Breaking News: ABC cancelled performance on Good Morning America. CBS takes him in for ‘The Early Show’ instead :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you disagree with this decision leave a voicemail complaint to:

ABC (Good Morning America) @ 1-818-460-7477, press 1, then 2, then 1, then extension 466.

ABC has cancelled Adam Lambert’s planned performance on Good Morning America.

No official reason has been given for the cancellation.

His performance for Good Morning America was on a whole different song with a whole different character and with no sexual references.

HOWEVER, he’s going to be appearing on ANOTHER morning show tomorrow – The Early Show on CBS – and his song Whata Ya Want From Me has just been added to Z100 in NYC.

As stated at Perez Hilton blog:

“The network is upset with Lambert’s homoerotic American Music Awards performance on Sunday and afraid of what he will do on live, morning television.”

“At the end of the day, though, there is no such thing as bad press. All this publicity – which Glambert was hoping for but could never imagine would reach this scale – will only help him!”

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  1. Adam may be getting a lot of publicity, BUT NOT the right kind.
    I watched Adam all through the Idol Show and thought he has a wonderful voice and knew he was gay, but so what.

    But on the AMA he took it too far. I wanted to hear him sing and not be so involved in the homo-sex thing. It was disgusting comming from him. He is just at the beginning of his career and it is not going to be a very long one if he continues to shove his homosexuity in everyone’s faces. He does not need to do this…just sing Adam. I wonder how this will affect his selling CD’s. What a shame that he had to start out this way when everyone and I mean everyone regardless of their sexuality were rooting and had such high hopes for him.

    Good Luck Adam cause if you continue to act this way, you won’t have much of a career at all and I am not picking on you.We know you are gay so what, get over it!!!!!!

    • You are soooooooo right. His voice is what brought the attention – not the sex. It is too bad that hie is so obsessed with sex – and may be losing out on many other things. . I agree that if you continue, your career will be short lived. Yes, you are gay and luv cock, but get over it.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        JEANNIE BRUCE…………………..totally agree!

        • cheryl 334 says:


          • sorry guys. i have to disagree.

          • Agree! His performance became a statement rather than about his talent, his voice, his music. It was all about how far he can take it. He is an intelligent, well spoken guy. If he wants to make a statement, then make one verbally. Have an intelligent conversation about what pisses him off. He’s saying that the “finger” was to his critics. An intelligent person doesn’t need to do that. State your opinions. That wasn’t music. He could have performed ala his video of that song, which is edgy but not raunchy. Sorry, but the whole thing was immature. He already has the “glam” fans. He should want to keep those who love his voice, don’t care if he’s gay (why should anyone care) and want to hear him sing. Personally, I didn’t enjoy Lady GaGa either. It’s distracting from the music. It’s distracting from the voice. Just get up and sing.

      • Bruce, bad, bad boy Bruce!

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        100% AGREE..,. again: sometimes too much is really too much… and I hope for his sake he does not continue to play the “gay” card…. the performance was offensive NOT because he’s gay. More like he was like a kid let loose in a candy store for the very first time – he felt compelled, adrenaline got the better of him and threw it all out there – all at one time. Personally, i believed him when he said it was about the music, and I felt for a few moments – he wasn’t being true to that statement. So… live and learn Adam, as we all have to do. The “defiance” bit doesn’t sit with me very well either…. WE PAY HIS BILLS after all.

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          I was saying that figuratively about paying his bills: without the fans – there’s nothing.

          • TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU WITH THE GAY CARD…JUST SING ADAM!!! (it should be a trend on twitter by the way….)

        • cheryl 334 says:

          allaboutadam…………….i AGREE. hE DID SAY THAT WHILE WATCHING THE PROGRAM THAT HIS ADRENLIN GOT THE BEST OF HIM. He was like a kid in a candy shop. I felt it at the beginning, but thought that it could not be. I just think that he may have gotten ‘turned-on’ by all the sex before he went on, and just got carried away and sexually turned on. Now, after hearing all the things he has said, I believe that even more.

          I love Adam. Don’t anyone think I am not his biggest fan, and that my feelings have changed for him. They most definately have not. I love him. But loving him I can still not like ‘something’ he does or did. That is the case here. So, don’t anyone confuse the issue here. I see many glambs saying the same thing. They are NOT OFF the band wagon, but are just giving Adam a piece of THEIR minds, after he gave us a piece of his. It is a 2 way street. It has to be. All relationships are, or they will fail. Adam cannot just come on the scene, and say that if you don’t like what he did, then you must not like him. That is insulting to me, and I will tell him just what I think of that ‘closed minded’ statement and ask him to be more ‘accepting’ of thosw who do not share everything he does. Cuz I can tell you and him, for sure, if one has to agree with EVERYTHING Adam does, or he does not them to be his fans, he better be careful, he may get just what he asked for!!!! HEED THIS WARNING, ADAM! I love you, am obsessed with you, but you are not more important to me than I am to me. I suggest you get the hell off of your high horse, and understand society a lot more than you are. You are not doing yourself any favors by becoming ‘hard-hearted’ over this issue!!!

    • Bravo!! I very sadly agree with you!

    • I assume the folks that are so outraged by Adam’s performance ,about five minutes before 11:00 pm at the AMA s, have remotes.Adam told everyone before hand that he would be delivering a sexy performance . When he started his song, were you, horrified people of negativity, too much in shock to change the channel? You watched and then you beefed. I think you just might be hypocritical whiners. Next time you don’t agree with something or don’t like the program,change the channel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cheryl 334 says:


      • Wow, melody! I actually found someone that I agree with. Now, onto my soap-box… I happen to have enjoyed that performance and I am neither gay nor lesbian, not that theres anything wrong with it. I have seen several posts that the only fans Adam Lambert has are the gays and lesbians. Thats just not true. I know plenty of straight people(both sexes) that are huge fans of Adams. If after watching the opening seconds of his performance( him leading what appeared to be 2 male sex slaves) some people found it appalling, they had a remote, change the channel and stop griping!!!! Also, the only thing people are talking about was his escapades with men. There were several racy scenes with women too. I mean, had his performance been entirely with a female entourage controversy would be minimal at best. I had no idea there were so many homophobes out there…

        • I love Adam and I am a straight 54 year old grandmother! This young man is an inspiration to many young people who feel like they are different from their peers! Just think guys…you could end up to be like Adam! He is a God Send in my eyes!

    • I totally agree with you. His career is just starting and and his trying to finish it right away.

  2. I am not easily shocked, Adamsperformance didnt offenf me at all, to me he was acting out the words to the lyrics. But unfortunately I knew ther would be repercussions, even tho some of the other performances have always been raunchy, sexy etc, I think there hasnt been anyone go down this road. Adam can still be edgy without going so far, I just knew he would be penalized for it, suddenly it is not about his beautiful voice, his personality etc.. His reputation has been soiled, we all know he is no angel and we dont care. we love him unconditionally. I have been trying to win my husband over now I am right back where I started as he is all over the news (TV0 and radio now for all the wrrong reasons here in NZ. I am sad for him. because in life as much as we want to sometimes there is a boundary that holds us back, and looks like as far as showiz is concerned he crossed it, I am sad and disappointed for him, He will redeem hims

    elf I am sure and all will love him as we do.He is not experienced in this type of thing, so I hope he learns from this situation, I also hope he has people around him to look out for him and protect him.

  3. I, and other Glambs, have already been posting “Shame on You!” messages on ABC’s GMA website. The negative comments are literally pouring in and far outnumbering the anti-Adam messages. Some of us have already posted messages here on this site, but under the previous thread, because this announcement wasn’t here yet.

    The only way to hit ABC is in the pocket. Post your objections to ABC, but PLEASE…….. boycott GMA and other ABC shows until Adam gets the public apology he deserves. He’s never been anything but charming and gracious and “appropriate” on any morning show he’s appeared on and no one had any reason to believe he’d do otherwise this time. This is clearly a case of censorship, some pseudo-puritanical statement ABC is trying to make to a small number of their viewers and sponsors.

    ABC’s decision was outrageous, unwarranted and hypocritical. Rihanna’s totally tacky and degrading and inappropriate “bondage on the wheel” performance Sunday night was never commented on and was followed by her performance and warm welcome this morning on GMA — on a stage in Times Square. No worries there, right?……..because everyone is desensitized to when a woman degrades her body and her sexuality that way.

    Kudos to CBS if they’ve really picked our man up for tomorrow. I hope he’s beautiful and articulate and sings his heart out and that ABC cries all the way to the bank for backing down under pressure. I can live without “Fast Forward” but I can’t live without Adam!!

    • Cris, well said. The Early Show will reap rewards for opening their door to Adam!

      • Mary, I’m so livid I can’ t work — and I am supposed to be working! This is so grossly unfair and just typical of all the “gag order” responses we witness to things in the U.S. today. It wouldn’t be so bad if ABC always kept their nose clean, but they haven’t and they pick and choose what is “appropriate” to air.

        Was Sunday my favorite of Adam’s performances? No. Do I think he pushed the envelope just a bit too much for that venue? Yes. BUT…..I still understand what he was doing and still defend his right to do it, especially in the light of the performances that preceded his.

        There was no way he would have done a performance like that for a morning show and we all know that ABC knew that. They just buckled and now they bought a heap o’ trouble from Adam’s fans — more than they likely bargained for.

        Thanks, for letting me vent.

        • Cris, no problem. I hear ya. ABC sucks!

          • Mary C and Chris, I was so upset that I just needed to first take a walk to clear my mind. I also viewed the interview with Elvis Duran and MARY C I thought of one of your previous posts where you said you didn’t think Adam was cocky in the post AMAs’ interview. I agree with you and this interview confirms it. He did not pretend not to have falled despite a professional recovery and remains true to himself. He also added that he is still learning.

            CHRIS, I agree that his performance was not his best but it was only the start of what I believe is going to be an illustrious career.

            I hope that we can unite and support Adam by make our disgust in GMA felt.

            JEANETTE, Chief Butt Kicker, we need you, Dana and all the other deputy Butt Kickers to lead us on this one.

            Good Morning America .. Good Morning indeed, HELLO, this is the 21st Century!

            DONNA, yes, kudos to CBS!

            • should be … not to have fallen. Excuse the other typos!

            • Ingrid, Adam being cocky? he is to light hearted to come across that way to me. He has that
              wiggle to his head and his soft way with words. Nah no cocky. OH I want to hear that intervie
              w right now.

              • Chris, Mary and Ingrid, I am in agreement with you all, how hypocritical of GMA, we live in the 21st century, we accept our differences and celebrate the great talent that only comes in once in a blue moon, That performance was an interpretation of the lyrics, there was nothing wrong with it, it just added more to the whole performance. I remember when Maodona kissed Britney on another award ceremony, did anyone cancel any of her performances, NO. Adam is a very talented person, I love the sound of his voice, singing or speaking, I love watching him perform, I love and celebrate who he is, I love his unique style. THe more I listen to his album the more I appreciate his talent and the more I want to hear, as to his AMA performance I though it was brilliant, who is on the tips of everyones tongue, Adam Lambert. He does’nt need GMA, he is already a household name for his talent.

            • I’m a Butt Kicker? LOL, that really made me laugh. I just need to find where to go to comment. I’m online for the first time today.


        • Thanks Cris, well said. I am supposed to be working but somehow I am still foggy and keep opening my browser and closing it for no apparent reason. Totally agree with what (almost) everybody is writing here and first thing tonight is to change the DVR settings for tomorrow.
          Thank you for mentioning there is a GMA forum on the ABC page. Not big fan of ABC to begin with, but after hrs I have to find it and enter my two cents. Will make sure not to watch anything on ABC for as long as possible. I even looked up the ratings’ period but unfortunately it is ending tomorrow so too late to hurt ABC where it hurts most – the pocket.
          We are about 48 hrs removed from the event on Sunday, however the issue is continuing with full speed and even made it over to BBC news page. One interesting number there is that the wardrobe issue (Justin and Janet) drew 500 000 complains and Adam’s – only 1500 ( . Oh well, can’t wait long enough for this dead horsey to make it to heaven and for me to enjoy some more outrageous Adam – with Sunday being the sample of “how not to do it”.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Cris R
          Right on!, Totally agree with you.

      • yes Cris well said. We should also send e-mail the CBS and thank them for have Adam on there show.

      • I totally agree withyou Cris. People need to send a message to ABC a tell them that they will not only watch their shows, but that we will boycott the sponsors. That’s really hitting them where they live. And I commend CBS for being smart enough to capatilize on it and to show that this is no longer the tyranical Bush years of censoring someone, because you don’t agree with their views i.e., the Dixie Chicks. WE LOVE YOU ADAM, just please remember a wise saying in show business, “know your audience”.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I’m sorry for this post, I hope no one is taking offense.
      I’m truly outraged because of this decision of ABC. Can’t understand it. Are they really thinking Adam would give the same kind of performance as in an Awward Show at 11 PM?
      I tried to never get personal with other posters, even if not agreeing with them. I owned my silence rather than get engaged in arguments. But since yesterday I feel so sad, so disappointed about so many things I’ve read. I’m at work and I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. I know that everyone is entitled to their opinions, freedom of speech. But the truth is that it is not so. There is freedom of speech only if we hear what we want. We talked so much about how a change was going to come, tolerance, embrancing our differences, as Adam taught us. Where is all of this? I know, someone can say that they still love Adam. Not, when we love him only if he does what we want. That’s not love in my dictionary.
      And now this. All this fuzz over ONE performance. Not his best, but ONE performance. One performance among other outrageous performances on the sme show. I’ve haven’t watched the interview yet. I don’t need to. I know how charming, gracious, well mannered, articulated Adam is. I didn’t forget all of that because of an over the top performance. I was sure it would be that way, no surprise for me there. It was Adam being Adam. So fully warned about it. But I’m truly surprised at all these reactions. Never expected them. And I’m a Catholic, conservatively raised, maybe grew to be tolerant and understanding, but not that liberal. I can’t understand what has been happening over the last couple of days.
      Sorry for this post, but I’m deeply saddened by all this.

      • Silvana, I am with you! The treatment handed down to Adam by GMA is despicable, to say the least.

      • I feel ya.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Good post Silvana. I was one of those that was disheartened by the performance, not because of the performance but because I was skerd of the repercussions for Adam.
        Love him always and will be a fan forever.

      • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

        I agree Silvania…. nobody will be watching GMA tomorrow. I have also been upset and sad all day…Hang in there Adam

      • Great post, Silvana! I was concerned for Adam after seeing the AMAs. I thought he took things too far BUT know that this was Adam being Adam in many ways. VERY stupid decision on ABC’s part to cancel his appearance on GMA!! Insulting of them to think that Adam would – what? Repeat that FYE performance on a morning talk show? Not likely! Adam will come out of this on the other side and continue in his great career! He is just getting started! I am still a HUGE fan and always will be. How could ONE performance possibly turn me off completely and away from Adam?! Never! I am here to stay!

        Glamb #20

    • Could you leave a link? I’m lost on their website and don’t even see a comment section, just a place to email to.


  4. A nighttime awards performance and a morning show performance are two different things. You’re SUPPOSED to go all out at an award’s show…morning show-not so much. They should have to explain on the air about how they are closed minded and cancelled him.

  5. I’m not shocked but that’s the way it goes.

    I didn’t like the oral sex part and thought the whole thing was not well done or even sexy.

    At least Adam is handling it classy so far. Hopefully, his next performance on air will be a lot more about music.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Agree, morning show or ANY show will not air him for fear of being sued, they received over $500,000 in fines because of his AMA performance – wake up ppl and stop defending this abomination!

      • They do not have to pay fine they said it was aired at 11:00 pm. If you do not like adam why is your sign on adam admirer??????????????????? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • How about the 8pm performance by Janet? 500K fine as well? Some presenters falling out of their
        dresses? Where’s the dress code? Oh this sh_t could go on and on.

      • DonnaNoble says:

        What $500,000 fine????? this is news to me.

      • ABOMINATION, where did this come from, I tell you what abomination is, SMALL MINDED PEOPLE, that performance was absolutely fantastic, the man performed to the lyrics, there was nothing wrong with that performance, we are talking about Adam, he is diverse and he is controversial. He stood ou right from the beginning, that is the reason why we were all glued to the screen, remember his Ring of Fire, that performance gave an indication of what we were in store, what to expect, and now that he is true to himself we turn our backs to him, I AM NOT, I LOVE THE GUY, I LOVE HIS DIVERSITY, I CELEBRATE HIS DIFFERENCE, MAY HE LONG PRODUCE MORE OF THE SAME PERFORMANCE.

        • Good one Toni! Adam is Incredible. And, I celebrate with him, you, and the others who has respect and trust with Adam’s artistic freedom.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Toni, I am getting so fed up with people’s negativity towards Adam. You are so right. They all need to remember why they supposedly fell in love with him in the first place. Obviously their love has strings attached and I think Adam should cut them off as soon as he can.


          Okay, I feel a bit better now. Can you hear me screaming all the way over here in New Zealand. GMA should be totally ashamed of itself. We are living in the 21st Century aren’t we, we haven’t slipped back to the dark ages by any chance, because reading some of these posts you could be forgiven for thinking so.

          Adam is the best, he will always be the best, he had done nothing wrong, I loved his performance, he should NOT APOLOGISE TO ANYONE because he has DONE NOTHING WRONG. I just didn’t realise that love had so many strings attached as we have witnessed since Sunday night. God help us all.

          • Dianne, wait untill you hear “Down the Rabbit Hole” OMG. Good song! Its the extra
            track on the itunes special.

            • Lisa Imbruglia says:

              Hi Mary C how can we hear that. We dont get the Collectors ed or the deluxe ed over here….

      • Abomination??!!! Are you kidding???!!! After all this talk one would think that he was naked or something, it wasn’t that major.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        ADAMADMIRER…………..ABSOLUTELY AGREE. absolutely.

      • I’d like to know your source for $500K in fines already assessed. If true that would be the fastest working govt decision EVER! It took months for the final decision on Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. I’m really doubting this info.

      • AdamAdmirer(r.u.?) Funny CBS picked up ADAM for their morning show. Had great interviews, questions from the fans, and had him sing 2 songs.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MONGOOSE…………..I agree. I am not shocked they cancelled him. He needs to see some kind of ‘punishment’ for going on stage and just ‘doing his thing’ that was not rehearsed. I am glad he got ‘called out’ so to speak, by GMA, by saying, ‘sorry Adam, we are not just looking the other way’, and that there are repracussions. I think he was wrong re the performance. Not for me. I am not shocked or surprised, but only surprised at Adam’s callouse attitude about his performance and sort of ‘blaming’ everyone else for getting upset. Wrong way to handle it, Adam. Should be humble and apologize for anyone who was upset, and learn a good lesson. Without learning you cannot improve. If you don’t improve your actions on tv, not much of a career to fight for, and that would be the saddest thing. It is about your career, not about trying to make America or the world ‘open up more and have fun with everything you think they should be having fun with’. You are not a dictator. We look to you for your incredivle talent. Not an education on the morales of society. Isn’t that what YOU, yourself said all year? Then, why changing horses in the middle of the stream? Which is it? Is is about the music, or is it about society’s uptight-ness that you personally have decided to take on and make a big ‘change’ in others? The ‘change’ must start with you. Others can decide on what, if any, changes they will make for themselves.”First you learn, then you can teach”.

      • Cheryl! You are sooo right! He’s gay. I get that. But not everyone is! If you just listen to the words For Your Entertainment without visuals it does not necessarily mean for gays only. Songs are written so each person can interpret the words for themselves. Adam’s performance was interpreted by him for basically homosexuals. He should have kept it more generalized so heteorosexuals and bisexuals could also identify with the song! He should be trying to get as many fans on board as possible so early in his career and not take anyone for granted! I have 2 of his CD’s and love his voice and the music!!! Just hated the performance which I found rude and crude! Sorry Adam but eating a little humble pie might help at this point while you are appearing on so many other national shows!

        • Angie, I thought the performance was to much to soon for him to make a performance like that. We heard what Adam’s thoughts are. I think we need to move on. Looks like he is not going to apologize for what he got caught up in the moments doing. He is handling this how he knows how to take control of the situation. I do think the fantasy he performed on was a fantasy to be played out by anyone, straight, bi or gay. He grinded a male and a female, not only a male. Cant you all see, he knows what he did, thats why tomorrows Early Show and Letterman will be changed up. Lesson learned. Some see a mistake, others dont. Next!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Right on Mary, Let’s move on. GEEZ, talk about beating a dead horse. Get over it people. Adam will survive–on his terms.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            MARY……………….You’ve got the point so correct!!! Adam is too used to performing in this way, that he has not come to understand that this is still out on the fringes of society. He may not like that fact, but, he is not going to do anything to change that perception with a performance like he put on. He thinks people should ‘not be afraid’. Fine. But, people are, and they are not going to say, ‘oh, Adam Lambert says I should not fear this sex, so I won’t” that is too simple-minded!!!! Way toooo!!!!! So, I’m ready to move on.But you can’t move on until we get a new threade to comment on!!! I only hope ‘lesson learned’, Mary! Oh, I have no fear that the next performances will be done with much more class and sensitivity and though. Too bad Adam cannot find it within himself to come out as the bigger man, and give fsome sort of acknowledgement to those who he offended. Not me. But, he offended many.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          ANGIE…………..I don’t even know what the lyrics are yet! I do not want to see a gay sex show, and that seems to be his intent on showing. The dancers came from the set of Wicked or Zodiac, so it was all the same to them. But, if one is going to go for gay performance, the least one could do is to at least say so. To just say that it is ‘sexy’ did not tell me that there was going to be gay activity going on. I am just so greatful that my grandkids could not stay up till the end. I would have been very pissed if I had to try and explain what the hell Adam was doing with the boys. Esp. to my 7 yr old grandson.

          Now, I don’t care to hear the garbage from anyone about kids not being allowed to watch it and he was the last one performing. Since when is that a clue to the public that we need to be on the lookout for gay sexual issues being performed in our faces. If I had known, for example that Adam was going to go for gay blow job – type scenes, I may have chosen not to look. Why? That is up to me, and my feelings. Have I ever seen gay movies? Not in any entirity. Do I have a problem in general with the gay community.? No! The ‘gay parade’ and such? lYes! So, it is what it is, and that ain’t good. Believe it Adam. I want you around forever!

        • understand he just wants to grab full attention its his debut performance. after interviews and more performances our boy will be back on track. BALLS AND GUTS i call it. nobody can pull him down i will fully support him.

      • glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

        Very glad to see this base build on couple different levels.
        level one: die hard long as star shows.everything fan will take,no matter it is good or him as family and defense no condition.
        level two:music favored kind of music suit their long as music fit is all the matter. as Jazz fan,country fan..etc
        level three:persona chrisma appeal fan,love the star’s personality first then accept what his music like or what his lifestyle like or what his artistry like.etc..aslo be influenced fan.
        level four:inspired fan.take only few spot of what star did that have inspired self in live or enlight self.then respect star as person.maybe not accpet his lifestyle,his all music or his personality.but spot enlighten on self life,so respect and thanks the star.
        in this fan site.some fans argue with other fans.because of we all fan.but we all suppose to know we love adam lambert can be in different level.
        and I also hope adam lambert will own all different levels fans to expand his stardom.the more people can accept his music or performance style, the more strong he can stay in music industry.defend self sometimes perhaps won’t expand fans.admit mistake sometimes perhaps can gain some fans.

      • lamberghini says:

        He was very humble in the NY radio interview. He knows he got over wrought. He explained he had too much adrenaline and was feeling some competition with Lady Gaga and was billed as the show’s closing act and felt really compelled to up the ante. He very nicely explains he got swept away. Listen to that interview from the radio station. Please don’t take this the wrong way, (because my process may be something like yours, and I understand Adam obsession), but I feel like we’re all in the stage where we discover that the person we fell in love with is human. I think we’re in that “after the bliss” phase of a relationship when the person we hung our dreams on, is really just a fallible human being. Even Adam has said he can’t understand all the idol worship. “I’m just a person.” People are human and make mistakes. I hope you still love your idol after the love hangover wears off, and that you can forgive him for being “just a person.”

        • cheryl 334 says:

          LAMBERGHINI………………………..Absolutely! Just got done listening to his latest explanation of the middle finger, and the rest. It really is as I thought, but, needed to hear him give a truthful explanation himself. Soooooo glad he did!!!! He is who I always have thought he is. Maybe he did learn! That would be good! I laughed so much at his explanation of his tumble across the beam! OMG!!!! He was tooo funny! Great sense of laughing at himself! so extremely funny!

          Love Adam. Never stopoped. Was not loving some glamb comments that slammed anyone who did not just blindly love the AMA perforance cuz they did. That kind of talk insenses me more to them than to Adam. They can cause him more anguish than he can cause himself. When one goes all over trying to tell all of Adam’s fans just how bad they are for this or that, them’s fightin’ words. That’s a real bunch of garbage. Just accept that all people have a variety of views. Not any one is always right or wrong. Just stay the heck off fellow glamb’s backs. If you do not like what someone says there are nicer ways of expressing that then saying, ‘then you are NOT a fan, and you should get off this site’. I wish I had a dollar everytime one of the posters have commented that to me. It is unfair to me and just a simple minded statement. It can only cause trouble. I love my manly-man!!! Right along with everyone else!!!! Thank you, Lamberghine!

  6. my e-mail to ABC on the GMA cancellation:


    You KNEW what he was going to do and you advertised it all through the show.

    Now I see he’s absolutely RIGHT about the double standard.

    “Lost” will be the last thing I ever buy from ABC.

    kudos to CBS (my least favorite network until now)

  7. Adam is to good for Good Morning America! He is very much the gentleman by how he is handling all
    this the day after the storm. GMA producers need to get a grip and use their intelligence and know that
    Adam would not perform on a morning news show in the same manner as he did on later prime time
    TV. This is a shame. When ABC starts cancelling their line up of sexual comedy shows, Cougartown, Modern Family (to name a few) and violent shows , maybe then I would understand the concern here.
    No, this is for sure the ole double standard scenerio. Good enough for some and not others. They can kiss my viewing goodbye. This isnt fair to Adam or his fans who were planning on going to the theatre tomorrow. Boo, GMA! May all you fans who planned to go to the Hudson loc. stroll on over to THE EARLY SHOW!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      This is the same Adam Lambert who appeared on Good Morning America in the summer, Hello! Did he offend anyone then. Wake up Good Morning America, smell the coffee!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARY…………………….Adam brought this on himself. He cannot be surprised by GMA cancelling him. He has got to learn that there are consequences for poor judgement. Elvis learned. They decided to film him from the waist up, but he said he did not think he was doing anything wrong, but just moved his shoulders more next time. You can’t shove what some people, the majority, in this country, feel is porno. I do not, but, if it is a big deal in society, and you shove it in their faces, anyway, then you deserve what you get. So, CBS is picking him up. Well, if he even thought of doing that shit again, I know he will drop that stupid attitude. I have been waitting along with everyone else. I have invested so much in Adam. I love him and his talent. Just everything about him. Now he has shown one thing that I do not like. It is not the performance, but the way he handled it when the people did not appreciate him. That is worse than the performance. He could have just bowed, and said, ‘thank you’ , and thought ‘fuck you’ to himself and walked off. He did not need to flip everyone off. I felt so bad for him that I cried for his pain. But right is sometimes obvious. I think it is obvious he was wrong,and now wants to cry foul. Don’t work that way. He’s young yet, and he has many lessons yet to learn, and this issue just shows me how much he has to learn, yet. He has never had anyone way anything bad or negative about him in this whole time. Now, someone does and he stomps off stage, locks himself in his room, gives the finger,, then comes out and says, ‘it’s the rest of the world who is dumb’ for not ‘understanding my artistry’. and ‘I am not performing for any one person’, well that got the acclamation of Perez Hilton. If that means a lot to hime, so be it. He and Hilton tweeted back and forth after this, and before this he could not stand Hilton. So, WTF is up Adam? You’re a great, great manly-man! The most supremely talented on the earth. Now what part of your life do you want to go for? Your music/talent/being the performer? Or, ‘I am just going to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it, and if there is gay or straight sex involved, well you all just better like me for whatever I decide to like’? You a singer or a gay activist? Make your choice. It is yours and yours only to make. The world is waitting to see just who you are and what you’re made oif, Adam.

      • cheryl, oh the interview with Elvis Duran, next thread up, he admits he is growing and learning, loved hearing that. See he admits things in his own way. Is he reading these posts again?

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MARY…………GOOD LORD!! Wouldn’t that be something????? I feel so much better now! Don’t you? See, he just needs time to figure it out. He did it all himself, but all is not lost. It is still his for the taking!!! Looks like he has done some thinking!!! Thank God! I didn’t want him to lose the battle or the war! Rock-on Adam!

      • he is upset of the people turning him down. he is brave enough to tell, of course he is also human

    • yes i guess adam wont perform the way he did at the awards night he knows that is a morning show. disgusting, ABC! hope you flood them with comments ,more than the negative ones

  8. Adoring Adam says:

    I also sent a letter to ABC telling them they were HYPOCRITES, The View which is on every morning is about sex a lot as is DWTS (some of those moves?) and even the programs in the evening. Most of the AMA show Sunday was over the top sexy but because Adam went a little bit too far he is going to be punished by ABC, They are good at punishing people and showing their power. They fired Isaiah Washington, one of the best actors on TV, because some little twerp overheard him say faggot in a private conversation with another actor. I stopped watching Grey’s after that. Now I am boycotting all ABC shows. They make me sick.

  9. I am very dissapointed that GMA has cancelled the performance. He performs to his songs. What song was he going to sing? This was his first shot out the box and he was excited on AMA’s. I think he did a great performance for that song. Laugh, enjoy…it’s Adam.

  10. AdamManFan says:

    “At the end of the day, though, there is no such thing as bad press. All this publicity – which Glambert was hoping for but could never imagine would reach this scale – will only help him!”

    Personally I think it’s all part of the “Master Plan” 🙂

    • “Master Plan”…….hmmm……..I’ve wondered along the same lines at times myself. Adam is sweet and generous and gracious, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a shrewd & calculating businessman as well.

      • I remember him asying in previous interviews that he also has to think of the ‘business’, of course he knew what he was doing, he is not only very talented he is very clever, he knows how to create media attention, if he did not create any media attention who is going to do it. Everyone is talking about Adam, the majority of people loved that performance, only the few complained, has anyone bothered to ask all his fans all over the world, the vast majority would support Adam. GOOD ON YOU ADAM.

  11. AdamManFan says:

    1500 complaints out of 14.5 million viewers?! That’s funny.

    • AdamManFan, Huh, thats not even worth calculating. Ha

      • AdamManFan says:

        1500 complaints out of 14.5 million viewers?! That’s funny.

        I know! does it even equal out to 1%? lol The plus side of seeing those numbers is that, it’s shown growth in society, and how we’ve become more tolerable. EF ABC!

  12. abc>> bunch a homophobic benches… siiiiiiiiigh. in this day and age, too. how sad for them…

  13. littlegreensnake says:

    I watch very little network tv, as a rule, and ABC’s hypocrisy and crumbling to the homophobic reactions of a small minority of the viewers reinforces my decision to do so. Bye-bye ABC. I will now choose another network for my occasional forays into the major network arena.
    Love Adam and love his courage.
    You rock baby!

    Peace out,
    Glamb #402

  14. ANADAMFAN2 says:

    I am a Adam fan too. I thank that Adam is a very talented singer.
    BUT, I feel that he went entirely too far on the AMA Awards. Adam
    is better than that. Look at the beautiful video that he did the the 2012
    movie. He was wonderful. What he did Sunday night was vulgar!
    He should have just gone out there one performed that way he normally
    does. Adam is going to be a little risky to put on daytime programs if
    he doesn’t pull it together. I hate it. I was so excited for him with his
    album coming out and the song for 2012. What a dream come true.
    Please Adam, clean your act up. This was a little much and could
    cost you fans who buy your concert tickets, CD’s, ect…. I wish you
    nothing but the best!!

    • I totally agree with you!!!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      ADAMFAN2 AND DONNA……………….I agree completely. Adam is being treated by too many people like he is the ‘hero’. What a dangerous message to send him. He IS better than that. He does NOT need a bunch of girls boys and glitter to obscure the real talent on stage. Blake Lewis needs this stuff. Adam does NOT. Only distracts from the beauty that is everything Adam. Adam, you NEED to know you were wrong. You can’t run around the world thining your shit don’t stink! That would or could be catastrophic for you and your career. Put your career first, not your ‘artistry’, or your ‘artistry’ will have few viewers, then how important would it be????? You might win the fight, but lose the war. Pick your battles more Carefully! Wake up!

      • cheryl, he has taken full responsibility for the performance. He didnt mean to offend Anyone.
        He’s taken in a lot of flack and a lot of praise over all of this. Let the train move on.
        Now close your eyes and let him kiss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • PS, he said in latest interview. “Was his 1st live TV performance since AI and no one has anything to worry about , he’s growing and learning.” did not ever want to piss anyone off.
          Give him a break now and

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MARY………………HAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAAHAAAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu crack me up!! He is good to go now!!! I know he did not mean to offend, but when he did, he had to say so, and explain himself truthfully, and he has finally done that. I had said long before he even spoke out, while he was still lovked in his room that I thought that he had gotten a bit ‘horney’ and possibly turned on and the whole thing got too much for him and he expressed what he was feeling, which was ‘sexy’. It was just as I had thought. I am stunned at the times I can feel Adam’s emotions just by seeing him. Damn! Wish it could help me out with him a lot more! He’s a sexy, sexy man! What a hunk of Love!

  15. My e-mail to ABC…HYPOCRITES….double standard treatment of Adam’s performance sets us back a hundred years. Fire the ex that made that decision…Just what did you expect him to do on a morning show …strip???? If asked, he would have explained (not apologize) about his performance and then sing his beautiful songs….he will be performing long after your decision makers are replaced.

  16. I wonder if some brave souls will picket ABC tomorrow? Brave because its probably cold!!!!

  17. Ok I was kinda mad at Adam for the VMA production and voiced my opinion here last night but after waking to a new day, I decided to just let it go and accept everything that is Adam. The truth is after I sat in my kitchen and blasted my For Your Entertainment cd (which by the way, I was bright and early to Walmart to get) I can’t be mad at him! He is simply fantastic and makes me feel good!! This cd is beautiful and creative and everything that he promised to deliver. Adam, all is forgiven! Now go rock my world! I love ya!!!!!

    • Yes, I agree. After hearing Adam on the radio, he takes full responsibility for his actions. He was great on the radio today and I look forward to seeing him on tv tomorrow.

  18. Ok, this is CRAZY!!! He wouldn’t do anything on morning tv…sheez louise! This just ticks me right off. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to ABC.

  19. Gina, Glamb #552 says:

    GOOD FOR CBS!!!!!!!! 1500 complaints is nothing compared to amount of viewers. From what I read only us East Coasters saw the actual full performance.

    I was at the Letterman Show last night and he performed WONDERFULLY…..

    Make sure you all watch it tomorrow night when it airs!!!!

    • You were there Gina? Lucky woman! Was that just luck or did you know he’d be taping? What did he sing? I’ll be up late tomorrow watching for sure. You’re not going downtown tomorrow AM are you? I live right here but can’t miss any work tomorrow 🙁

      • Cris, no vacations days left? sick days either? Bummer, take an early lunch!!!!

      • Gina, Glamb #552 says:

        Hi Cris….It was my birthday and my sis got me on the guest list. She knew he was taping for Wednesday’s show and thought it would be the coolest gift for me. He sings at the very end WHATYA WANT FROM ME. No interview. Just performs. He sang phenomonal. Afterwards he came out and he took pictures and gave autographs. He was so polite – so humble – very soft-spoken. My eyes are so bugged out in the picture because I was in shock. I was lucky to be on the same side as he when he exited the studio side door. Security had everyone across the street behind a barricade. He did go over there though and he really impressed everyone. I cannot go to CBS tomorrow but am thrilled he made my birthday wonderful. I was just so happy to be at the taping that never in my wildest dreams did I think this would have happened.

    • Gina, alright girl. ‘Whataya Want From Me’ ………………you lucky girl you.

  20. omg no way i cant believed that happened
    i was going to the gma.
    well, their loss.
    now i have to try to go to this one…
    oh well, adams worth it.

  21. Adam will prevail. We do need to let CBS know we will definitely go out of our way to show our gratitude for their actyions in stepping in and welcoming Adam. I can only hope that it was the higher ups who made this decision, because I think Diane, Robin, Sam, and Chris really like Adam and would have no problem talking about, chuckling about, and getting over the AMA’s and letting Adam get on with his show at the Hudson Theater. Very, very disappointed in you ABC.

  22. With whats going on, this only proved that Adam is right, there’s double standard and discrimination. Oh, well nothing is new in our society. So sad, but I know Adam will always be Adam. I am here to support him in what he believes in. Adam knows himself very well and I do trust and respect him for every decision he makes. His amazing artistry will stay forever, in every corner of the world.

    Go Adam Go!

  23. I emailed ,twitter #shameonyouabc and made a phone call to ABC.
    Shame on you ! First you use Adam to promote the show and increase ratings and then you cancel him for GMA.Way to pimp him,hypocrite!!


  24. ABC has Brothers and Sisters has gay story (Kevina and Scotty) where kissing takes place. So, what’s up with this!

  25. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    hey everyone! Today I was gifted my ADAM cd, & I think it is terrific! Love “Broken Open” for sure, & surprisingly, I really liked “Sure Fire Winners”, loved all of them.
    I also posted a comment to abc,& I demanded that they reconsider& apologize.
    I love ADAM w/ all my heart I’ll support him no matter what.
    Please no one give up on ADAM! Goodnight I’m going to bed

    • kimber, Sure Fire Winners for sure and Fever”” OOOOOOHHHHHHHH. Lots of hits.
      nighty night, early tonight huh? You must be taken the CD with you to listen too. LOL


  27. Sent my complaint to ABC. Glad CBS has some cajones! All I can say: REALLY. ABC. REALLY???only 1500 complaints & you don’t even see if Adam was going to or not going to tailor his morning gig???? Ya know, that Parents Television Council contacted the DC Productions & their advertisers with their complaints & then, after Adam was cancelled they then said:They weren’t anti-Lambert & it would have no problem w Lambert performing on GMA. Talk about douchebags! They are like the mob who bullies the weak around. Well, like I said the other day, get ready for a roller coaster ride on that Adam fan train! Or, as he says in FYE: he’s a master of both: pleasure & pain. hee! And for me, it’s too late to ring that alarm. Love the video he made for FYE. hawt!

  28. Gina, Glamb #552 says:

    My sister phoned me from Richmond Virginia (the one who gave me the b-day present to the Letterman show – see above)…Apparently Adam’s interview with Elvis Duran was a huge hit. Alot of them down there have satellite radio and were very impressed with him.

  29. This is completely getting out of hand. Way to go Adam you are causing more controversy, this is giving you better ratings. I think you are very talented and the performance for the AMA was what the real Adam fans wanted. This is why I liked you more after your version of “Ring of Fire”. You are in a league of your own, very artistic with a flair. You are completely different and ooze sex appeal to both sexes. You are very modern with a cutting edge that is dark, magical and timeless. I don’t know how a true Lambert fan who watched him for AI could say this performance was anything but riviting and talented, down to the lighting and the dancers. What did the old fans think he was to sing, “Feeling Good?” with birds around his head. Come on people this is an adult show, its 2010. He is an artist. Madonna has done this tyoe of behavior for years,with S&M, she is an artist as well. For the 1500 complaints. I truly find it hard to believe this will jeopardize Lamberts career being he has over 50 million fans worlwide who supported him on Idol. He will be like a modern day Elvis, just as Elvis was banned from the networks from the waist down. ABC stick up for this young man. They should not fine any network, its completely ridiculous. One day this man will make ABC’s ratings soar, just as he did the other night. Thank you Adam for always sticking up for yourself and not taking crap from any reporters and voicing your opinion, that’s the Lambert we love.

  30. ABC gave Adam up,Their loss,I’ll be watching CBS tomorrow.Adam is the Bomb ! Love every thing he has done nad will continue to enjoy every thing he puts out…

  31. I Loved Adams performance on the AMAS. And the video for For Your Entertainment is outta this world Wicked. I Play it over and over. I don’t watch GMA at all only when they have something worth watching but now it will be never. I Don’t even watch ABC at all they have nothing worth watching. CBS Im glad you let the Early Show Have Adam. Adam I believe in you and will suport you no matter what I Love Ya Adam

  32. ABC SUCKS !!! NOW LETS GET ON WITH BUSINESS…….Glambs, we all got heated now time to cool it off.
    It’s over, lets pull ourselves together and help Adam rise again, I’m sure he learned a lesson and will not consider bringing himself to that level ever again. We the fans brought him this fame and we’re going to support him to the end, we cant allow 1500 Kriss Allen fans to destroy our base because I can rest assure you 90% of those calls to ABC were from Kriss’s fans, therefore, we must stick together and fight for Adam. Unfortunately fame got to him that night, lost control and we all know what happened thereafter, lets hope it will dye soon for Adam’s sake and ours if we want to see our boy tour and a new album soon.

  33. People need to send a message to ABC a tell them that they will not only watch their shows, but that we will boycott the sponsors. That’s really hitting them where they live. And I commend CBS for being smart enough to capatilize on it and to show that this is no longer the tyranical Bush years of censoring someone, because you don’t agree with their views i.e., the Dixie Chicks. WE LOVE YOU ADAM, just please remember a wise saying in show business, “know your audience”. BTW, got my Adam CD today, “For your entertainment” is stuck in my head, and LOVE the video, oh and CD!

    • Thank you Sabrina . I agree entirely.

      Vanessa, I emailed ABC and GMA. I also told them that they had double standards with all the lesbian love on GA. Desparate Housewives and B&S also has a gay couple or two. I too am boyotting ABC until Adam has a public apology.

      Adam is not Disney bubble gum music, He is serious and his music is for adults. The album FYE, is not music that just anyone can sing but he makes it come alive.The video is everything about the song FYE and it explains the story behind it. I personally am excited about the album and the music. It does take me back to the good old rock and roll year with a little techno on the side. I am done with bubble gum Disney music. Real music is here at last.

      I also am SICK of the comments that Adam offended me on the AMAs. Get your big girl panties on or go buy David Archie and Taylor Swift. Adam will not play it safe and I applaud him for that. It time for a change in music.All of you posters that are complaining knew from the AI days that Adam was going to deliver on a higher level playing field than that white bread Kris Allen and Danny Gokey. So why are you shocked now???

      The AMAs are over, It will NOT ruin his career. Just like Janet Jackson’s nipple gate, people will forget it and when he is getting his awards next year at the AMAs, all will be forgiven.

      Sheesh people grow up and get over it! Go by the album and get a life!!

  34. Okay, so we all agree, Adam’s performance on AMA’s was not up to his usual standard and that was worse than his OTT add-ons; ABC/GMA is pathetic and will pay the price for its narrow-minded hypocritical action. But you know what, who cares about this stuff, we finally have an album of excellent quality full of Adam’s beautiful voice and we have a video in which he is definitely the best looking, sexiest creature on this – or any other, planet. I for one am celebrating. Reading the other sites, this appears to be the common trend, who cares about AMAs and GMAs and any other MAs – the album rocks!

  35. openminded says:

    GMA should have consulted with Adam about how he would perform on the early show before making the decision of cancelling him and given him the chance to say, “yes I will tone it down, or no I will not tone it down.” You have to remember GMA is a company ran by people. A decision made by a few people is not necessarily the decision all GMA people would have made.

  36. Jane Parker says:

    I watched a portion of Adam on the Early Show (had to get to work!). He is the same Adam that we know and love!!
    He looks amazing!!!
    He said that he will not add his own stuff in the performance that was not rehearsed, ever again. He admitted that he was still learning after being tied down by Idol.

    I have been concerned about his career since Sunday night, BUT NOW I am ok that is is going to be ok!!
    We can all quit holding our breath, and get on with the Adam show.

    I am SOOOOOO glad that I watch The Early Show and not GMA!

    The album FYE is amazing!!!!

  37. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    Cheryl334, totally agree with you, well said!

  38. Sandra#546 says:

    Adam looks GREAT on CBS this morning. am waiting for him to sing. Im old enough to remember Alvis when he started and same thing…… relax everyone, its going to be ok.

  39. I professed to be Adam’s biggest “Straight” male fan… His uncanny stage presence & unmatched vocals we’re the basis for my fandom. However, as a self-proclaimed fan I was very disappointed with his performance.

    Adam is as intelligent and artistically gifted, as any male vocalist I have ever seen. But, perhaps we’re beginning to see why talent agents, record producers & recording labels wen’t beating down his door.

    In my opinion, he is treading dangerous waters here… Life isn’t fair so, holding a picket sign & shouting out to the world about the double standard will not be embraced by the masses.

    Adam, if you’re reading these comments… You are a “Rock God!” Your vocals & stage presence will lead you to the promise land where the gifted become legends.

    • Sorry, but I am Adam’s biggest ‘straight’ male fan!! :p

      You can be second lol.

      • Under normal circumstances I’d consider this a challenge, however, I’ve never fought over the likeness of another man (lmao) and I dont ever plan on doing so now! 😀

        Considering the demographics of his core fanbase… I am in the minority (straight male). As open minded as I’ve attempted to be, I had a difficult time viewing his performance. I’ve taken into consideration the lyrics of the song, in addition to… understanding the marketing strategy he may be attempting to employ. In any case, I hope he has a plan b & cleans up the in your face stuff.

        But for those of you who have not yet seen the official video for (F.Y.E) check-it -out on Youtube. Now that’s entertainment!

  40. I just watched The Early Show and was pleasantly surprised that so many people came out to support Adam — some even flew in from so far as Japan and Pakistan. He appeared more “normal” and smiling today and sang his two songs very well — more like his old self. I found it interesting that he kept his back to Tommy and was not overly affectionate with anyone, not even his mother. I’m hoping in time that the AMA performance will fade into a distant memory for me, and that Adam will go on with his career. At least I’m not as hesitant to talk about him to my friends; and I have hope for his future today that I didn’t have late last night, so it’s all good.

    • When watching The Early Show I loved how the 2 songs Adam chose seemed perfect in that the lyrics really spoke to this whole issue and to all of his supposed followers to give him another chance. I was surprised by his AMA performance but have moved on after watching him and listening to him talk about it. LUV LUV you and your music Adam! You WILL ROCK THIS WORLD!

  41. Now THIS is what I find OFFENSIVE, SHOCKING AND HIGHLY DISGUSTING! Not Adam’s ballsy, fun frolic at the AMAs!! Whatever excuse they want to sugar coat it with, it’s not even double standards, just plain old DISCRIMINATION. And I can recognise discrimination when I see it, I lived through apartheid, albeit on the other side. Actually, I’m rather gobsmacked at the general over reaction by the American public to something so innocuous. Are these the same people that fail to be shocked and disgusted when thousands of people are slain in warfare and they can watch it unfold live on their tv screens???

  42. There were rehearsals. Why didn’t the people from ABC stop it then if they thought it was too much? I love Adam no matter what he does. He was just awesomw and made me want him more.

  43. Adam will continue to be a Rock Star with or without GMA! I am with you Adam 100%. Your album is one of the best I have ever heard as well. Glamberts rule!

  44. Yes I was a little disappointed in Adam’s AMA performance — he didn’t showcase his talent and beautiful voice. Yes he is unique and showy and wants to entertain but this didn’t really make him shine. It detracted from his singing and originality he’s capable of. I enjoy watching and listening to him sing all kinds of music (as his wonderful CD shows and what made him an Idol phenomenon) — and do love his sexiness. But this was just a smidge over the top. If he just left out those more offensive antics, he still could have come across as a sexy, flamboyant rebel and one of a kind performer we’ve all been waiting for. He showed us he can accomplish all this and get across to everyone that he is special in this day and age’s entertainment arena. I personally don’t think ABC should have canceled his coming on that early morning show — he has so much in his musical arsenal that he’ll be showing us as his career unfolds into stardom. Adam – just take it a step at a time and grow your fan base — there’s a place for the show you put on but not in the beginnings of your career and with mainstream audiences. Take it just a little slower to show everyone what you’re about – they’ll come around and see what you want to do.

  45. Love him to pieces! BRAVO!!!

  46. Ellen Tobin says:


  47. I was SO happy for the network change. I thought GMA treated him coldly when he appeared on July 29th – even though the audience was covered with Adam signs, they barely showed them and fawned over DC and CA, keeping Adam’s time limited – like they were “skeered” of him. Sam whats his name called him Adam LamPert and Robin R. freaked out and grabbed the micro when Adam mentioned that no one threw underwear on stage that morning. I had not watched one min of GMA since that day and was relieved that I did not have to see any of them this AM. CBS ES handled it beautifully and he was gracious, calm, sincere and reflective. Such a young guy to be so inspiring as he navigates the ups and downs of what is really only a 6 month old fame blitz.

  48. I have always been an ardent fan of Adams..but to be honest what he did at the AMA was uncalled matter what has been said about him…that should of been taken with a grain of salt…but what he did on that show proved nothing, but that he was lacking in good taste…what we saw as a sweet and humble kid who proved to the world he had a voice…became a person with no moral response to his viewers..I for one thought it was disgusting and immature on his part…So what if the women can do it….if they jumped off a bridge…would you of done it to…It is not about what others get to do is what you represent in yourself…and to the public…You have young as well as old people following your every move to success…but I fear that path will only follow your demise…I would not invest a dime for an album now of yours…because I would be embarresd to let people say…isn’t that the fag who sings….instead isn’t that a great singer…You labled yourself and proved you are gay…yet to be honest no one really cared about you being what you are not the first singer who is gay…..what we were interested in was the god given talent you have…you blew this yourself….and if you won’t apologize to your fans….so be it…that will be less fans and sells you will make