Acoustic Version of Whataya Want From Me, Iheartradio Concert

Adam Lambert’s beautiful acoustic performance of “Whataya Want From Me” from Monday night’s Iheartradio concert, ENJOY:



  1. This is from the Presidents Day concert.

  2. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    This is a more reflective, melodious interpretation of the piece and highlights Adam’s voice more–I like it!!!!

  3. I’m crying, shaking with emotion, I just CAN’T believe what I just heard & saw!!! Isn’t he something? Such tenderness he put into this WWFM iheart version, you could almost feel his heart beating—–and he is SO beautiful! Just when I think he can’t get any better, — he DOES! I Love You Adam, With All My Heart!!! Janice K

    • I agree with you 100% Janice!!! He is so incredibly talented!! Oh how I can’t wait until he starts his concert tour!!!! And I wish he would do another album of love songs and ballads like he did with this beautiful song, so you can here is awesome voice!!!
      I haven’t written anything for a long time, but I’ve been still watching and reading about Adam every chance I get!! I’ve watched the beginning of this year’s American Idol, and there is not anyone that’s even close to Adam’s voice or abilities. He has set the bar so high!!!
      Thanks to all of you that keep up with all the information on this brilliant man-our Adam! Take care Janice, and all of Adam’s forever fans!!! LOVE YOU ADAM!!!! Pamela

  4. Yay, finally the finished video of this incredible rendition of WWFM is out! It took 4 takes before he was satisfied with it. Including the “cell phone gate” take! Totally blows my mind and ressurrects the goose bumps!

  5. I wish he would do an album like this too…. been wishing it for a long time. so BEAUTIFUL (all Love songs)

  6. Adam, just when you have us thinking “it can’t possibly get any better”, you exceed and excel the expectation of perfection. Absolutely acousticaly brilliant.. the angels’ are soaring to new heights.. in your honor. You are an astounding articulate Rock God.. Lottsa Lottsa luv..

  7. hI,
    I love this acoustic version. I heard that he did five songs acoustically including Broken Open for VH1.
    Has anybody heard when these are going to be aired? I read a review from someone who was there and they said it was awesome!!

  8. Adam , you are so great. This is like Tracks of my Tears rendition, which is so tender. . . . gut-wrenching and heart-rending. If only we can capture the moments we experienced. Every time this song is sung, you take us to a different place, to a different level . . .and to a different experience. Yes, you’re giving us what we don’t even know we need.

  9. We thank God for giving you as a blessing in our lives. And for the example of limitless possibilities that could happen if we have courage and can dare to dream, . . and realize these dreams.

  10. wow! i am speechless! adam you are incredible. that version is very soothing, I LIKE IT!