Adam All in White: “The Art of Elysium” Charity Gala Event

Black…White…does it matter?  Adam is gorgeous and, once again, a new fashion-forward statement that will blow you away from tip to toe. Does anyone else look so fabulous in white? I think not! The Art of Elysium recruits actors, artists, and musicians to volunteer their time to offer creative workshops to children battling serious medical conditions. They won’t have any better creative talent than Adam! ~Dana, Glamb #6


  1. littlegreensnake says:

    Sheer perfection!


    • Cathy Glamb#570 says:

      Yes, perfect! And amazing. Love Adam.

      On another note, check out out Home page says Adam will be the DJ all week from 7 to 8 playing HIS favorites. Have to assume this is Pacific time. At the top of the page is a click button to listen live.

      Can’t wait for Oprah tomorrow.

    • Black . . . White . . .
      I prefer him in Black but in white he looks like that Angel we thought swept us off our feet . . . LOVE HIM not matter what he’s wearing!!!

      • glamb# 442 Paula says:

        anyone notice something in the top of his right ear? i can’t quite tell what it is. who else but adam could look so hiot in white.good he’s hot and so are his shoes.sorry i’m a shoe lover!

  2. WOW! Magnificent. white, black, I want it all. Love ya adam!

  3. AdamAddict says:

    STUNNING!!!!!! Looking at his collar, reminds me to priest collar.If he’s a priest,I become nun!LOL!BTW,plzzzzzzzzzzz post the full pic because…….we can see glambulge 0_o hee hee,yeah ok,I can’t be nun!LOL!
    BTW,Only christian can be nun and Imma not!But seriously,breathtaking,GORGEOUS! My prince charming ~sigh~

    • AdamAddict, haha. you a nun? Adam a priest? Okay I’ve heard it all now, LOL.

      oh yeh the GB in white pants, we dont see that to often 🙂

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Puleezzzzeeee!!!!! AA! You got to be kidding me? A nun? I duuno stranger things have happened. Now for me, Yes, I could be his nun, with nun panties! definitely !
      Oh MASTER ADAM what a vision! I totally freaked out of my mind! I really thought I was seeing Heaven oh but he is heavenly!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Heavenly King!~nodding~ 🙂

        • ..waiting for someone to photoshop huge white glittery wings on our white angel.

          • Lila - glamb #3 says:

            I think he’s wearing a necklace with angel wings on it!


            Adam Makes me CRAZY, CRAZY CRAZY!! I try to detox and get some work done around here, then this!!!

            Most Beautiful Sexxy, Salacious Hunk Of a Man Alive. How is it to see him face to face???
            Is he even better in Person?? I can’t handle the thought!

            Adams Luscious, voluminous, Kissable Lips send me into orbit!!!!!!!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      I’d let him into my habit anytime! LOL


    • Jane Parker says:

      You are hilarious!!
      He looks great in white or black!!

  4. Adam, a White Knight in Shining Armour. He can wear nothing but a towell wrapped around him and look Hot!
    His eyes are the most beautiful eyes……………
    So glad he was invited to this event, we all know how he loves introducing the Arts to the young and making sure its available to them.
    Luv U Adam!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Mary C! Did someone make that suit for him, because, that is the same stitching on his suits from AI! & I did not like that stitching, it was very visible! Even on the black suit IICHY,
      suit still looks great though.

  5. All he needs is the horse!!!!! Come my way Prince Charming!!! LOL

    • Only a Black Purebred Arabian Horse would do as they are known for their intelligence, incredible energy and their gentle disposition.

    • Glamitup YES the Horse!! A BIG STRONG STALLION!!!

      What a dream I’ll have tonight!! AAAHHHH!!

      Those Luscious Lips!! His SEDUCING Eyebrow Lifts!! His AMAZING ADAMBULGE!! His sing me to BED Voice!!! His Surrender in his arms HUGS!!!
      HAVE MERCY PLEASE!!!!!!!!


  7. puteri abdul says:

    if the song “take my breath away” is playing at the sight of adam in his white suit ..
    it will still be an understatement as that does not still comply what adam does to those who cherish his beauty ..
    such ravishing looks..
    such beautiful face ..
    that just locks the eyes of the gazer..
    such elegance personality..
    such debonair appearance ..
    that just charms the heart of the audience..
    for adam’s charming good look..that personifies his grace beauty, would just melt even an iceberg, let alone a whiny and whimpering soul who just adore adam for who he is ..
    and if one would say that this is all just a facade with make up and glitters..
    adam’s whatdaya want from me video negates it all..
    his boyish looks, with that vulnerable eyes that says it all, just demonstrate the looks of adam, that whenever looks that he is in, he is a man of beauty that just keeps enticing his onlookers, and sinking one’s fantasy deeper just as to imagining him ..
    the video itself presents adam in it’s finest..
    as even if he was wailing in pain, frustration, sorrow, torment and loneliness, he still shines in his brightest form, and those lights are what adam energize in his appearance ..

    adam, you are so good looking that you may not know..
    so, here’s looking at you kid..
    may your good looks and your inner beauty that potrays well in the public..
    and along with your undeniably great talents, where your melodious voice, and tones that can make one’s heart stop beating..
    you will keep on struting and charms to all those whom you passed along the way..


  9. hi,everybody.keep voting for vh1 top20 countdown wwfm.fuse and mtv.adam only appearence will at oprah but kris appearence is at jan/24,national football in new orleans,feb5&6 at philipen and feb13.

    adam need more appearance,why he and his manager not working hard and promote more. i do blame adam for not selling well because of album cover,man and some teen not comf to buy it.but kris cover is ok for everybody to buy.
    he not work hard for his album or single to go platinium.saaaddddd and im mmmmmmmaaaaddddd.

    • Well said Puteri. and so true. Love that the new WWFM video show another more natural innocent side of Adam, but then again I love all of his looks, he is a true chameleon. But the person on the inside is always rhe same, gracious, patient, intelligent, I could go on and on.


    • Zenos, you could be right about the album cover, some teens and young males may not be comfortable with it such a shame cause the content is so wonderful.

    • The cover art was a mistake- Adam is surrounded by ‘yes’ men- they should haave tole him that everyone responded to him on tour and to put that look at the cover. Adam looks feminine on the cover-ok for a know straight guy, but never has been for a gay guy to look feminine without redicule. Wrong, but it is what it is- got to add some business sense in with the creative side.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Maybe its time for a change then. Why can’t a gay guy look feminine. I don’t think the album cover was a mistake, Kris album cover is boring. Maybe some men or teenage boys would not buy Adam’s album regardless of what the cover is like. Why does everyone want to always criticise. When David Bowie released his album cover (which is similar) in the 1970s do you really think that it stopped fans from buying it – there was no online purchasing in those days, and it was well known that David Bowie was bi-sexual so I don’t think sexuality should come into it.

        Sorry but it annoys me how everyone just keeps finding things to pick to pieces. Leave Adam alone, he is doing very nicely, this is only the very beginning of his career, wait a few years and see where he ends up.

        • Di, Adam has explained time and again, he did it for fun and the exaggerations were deliberate, but people cannot seem to grasp that… it has nothing to do with the man behind the feminine face.

        • Dianne, I read once that Bowie gave up “homosexuality” and married a woman and had a child. Some of this is just so mind boggeling to me. Gays turning straight, Straights turning Gay. I think the term BiSexual is more appropriate if they even think probably they could go either way. Meaning just having fun “per say” or being serious.
          love and peace

          • Yes Bowie married Iman and they have a child. I believe Bowie was also a creative child of the sixties and seventies and was playing and experimenting. I think very few Guys turn straight or vice versa.
            I do remember the beautiful story of Melissa Etheridge and her partner Julie who became the mother of their children. Julie was married when she fell in love with Melissa, I think she fell in love with the essence of Melissa and Melissa happened to be a woman.
            I am married but I could have met an incredibly sexy and powerful woman and fallen in love with her though I would never call myself a lesbian or bisexual. We fall in love with people because there is a promise of the fulfillment of a deep desire. This is why so many people are in love with Adam and it completely defies gender and age because he seems to be capable to fulfill many desires as he is so in tune with his own.

            • LibraLamb7 says:

              Very insightful, Irena! I think you’re onto something w/this. One loves the person inside, not the packaging…no matter the gender, race, age, etc. Adam reaches out to all people & just reels us in! He has IT all…he certainly has ME!


            • Bowie was married early on and has an adult son Duncan Haywood Jones, age 38, who is a film director now with a feature film coming out soon, “Moon.”

              Bowie admits to homosexual activity early on but says it was more the times and lifestyle and he is hetero.

              There was an interesting article out a few months ago. The author tried to explain the attraction of Adam using the attributes of both masculine and feminine qualities. I have tried to find it again, I only remember her name was Rebecca.

              • Mistyluv7 says:

                Bowie was known as Bisexual even in the early days….so was his wife. They lead a freaky lifestyle, but one that included their Son Duncan. He was still married to her when he was doing the music and Album covers that Adam tried to emulate with the FYE cover. I remember back then seeing pic’s of him and his wife dressed and the same and made up the same……if you think Adam’s cover looked colorful… should have seen Bowie and wife back then.

              • Theresa,

                If we are thinking about the same article, the author’s name is Rebecca Bailin. You can find the article in
                Irena says it beautifully. That pretty much explains why i am so attracted by Adam, purely spiritually, not sexually at all.

            • Very interesting reading everyone’s thoughts. We fall in love with people for many many
              reasons. Although I believe Adam is still experimenting and playing. Love is universal in
              more ways than one.

    • I Dont know Why anyone would judge the contents of an album by what is on the cover.

      People who made a decision based on a picture, are missing out BIG TIME!

      I love Adams cover, makes me smile and when he defines his choice as being playful, campy having fun, makes my SMILE ALL THE BIGGER!


      I do not agree. Adam has been more visable and on more big shows, getting much more attention then any other Idol Alum. He is non stop! He is Loved so much by huge industry big wigs, other artists, actors, writers, Speilberg (movie deal??). For his Amazing Talent in singing, acting, performing, charisma. That’s why he was asked to sing Time for Miracles for 2012 MOVIE. That’s why everyone is freaking over Adam. No one can believe what we have found!! A diamond in the rough! Adams cd cover has nothing to do with sales. He has sold over 460.000 cd and has NOT EVEN GONE OUT OF USA YET!! Just wait!! All other artist including S.B. Have sold global. No One is getting MORE ATTENTION then ADAM.

      Adam is a gunius at work and will continue to Surprise us all at every turn. He will NEVER EVER do anything ordinary and that’s why he is the most exciting, captivating, mesmerizing, aluring, artist to hit earth!! He better never become PREDICTABLE or ORDINARY!! HELL NO!!

      All the bands from the Late 70’s and throughout the 80’s wore as much makeup as Adam.. All of them did!! All the Hair bands looked like girls. They were very PRETTY BOYS!! REMEMBER?? My friends in Bands all wore Makeup, and some not in bands wore liner. It was the trend then. No big deal.

      By the way,, Kris has ONLY SOLD around 200.000 cds

      Adam is planning HIS career HIS WAY and should be respected to do so, just like every other artist has that right.

  10. REDSTAR040665 says:

    Adam looks hot in anything. He is just so GORGEOUS!

  11. I’m posting this everywhere…I think TFM is a PERFECT song for what has happened in HATTI. Shortly George Clooney is having a benefit with many performer…don’t know if Adam has been asked. How can we propose this to the powers that be????And to every organization that wants contributions??? It’s a perfect anthem for this tragedy. Does anyone agree, if so start posting and let me know what I can do.

    • I think TFM is a great song for the Haiti fundraiser to Coralelee, maybe getting in touch with his record company, 19 entertainment I dont know much about how all this works, maybe Dreamsound and the rest of our wonderful crew will have more idea.

      • Carolelee and Jan, someone has already grasped the idea and made a you tube video using scenes from TFM, playing it all the way through and interspersing with dramatic shots of devastation in Haiti. I posted the link on the ‘Mixed Bad’ thread, but if you type in

        Time for miracles haitian version you should find it.

    • There was a TFM video with Haiti pics on YouTube~ I’ll try to find it. It brought tears to my eyes~and I thought how perfect it was!

  12. OMG!!!! Just when you think he can’t look any better he comes up with something like this. WOW!!!!!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      LMAO! I always thought the same think.It’s so weird!How on earth he does that?It’s mystery! 0_o Wait for another week or…day,we will say the same thing again. 😛

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Both soooooo right…he never stpos amazing and surprising us…He only gets better and better and better….

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Nice to see you back Silvana. It has been awhile since we have seen you or heard from you. Hope everything has been okay or have you just been on holiday?

          You are so right Silvana, he does just keep getting better and better and looking so hot he could melt an iceberg.

        • Silvana, good to hear from you. Righto Better and Better…………….

  13. nice suit keep it up

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Rush Essays – nice suit – you’ve got to be kidding me. Just “Nice”, that suit is absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous just like the guy wearing it. There is nothing just “nice” about that suit. Maybe it was “nice” on the rack in the store but once Adam put it on it became something totally different, just look at him, from the gloves to that gorgeous shirt and those shoes. He is so stunning and beautiful it is amazing we haven’t all keeled over enmasse.

  14. So beautiful you want to just sit and stare at this man. How he manages to be pure perfection all the time is beyond me. I would pay just to sit and watch him walk around. He struts better than anyone ever.

  15. Remember that song… “Heaven must be missing angels” Well here we have one come down to spend time with us on this meagre planet. I wonder if all the angels look like him…

    • Lisai, wow can you just imagine all the angles looking as Hot as Adam. Adam wearing his angelic halo and then his devil horns popping out WHEN HE WANTS TO BE THE WILD CHILD!!
      always a shockin…………….

      • Oh I love the devil horns. Yep, he is not hiding any of his demons like so many of us do.
        The Dark and Light, The Yin and Yang,The Bitter and The Sweet, The Beauty and The Beast. It is all about balance and harmony and he’s got it going, This is why he is so damn hot.

        • Irena, right on………… I love when his wild beast shows up on the concert stage!! shake it baby.

          Then, after the show, many of you know the beauty shows up at the meet and greets. Sweeter than
          ever, Adam……………………………..

  16. leilani aloha says:

    Adam looks fabulous!!!
    Very classy indeed!
    Looking so handsome, has an amazing voice & great fashion sense!!!
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Adam’s a STAR!!!

  17. AdamAddict says:


    • Emili…..I loved listening to the excitement in both of the DJ’s voices…. ADAM will have sell-out concerts in Malaysia, so you’d better not miss listening to that station~ who knows, they may give away free tickets to his fans in a contest over the radio!

  18. Only ADAM could attend a “black tie affair” and wear WHITE AND NO TIE !!!


  19. I don’t think Adam realizes how good-looking he is. All that eye makeup and the hair framing his face makes him look matronly to me yet he is a gorgeous guy. I think Adam is naturally a bit androgynous looking from certain angles, so when he wears all that makeup-the male side of androgyny is gone and he looks only feminine-his best side, tho, is his male side-he is an erotically gorgeous male . But I don’t think he knows it. He looks sizzling in “Crazy” song with his natural hairolor and think he looks ‘Opie” he dosen’t at all (Clay did, but Adam looks like a hunk with his natural color-even the androgyny is gone & he is all sexy male). But, he must like it, and so I will adjust myself, cuz I want the guy happy. He seserves it. Adam is wonderful, irresisitble, totally irresistible, totally. Gosh. He’s so sexy and talented and personable and charismatic.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Ianaleah, I can’t believe that you said Adam looks “matronly” with his make up. LOL. I get that we don’t all like it, it harks back to the same thing doesn’t it. He is a guy, what is he doing wearing make up.

      I think he looks fabulous with his make up, I gets why he wears the make up, I really dont care what look he has, to me he looks just as good without the make up as he does with the make up. He loves wearing it and that is all that matters to me.

      I didn’t think anyone would ever attribute the word “matronly” to Adam. Come on!!!!

      • Dianne, I dont get that word either? Surely people need to be aware that Adam isnt the only Man who wears makeup. Look around ……a lot of artists, celebrities, rock stars etc have the make up look going on. He isnt the 1st!!!!!!! and wont be the last.

        • Matronly???!!! WTP? as Emili would say???? Ianaleah, is it another adjective you found for describing him? What’s the next one I wonder?

          Adam looks gorgeous with his make up on! I love it! As he said in one of his interviews, it looks pretty! And I totally agree! He looks great without make up too, but wearing make up emphasizes the beauty of his eyes… It’s like diamonds framed in gold… Glitter again!

        • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

          No, definitely not the first, by a long shot.

          I work in a 2nd hand book store, & we recently had a nice coffee table book w/ lots of pics of Elvis. The cover pic did not appear to be from a photoshoot or performance, & he was definitely wearing eye makeup. The big difference was that it was neutral shades, so unless a person knew what to look for (or possibly were tetrachromatic (haha)), you’d just notice the effect of brighter, more open-looking eyes, not the makeup itself. And the cover pic was circa early ’60s.

          ( I hesitate to submit this, because lots of people seem to think if you mention both that you’re comparing them somehow, but that’s not the case here. It’s just the earliest example I have of another male wearing makeup, and it’s just coincidence it happens to be one that our guy is often compared to. So please don’t think I’m trying to compare them. )

          • Micki, haha. I was going to mention Elvis’s name in my post, know what you mean. Elvis wore
            eyeliner and mascara, no big deal.
            My son loves “Green Day” oh yes they wear the eye makeup too. The list can go on……

            • ianaleah……please look up the word ‘matronly’ in the dictionary. And… name a few more rock stars that wear eye-liner….Keith Richards, Dave Navarro, Gerard Way, Steven Tyler and as Mary C says…the list goes on.

              Adam never ceases to look stunningly handsome, always so well groomed with attention to every detail and that, indeed, is how he looks in this beautiful white suit ……..and I love how he has done his make-up to suit the occasion.

              Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • matronly??????

  20. By the way, no one ever looks better than Adam, his physique is perfect.He looks fantastic in everything he wears.The white suit – his artistic st;yle is amazing. He is totally a creative being.

  21. Did anyone give a thought to how Adam might feel being stared at and shouted at so long by all those camera people who can’t seem to get enough pictures? I get the fact that taking pictures is part of all the celebrity thing; I just hope Adam holds on to a sense of serenity about it all and can keep his sense of humor midst the craziness. I looked at his face as all the media folk kept clamoring for more–and shouting demands and directions at him. Sometimes he seemed to look bemused ; other times, maybe fed up!!!!
    Yes, he is a beautiful man inside and out- but I can never forget that the only reason I know of him is his amazingly beautiful voice. Lorraine

  22. lambertlady54 says:


  23. AdamAddict says:

    Ah,now I know what you guys talking about.The thing in Adam’s ear!In picture,it looks like something black,I dunno what was it.In video,we can see clearly but still dunno what was that!LOL!
    I love so much when they all asked Adam to smile and Adam gave them this sexy look,which BTW,Kris can never do(he admitted himself) then I heard,a woman asked people to keep walking in front of him coz the flash won’t ever stop,DUH,coz Adam right over there.Then I heard a man said ‘Adam,don’t smile,don’t smile” which made Adam laugh all a sudden.LMAO!!! Then that man said “here we go” LOL,he did it.What a smart man.He didn’t question something annoyed or stupid jokes to make Adam smile.U know smile people really annoying,thought they are funny .If we see lots vid where he was attacked by paparazi,Adam was smiling but like he pushing it.but I think that was funny.”Don’t smile” & he succeed making Adam smile.Awww,actually Adam laugh.Next time when I meet Adam,I want to say, ‘Adam, put more jacket” Oh plz let him take off when I say that.Oh plz plz!! 😀

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Adam LOVES these red carpet things..He know how to work it…pose…smile..pout…. not smile…sooooo patient & accomodating! He’s been waiting & working for his time in the spotlight all of his life & he IS READY!!! I can just look & admire him all day …& night…long!

      • Libra, I was thinking watching the above video again………….
        All those camera lights flashing, flashing, Adams name being called out.
        As a young child, just think of how he and others dreamed of going to Hollywood and experiencing all this celebrityness!!! Surreal for Sure!

    • Emili….As usual, I’m laughing because of you! When you said “put on jacket” and hoped he would do the opposite by taking it off! Just too funny! 🙂 Let’s see, what else can we ask him NOT to do!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Yeah, I loved that “Adam, don’t smile,don’t smile” .. and Adam just cracking up. Beautiful 🙂 !!
      I ADOOORED him in the white suit, but I can’t find more photos :s …

  24. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    OI/Hello. He looks like DIVINE with white. BUT What was that? Is that an biiiiiiig earing on the right ear???????????Clarifying me please……

  25. Evette #419 says:

    He is simply breath taking! I don’t know what material that jacket is made from but I want to put my hands all over it!!

  26. Jane Parker says:

    He is so gorgeous, isn’t he!!!!

  27. Jane Parker says:

    Oh and I just caught his little laugh like he has in the end of Pick U Up song.
    Too cute!!

  28. k. morgan says:

    zenos – last time i checked adam’s sells on his cd are more than triple of kris’…..adam has worked his tail off the last few months to promote his cd and get people to realize that the ama performance was an off night with some bad judgement calls on his part…went a little to far as he stated….i have seen kris on nye show…where he was mediocre ….allison was much better…kris is generic…same old sound as many pop singers and will appeal to those who are conservative…adam is original…much more talented….should have won idol…don’t fool yourself…adam lost idol and the negative comments are all due to his being an openly gay man….he was 100% correct when speaking of the double standard in our world…okay to be gay and a woman and show your affection in public…but not if you are a guy…why else would abc have no problem with j lo doing the same put a dancer’s face in her crotch (male dancer) and do a very sexy lap dance on another male dancer…and they did not freak and neither did the public…hypocrits all of them….adam’s cd is almost gold now…less than 500 from being gold…his cd is amazing…his video’s are great…last time i checked kris has one video…which is not great…i personally think 19 records is having their staff and others call into to vh1 and vote for the video…case in point …adam’s video’s…fye…wdywfm…and tfm have consistently been in top 20 to 40 most viewed videos on msn and vevo for last few months….i have not heard’s kris’ song on pop or rock stations…have heard adam’s wdywfm…adam is doing just fine…no worries…remember the creme always rises to the top…give it time…his talent is enormous…

  29. k. morgan says:

    zenos- i forgot to mention kris’ video has never been in top 50 at sites i mentioned…something is fishy about the vh1 top 20…for one…i voted for adam’s fye a bunch of times….and it never got about say number 15…

  30. I am SO impressed he has already taken on charity’s. This is the 3rd one i know about. I saw an ad on some program with a list of stars who are pitching in for the Haiti effort//The usual on the list..Brad Pitt and Angie, George Clooney and our Adam Lambert!!! Not only is this man talented and perfection,but he goes much deeper then that.He has a heart of gold. And he is just getting started!
    BTW He looks fab in white!!!!

  31. My opinion…..Adam in white is starkingly AWESOME!!!

  32. Thanks Dana for the great job you do getting “anything Adam” to his fans. This beautiful man looks absolutely amaaaazzzzing in white. I loved him in white on American Idol singing “Feeling Good:” and I love him in white now. Course, I love him in anything. Everyone talks about his eyes, lips, hair, but I want to mention his beautiful, chisled nose. I love his NOSE!!!! Actually, I love everything about him. His teeth are perfect, also. But even more than his hot looks, unbelievable voice, is his love for all. He is just a nice, wonderful human being. Love him sooooooo much!!!! 🙂

  33. he’s sooooooooooooooo pretty!!!

  34. Glamb #470 says:

    I LOVE HIM! I LOVE the WHITE look – and his Hair!

  35. My FAVVVVVVVV montage video is the Mood Video – song by Massive Attack with the line sort of dreamily, distantly sung…….”you are my angel – sent from high above”….OMG, that white suit. He is such a CELEBRATION!!

  36. Breathtakingly beautiful! ADAM is a pure genius!

  37. Black, white, doesn’t matter………………!