lamberkitten says:

    I am so glad you wrote this article, it echos my own thoughts entirely thoough I couldnt have wrote it so eloquently. I sincerely hope Adam gets to read this page and gets that we love him for being EXACTLY who he is. Thank you.

  8. Well said, and I totally agree. And I think he knows exactly what he is doing.

    And they are each so darn cute, together too (in the series of pics)

  9. I love Adam, and to see him happy makes me happy. He and Drake are cute!

  10. Norcal2009 says:

    I totally believe that pretty much everything Adam does is on purpose. He strategizes. He’s smart.

    • REDSTAR says:


      • Kathryn says:

        I totally understand! I agree that the media should leave Adam alone and every ‘celebrity’ (or soon to be celebrity) ALONE!!! They don’t understand that every time they make a big deal about something it effects their daily lives. I think they go crazy over ‘adam news’ becuase he is gay and Kris is married and will start a family soon (i suppose its not interesting to them) Adam is a smart guy and I hope he makes good choices so he can live up to his amazing potencial!!!

  11. I totally agree with you! There is no need for him go come out . I think purposely or not, Adam is just didn’t give a damn about what other think. He needs to hang out with Drake , after the Idol” cage” and just had a great time. Like you said we owe him that , we owe him his personal happiness!
    And we will LOVE him anyway ! And I think they look great together!

    Go ADAM and make great album so you international fans can buy your album since we can’t buy any digital form of your songs/performances yet!

  12. Really good article. Thanks. I also think that Adam has made a pre-emptive strike on future articles and interviews (such as the Rolling Stone one) so that the talk can turn away from his private life and get back to his music. He couldn’t be this transparent during the competition and it must be a relief for him to finally just be himself. The majority of Adam’s fans are just plain happy for him and are glad to see the back of the whole sexuality business. We want him for his music, yes, but we also, as true fans of a star, reserve the right to be in fanlove with him. It goes with the territory of icon status. So it’s all good. The Drake drama will settle, we’ll keep following Adam, he’ll get the album ready for us, and our fan love will be left intact. So fantasize away lambertlovers. He’s all yours. And he’s ready and willing to give us everything he has. Smart and sensitive guy.

    • Excellent take! “Fanlove!” I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ve got — I’m very happily married so I know i’m not “in love” with Adam, and I’m too old for a “tween crush.” FANLOVE! Thank you for putting a name to my malady! And WHATa malady to have, huh?? I’m in FANLOVE with Adam Lambert — I want to SHOUT it to the world!

      Thanks for your eloquent and spot on comments. I’m so much more interested in his music and entertainment future — But Drake better not hurt our Adam!! That’s all I worry about — Adam being hurt. Must be the FANLOVE in me!

    • JadoreAdam says:

      Excellent term! I’m going to use it now too to describe my over the top fascination with Adam….I’m happily married, mother of 20-something daughters, a professional working woman….who can’t stop searching the web for every possible news article about Adam. Now, I know…I’m in fanlove!

  13. i am crying while reading the post and the comments! wow, this is something I will cherish for the rest of my life because, finally, I am witnessing TRUE FANS! I am proud to be part of this endeavor!!!!!


  14. AdamAddict says:

    To tell you the truth,I was shock when I saw the picture.GOSH!! And then I realize WTH, I saw the picture him kissing a dude,and this is just holding hands!! Drake didn’t look very comfortable did he?
    When people assume Adam is gay because of the kissing picture,at that time I seriously thought he was just playing around. You know,when we with our silly crazy friends,we’ll do some silly and crazy things and then we all going to laugh about it for a very long time. I’m still not sure 100% that Adam is gay!
    Adam is very open minded,hyper active and like to do something crazy and he’s not embarass at all because that makes him happy,you know playing around is fun,doesn’t matter how old you are.
    I STILL LOVE ADAM NO MATTER WHAT! Either he’s just playing around or he’s really gay,I really don’t mind at all. My love for him already to deep.I’m still his huge fan and always support him! 🙂

    • andrea75 says:

      I’m glad that there is someone out there with the same thoughts as me. COULD he have been playing around, just to tease the press? Because he knew they would eat it right up? Ok, Ok, that sounds delusional, I know. I reserve the right to speculate until the Rolling Stone comes out. But I’ll still love him anyway.

  15. Adamrulz says:

    I can’t agree more. This is way cooler than just ‘coming out’ in Rolling Stone. Well done Adam, n luv ya

  16. I absolutely LOVE your take on the subject.

    ‘We owe you your personal privacy, in return for the incredible pleasure you give us with your music, your personality, your performances, your style, your honesty, your open self, and everything else that is Adam Lambert’

    This is so true. Adam’s private life is of NO one’s business but with fame comes the loss of privacy. And Adam sacrifice his private life to the scrutiny of the world to bring us his wonderful personality, voice and music. =)

    Go Adam!

  17. iI love Adam, his honesty, and courage. just one thought, tho. no need for him to put his lovelife/bf out of site at all. I mean, shouldn’t he be totally photographed, quoted, etc. with and about drake? all other celebs are given that coverage. why not adam? no hiding necessary. his romance is as exciting and interesting, not to mention legitimate, as anyones.I think it’s cool that this is all opening up now….june is lgbt pride month and I’m proud of adam. it goes w/o saying that he’s a huge and influential icon. keep it up adam!! 😉

  18. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore….I do!!! Adam shows the world that “he is who he is” and proud of it. Why does this man owe any one of us an explanation of his private life? Do I need to explain why I married the man who is my husband? No!! We are living in 2009 and I think people need to learn what respect means and the definition of love. I absolutely adore this man and I really wish people would get over worrying about his sexual preferance and just appreciate him for his vocal and entertaining ability… the way….is phenomenal!!! One’s sexuality does not define them as a personal. Adam is confident, intelligent, beautiful, humble, sincere, hard-working, always willing to help others, goal-driven and extremely humble. I also agree that winning true wasn’t the goal here….he said in his top 13 interview….he was embracing this as all opportunity…and boy…has he?!?! The best part of this is…he didn’t need to win. He won over the hearts of so many people…worldwide…men and women alike…all ages….does it get any better than that? I applaud him and I just wish the ignorant, judgemental, small-minded people would just open their eyes and learn the bigger lesson here. Adam…you are wonderful…stay strong..and always be true to yourself…that is the only way to be!!! Love ya!!

    • Absolutely, Adamfan4ever!! I agree with you and everyone above!!! We LOVE Adam no matter what!!!! From Adamfanfromthestart-A straight 46 year old divorced single Mom of 2 teenagers-and who cares about that?????

    • I think reading others opinions on the gay topic is helpful for people, myself included because seeing two people of the same sex holding hands, kissing is difficult…be it how/where we were raised, we were condition to believe it is not normal…I adore Adam for his personality, his outlook on life and the amazing talent that he has given us…will I be a fan forever, yes.. …Am I trying to accept the gay thing, yes…I just hope that Adam, you introduce the gay side of you alittle bit at a time, just not to shock us…some of your fans are really trying to be open minded and willing to accept gay relationships….it is just hard when you have been condition not to. Bring the teacher out in you, please not the shock factor side of you for this topic…..we love you….

    • Evelize says:

      Bravo !!! Clap, clap, clap!!!
      ADAM knows that our love is indestructible. Our love for him is forever no matter what !

  19. I agree with the writer, I think Adam knew exactly what he was doing. Adam is a very smart young man. Kudos to Adam. This is why we all cannot get enough of him. He does not try to be something he is not. Let’s not forget his talent and charisma. He is the total package.

  20. hi bet if we stuck his finger he would bleed red like the rest of us, give it a rest. He is a very talented, self-assured, gorgeous young man who just wants to entertain the world and if you are prejudiced we live in a free country no one makes you listen. Good luck, best wishes, way to go Adam, love you. Linda

  21. Jane416 says:

    Thanks for your great words to everyone here. I absolutely ADORE Adam – he continues to delight and surprise me! What a wonderful. grounded, gifted, smart, kind, attractive, HOT, open, supportive man he is! I wish him nothing but love, happiness, success and health. So glad that he is living his life and being true to himself.

    I still feel so gifted to have witnessed his rise to fame – we will remember this always as he continues on his sure path of greatness. I can’t wait to see him live in concert and to hear his new music. Hold on, everyone! It’s going to be a WONDERFUL ride.

    Love you, Adam!!!!

  22. when does rolling stone come out??

  23. akkiegirl says:

    I love the way Adam did this. He has never been drawn into commenting on the topic and why should he. By not making a big announcement in a mag it takes all of the import out of the subject. It is his private life and should be private. It is not like the world was in any doubt anyway. Now I hope the media can concentrate on discussing important issues like his talent and career.

  24. I agree with your post 100%. Adam has given us so much with his music and the way he lives his life. The media isn’t going to let up so as fans we need to do what we can to show support for him. I’m just enjoying all his music and waiting for more. I wish the Tour would come to Idaho!

  25. As someone posted earlier. Adam is very smart- I too beleive everything he does is on purpose. As long as Adam is happy – what more could his fans ask for…after all isnt that what life is about? Love to you Adam 🙂

  26. I saw this guy hugging him Mom on AI and knew who that was!! He’s too cute.

  27. (his) Mom-sorry

  28. AdamIsOurAI says:

    Adam has worked too hard his entire life to jeopardize that now, even in the name of love. I think he is treading carefully, strategically, planning his moves, taking control, not letting others take control of him. Like everyone, I want him to be happy, because that will bring out even more of the best in him. I know Adam will be the powerhouse we all expect him to be, and look forward to, that which he has shown us so far.

    As an aside, Drake needs to get used to the attention, because we can’t get enough of Adam and we’re all watching him with great anticipation each day.

    Adam is in my soul, and I’m not letting go.

  29. Doesn’t surprise me at all that Adam would deal with this issue in such a waaaay cool way. Just BE out like you’ve always been ….

  30. AdamAddict says:

    I just remembered 1 of his interview,this was in the very beginning.He said he is single and then he did this “grrr”,remember? So,how this guy Drake can be his??!!
    Well as we all know,Adam is very caring and loving person. Maybe the flash and the paparazi scared Drake who is not used to this so Adam just hold his hand and took him out from there,you know?
    But I saw 1 of the picture in the internet and I noticed Drake has this long & curl eyelashes! I think so or maybe I was wrong but if that’s true…grrr! LOL!! I don’t think he’s wearing mascara??!! LOL!! But, ehem…I do think Drake is kinda hot…a little…not hot as Adam!! I’m so horny and I’m embarass of myself!! LOL!! Again,I don’t mind at all about Adam sexual orientation,love him now and love him always!!

  31. Chrissy says:

    Have to admit, was kinda sa hocker to see this. But then, I’ve seen the kissing pictures(by accident of course) so this ain’t really a big deal. 😉 It looks cute? 😉 But his boyfriend doesn’t look too comfortable. But I gotta say, I think adam’s better looking than his boyfriend. 🙂 Still, deep down inside me, I hope maybe adam’s not really really gay. 😉 I like him really much, too much, in fact. 🙂

  32. Chrissy says:

    oops, I mean, a shocker.

  33. I don’t know about this picture, does the buying public which includes girls that see him romantically, make them want to buy his songs and records? I hope so, but I don’t think it will help. Adam got into this to sell records and be famous basically, I hope this move and the others he is going to make will work for him. I know you have to be yourself. (I know they are just holding hands, but that is a real intimate display even though it is very harmless) I am just worried for Adam in the future. I know Im probably not on the right site to say this, but I want the best for Adam in his future as well as today. Believe me I want the best for him as everyone else that fell in love with him on AI. Again whatever you do Adam, I will still be buying your music and going to your concerts.

    • Nothing’s going to stop me from buying Adam’s music or seeing him in concert, because I think he’s great! But I agree with you. He’s in the public eye now and needs to watch what pictures are taken until his future is firmly established. It’s the price of fame. It’s like George Michael, even though we all heard he was gay, he didn’t come across gay in his videos, so all the girls still loved him because he was a great singer and he was cute.

      • I agree, George Michael was still in the public eye until he was shown to be gay definately, not that people didnt like him because of it, but it is hard for girls to get excited over someone that they know will never like them (its a silly fantacy but it is how girls get interested in singers-like they are singing to them). It sells records. Im old enough to not need that feeling to love his songs but the young girls may need it. I only hope Adam thinks of this, but he also may be thinking that he is changing everything to the way he feels it should be and maybe he may end up right. I just have music and singer following history that tells me something different. Good Luck Adam you are a real talent no matter what!

  34. speechless says:

    I love coming here and reading Glambert fans’ reactions to Adam. I totally agree w/ this article.
    Adam is brilliant and just knows what to do. I definately believe he did this on purpose. Good for him!!!! (On a side note, Drake looks uncomfortable in all the pics from this night. I hope he can get used to all the attention, b/c Adam draws attention and always will.) Very smart, Adam…Way to go!!

  35. Adamforevercayman says:

    I am not surprised at all and found it too cute seeing him having fun with his inspiration. so cute to see the holding hands thing and you can see that he is so happy and proud of him.Adam gives us his talent with all his heart and in return we are giving him our support in any aspect of his life. We are accepting you Adam for who you are, we will support you all the way and we wish you all the happiness in life so enjoy every minute of it. Success is nothing if you are not happy with your life. I am very proud of you for being real. XOXO Adam forever !!!!!!!

  36. So nice to see Adam relaxing and having fun with his boyfriend. They are a great looking couple.

  37. Lisette here,
    Non mattre av to confess was surprise an a petit sad ,but as all Adam’s fans will always adore an supporte his lifestyle.He still is dans m’couer as an artiste/vocaliste/danseur an entertaineur.
    Quest gathre is to prepare those impressionable youngre femmes,an plese still keep l’same sentimentes for Adam as I know I always be devoted an adore him non mattre what! I only wishe many people who see only black et white (as one of his songe choices for Idol),woulde open ther mindes an heartes now,nevre passe critiques on his lifestyle preferences..Et possible he cares for both men an womene as well. No mattre as there ar othre artistes in l’passe as Sir Elton,David Bowie, an actors Rock Hudson,Richard Chamberlain who reveale latre in ther careers..Still I admire there artistry an talentes. An gathre thes is l’Aquarian in me for being liberal,openminded an accepting of people of all races,relgiones,preferences in lifestyles,being a humanitarian is foremost speciale in today’s worlde where ther’s too muche hate,intolerance,global warming,environmental dangers,global financial stress,etc.So now I thinq Adam has given us
    such a lovli gifte in his musique,voix angelique,an a very caring,gentle,humble,intelligente,funny
    magnetique,handsome an beautful hearte towarde all people be it othre artists,media,fans of all ages, an his famille ..Adam defines artistry,intergrite,compassion,an a l’homme
    with a grande hearte! Blessings for Adam for me has toche within l’hearte even when I felte so sad losing famille to cancer..Beliv he was a rai d’lit in ma always will be! J’adore et many
    bisous Lisettexoxo

    • Stephie says:

      Lisette, I am sorry to hear that one of your family is very ill.
      I am sure Adam will give you well deserved peace of mind.
      Take care.

      • Lisette here,
        Thenks so much Stephie for yur personale note on thes very lovli tribute/fan forum for Adam. An finde thes also very sweet of yu to notice what I had written..hugs for yu!
        Yes having loss parentes both within several monthes of l’othre to terminal cancer has lefte a voide in ma life,losing famille is difficile an wishe noone shall evre have to endure,specialmente as was very close..So findinge Adam’s beautful musique,an all his humilitie,seeing his closness to his famille..Thes made me feele a connectione to Adam as well. An helpe me heale aside from grief counsel an siblings,frends,etc. He helpe me to forget sadness,seeing American Idol, an othre performance was a rai of lit in ma life for
        sure..An felte he was like an angelique presence one of musique an also his gentle hearte..Bless him always for thes! Take care an thenks agan for caring! Bonwishes
        an affectione Lisette! Adore Adam always too!

  38. I loved the article…Adam has never EVER been in the closet and never been shy about his sexuality…he plays on the public’s speculation and thats clever because it keeps the press and people talking about him…he’s extremely smart and savvy and knows exactly what he’s doing…when he appears on the August cover of Rolling Stone, it WILL be about his music, but there will more than likely be a catchy headline regarding the “elephant in the room” that will get people to pick it up…once they do, I imagine they will read the article and learn more about him and his music than anything else. Its all very clever. Drake has been around for quite some time now…he’s not a ‘new’ boyfriend, but he remained out of the spotlight except for being in the audience a few times. The smile on Adam’s face is genuine and looks like someone thats in a great relationship and very happy and content. Rock on Adam.

  39. Gioconda says:

    Eventhough I was hoping he was BI : I ‘m happy for him !

    • He still could be bi, he has not come out offiacally so he is bi until proven gay

      • I am also hoping Bi, but I heard if you are Bi, really you are gay but not out all of the way. I think Adam is out all the way. Unfortunately for us girls!
        But you did say we dont know for sure and you are right!

  40. OnlyAdam4Me says:

    I agree with the writer of this article, I just really hope he doesn’t give the media the satisfaction in the upcoming Rolling Stone issue or ever! He just needs to be who he is with no explanations. I kinda think that is what is going on here prepping the idiots “who have to know” to no avail. I think Adam already knows if he gives it to them they will only then go after something else. He is smart he knows what to expect and he has told us already in “Pop goes the Camera”, which i really love by the way.
    Love you Adam!

  41. marlis hanson says:

    IF Adam planned this, I think he would have clued his BF Drake in to the idea that papparazi would be waiting outside the door and the flash would be bright. Poor Drake looks quite shocked and miserable due to the bright light after coming out from a dark club. So…I don’t think Adam exactly knew the paps would be there. I think he was home after almost 2 weeks of interviews,and months of living where AI told him to, and finally had a night to be with his BF–he had a planned date with his BF that had been most likely planned for a week. If you read the article, he was drinking and dancing all night, having a great time. Adam is getting used to the bright lights, it seems, and has to get used to smiling right away. He knows the dangers–Britney Spears’ music is on his list of stuff he enjoys, so he knows what happens if you go too crazy, when you are famous…and how the paps can just about ruin your life.
    I agree wtih you, DS (it is you who wrote this, right?)–“Enjoy your new personal happiness – you don’t owe us anything. It’s us that owe you. We owe you your personal privacy, in return for the incredible pleasure you give us with your music, your personality, your performances, your style, your honesty, your open self, and everything else that is Adam Lambert.”

    The problem is, WE will give him privacy, but the paps won’t, as this is how they make thier money, and since he lives in Hollywood, he is an easy target for photo ops for them. He is going to end up needing an assistant planning his schedule, handlers keeping him on track, drivers, bodyguards–heck, he needs a manager to help him with all this–I’ll be the first to apply for the job, to help him be the best he can be and keep a bit of a private life!!

    • Stephie says:

      Wow! I am sure you are the right person for the job! =D

    • Carol Hagey says:

      I agree wtih you, DS (it is you who wrote this, right?)–”Enjoy your new personal happiness – you don’t owe us anything. It’s us that owe you. We owe you your personal privacy, in return for the incredible pleasure you give us with your music, your personality, your performances, your style, your honesty, your open self, and everything else that is Adam Lambert.”

      This was from the original post from me, but I’m glad you liked it! Carol

  42. Just be HAPPY, Adam!

  43. pokergurl says:

    I just want to say it’s great to see Adam out and and getting to enjoy a well deserved bit of free time. He will be touring all summer and working on his new music, working non stop no doubt. Let him be who he is and be with whomever he wants. I know there are alot of homophobes and haters out there who won’t be spending their hard earned cash on “someone like him” but I’m not one of them. I will support him in whatever he does. I have become a true Glambert and I’m proud of it!!

  44. He was shown in the audience of Idol quite a bit, I had a feeling this cutie was with Adam!!

  45. I totally agree with you. I too want Adam just to “be out”. I think it’s ridiculous that people (media) think it’s necessary for anyone to publicly proclaim their orientation. I don’t see any straight people coming out on magazine covers saying “I’m straight”. Just let him live his life and appreciate the magnificent talent that is Adam Lambert!!!

  46. soccer mom says:

    I wish there were straight men as sexy as Adam!

  47. Cute couple!!! Good for you, Adam. Wishing you great happiness.

  48. As you say, Adam never needed to ‘come out’, he was always out. And it’s AI and E19 that prevent their contestants/singers from saying certain things. Adam will never have wanted to hide anything but he will have signed stuff that prevented him from being too specific.

    All I want now is for Adam to be happy, in his music and his relationships and in his whole life.

  49. The cool and smartest thing to do, showing himself as he always does… in the most natural way, just hanging out smiling confident, never hiding and proud of who he (and we) know he is.


  50. Anyone who spends time with Adam is lucky. I am waiting for his music not a declaration of his sexual preference.

  51. Natiann says:

    This blog post is great! I agree that Adam is very smart. I don’t think he would want a Rolling Stone cover story a la Lance Bass saying “Yes, I’m Gay”. He doesn’t want the press or his fans to focus on that issue…because it’s a non issue. Musical talent is what the article should focus on, and these pictures prove that he doesn’t NEED to come out.

  52. Gads, they are smokin’ hot together. Adam looks happy so I’m happy for him.

  53. Glambert #3256 says:

    I love your words of wisdom and they echo my own feelings. Adam is in a league of his own and he will be ICONIC and a LEGEND. I am just so happy to have witnessed this phenomenom. I cannot wait for your first solo CD. I Love You Adam!

  54. totally agree!! first very important magazine cover to tell he’s gay? C’mon, that’s sooooooooo not Adam.

  55. I’m glad to be part of true group of fans…. Adam Lambert is someone that makes you THINK before you judge, and I think he does it on purpose. The amount of weight put on his personal life right now is really unnecessary–like Adam said, people need to calm down and not care so much. I mean, none of us know this guy personally so who can claim they know about his personal life from what the fickle media throws out there? C’mon, they just like a good story, true or not.

    For me, I care more about the personal impact he has made on his fans, the energy and passion he shows for being himself and loving music, and his mind-tingling voice and performance ability. I really enjoy this guy despite what other people around me have to say ( ‘Right-minded independent thinking Adam-lover’ right here!) I guess by being a fan, I’m hoping a little of Adam will rub off one me. 🙂

  56. Stephie says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Love the great article! Love the beautiful loving comments!!!
    I am so proud of myself being a Adam fan!

  57. te_amo_adam says:

    I was detemined not to watch Idol this past season. Then one day I’m flipping through the channels, see Adam singing Ring of Fire and I’m blown away. My attraction was about the music. Plus he’s pretty easy on the eyes. The MUSIC is all I care about. His voice, his style, his performance. Of course now I love his personality as well, but back then the first attraction was the music and his voice!
    When and WHY did this become a Gay issue? And why do we keep talking about it? Why aren’t we talking about music and what we would love to hear him sing? I’m more concerned about getting back to what’s important here or have we all run out of things to say since Idol ended? The photo op is his way of putting an end to the guess work for all the individuals who are struggling with their own sexuality and religious beliefs. Maybe those Adam haters are actually feeling true feelings of lust for him and hate Adam because he’s bringing these feelings out in them. Did anyone ever watch American Beauty? And as for the whole religion thing. Shut up about gay being a sin! HATE is a sin! LOVE is all Jesus preached. Love thy neighbor as thy self. When we can all do this then the Adams in this world will know Peace.

    • I love Adam, and I do believe in all of the bible not just the Love part, but regardless Im all about the music at this point because that it the only way I know Adam and he is awsome to look at and listen to.

  58. JRZGRL1 says:

    Hello. Haven’t read all the posts here but absolutely, 100% agree with the comment that Adam strategizes and that he’s smart. He is amazing in every way. I am SO happy that I am alive to see this phenomenally talented person blossom as an artist. The best is yet to come. GO ADAM!!!

  59. Stephie says:

    I loved this comment by Anon (anonymous? I guess..) from Just Jared.

    What’s all this nonsense about “Officially” coming out? Why do people have to “announce” their sexual orientation if they are “suspected” of being gay? Is being gay abnormal? Have you “announced” your sexual preference, Jared? You are famous in the internet gossip world. You post pictures of yourself with celebrities. So tell. Have you officially come out? I am really sick and tired of the media who attempt to shift the focus so that Adam’s sexual orientation is central instead of his talent. I can think of bunches of actors and entertainers who are never ever questioned.

  60. Melisssa says:

    I agree completely! I was so happy to see Adam grinning from ear to ear! He seems so excited! I love and support him 100%!!!

  61. MuchMore says:

    It is not the gay thing what makes me uncomfortable. It is the party thing, “drinking one shot of vodka after another”, what was said in the article. Less of all I want Adam to become next Lindsey Lohan. Brrrrrrrrrr… The amount of people appreciating drinking and dirty dancing is miniscule. To me it is gross, especially when you do it in public. Party at your house with friends and family, as Ellen does. Make it reasonable.
    The majority are looking for somebody to express our feelings and insight of life, lifting our spirits up by singing. I don’t feel related to vodka partying. I don’t want my trusted singer to be shabashing in public. My feelings are hurt. I know I will heal eventually, but what if it is what Adam going to feed us with week after week? What is the next thing – drugs, rehab and all that? Gosh…

    • MuchMore says:

      I am so exited to find the singer with great voice and fresh insight of life, I don’t want to loose him in any event.

    • You believed what you read? Really? Didn’t think the person writing it may have had an agenda of some sort? Maybe exaggerated a bit? Adam was out on a date. He had some drinks and went dancing. Does he look falling down drunk in those pictures to you? So please tell me how someone goes from drinks on the town to rehab in one fell swoop?

      This is the problem with TMZ and other gossip oriented sites. They make it seem as if everyone in the entertainment industry is a drug addicted lush just waiting to be hauled into rehab at the drop of a hat. Adam is not Lindsey Lohan. Heavy drinking and drugging on a constant basis affects performance (as it did with her). Last time I checked – Danny Gokey was the one missing interviews – not Adam (and no – I’m not inferring any particular reason there either).

      I’m sure lots of people are going to write lots of things about Adam – little of it true. I for one take it all with a grain of salt. Pity people don’t sue tabloids any more – but it’s rarely worth the time and expense. And blogging thus far seems exempt from slander laws (the most hateful stuff presented as personal opinion falls under free speech). So as long as there are Perez Hilton’s and Jared’s in the world – anything can and will be said about anybody. I’m sure Adam’s prepared. I only hope his future partners are as well.

      • MuchMore says:

        Thanks, TFLS, I feel better now. I forgot about lies for a moment. I still think that Adam should be more carefull for all our sake. I want him to be on top, I want his tours roaring, his albums being triple platinum, I want him on each and every TV show. And I don’t want him to build barriers to that. Drinking in public would do just that. And he did appear to be UI on Hair show, don’t you think?

        • I just don’t believe gossip or paparazzi sites. I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in between. Adam seems to have every situation well in hand. He said he’d been preparing for this for years. I know he didn’t just mean the singing. I’m sure he also took how the entertainment media works into consideration. Notice how he’s always unfailingly polite. I’m sure he’ll do just fine. No matter what – there will always be detractors. Best if Adam ignores the haters – and just gets on with his life (as he seems to be doing). This is part of what I mean when I say I believe he’ll change popular culture. After a while – his behavior will no longer seem remarkable (in a negative way). I see Adam as a cross between Madonna and Elvis: sweet and polite like the young Elvis – with Madonna’s savvy understanding of image and how to play on it. Welcome to the Adam Lambert century!




  63. I do not care what Adams sexual preferences are and neither should any one else. We love Adam for the talent he personifies and the way he makes us feel when he sings so powerfully. No reason for him to stay “in” or come “out”, he can just be the best to ever come out of American Idol. I am a fan for life. Love ya Adam!

  64. Ok, think of it this way. Drake is the same guy that was sitting with the family in the audience. Adam is getting used to all of this attention now, but Drake is still working on it. They are still together after all of this, and, so far, arent needing to resort to sunglasses at night. Yeah Adam’s smile looks a lottle painted on in this shot, but looks a lot better in the other shots taken. Should have used one of the other shots for the article. I hope they are both very happy together for a long time to come.

  65. wonderful. we support you all the way adam. and your female fans love you still either way cause you are too hot for words.

  66. We love u Adam no matter what u are! I remember seeing him in the audience.

  67. The Legend says:

    Katie…I like your first post and the link to Preemptive Karma. I agree also. Adam is being who he is….many others make an issue of ….is he/isn’t he. Think over the years how many CD’s or in my day, record albums, we have bought or listened to. And it’s as simple as “I like that song, that artist and the way they sound …or I don’t”. We never ask…hmmm I wonder if the bass player or drummer is straight or not …we just enjoy the music.

    It is the media that creates this controversy …and in so doing, there are some young teenage girls who like Adam’s voice, his songs, the way he looks and his performances…but due to what their parents, their friends, their church may say about one’s sexuality…it may influence to the degree of how much they will be a fan…or praise him out loud.

    To the many others, it does not and will not matter. As both Adam and Kris have said..”please focus on the music”

  68. What I love most about adam is that he’s not afraid to be himself. He doesn’t care what people say about him and he doesn’t let peoples’ rude comments about him get in his way.

    America needs to shut up. Let adam be adam. If he wants to be gay, let him do it! What does it matter to you anyway? He’s amazingly talented, eccentric, humble, respectful, and really, just and amazing, amazing guy.

    I really wish the best for adam. I know he will go far with his career and I support him whatever decision he makes.

  69. The Legend says:

    Great video of Adam and Drake talking with paparazzi…just another day…Adam’s cool…sure , take movies of us while we walk..

  70. I am so glade Adam’s boyfriend is cute an good looking.

  71. Have you seen that video?

    The reporter is so annoying! Why don’t they just leave Adam alone? it’s not fair at all!

    • AdamAddict says:

      You’re right,the paparazi is so annoying. I feel like I want to slap his face,kick his butt,take the camera and hit at his stupid head! They both just walking on the street,just leave them alone? And those question…WTH, he really pissed me off! Such a moron! Adam is loosing his private life for sure. I feel so sorry for Adam and also Drake.But Adam now is a superstar so he prabably prepare for all this. Being famous is not easy.Drake is not even a celebrity,leave him alone,gosh! Just give them some space,geez!!

  72. Tuesgone62 says:

    I enjoy reading the comments here. So many people have such amazing talent with expression.

  73. kdmil2002 says:

    I remember when Elton John and his guypal dressed like Marie Atoinette and her lover and people said, OMG! and then it turns out no one really cared. Elton still sells out arenas!

    I think people feel more betrayed when their idols hide who they are and then it comes out and people have trouble handling it. (I remember when Rock Hudson “came out” after playing romantic lead for 20 years. Wow, I was not happy. You mean he really wasn’t hot for Doris Day?) LOL

    Even Elton got married to a woman for a hot minute. Who knows what that was about.

    Well, anywho, I love Adam’s voice and I am a huge fan. My advice to him…no drag, please!

    • Oh god….that would be not much to handle!!!! Adam, If you gotta…hide it!!!!

      • should of read……that would be TOO much to handle!!!! Sorry Adam, lets take one step at a time!!!! love you

    • AdamAddict says:

      If his music is good,people can’t help it to buy his album. People with brain won’t say “He’s gay,I don’t want anything to do with him,I won’t buy he’s CD”
      I mean if you have brain tumor and there’s a famous great surgeon that can help you but he’s gay. Will you still want him to operate you or you rather die because you don’t like his sexual preference? I bet at that time people suddenly don’t care about all that crap!
      Adam is such a great artist. I believe he will gain more fans and probably the 1 who hates him now will love him in the future.Who knows??Agree people?

  74. wholelotta lambert says:

    Well said, this just proves that Adam knows exactly who he is…I agree, it is better that he ‘be out’ than ‘come out’….
    Drake supposedly has a lot of talent as well and he’s hot too!
    All we ask of Adam is that he be true to himself…

  75. im so happy for adam we love adammmm

  76. I am glad Adam’s boyfriend is cute and looks like a nice guy. Kris and Adam could really make a cute couple but Kris is straight.

    • Stephie says:

      hahaha.. I once wished that too.. Kris is a nice guy.. and cute too. I am happy that Adam and Kris are good friends.

  77. good for u adam. hes pretty cute! and they look really cute together. adam looks happy, and thats what we should all b worried about, his happiness. i swear if drake breaks his heart though…

    • AdamAddict says:

      Calm down now! 🙂 If Drake break his heart,…there’s always be me!! 🙂 Choose me,choose me,Adam! 🙂

  78. johanna says:

    i agree i dont care if hes gay as long as hes happy then im happy LOVE U EVEN MORE!!!!

  79. Catriona says:

    Who effing cares about Adam’s sexual orientation. The only thing I care about is that he’s an awesome performer and an amazing vocalist. Whatever makes him happy is fine with me!

  80. love adam! as long as he’s happy i don’t care what he does or who he’s with.

  81. Stephanie says:

    Actually, Drake looks like he was blinking from the flashes from the cameras.

    At any rate, Adam looks HAPPY – I love his smile. That’s all that matters to me, and his doesn’t need my approval either. I’m glad that he’s out and about shopping and hitting the clubs. 🙂

  82. I remember an interview where Adam was asked, “What is the bravest thing you ever did?”. He replied, “I fell in love”. Of course, the reporter didn’t pursue that any further, but I remember how his face glowed. I am happy for him, but by the same token, am worried about the price of fame. He’s our boy; we saw a star born through his journey on American Idol, so though we will support and “Fanlove” him to pieces, we also need to respect his right to have a personal life.

    • I read your post and teared up because of what you quoted he said. Thats exactly what it is.. you fall in love no matter if its the same sex or not. We all deserve happiness in this world and Adam does also, he’s not gonna change because of fame. He was ADAM before he became so famous. And for him to be OUT in his own way thats awesome. His true fans will love him no matter what and he has all us 🙂
      Thanks for the post 🙂 nicely written….

  83. Lambert on one interview spoke of how he couldn’t grow a mustache (a la Freddie Mercury) because it would be strawberry blond. He pointed to his face, black hair, and liner and said “this is all smoke and mirrors.” And that is what I prefer – the “smoke and mirrors.” His private life, love life, boyfriends to me mean nothing. And the more of it he keeps private, the better I like it. The press are all too determined to find feet of clay in anyone but themselves. They’ll have a hard time with Lambert because he doesn’t give a shit about their prying. But I believe he should care – mystery in an entertainer is important and shouldn’t be jettisoned without careful thought. Lambert’s an intelligent man and may have an inkling about the dangers involved in becoming fodder for the media. I hope so because he’s an unusually gifted entertainer (which is what he, himself, said he is), and it would be very sad to have his private life constantly exposed and, thus, affect his career. Remember, it’s not the blabbers who interest one, but those who are slightly withdrawn, not completely letting the world in.

  84. Teacher says:

    Is he or isn’t he? Really, what difference does it make. It’s his business, his life, it’s nobody else’s business. The guy is seriously talented, and as he has shown on AI, he is polite and well-mannered. Let it go. It’s old.

    Bottom line is it should be about his music, his songs, and NOTHING ELSE.

  85. iamheartbroken says:

    The minute I saw the picture of Adam holding Drake’s hand, I felt a little sharp pain in my heart. The feeling was exactly the same as many years ago when I saw the guy that I was so much in love with holding another woman’s hand. So…it does not matter man or woman, dear Adam, you broke my heart! But I still love my Adam, I will buy everything from you.
    Your number one fan.

  86. Congrats to Adam! Love that guy – always!

  87. Why is this such a big deal..
    he looks happy..isn’t that enough
    he may be gay but ohhwell it’s who he is, its one of the many cool things about him.
    He doesn’t care what people think, i know there are people out there that may not like the fact that he’s gay but i don’t mined at all and never should those people.
    Its not like he’s gonna magicly change to straight because people say that is npt right or something he’s a stong,and can get through whatever the -media- rumors about.

    I also agree with the article ‘i just want him to be out’ instead of comming out.

    Adam has the cutes smile on for the if it was on purpose or not, i don’t think it matters because he’s one of the best singers ever and a awesome performer and is good at what he does.
    He looks happy thats all that i care about, if he’s happy i’m happy-

    Adam your my Idol!

  88. I can’t help but think back to the 1950’s, when a tall and strikingly handsome young singer with jet black hair and the voice of an angel first shook his hips on the Ed Sullivan show….some audience members were AGHAST! Religious fanatics called his music the “work of the devil.” and worried parents forbade their daughters from listening. While this singers’ talent was undeniable, the world just didn’t seem ready for a man who dressed in skin-tight studded leather and gyrated on stage like a velvet snake.

    Looking back, I can almost forgive those misguided people now; it was a straight-laced world back then, so its no surprise that Elvis seemed a little “too much” for the general public.

    But I cant forgive, and I won’t forgive, any member of the general public today who shares a similar attitude when it comes to Adam Lambert, because we’ve all poked our heads through the cave doors and the world is a much different place!

    Is he gay? Straight? Bi-sexual, tri-sexual? Does he date men, women, both? What part of “none of your freakin’ businesss” don’t you people understand? Why should Adam have to explain himself to anybody? If his style of music offends your primitive senses then pick up that little plastic box with the buttons on it and switch the channel. I don’t recall Adam pointing a gun to anyones’ head and forcing you to watch.

    We live in a world where there is so much going wrong at any given moment. People are out of work, parents are stressed , losing their homes, children going to bed without a decent meal;, people are being robbed and shot down in the street. In what seems like an almost endless parade of negativity, out of the blue, we’re given a gift like Adam Lambert. A true entertainer that can make us smile with his talent, make our hearts beat a little faster and our pulses race when he’s on stage. And instead of being grateful for his talent, some of us question whether he has the right to be a star because he doesn’t fit the “christian” mold ? Get over yourselves!!

    I can only apologize to Adam on behalf of you people because you’re close-minded attitudes make it unlikely that you’ll ever apologize yourself. But just like those vanilla-shake morons of the 50’s who tried to cut Elvis down in his prime, you’re wrong, and Adam is going to do just fine with or without your support.

    Keep making us smile Adam, and thank you….

  89. Wonderful article ADAM WOULD BE PLEASED. It was tasteful and honest and not hurtful towards him.
    He’s a human being with real feelings and if you can’t be yourself in this world what kind of life will you have in it !! He’s becoming an american icon already and with that said I love that he can be his true self in everyway He stands for so much even at this stage in his career.
    I feel like I know him personally cause thats what he brings to the table HONESTY, LOYALTY TO HIS FANS, HE’S NOT FAKE..and so much more. He’s amazing and I can’t wait to see and hear so much more about him in the near and long future ahead.
    From one of your biggest fans HUGS TO YOU ADAM

  90. I say – “good for you Adam – go get ‘m”

  91. Thanks for sensoring my comments out, Im only trying to help Adam, I want Adam to make it. as much as anyone on this site. Im looking at this from a marketing perspective. I want him to do well, or I wouldnt even be on this site at all daily. Hope Im wrong for his sake. Good luck Adam!!!

    • what did you say? I had a comment deleted on this site…which I didn’t appreicate and I’m an Adam supporter!!!! I quess whoever picks & choses what they want posted about Adam….kinda like AI!

  92. “It’s the uptight, white bread, mayonnaise-loving viewers across this country who were too afraid to take their thoughts away from their pablum to think for themselves” Good for you Adam! As for the rest of the country, I am ashamed to think of the narrow mindedness of California. Gay marriages are a formal commitment between two people who love each other. Many states have already legalized gay marriage. California liberal and progressive, I don’t think so.

  93. leelooslc says:

    I totally agree w/this article.
    Very nicely written.
    The reason that I find this so fantastic is:
    Adam is in a binding contract w/19E presently. If they are behind this, then that means……………DRUMROLL………Adam is about to take off literally like no other Idol ever has. It also means his lifestyle has been accepted & supported by them.
    Which means that he is the most awesomely talented performer that anyone has ever seen, EVER.
    He is going to go massively GLOBAL.

    Rock it Adam baby.

  94. SleepyBee says:

    Very good article, and ditto positive comments of others.

    Drake just needs some good sunglasses. He might be a little photosensitive.

  95. morethanenough says:

    So super cute ! !

  96. maria rogers (mila3) says:

    great term – fan love. thanks for website preemptive karma.

  97. Star Catcher says:

    I agree with you completely Chmagey, Adam should have his privacy and he shouldn’t have to live for other people who demand so much from him. Even us as fans demand greatness from him because we love him so much and can’t wait to see what he has in store. I know Adam is strong, so he can totally get through all this pressure.

  98. whole lotta love says:

    Oh My God Ksodak! I love that quote!!!

  99. TexasWannaHold'em says:

    I can’t wait for people to tire of the the “sexuality” issue so we can get back to appreciating Adam for his musicality, originality, and personality! He’s already been such a wonderful person to follow these past few months – as Paula said, he just makes me feel better! I bought my tickets for the AI tour performance in Dallas the day they became available. Can’t wait to see Adam on the tour and especially can’t wait to see him when he tours on his own! I really feel like he’s one of those “once in a lifetime” entertainers. I hope he deals with his stardom in a good way – I truly feel that he’s ready for his greatness. We love you Adam!

  100. That is why we LOVE Adam!!He is true to himself and takes risks! Adam seems very happy with having fans and press! He is a true Super Star!

  101. In one of his interviews, Adam said that he was very conscious of the entertainment business and that he was being strategic about that aspect of his American Idol experience. It would surprise me if he hadn’t thought carefully about letting this picture be taken. Good for him – he is not only incredibly talented but also smart and a nice guy.

  102. bethfreak says:

    He’s just living his life and not letting anyone’s thoughts of him stop him from doing the things he wants.

  103. Adam looks so happy, it really shouldn’t matter what his “preferences” are. What matters is his voice, and let me tell you, I could listen to it all day…I can’t wait for his album to come out. Once it does his sexuality will take a back burner…Go Adam 🙂

  104. Julius Renz says:

    I’m glad he’s not afraid to show it to the world. Good to see Adam happy! Way to go Adam!
    More power!!

  105. I’m not sure that Drake is actually Adam’s Boyfriend. I know that Drake is a friend who happens to be a boy but I’m not sure that he’s the “one”. I only say that because they have been very good friends for more than a couple of years and a few months back Adam said he was single and always looking. Drake also doesn’t live in LA even though he’s considering moving there, so it seems unlikely they have had a steady relationship going on. Who knows… they may be using this as an opportunity to give Drake some publicity since he is in the creative design business. Isn’t that what friends do? If in fact they are a true couple then I wish them nothing but the best . But, until Adam states otherwise I will withhold any and all assumptions of what may or may not be true. Either way, I love Adam and admire his talent and bravery. I’m an unconditional fan for life…

    • AdamAddict says:

      I don’t think Drake is Adam’s boyfriend and I don’t think Cheek is Adam’s boyfriend either! Adam is an actor,how about Cheek? Is he? Maybe they practiced a scene or something and just to make memorable,they took a picture??!!
      When they really kissed not just “tongue touched”,they had make up on and Adam with this purple hair,so just thinking…maybe Adam never had been gay!!
      But again,let me say this,I love Adam no matter what! This is just my opinion! Got nothing else better to do then thinking and missing our darling Adam!

  106. Galambert says:

    they are sooo cute together i think i’m in love with them both!! lol that Drake is hottt and so ADAM!
    i mean if men could have a child of their own……it would be great:)

    happy for them verryyy much :):):)

  107. I have seen a clip of the scene, don’t think Adam was holding Drake’s hand to show off or sth. They were surrounded by Paparazzi at the time. Adam was trying protect his friend and stay together. That’s some thing we all do.

  108. Oh this is horrible (said in an over dramatic voice) how on earth will i ever be able to kidnap him and orce him to marry me if he has a boyfriend!!!!! 😉 perhaps someone may invent a duplicater so all the crazed fans can have there personal adam and he doesnt get kidnapped and dear o’l Darke doesn’t get killed. 😉


  109. AdamFanInChina says:

    Adam knows how to work the “a picture is worth a thousand words” theory. (Like when he painted Kris’s thumbnail to prove to everyone that they are great friends.) Even if he wasn’t expecting the paparazzi, he was ready for them.

    He bought Drake the blazer he is wearing in this picture earlier in the day, so the blazer was either for the paparazzi or the club.

  110. Keep speculating boys and girls…. thats what Adam said to people. He doesn’t have to explain anything to us and I hope that he keeps that way for a very long time. He is very open but also very mysterious and that’s exciting. A true entertainer!

  111. OMG Iluv adam 4 who he is!!!!!


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